I am Sorry

As some of you no doubt understand, I have garnered a negative reputation on this forum. I thoguht hard for the past few days as to how to address this debacle, but I concluded that the best way to go about this was to confront this issue in a timely manner while generating as little drama as possible.The real debate was whether to insert this at the end of the next chapter of my current story, or give this its own dedicated post. But considering that the next chapter is still a little ways off, making a dedicated post won out, I’ll try to keep this short without leaving out relevant information.

Two days ago, I recognized a major flaw in how I engage with people on this site, the biggest of them all is that I get way too conversational, which results in me saying more than needed and even results in me botching my attempts at engaging in dialogue. The most recent two incidents I will not name anything due to the other person’s desire to not engage with me. Now this is where an unapologetic person would say “I know this is my fault, but…”

There is no but, I and I alone am responsible for this debacle I’m in, I started all three of the interactions that went poorly, I went on and on without considering how my words could be interpreted in ways other than what I intended to say. I have learned that lesson, as of two days ago I have dug my heels in the ground and am not going to stop working on correcting this flaw. An accurate term for this would be to keep what I send out in the oven of forethought longer. I know my reputation on this site is bad due to what I have said and my conduct here, but it’s entirely justified, your reaction, that is. You deserve better from me, and am truly sorry for how I’ve acted, the way I acted was idiotic, that’s the right word for it, and it’s more painful to admit than me just coming out and saying I’m a troll, but it’s the truth. I will clean up, and it starts here.

I won’t name the party that refuses to interact with me due to respecting his privacy and wish to not interact with me, and please don’t comment on the incident where this drama I mention took place, it’ll generate more needless drama. I am open to reconciliation, if this person accepts then we can put this incident behind us both, but if not, then I can swallow that too.

I genuinely hope this wasn’t too long, thank you for reading.

I’m going to refrain from commenting on most of this since it’s not my place, but I will say the chances of the person you won’t name seeing this is near zero due to how Discourse’s Ignore function works.

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Very well.

I hold no resentment for that. Thanks for the information.

I don’t know anything about this situation, but generally when joining in a community, you want to go with the flow. It’s just like how it’s often safest to match the speed of the drivers around you on the highway. With nuance of course, don’t do something dangerous just because everyone else is. But yeah, just sort of look at how everyone else in the community interacts and try to follow the vibe.

This is more of a meta comment, but it often seems like the level of drama on this forum is wildly out of step with the size of its userbase.

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Thank you, I went a bit too fast for a long time. This is a big interest of mine, so when I interact with other people who share it I…well, tend to shift into hyper speed socially.

Just a small point here: Just because they don’t post doesn’t mean there isn’t a rather large userbase. In fact i was kind of surprised when I saw in the admin panel just how many users there actually are who visit each day. It’s a lot more than the activity would suggest.

Having read both @ClawdiaWolf’s and @Penguin’s notes on @Nether_Void he’s been a problem user pretty much from day one. it’s honestly a miracle they didn’t ban him quite literally years ago.

Hell, to be honest, I’m shocked Clawdia didn’t, because just from half of what I read she normally woud have given him a permanent ban well before before the incident that forced @Penguin to remove her as an admin for her health.

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Yeah, I agree 100%. I try to be innofensive (and that clearly wasn’t enough), however, I think it’s more due to my luck that I wasn’t banned, I was always a lucky person. Regardless of my favor by whatever cosmic machinery exists, clearly I wasn’t doing enough to coexist with this community in an acceptable manner for a long time. I’m happy to say that will change, and am grateful for the opportunity to begin this redemption arc, I won’t waste it.