Hi :D

:smiley: Hi my name is Jeffrey I am 15 and I have a diaper fetish. I think it all started about when I was 5 when my little cousin used to come over and he was 2. I always loved babies but my parents never thought I would want to be one nor did I for a while. I soon thought to myself that I wanted to wear diapers and act like a baby. It wasnt until about when I was 12 I began to think about wearing them and later on when I was 14 it beggan to include women who would put me in a diaper and do things to me and change me and such(like kissing and loving me). I never have been able to tell anyone about it because ive felt scared so I decided to create and account on a forum to talk to people like me about it. Thx for reading :smiley: P.S. I love diapers!

Hi :smiley:


Thatโ€™s out of the blue considering the former grammar.

P.S. I love diapers!

P.S. is for pineapple sodomy.

Hi :smiley:

How about, welcome to the forum, dude.

Hi :smiley:

Inevitably a typo.

Hello Jeffrey.

Hi :smiley:

Welcome, WD