How long?

So about five minutes ago I wet a nappy for the first time in two if not three years. Its friggin amazing, I forgot how good it felt to use a nappy. When i moved in with my fiance we were living next to her parents and we shared trash collection. Her mom was weird and if the bin got too full she would root around and take anything out the she thought shouldnt be in there. So while i was able to wear nappies i was never able to dispose of them. Me and the fiance have recently split up so im back home with my parents and can dispose of them freely now. And wow this is just awesome

Anyway the point of the topic is How long have you guys gone in between wettings while still wearing? and if its been a long time has it made you appreciate your nappy more?

Re: How long?

The last time I wore a diaper was a month or so ago, I’d guess. I bet the time before that was 8+ months previous.

I get bored easily.

Re: How long?

I can’t remember the last time I wet one. Possibly sometime in the last three years. I don’t really enjoy the feeling, the convenience yes, but not the feeling. I mostly just lounge around when I wear one or when I’m not on-call I wear it to bed.