In An Opposite World

Hello all, I used to lurk on the old forums, I didn’t have an account but I have read many stories there over the years. Anyway, I woke up this morning and I had a stroke… of inspiration! Yes, I had an idea right as I got out of bed. This idea set my mind ablaze with interesting situations and I decided to just write the beginning of a story with what I had. I know the protagonist is a bit dry right now, but I do plan on fleshing him out more in following chapters. But for now, I’d like you all to explore a world that is opposite to our own.


Chapter 1:

Eighteen-year-old Nicholas Hamm stood alone in his room with a small plastic package in his hands. He looked at himself in his full-body mirror, his pale slender frame was naked save for his plain white undergarment. His cheeks were as red as a tomato. The only sound in the room was his heart racing in his chest. He had fantasized about this moment for so long, but now he was shaking with anticipation. He turned the package over in his hands, he read the instructions and advertising propaganda over and over again. Until finally, he took a deep breath and opened the package. He reached in and pulled out the object of his obsession. His hand felt the smooth soft fabric as he pulled the item out of the plastic sleeve. He tossed the package onto the mattress of his crib and examined his prize. Dangling from his hands, was a pair of tighty-whities.

Nick was a TA/UL, or a Teen Adult/Underwear Lover. As far back as he could remember, he wanted to wear underwear instead of diapers. For years, he thought he was just a weirdo and he banished the thoughts to the back of his mind. But recently, he stumbled across a couple forums for people who were like him. AUCSC. org, BiweeklyBriefs. com, DBZinUndies. com,, and many more. Nick had thought he was alone for all this time, but he was surprised to find people with his same particular interest. The forums talked about how good it felt to wear underwear instead of diapers and how satisfying it was to use this weird thing called a “toilet”. After endless hours of lurking on the forums, Nick caved in and went to the store to pick up his very own pair of briefs. He felt weird when buying them, he felt like everybody was looking at him and mentally shaming him for his decision. But his curiosity pulled him onward.

Now, it was time for Nick to see what all the hype was about. SKRTCH he undid one tape of his stark white diaper. The rest of the tapes followed and the dry padding fell to the ground between Nick’s feet. He nudged it aside with his foot and stepped into his new underwear. With both feet threaded through the holes, he began pulling it up his skinny legs, feeling the fabric brush against his skin before it finally settled on his waist, snapping shut when Nick let go of the waistband. Nick stared into the mirror, it felt like this was all just some crazy dream that he’d wake up from at any second. And yet, he didn’t. He stood in his new underwear and started realizing why his forum friends liked it so much.

The thinner material allowed him to close his legs without any issue, he felt more flexible, more free. Examining himself in his mirror, the tighty-whities hugged his skin firmly and he noticed the bulge his (ahem) privates created. The tighty-whities felt soft, safe, and secure to Nick. But suddenly, he felt a familiar feeling.

“Oh no.” Nick gasped as he realized what was about to happen. The familiar tingling sensation in his lower regions could only mean one thing and he had to act fast. He pulled the tighty-whities off himself and opened his diaper before quickly sitting down on the middle of it. “Come on, come on, come on!” he said to himself as he lied back and pulled the front of the diaper over himself and re-stuck the tapes. The tape-job was sloppy and the diaper was a bit loose, but he didn’t have time to fix it. Just as the last tape came into place, the inevitable happened.


Nick heard the sound of his bladder evacuating itself into his padding. The white coloration turned a pale yellow as it began to bulge from absorbing Nick’s urine. Nick grimaced at the feeling. He didn’t mind a clean diaper, but the second he had to use it, he wanted to get changed as soon as possible. Eventually, the flow of urine stopped and the diaper expertly absorbed every last drop without a single leak. As he moved, the heavy diaper swayed around like a wrecking ball. Nick picked up his pair of tighty-whities and smiled, he knew he liked them and he was most certainly going to indulge again later. After he cleaned himself up of course.

He placed the package of undies and the tighty-whities in one of his unused dresser drawers. Nick then picked up his clothes and started to put them on, he knew his parents would ask questions if he just walked to the bathroom buck naked save for his sagging diaper. He slid his plain baby blue onesie on over his head and threaded his arms through the holes before snapping the buttons on the bottom shut. Nick grimaced again, the onesie fixed the sagging issue, sure, but now the urine-soaked diaper was pressing up againt his skin. He then stepped into his shortalls and pulled them up over his onesie before snapping the straps in place. The shortalls were just plain denim aside from a small plane on the front. He wanted plain denim, but his mom insisted that the plane was cute. He looked himself over in the mirror, making sure he looked presentable before opening his bedroom door and heading to the bathroom.

“Oh, hey bud!” Nick’s dad practically scared the crap out of him. “I was just about to knock, dinner’s ready.” the middle aged man stood in front of Nick’s doorway in just a dinosaur-printed onesie with a very thick diaper outlined around his midsection.

“Oh, yeah, thanks.” Nick said awkwardly, trying to calm himself down. “Lemme just get changed real quick and I’ll be right there.”

“Bah!” Nick’s dad swatted his son’s rear end and felt it. “You’re not even messy yet, you’ll be fine!” He said playfully. Nick blushed in embarrassment. “But I guess you’re a big kid now, so you can make your own choices.” he backpedaled to ease his son’s embarrassment. “Make sure to wash your hands!” he said in a fatherly tone before waddling down the hall to the dining room. Nick exhaled before closing his door and entering the bathroom.

Although small, the bathroom was functional, a bathtub, a sink, a shower head, a fully stocked changing station, all the normal stuff. Nick undressed at the changing station, leaving himself in just his loose wet diaper. He undid his sloppy tapes and let the padding hit the floor with a plop. He wiped himself down and deposited the wipes into his padded undergarment before balling it up and throwing it into the Jumbo Genie. He took out a fresh diaper from the pack and hesitated. Part of him didn’t want to put on another diaper, part of him wanted to wear his tighty-whities forever, but he knew he had to wear his diapers and be normal. He taped himself up, put his clothes back on, washed his hands and exited the bathroom.

Criticism is always appreciated, I know this is a little rough around the edges but I just wanted to get it written down and posted for now.

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I did copy and paste it over from a WordPad document, I didn’t see that it’d look like this after being accepted by the admins. I’ll set about fixing it now and I’ll be working on the next chapter immediately.

Chapter 2:

Nick exited the bathroom, his bare soles moved from the cold tile onto a soft, warm, plush carpet. He made his way toward the dining room, casually observing the pictures hanging on the wall as he passed them. He’d seen them a billion times, and was familiar with the stories behind each one.

There was the family picture of course. Then there was the time Nick fell into the lake during a fishing trip when he was eight. The trip to Disneyworld, despite being sixteen at the time, Nick still loved the magic of the park. Fond family memories hung upon the wall, with many more to come. Nick smiled as he entered the wood-floored dining room.

Nick had always thought that the polka-dot wallpaper was a bit of an eyesore, but his mom insisted that it was absolutely adorable. The rest of his family waited patiently for Nick to take his seat. His mother, who had prepared the meal, sat on one side of the table. Her blonde hair was done up in pigtails while a fluffy purple sleeper adorned with robots hugged her frame. Sitting across from her was her husband, a portly balding man. When his brown hair goes white, people would probably call him Santa Claus due to his jovial and jolly nature. And finally, sitting between the two was Nick’s little brother, Fizzy. Of course, that was just the nickname Nick had given him because of his bright, cheerful, and energetic personality. Although he took after his father, Fizzy wasn’t exactly modest. He sat in his chair with just a t-shirt and his diaper.

Nick parked his padded posterior into his chair and flipped his meal tray into position before scooting himself in. He fastened his bib before he took his colorful plastic plate and observed his meal. Dinosaur chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, and strained green beans, Nick’s favorite. And to wash it all down was a bottle of milk capped with a rubber nipple.

“Alright everybody, dig in!” Nick’s mother announced, her words felt like a starting pistol for a horse race. The rest of her family dug into the meal, most of them immediately going for the strained green beans first. They plunged their fingers into the puree and scooped the contents into their mouths like shovels. Half of the food didn’t even end up in the family’s mouths, instead landing on their bibs and smeared across their faces. But they didn’t care, they were laughing and giggling between bites as they used their food as a makeup set. Once finished the the vegetable puree, they set upon the mashed potatoes. Second verse, same as the first, the mushy slop got everywhere.

But Nick went with a different approach, instead of attacking the sides, he went straight for the entrée. After all, he didn’t want his messy fingers to contaminate the delicious taste of the nuggets. He methodically ate his meal, staying somewhat clean in comparison to the rest of his family. He couldn’t help the mashed potatoes and strained green beans from staining his lips and bib though.

Soon enough, the family finished their dinner. Loud belches of satisfaction escaped from the boys. Fizzy let out a long but high-pitched burp, while Nick beat him with a deeper and longer one. Seeing the competition between his sons, dad inhaled before letting out an incredibly long and deep belch. The escape of gas was so impressive, it practically shook the room, and put his sons’ attempts to shame. The entire family giggled at the show of dominance before sitting back and guzzling down their bottles of milk while making casual conversation.

