Hi all

Hi all! I’m Chelsea (or Chels), generally known as Chels in Ribbons in abdl social media circles. I’ve been in or around the community for way too long; in fact I used to be an active-ish member on this forum back when Lil Vickie and WingZ were mods which was like the early aughts XD anyway, I guess I’m back! I come with stories too! Until recently I had two abdl novellas published on kindle, but I decided to remove them and post them somewhere they can be appreciated and I hope yall enjoy them!
Im looking forward to getting to know some of yall!

Thanks! Tbh I had separate reasons for taking them off Amazon, so it’s not a big deal!

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hi Chels
im shotatai nice to meet you

Welcome I am new here as well :slight_smile:

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