Hi I'm Kelly and I'm new


I’m Kelly and I’m here to read the cool stories here and would love to write too.

I mostly write about being a young girl around 6-9 years old wearing diapers and being put in diapers. I’m not real sure of the quidelines so I guess I stay on the mild side for now.
Sometimes when I write I use a different style then the usual quotation marks as they are sometimes a pain to insert. I do try hard to keep my spelling under control, giggles. If I do write something I hope it’s not too bad or terrible, giggle.
I like this place sooo seeya soon!

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Ummm got a question for mods or admins. How long will I have to be moderated?

Oh and I promise to play nice!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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About 4 minutes when I’m awake :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Renko!

Thank you!!

Oh more about me. Well I mostly roleplay and just now trying to get into writing, mostly cuz it’s a lotta fun. But writing takes time, a lotta time. Mostly I think you have to become the character in your story as you write and be emerged into the story. Sure is a lot of story’s here!