“So, Isaiah, how’s the fourth grade so far?” Nick’s father asked. “You make a lot of new friends?”

“Yeah!” Fizzy said excitedly “But the homework’s getting really hard…”

“Oh, well I’m sure Nick could help you.” Fizzy’s mother piped up. “He got straight A’s last year, after all.”

“Mooom, the last time he helped me I got a C!” Fizzy whined.

“Hey, it’s not my fault those twos looked like z’s!” Nick defended himself.

“Why would they be z’s? It’s Math, not English!” the little brother bickered.

“I thought it was algebra!” Nick defended.

“You made that word up!”

“Boys!” their father interjected loudly, grabbing their attentions. “Stop fighting.” he calmed his voice back down to his usual gentle tone. “Isaiah, your teacher’s handwriting is pretty bad, I’ll admit. And Nick, you should be more careful next time.” the father attempted to resolve the tension. The two boys sighed and began to calm down.

“You’re right, dad.” the siblings both said in unison. Their father usually was right, and he had an uncanny ability to de-escalate any situation. It was no wonder why he worked as an HR representative.

“Nick, how’s your senior year been?” Nick’s father asked gently.

“Easy.” Nick said, uninterested.

“You make any new friends?”


“You’re not keeping a girl a secret from us are you?” Nick’s mom asked. Nick only responded with a look of sadness. “What? You’ve been off the market since that date with Rebecca Jenkins three years ago.”

Nick briefly relived that nightmare in his mind. He dressed up in his nicest clothes, booked a reservation at the fanciest restaurant. He bought flowers and chocolates and covered himself in cologne. But the worst part of all was that she went home with another guy with a muscle car. Nick could only sigh and give a depressed look to his mom, telling her to stop grilling him on the matter.

“You’re right, you should focus on your career first before finding a girl.” Nick’s mom reached over and started ruffling his messy brown hair in an attempt to cheer him up. “But I want grandkids from you at some point, mister!”

Nick smiled at his mother’s caring gesture before he finished his bottle. With his meal complete, Nick swung open the tray to his chair and retreated back to his room.

With his door shut and securely locked, Nick began stripping out of his clothes once again. Before tearing off his diaper, he made sure he didn’t have to go by briefly pushing as hard as he could. Nothing came out, and Nick concluded that he was safe for now.


The tapes came off and the dry diaper crinkled as it touched the floor. Nick retrieved his tighty-whities from his dresser and slid them up his chicken legs, relishing in the feeling. He snapped them shut around his waist again and smiled at the image of himself in his mirror. He loved this, and he couldn’t deny it.

Nick decided to browse his favorite internet forums with his new undergarment adorning his waist. As he sat down on his computer chair, he noticed that it felt different. It was much colder and harder than normal, despite this, Nick enjoyed the strange new sensation. He felt as if a barrier between himself and his seat had lifted.

After his computer powered on, he opened his internet browser and navigated to He logged in and decided to make a new post in the “Underwear Talk” section.

“Wearing my first pair!”
“Posted by - WhitieTighties23”
“Hey all. I just bought my first pack of underwear today, Large Hanes Men’s White Tagless Briefs. I gotta say, they’re weird but I like them. I didn’t get to wear them for long at first, because I had to pee, but now I’m sitting at my computer wearing nothing but this pair. I love how thin they are, it’s weird how I can actually close my legs. I love that they don’t have colors and cartoon characters either. I don’t know, but those always felt demeaning to me. Anyway, just thought I’d share my thoughts.”

Nick hit post with a smile across his face. While typing, he had looked down multiple times at his underwear. He was still in some disbelief that he was actually wearing a pair. Nick decided to keep browsing AUCSC, he went into the “Big Kid Adult” section of the site. There were multiple different interesting posts. “Which suit suits me?” “What kinds of ties do you like?” “Coffee is awesome!”. But one post caught Nick’s eye, “Bought my first pack of silverware!”.

Nick wasn’t familiar with the word “silverware”. Curious, he clicked on the post.

“Bought my first pack of silverware!”
“Posted by - BigToby47”
“I just ate dinner with my first pack of silverware today and I loved it! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to eating with my hands again! It was so nice not making a mess of my hands and face, why don’t we always use silverware?”

Nick had to admit, he preferred staying clean during dinner, but up until now, he thought that was just impossible.

“Reply by - Suitandtie98”
“Glad to hear you enjoy it! I always felt that eating with our hands was kind of barbaric. But silverware is clean, elegant, and adult.”

“Barbaric…” Nick thought to himself. He looked down at his hands. While they were wiped clean, he could still see a few stains of food under a few of his fingernails and in his palm. Nick usually enjoyed dinner, so long as awkward conversations didn’t happen. He liked seeing his family happy and smiling while scarfing down their food. He liked it when they practically used their meal as a makeup kit. Nick kept staring at his hands and he had to ask himself something. Was he wrong? Was it all wrong?

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There’s some messing in this chapter, but it’s not graphic.


Chapter 3:
Nick continued scrolling through his forums for the next few hours, he came across many threads that piqued his interests. Threads about which brand of underwear was the best, where to buy adult clothes, etc. It was getting pretty late, but one more thread caught Nick’s eye. “I HATE cribs!”. Curious, he investigated further.

“I HATE cribs!”
“Posted by - BoozyWoozy21”
“The title says it all, I hate cribs!!! I don’t roll around in my sleep, I don’t need these wooden prison bars to ‘keep me safe’. Having to pull them up and down just to get our of bed is also a pain in the ass! Screw all that!”

The poster seemed to be having a bit of a tantrum, but Nick still thought about his point. He didn’t mind his crib, but the bars did feel a little demeaning. He continued reading.

“Reply by TaxFiler87”
“Calm down, Boozy. I get your point and I agree with you but it’s a simple fix. Just take a screwdriver and unscrew the bars.”

Nick had already taken off the mobile that came with the crib, but he wondered if he should dismantle the crib further. He eventually decided that there was no harm in at least trying it. He re-dressed himself and stashed his tighty-whities away, knowing he’d be going to bed after his endeavor.

Nick quietly opened the door to his bedroom and snuck down the hall. He didn’t have a strict bedtime like his little brother, but he didn’t want his parents to come out and ask what he was doing. He padded his way into the kitchen and began rummaging through the drawers to find a Philips head screwdriver. After what felt like an eternity of rummaging through disorganized clutter, he found his tool and retreated back to his room.

Nick set about unscrewing the walls to his crib. The hinges and sliders detached pretty easily, and the walls came off with a thud on the plush carpet. Nick set the walls up against the wall of his room and left the screws and hinges on his nightstand before laying down on his mattress.

Nick immediately felt a difference. The walls that had closed him in and were intended to keep him safe were gone. Much like how he felt with his underwear, Nick felt free, not bound by any barriers. The wall-less crib felt free, sophisticated, and “adult”.

Nick pondered in his mind, the word “adult” felt so foreign to him. It felt taboo to even say it out loud. Sure, “adult” was used in government documents like taxes and legal jargon, but everyone always used the term “big-kid” to describe themselves and others above the age of eighteen. Before this, he was just called a teenager. Before being a teen, he was called all sorts of things. “Ankle biter” “Tyke” “Tot” “Little one”, he admitted they were cute terms of endearment, if a little demeaning to him. Nick’s eyes grew heavy in his pondering.

He grabbed his plush blanket and curled up inside of it’s soft warmth. He heard his heartbeat slow down, and he felt his eyes close up shop. And soon enough, he was fast asleep.



Nick slammed his hand down on his alarm clock, quickly shutting off it’s annoying noise. He slowly rose from his lying position and sat up in his wall-less crib. He stretched his arms out, feeling more refreshed than normal. Despite dismantling his crib, Nick slept like a baby. He tossed his blanket aside and checked his diaper. Soaking wet. Unfortunately for Nick, he was about to be more than just wet. His stomach groaned and churned.

Nick quickly got out of his bed and assumed a squatting position. He held his breath and started to push, after a few seconds, his rear end erupted like a volcano into the seat of his diaper. It bulged and sagged to accommodate the mass, making the posterior of his shortalls more plump than before.

“Eeeewww…” Nick groaned to himself. He had crapped his diaper more times than he could possibly count, but he still could never get used to the feeling of his mess being pressed up against his skin. The smell was never exactly pleasant either.

Nick waddled over to his dresser and picked out his clothes for the day, a plain green t-shirt, ankle socks, and another pair of shortalls. He made his way out of his room and approached the bathroom. Despite the door hanging wide open, it was already occupied.

“Ow! Mom!” the high-pitched whine of Nick’s younger brother cried out as a comb went through his hair.

“Sorry sweetie, but you’ve got a massive case of bed-head.” Nick’s mother apologized for the force she needed to comb her son’s hair.

“Why can’t I just go to school like this?” Fizzy whined again.

“When you’re older you can dress yourself however you want.” his mother said. “But for now, I’m in charge and I say you should look good.” she pulled the comb out of the hairy mess one last time and set it aside. “All done.”

Fizzy stepped off of the stool and started to walk out the bathroom. His hair was neatly combed down, his t-shirt was tucked into the waist of his shortalls, and a pair of knee-high socks hugged his skinny calves. A sudden swat to the rear of his padding caused him to turn around.

“Lookin’ good!” Nick teased his younger sibling.

Fizzy glared at his older brother, jealous of his fashion freedom. The boys’ mother followed Fizzy out of the bathroom and left Nick to tend to himself.

Nick quickly tore off his soiled diaper and threw it away before stepping into the shower. The warm beams of water washed over his body and cleaned his rear of the abhorrent stench. Within a few minutes, Nick’s shower was complete and he set about dressing himself. He put on the obligatory diaper before pulling open the front waistband and sprinkling in some baby powder. Nick admitted that the smell was a bit overwhelming at times, but he also didn’t want to chafe or get a rash. He pulled his t-shirt over his head and pulled up his shortalls before putting on his ankle-high socks.

Nick left the bathroom and made his way to the front door.

“Awwww my boys are twinsies!” Nick’s mother cooed as she saw Nick’s outfit.

“Heh, lookin’ good.” Fizzy said smugly as he swatted his big brother’s padding.

“Hey, I at least get to choose my outfit.” Nick retorted. Fizzy backed down, still harboring some jealousy. The siblings sat down and pulled their velcro sneakers on. Fizzy’s lit up extravagantly whenever his feet impacted the floor. Once finished, the two stood up. Their mother handed them each a brown paper sack before kissing them both on the forehead. Nick’s height made it a bit awkward, but she managed to reach it my standing on her tip-toes.

“Have a good day at school, you two!” their mother cheerfully said as her boys walked out the front door.

Fizzy made his way to the bus stop as Nick got into his car. He turned the ignition and pulled out of the driveway. The radio immediately came on and started playing some music.

“Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man…” the radio sang the familiar lyrics but with a thumping dance beat under it and blaring synths over the top. Nick changed the station.

“A is for apples, b is for bananas, c is for country, I love this Americana.” a baritone voice with an acoustic guitar sang with the twang of a banjo in the background. Nick changed the station again.

“The itsy bitsy spider went down the water spout, down came the rain and washed the spider out!” a loud aggressive voice screamed at the top of it’s lungs, it was barely singing and more angrily ranting. The drums were going absolutely nuts as the guitar screeched out chords. Nick decided to switch to his CD player instead of listening to the radio.

“I’d like to be… under the sea… in an octopus’s garden in the shade.” the voice of Ringo Starr filled Nick’s car as the gentle piano and guitar ballad accompanied him. Nick continued his rather uneventful drive to school.

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This chapter might be seen as “grosser” than previous. Nick takes a dump, but I keep the description tasteful and PG.


Chapter 4:

Nick pulled into the school parking lot and put his car into park before twisting his key to off. He checked his appearance in his rearview mirror before also checking his pants. Still dry. Satisfied, he opened his door, grabbed his bag, and made his way for the entrance of the building.

The bright happy colors of the interior assaulted Nick’s eyes. Murals of happy teenagers frolicking in the sunlight decorated the walls of the school’s main foyer. A case of trophies displayed the school’s extracurricular achievements. An abundance of teens loitered around the stairs, waiting for the first bell to ring and summon them to their respective classes. Nick noticed his usual group of friends and made his way over.

“Are you kidding?! With the nerfs, the Cloak of Yggdrasil is worthless!” a lanky freckled ginger with glasses retorted. A white graphic tee hung off his slender frame while a pair of jean shorts poorly covered his thick diaper.

“Robbie, you of all people should know that even the littlest buff is useful in a build.” a shorter, fatter brunette boy with a neckbeard replied. “Besides, I don’t see that Amethyst Anklet doing anything in your build.”

“It makes me more agile, Dan!” the ginger was getting heated.

“Hey guys.” Nick interjected. “Whatcha talkin about?”

“Robbie says the Cloak of Undying is useless.” Dan informed Nick.

“I mean, it’s not 10% more necrotic defense, but 2% is better than nothing.” Nick replied, knowing all about the recent update to the group’s recent game of interest, Battlefields of Asgard.

“Whatever.” Robbie conceded as he looked away and found something of interest. “Whoa, check out Rebecca!” he said to his friends. Dan looked toward the girl while Nick purposely kept his back turned. “She’s so hot.”

Rebecca was a black haired and very attractive woman. Her footed sleeper hugged every curve of her body. With every step she took, her padded rear danced from side to side. It was obvious as to why she was such an obsession among the boys. Eventually, she was out of the nerds’ sight.

“She’s a rose in a meadow of tulips.” Dan said, romantically.

“She makes my diaper feel tighter.” Robbie said, completely red in the face.

“Robbie, that’s gross!” Dan shoved his hormone-crazy friend.

“What’s up, Nick?” Robbie came back to his senses and noticed that his friend was purposely keeping his back turned.

“Dude, don’t you know?” Dan asked. Robbie shook his head in response. “Loverboy here went all out on setting up a date with her two years ago.”

“What happened?” Robbie said, eager for an answer.

“She chowed down on all the food and left with Chad Johnson.” Dan explained.

“Chad?!” Robbie interjected with a bit of disbelief.

“Yeah, he had just gotten his Camaro that week.”

“Ouch. Sorry, man.” Robbie said to his friend.

“It’s nothing.” Nick said, clearly still bothered by the incident.

“Well, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.” Robbie said as he patted Nick’s shoulder.

The bell for first period rang and the students all went to their separate classes. Nick walked through the door of Mrs. Rascal’s classroom and took his seat on the large plush rug. Sitting crisscross applesauce, he placed his bag down next to him and got out a pencil and his notebook. He patiently waited as his classmates sat down on the rug. The bell sounded for the period to begin and Mrs. Rascal walked through the door. She was a plump woman in her fifties, she wore a floral skirted romper that mostly covered her thick crinkly diaper. She was Nick’s favorite teacher this year, as she was just so nice and pleasant.

“Good morning, class!” Mrs. Rascal said in a cheery tone before setting her stuff down at her desk and taking a seat on her chair in front of the class. “As you recall, we were talking about the Reconstruction. I’m sure your other history classes covered the Civil War and World War I, but they hardly ever focus about the stuff in between.” she introduced her topic for the day. “Where we last left off, we were talking about Cornelius Vanderbilt, the railroad tycoon. He had an almost monopoly on the railroad industry, and in the coming years, tycoons like him would only become more common. John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, both were very influential figures in the oil and steel industries. But they both pale in comparison to the work of James Gamble and his associate William Procter. They were the ones who first invented the fuel source that is most commonly used today. Can anyone tell me what that is?” she asked the class as a means of engagement. One student towards the front raised his hand high in the air. “Yes, Will?”

“Poop!” Will shouted quickly, barely able to contain his giggle. The rest of the class followed in the chuckle at the hilarity of the situation. Nick smiled and rolled his eyes at the immature joke.

“That’s correct, Procter and Gamble managed to find a way to turn human waste into fuel. It was efficient, renewable, and eventually clean burning.” Mrs. Rascal explained. “It didn’t quite catch on at first. But after the duo invented the disposable diaper in 1880, they had a near infinite supply of fuel. Over the years, the curing method became cheaper and more efficient until it became the energy source we know today.”

Nick took down detailed notes of what Mrs. Rascal said. He was always a fairly bright student, he usually excelled without even trying. Class went on about the Reconstruction and the Gilded Age until the bell rang and summoned Nick to his next class. The school day went on as normal, Trigonometry, Chemistry, P.E. and finally lunch.

Nick made his way down to the school cafeteria after his P.E. workout. Nick wasn’t particularly strong, but he knew how to throw a frisbee. He grabbed his tray of food. A ham and cheese sandwich, a side of peas, a cheese stick, and a carton of chocolate milk. Aside from the peas, a rather clean meal, which Nick enjoyed.

He sat down with his group of friends and “enjoyed” his cheap meal. They chattered away about the recent changes in Battlefields of Asgard until Nick felt the familiar tingling sensation in his lower region. He was already done with his lunch, and Nick decided that he should change anyway. He picked up his bag and started on his way. The sweat and motion from P.E. made his diaper feel a little wet and a little loose. He held off his stream for a little longer as he threw his trash away and set his empty tray on the cart before making his way to the bathroom. Upon entering, he heard an odd sound.

“Crap! Teacher!” a voice whisper-yelled. Nick rounded the corner to see a group of four shifty-looking boys with similar outfits. Stocking caps, black onesies with band logos, chained necklaces, spiked hair, these teens looked like punks. “False alarm, it’s just Nick.” one of them said. The rest of the boys breathed a sigh of relief as they took some pacifiers out of their pockets. The bulbs of the pacifiers seemed to be filled with some sort of liquid. They popped the pacifiers into their mouths and relaxed as the bulbs touched their tongues. One of them popped it out for a second and extended it towards Nick. A string of saliva connected the bulb to the punk’s mouth before breaking off.

“Wanna try it, Nick? It’s Cotton-Candy Explosion.” one of the punks offered. “Tastes real good.”

“No thanks, I’m good. Really.” Nick said, he only ever did drugs once and it was not an experience he wanted to have again. Nick backed away into a stall and the punk popped his pacifier back into his mouth. During the conversation, Nick had already noticed the growing warm wetness expanding in the front of his diaper. The stream seemed to subside for now and Nick unbuttoned his shortalls, letting them fall to his ankles. His diaper sagged considerably now that it wasn’t held up by his pants. Nick took his changing supplies out of his backpack and set to work.


The tapes came off and the heavy diaper swung off of Nick. He balled it up and put it in the complementary diaper genie in the stall. He wiped himself clean and tossed away the wipes before opening his fresh diaper and taping it onto himself. Dry and clean once again, just the way Nick liked it. He pulled up his shortalls and refastened them before taking his bag and preparing to leave the stall. Suddenly, he heard the bathroom door open and a loud voice scream.

“Hey! What are you all doing?!” the voice angrily shouted. “Jesus Christ, go to the principal’s office now! And gimme those! They’re gonna ruin your teeth!” the bathroom door opened again as a series of jeers left the bathroom.

“Nark.” one of the punks said.

“Damn nukers.” the teacher muttered under his breath before also leaving the bathroom.

Nick’s heart pounded in his chest, he worried the teacher was going to lump him in with the punks. Fortunately, the teacher hadn’t checked the stalls. Nick opened the stall and washed his hands before returning to his lunch table.

The day proceeded as normal until the final period of the day. It was Friday, and everyone was anxiously waiting for the final bell to release them from the educational penitentiary known as school. The minutes and seconds ticked down until finally it rang. Nick picked up his bag and made his way to his car. When he twisted the key in his ignition, he noticed that he was running low on gas.

“Sitting in an English garden, waiting for the sun…” Nick’s CD stereo filled his car with the sounds of The Beatles as he drove to the nearest gas station. Nick turned off his engine before beginning fueling up. The fuel reeked, it was treated feces after all, and the till started ringing up. Despite being near infinite and renewable, it still cost money to fuel up the car. The treating process did take some investment, even if it was only ~$0.50 per gallon. Eventually, the nozzle automatically clicked and stopped when Nick’s tank was full. He returned the nozzle to the holster and twisted his fuel cap back on before entering the station to pay. As Nick waited for the cashier to finish with her current customer, he felt a pressure building up in his gut. His lunch sandwich seemed to be making it’s grand escape. Nick stepped forward when it was his turn.

“Pump 5 please.” Nick said, holding back the pressure.

“$8.21” the clerk said. Nick inserted his bank card into the reader and grabbed his receipt before shuffling his way to the station’s bathroom. He locked the door behind himself and readied his changing supplies when he noticed something odd yet familiar. A shiny white, oddly shaped seat in the corner of the room. Nick had seen pictures and read stories, but he didn’t think he ever saw one in person before. Sitting in front of Nick was a toilet. Nick was mesmerized by the sight. He had always wondered what it felt like to use one. His stomach groaned in pain, making a quick decision, Nick decided that now was his opportunity. He unbuttoned his shortalls.


The diaper was tossed aside as Nick was left with his lower regions exposed to air. He had seen videos and read enough stories to guess how this worked. He stood in front of the toilet and sat down on the seat.


A sensation of cold shocked through Nick as his rear mounted the porcelain throne. It subsided quickly enough and he was left sitting upon the john, almost unsure of what to do next. Nick’s body was so used to using a diaper that his facilities were shut down. The pressure was still present in his gut, and Nick pushed as hard as he could to force himself to “go”.

Eventually, Nick felt the pressure escape him. He felt a new sensation alongside it, or rather, a lack of sensation. Instead of the feeling of his diaper getting heavier and the mess sticking to his skin, he felt nothing of the sort.


Nick heard the sound of his waste breaking the surface of the water. To Nick, this felt liberating. He felt free, he felt unburdened, he was no longer disgusted of going number two, he felt… adult.

hisssss piddle piddle piddle

Nick heard a short stream of urine escape him and impact the sides of the bowl before collecting in the watery reservoir. No more warm growth around his lower regions, instead it was just gone. Nick’s business came to a close and he was left there feeling somewhat awestruck. He didn’t believe what he just did, after years of fantasy, it became a sudden reality. And Nick loved it. He wondered about what he had to do next. Oh right, wipe. There didn’t seem to be any toilet paper in sight, so Nick took out some wet wipes from his bag and set to work. Nick was surprised that it only took one wipe to get himself clean. But then again, there was only one small area he had to wipe.

Nick stood up and looked back at his actions. It still reeked to high heaven, and Nick quickly pulled the handle. Fresh water swirled into the bowl as the mess was sucked down into the hole. As if it were a magic trick, the mess was gone and a fresh water reservoir took it’s place. Amazing.

Nick realized that he must have spent a fair amount of time in the bathroom, and he quickly started to re-dress himself. Nick felt a bit of disappointment as he taped himself back into his diaper. In truth, Nick never wanted to use a diaper again after having experienced the efficiency of a toilet. But, he knew that toilets were rare and he wasn’t going to drive all the way to the gas station to use the bathroom. Heck, he couldn’t even hold it for that long either. He sighed, maybe when he gets his own place, he’ll have a toilet installed. Nick pulled his shortalls back on and washed his hands before grabbing his bag and leaving the bathroom.

“Happiness is a warm gun…” the CD player sang after Nick turned the key in his freshly-fueled car and drove home, parking in the driveway. He made his way up the porch before noticing a note taped to the front door.

“Your father and I had to attend an urgent business meeting. We need you to look after your little brother for the night. Money’s on the counter for pizza. We’ll be home at about 10:30. Try and help him with his homework too, he needs it!”
“Love, mom.”

Nick groaned, he didn’t exactly mind looking after Fizzy, but he wanted to write about his first experience using a toilet on the forums. Suddenly, Nick heard the sound of air brakes hissing. He heard a group of high-pitched voices chattering away before the sound of a heavy-doodie engine pulling away.

“Bye! See ya tomorrow!” Nick heard the familiar voice of his little brother call out to his friends. The pitter-patter of Fizzy’s light-up sneakers grew closer as he charged up the driveway and down the porch. “Oh hey Nick, what’s up?”

“You’re in a good mood.” Nick noticed Fizzy’s excited smile. “Looks like I’m looking after you tonight.”

“Yay!” Fizzy squealed with delight as he hugged his big brother.

“Why are you so happy?” Nick asked.

“Well, you never play with me anymore.” Fizzy said with a slight somberness. “But now mom says you have to!” he sprang back up. Nick rolled his eyes and smiled at his cute little brother.

“Homework first.” Nick said in a motherly tone.

“T.V. first!” Fizzy rebutted.

“Fine. But only for half an hour. Then it’s homework time.”

“Deal!” Fizzy said. The siblings entered the house.

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Chapter 5:

As soon as the door was closed, Fizzy kicked off his light-up sneakers and peeled off his sweaty socks.

“So long, foot prisons!” Fizzy said to himself before he unhooked the buttons on his shortalls. Left in just his t-shirt and diaper, he kicked the denim pants up to his big brother. Nick caught them out of the air, he was used to Fizzy’s after-school routine. Fizzy was just about to run off, but Nick quickly grabbed the back waistband of his little brother’s diaper. Fizzy’s padded protection was a lot more childish than Nick’s plain white diapers. The wings were colored a dark blue, indicating that he was indeed a boy, and the padding itself was decorated with Bat-signals and Batarangs. A small tag on the back read “back - dos atras” while the front landing zone had a picture of the Caped Crusader himself.

“Hang on a sec…” Nick said, stopping Fizzy in his tracks. He checked the padding. “Huh, still dry.”

“I got a change at school.” the fourth grader said nonchalantly. Nick let go of the waistband, allowing the elastic to snap back into place. The rugrat took off into the kitchen and raided the fridge for his after-school reward. A sippy-cup full of soda. Happily guzzling down some of it, he waltzed into the living room before spreading himself out on the sofa.

Nick manned the remote, he turned on the T.V. and was greeted with the weather.

“It’s a sunny day today with a temperature on 82 degrees!” an excited middle-aged meteorologist said while bouncing in a very large jumper seat. He wore a collared black onesie with a clip on tie attached. “Expect it to cool down to 64 degrees tonight, it’s time to bust out the blankies cuz winter is coming.”

The eighteen-year-old opened the guide menu and scrolled down to the little kids’ channels which were conveniently bundled together in one area.

“Which one do you wanna watch?” Nick asked the tyke. Fizzy observed the screen for a moment before ripping out his sippy cup and giving an answer.

“Paw Patrol!” the nine-and-a-half-year-old demanded. Nick clicked the channel and the screen was set ablaze with the bright colors of Adventure Bay as the upbeat theme song started up. The lively song sold the show as each of the characters sounded off by coming off of a large slide. Each of them wore a specific uniform depending on their profession, and of course their diapers matched their overall themes as well. Fizzy had an ear to ear smile on his face as the bubblegum theme song emitted from the T.V.

In all honesty, Nick didn’t understand the appeal and popularity of Paw Patrol. Sure, it’d make sense if it were popular among preschoolers, but elementary and middle school kids still proudly admit that they watch it. The high-school senior didn’t understand why it resonated with bigger kids, surely they’d prefer to watch Cartoon Network or something, right? Regardless, Nick took a seat on the couch that wasn’t covered by his little brother’s tiny frame. The little ankle biter seemed to be really into the show, so that was all that mattered.

A half hour and two episodes later, Nick turned off the T.V. when the credits began to roll.

“Niiick!” Fizzy whined.

“Half an hour, remember.” Nick said in a motherly tone. "You can watch more when your homework’s done.

Fizzy grumbled and got up from the couch. He took his backpack to the kitchen table and began working on his math. Nick took a seat next to his little brother.

“What?” Fizzy asked.

“Mom said I should help you.” Nick replied. Fizzy looked down at his homework and realized that he may as well be trying to read Swahili. He nudged his homework over to his big brother. Nick read it over and knew that it was child’s play to him. Trying his best to not sound patronizing, he said “Oh, fractions huh? I had trouble with those too.” Nick admitted. “But they’re not that bad. Let’s see, you have 3/8 + 5/8 = 1, that’s good. But then you did 3/8 + 1/2 and you said 4/8. Hm.”

“That’s right isn’t it?” Fizzy asked with wishful thinking.

“Well, no.” Nick thought of the best way to explain it to a nine-and-a-half-year-old. “What’s half of eight?”

“F-four?” Fizzy answered as if it were obvious.

“Right, so 1/2 would be the same as 4/8 wouldn’t it?” Nick explained.

“I guess?” Fizzy was still a bit too dim to follow where Nick was going.

“Since they’re the same, we can change it out in the problem. Now you have 3/8 + 4/8.” Nick pushed the worksheet back to his little brother.

“7/8” Fizzy wrote down.

“Good! That’s right!” Nick encouraged. “The trick is to make the two fractions have a common denominator.”

Fizzy looked up at Nick as if he had just spoken Latin.

“The numbers on the bottom gotta be the same.” Nick put it in simpler terms. “And to do that, you multiply the fraction by a whole number.”

Fizzy slowly nodded his head and began to work on the next problem. “7/12 + 1/4” he pondered for a few seconds before carefully multiplying 1/4 to 3/12 and completing the question with 10/12. He was just about to put down his pencil before he wrote down 5/6 and circled it.

“There you go! Good job!” Nick encouraged and ruffled the fourth grader’s hair, much to his delight.

With a newfound confidence, the little tyke continued his homework. He occasionally hit a snag, but the wise guidance of his big brother helped him persevere. After two hours, Fizzy’s homework for the day was completed. Fizzy hopped off the kitchen chair and put his books away in his bag. But after he had zipped up his Batman backpack, he felt a pressure building.

“Nh!” the fourth grader winced, he knew it was going to be a big one. Suddenly, the cork popped and the seat of Fizzy’s diaper expanded massively. Bat signals began fading away as the front also became wet with what used to be soda. “Aaahhhhh…” he sighed with relief with an ear-to-ear smile on his face.

“Oh god, Isaiah what did you eat?!” Nick said as the stench wafted up to him.

“Eheh… chili?” Fizzy admitted. He loved the taste of chili, but both he and his parents know that the stuff cleans him out.

“Ugh… Change. Now.” Nick demanded.

“No.” Fizzy said adamantly.

“Oh come on, sitting in your own crap doesn’t feel good.”

“Says the guy who changes every time he pees!” Fizzy still refused to get changed. Nick schemed for a moment. As much of a brat as his little brother could be at times, he knew he was a boy of his word.

“I’ll play you for it in a round of Mario Kart.” Nick offered.

“What, really?!” Fizzy said excitedly.

“I win, you get changed. You win, you can stay like that until bath time.” Nick said with confidence that he’d whoop his brother’s stinky butt.

“Deal!” Fizzy said, frankly he was more excited to just play with his big brother again.

Nick turned on the Switch and booted up Mario Kart. Each of the siblings picked up a controller and took their seats. Fizzy picked Bowser Junior while Nick picked Luigi. The game began and the siblings eagerly awaited the countdown, both waiting to mash their acceleration buttons at the right time to get a boost. The timer finally said “GO!” and Nick took off like a rocket, leaving his little brother in the dust.

The siblings circled around the course, Nick was ahead but Fizzy wasn’t far behind. Nick was able to keep up a constant lead for the last two and a half laps. His more developed hand-eye coordination and experience made it a cake walk.

“Looks like you’re gonna get changed, stinkbutt!” Nick taunted smugly.

Fizzy just replied with a short pout as he remained focused on the game, hoping to pull out a victory. He passed a mystery box, the items scrambled on the screen before ending up at the dreaded blue shell.

“Don’t do it.” Nick demanded once he saw the blue shell. Fizzy smiled cheekily. “Fizzy, I swear to god you’re gonna get a rash if you-” Fizzy threw the blue shell.

The buzzing alarm grew closer to Nick, the frequency just getting faster and faster until it finally appeared on his screen and nuked Luigi to oblivion, stopping Nick in his tracks. Fizzy quickly overtook his brother and crossed the finish line first.

“YES!” Fizzy jumped up with excitement. Nick was in disbelief that one item cost him the game. Fizzy stuck his rear end in Nick’s face. “In your face!” he taunted. Nick pushed him back onto his messy bottom and got up from the couch.

“I’m gonna go order the pizza.” Nick said as he went into the kitchen and pulled out his phone. He dialed the number for the local family-owned pizza joint and waited. “Yeah, Rizzo’s? Can I get an extra large pepperoni pizza for delivery?” Nick paused, waiting for the voice on the other end. “332 Pink Street.” another pause. “At the door, please. Okay, thank you.” Nick hung up the phone and returned to the sofa.

“How long?” Fizzy asked.

“About half an hour.” Nick replied.

“Aw, but that’s forever!” the tyke whined.

“You can wait, mushbutt.” Nick said before changing the TV’s input back to HDMI 1. He was met with the middle of a Peppa Pig episode. While Nick saw it as just another preschool show, his little brother seemed to despise it. He didn’t know what the difference between this and Paw Patrol really was in terms of quality, but he changed the channel anyway.

The television lit up with an odd-looking cartoon. A blue anthropomorphic cat wearing a t-shirt/sweater number with a thick blue diaper around his waist was walking down the street next to an orange goldfish creature with a bright orange diaper between it’s legs. They walked in front of a photo-realistic background, passing by many other strange creatures such as a walking banana, a T-Rex, and what seemed to be an upside-down human mouth with googly eyes strapped to it’s chin. It was Gumball.

Nick smiled at the surprise appearance of the show. He didn’t watch the show religiously, but he could appreciate it’s sense of humor and peculiar art direction. Fizzy also seemed to enjoy it as he quickly became enchanted in the zany fast-paced plot of the episode.

After a couple of episodes, the doorbell rang and Nick went to answer it. Upon opening the door, he saw an underclassman holding a pizza box in his hands. He was sporting a red and green polo onesie that was covered by a pair of khaki shorts. A cap that read “Rizzo’s Pizzeria” covered a blonde buzzcut.

“$15.30 please.” the delivery boy said. Nick pulled the parentally provided $20 bill out of his pocket and handed it to the boy.

“Keep the change.” Nick said generously as he took his pizza.

“Thanks! Have a good night!” the teenager said with a faux-enthusiasm before he walked away from the house. Nick closed the door and was met with his little brother jumping up and down, trying to snatch the pizza box out of his big brother’s hands.

“Gimme gimme gimme gimme!” Fizzy said greedily, forgetting his manners.

“Let me set it down first, poopy pants.” Nick said as he raised the box far above Fizzy’s reach. He set it down on the coffee table and took his seat. Fizzy immediately lunged at the box and attempted to open it to grab a slice, but he was stopped by a firm slap to the hand.

“Ow!” the fourth grader whined and retracted his hands.

“Manners.” Nick said sternly as he held the box closed. The tyke sighed.

“May I please have some pizza?” he asked as politely as he could.

“Yes you may.” Nick said before opening the box and allowing the piranha to rip off a slice and begin stuffing his face. His parents allowed Fizzy to have poor table manners because they found it adorable. But as long as Nick was in charge, manners would be mandatory. Nick took out a slice of pizza for himself and began carefully eating it, savoring each bite. While Nick was only halfway through his first slice, Fizzy was already onto his second. And just as quickly plowed through a third before having to stop. He let out a small belch, indicating that he was full. It seemed the tot’s appetite was bigger than his stomach.

The siblings continued watching a few more episodes of cartoons before Nick decided he was done, leaving two pieces of pizza left in the box. He put it in the fridge glanced at the clock. He returned to the sofa and turned off the T.V.

“Hey! What gives?!” Fizzy whined.

“Eight-o-clock. Bath time.” Nick said. Fizzy quickly got up from his seat and started running. This was typical behavior from him.

“You’ll never take me alive!” he yelled. Nick rolled his eyes and chased after his little brother.

Fizzy ran into the kitchen and slid underneath the table. Nick was blocked as the tyke bought himself some distance. The fourth grader ran out the opposite exit of the kitchen with his brother quickly closing in thanks to his longer legs. He crawled under the couch. Knowing his brother’s tricks, Nick leaped over the couch and waited on the other side. Reacting quickly, Fizzy reversed directions and managed to break away down the hall. He bought enough seconds for Nick to lose sight of him.

Nick stared down the hallway, there were at least five rooms to check. Acting smartly, he waited for a few seconds and focused in on any sounds that may occur. He heard a door shut quietly followed by another door opening and closing. He followed the sound to find that it came from his parent’s room. Nick opened the door and looked around the room.

In the middle against the wall was a queen-sized crib with a huge mattress that was decorated with stuffed animals and pillows and blankets. If it weren’t for the walls and the babyish stuffed animals, Nick would have said it looked very comfy. On either side of the crib were nightstands and at the foot was a large television. Off to the side, closest to Nick and the door, was a wardrobe big enough for a fourth grader to hide in.

While Fizzy was an idiot when it came to school work, he was fairly adept at escaping. If Nick were to just open the wardrobe, he knew that his little brother would manage to escape his grasp and he’d just be on the run again. The eighteen-year-old knew his brother’s tricks and he had to be smart. He pressed himself up against the side of the wardrobe and quickly slammed the bedroom door shut. The door to the wardrobe opened slowly and sure enough, Fizzy slowly stepped out and looked around the room.

“Heh. Sucker.” he said to himself quietly. Now was Nick’s chance. He pounced on his little brother and held him tightly against his body.

“Gotcha!” Nick said playfully. His little brother tried to get free, but Nick’s grapple was too strong and he gave up before smiling up at his brother. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

Fizzy shyly nodded, admitting that he did enjoy it. He knew he was gonna get caught eventually, but he was just happy to play with his big brother. Nick kept his hold on the tot as he made his way to the bathroom. He locked the door behind him and laid the fourth grader on the floor before plugging the drain and turning on the bath faucet. He fiddled with the hot and cold knobs before finding a temperature that was just right. He poured some bubble bath solution into the water and let the tub fill up while he tended to the catastrophically messy diaper that awaited him. He rolled up Fizzy’s t-shirt and un-taped the diaper. Peeling the soggy front away, he was met with the full force of the awful smell. Whatever odor-locking technology the diaper had possessed was nullified as Nick looked over his disaster area. He covered his nose and gagged.

“Oh god!” Nick cursed at the smell, causing his little brother to giggle. He quickly set to work, using the front of the diaper to scoop off the majority of the mess. Once sufficient, he balled it up and quickly stuffed it into the jumbo diaper genie before cleaning the rest with an unimaginable amount of wet wipes. Eventually, the area was clean. Nick sprayed some air freshener around before turning off the bath faucet. He pulled off his brother’s t-shirt and lifted him into the bathtub. Nick pulled some bath toys from the cabinet below the sink and splashed them into the water, to the fourth grader’s delight. Nick set about cleaning the tot with a washcloth while he happily played with his boats, submarines, and rubber ducks. While Fizzy was probably old enough to bathe himself, he still enjoyed the company.

Eventually, it was time for the shampoo. Nick spun his little brother around and filled a small cup with water.

“Cover your eyes.” Nick instructed before he poured the cup over Fizzy’s fluffy brown curls. He squeezed some shampoo into his hands and began massaging the boy’s scalp, cleaning the hair quickly. He filled the cup with water again before pouring it over the hair and repeating the process until no shampoo remained. Nick pulled the plug on the tub and began washing off his little brother’s hair and face with a towel. When the water was gone, he threw the towel over Fizzy and lifted him out of the tub before drying him off completely and laying him down.

The eighteen-year-old pulled out a Pamper’s Size 9 Overnight Maximum Protection from it’s package and unfolded it. The designs were somewhat babyish compared to the Huggies BigBoys Fizzy wore during the day, but the absorbency was necessary for the boy at nighttime. Pastel moons, planets, and cute astronaut animals decorated the padding as it was adorned by a baby blue trim. After spreading some powder, he quickly taped it onto his little brother. Nick chuckled, noting that it looked to be just as thick as his old diaper the only difference was that this one was dry.

Nick grabbed the pair of fleece footed pajamas and threaded his little brother’s arms through the holes before pulling his legs through and zipping up the front. The older brother glanced at the clock, right on schedule.

“Alright, bedtime.” Nick announced.

“But I’m not tired…” Fizzy said. Almost to immediately prove him wrong, he yawned and rubbed his eyes.

“Sure you aren’t.” Nick said with a smile before he picked up the fourth grader and walked to his room. Each rhythmic step rocked the sleepy child’s body. Every rhythmic heartbeat caused his eyes to get heavier and heavier. Nick laid the tot on his mattress and put a stuffed rabbit into his hands before pulling the warm bedsheets over him. He pulled up the wall of the crib and smiled down at his adorable little handful. It seems Fizzy had gone flat.

Nick turned on the nightlight and quietly shut the door. He cleaned up the bathtub quickly and retreated into his own room. Finally, some time to himself.

Nick stripped down and slid on his tighty-whities. He looked at himself in the mirror, he liked how they looked but he wanted to experiment a bit. He put his shortalls back on over the underwear and looked again. The prominent diaper bulge was absent, but it felt great. Sure, the shortalls were a bit babyish but the denim felt good against his unpadded bottom. Maybe if these were normal jeans, it’d be better. Nick turned on his computer and took his seat, logging into his favorite forums. He relived his toilet experience earlier in the day and set about writing about it.

“My first toilet experience.”
“Posted by - WhitieTighties23”
“I got the chance to use a toilet today, it was at my local gas station and I never knew! It felt amazing. It was cold at first, that was something all the stories forgot to mention, but being able to relieve myself without needing to wipe EVERYTHING was great! I guess I’ll be giving the gas station plenty of my ‘business’ if you know what I mean.”

Nick hit post and patiently waited for some replies to come in. Meanwhile he browsed several other threads. One in particular caught his eye.

“This obsession ruined my life!”
“Posted by - [deleted user]”
“When I first got into this, I thought it was cool and fun. But I just had a horrible experience and I don’t think I can ever look my mom and dad in the eyes again! They came into my room and found the undies. They flipped out and demanded that I throw them away and fix my crib. All the while, they mocked me, and I don’t think they’ll ever see me the same way again.”

Nick felt bad for the poster. He continued to read the thread.

“Reply by - TaxFiler87”
“I’m sorry to hear that. My parents didn’t react well to me “coming out” either. The only advice I can give is to try and act like how they want you to until you eventually move out. Then you can wear your undies all you want!”

“Reply by - [deleted user]”
“Fuck you, TaxFiler! I’m getting rid of everything! My parents were right, I’m just a freak!”

“Yikes.” Nick said to himself. He continued to read his threads well into the night. He replied to a few questions in his own threads and browsed for a couple hours. While typing away, he didn’t notice his door open.

“Nick…?” a familiar voice called for his attention.

A chill ran down Nick’s spine, he realized he forgot to lock his door. He quickly turned away from his computer to see who his intruder was. Standing in his doorway was his little brother, he was holding his stuffed rabbit in one hand and rubbing his eyes with the other. He was shaking slightly, and it seemed as though he was crying. Acting quickly, he tabbed out of his forums, his computer screen wasn’t visible from the door but he still did so out of habit. His dry diaper was luckily obscured by his crib.

Nick had been fortunate in this situation. The darkness of his room, him wearing his shortalls, and Fizzy’s worried condition allowed his secret to remain hidden. He didn’t have time to put his diaper back on, so he had to just get his brother back to bed as soon as possible. He quickly approached the fourth grader, who was a sniffling mess. He put his hand on his shoulder and guided him out of his room. He shut the door behind him before he crouched down to his little brother’s level.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Nick asked gently, putting on a soft calming voice.

“I had a bad dream…” Fizzy said between sniffles. Nick was slightly disappointed. Fizzy was almost ten years old and he was still getting worked up over a nightmare. Regardless, it seemed like the sibling’s parents weren’t home and it was Nick’s job to soothe the elementary schooler.

Nick picked Fizzy up and set him on a kitchen chair. He poured some milk into a bottle and screwed the rubber nipple on before putting it in the microwave for a minute. Nick took a seat in front of his sibling and began to console him.

“Tell me what happened.” he said, sued to the routine.

“You and mom and dad were fighting and then they threw you out of the house and then they said I could never see you again!” Fizzy explained, getting worked up as he retold the cliff notes of his nightmare. Nick felt a bit bad for him, his nightmare wasn’t some monster but instead a realistic situation.

“Fizzy, that’ll never happen.” Nick said. “I love mom and dad, and I’d never have a big fight with them.” his words seemed to calm the tot down.

“But what if it does happen?” the fourth grader worried.

“I promise that it’ll never happen.” Nick stuck out his pinky. Fizzy wrapped his pinky around his brother’s.

“You swear?” Fizzy said, making it seem as official as possible.

“A promise is a promise.” Nick said. “Feel better?”


The microwave beeped and Nick retrieved the warm bottle of milk. He picked up his little brother and popped the bottle into his mouth. The warm liquid soothed the tot as he quickly sucked it down. Nick took him back to his crib and took the empty bottle before pulling up the walls and putting the cover over his sibling. Nick smiled to himself as he walked out of the room.

“I’d make a good dad someday.” Nick thought to himself as he closed the door.

“Wait, what?” Nick interrupted his own thought. While it might have been the truth, he didn’t want kids. At least not yet. He brushed the thought away as he entered his room, he made sure to lock the door this time. He returned to his computer, but he didn’t feel right. He looked at his forums and he looked down at his unpadded crotch.

A promise was a promise…

But was he playing with fire?

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This story keeps getting better and better! I can’t wait to see what happens next :smiley:

A bit of a short one in comparison to last chapter.

Chapter 6:


Nick opened his eyes slowly as rays of sunshine showered him from his window. He slowly peeled himself off of his plastic-covered mattress and sat up, immediately feeling the cold squish of his diaper. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked at his alarm clock. 10:03 AM. Nick was browsing his forums late into the night.

He climbed off of his bar-less crib and unbuttoned his shortalls, letting them fall to the floor. His soggy diaper sagged down at least six inches. Just like his little brother, he peed a lot at night. Nick threw his shortalls into the hamper and picked out a new pair of clothes. A plain blue t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts. He walked out of his room, making sure to close the door behind him. He stepped into the hall, still tired and rubbing his eyes, when suddenly.


A body impacted him from his belly button downward. He opened his eyes to see his little brother sitting on the floor, rubbing his cheek.

“Sorry Nick, I guess I wasn’t looking where I was going.” the fourth grader apologized.

“It’s okay.” Nick said as he pulled his little brother to his feet.

“Thanks.” Fizzy said before he furrowed his brow. “Um, Nick… could I ask you something?” he said out of the blue.

“Yeah sure, go ahead.”

“When I came into your room last night…” Fizzy paused. Nick felt his heart beating in his chest. “Why were the bars off your crib?”

Crap, he noticed. Nick needed to think of an excuse fast.

“Oh, I- it was getting a little bit cramped is all, so I took em off.” Nick lied.

“Oh, well you should ask mom and dad to get you a new crib.” Fizzy offered a simple solution.

“Nah, it’s okay. I don’t want them to waste money if it works just fine.” Nick tried to dismiss the conversation.

“Isn’t it dangerous to sleep in a crib without bars? You could roll off!”

“I don’t roll in my sleep.” Nick scoffed slightly. “I’m not a gas station hotdog like you!” Nick ruffled Fizzy’s hair to accentuate the statement. The tyke giggled at the odd euphemism. Nick tried to quickly change the subject, and he noticed that Fizzy was wearing a pair of shorts and socks. “Where are you running off to?”

“Oh, I’m gonna go ride trikes with John.” Fizzy said as if he suddenly remembered. He went around his brother and went into his room.

“Well, have fun!” Nick called out before occupying the bathroom. He looked at his reflection in the full-body mirror and he felt a pit in his stomach. It was as if someone had poured concrete straight into his gut. He lied to his little brother’s face.

Nick quickly changed out of his soaked diaper and dressed himself for the day. It was Saturday, he didn’t have to look presentable. He threw his old t-shirt into the hamper and made his way to the kitchen for some impromptu breakfast.

Nick’s mom didn’t usually cook anything for breakfast, as the Hamm family preferred to sleep in. Regardless, mom was eating a bowl of oatmeal at the kitchen’s island counter. Nick pulled a package of Strawberry Pop-tarts out from it’s box and joined his mother at the island. He tore into the package and began munching away as his mother painted her face with her sloppy oats.

“Morning, sunshine!” his mom said. “I didn’t think you’d ever get up.”

Nick smiled at his mom’s teasing. He loved his mom. She was a tall brunette in her late 40s. She was already showing signs of age with smile wrinkles and crow’s feet. She didn’t seem to mind though, as she was always young at heart. Despite her occasional sarcasm, she was always a kind, caring, and supportive mother to Nick. She’d always be the first to comfort him after a hard day at school.

“Thanks for helping Isaiah with his homework.”

“Yeah, no problem.” Nick said. “He’s not the brightest bulb, but he got the hang of it eventually.” he chewed his pop tart, getting crumbs everywhere.

“Bye mom! Bye Nick!” Fizzy called out as he rushed toward to door.

“Isaiah Robert Hamm, get your pampered butt over here now!” Nick’s mom yelled as she stood up from her stool and wiped her mouth and hands. Fizzy visibly jumped as he heard his mom yell and he slowly approached her.

“Yeah, mom? is something wrong?” he asked, clearly intimidated by the sudden hostility.

“You forgot something.” she dropped the hostile tone and returned to her usual cheerful self. She bent over and brushed Fizzy’s bangs away before giving him a peck on the forehead. “There, now you can go play.” she ruffled her youngest’s hair, she was just playing with him.

Fizzy returned with a quick hug before rushing out the door to play with his friends. Nick’s mom smiled at her practical joke.

“I think you made him wet himself a little.” Nick joked.

“Aw come on I was just messing with him.”

“Still, seeing you 180 like that is terrifying.” Nick said as he finished his pop tart and brushed the crumbs into his hand to be thrown in the trash. Nick suddenly felt a pressure in his gut, he stood still for a moment, trying to keep it in. Noticing the sign, Nick decided that he may as well indulge in the glory of using the porcelain throne. Nick made his way to the front door and began putting on his shoes.

“Where are you going?” Nick’s mom asked.

“Gas station, my tank’s empty.” Nick lied again. He felt another pressure surge in his gut. He lied to his mom.

Nick got up and opened the door and made his way to his car. He saw his little brother and his friends riding down the street on their gigantic big wheels. He got into his car and twisted the key.

“Yesterday… all my troubles seemed so far away…” the CD player sang as Nick fastened his seatbelt and began his drive. The pressure in his gut just kept building. Every pothole and bump in the road beckoned his bowels to release, but Nick still kept a hold on himself. Eventually, Nick reached the gas station and he put his car into park close to the door.

Nick entered the gas station’s bathroom and his eyes were met with the beautiful shiny white seat that called to him. Nick quickly pulled down his shorts and ripped off his diaper before plopping his buns on the toilet seat.


The toilet seat was cold once again. But this time, Nick enjoyed the short jolt. Not long after, Nick’s bowels finally opened. But what came out first was a blast of gas.

PFFFFFFFT pffffffft pfft

The sound of the gas reverberated inside the bowl, echoing as if it were shouting into a large empty cavern. That was a cool noise. Soon enough, the contents of Nick’s lower intestine evacuated into the bowl.

plop plop plop plop plop plop plop

It wasn’t as firm as the last time, but it made up for it in volume. Eventually, Nick was finished and he quickly wiped himself with some of the complimentary wet wipes. He stood up and flushed.

The water didn’t go down the hole. Instead, the water began filling up the bowl.

“Crap!” Nick thought, nobody ever said this would happen, no stories ever talked about this! If it floods over the bowl, it’s gonna make a mess and people are gonna notice. If people notice, they’ll come into the bathroom and find out! Find out that Nick is a- the water stopped rising about halfway up the bowl. Nick relieved a little. It wasn’t going to flood, but what was he going to do now?

If he leaves it, someone will find it and they’ll know it was him. He was screwed, he shouldn’t have done this. Nick paced back and forth before he noticed an odd object sitting behind the toilet. He picked it up and looked it over. It had a wooden handle and attached to a weirdly shaped rubber thing. Nick wondered what it was for a few moments. But then he remembered a story he read a long time ago. It said that this thing was a “plunger”. He searched his brain for the finer details of the story and how the characters used it.

Nick stuck the plunger into the toilet’s water and aimed it at the hole of the bowl. He pushed down, getting an air-tight seal on the hole. He pulled back, moving the air around. He pushed down again and repeated the process until-

plunk clunkaclunkaclunka

Nick pulled the plunger back and the water began going down the hole again. Crisis averted. Nick put his diaper and shorts back on and washed his hands before leaving the bathroom. Although he had just relieved himself, he still felt a pressure in his abdomen. When he walked out the door of the gas station, he met eyes with a scruffy-looking homeless man dressed in rags.

“Hey you!” the homeless man said. Nick tried to quickly walk to his car, but the man blocked his path. “I know what you did in there!” Nick began to panic and he tried to walk away from the man. The man got up in his face and eventually Nick was up against the wall.

“Wh-what do you mean?” Nick asked.

“I heard you use the toilet, brother.” the homeless man quickly lowered the volume of his voice. “You’re like me, man. The diapers, the onesies, the television, they’re all just ways to keep us down, man.”

“How so?” Nick asked, he wasn’t really interested but he hoped he could escape if he indulged the schizophrenic in his delusions.

“They want to treat us like babies, man. The diapers, the bottles, everything is done to make us a docile population. A docile population is easy to control.” the schizophrenic explained. “Using waste as a fuel source is just a cover story, their real goal is to make us their slaves!”

“And who’s ‘they’?” Nick asked.

“The globalists! Who else?!” the hobo answered. Nick knew he was clearly crazy and he had to get home.

“O-kay.” Nick said as he slowly started making his way back to his car. The hobo didn’t seem to follow him.

“Read up on it, brother! You know it’s the truth!” the homeless man called out as Nick quickly got into his car and locked the doors. He fastened his seatbelt and turned his ignition.

“She’s so… HEAVY!” the CD player sang as Nick quickly pulled away from the station and made his way back home. He kicked off his shoes and retreated into his room.

The bars of his crib were still off and leaning against the wall. Nick went over to his dresser and pulled out the package of briefs. He pulled one out and dangled it in his hands. It didn’t feel right. He still felt a pit in his stomach, and staring at the brief only made it worse.

Nick lied to his little brother. He lied to his mom. Little white lies, but it still hurt to do it. He was lying for what? Tighty-whities? The toilet? Toilets can clog, diapers don’t clog. Come to think of it, that homeless guy didn’t have a diaper bulge in his pants. Nick toiled in his mind. He had wanted underwear for so long, but now he kind of didn’t want anything to do with it.

A promise was a promise… right?

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Here’s the finale


Chapter 7:

Nick stared at the package in total silence for what felt like hours. Not even a thought in his head as he deliberated on what he should do.

His body seemed to make the choice for him and he tossed his tighty-whities into his garbage can. He sat on his computer chair with his head in his hands.

Why was he the way that he was? Why couldn’t he be normal? Of all the people in the world, why did he have to be some virgin loser who liked to wear tighty-whities and use a toilet?

A notification appeared on Nick’s desktop.

“xX_PaddedPrince_Xx has invited you to play: Battlefields of Asgard”

Nick sighed and accepted the invite before putting on his headphones and joining his friends in a group voice chat.

“Hey Nick, what’s up?” Robbie’s voice came through with some static and interference. His microphone wasn’t top quality but it worked well enough.

“Hey.” Nick replied back quietly.

“Is something wrong, man?” Dan’s caring voice asked.

“No, it’s nothing let’s just play.” Nick said as he loaded up his character. Kcinick was a level 63 elven monk with a long gem staff that glowed with magical power. His blonde hair rested atop a perfectly smooth face with blazing blue eyes. An open-faced robe dangled off of his shoulders, acting as a curtain for his big poofy cloth diaper that was tied at the sides. Kcinick loaded into the world and met up with his party members at the nearest tavern.

Nader was a stout dwarf with a big ginger beard. He wore a horned helmet and animal pelts. Around his massive waist was a cloth diaper that buttoned at the center. Sitting next to the dwarf was a tiny goblin with goggles, Elrob. He wore an aviator’s cap and a vest. Between his tiny legs was a cloth diaper that was done up with a safety pin at the center.

“We’re gonna grind out Ragnarok Dungeon and try to get the Iron of Armageddon. With that, I can get a hammer that deals 167 damage.” Dan exposited to his party members.

“And I could get a bow that deals 164 damage with my build.” Robbie added.

“Hammer first, it’ll also give me 20% more defense against magic. That’ll make it easier to bring down Narag and then it’ll be easier to get more iron.” the DPS dwarf stated. “And after we get our weapons, we can sell the extra iron on the market for thousands of gold.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Nick said quietly, not getting as into the game as his friends were.

The trio departed for the dungeon and began slaughtering the minions that guarded the sacred halls.

Click, click, click.

Nick clicked away at the enemies using the basic cantrips he had equipped. They were sufficient enough to aid his teammates in taking down the enemies, but Nick decided to save his stronger spells for the boss.

He sighed at the repetitive dungeon. Wave after wave came, and while his comrades were happily slaughtering away, Nick just couldn’t get into it. He thoughts easily drifted away. He didn’t think of anything, but he was just in a state of numbness.

“Nick, get on the platform.” Robbie’s voice snapped Nick out of his world. Nick obliged and the trio were on their way to the bottom of the cavern to face the boss. Nagar was a large shadow beast that spewed fire out of it’s mouth and horns. It looked like almost any other fantasy beast.

Nick busted out his ultimate spells and the monster’s health was draining quickly. It was still a tough fight, but the trio’s unity and strategy saw them through to the end. Nagar keeled over and the trio searched the loot.

“Did anyone get it?” Dan asked.

“Nope.” Robbie and Nick replied. The drop was rare, which was why it made such powerful weapons.

“Damn, guess we’ll have to go again.” Dan said. The trio restarted the dungeon and fought their way through more of the same enemies. Nick felt the same all throughout, while he was bored he couldn’t just leave his friends. He was crucial in the strategy.

While Nick was slaying minions mindlessly, he looked over into his trash can and looked at the package of briefs.

Was he sure he wanted to do this?

The sounds of Kcinick getting hurt interrupted his thoughts and Nick quickly moved his avatar away from the damage source. The trio kept on fighting the dungeon over and over again until they finally found a piece of Armageddon Iron.

“Yes! Finally!” Dan said as he picked up the iron.

“That took forever!” Robbie said.

The trio headed back into town and watched as Nader forged his new hammer at the blacksmith station. Even it’s design was cool. Elrob marveled at it while Kcinick stood with a mildly impressed expression.

“Hey guys, I think I’m gonna get off for a bit.” Nick said to his friends.

“Aw what?! I still need my bow!” Robbie said.

“Sorry, that dungeon wore me out and I don’t really feel like playing today.” Nick said.

“I guess we could still try it by ourselves.” Dan said. “This hammer will make quick work of Nagar.”

“Alright, later guys.” Nick logged out of the game and took off his headphones. He looked down into his trash can again. “No, it’s not right.” he said to himself. He spun around in his chair and saw his crib still disassembled. Nick took the Phillip’s head screwdriver and went to work. The walls went back up pretty easily. The only thing Nick wanted to do right now was go back to sleep.

Nick climbed into his crib and lied flat on his back. He stared up at the ceiling, still feeling numb. The bars of his crib reached toward the sky in his peripheral vision. But Nick wasn’t comfortable.

The sheets were soft, his pillow was fluffy, and his mattress was soft enough to nearly eat him alive. But Nick wasn’t comfortable. It felt like he wasn’t comfortable inside his own skin.

The bars, the diaper, it wasn’t him. It was what the world wanted him to be.

But Nick was always a bit odd. He was always the shy, quiet, and awkward kid. He thought about his fateful date with Rebecca all those years ago. Even if Rebecca went home with him, what would have happened? She would have fallen in love with a façade. A mask that Nick put on to seem more attractive and mature. But in reality, Nick would have had a better chance if he had just been himself. Nick sat up in his crib. He put his hands around the wooden bars and came to a conclusion.

He made a mistake.

Nick pulled down one side of the bars and walked over to his trash can.


Nick’s diaper fell to the floor. He picked out his tighty-whities in the trash can and held them up. He slid them up his legs and snapped the waistband closed. He stared into his full-bodied mirror, where he finally saw himself.

He’ll never be able to really get rid of it. The urge to wear underwear instead of diapers will be with him his whole life. Did he really want to continue wearing the mask of “normality”? So what if he was a weirdo? He felt happy, he felt adult, and he felt like himself. Free.

Nick took his screwdriver and dismantled his crib once again. The walls returned to their spot leaning against his wall. He lied back down on his bed and spread himself out, unrestricted by the walls of the crib.

This, was him.



click click clack clack clack sip

Nick typed away on his laptop on the desk of his tiny dorm room. It was the first paper of his college career, and he was shredding away at it. He sat in his chair, wearing just an oversized hoodie and a pair of tighty-whities. He finished off a can of energy drink before tossing it into his wastebasket.

Nick had gotten into a fairly prestigious college that was miles away from his home town. He missed his family, but he knew he’d be able to visit for the holiday breaks if he wanted to.

He had managed to keep his habits a secret from his family over the past year. Whenever he was outside of his room, he wore a diaper. But his room was underwear territory. Nick still didn’t have a very strong hold on his bladder, and would often have to have “diaper breaks” to relieve himself.

Whenever possible, he snuck out to the gas station to engage in the porcelain throne. Fortunately, the toilet didn’t seem to clog very often. His mother did get a bit suspicious at how often her son needed to fuel up, but she only worried about Nick buying pacifiers.

Sure, he put up a façade for his family. But, Nick figured that it was for the best. And besides, the only thing he was hiding from them was his choice in undergarment. He loved his family, and he didn’t want to potentially strain the relationship by something as simple as underwear.

A promise was a promise, but Nick managed to stay true to his word. He promised Fizzy that he would never get into a fight with mom and dad. He was playing with fire when he lived at home, sure. But now that he was somewhat on his own, he didn’t have to worry about mom or dad finding out about his underwear fascination. Nick loved his little brother, but he also loved being himself. And if he had to walk the fine line to have the best of both worlds, then so be it.

Nick leaned back in his chair. Most students had to share a room with another student, but Nick was fortunate enough to get a dorm room all to himself. Which meant that it was underwear time 24/7. Sure, he’d wear a diaper to lectures and the library, but his room was his domain.

He hadn’t been able to use a toilet for a while, but it didn’t seem to bother him much. Sure, he preferred to use a toilet, but he didn’t mind waiting until he got his own place. When that happens, he could get a toilet installed.

Nick smiled as he looked up at his ceiling. He was comfortable, he was free, he was happy, and he was an adult.