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How do I post a story?

How do I post a story?

It looks like you already figured this out. :slight_smile:

I am starting to get the hang of posting but still a little confused. I posted the first section of one of my stories and it was approved after I asked about it. I then posted another section and it is still waiting to be approved. I then posted a different short story and it came up under Board member stories and did not appear to requite approval. Did I actually post in two different sections? Where should I be posting? What is approval process?

Hmm, there’s actually two issues here at the moment. Your posts should still require approval, and I know for a fact I approved all your topics on the 1st of January. I’ll have to look into it when I’m on the computer that can access the admin panel.

IF they’re your own stories, they should be in Board Member Stories. When I find out why the others haven’t been approved I’ll get them moved to the correct place. :slight_smile:

I keep getting locked out of the stories I have posted and cannot make edits. Whenever I copy a story into a thread it always runs everything together and I end up going back several times to space my character’s dialogue appropriately.

Ah, the first problem shouldn’t happen from now on. Your account just hadn’t been promoted to the user group that permits posting without moderation yet. You should have full editing access now to all your posts. If not let me know.

As for your other issue, I’m guessing you write in MS Word, right? It has this annoying feature where it shows there being whitespace between paragraphs when there really isn’t. When you copy and paste into the forums you have to manually insert an extra return for that whitespace to show up. Sadly, I no longer have access to Word so I can’t tell you how to fix it off the top of my head to remove that virtual whitespace.

OK Thanks. I just went in and edited my last post but again, it is saying unapproved.

I want you to try something for me as that definitely shouldn’t be happening.

Try editing your first post in this thread, your most recent post in this thread, and the story post that went back into approval mode after you edited it. I just want you to make a single change. Add the exact code below to the end of all 3 posts (when you submit the post it’ll turn into a mention and notify me you’ve done what I’ve asked):


If you did it right it will look like this in the actual post


I think it has to do with my getting logged out after a very short time if I am editing. Sorry, I just saw this reply today, I have posted and made edits without problems today so maybe the problem is corrected.

It just happened to this mornings post…I was editing chapters 15, 16, and 17. I made a couple edits to typos and when I save it, I received a notification that my post was flagged as possible spam and would need to be approved by a moderator.

This is why error messages are important. That is an entirely different situation than I was expecting and could have saved me a lot of time.

That’s the antispam tool doing that. It will do that every time you edit that post because something in it looks like spam.

Sorry to be a pain but it happened again. Also, I managed to put up two similar posts when this was happening. Can I delete a post?

The reason your posts are getting flagged is currently being looked into by the developers of the system that is causing it to happen. Hopefully, I’ll have an answer soon.