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Identity Crisis By: Dementia's Knight

Identity Crisis
By: Dementia’s Knight

Chapter 1: Lotsa Q’s, But Where’s The A’s?

The rain poured down, the thunder rumbled, and in a ditch by the side of the highway, a young woman awoke, the rain blurred her vision, further disorienting her, she slowly, and painfully worked herself into a sitting position. She sat in a daze, blood from a cut over her eye streaming down the side of her face, her torn clothes doing nothing to keep her warm, she sat for a long time, examining herself, her eye was sore, she figured she had a black eye, she had a cut over her other eye, her clothes were filthy from laying in the muddy ditch, she noticed that under her pants she was wearing a disposable diaper, and by feeling around it, she deduced that it was messy, her side was sore, and she feared she may have internal injuries. She wondered how she had wound up in the ditch, and how long she had been there, and most importantly, who she was. Shakily, she rose to her feet, and staggered toward the road.

One Week Earlier

She sat at the bus stop, tapping her foot to the beat of the music blaring on her headphones. She was beautiful, her chestnut hair tied back into a ponytail, her breasts just the right size for her just about 5’, and just over 100lb frame, at almost 25, she looked like she was still in high school, her youthful looks leading many people to misjudge her age. She shifted the satchel on her back for the fifth time that morning, and looked at her watch, “If the bus doesn’t get here soon, I’m gonna be late for my interview.” she thought to herself as she turned off her music, and put her CD player away. She sipped her coffee nervously, this was her first big interview since she had graduated from college, she was applying for a job at L&B Pharmaceuticals, and she was so scared, she had only had menial jobs before, but this was the big time, if she got a job with L&B, the sky was the limit. As the bus arrived at the stop, she examined her attire, she wore a nice navy blue business suit, and matching high heels, “very professional” she said, as she boarded the bus.

The bus stopped about a block from L&B Pharmaceuticals, and she walked the rest of the way, she went directly to her destination on the 8th floor, and after telling the receptionist who she was, sat in wait for her turn to be interviewed. Ten minutes passed, and she was called into the interviewing room, after exchanging greetings, the interview began, after looking at her file, the interviewer asked her several basic questions, and she answered them truthfully, and finally the man behind the table asked her, “Ms. Birch, why do you want to work here in our R&D lab?” she thought for a moment, and said, “I’ve always been interested in science, and testing things, and I want to help create things that will help my fellow man.” The man nodded, and shook her hand, thanking her for coming in, and telling her he’d be in touch. She smiled, and thanked him for the interview, and left, once she got out to the hall though, her smile faded, she rushed off into the bathroom, and made it in just before she burst into tears. “I blew it, he’s not going to hire me.” she fretted. After a few minutes, she had calmed down, she opened her satchel, and removed her normal clothes, a T-shirt, and jeans, she removed her business suit, and bra, she sighed with relief as her breasts were freed from their under wire prison, she pulled her panties down, and smiled as she looked at the yellow spot in the middle of the Maxi pad she had put there, she had let out a bit of urine during the interview to help release the pressure that was in her bladder, she hoped the man hadn’t noticed, then she worried that that was why he wasn’t going to hire her, she almost started crying again, but fought back her tears, she emptied her bladder into the toilet, and replaced the pad with a new one, and pulled her panties back up. She finished dressing, and left for home. When she finally got in the door of her apartment, nearly two hours later, she had an intense need to use the restroom again, and not just to pee, she ran to her room, and was stopped by her roommate, “Hey Sarah,” her roommate said cheerfully, Sarah turned, and smiled, “Hi Em, be right with you.” Sarah ran off to the restroom, and made it to the toilet, just as her bladder was releasing, she quickly sat on the toilet and finished her business, as she sat there, she looked at her panties, there was a bit of a yellow spot on the pad, and much to her dismay, there was also a bit of poo in her underpants, she put it into the toilet, and cleaned up a bit, and washed her hands and went back out to talk with Emily, her roommate. “A guy from L&B called for you, said his name was Tom Harrison.” Sarah gasped, “What’d he want?” she asked eagerly, Emily shrugged, “Dunno, but he said something about you start on Monday at 8.” she almost didn’t finish her sentence before she smiled at Sarah and congratulated her. Sarah jumped up and down, and screamed happily, after she calmed down, the two changed, and went out for celebration drinks, Sarah was so happy about her good news, that she both forgot to use the restroom before they left, and didn’t put a pad in her underwear.

Chapter 2: Odd Behavior

Sarah and Emily arrived at a local club shortly after they left the apartment, and they began to dance, first with each other, and then they hooked up with guys, after an hour or so on the dance floor, the two women ended up at the bar, they chatted with each other, mainly about guys, when suddenly Sarah had an urgent need to pee, she excused herself, and ran off to the restrooms, Emily followed, concerned by her friends sudden need to go to the restroom, she feared she might be sick. Sarah grimaced when she saw the large line at the restrooms. After a few minutes in line, she began to hop back and forth with her legs crossed, but to no avail, she began to sob as she saw the dark spot spreading across her crotch, down her legs, and shut her eyes when she saw the urine pooling at her feet, she dropped to her knees, and cried uncontrollably. Some of the other women in the line pitied her, others laughed at her, Emily gave those women glares, and crouched to talk to her friend, “Come on Sar, let’s get you home.” she said as she helped Sarah to her feet, and walked with her out of the club. When the two girls arrived home, Emily helped Sarah to her room, and told her she should take a shower, and then get to bed, “You probably just have a flu bug or something.” she said reassuring her friend, Sarah thanked her, and went to clean up. After her shower, Sarah immediately climbed into bed, and fell into a deep sleep.

She swung happily on the swings, giggling happily as her mother pushed her higher and higher, then she stopped laughing, and dug her feet into the sand, stopping her swinging, she then ran off to the restrooms, when she got there, she looked at the potty, it was so big, she would never be able to get up on it by herself, she’d need mommy’s help, but mommy wasn’t there, she started doing the potty dance, and then sat down on the bathroom floor, crying, as she wet her pants, her thumb soon found it’s way into her mouth, and she began to rock on her butt, wondering where her mommy was.

Emily was awakened by Sarah’s cries, and she went into her room to check on her, she found her still asleep, sucking her thumb and sobbing, she noticed that the bed was very wet as well, Emily woke Sarah up, and consoled her as she cried in her arms. After she had calmed down, Sarah took another shower, and went back to a dreamless sleep.

Sarah awoke to a dry bed, she beamed to herself proudly, and she got the urge to run and tell Emily the good news, but she fought it, instead, she padded out to the living room, and sat on the couch, turning on the TV, she surfed for a few minutes, finding nothing on, she pushed play on the VCR remote, hoping there would be something good on the tape in there, it turned out the tape was of cartoons, she watched happily as a cartoon cat and mouse did battle on the screen, she giggled at their antics, and watched intently, eager to see what would happen next. Emily awoke to laughter in the living room, she went out, and saw Sarah laughing at a cartoon on TV, she noticed that there was a large wet spot on Sarah’s PJ’s, and she imagined there was probably a similar spot on the couch. “Sarah, hon, are you ok?” Emily asked, walking over to the couch, “Yes, why?” she said, not taking her eyes off of the TV, “cuz it looks like you pissed yourself again, and you don’t seem to care.” This got Sarah’s attention, and she looked at her PJ’s, and began to cry, “What’s wrong with me?” she asked, Emily calmed her friend once again, and helped her to her room, she carefully undressed her sobbing roommate, and helped her into the bathroom, where the tub was filling with warm water, once Sarah was in the tub, Emily left her, and when Sarah emerged from the tub a while later, she helped her get dressed, and get back into bed.

Sarah woke up a few hours later, she was relieved to find her bed dry, she left her room, and went to Emily’s, finding her room empty, she went to the kitchen, there was a note from Emily reading, “Sar, went to the store for some stuff, BBL, I’ll bring dinner, Love, Em.” Sarah went to the couch, she found more cartoons, and watched them happily, running to the bathroom in the middle, and getting to the toilet just in time to empty her bladder, avoiding another accident, she felt extreme pride in herself, like she had accomplished a major task, she pushed the feeling away, and ran back to her cartoons. Emily arrived home a little while later, she put the groceries on the kitchen counter, and walked to the living room, where she found Sarah sitting on the floor Indian style, watching cartoons again, she told her she had pizza, and Sarah ran to the kitchen, she grabbed two slices of pizza, and returned to the cartoons. Emily sat on the couch reading her book while she ate, and was soon interrupted by a loud fart coming from Sarah, “Scuse you.” Emily said, after two or three more, she put her book down, and looked at Sarah, “You ok?” Sarah turned around, and Emily couldn’t help but laugh, Sarah had pizza sauce on the corners of her mouth, and on her chin, and some on her shirt, “I think maybe you should wear a bib next time Sar.” Sarah just smiled at her, and turned back to her cartoons, a few minutes later, Emily’s reading was disturbed by a loud, wet, bubbly fart, when she put her book down, she saw that Sarah was sitting funny, she watched intently, as the back of Sarah’s PJ’s began to expand, she heard Sarah grunting, and a few more farts escaped her, before she had finished pooping herself, Emily sat in disbelief, as Sarah sat back down, mushing her mess into her butt and pants, and resumed watching her cartoons.

Chapter 3A: Day 1

“Did you just shit yourself?” Emily asked in disbelief. Sarah turned, and nodded, tears forming in her eyes, “On purpose?” Emily continued, Sarah shook her head and said, “I couldn’t help it.” and started bawling. Emily walked over to her roommate, and helped the soiled girl to her feet, Emily noticed a puddle of pee where Sarah had been sitting, “Let’s get you cleaned up hon.” she said as she helped Sarah to the bathroom, “Wait here for a minute,” Emily said, as she left, Sarah silenced her sobs by thrusting her thumb into her mouth, she shivered as her urine soaked pajamas began to cool. Emily returned with one of the shopping bags in her hands, she set it down, and turned to Sarah. “Let’s get you cleaned up and changed.” she lifted Sarah’s shirt off, and had her step into the tub, as she pulled Sarah’s PJ’s down, she marveled at how young Sarah looked, standing there with her thumb firmly planted in her mouth, sucking away absently. Emily kept most of Sarah’s mess inside of her underwear, once Sarah was stripped down, Emily turned on the shower, she directed the water to Sarah’s soiled bottom, she finished cleaning her friend with a washcloth and some soap, and turned off the water, she helped Sarah from the tub, and wrapped her in a towel. Sarah continued sucking her thumb as Emily lay her down on the floor of the bathroom, Emily reached into the bag she had brought in, and produced a container of baby powder, and a package of disposable diapers, she opened the package, and unfolded a diaper, she placed it under Sarah’s butt, and began to powder her diaper area, she finished the job by pulling the diaper up between Sarah’s legs, and taping into place, she then helped Sarah up and into bed, she kissed Sarah on the forehead and placed a pink pacifier in the girl’s mouth before leaving her.


Sarah’s eyes fluttered open as her alarm went off, she sat up groggily, and turned it off, she pulled the covers away from her body, and gasped, she touched the foreign object between her legs to make sure it was real. Hearing Sarah’s scream, Emily came running into the room, “What’s wrong?” she asked, Sarah looked up angrily, “What the fuck is this thing doing on me?!” she screamed as she stood up and ripped the diaper from her body, Emily stared at her, and finally answered, “You don’t remember? You pissed yourself several times yesterday, and shit yourself, I put that on you to help you.” Sarah stared blankly at her, “You’re lying, I would remember that happening.” she said as she stormed into the bathroom, Emily bit her lower lip, as a tear escaped her eye, and ran down her cheek, soon she was crying outright. Sarah emerged from the restroom, dressed for work, she looked at Emily, and, completely ignoring the fact that she was crying said, “I have to go to work now, we’ll talk about this when I get home.” she grabbed her purse, and stormed out the door. Emily smiled, and dried her eyes “Somehow I don’t think so my dear.”

Chapter 3B: Day 1, Part 2

Sarah fumed on the bus ride to work, she couldn’t believe the nerve of Emily, “Who does she think she is, putting me in diapers, and then lying about why she did it.” she thought, but then she realized something, “I don’t remember anything about yesterday.” she thought, she tried and tried, but all she recalled about the previous day was waking up, and then the next memory she had was waking up in the diaper. Sarah exited the bus at her stop, and walked the rest of the way to work, when she got to the R&D department, she was told to see Mr. Harrison in his office, she went, and after a short wait she was welcomed in. “Good morning Sarah, how are you today?” Mr. Harrison said very cheerfully, “I’m fine sir, thank you for asking.” Sarah said, she was very shy around Mr. Harrison, he was such a good looking man, in her opinion anyway. “Sarah, I’m going to put you on a new product we’re researching,” he fished around his desk drawer for a moment, and produced a vial of green liquid, “this is a new sleep-aid we’re testing, I’d like you to test it here during the day on the animal subjects, and then test it at home for yourself.” Sarah looked at the vial, “You want me to test the drug on myself? Isn’t that unsafe?” she asked, Mr. Harrison chuckled, “We’ve already proven that it’s safe for humans to use, but I like for my staff to try the things we’re testing here, so that they have better knowledge of what they’re working with.” Sarah thought that sounded reasonable enough, and took the vial and put it in her purse, after bidding Mr. Harrison goodbye, she made her way to the labs.

Emily took painstaking care with the tape inside the video cassette, it had taken her almost two hours, but she had successfully embedded the subliminal messages she had wanted to into Sarah’s favorite movie, “Empire Records”, Emily put the tape back in it’s case, and back on the shelf where it belonged, she sat on the couch, and sipped her soda, thinking about how well her plan was progressing, she chuckled, “It’s going to be getting interesting soon.” she said, as she took a final sip of her drink, and made her way to her bedroom.

Sarah sat at her work station, watching, and documenting the way the rats reacted to the sleep drug, she was very bored, she had already named all of the rats, and filled in all the gaps in the letters on her research sheets, she sighed, and pulled her headphones on, as her music played, she felt soothed by it, her eyes felt heavy, she lay her head on the counter, and soon was fast asleep. “Sarah, Sarah, wake up.” she heard a voice say, it sounded so far away, she felt her body being shaken, and she opened her eyes, her head shot up when she saw Mr. Harrison, “I-I-I’m sorry I fell asleep sir, it won’t happen again.” she stammered, wiping the drool from her mouth. “Sarah are you ok?” he asked, placing his arm around her shoulder. “Yes sir, I just got very sleepy, I guess boredom got the best of me, but I’ll get some coffee, and wake myself up.” she felt tears welling up in her eyes, “Please don’t fire me sir, I promise it won’t happen again.” Mr. Harris stared at her, “Sarah, it’s ok, I’m not mad about you falling asleep, I was just concerned, it appears that you’ve had an accident.” Sarah looked at him dumbfounded, then followed his gaze, and nearly screamed, when she saw a large wet spot on the front of her pants. Sarah stood quickly, and backed away from her station, as if trying escape her wet pants, as she was backing up, she felt something else, a thick, warm, sticky mass in the back of her pants, she went pale, and her last thought before she passed out, was “Oh my god, maybe Emily was telling the truth.”

Sarah slowly awoke, and saw that she was back at home, “Thank god,” she thought, “it was only a dream.” She sat up, and nearly fainted again, when she saw the yellowed garment around her midsection, she flopped back onto the bed, and began to cry, “What the hell is going on?” she asked herself. Sarah tried to cover herself up as Emily entered the room, “Good, you’re awake,” she said cheerfully, “Aww, what’s wrong, are you wet?” Emily asked in a syrupy sweet voice, seeing that Sarah was crying. Sarah blushed furiously, and nodded, hiding her face. Emily walked over to Sarah, and hugged her, “It’s ok, we can fix that.” she said, untaping, and removing Sarah’s diaper, all Sarah could do was sob in shame, as she was wiped, powdered, and re-diapered. The last conscious thought that Sarah had, was Emily walking away, and saying something about “being safe.” and then she called her “baby”, and then Sarah blacked out.

Chapter 4: Sinister Actions


Emily roused Sarah, and smiled widely at her as she sucked on her pacifier. “Good morning Sarah, it’s time to get you ready for work” Emily placed special emphasis on the word “work”, and marveled at how Sarah’s demeanor changed instantly, she went from sucking on her pacifier, with a sweet innocent look in her eyes, to a very alert look, ready for anything. Sarah sat up, Emily removed the pacifier from her mouth, and Sarah stared at it quizzically before asking, “Why did I have a pacifier in my mouth?” Emily hugged her tightly, “You were whining in your sleep about wanting your “binky”, so, I went to the store, and got you one.” Sarah was about to ask a follow-up question, when Emily interrupted, “You better go get ready for work, you’ll be late.” Sarah looked at the clock, and shot into the bathroom, she got a disgusted look, as she saw the diaper around her waist, she quickly untaped it, and let it fall to the floor with a “plop”, she stared at it, laying there, yellowed with her urine, she blushed with shame, and entered the shower.

