I really hate to ask this, but I could use some help due to a family emergency

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So the chat regulars will know some of this and due to time constraints this is very much a TL;DR version.

Awhile back my fiance adopted @ClawdiaWolf’s niece, who for some complex reasons @Penguin was actually fostering. Part of this was due to her mother and father being in prison for amongst other things, assaulting @Penguin (Like I said, complex how this all went down, and I will explain it later).

Anyway, her father is actually in the hospital dying of cancer that no one knew he had. He’s in his final hours and we’re on our way to see him (yeah, I hate him, she hates him, but she still wants to respect his reqyest to see her), and whie I have the gas money to get us there and back, I do not have enough to feed her, myself, and my fiance.

If ou can donate a few bucks to help cover a few meals for her I would greatly appreciate it. My Fiance and I can do without if necessary but Em really needs to eat 3 meals a day and none of what we had at the house would travel well.

If you can help at all I would be eternally grateful.

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