Hello my Name is Trubadix,

after a long time, not online, i want to announce me as a new Member. I am a DL and 37 years old.

I came from Hamburg, Germany. As long i can think i have an curious Feeling when i put on a Diaper. I feel save and secure over night in a Diaper. It took me down from the stressnes of the last day. And I like to read all these good Storys in this Forum. Until the age of 14 i was a real bedwetter.



Re: Hello

Darf ich Sie mit meiner Sekretärin bekanntmachen, die Ente. Spezieller Service. Zwanzig Prozent weg vom glücklichen Ende des Quakens. Nehmen Sie eine dreimal täglich, nach jeder Mahlzeit, Die Apotheke macht um 8 Uhr morgens auf.