Emily went into the bathroom after the shower started, she picked up Sarah’s used diaper, and threw it in a pail by the toilet, she put a towel on the edge of the sink for Sarah, and left. Emily took the liberty of putting two diapers in Sarah’s purse, and with a giggle dropped the girl’s pacifier in as well. Once she had finished stocking Sarah’s purse, she took the old CD out of Sarah’s walkman, and replaced it with the same CD, the only difference being the post hypnotic suggestion embedded in the music on the new CD. Emily’s final task was spiking Sarah’s water bottle with several drops of the “sleep agent” she had been given from her boss to test out, Emily chuckled as she screwed the lid back on, “Poor Sarah, if you only knew what the drug was really for.” she said, and ran to the couch as she heard the water being shut off in the other room.

Sarah felt immensely better, she left the bathroom, towel wrapped around her, and set to her task of getting ready for work, she dried off, put her clothes and make-up on, and did her hair, when she entered the living room, she smiled at Emily, and went to gather her things. “I put two diapers in your bag, just in case, oh, and your binky is in there too, in case you decide to take another nap.” Emily said, with a smile. Sarah turned, and glared at her, taking the diapers and pacifier from her purse, and throwing them on the floor, Sarah grabbed her water bottle, and CD player, and stormed out the door. Emily calmly walked over, and picked up the items, “You’ll wish you’d taken them baby, I guarantee that.” she said, as she went to work, further “setting up” the house.

Sarah rode the bus, listening to her CD, and practically gulping down her water, the bus was always so hot, she thought, then her mind returned to her original thoughts, “What the hell is going on with Emily, she’s acting like such a bitch, I should just move out.” Sarah felt scared at this thought, a voice in her mind began asking questions like, “But if I move out, who will take care of me, and change my diapers?” Sarah tried to argue with the childlike voice, “I don’t need diapers.” she told the voice, “Oh really?” the voice replied, “then why are you sitting in wet pants?” Sarah snapped to reality, and looked down at her pants, she sighed, as she saw that her pants were dry, but she did see a small spot on her crotch, she marveled as the spot seemed to get bigger, and then she realized that she was peeing her pants, she began to wail like an infant, and she kept saying “I wet my pants!”. Other passengers on the bus stared at her, and looked away from her, as she began sucking her thumb.

Sarah stepped off the bus at her stop, and trudged to work in wet pants, she cried, as passersby stared, and laughed at her, it was no different when she got to work, everyone that saw her laughed, and made snide comments under their breath. Sarah reached her floor, and stepped off the elevator, and bumped right into Mr. Harrison, she became flustered, and blushed as she noticed him staring at her wet pants. “Sarah, good morning, I see someone has had a bit of an accident.” he said, as if talking to a child, Sarah just hung her head, Mr. Harrison took her by the hand, and led her to his office. “Now Sarah, we can’t keep having you having accidents, I think you should wear some protection, your roommate dropped some diapers, and a change of clothes of yesterday, when she came to pick you up.” Sarah nearly threw a fit, she couldn’t believe that Mommy would do that to her, Sarah paused, “Did I just think of Emily as Mommy?” Sarah’s thoughts were interrupted as a diaper and a pair of pants were thrust into her face. Sarah blushed, and informed Mr. Harrison she didn’t know how to put the diaper on. Mr. Harrison all to eagerly helped Sarah down to the floor, and removed her soaked garments, and wiped and powdered her, and taped her diaper snugly into place, he put her pants on her, and helped her up. “Now, you come see me if you need a change, but try and come get me if you need to use the potty ok?” Sarah nodded, “Ok Da-, Mr. Harrison.” she waddled away blushing, she had almost referred to her boss as “daddy”, what was wrong with her. Mr. Harrison smiled as he watched Sarah’s diapered butt leave his office, he picked up the phone, and dialed, and when the woman on the other end answered, he simply said “It won’t be long now sweetie.” and hung up.

To Be Continued…

Chapter 5: Entangled In A Web Of Deceit

Sarah waddled to her research station, and sat down in her chair, she shuddered as she realized how thick her diaper was, it made her sit a good inch or so higher than usual. Sarah’s day passed uneventfully, until lunchtime, when Mr. Harrison approached her, “Hey Sarah, how’d you like to grab lunch with me?” Sarah suddenly became flustered, she giggled nervously, and accepted his offer, as the two entered the elevator, Sarah felt a strong, sudden need to move her bowels, she squatted down in the middle of the elevator, and began to push, Mr. Harrison watched in awe, “She’s progressing much faster than any of the others did.” he thought to himself, his thoughts were suddenly invaded by a loud, wet, bubbly fart emanating from his young employees diapered backside, he smiled, as Sarah began to giggle at the sound she had just created. Sarah grunted, and farted, and soon a large semi-solid mass of excrement made it’s way into the seat of her diaper, after she was done pooping, her bladder cut loose, and the young girl smiled as the warmth of her urine spread across her diapered crotch. “All done!” Sarah proclaimed proudly, as she plopped down on her butt on the floor of the elevator, spreading the mess in her seat all around, as she triumphantly began sucking her thumb. Mr. Harrison bent down, and picked Sarah up off the floor, “Let’s go see mommy, ok little one?” Mr. Harrison said to Sarah as if she were an infant, once the elevator reached the 1st floor, the two disembarked, and left the building.

Emily nearly leapt with glee as she spied Tom and Sarah standing on the other side of the door, she opened it, and planted a kiss on Sarah’s forehead, and waited for Tom to put her down, before she herself leapt into his arms, and hugged him tightly, and kissed him deeply and passionately, they broke their embrace, and she left his arms, and the two entered the apartment. “Well, it looks like our little girl is progressing nicely.” Emily said, as she watched Sarah crawl around the room, taking note of the strong odor of feces that was slowly filling the room. “I don’t know sweetie, I think she might be moving too quickly, she’s already messing herself purposely, when she gets the slightest urge to. I think we should consider slowing things down a bit, or else people may begin to grow suspicious.” Emily smiled at him, she hugged him, and then gave him a soft kiss on the cheek, “You are the brains of this operation sweetie, if you say we should slow down, then I agree,” she looked at Sarah, and then back at Tom, “let’s put the baby down for a nap, and have her listen to one of the reversal tapes we have, and then you and I can,” she put her hand down to his crotch, and felt his penis get harder by the second, “be naughty.” she smiled widely at him. Tom quickly produced a syringe from his inside coat pocket, he made his way over to Sarah, he injected the young girl in the arm, and gave her a pacifier to stop her infantile wails, within minutes, the sleep agent he’d given her brought her down, and once a pair of headphones was placed over her ears, and the tape it was connected to turned on, he swept Emily into his arms, and they made their way into the bedroom.

Stan Madison thumbed through the pictures on his desk, he sighed, for the past six months he’d been working this case, six girls gone missing after experiencing “mental breakdowns”, he was considering giving up, when he’d seen a young girl seemingly wet herself on purpose on the bus that morning, he’d tailed her to L&B Pharmaceuticals, he didn’t follow her into the building, but instead found a bench outside, and waited, a few hours later, the same girl was being carried out of the building by a tall man, he estimated to be in his mid thirties or so, Stan wrote down the license plate number of the car that picked them up, the check he did on the plates turned up that the car was registered to a Tom Harrison, it was when Stan did a background check on Mr. Harrison, that he got a huge break in his case, Tom Harrison, had been dead for five years. Stan took a drink of his scotch, and smiled, “You’re going down you son of a bitch.”

To Be Continued…

Identity Crisis
By: Dementia’s Knight

Chapter 6: Nothing’s What It Seems


Sarah’s alarm blared in her ear, and she sat up in bed groggily, she felt an odd feeling in her pants, she pulled back her sheets, and was horrified to see a overly wet and messy diaper around her waist. Sarah’s lower lip began to quiver, and soon she was bawling her eyes out, Emily entered the room, and sat on the bed next to Sarah, “Do you need a diaper change little girl?” she said, putting a hand to Sarah’s diapered crotch, Sarah glared up at her, “I’m not your baby you fucking bitch!” Sarah yelled, slapping Emily across the face, and running into the bathroom, and locking the door. Emily was stunned, Sarah should have still been under the effects of the post hypnotic suggestion, she should have wanted Emily to change her diaper, the more she thought about it, the angrier she got, she stood up, and went to the bathroom door, “Oh baby?” Emily said in a sing song voice, “Yes mama?” a sweet innocent voice on the other side of the door asked, “Open the door for mommy sweetie.” Emily asked, and smiled as the door slowly opened, Sarah was smiling widely at her, a thin coat of drool was running down her chin, Emily smiled back at her, and grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her from the bathroom, and pushed her onto the bed violently, Sarah began bawling, and was rewarded with a slap across the face, and a pacifier being jammed into her mouth, “Shut the fuck up you little cunt!”, Emily quickly ripped Sarah’s diaper off, and cleaned her diaper area of the sticky poop covering it, when she had cleaned the girl’s bottom, she pulled her over her knee, and grabbed Sarah’s hairbrush off the nightstand, and began to paddle Sarah’s creamy white cheeks, Sarah kicked and screamed, as her ass was pelted by a barrage of swats, after about fifty, Emily stopped, and brought Emily off her knee, and laid her back on the bed, she quickly diapered her, and dressed her for work, “Now go to work Sarah.” she said, leaving the room. Sarah immediately stopped crying, and looked around quizzically, “How did I get dressed, and why does my ass hurt?”

Sarah sat near the back of the bus on her way to work, she was thinking about how weird things had become recently, she was thinking about all the recent accidents she’d had, and sighed, as she squeezed her thighs together, and felt the bulk that lay between them, it was as she was doing this, that she happened to look up, and see a middle aged man sitting a few seats down from her, on the opposite side of the bus staring at her, he had black hair, and piercing blue eyes, their eyes met, and he quickly looked away from her, “pervert” she thought to herself, when the bus reached her stop, she exited, and began walking toward work, she stopped at a newsstand to get a paper, as she was waiting for her change from her purchase, she looked over to her right, and saw the dark haired man from the bus getting a hotdog from a vendor down the street a ways from where she was, she got her change, and quickly walked away, she hesitantly looked over her shoulder a few minutes later, and saw the man from the bus walking a few yards from her, as she came to her work, she looked around one last time, and didn’t see the man, she sighed in relief, and entered her work.
Stan watched Sarah enter her workplace, he got on his walkie-talkie, and berated his assistant, “You were following her too closely Craig, she saw you, the whole point of tailing her, is to observe her acting normally, if she’s scared that some psycho fuck is following her, she’s not gonna act normally.” Stan put the walkie-talkie down, and started his car, and drove back to his office, Craig cursed Stan, and the got on the walkie-talkie, “Yeah boss, sorry about that.” Craig didn’t really care what Stan said, after all, he wasn’t following Sarah because Stan wanted him to, he was following Sarah because his “real” boss wanted him to. Craig pulled out his cell phone, and placed a call, when the voice on the other end answered, Craig said, “She’s at the office right now, and Stan doesn’t suspect a thing.” he listened to the voice for a moment, and then smiled, “Yes ma’am, I understand, if he starts to figure out what’s going on, I’ll take him out.” with that, he hung up, and walked back to the bus stop.

Sarah sat at her terminal, she was reading the test results on the sleep aid she was researching, she was getting very tired looking at all the pages of data before her, “I need some coffee.” she said to herself, leaving her terminal for coffee room, as she neared the room, she heard a shuffling noise down the hall, she slowed her pace, thoughts of the man from the bus waiting for her in some dark corner raced through her head, she reached the door to the coffee room, and entered it, it was dark, she rubbed her hand over the wall, looking for the light switch, when she heard some breathing from the other side of the room, she began shaking with fear, and absently wet and messed her diaper, she found the light switch, and as the room brightened, she saw a woman sitting in the corner, Sarah was relieved that it wasn’t the man from the bus, “Hello.” Sarah said to the girl, the girl looked up at Sarah, and smiled, “Sarah?” the girl asked, Sarah was stricken, “H-how do you know my name?” she asked, the girl stood up, and lifted her skirt, revealing a sagging yellowed diaper, “I know more about you than you think.”

