In-Between (Diaper Dimension) - Complete

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Chapter 36: Injunctions

I WINCED AS I blinked my eyes. The lights seemed too bright, and I was confused where I was at that moment. I turned and saw Addison sitting in a chair, with… Kendra beside her?!?

I noticed that a uniformed officer was present then too.

If I was more with it, I probably would have immediately sat up and asked what was going on? As it was the anesthesia had kicked my butt quite hard! I assumed I was now a girl, and just hoped I wasn’t screwed up any more than that.

‘Wait…?!? Kendra is here?’ I thought, looking back at them.

“What are you doing here?” I asked with somewhat slurred speech.

“Cameron, I guess you’re finally coming out of that anesthesia,” she said. “I’m here with this officer because there’s been an injunction placed by Judge Ruth Jones on any modifications being made to you until your appeal is heard.”

I felt tears going down my face, “No modifications?”

“None, until the appeals process is completed,” the officer said. “Mrs. Stein and I will wait here with you to ensure that nothing happens to you inside of this hospital.”

I shifted my gaze over to Addison, who clearly looked perplexed. She didn’t look angry at the turn of events, but she did wear her ‘I’m worried’ expression that I’d learned to read years ago.

“What happens next?” I asked Kendra.

“We have a hearing tomorrow in front of a different judge to see if the injunction can stand. Judge Jones’ order carries through until then.”

I felt more tears go down my face knowing that appeals like these rarely went well for someone like me. “Thank you,” I said simply as tears fell down my cheeks in relief.

Kendra walked over to the bed and grabbed my hand and leaned over to whisper in my ear, “Behave, and be smart! We’re going to get you out of this mess.”

She leaned down and hugged me, something which I returned half-heartedly due to the anesthesia. ‘I hope I even remember this later,’ I couldn’t help but think.

“Here, why don’t you try drinking this down, Sweetie,” a nurse said handing me a clear sippy cup that seemed to contain water.

Kendra looked at her, “That is just water, right?”

“Yes, ma’am, once an injunction is received, we wouldn’t dare do anything else. Keep in mind the procedure we were about to perform normally isn’t possible to be performed in this hospital against the patients’ will anymore. Only the court order made it possible to perform that procedure without Mr. Sylvester’s consent.”

I smiled at that, ‘saved just in the nick of time…’

An hour later I was held by Addison as she carried me out to the car, followed closely by the officer and Kendra.

“Ms. Harris, you have officially been served this injunction. Please ensure that no modifications happen physically to Mr. Sylvester prior to his appeal being heard and a judgement rendered.”

“Yes sir,” she told him as she stood up from buckling me inside.

Kendra waved at me forlornly as Addison drove away from the hospital. “Shit, Mom is going to be pissed,” she said under her breath.

I found myself rubbing the soft fleece fabric of the pink footed pajamas she had dressed me in. A pacifier had been slipped inside of my mouth before she closed the door, but I spit it out when she began driving. ‘Maybe I have a chance here…’ I thought.

I MUST HAVE fallen back asleep from the anesthesia. I remembered having surgery and having that problem before. I might have been awake, but the drugs still weren’t completely clear from my system! A large face was in front of me and I realized Addison was already back home and picking me up from the car seat.

“Cammie, just to warn you, we are about to have company. Be careful what you say…”

I looked up at her, and rubbed my eyes. “Who?”

“My mom,” she said.


She reinserted the pacifier she had clipped to my outfit inside my mouth, and carried me inside. She took me upstairs, and then she paused as if considering which room to go inside. She shook her head and went inside the one I had chosen and laid me down on the changing table. I hadn’t gone pee yet, and she noticed. “Do you need to go pee pee, Sweetie?”

I looked up at her, thought about it, and nodded, “A little.”

“Can you be a good girl and go in your diapee so I can change you, and then you’ll be in a dry diapee when my mom gets here?”

It took some effort, and I had to sit up, but I managed to empty what was in my bladder from the IV fluids and the glass of water I’d had.

“Good girl,” she told me and pushed me back down on the table. The sleeper I’d been dressed in was unzipped and she pulled my legs out and pushed the onesie up behind my back so she could reach the diaper.

I sat still as she ripped one tape, then the other, and then pulled the diaper open. I sat up and looked desperately with my eyes that my parts were still intact, before she pushed me back down.

“Stay down,” she said, “I guess I should have used the strap, huh?”

I shook my head, “Sorry, I needed to see.” I decided I didn’t care who was listening in, who wouldn’t want to see for himself?!?

I looked at her face and noticed that she seemed hurt by that, but took one of the warm wipes and wiped my groin first, then lifted me off the wet diaper and wiped my butt. She held me up in the air another moment while she opened a new diaper and placed it underneath me. I was waking up a bit as she rubbed my diaper area down with some cream first, then folded the diaper over and sealed me in with the two tapes. She pulled the sleeper back down and pushed my feet inside before zipping me back up.

She had barely picked me back up when a doorbell sounded downstairs. She sighed, “Come on, let’s get this over with.”

During our time dating there had been plenty of moments I had been jealous of her having a complete family. As a little kid my mom had been everything to me until she died, and I couldn’t imagine ever disparaging her honestly. It was clear to me though that Addy felt about the same as I did about her mom – something that was really sad to me. Addy gripped me tightly under my diaper and walked downstairs to the door.

“Took you long enough,” Aubry Harris told her daughter as she opened the door. “Where’s Mindy? Don’t we pay her to be here?”

“She was in early this morning Mom; I don’t need her waiting on me all of the time.”

Her mom looked like she was going to argue, but instead shifted her attention to me. The bottled color of her hair had never really changed in the years since we’d met, but I could tell it was gradually making her hair a bit more brittle and thinning it out. I debated about looking away from her eyes, but instead stared her down, biting down on the pacifier as hard as I could to avoid saying something I shouldn’t.

“How is it that this little brat isn’t treated by nanites yet? Lynn swore to me her ruling would stand!”

“I don’t know Mom, but those two attorneys she used to work with did something. Do you know who this Judge is that put the injunction in?”

Her mom’s eyes made contact with me and she ripped the pacifier out of my mouth. “Who is this Judge?!? How can she possibly be stupid enough to go against me?”

I couldn’t help it.

I laughed.

And laughed.

And laughed! My hiccoughs started then, and her mom looked like she wanted to hit me. “Give the brat to me, I’ll teach him to laugh at me!!!”

Addy backed away though and her arms wrapped protectively around me. “Mom, she’s just been under anesthesia, is stressed from being struck down from being an adult, and has you yelling at her. You are not going to teach her anything.”

“Why you ungrateful little…!!!” Her mom looked like she might have been about to slap her then and I froze.

“I’ll tell you, but don’t hit her.” I managed to gasp.

It startled her enough to snap her out of her rage towards Addison for a moment at least. “Who is this judge?”

“Supreme Court Justice Ruth Jones,” I smiled at her shock, “I’m lucky enough that she oversees this circuit.”

“That bitch!!! The one who handed down the verdict against us four years ago?”

I smiled at that, “I was happy to be on hand for that actually. Putting that molecule inside of stuff that you tested on Big children wasn’t a smart choice?”

“That’s it! Let’s take him to the office! I want to get this over with! I know you wanted a big preschool Little, but this one is going to be nothing but a baby.”

“Mom there’s an injunction, I can’t let anything physically be altered on him…”

“There’s an injunction against you, there’s nothing against…”

The doorbell rang differently this time, and after a moment I realized it was the gate bell.

Addison looked down at me, at her mom, and then activated a screen on the wall. You could clearly see a marked car with a discrete lightbar sitting there.

“May I help you, officer?” She asked as she shifted me again and pressed a button on the screen.

“Ms. Harris, is Mrs. Harris there?”

“Yes?” Addison said, not noticing her mom trying to get her not to tell him that she was there.

“Would you please open the gate so we may come in?”

“Umm… sure officer,” Addison told him.

“Why the hell did you tell him I’m here?!?”

“I’m not lying to the police for you Mom.”

Her mom looked livid at that, “Young lady, do you remember who I am?!?”

The doorbell rang then and Addison carried me to the entrance way and opened the door. “Good afternoon, how may I help you?”

“Miss, I am Federal Marshal Branch, and this is Marshal Rayburn, you said Mrs. Aubry Harris is here?”

“Yes sir,” Addison said. “Right inside here,” she added and led them to the sitting room that Mrs. Harris stood in.

The two marshals were both large imposing men who I had no doubt could take care of any suspect they needed to. I was more surprised by the fact that the marshals were there though. I guess that meant another subpoena or order was being delivered. They introduced themselves to Mrs. Harris and said, “Ma’am, we are serving you this order from Judge Robert O’Connell, Chief Justice of the 6th Circuit Court. You are hereby ordered to have no contact with your daughter Addison Harris, nor the minor in her care, Cameron Sylvester, otherwise known as Camille Harris. You are not to come within five-hundred yards of them, nor to make any contact via electronic, paper, or other means. Failure to abide by the order will result in you facing consequences including jail time. Here is the order and at this time we will be escorting you off of Ms. Harris’s property.”

“Just who the fuck do you think you are?” she swore at him. She looked at Addison, “Did you have something to do with this?”

“Ma’am I can tell you this order did not originate from any request by your daughter. Now I would advise you to depart peacefully without any further statements. Failure to do so will result in us executing an arrest based on this order.”

I thought for a second that Addison’s mom would argue. “Fine, I’ll have my attorneys deal with this!”

As she passed us, she glared at me like she wanted to strangle me. I involuntarily found myself leaning tighter into Addison’s embrace then, as she walked out the door and one of the officers continued with her, the other stayed there. “Ms. Harris, you received the first order earlier, but this is a further one. You are also not to have any contact with your mom or anyone else from your family, or your family’s company until this matter is brought before Judge O’Connell.”

“What about work?”

“We know this will be an inconvenience for you and your company, but the judge’s order stands…”

“Shit, that’s going to piss my mom off more than her order.”

“She’s being informed of your restrictions at this time now too. Remember there are to be no physical modifications made to Mr. Sylvester.”

“Yes sir,” she told him.

The officer looked at me, “Unfortunately you are a minor, so you have very limited rights until this matter is concluded. The judge will ask you if all parties have complied though.”

I nodded, “Thank you officer,” I said letting the pacifier slip from my mouth for the first time.

“My uncle said to say ‘hi’ if I managed to serve this, with you present.”

“Your uncle?”

“He works for the 3rd Circuit?”

I thought for a minute, “He’s your uncle? He’s an awesome, really nice guy. I know Judge Jones had a lot of respect for him!”

He laughed, “She must have a lot of respect for you too.”

Addison’s mom’s car sped out of the drive right then, and he said, “Well, I guess that concludes our business here Ms. Harris. Have a good afternoon,” he said.

Addison held me there for a second in the doorway before looking down at me and closing the door. She sat me down on the ground by the stairwell banister where a side table stood. I looked curiously at her as she pulled her watch and earrings off. She sat her phone down as well that had been jammed into her back pocket. She picked me back up without a word and carried me through the house to a backdoor I hadn’t been through yet.

I gasped at the sight of her backyard then. A massive brick wall surrounded what would be a couple acres of land. A separate fenced area contained an amazing playground set that any real kid would die for! The bigger feature of the backyard though was a fake waterfall mountain that rushed down into a massive swimming pool below. ‘Stacy would have loved this…’ I thought to myself. ‘It looks like something from a theme park…’

She didn’t say a word until she got close enough to the waterfall that it was really noisy. She sat me down in a dry spot between some fake rocks, and sat across from me.

“I’m glad that someone is looking out for you Cameron… Maybe we can get you out of this mess still, but who is this Judge Jones? My mom is going to be out for her blood?”

I laughed, “I wish her luck. I interned and did a mini-clerkship with Judge Jones during Law School. During that time, she set a new precedent in a case of a Little that had escaped from Ames.”

Her eyes opened, “Wait, that’s the same judge? My mom already hated her for that decision before she ruled against her company! You clerked for her?”

“Just a short internship one summer.” I decided not to tell her how close I was to her. I still couldn’t trust her completely after all. “I told my partners to call her.”

She looked a bit shell shocked then, “What can she really do?”

“Well, I’m guessing they already started the investigation into Judge Taney and will find out your mom is on a first name basis if they haven’t already. It sounds like my being forced into being your baby is going to go on appeal as well.”

“I’m sorry about this Cam, I really am!”

I looked up at her, “If you’re so sorry about it, then help me! Don’t make me dress like a baby? Don’t make me dress like a girl?”

She shook her head, “You don’t understand… you never did…”

“Then explain it to me!” I ordered her. “What hold can your mom possibly have on you that would make you encourage the awful atrocities SafeFoods is responsible for?!?”


Chapter 37: Jurisdiction

THE NEXT MORNING, I found myself being carried into a 6th Circuit Courtroom. I was still blushing from having endured an embarrassing change in the back of her SUV. The diaper was covered by a grey woolen dress with different patterns checked across it. The top of the dress featured a ruffle that went almost in a sailor’s dress pattern, with a black bow randomly tied and sewn on my left collar. When I was allowed to stand, it came to midway down my thighs and barely covered the diaper. Addison was dressed in a sheath dress of the same material and pattern, making it obvious it was a set of ‘mother and daughter’ dresses.

“Ms. Harris please leave Mr. Sylvester with his attorneys at the front,” a bailiff ordered.


“You may sit behind him.” He told her.

I was grateful to see Kendra and David, and gratefully accepted the hug from Kendra and the handshake from David. “What’s going on?” I tried to ask while noting that Aubry Harris was sitting behind the other side’s table, and one of her attorneys was with two other representatives at that table.


“All Rise!” I heard and saw a tall man with a bald head and graying sides coming inside the room in his robes, “Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye, The Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit Court is now open according to law. The Honorable Justice Robert O’Connor presiding.”

“You may be seated,” he told everyone.

The bailiff stood and said, “The first case on today’s docket is Case number 61584903 Sylvester, Benson and Stein, and Harlan Law School vs. State of Ames, SafeFoods, and Harris. Mr. David Benson.”

“Objection Your Honor, Mr. Benson isn’t on the Bar in the State of Ames!”

“Your Honor I have in fact received my approval from the Bar Association in the State of Ames just yesterday, and I’m also credentialed in all of the other states in the 6th Circuit.”

“Overruled counsel,” Justice O’Connor stated, “And may I be blunt? This isn’t a standard courtroom. You’re in a Court of Appeals – act like it!”

“Yes, Your Honor,” the attorney stated.

“Your Honor today I seek an appeal of a ruling of Maturosis against my client by Judge Lynn Taney. Two days ago, she engaged in hostile conduct in her courtroom to throw out testimony and evidence by a lead witness in our case Fehler vs. Serendipity and Safe Foods. My colleague, Mr. Cameron Sylvester here, objected when the testimony was thrown out only due to the fact that the highly respected surgeon had defecated in her diaper on the witness stand.”

“We feel that first of all it shouldn’t have disqualified her highly qualified testimony. Also, we have evidence that the witness was intentionally poisoned. I have submitted to the court signed affidavits from both Doctor Holly Nickerson, the witness, as well as Doctor Ivy Nickerson – her adopted mother, that it was highly unusual for her to have a bowel movement that time of day. Due to the unusual circumstances, they rushed her to the hospital to do a blood sample. When the hospitals lab ran the test, they discovered the foreign agents reported on the affidavit. We believe that someone from the defense placed a small amount of a cream that contained this agent onto the edge of the booster seat that was brought in for her. That substance then was then absorbed through Doctor Nickersons skin as she sat on the seat. The timing of her accident is consistent with the understood effects of the chemical agents, and the average time it needs to take effect.”

“Due to this illegal witness tampering, we feel that her testimony should not have been stricken from the record. Further the behavior of Judge Taney shows a clear bias of support for the defense. We are submitting exhibits three and four that show accounts of her discussions and communications with the head of the defense’s corporations, Mrs. Aubry Harris before the trial. The two even most recently played a round of golf at their country club together the weekend before this hearing took place.”

Another document was handed over, “Further, we submit into evidence video footage obtained from the steps of the courthouse, along with synced audio recordings, of Mrs. Harris threatening Mr. Sylvester with having him declared to have a case of Maturosis. Further she made reference to him peeing his pants potentially in court. We believe that there was in fact an attempt at that made with the use of this device.”

David continued to lay out the strong evidence linking the strongarm tactics to the result in the courtroom. “We believe there is a preponderance of evidence that Mrs. Harris and Judge Taney conspired to give a verdict of Maturosis to Mr. Sylvester.”

“We hereby seek immediate relief against that diagnosis of Maturosis, or at least a continuing injunction for now to continue to prevent Ms. Harris and her mother from modifying our client from a male into a female against his will. We ask that also preclude any other modifications to his body or mind. Finally, we seek a change in jurisdiction for our related case.”

The red light went on in front of David and he stepped away from the podium.

“Henry Johnson for the State of Ames,” the Bailiff stated.

I watched as the attorney stepped up to the podium. I found myself nervously doing what I could not to play with the off-center fishtail braid that Addison had put my long hair into earlier. The way she braided it left it sitting naturally across my left shoulder. The gray bow that was tied at the end was tempting to fidget with too, but I forced myself to put my hands back down on the desk and listen to whatever lies were coming.

He didn’t look all that confident though. “Your Honor, I have been asked to represent Little Protective Services as their representative in this case, along with I represent SafeFoods in the other pending case,” he dug through his papers, clearly unprepared, “it seems to me that this is all a misunderstanding on the appellant’s behalf. Of course, my client knows Judge Taney – they do belong to the same country club after all…?” I sat there and listened to him try and explain away the facts until the red light turned on.

Judge O’Connor looked out at us and asked, “Mr. Sylvester, would you please come to the podium?”

“Yes, Your Honor,” I said and hopped carefully from the chair. I wasn’t careful enough because the short dress flipped up, exposing the stupid pink diaper I was wearing. I walked to the podium with as much dignity as I could after that. The snickers in the gallery behind me didn’t help things though.

I was sworn in and he asked, “Mr. Sylvester, are the facts presented by your attorneys about Mrs. Harris behavior true?”

“Yes, Your Honor. I was concerned enough at the time that I passed on that information to my colleagues and a few others people.”

“I’m aware… I most definitely had several phone calls on your behalf. The facts of this case are in fact quite glaringly suspicious to me, in particular to your being labeled with having a case of Maturosis. I have reviewed the court reporting of the day, as well as made a few inquiries. To my understanding you did not fight with anyone that day following Judge Taney’s ruling?”

“No, Your Honor. To be perfectly honest I have seen what happens when resisting occurs.”

He smiled, “Quite right you would have. All reports are that you have behaved as maturely as allowed under the circumstances, and that plays to your favor.”

‘Please tell me he’s about to release me…’ I thought desperately.

“I cannot set aside a decision such as this completely without a good deal more investigation and information on my part. However, I am willing to give you a choice.”

My stomach twisted, “A choice, Your Honor?”

“You can instead go into the care of Little Protective Services. They will find a suitable facility or foster home for you to stay in while we await a more informed hearing.”

“Your Honor, you said a choice?”

“It seems to me that other than an attempt to physically modify you, that seems to also have been court ordered, you were in good hands with Ms. Harris?”

“Umm… She didn’t abuse me at least?”

“No, and I don’t think she will from what I’ve seen. If you wish to stay with her instead, I will keep the injunction against contact from her mother and you can stay with her until we resolve this? Hopefully in a few weeks’ time?”

“In diapers and dresses, Your Honor?”

“Honestly you wear the dress well,” he smiled in a way I could tell it was friendly ribbing, “It’s probably better than foster care though?”

I was about to respond when I heard a, “Your Honor,” from behind me.

“Yes, Mister Johnson?”

“Our belief is that the injunction against contact from Mrs. Harris to Mr. Sylvester may be justifiable to the court, however if this plan goes into place, we request the injunction against Ms. Harris going into work be suspended? As a new mother she is entitled to her maternity leave, but she does have several very important deadlines coming up that may involve a trip or two to the office?”

“Noted,” the judge said and turned his eyes back to me. “The injunction against her mother would stay in place against contact with you, and only supervised contact between her mother and Ms. Harris. I will limit the order to those two. I understand there’s a sister, it won’t extend to her unless I learn it’s necessary. It’s that or foster care, because I can’t rule against the Maturosis ruling today.”

“What about my attorneys?” I asked. “May I at least have a guarantee of being able to confer with them? Free of Ms. Harris or anyone else present?”

“Those are your two options for placement; however, I am willing to put in place an hour of exclusive time with them when we conclude this trial, and their ability to monitor randomly up to four times per week for a minimum of another hour each time.”

I sighed, “Your Honor it’s really not much of a choice, I’ll stay with Ms. Harris for now.”

“Very good Mister Sylvester. Ms. Harris, Mr. Sylvester will remain in your care for now. The injunction against any physical modifications to him stands. He is not to be harmed! Take care that you follow the injunction to the letter.”

“Your Honor, very well, but I would ask that you allow me to at least modify his hair?”

I gulped at that, ‘What?’


“Honestly it needed cut when he was an adult.”

“Fair enough, but no shaved heads.”

She laughed, “No, Your Honor, my baby girl will always have long hair.”

“Hmm…” he sighed, “I should probably put an injunction against that too, but I don’t want to overstep the bounds into how you raise your child. Be gentle with him.”

“Yes, Your Honor.”

“Your Honor?” Kendra said, “Is there any chance we can do something about the clothing she is forcing our client to wear?”

He shook his head, “Since I still haven’t overruled the Maturosis diagnosis his mother may dress him how she wants. As long as there’s no permanent modifications made to him physically, she may dress him as she has. That of course includes appropriate absorbent underwear as she deems necessary.”

I sighed, ‘Nice try Kendra,’ I thought.

“Mister Sylvester you may return to your attorneys. After they meet with you, Ms. Harris may collect you.”

I sighed, knowing that things could have gone way worse in foster care. At least in this case I didn’t think Addison would maliciously maim me, and with the injunction hopefully her mom wouldn’t get me…

“I am setting another hearing on the case of Mr. Harris’s status to be held in two weeks-time, my office will be in touch on scheduling. In the matter of Case number 384459322 Fehler and Others vs. Serendipity Industries and SafeFood, I am ordering a change in jurisdiction from Judge Taney to Judge Nathaniel Manasco for the duration of the case. The trial is ordered to restart with a new jury, with a special note that testimony is to be heard from the witnesses that Judge Taney dismissed - regardless of the state of their diapers. Further questions on the trial will be handled by my office.”

The stamp of a gavel was soon heard, and I turned to see David and Kendra giving me a look of uncertainty. I sighed, “Let’s go find a room we can meet…”

An officer walked up then, “Ms. Harris you may accompany Mr. Sylvester to the room where he will meet with his attorneys, but you will need to remain outside.”

I realized that Addison had been standing there behind me expectedly. “That’s fine, but she’s wearing a dress, would you please stop saying Mister? It’s Cammie right now,” she said a bit annoyed.

“Ma’am the Judge has continued to address him as Mister, and I will as well.”

She sighed and reached for me, “Why don’t you let him walk,” Kendra said.

She looked like she was going to argue, but I was a bit more grateful for that as I walked between her and David. It was embarrassing as hell to be standing next to David in his suit, and Kendra in her pantsuit, while wearing the juvenile dress. I wasn’t that much shorter than David, so I figured he was probably as uncomfortable seeing me like that too. ‘One step for someone doing the same to him…’

The diaper I wore crinkled as I walked, but was still dry since I hadn’t needed to go again yet. I was really not looking forward to a future need to poop again later this afternoon. Given my fasting the night before and yesterday I hadn’t needed to do that since the first time. ‘I doubt it’s going to be any better the next…’

We were led to a room and the bailiff told Addison, “I’ll wait here with you for them. I’m beginning the timer now; you have one hour to speak with him.”

I followed Kendra and David into a small conference room and sighed with relief when the door shut. No one began talking at that point though, as David began sweeping the room for listening devices. There shouldn’t have been anything, but given everything we were dealing with it was good to be cautious. “Clean,” he said and began our own encrypted recording system to make notes.

“How are you really holding up?” Kendra asked me as I sat down in the large chair across from them.

“This sucks… And if you all don’t get me out of this, I’m likely to have a forced gender change as soon as that injunction is lifted!”

“Addison is the one that wants that?”

“I was given a choice when I got to her house, I could live in the baby boy nursery with my teeth, motor skills, and potty training all taken from me, or I could live in the toddler girl room and maybe be allowed to wear Pull-Ups…”

“Yeah… no choice, huh?” David said.

I shrugged, “At least I got her to let me store some semen away… You guys got there just in the nick of time yesterday!”

“Judge Jones did everything she could to move things along…” David said.

“Any idea why they targeted you?” Kendra asked.

“Addison and I used to date in college – well, most of college. I asked her to marry me, and she turned me down saying her mom forced her to break it off with me. I just didn’t realize how much force she used…?”

“What did she do?” David asked.

“And how do you know?” Kendra followed up.

“She told me about it last night…”

Chapter 38: Reasons

“SO, WHAT DOES she have on her?” Kendra pressed again.

I grimaced, “Of course I don’t know that we can verify this, but this kind of makes sense to me. This is what she said…”

“She’ll shrink and regress us remotely,” Addison said.

“How is that even possible?” I asked.

“Remember when the lady in the waiting room said there was a password and things could be changed elsewhere?”

I thought for a moment, but nodded. “Yeah, but to be honest I was more concerned with what was about to happen to me.”

“Sorry,” she said sadly encircling her knees with her arms, and placing her chin on top of them as she stared at me. “The weekend before I broke up with you, Mom told me I had to come home and bring Danica too. We had just walked through the door when two of her researchers ambushed us and injected something into us. I managed to deck one of them, and shouted, ‘What the Hell is going on?’”

