Hi there. Im Daddy Paul

Just signed up today and it seems appropriate to say hello here first before shooting off and having a good dig through the posts and getting involved.

Im an experienced Ageplay Daddy from the UK, who is just here looking to see whats what and hopefully meet a few new people.


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Welcome. Where in the UK do you live? I’ve been to Bath and London and thoroughly enjoyed both.

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Care 4…hii its Gothbaby whats up long time no see :slight_smile: huggies

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What up…

Ever punch a whale?

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Welcome aboard.

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Hi Kip…
I live in Wolverhampton, which is the Midlands near Birmingham and Coventry, whats known as the Black Country and most famous for being the birthplace of the industrial revolution.

Hi Vikki.
Yeah would be glad too, wasnt sure about adding my old pasties as i know pasties tend to split the community down the middle into love em or hate em. I will defintaly drop a few in the diaper anime section though thats for sure.

Hi BabyLuv.
It has indeed been a while, whats new and have you let the whole goth thing go?

Hi Jaks…
No but Ive stroked a dolphin… do I get half marks?

Hi Nemo.
Thank you very much. Im enjoying my visits so far :slight_smile:

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Depends on if that pisses Hannity off.