I intend on continuing Agent DARK, ending the ungodly hiatus I put up.

I know that in general you dispprove of necro-bumping, but is it really? And considering how involved I just got in another story, The Magic of Freedom. I realized that it would be a colossal shame if I just let my stories go unfinished, even though I’m dedicated to the novels I plan on publishing and getting money from, I still need to break the habit of leaving everything unfinished.

As another note, I’m unsure as to the site’s policy on abandoned stories, I’m sorry for the hiatus, especially so since I promsied I wouldn’t leave it, but it will be ended, another chapter will come out before the end of this month. And that aside, amybe I can get even more fuel to inspire me by talking with you guys on this thread, I’ve started writing it in LibreOffice, and I already just broke into Page 3.

I swear to fucking god if I see this lie posted just one more time, just one more time…

In other words go ahead and do it

There is not now, nor has there ever been anything on this site against replying to old stories. This site ain’t every other site, what applies elsewhere does not necessarily apply here. Whether it be comments, thanks, or even a revival of one’s own neglected story, it’s all good. And that brings me to the next point.

The Abandoned category and #abandoned tag are not death sentences, it’s just for organization.

If your story has been tagged abandoned and/or been moved to the Abandoned category, you can certainly continue it with a new reply. Stories can be moved and tags can be changed.

Yep, and it even says that right in the About topic for that section. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’m kinda counting on this, since most of my unfinished stuff on this site hasn’t been updated in 3 years or more.

I apologize for my misconceptions, and any resultant frustrations. I don’t frequent this palce as much as I used to, and I’m truly sorry for any headaches and aneurisms I may have caused.

I mean, it’s not like I (and others) haven’t dragged people in the past for necrobumping, but that’s usually in response to “GuD sToReE m0aR pL0x!” type of posts on 8-year-old threads.

I just get really tired of people of saying that’s a policy when it’s not. Short version, if it’s not in the ToS, Guidelines, Privacy Policy, or heaven help us, the Policies section of the Knowledge base, it’s not a “policy” people should be saying we have. There a few policies that aren’t documented in those locations due to some re-org work, but that’s also why they’re not being enforced.

If a topic is open, it’s generally okay to respond to them with one small detail to be aware of. Discourse will warn you if you try to reply a topic that hasn’t had a response in 3 years or longer, and outside of the story forums, threads should close 5 years after their last reply in most cases.

There are some exceptions (#general:hello-i-am and #stories:story-requestsearch both close much sooner than that.

See here’s the thing if we don’t want something to be replied to, we have the tools to ensure that doesn’t happen, and we do use them.

Also, as an FYI, the only stories marked as abandoned are those the author’s specifically said they abandoned, ones where the author hasn’t signed into Discourse since the migration in June, 2020, or if the story has gone several years without updates.

Your story was tagged as #incomplete rather than #abandoned because it did not meet the requirements to be tagged as abandoned.

Just to add, the actual policy that used to be in effect (and technically still is, hence the warning messages) is that topics outside the story forums generally shouldn’t be bumped after a year, but definitely not after 3 years. :slight_smile: