Humiliated: A Short Story by Guess Who

This is a short story, I dont think it is very good so proceed at your own risk.

Humiliated a Short Story

David could not believe the things that were happening to him. David for all outward appearances was a normal man in his mid thirties and had been married to his child hood sweetheart since college. Carol and David never had any children it seemed they were both just too busy with their careers. David worked from his office in their home mostly. He built and maintained computer web pages for corporations. Carol owned a chain of boutiques.

They were actually pretty well off considering their ages of course they lived it to the hilt. David owned a new Lincoln LS with a Navigation System and Carol drove a brand new Corvette convertible. There home was over seventy thousand square feet. In a very ritzy neighborhood. They belonged to one of the ritziest country clubs life could not have been better.

Then it happened Carol came home early one day and found David sitting at one of his computers wearing nothing but a diaper. The fetish had been with him sense he was a young teenager. All though he had never really acted on it before. Actually the one she caught him in was the second diaper he had ever warn he still had not managed to wet one. Carol at first was beside herself with anger and said she wanted and immediate divorce. David tried to explain but Carol would not listen. Then David said the thing he would regret the most. “Carol I will do anything you say for a second chance, anything.”

Carol walked out of the room ignoring David it was then that he realized he was sitting in a soaking wet diaper. His fear of loosing Carol had evidently caused him to release his bladder. David wanted to go change but his clothes and even package of diapers were in the bedroom that Carol had went too. He could do nothing but sit in the cold wet diaper until she came out.

Carol came out about and hour later she could tell by David’s eyes he had been crying and it was obvious his diaper was soaked. “David I have reconsidered based on what you said, that you would do anything. Is that what you meant little boy?”

David worried about her reference to little boy but did not want to loose his wife it would be like loosing his life. “Yes dear anything and I promise to never wear or think about wearing one of these again.” Carol knew she had him, “that wont be necessary little boy. From now on if you want me around you will be wearing diapers all the time. You know I always wanted a baby to take care of as of now you are my baby boy. Now come on lets get Mommies baby changed.”

That’s exactly how it started. David saw that he had no choice and just went along. Soon Carol had redecorated one of the guest rooms into a nursery. She also hired a full time live in Nanny to take care of David.

The worst part was Carol made no secret of how she treated David to their mutual friends. She both changed him and spanked him on occasion right in front of him. He was always dressed like a toddler and treated as a baby. Carol insisted he sell his business and he no longer was even allowed to touch a computer.

His days were spent playing with his toys taking his naps sucking on his baa baa. He went nowhere with out a pacifier in his mouth. David through out all this had learned so many things about himself. He had known he had a baby side, but had no idea how deep it ran. He was helpless and more in love with Carol than ever. He simply loved being humiliated by her and treated as her baby. He was forced to call her Mommy but in truth that’s exactly as he saw her. Carol for her part found she loved playing the part of David’s Mommy and Dominant. She enjoyed it so much eventually she sold the boutiques and fired the Nanny. She wanted to take care of her baby full time.

In truth they lived happily ever after in their new roles. The truth was their sex life was better than ever.

The End

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