Addison sighed, “My mom just laughed, ‘What’s going on is that if you and your sister don’t start shaping up, you’ll be shaping down.’”

“I asked her, ‘What do you mean?’”

“‘Let me show you,’ she said with this smirk I’ve always hated. Right then a girl who was a former friend of mine from high school was dragged into view. She was about ten feet tall, screaming behind a gag they had in her mouth, and had a red face filled with tears.”

“‘What are you doing to Gina?!?’ I shouted at her.”

“Mom said and pressed a button on a tablet she was holding, and said, ‘This…’”

“I couldn’t believe it… she was screaming and shrinking before my eyes! Before I knew it, she was shorter than your friend Stacy! I could only tell her true height for a second though, because she fell over and couldn’t even get up after that. She began wailing in a cry that didn’t sound like an adult…” Addison wiped a tear from her eyes, “I yelled at her, ‘Change her back!’”

“‘No,’ my mom said, ‘She was trying to turn us in on some things she found working for us in the office. She’s going to get adopted by a nice couple tonight. She’ll make a nice baby… just like the two of you will…’”

“‘Mom you can’t do this to us!’ My sister Danica had screamed back at her.”

“‘Oh, I can… I don’t want to, but I certainly will! If either of you don’t behave, and do what I want you to, I’ll have the code sent remotely to both of you so I can have a beautiful set of baby twin sisters for their big brother Matty. Now, first thing you’re going to do, Addy if you don’t want to be Baby Addy, is break up with that sniveling Little boy you’ve been dating!’”

“Holy shit!” David said. “She injected her own daughters with that shit?!?”

I nodded, “That’s what she said.”

“Is that even possible to do?” Kendra asked.

I shrugged, “She got the idea indirectly from Addison who deciphered some hints from a friend of mine. She figured out that the nanites she’d been injected with to alter her after her adoption were still in her body and active. By linking up to them, she was able to make some further alterations to herself.”

“Seriously?!?” He asked.

“Yes,” I nodded.

“You’ve kept that a secret?” David asked me. “Where is that friend now?”

“Yes… not something most people should know. Let’s just say she was a good friend, and she’s outside of any control here now. She made it back home to her dimension at the end of undergrad.”

“What now? What if she does that to her?”

“I don’t know. First thing I do know is that I need you to contact Dr. Amanda Westerfield at Emerson, she’s the expert in the field, and may have some ideas to help here.”

“Okay?” David said, “You sure you can trust her?”

“With my life… Which I guess I am. With Addison I think we need to be careful how much you involve her so her mom doesn’t take retribution. You need to find a way to take her and SafeFoods down permanently, and get rid of this nanite bomb waiting to happen.”

“Well, they’ve definitely given us a lot of leverage since they played their games. Judge Jones is pissed! She made it clear to us that if the case fails, we are to file an immediate appeal to her and she’ll respond by putting another injunction herself. She tried to avoid being the one to do the injunction for questions.”

“Won’t she have to recuse herself?”

“If you were a blood relative yes, but the court has gotten very lax on recusals in the past fifty years. There’s enough precedent in play that she can stay on any case – and that it might actually be her duty to do so since her vote and voice are needed to avoid a tie.”

“I won’t turn down her help at this point…” I squirmed a bit, as I felt the need to pee badly coming right then. “Any chance you could sneak me to a bathroom?”

Kendra sighed, “No, and the Maturosis ruling is still effectively in place, so I’m sorry… you are still in the care of your mommy, and she wants you in those cute diapers.”

“This sucks!” I complained.

“Yes, it does, but make sure you keep behaving – it definitely was a point in your favor with Judge O’Connor. If you don’t rock the boat, I think at the next hearing we can get you free of this.”

“I sure hope you’re right… and that nothing else happens before then.” I decided to stop being miserable and took a second to let out the pee into my diaper. I blushed red as I figured from Kendra and David’s expression, that they knew exactly what I was doing. It was humiliating to be peeing in a diaper in front of my colleagues!

A loud knock happened at the door, “Five minutes!” the bailiff shouted.

I sighed, “I hope I’m still me at the end of this. I’m scared of what her mom will still find a way to do to me.”

Kendra stood and walked over, “I’m sorry Cameron, we’ll find a way, I promise you!”

“Look, even if this goes badly… you have to find a way to make her pay for Beth and the others. In the end I don’t care about myself as long as she sees justice!”

“We’ll do everything we can,” Kendra hugged me. “And we’ll be by those four times to check on you!”

“Thanks,” I told her.

“Time!” the bailiff said.

I sighed and walked over to them and Addison who was waiting outside and immediately scooped me up. “You done?” She asked with some disdain towards them.

“Yes Miss Harris. We’ll be taking advantage of Judge O’Connor’s times to check in on him. Please take good care of him, we want him back when the judge overrules this injustice.”

She snorted in a way that probably was about to land her in the hospital by Kendra killing her, but a shake from my head told her to let it go.

“Looks like we have a wet baby girl here,” she said loudly as she carried me down the hall. “Let’s go change your diapee and then we’ll get your nap in on the way home!”

