Hit Compile

“…and hit Compile, and…”

She sat back, watched the text scroll up her screen. As it stopped she leaned forward, copied the output onto a USB key designed to look like a pacifier and stuck it into the mouth of her humanoid robot.

“New firmware detected,” said a warm female voice, “Installing. Complete. Testing functions.”

She waited patiently as the robot moved its legs, each in turn, then its arms. She’d dressed it as a nanny, or at least how she imagined they’d dressed a hundred years before.

“Tests complete,” she heard, “Initiating main program.”

The robot stood up, its long grey skirt falling below its knees and hiding the lace beneath. Its head turned and the cameras she’d put where its eyes should be flexed slightly, showing they were adjusting their focus.

“Baby identified. Initiating care routine,” said the warm female voice.

She sat back in surprise. There were no babies here, just her and the robot. Unless… Quickly she turned to the computer, checked her program. As she scrolled rapidly through she felt the robot take her arm.

“No, stop. I’m not a baby,” she told it, but it ignored her, pulled her away from the computer and off her chair.

She knew why. She’d been testing its motor functions, its ability to lift and carry a person, whether it was strong enough to cope with an unruly child. The firmware she’d used had a timer, would shut the robot down after just ten minutes, but had infant recognition disabled, so that she could test it herself during that period.

She’d removed the timer when she added the care modules, but realised she hadn’t re-enabled its ability to differentiate between babies and adults.

The robot didn’t care. It had been programmed to strip, clean, diaper and feed, and it had already laid her on the floor, stripped off her jeans and underwear, used a warm wet sponge to assure she was clean and ready.

She saw a glimmer of hope. There were no diapers that could fit her. Even as she saw the robot look around and realise this she remembered the logic she’d included.

“No diapers available; placing order,” she heard, as she was picked up. She saw her web browser start up, the robot’s wireless connection successfully controlling her computer, finding an adult diaper site and placing an order. 200 diapers? How long was this going to happen?

Carried through to the bathroom she struggled to free herself but the robot was implacable and calm, just held her firmly without hurting her, then pinned her to the floor as it reached for a towel.

“Improvising diaper,” she heard as it wrapped the towel around her. She knew it would take her to the kitchen next, cut a bin bag into makeshift waterproof panties, strap her to a chair and feed her some lunch. There was just one thing left to try.

She knew it wouldn’t work, trusted in her programming. She had to try through.

“Nanny switch off,” she said in a firm clear voice.

“Switch off command received,” she heard, and sighed with relief, “Command came from baby. Ignoring command.”

She groaned and relaxed in the robot’s arms. She’d done everything she could, it wasn’t her fault now. Someone else would have to rescue her. Hopefully not too quickly.


Well done!

Was a fun read! By any chance are you going to continue?

Unlikely, sorry.

Aw okay. Love seeing your stories though! Your writing style is just really nice to read through. :smile: