Hello, ThatTeenInaDiaper

Hello, ThatTeenInaDiaper.

It took me a while to sign onto this forum because of some trouble I had with my email, but I’m here now! I guess I’m technically your newest member so let me introduce myself. I’ll try and not give away to much information, since the rules tell me not to.

My real name is Jason. I’m fifteen. My birthday is going to be on September sixth. I’m a big time DL, not an AB. Hope that’s okay. The reason I joined this forum (other than because I’m a DL) is because I’m also a writer. I mainly write screenplays (you know, the things that actors and directors read off of when a movie is being made), but I can also write in book form like you guys and girls do on this forum. Well that it! Time to start writing for this site!

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I’m gonna go ahead and say that at your age you couldn’t be an AB even if you wanted to ;D. Other than that………have fun!

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Oops! Well I guess I should have said that I’m not a TB, just a DL.