Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

I don’t really know if fan fiction is allowed here, but I hope it is, because I’m actually proud of this story. If not, well, that sucks, I suppose.[HR][/HR]Hermione Granger was…well, terrified. She couldn’t believe she was really doing this, had even considered this as an option. Still, it was…practical, if a little unorthodox. And it wasn’t like anyone would see them, if she did this right, which she would. She had done extensive research on the spells involved, what to use to prevent any adverse side-effects, and even how specifically to move to prevent any…well, glimpses.

She stared down at her food, poking at her second helping of sausages. She normally had a rather healthy appetite at breakfast, tending to load up on protein to help wake her brain up for a good Saturday cram session, but today she was too nervous to really eat much. Not that anyone would notice. She didn’t really have much in the way of friends.

“There’s the post,” a boy next to Hermione said. His name was…Cameron? Or Cormac? She knew all of the girls in Gryffindor and most of the boys in her year, but a lot of the older boys were still unknown to her. She’d probably have their names down by Halloween, at least. She looked up toward the ceiling, which was a pale blue brushed with thick cottony clouds. It was a chilly day, but it was still quite beautiful outside. Maybe Hermione would go for a little walk before her library trip. It would certainly give her a chance to adjust to her newest purchase.

Speaking of which…. A cluster of owls swooped in and deposited a plain brown box in front of her, but no one paid her any mind. It wasn’t unusual for first years to receive care packages from home, especially this early in the year. Indeed, Neville Longbottom was currently opening a huge box of what looked like…socks. His gran had sent him socks. Well, judging from the look of relief on his face, perhaps he’d lost all of his. He was a dreadfully forgetful boy.

Hermione stood and gathered up her box, hurrying up to her dormitory. It was time to see if all of her planning had worked out. After gasping the password to the Fat Lady, she ambled into the common room and burst into the girls’ dormitories. The rest of her dormmates were gone, enjoying their Saturday with whatever it was normal girls her age actually did. Hermione dropped the box on her bed, her heart hammering, and with a careful Severing Charm, cut it open. Pulling the flaps away, she was greeted with a familiar logo that felt alien in this castle full of magic and lore.

When she had been a baby, her Mum and Dad had sworn by Pampers. They were an American brand, but evidently, no other diaper was as absorbent. Thus, Hermione was extricating a package of Pampers Baby Dry size five, the largest she knew of. Of course, being a witch, some magical modifications would be possible.

Being rather dedicated to her studies, Hermione had run into a small problem that had been nagging her for the first couple weeks of her Hogwarts career. The school library was massive and packed to the brim with books of all sorts about a world she hadn’t known had existed just outside of her knowledge for centuries before she’d even been born. Thus, Hermione had a lot of reading to do, both for school and out of a general desire to glut herself with every iota of knowledge possible. This goal had thus far been hampered by her woefully small bladder. Of course, it was an average size for a girl her age, but Hermione prided herself as something of a tea connoisseur, and she enjoyed taking a long a thermos to keep her awake and alert during her long-term stays in the library. Tea, she had learned, was a diuretic and a cause for frequent bathroom trips after the first few cups. The closes lavatory to the library was a floor up and nearly two full corridors down, so by the time Hermione got there, she was fit to soak her knickers. For the sanctity of her study sessions and the well-being of her underthings, there was only one practical solution.

Well…perhaps not practical, but Hermione was willing to eschew normal notions of practicality if it meant more time with books.

Engorgio,” she whispered, holding her wand steady and watching the diaper grow until she guessed it was about the same dimensions as the pair of panties she had spread on her bedclothes, allowing for an inch or so of absorbent padding. She took a deep breath, looking around. Her heart was thudding in her chest once more as she tried not to think too much about what she was about to do. It wasn’t too weird, right? Wearing a diaper for the first time since she had been too young to remember? Giving up on toilets in favor of…wetting herself?

She shook her head. No time for second thoughts. Any of the other girls could come walking in and see her staring at a diaper sized perfectly to fit her, and while Hermione could explain away a lot of her behaviors as being the result of her being a muggle-born bookworm, wearing diapers at the age of twelve was just strange no matter who you were.

Reaching under her skirt, she pushed her panties down and tossed them in the general direction of her laundry hamper, dispensing of the skirt itself next and placing it neatly on her bed. She picked up the newly-enlarged diaper and unfolded it, spreading it out on the bed before reaching into her schoolbag, withdrawing a tub of diaper rash ointment and a canister of powder. Sparing another look at the door, she contemplated a locking spell, but that would simply raise suspicions, and if she planned to continue using these things on the weekend, she needed to keep a low profile.

The tub of ointment clattered a bit as Hermione unscrewed the top, tossing the lid aside and dipping a finger in to gather up a dollop. She spent a long moment smearing the ointment over her groin, her crotch, between her buttocks, and around her thighs, all of the areas prone to a rash from long-term wear. She cast a quick cleaning charm on her fingers before recapping the tub and turning, lowering herself onto the padding with a soft crinkle.

She was halfway there, she realized, feeling how swollen the padding had become with her charm. It wasn’t bulky enough to show under her skirt, but it would certainly make its presence known with its thickness. She reached for the powder, taking a deep breath before sprinkling herself front and back with it, feeling the cool cornstarch fluttering over her skin before she set it aside and pulled the front up, lying back on the bed. Gasping a bit at the feeling of cushiony soft padding between her legs, she ripped the tapes with a startlingly loud sound and pressed them to the front, securing the thick padding tightly and snugly in place against her.

And then Hermione Granger was wearing a diaper for the first time in nearly eleven years. She sat up, peering down and blushing a bit as a smiling Elmo greeted her from between her legs. The thick padding clung to every inch of her that it came into contact with, wrapped tight and following her every movement. She stood, blushing at the little crinkle that sounded as she did so, and hurried to pull her skirt back on, hiding her diaper away. She grabbed up the box of Pampers and hurriedly stuffed them into the trunk at the foot of her bed, stowing the ointment and powder back in her bag and removing all trace of her diaper-related proclivities from the room. She took a moment to reconcile the situation. She didn’t need them, per se; she was just using them out of a sense of convenience. She wasn’t so much embarrassed at the prospect of people finding out that she was choosing to make use of diapers as she just didn’t want to deal with the public ostracization that would follow. She was already considered a bookworm nerd. Add diapers into that, and she could kiss a quiet education goodbye.

Packing a couple more diapers into her schoolbag, she hitched it up onto her shoulder and headed from the room, intending to make a quick stop at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall and pour herself some tea into her thermos, and then it was off to the library.

She had some studying to do.


Hermione sighed as she sat at her usual table in the back of the library, stacks of books on either side of her. Currently, she was working on a Transfiguration assignment, which would be followed by an Herbology essay, but it would doubtless take her only an hour or so to write up a couple of drafts and peruse them to find the best one. Or, that had been the plan, especially with her new protective measures.

The only issue was her seeming inability to relax enough to actually use the damn things.

For the better part of twenty minutes, Hermione had been actively relaxing, trying to stay “loose” enough to let the flow begin, but her body was too conditioned by a decade of potty-training not to just pee in the middle of the school library. Muscle memory and a general aversion to soaked knickers were causing her to reflexively clamp up the moment she felt even the beginnings of a stream making its way out. She tried to tell her brain that she was wearing a diaper, that it was okay to wet herself, but if it was that easy to talk to one’s subconscious, it wouldn’t have taken her parents months to quit smoking when they had decided to.

She sighed, trying to form a mental image of the smiling Elmo face in an effort to make herself feel a bit more…well, infantile. It was an embarrassing notion, but maybe if she made herself feel like the babies that usually wore such things, it would help things along?

Her eyes fluttered a bit as she felt the flow begin, a few splashes that were immediately whisked away into the padding, and then a steady stream that felt…strange. She was peeing. Right here in the middle of the library. It was a strange thing to –

“Um…Hermione?” a voice asked, and Hermione gasped, feeling a slightly heavier splash before she continued peeing. She looked up to see Neville smiling nervously at her, and she mentally cursed him. Why now!? Why approach her while she was actively wetting herself!?

“What do you need, Neville?” she asked, trying to keep the breathy note of relief out of her voice as she felt her diaper swelling between her legs.

“Oh, um…I was wondering, um…if you were done with Professor Sprout’s essay on the dangers of plants with mild forms of sentience?” he asked. She shook her head, still peeing quietly into her diaper. Did it normally take this long?

“Um…not yet,” she said, smiling kindly up at him. Neville didn’t mean any harm, and he was one of the few boys in her year that was actually well-behaved, unlike some freckle-faced redheads that she knew. “I’ll be happy to help you with it tonight once I have it finished, but I’m sort of in the middle of the Transfiguration essay….”

“Oh!” Nevilled realized he was intruding, smiling sheepishly and backing up. Hermione felt the flow of her urine taper off, and she breathed a quiet sigh of relief to herself. She hadn’t leaked, or so it felt like. She would have to check once Neville was gone. “Um…well, I’ll just leave you to it. Sorry, Hermione.”

“It’s alright,” she said. “Find me in the common room tonight, and I’ll help you out, alright?”

“Yeah,” Neville said, nodding and raising a hand in farewell. “See you, Hermione.”

Hermione waited until he was well out of sight, past the Fiction section, and scooted her chair back, lifting her skirt to check the front of her diaper. Several of the little lettered blocks around Elmo had faded out of existence, indicating that the diaper was wet but not yet thoroughly soaked. The Engorgment Charm had probably also increased the diaper’s absorbent capacity to relatively something close to a girl of her size and output, meaning she probably had a couple more good wettings left in this one. Smiling to herself, she eased her chair forward again, going back to her essay. A near ten-minute trip reduced to a few awkward seconds wetting herself, and she was right back to her work. She would call that a success.

She would definitely be making more use of her diapers in the future.

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

Hermione sighed silently to herself, fidgeting a bit in her seat as her leg kicked frantically. She was neck-deep in the final essay question on a rather hefty Charms test, and after breezing through the selection of multiple-choice and short-answer problems, she was trying to find a way to summarize the importance of pronunciation in the casting of charms in a single paragraph, but it was becoming increasingly apparent that this one would end up being three. The problem was, it was difficult to string her thoughts together due to the fact that she had had a cup of coffee with her breakfast, her first in a week or so. Coffee gave her a much-needed boost of energy to burn that tea just didn’t manage, but at the cost of a serious pressure in her lower regions. She had hoped to finish the test before the inevitable reaction, but the essay question had proved a challenge to her tendency to be…well, a bit loquacious.

She sighed, shifting in her seat to attempt to alleviate the pressure on her bladder, but it was to no avail. She really had to use the loo, but doing so risked derailing her train of thought. She had all of these ideas on her mind right now, and all she needed to do was order them and express them, but this was proving a difficult task. She thought of her diapers, of how nice it had felt to be able to scrawl out a full two extra pages to her Potions essay on Saturday without having to worry about losing track of her thoughts due to such bladder-based interruptions. The shame and embarrassment of using such infantile measures had faded as fast as Elmo’s letter blocks when she had proudly turned in her assignments on Monday, ignoring the scathing looks of her classmates and focusing on Professor McGonagall’s bemused but genuinely proud expression.

Without really thinking about it, she turned her test face down and made her way up to the desk with her bag. As she approached, the diminutive Professor Flitwick looked up at her curiously.

“Is there a problem, Miss Granger?” he asked in a quiet voice, and Hermione bit her lip, trying not to lie to a Professor as she spoke only part of the truth.

“I just…I’m having a small…personal problem,” she said, patting her bag meaningfully. Any schoolteacher, magic or muggle, knew what a pubescent girl meant when she said such a thing, and Professor Flitwick was no different, his eyes betraying only a slight widening before he nodded.

“Do you need to go to the restroom?” he asked, and Hermione shook her head.

“I’ll only be a moment in the room across the hall,” she said, and the professor waved her off. It was a mark of the trust she carried among the faculty that Flitwick didn’t check her bag to make sure she wasn’t sneaking a book out into the hallway to check an answer. The day Hermione Granger cheated would be a cold day in hell indeed.

Once the classroom door shut behind her, Hermione hurried across the hallway, opening the door to an empty room and shutting it with a muted click. Old desks were piled against the far wall, dusty windows letting in only a small amount of sunlight. She had little time to enjoy Hogwarts’s cozy charm, though, as her bladder was urgently protesting how very full it was. Reaching behind her, she unzipped her skirt and let it flop to the ground before shoving her knickers down as well. She still had a couple of diapers in her bag that she hadn’t bothered to remove yet, and she drew one out. It was already sized up, so she set it on the abandoned teacher’s desk and unearthed her ointment and powder, hurriedly gathering up a scoop of ointment and smearing it over herself. She snagged up the diaper, wiping her hands on her skirt, and unfolded it, wedging it between herself and the wall as she dusted herself with powder before pulling the front up between her legs. Soon, she was taped up and pulling her skirt back on before hurrying into the hallway and back into class.
As soon as she reentered the silent, tense test atmosphere, she was uncomfortably aware of the fact that she was wearing an infant’s undergarments. Professor Flitwick gave her a small smile, obviously pleased with how quick she had been, and gestured back to her seat. Hermione hurried as best she could without running or setting of a chorus of crinkles from her diaper. What had she been thinking? It was one thing to wear a diaper in the solitude of her corner of the library, left along to her own devices to study. But like this? In the middle of a quiet testing environment, surrounded by her classmates? She sat down in front of her test again, flipping it over to see the same unanswered question, the same half-finished sentence. The ideas were still there, flitting around in her head, but it felt like they were fighting a cloud of distraction, and that cloud was a pale yellow, not unlike the pee that was pushing against her bladder. Finally, she gave up, and in the middle of a classroom full of her…well, her peers, as she didn’t really have any of what a normal person would consider friends…she peed.

It flowed fast and silent, forming a warm, wet puddle beneath her before soaking up into her diaper. After her library trips all weekend, Hermione had gotten accustomed to the concept of peeing in public places, though this wasn’t necessarily what she had had in mind, as this place was actually fully public, as in actually packed with the public. Still, once she was done, and she felt the padding between her legs swelling and absorbing every drop, she could once again focus. The words seemed to flow as well, and she found herself smiling a bit, feeling the profound relief that only came after emptying a particularly full bladder, compounded by the fact that she had done so free of the constraints of a toilet.

It was…well, quite nice, and definitely a welcome change from her usual frantic scribblings in such a situation. With her bladder situation taken care of, she was able to fully flesh out her response, and by the time Flitwick was collecting their tests, she was only doing some simple grammar correction, fixing a few mistakes she had made in her haste to put her ideas to the paper. She handed hers in, confident that she would at least manage an E, maybe even an O.

She stood as the bell rang, feeling the way her diaper sagged a bit between her legs. Her next class was Defense Against the Dark Arts, and if she had more time, she might have considered changing out of her diaper, but the classroom was quite far away, and most of the time between lessons would be spent on the commute. The padding would hold, so she simply hitched her back up on her shoulder and made her way out into the sea of students. She felt a strange surreal sense as she waded through her classmates, all of them oblivious to her very childish choice in undergarment, oblivious to the fact that it was used and Hermione was hauling around padding soaked with her very own urine. For all that she liked to think herself more mature than her peers, she picked an unusual way of showing it.

As she drew nearer to her classroom, the crowds tapered off, students ducking into their classrooms or veering off to head to a different part of the castle. As Hermione walked, she felt a familiar sensation, a gentle pressure in her behind. Was it the caffeine of the coffee giving her a small case of gas? It had been known to happen. The less desired but still quite likely option was that she had to…well, go number two. Caffeine, in addition to being a diuretic, was also quite a laxative in the right conditions, and a full cup of coffee chugged down on the way out of breakfast was probably the right conditions.

No matter; she could hold it. Her bladder was one thing, but if she needed to void her bowels, she would not be doing so in a classroom. She strolled along, enjoying the quiet moment to herself. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley were walking ahead of her, and Ron was going on enthusiastically about his most favorite Quidditch team, the Chudley Cannons, and how their roster this year was guaranteed to take the cup.


“Hey, Hermione!” a voice said behind her, and Hermione turned to see Lavender Brown smiling at her, accompanied as always by Parvati Patil. Lavender seemed to have taken it upon herself to adopt Hermione as a “project”, finding that she wasn’t girly enough and needed to embrace her feminine side. She didn’t impose too much, just offering the occasional tip on how to wear her hair or possibly consider accessorizing, and Hermione was actually a bit flattered that Lavender didn’t seem deterred by her aversion to any sort of “help”. Parvati was another story, seeming genuinely annoyed at Hermione’s accidental monopolizing of Lavender’s attention. There was definitely some degree of jealousy there.

“Oh, hey, Lavender,” Hermione said, smiling as the pair approached and making sure to smooth out her skirt so as to hide her diaper. “How’d you do on the Charms test?”

“Oh, dreadful, as usual,” Lavender said, seeming unconcerned as she shot an easy smile at Hermione. “I bet you aced it, though, right?”

“Well, I hope so,” Hermione said with a little shrug.

“What was up with leaving right at the end?” Parvati asked, and Hermione blushed a bit.

“Just, uh…taking care of some girl stuff,” she said, and Parvati blinked, nodding understandingly and backing off a bit.

When it came to matters of a girl’s monthlies, no matter how you felt about each other, you were best friends.

“So, any plans for the weekend?” Lavender asked, drawing even with Hermione and strolling along with her. “Library?”

“You know me so well,” Hermione said with a little smile, and Lavender smirked.

“If you ever wanna like go for a walk around the lake or something, let me know, alright?” she said. “I know you’re all about your books and whatnot, but you should get some fresh air once in a while.”

Hermione blinked, taken aback for a moment by the genuine moment of concerned affection from Lavender. She nodded as they neared the classroom.

“I’ll…be sure to remember that,” she said. “Thank you, Lavender.”

Lavender’s gaze followed Hermione to her seat, and as she sat, she felt that same pressure building, like she had to toot but knew that if she tried to, there would be something more. It was becoming an uncomfortable pinching sensation that extended up into her gut, and Hermione winced a bit as a pang of pressure pushed against her. This was another reason she never cared to drink coffee. It always came back in the form of an urgent need to use the loo.

She managed to push it away for the moment as Professor Quirrel began a discussion on the importance of distinguishing between mundane creatures and magical ones masquerading as them. This was the kind of lesson she loved, where she listened with rapt attention, took extensive notes, and maybe even asked for a few reference sources for later perusal in the library. She hated missing even a few moments, as not only was she absent for critical moments, but interrupting the professor often caused them to lose their flow, slowing the lesson to a grinding halt.

And that was the only reason that, with another more insistent push from her bowels, she was seriously considering pooping her diaper in the middle of a classroom.

It wasn’t as though she wouldn’t make it if she didn’t simply excuse herself now and make a beeline for the lavatory. She would certainly get there in time to remove her diaper and take care of what she had to. But she would miss key points on the lecture, would interrupt poor Professor Quirrel’s already stuttering flow. And the insistent pressure in her bottom was only getting worse, causing a generally uncomfortable tightness as she clenched down. She could almost feel the…well, the mess straining to get free.

She chanced a look around, but most of the class was scarcely paying attention, bored and disinterested as ever by the professor with the speech impediment. Hermione was up front but to the far left, the corner Quirrel seemed to favor. She took a deep breath, her heart hammering in her chest as she realized what she was actually contemplating. Peeing herself in class was one thing, but…. Well, no one was looking so if she was truly going to do this, now was the best time….

She slowly lifted her butt, bending over to fish around in her bag under the pretense of getting out another quill. Taking another deep breath and trying extra hard not to think about what she was about to do, she let herself relax. Her bowels gave one final push, and she felt herself opening up.

And then Hermione Granger was pooping herself in class. Biting her lip against a wall of shame as it came crashing down on her, she quickly cast an Air-Freshening Charm on her diaper to stave off of the smell, feeling something soft and warm sliding out of her and mushing against the bottom of her diaper. Soon, she felt the other end, the final sense of release as her body finished up.

She lowered herself gingerly back into her seat, biting her lip when she felt the mushy mess shift flat against her butt. Don’t think about it, she told herself. Don’t even ponder the fact that you just pooped your diaper, that you’re even wearing a diaper you’ve used at all. Just take your notes. It’s okay.

It’s okay, right?


It was okay.

Strangely, it was fine. With the air-freshening charm, the smell that Hermione had thought she would have to deal with had been fully neutralized, leaving an admittedly unsightly mess to clean up, but a combination of baby wipes and some well-placed Scouring Charms had handled that.

Once she was all cleaned up, she found herself automatically applying more ointment and dusting herself with powder before pulling another diaper up between her legs and taping it in place. She only realized what she had done once she reached the Great Hall, feeling the muffled flump of her padding on her butt as she sat down. She blinked, strangely content with the development. Tonight, she had planned to simply find a corner of the Common Room and spend some time reading her Tolkien novels, and well…diapers would lend themselves well to a reading binge, right?

There was probably no harm in spending some more time in them.

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

Very nice story thus far, I enjoyed it! You kept Hermione in character as best I can tell, and you were able to keep an immersion in the Potterverse so it wasn’t JUST about diapers.

Keep up the great work XD

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

Answer :slight_smile:

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

Amazingly good! Really looking forward to more.

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

Not too much about diapers in this one. My fan fiction roots are starting to show.

Hermione could believe her luck, but not in any good way.

Of all the days to be seated next to Draco Malfoy in Potions class, it had to be the day that his usual partner, Pansy Parkinson, was out sick. Any other day, he would probably have paired up with Blaise Zabini, but today they were supposed to work in threes, and that left Hermione the odd Gryffindor out.

“Honestly, can you believe it?” Draco was grumbling while Hermione chopped up some earthroot and dumped it into the cauldron, pulling a bowl of beetle eyes toward her and carefully measuring out a tablespoon. “Saddling us with a muggle girl and expecting her to keep up with us? Don’t know why they even let her sort of rabble in the school.”

“Oh, get out of it, Malfoy,” Blaise said with a contemptuous look at the blond boy. “Or if you haven’t noticed, she’s been doing all the work for near half an hour.”

Malfoy only snorted, fixing Hermione with a bland look.

“Think you’re gonna take all the credit, do you?” he asked, and Hermione rolled her eyes.

“I’d sooner get top marks for all three of us by myself than watch you flounder about and muck it all up,” she said. “Pass me those shears.”

“I don’t have to listen to you,” Malfoy said, wincing when Blaise shoved him. “Oi, my father will – “

“Yes, yes, your father will probably have to come wipe your arse next thing you know,” Blaise said. “Pass the shears, blondie.”

Draco huffed in the prissiest manner but passed the shears over. Hermione reached into her kit and pulled out a tuft of bloodgrass, taking the shears and shaving off just a few little sprinklings. Bloodgrass was a highly potent ingredient, and if not used properly –

“Oi!” a shout came from nearby, and Hermione looked over to see Harry, Ron, and Neville scurrying away from their cauldron, Ron shouting as the mixture frothed and bubbled, boiling right over the sides. “Neville!”

“Idiots!” Professor Snape spat as he drew closer, dispelling the failed concoction with a simple wave of his wand. “No marks for all three of you, I suppose, and ten points each from Gryffindor!”

“Why all of us!?” Ron protested. “It was Neville who messed it up!”

“Detention, Weasley,” the professor drawled. “If you backtalk me again, it will be a week. You should have read the directions and advised your partner. See how Malfoy, Granger, and Zabini have carefully followed step seven and added only a dash of bloodgrass as opposed to a fistful as you saw fit to allow Longbottom to do. Why did you only add a dash, Miss Granger?”

“Um…” Hermione shifted a bit in her seat, “well, bloodgrass is extremely potent, so even more than a dash will – “

“Have the catastrophic effects that you have just witnessed,” Professor Snape finished for her. “In place if your potion, I want each of you to write an essay on the importance of carefully reading and following the directions as they are written and not simply skimming them, to be handed in by the end of the lesson.”

He turned, fixing Hermione with a beady look before swooping away and across the room. Ron glared at Hermione, while Harry bent to retrieve some parchment from his bag. Hermione heard Draco and Blaise chuckling to each other about the turn of events, but she only sighed. Great, another reason for Harry and Ron to hate her. That was all she needed.

“Oi, Granger,” Blaise Zabini’s voice said, rousing her from her thoughts, and Hermione blinked, glancing over at him. “Would you measure out the acromantula hairs? Please?”

“Oh, of course,” Hermione said, shaking herself off a bit and taking the measuring spoons from Blaise, measuring and adding some of the hairs to the potion. “Now, um…Draco, would you stir this precisely twenty-two times? Blaise, could you help him count?”

“Sure thing,” Blaise said. “Draco?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Draco said. “I can count.”

“Don’t know that you can do much else,” Blaise said, and Draco attempted a glare at him, but it only looked like a huffy pout. Hermione smiled to herself and set to cleaning up the workstation a bit, putting away containers of ingredients and wiping off the table.

“It’s good to see that some of you understand the merits of a consistently clean workstation,” Professor Snape said, eyeing Hermione balefully before glaring over at Lavender, Parvati, and Eloise Midgen. “You three haven’t seen fit to so much as wipe away residue from your table. How do you know that you haven’t accidentally compromised your potion by mixing ingredients? Ten points from Gryffindor for your sloppiness.”

Hermione winced a bit, feeling like she was aiding and abetting an enemy, but it was hard to sympathize with the trio when they had obviously not read the instructions. There was even a large note on the page advising aspiring potion-makers to make sure to keep a clean work area. Short of spelling it out word-for-word (which honestly defeated the entire purpose of a supplementary text), there was little else that could be done. The three girls had ignored the warnings and paid the price.

By the end of the lesson, tensions were running high in the classroom. Harry, Ron, and Neville were hurriedly scribbling away at essays, though none of them seemed to be making much progress, and Lavender, Parvati, and Eloise seemed to be losing confidence after being called out by Professor Snape for lack of station cleanliness.

The only ones that seemed to be making any real progress were Hermione and her two Slytherin companions. Malfoy seemed to have gotten over his prejudices long enough to enjoy his personal victory over Harry, and Blaise was shrewd as ever, buttering Hermione up with a constant stream of praise while being a perfect little helper.

Hermione knew he was using underhanded tactics, but the ego stroke was a welcome one. No one from her house had ever so much as given her a pat on the back for her hard work. Blaise Zabini was at least acknowledging her input and commending her for it.

Soon enough, it was time to turn in their work, and Hermione scooped up a flask of the potion that she had almost completely crafted herself. Blaise and Draco had at least done their parts, and she had to at admit that without their efforts, it would have been a much harder endeavor to tackle herself. Thus, as the bell rang and she turned in the phial of potion, she didn’t really feel used or taken advantage of. She had only been seeking out a good grade, and so had her groupmates.

She meandered out into the hall, sighing and aiming for the restroom. Since she wasn’t mainlining tea or chugging coffee imported from Hogsmeade (which she would have to see if she could purchase for Mum), she was actually quite able to hold her bladder until the end of class, and as she pushed down her undies and plunked down on the toilet seat, she found herself mostly reassured that she was in fact a functional young girl who just happened to explore diapers as a means of extending her study time.

Speaking of diapers…. Hermione eyed her schoolbag as she peed, wondering if she shouldn’t pad up before her homework session. She usually didn’t bother during her time in the library after class, or hadn’t for the first week. No, she had already made liberal use of them last week, she couldn’t start to develop an addiction of some sort. She wiped and stood, tugging her panties up before slinging her bag over her shoulder and heading to wash her hands.

It was a strange thing to ponder, that she, Hermione Granger, was the type to indulge in diaper use, if only on weekends. After her little fiasco in Professor Flitwick’s class and her messy diaper in Defense Against the Dark Arts, she had sworn off diapers in class except under dire circumstances. It wouldn’t do to allow herself to get used to the sense of…well, profound relaxation diapers afforded her. Even if it had been nice to just pee and be able to focus on her test or not let her bowels stop her from paying attention in class.

She shook herself, realizing she’d been staring at her reflection, that of a grown girl that was nearing twelve in only a few days. She was going to be an adult before long, and she had to behave like one, not go running around wetting and messing herself in diapers. Drying her hands, she headed from the bathroom, beelining for the library.


Hermione hummed softly to herself as she moseyed along the bookshelves. Her Astronomy essay had gone off without a hitch, Hermione not even needing to consult a book for that one (though she still did, in case she misremembered a fact), and now she was collecting a few references for a research paper due next week in History of Magic. If she rattled out a rough draft tonight, she could fine-tune it throughout the week and maybe have a second go at it on the weekend. Sure, she might get a small case of writer’s cramp, but sacrifices had to be made for a good education.

She gathered up a couple more books and made her way back to her table, settling them down with a muffled thump before taking her seat again. Her usual corner of the library was pretty secluded, well out of the normal range that the average Hogwarts student explored. Madame Pince, after decades of hearing students bemoaning the need to seek out books for homework, had finally compiled a small section near the entrance, a collection of every book the average student needed to complete his or her homework. This served the dual purpose of making homework assignments easier for most and also keeping what Hermione termed “the rabble” out of the deeper parts of the library where dedicated students like her could do the proper amount of research.

As she unearthed her quill and ink from her bag, Hermione tried to relax and get into an essay-writing state of mind. Every good research paper started off with a good thesis, and a good thesis needed to be succinct but not at the cost of all of the pertinent information. However, as Hermione stared at the paper, the words simply hovered somewhere in the back of her mind, out of reach. She had the ideas in her head, knew exactly where she wanted to take the paper, but try as she might, she simply couldn’t order them into words or sentences. It was like the Charms test all over again, but this time she wasn’t even battling a full bladder. She was simply…on edge. Normally, the library was a place of peace for her, freeing her from the noise and ruckus of the Common Room. Now, despite a dearth of any sort of distractions, Hermione was still…well, distracted.

She leaned back in her seat, setting her quill down and trying to shake the cobwebs from her head, but something just felt off about this whole setup. She had her usual seat, the normal quiet library atmosphere…. She just felt…some sort of pressure, a tension that she couldn’t describe, emanating from…from her groin. She huffed a bit, trying to tell her body that she was fine, that she didn’t even have to pee, but she couldn’t stop the niggling worry in the back of her head, the “what if” that kept bouncing around. She got awfully distracted sometimes, especially with these involved research papers. What if she got in the zone and didn’t realize until too late that she really needed to use the loo…?

Well, this was a rather major part of her History of Magic grade this term…why not take extra precautions? She reached over and unearthed a diaper, shooting a quick look around the library before pushing her panties down from under her skirt and stuffing them in her bag. In record time, it seemed, she was smeared with ointment, the diaper unfolded under her bottom, and she was soon powdered and taped up snug and tight. She bit her lip, unable to deny the little thrill she felt as she relaxed into her seat. Why did diapers have to be so bloody relaxing? She was Hermione Granger, not some piddling toddler that wasn’t ready for her “big girl pants”. She’d been wearing panties for nearly twelve years? Had it only taken two weekend cram sessions for her to associate the library with total relaxation in regards to her bladder?

Well…she would worry about that later. She had a paper to work on, and if she was really going to pad up for it, it had to be the best first draft ever written.

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

Don’t worry about the lack of padding in a chapter, doing it right means it should be a story with diapers, not diapers with a story. This reads enough like any other Harry Potter story to be both plausible and good.

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

Apparently, someone else got the idea of post a fan fiction starring Hermione Granger. Well, a little healthy competition never hurt anyone.


Hermione finally surfaced from her paper after a scrapping the first draft only halfway through and starting from scratch, powering through on the second one. An enchanted thermos of tea (always kept precisely hot enough) kept her awake and alert, though consequently, it kept her diapers quite soaked. She had taken a short break between paragraphs around seven o’clock to change into a fresh one, and now it was nearing ten, the tea was running out, and her eyelids were starting to droop. Stretching her arms over her head with a yawn, she let one final splash of urine spurt out of her and soak into her diaper before packing her things back into her bag and standing. It was much too close to closing time for the library for her to risk changing out of her diaper and back into her knickers. She didn’t want Madame Pince to happen upon her mid-change. That would just be embarrassing….

Thus, she made the trek back to Gryffindor tower in a diaper that was dangerously sodden with pee, feeling how swollen it was, pushing out against her thighs. Still, it wasn’t so bad; it wasn’t like she had wet her panties. A diaper was meant to be used. She was wearing what amounted to a portable bathroom, able to be used anywhere, to remove the urgency of the need to go to the toilet and give someone the option to just worry about it later.

She had done a bit of rationalization before bed on several occasions last week.

She reached the Fat Lady’s portrait just as a bell chimed in the distance, announcing that it was ten o’clock. The rotund woman gave her a stern look, one eyebrow disappearing under her curly bangs.

“Cutting it rather close tonight, are we?” she asked, and Hermione pouted at her.

“I really needed to finish a paper!” she protested. The Fat Lady rolled her eyes but looked at her expectantly. “Caput Draconis.”

“Password change is tomorrow morning, dearie, don’t forget,” she said before swinging outward. “Get the new one from your prefect.”

“Thank you,” Hermione said, stepping in with a soft crinkle of her diaper. The entrance was a bit crowded with students arriving just in time for curfew, and she reached down to gently tug at her skirt, making sure it was adequately covering her sagging padding before picking her way through the crowd. She had to pee, and she wasn’t sure how much more this diaper could handle.

“Hermione!” Lavender said, waving over the rapidly dispersing sea of heads. “Hey, there you are! C’mere, I need your brain!”

Hermione sighed but made her way over to the table Lavender and Parvati were currently occupying, a few books and papers spread over the surface. Well, at least the girls seemed to appreciate her intelligence, instead of mocking it as her classmates had back at her muggle primary school. Still, her diaper clung to her, sagging between her legs and hanging heavily around her hips, and she really needed a bathroom.

“Okay, so this question is asking about the potential disasters of casting Alohamora wrong, and I’m just…lost,” she said. “Does it mean opening the wrong door or something?”

“Well, that’s…one way to interpret the question,” Hermione said with a smile. “But what was Professor Flitwick talking about last lesson?”

“Spell entomology?” Parvati said.

“Etymology,” Hermione corrected her, pausing a moment to order her words and simply let another stream of pee into her diaper. “Spells are like words. Wizards and witches just assigned meaning to them. What words are similar to Alohamora that you could accidentally throw out instead, and how could that change your intent?”

“Intent?” Lavender asked. “Like…if I say the wrong thing, that can change what I mean?”

“If you get distracted, it could,” she says. “Say…I’m casting a Disarming Spell, and for whatever reason, I muck it up and say Explody-Armus instead of Expelliarmus.”

“You could blow someone’s arms up?” Parvati said with a grin.

“If I was powerful enough, angry enough, and happened to hear what I accidentally said in the split-second before I say the words and cast the spell,” Hermione said. “Words are just something wizards came up with to shape the spells in our heads. It’s all about memetic association.”

The two girls stared at her, and Hermione realized she’d gotten a little too nerdy for them. She shifted a bit, glad that her diaper was holding up, but it was getting uncomfortably thick and warm.

“Um…the gist of it is, what words can you accidentally say instead of Alohomora, and how would that affect the spell, given what you intend to do with it, and what the words could shape it into instead?” she asked. “So, um…Alohaboara?”

“I could end up with a Hawaiian pig or something?” Lavender giggled, and Hermione nodded.

“Exactly,” she said with a little smile.

“Alright, I think I get it,” Lavender said with a little smile. “Thanks, Hermione!”

Hermione smiled and took her leave, climbing the stairs to the girls’ dormitories and strolling to her bed. She deposited her schoolbag, hearing a soft grumble from her tummy and realizing she needed to poo. Well, she was about to have a shower anyway, so she could use the toilet as well. She gathered up her pajamas and headed back out and down the hallway toward the bathroom. Given the fact that there were only four Gryffindor girls in her year, the bathroom was just a single-seater, which usually wasn’t a problem. Eloise Midgen, however, had other designs.

“Occupied,” she said when Hermione knocked, and she sighed. Eloise loved taking her sweet time on the toilet, no matter what she was using it for, and Hermione had no doubt she would be waiting five to ten minutes for her to finish up. Biting her lip, she looked around, but Lavender and Parvati would no doubt be quite busy with their assignment. Sighing a bit, Hermione spread her feet and relaxed, giving a gentle push to urge things onward. She grunted ever so softly, feeling herself open up before a soft, warm length slid forth, gliding outward and filling the seat of her already sodden diaper. It was much the same as when she had messed herself in Flitwick’s classroom, though with no one around, she didn’t feel quite as urgent a need to cast an Air-Freshening Charm. She reeled a bit when the smell hit her, but this was the reality of wearing diapers. Maybe it would discourage any thoughts she had about wearing too often.

Turning, she made her way toward the showers, forced to walk the slightest bit bow-legged with how loaded her diaper was now. She passed by the dorm room again, slowing and peering inside. Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to wear a diaper to bed? She did often have to get up in the night to use the loo, and it wouldn’t do for her to be drowsy during class…. She slinked back into the room, reaching into her bag and withdrawing a diaper and her supplies, stuffing them surreptitiously into her toiletry bag.

What was the harm of trying them out for one night?

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

Hmmm Something tells me she’s going to be wearing and using diapers A LOT more… And that’s a good thing! :3

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

I tend not to look so much for fan fiction, but I’m rather enjoying this one. It makes for good entertainment while waiting to learn more about Sarabeth. It’s been a while since I read the books, but from what I recall you’ve done a pretty good job of staying true to the feeling of them. You certainly don’t need to have diapers everywhere in in a story, so don’t worry about stretches where diapers aren’t appropriate to moving the storyline along. It makes for a better story that way.

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

I’m sad to say I wrote myself into a corner with Sarabeth, and to some degree, this story is my attempt to fix some of the more flawed elements of her tale. If I do revisit her, it would be in the form of a mildly distant epilogue. Apologies to anyone that was hanging on for another chapter.

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

Merlin, she really had to pee! Ugh, where was the bathroom around this place? She got out of a bed that looked much like the crib she had slept in as a baby, and ambled through her bedroom. Strangely, the décor was the same pastel pink she had had as a little girl, and she even recognized Bilbo, the enormous teddy bear that had been stuffed away in the attic. She stepped into the hallway, and suddenly she was in the bathroom at Hogwarts, sitting down and peeing. She felt the flow, but something about it seemed off, strange….

Her eyes snapped open, and she saw the ceiling of her dormitory, blinking and realizing that she was still in bed and was in fact peeing. She panicked for a moment before remembering the diaper she had strapped on, relieved to feel the padding swelling a bit as it soaked up her urine. She sat up and sighed a bit, waiting for the flow to finish while fighting a wave of humiliation. Had she really just wet the bed? Granted, she’d been quite thirsty before bed and drank down a whole glass of water, but still…. Slinging her legs over the side of the bed, she stood and stretched, ambling toward the bathroom to brush her teeth. Her diaper crinkled softly as she moved, and she felt the weight of her urine settling in, thick and warm against her, but she knew it wasn’t nearly at full capacity. She dolled some toothpaste onto her toothbrush and pondered while she brushed her teeth.

She had wet the bed. The fact was, if she hadn’t been wearing a diaper, she might have had much more serious concerns than an embarrassing wake-up call. Of course, there was always the option that, had she not indulged in this diaper thing in the first place, she might not have been dealing with all of this in the first place. Unfortunately, there was no way of knowing, so she didn’t bother herself with what-ifs. Leaning over the sink, she spat and rinsed thoroughly, taking a moment to rinse with mouthwash as well. Flossing would wait until tonight.

One didn’t have dentists for parents and not develop stringent oral care techniques.

“Hey, Hermione,” Eloise Midgen said as she strode into the bathroom. Hermione offered her a wave, still only slightly sore at her for inadvertently forcing her to resort to soiling her diaper last night. Still, it always paid to be polite.

“Good morning,” she said, taking a quick drink of water to rinse her mouth before smiling over at Eloise, who was leaning over the sink and peering at a small breakout across her cheek.

“Ugh,” she said. “I’m twelve years old, why am I already getting acne?”

“It’s not unusual to get a few pimples at our age,” Hermione said with a sympathetic smile. “I’m sure there are plenty of potions to help out.”

“There must be a spell that can be used or something,” Eloise said almost pleadingly, and Hermione shrugged.

“There might be,” she said. She’d never been one to bother much with cosmetic spells, figuring it was better for a girl to embrace her flaws. Goodness knew she’d always wanted to do something about the size of her front teeth or the bushy mass of hair she had, but there was nothing for it. Shrugging, she stuffed her toothbrush back in her toiletry bag and made her way to her room.

Lavender and Parvati were sound asleep, and with Eloise bemoaning her pubescent issues in the mirror, she would be able to change out of her diaper. Hermione stripped out of her pajamas, but as she was rooting around for a pair of knickers to wear, she heard Lavender stirring on her bed. Quick as a flash, she altered her search and found a comfortable casual dress to wear instead, yanking it over her head before Lavender pulled her bed curtains back. Sighing, she resigned herself to breakfast in a diaper. She could take along a pair of panties and change on the way, but classrooms were a dangerous place to change on the weekends, and it would be a massive detour to the nearest bathroom, which was haunted anyway. The last thing she needed was Moaning Myrtle telling the whole school that Hermione Granger wore diapers. At least the diaper she was wearing wasn’t too sodden, she consoled herself, pulling on some knee socks and slipping her feet into a pair of flats as Lavender ambled over to Parvati’s bed and laboriously set about waking her up. Hermione did her best to tame her hair with a brush before giving it up as a lost cause and making her way down to the common room, her diaper crinkling softly in the silence of the stairwell.

She was up rather early, especially for a Saturday, so the common room itself was mostly deserted when she reached it. She was surprised to see Harry Potter snoozing on the couch, still in his school robes, with his Herbology textbook open over his chest. On a little table near him, a paper was set up, a quill and ink sitting forgotten next to it. On closer inspection, Harry had only gotten a few sentences into his second paragraph before dozing off. Well, good for him for trying to get a jump on his essay, at least. Hermione decided to let the boy sleep, heading for the portrait hole. She spotted Percy Weasley standing attentively by the exit, and they met eyes, Percy nodding cordially to her. Hermione didn’t know Percy Weasley personally, but he was a dedicated student and a diligent prefect, so she had something of a professional respect for him.

“Good morning, Percy,” she said.

“Good morning…Hermione?” he asked, and Hermione nodded. “I’m informing all first years personally of the new password for next week. It’s ‘pig snout’.”

“Pig snout,” Hermione repeated. “Thank you, Percy.”

“Do note that in the future, we’ll simply post the new passwords on the notice board,” Percy said, pointing toward the wall that bore the board in question. “Take care to check every weekend, or you might find yourself locked out of the common room.”

“I will,” Hermione said. “Thank you again.”

“You’re very welcome,” Percy said, nodding to her once more. “Enjoy your weekend.”

Taking that as a polite dismissal, Hermione passed by him and out of the common room. Making sure her dress covered her diaper, she took a breath and made her way down to the Great Hall.


At least it wasn’t a weekday, when everyone’s breakfast tended to overlap, or Hermione might have been even more nervous than she already was, sitting amongst so many of her fellow students in a gently used diaper. As it was, students trickled out almost as fast as they entered the hall, and none of them stayed particularly long. Hermione lingered a bit, nursing a cup of tea while she got some light reading done. She liked to stay a few chapters ahead in History of Magic, to give her more context when she was writing her essays. She was on her second cup when her bladder began to protest its fullness, and rather than cut her morning cuppa short, she released into her diaper, glancing quickly around, but no one was any the wiser that she was peeing in full view of nearly a third of the student body.

Should she change into a new diaper? She was planning to find a nice spot on the edge of the lake and do some reading outside while the weather was still nice, and now that she knew she would have to go back up to her dormitory to change, she wondered if maybe it would be prudent to simply change right into a fresh diaper rather than worry about holding it or (shudder) finding a place to squat outdoors.

Soon enough, her cup was empty, and rather than linger with a third, she filled up her thermos and stood, hauling her sagging diaper up toward the common room once more. She should have brought her bag with her, she mused. She could change in the loo and be on her way.

“Granger,” a voice said as Hermione was headed for the stairs, and she paused with her hand on the banister, turning to see Blaise Zabini heading toward her. “Hey.”

“Um…hello,” Hermione said with a perplexed look at him. Blaise Zabini was…well, handsome. Even as young as they were, it was obvious from his shapely nose and angular jaw that he would be a looker in a few years. He was also so far removed from anything Hermione was about that she had never expected to speak to him outside of Potions. “Did…you need something?”

“Hey, who do you usually partner with in Potions?” he asked, and Hermione shrugged, realizing as she did that she had to pee again. Already? But she had just gone….

“I…tend to team up with Eloise Midgen – “

“Well, you should partner with me instead,” Blaise said. “There’s no rule against it. Malfoy can have Eloise.”

“Why are you so keen to be my partner all of a sudden?” Hermione asked him, canting her head to the side and trying to keep from bouncing her leg to get a hold of her bladder. “Did I get you that good a grade last lesson?”

“Look,” Blaise said with a shake of his head, “I won’t pretend that that’s not a big part of it. But I’ve seen you working with those idiots from Gryffindor, and you’re not like them. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you should be a Ravenclaw. Either way, you need someone that will actually help you and not just let you carry them or get in your way or something. Malfoy is a git and a rubbish potion-maker, so next time Snape partners everyone up, let me partner up with you, alright?”

“Well,” Hermione said, sighing a bit as she simply let go and let another stream of urine spill into her diaper. “Yeah, um…sure, why not?”

“Brilliant,” Blaise said with a nod to her, grinning a roguish smile at her before heading for the dungeons. “Good weekend, then.”

“Yeah,” Hermione said, watching him go as she finished filling her diaper. “See you.”

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

I’m not a fan of Harry Potter in the least, but… somehow that is not a problem for me when I read this. Good job. I would offer you constructive criticism of some form but I really couldn’t think of much of anything.

So far, the thing that’s required the most suspension of disbelief for me is the sheer speed at which Hermoine is undoing her toilet training… seriously, this is starting to look like an unintended effect and consequence of the spells she used on those Pampers. But considering I can’t outright rule out that possibility yet and there even seems to be some foreshadowing of that in the part about etymology, I can hardly call this a literary flaw just yet.

So yeah, good going and all that. You’ve got me hooked and eagerly waiting for more. From one fanfiction author to another, kudos for grabbing and maintaining the interest of a guy not remotely interested in the fandom, that’s not easy to do.

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

I’m glad I could get a non-HP fan to at least get invested into the story. As for the pacing of Hermione’s toilet-training, it’s a problem I have, and I tried to emphasize that her diaper-use outside of one isolated bedwetting incident has been voluntary, and the one case of her nocturnal emission was probably due to overtaxing her bladder right before bedtime. Of course, it could also have been magically-induced. I wish I could say I was foreshadowing with all that talk of etymology, but to be honest, it was pretty much filler. I’m flattered that you think so highly of me, though! :slight_smile:

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

I’m certainly enjoying this story. I understand about writing oneself into a corner. If you get the inspiration, don’t be afraid to do a rewrite from the ground up and post again. It wouldn’t be the first time. Or you can do as you’ve done here and write something new. I’ll enjoy it either way.

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

I’ve been enjoying this immensely, I’m not a huge fan of Harry Potter series but I do like the characters. And I’m really enjoying where you are taking this so far.

I look forward to a new chapter every day!

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

Now I can’t tell what you’re implying… if the bedwetting was indeed magically induced like I sorta guessed, that is. Anyway, I actually came here for a different reason today, so let me get into that.

See, I took a look at that other HP story about Hermoine that’s been on the board for a bit now to see if I could use it to bide my time while waiting between updates of this one, but… well, that one doesn’t even compare to yours, man… and right now your story is like the only one on the forum which holds my interest. Mind giving me and your other readers a status update so we know what to expect and when to expect it? Because it’d be a real shame if this fic just died and we never found out until your next project like I gather happened with that older one discussed in this thread, this thing is really something special.

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

Actually, I should have a plus-sized update coming soon enough. I just moved and am without internet access until tomorrow, which has been a blessing in disguise due to the surplus of time I’ve filled by writing this story. I’m actually posting this on my phone so no one thinks I’ve abandoned it. I’m very flattered that you think so highly of my story compared to the other one. I wasn’t going to say anything for fear of seeming arrogant.

Please be patient for another day or so!

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

Enjoying this. As compared to the other HP fanfic, I prefer this one because Hermione’s doing this on her own terms and motivation.

Re: Hermione Granger and the Perils of Padding

So, no internet until Thursday now. Plus side: probably an even more jumbo-sized chapter. Down side: no chapter until probably Thursday or Friday. Sorry to everyone for the continued wait.