I’m Danni, and yes, that one. @Penguin finally let me make an account here. She allowed me to make this account with a few conditions. I’m not allowed to accept PMs except from the moderators, and I had to promise that I wouldn’t share personal information here on the forums.

Kind of sucks, but I understand why she put the restrictions on me. Technically, I’m not supposed to have an account, but due to the Patreon she recently made for the forums she thought it might be good if I could post here once posts become public. :slight_smile:


Yes, this really the Danni you’ve seen me talk about before on here. And her profile is accurate in that if you mess with her you will have a very angry flightless bird to deal with.

Welcome, and I hope you have fun here.

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Welcome. And I don’t think I have to tell you that we don’t bite. Well… Most of us don’t bite. :wink:

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i nu knows who you is, but welcome!!

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I was wondering when you would show up. Welcome and have a :pineapple:

Welcome! :grin:

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OK, I’m confused. Why a pineapple?

It’s Owl’s Pineapple of Excellence award. :grin: It’s like getting a cookie :cookie: for being awesome, but it’s a pineapple instead because pineapples are delicious, nutritious and you can garnish pina coladas :tropical_drink:

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