To be continued…

Chapter 7: Lies And Distrust

Sarah stared at the girl’s soiled diaper, “What do you mean?” Sarah asked, the girl walked toward Sarah, “Not here,” she said, “meet me at this address at 8 tonight, come alone, and make sure you aren’t followed, I’ll tell you everything I know, I want to help you Sarah, see you later.” the girl left the room, and Sarah stood silent for a few moments, she flipped the card the girl gave her over, and read the address, Sarah recognized it as a warehouse on the docks, Sarah got her coffee, and went back to her terminal, she spent the rest of the day thinking, “I wonder what this girl has to tell me.” As Sarah was getting ready to leave, she was called into Mr. Harrison’s office, “You wanted to see me Mr. Harrison?” she asked, entering his office, “Yes Sarah, come on in.” Sarah sat in the chair across from his desk. “Sarah, I understand you were visited by a young woman this afternoon.” he said to her, Sarah looked at him, “how did you know sir?” she asked suspiciously, “That’s not important baby.” he said with a smile. Sarah’s demeanor changed immediately, she had an innocent look about her, and she gurgled happily. Mr. Harrison walked over to Sarah, and searched her pockets, he found the card in her pocket, and read the information on the back, he picked up his phone, and dialed a number, he gave the person on the other end of the line the address and time, and said, “Make sure that Sarah sees it happen.” he hung up, and turned back to Sarah, he put the card back in her pocket, and said “Back to work sweetie.” Sarah returned to her adult mindset, and after exchanging goodnights, Sarah left Mr. Harrison’s office, although she didn’t remember anything happening in his office.

As she rode the bus to the docks, she squirmed, she wished that she had had time to change her diaper before going to the meeting, the sticky mushy poop in the seat of her diaper was very uncomfortable, she knew she was going to have a rash, and she blushed with shame, as other passengers on the bus stared at her, and scrunched their noses at the smell. After what seemed like an eternity, the bus stopped at the docks, Sarah was the only one to get off, she made her way to the warehouse district, keeping an eye out for any followers, she reached the meeting place, and entered the building. The warehouse was dimly lit, and stank of fish, and stale air, Sarah walked to the center of the building, she looked around, she had a bad feeling about this place, she started having second thoughts, and turned to leave. “Leaving so soon Sarah?” the woman from earlier said, her voice echoing from somewhere in the large warehouse, “Where are you?” Sarah asked, her voice shaking, from out of the shadows, the woman emerged, “I’m glad you came, my name is Rianne Dawson, and I was the first.” Sarah stared at the woman, “The first what?” Sarah asked, Rianne smiled at her, “The first of their victims.” she said, walking towards Sarah, Sarah backed up warily, “Whose victims, what are you talking about?” Rianne giggled, “I don’t know what names their going by now, but when I knew them, they were Dr. and Mrs. Masterson,” a gunshot rang out from somewhere in the warehouse, Sarah gasped, she screamed as blood splattered onto her face, Rianne spun around from the impact of the shot, she tumbled to the ground, Sarah rushed to her side, “Rianne!” she screamed. Rianne breathed in raspy gasps, the hole in her chest bubbling with each breath, slowly she let out her last words to Sarah, “You must find the files, somewhere in his computer, once you find them, you’ll know everything.” another shot rang out, and Rianne’s face exploded as the bullet flew through it. Sarah went pale, and she passed out.

Craig came down from the scaffold he was hiding on, he went over to Sarah, and picked her up, her carried her out back, and put her in his van, he drove her to her home, where Emily was waiting outside, she approached the back of the van, and Craig came around to stand next to her. “Everything taken care of?” Emily asked, Craig turned and faced her, they looked each other in the eyes, and embraced in a deep, long, passionate kiss, “Yeah, that little bitch is dead, she managed to tell Sarah about the files on Tom’s computer though, and she told her about “Dr. and Mrs. Masterson”.” Emily chuckled, “Well, that information won’t do little Sarah here any good, by the end of this week the process will be complete, and we’ll have nothing to worry about.” Craig smiled at her, “What about Tom, how are we going to dispose of him?” Emily kissed Craig, “You let me worry about Tom, that poor bastard actually thinks I love him, I almost feel bad about having to kill him.”

Tom gripped his steering wheel tightly, and clenched his teeth, he watched from afar as Emily and Craig made out on the street, “You fucking whore, I’ll get you for this.” he hissed, as he started his car, and sped off to his office.

To Be Continued….

This was all I could find on the Network 54 forum. I honestly don’t think I ever finished it. If I remember correctly I had painted myself into a corner with the time frame of the events and to make it work out would have been too much effort for my seventeen year old brain to put out. All that aside, I’m not sure why it was requested but here it is. I hope it holds up! SPOILER ALERT It probably won’t. :stuck_out_tongue: