Would like to take a moment and say hello to all those on this site. I am surprised that in all my years that I hadn’t come across this site sooner.
A little about me, I have loved diapers since I was about 10. When I turned 42 I had to start wearing diapers full time because my bladder doesn’t work like it should. Due to medical issues and treatments, my doctors feel my bladder nerves are shot. I never know when I need to go, I just start filling my diaper. I consider my diapers my underwear and without them I couldn’t work and live a very normal life that I do. It wasn’t hard for me to accept having to wear diapers since I was already a long time diaper lover, it did take some time to be more comfortable and relaxed while at work and out and about in diapers. Diapers are not my whole life, just a part of it. I enjoy many other things too. I do my best to reply to any and all messages that are left for me.

Glad I found this board.

Came by my screen name because I am always checking everything out all the time, lol