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Who Hoot?

HAH! I knew you’d probably be one of the first people to make a group :stuck_out_tongue:

Well what can i say? Wanted to test it as well as give the Teehdorks here a place where we can play, and discuss our projects and stuff

One of my main projects right now is beating the shit out of AOL. They started rejecting emails from the board when sent directly, and if I use the mail relay at sparkpost, it delays the messages 12 hours…

Needless to say I’ll probably have a nice long rant later for my blog since this is affecting my ability to enable a few things at the moment.

My main right now, is finding an upgrade path for my Hacked Slackware 14.1 instances without it taking a week

Good luck with that :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think I’ve ever done a Slackware upgrade that didn’t take a week and/or go horribly wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

And mine are haxed to hell and gone so that’s no help at all, I’m being squeezed out of all the major distros due to how my environment is set up. i think i’m going to have to make a distro of my own one of these days, which is a scary thought, not that i can’t do it, but its a hard thankless task