Helloooo! I’m new here.

Hi, I’m NoninusU!

I’ve been reading ABDL stories for a long time, but after struggling to find new stories that really match my interests, specifically more DL focused narratives that don’t shy away from messing, I decided to stop lurking and start writing my own. This seems to be one of the places to do it.

I’m excited to get to know the community and hope to bring enjoyable and entertaining stories to those who seek them.

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I suppose, now that I think about it, purely DL stories are more scarce than those with AB elements. But then I suppose there is some debate over what actual element belongs to what side of the interest. Oh well.

Glad to hear you’re planning to work on your own stories. I’ll have to give them a read.

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I have nothing against more AB focused works, don’t get me wrong. I’ve read some really awesome ABDL stories that had almost nothing to do with my narrow set of interests. I’m just really picky is what it comes down too. :slight_smile: :grin:

Hi NominusU,

I didn’t get around to introducing myself here like you did, I just went straight to writing, but I noticed something similar, I figured there weren’t so many people so narrowly interested in just the diaper part.

I can’t speak to the quality of the stories I’m writing, but I’m trying to do the same thing. Probably with less messing though.

Welcome and good luck.

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