I never did make one of these...

Hey all, what’s up?

Umm, some of you probably have seen me around the stories section of the forum, which I rarely stray from. I’ve been working on my flagship story, Operation: Lighthouse for over a year now, and it’s well into it’s third iteration. Those of you who have been so kind as to read it, I thank you. Those of you who haven’t, what are you waiting for?! :smiley: Bit of a shameless plug there.

As for who the man behind the avatar is (which I need to get, the one I used on xsorbit is too big apparently), well, there’s really not much to tell. I’m an aspiring writer and want to do it professionally someday (soon), so criticism is welcomed. I’m an aviation fanboy, especially military aviation but anything that can fly is okay by me. I enjoy shooting pistols (yes, in real life), video games, camping, driving my cars (1998 Ford Ranger and 1986 Jeep Cherokee), eating, going to the gym (because of all the eating, lol), and deep discussions. I like some anime, but I wouldn’t really say that I’m an otaku or anything since I’m pretty limited in what I like. My favorite animes are Full Metal Panic! and Sentou Yousei Yukikaze. I don’t watch TV anymore since Stargate SG1 ended, but I like Conan O’brien whenever I can catch him!

What else? Umm, I am a DL… obviously. I’m not an AB, but I try to respect what other people are into. I’m thinking of writing a story about a guy who meets an AB girl, but isn’t into the fetish/fandom himself. If i write it from his perspective, then I think I could pull off something original. I got into DLism because my high school sweetheart who dragged me in with her. I can honestly say that those times were some of my fondest memories (until she dumped me after like 3 years >_< ).

Oh, and my name is Luke. Nice to meet ya all!

Any questions? Feel free to ask anything. I’m kinda shy though, so try not to embarrass me :oops: