Hi everyone!
I’ve been writing stories on/off (mostly off if we are being honest) for the past 4 or so years and with encouragement from some people I decided to try and post them. Specifically, one of my friends told me that this was a good place to go for honest constructive criticism. So I decided to make an account here. I’ve been an ab since I was around 12 and discovered it. I had always been drawn to things like tv for younger children, but it wasn’t until I found a couple ab stories where I decided I would like to try diapers and a paci and it’s all been downhill (uphill?) from there. I started writing a couple of years after I became an ab and here I am. Mostly my age is a young toddler (and my stories reflect that I feel). I would say I am roughly 18 months a lot of the time, but I can go older and younger depending on how I feel.

Outside of my ab interests:
I love dogs (I have 3)
I’m a little shy but enjoy talking to people once I get past the initial hump
I have some incontinent issues that seem to be getting worse as I get older
I like reading (mostly YA romance if I’m being honest with myself)

So yes, I look forward to meeting some of you and getting/giving feedback. Thanks for reading my intro!