Heyo Peeps

Hello peeps, I’m KShadow81, ima a rookie comic artist, and I love to write stories, I just haven’t had the guts to write an ABDL story, mostly because I’m afraid ill do it wrong or ill have way too many errors, But I’m here, I have a pretty interesting story, and I know my username doesn’t seem to have anything to deal with diapers or whatnot but trust me I couldn’t come up with a good one and when I do I dunno if I can change it.

Also please I have trouble trusting people on the internet because creeps exist so don’t do that to me
Thanks and I hope you guys read my stories

I don’t think (and also hope) it’s not possible to write a story more wrong than some already have. So long as you have the attitude to improve, you’ll do fine.
We’re a lot more inclined to give constructive criticisms and feedback than other sites, even if it can be a little slow sometimes.

So welcome, we always like seeing new faces. I’m sure someone will read your stories.

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How would you “do it wrong”? It’s your story; your universe. You’re in charge. Revel in the freedom. If you want to write about a society where people put on diapers and climb flag poles to yodel at the circling pegasi, go for it. (Just be careful so your characters don’t fall down and hurt themselves. Unless you want them in the hospital, of course. After all, it’s all your call.)

Oh, and welcome.

Thanks, I dunno i just want the thing to be interesting, a truly original piece

First, I love the fact that all the replies are from people who don’t have ABDL related names. :slight_smile:

The first hit username change is free. If you ask for a second one later on you’ll be asked to justify it though because username changes require staff intervention. :slight_smile:

There is nothing new under the sun, only your take on it. Don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself.

Ill try not to but i tend to be an overacheiver

I’m sure a lot of people will read them :slight_smile: Don’t worry about criticism, everyone has some issues writing and everyone gets better. Expecting your first ABDL story to be perfect is putting too much pressure on yourself

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