I looked at her, confused by the theatrics, but just sat on her hip with her hand on my butt all the way to the bathroom without another word. She took me inside the women’s restroom and pulled down one of the wall-mounted changing tables near the entrance. She hooked the diaper bag to a hook on the side, pulled out a changing mat with her free hand, and placed me down on it.

“Aww… who’s a good baby girl?” She said with a smile. “I don’t know how that judge can even think of you not being a baby girl with a wet diapee like this,” she pulled my dress up to my chest and exposed the used diaper. She began tickling my stomach a little then without warning, “Aww… who’s the cutest wittle baby?”

I couldn’t help but laugh while she was tickling me, and was silently trying to figure out what the hell was going on! I was annoyed when I felt my bladder twinge some more and release into the diaper before she finally stopped and pushed a pacifier into my mouth.

She pulled another diaper out and had it ready to go as she removed the tapes from the wet one. I felt her grab my feet in her hand as a woman came and washed her hand in the sink nearby, “Oh dear, I think you have something a little extra on your little girl there!” The woman said.

“Just for now, we’ll take care of it as soon as we get through our little custody battle that we’re having, huh?” she wiped my butt right then and I squirmed. “Sit still baby, we’ll be done with your changie in just a moment, huh?”

Her baby talking was getting old, and I was seriously afraid of what had happened while I was meeting with David and Kendra.

She placed the new diaper underneath me and laid me down onto it. The woman came up closer then and said to her, “Your mom expects you to be nursing her tonight where she can see you. If you don’t, you will be the one nursing…” She paused for effect there, then added, “You need to report to work tomorrow too.” The woman reached around past her and touched me nose, “Be a good baby girl! That’s all you’ll ever be now!”

I looked at the woman in shock and only had a moment of looking before she turned and walked out of the bathroom. Addison looked shocked for just a second and then finished taping the diaper shut, threw the old diaper away, and then sat me on the counter while she washed her hands. “Let’s get going for that nap, huh? Then I guess I need to find you a good daycare to go to…”

She carried me through the courthouse and I observed Henry Johnson standing around talking to the woman who had just been inside. Not that I had any doubts before, but I certainly knew now that her mom was going to be pushing things much harder moving forward!

When she arrived at her SUV, she opened the door and gently placed me in the car seat. She had yet to give me anything other than a sippy cup, so I was surprised when she handed me a baby bottle with white liquid inside of it. “You need something to snack on here since we’ve skipped lunch,” she told me, “and I’m sure you’ve got to be getting a bit dehydrated. Your diaper was pretty yellow…”

“What is this Mommy?” I asked her.

“Just some formula sweetie. Regular baby formula,” she added. “It’s not the stuff made for Littles.” She saw my skepticism, and pushed my hand to bring the nipple to my mouth. “Be a good girl,” she reminded me.

Something in her look told me I needed to do it for both of our sakes, so I sighed and took the nipple inside my lips. It took a little bit of work to suck out of the nipple, but wasn’t that much worse than a straw once I got a rhythm going. The taste was weird… it wasn’t milk… it was different than that. It was a little bit sweeter than regular milk, and seemed a bit thinner than the milk I would buy in the store. As I sucked the liquid down, I just wished I could have some coffee instead! It was a big bottle for a baby, but since I was bigger than a real baby, or a Little by a bit, I finished before we were out of the city traffic.

‘How the hell am I going to get out of this?’ I wondered as I absently kept chewing on the nipple of the bottle.

Something about the formula, the car ride, the stress, and everything else sent me down for the nap that Addison wanted me to take.

WHEN I WOKE up, I was staring into Addison’s shoulder as she was apparently picking me up. “Oh, I’m sorry baby, I didn’t necessarily mean to wake you up,” she said.

I didn’t respond, just taking my hands and wiping the sleet out of my eyes. Based on what she had told me we were doing, I assumed we’d be going home right then. Instead, we were at some park with a few genuine toddlers running around and playing.

“Where are we?”

“The park, Princess,” she said as she squeezed me tighter. “I thought we could come play for a bit before we go home. I know you have your playset there, but I figured the park’s always more fun!” She whispered, “I thought we might be able to talk here some too…”

“There’s no one following us?” I asked her. I noticed she didn’t have my diaper bag on her. She seemed to only have me, and nothing else.

“No, I lost them, you know how I drive.”

“I slept through that?” I asked.

She smiled, “Guess you got used to Mommy’s crazy driving years ago!” She carried me closer and I could see some swings, “How about a swing?”

I shrugged, “Sure,” I told her.

She went to one that had a bucket style seat designed for young toddlers and deposited me inside. “How do I actually fit in this…?”

“Sweetie, you’ve always been smaller than I think you knew. This is meant for probably up to a five-year-old Big, so you easily fit inside.”

I was a little surprised as she gave me a little push then, but couldn’t help but acknowledge there was something nice about this. Getting into the spirit I said, “Higher!”

She laughed and pushed me more fervently for a couple minutes before slowing it down to a gentler amount. “Sweetie, I don’t know what we’re going to do about my mom…”

“What does she expect?” I asked her while keeping an eye out for any new people. So far it was just three moms watching two toddlers play in a sandpit, and another going up and down a slide a little way off.

“Honestly? She’s expecting me to start nursing you, which will make you lose your continence.”

“What else?”

“What else?”

“Yeah, what else does she want?”

“Well, she has a few daycares she wants me to send you to one of them…”

“Hypnosis there?”


“What about the injunction?”

“Are those really physical modifications?”

“The breast milk would be?”

“It’s just a bad reaction to food…”

“That’s scary, that could apply to a lot of things.”

She suddenly stopped pushing me and picked me up and squeezed me tight, “I am so sorry Cameron, I never wanted to do this to you!”

I could sense the tears by the shaking of her chest even before I looked up.

I sighed, “I know you didn’t… And no offense, but I really don’t want you as my mommy for the rest of my life.”

“I never wanted that role with you either.”

“Did you really love me?” I asked curiously.

“Of course! It’s why I fought so hard for so long to stay with you!”

I sighed, “Well, you should know I never really stopped loving you either.” I didn’t know what I wanted at that moment from her.

“I figured… I hated breaking your heart that night…”

“I guess I understand now… I wouldn’t have wanted you gracing the covers of some baby fashion magazine nursing from your mother…”

“Not like you are going to be now?”

I laughed nervously, “I don’t think that me being on a cover will be a problem. Now, the question is how do we get ourselves out of your mom’s control?”

“We can’t?”

“We can’t? Or we just don’t know how yet?”


“Okay, well we’re going to have to get some more help. Hopefully that is coming, for now we probably should give you mom what she wants to buy us some time…”

We talked for a while before she plucked me from the seat and said, “Okay I think we have a plan… you want to prove to me you can do this?”


“Let’s go play on the slide, and then the sand, silly!”

“Oh,” I said.

She sat me down on my feet and said, “Can you be a big girl and use the slide all by yourself, or do you need Mommy?”

I looked up at her and said, “Big girl!”

I ran to the smaller toddler’s size slide and began climbing up it. As I got to the top she waited at the bottom, “Come on, slide down to Mommy!”

I forced a smile at first, but as I slid down it sort of became real. We played with the other playground equipment for a while longer before I started getting kind of tired of running around. I was just standing up from the slide when I felt the need to go poop come. I desperately wanted her to at least let me wear training pants, and she was thinking about it for the next day to help out with the plan – but made no guarantees yet. In the meantime, I knew the diaper was on, and it was expected I would use it like a good baby.

The urgency was there, so with a sigh I paused and bent my legs. I squeezed, and at first nothing would come out, long built potty skills refusing to give in. I kept trying for a few more minutes, before eventually I felt the log start to push its way through. Once it started there was no stopping it! It kept filling my diaper, and I was out of breath and kind of dizzy when I finished.

“Looks like someone made a boom boom!” one of the other kids’ moms said nearby.

Addison laughed, “Looks like it!”

“Not in a hurry to potty train her?”

“Nope, she’s my little poop machine,” she leaned over and pushed a hair that had come loose from the headband she’d used on me that morning back in place. “Sweetie you want to go on the slide one more time, then we’ll go change your poopy pants?”

‘No, I want changed now…’ I thought, “No go!”

“You can have one more time, go down the slide and then we need to get going sweetie.”

I knew I needed to learn to play this part, so I went and climbed up the steps one last time, feeling the warm sticky mass rubbing against my butt. I made it to the top of the ladder and forced myself to do the unthinkable, I sat and slid down!

I could feel as it squished the poop all over my butt, and I knew Addison was going to have fun cleaning it all up. There was something though in the act of letting go right then that felt right. So, I decided to be a typical toddler and ran back up and snuck one more slide down the slide into her waiting arms.

“You little sneaker,” she said as she tickled me.

“Stop!” I cried.

“Let’s go get your stinky butt changed and get home.”

She kissed my forehead and carried me to the SUV where she opened the back up. For the mess that I knew was in my pants, she cleaned it up like it was no big deal to her. I was soon in a fresh diaper, and she walked with me on her hip to a nearby trash can to throw the diaper away before buckling me back into my car seat and shoving another bottle, this one of juice, into my lap. “You’ve got to be thirsty by now.”

I just nodded and drank, knowing there would be a lot more baby bottles and poopy diapers before this plan would work one way or another.

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Chapter 39: Warnings

THE PARK MUST have been fairly close to her house, because we were back inside her garage pretty quickly. A glance at the dash of the car told me that it was just about two hours past noon, so I was feeling quite hungry, even after the formula she had me drink leaving the courthouse. At the time I had been actually kind of surprised by how filling the drink was.

She pulled me from the car seat and carried me inside the house. Due to the early afternoon hour, I wasn’t surprised to see Mindy waiting for us inside.

“Miss Harris, you were gone longer than I expected?”

Addison shrugged as she sat me down on my feet, “We decided to stop by the park and play a bit after her nap.”

“Aww… I bet that was a cute sight!”

“It was! You want to see pictures?”

‘Pictures?!?!?’ I looked up at her and she smirked.

She pulled out her phone that she must have returned to the car for at some point, and showed them to Mindy. “Cute, huh?”

“Absolutely adorable Miss Harris!”

“You want to see your pretty pictures Cammie?” she asked me in that baby voice that women used towards babies, and I wanted to scream as she knelt down to show me her phone.

I nodded though, morbidly curious.

I was a little disturbed that I never noticed her taking pictures as I went down the slide or played in the sand a bit. I knew that it was me in the photos, but there was a disconnect in my mind about how the cute girl playing on the playground could possibly be me. I could still recognize my face, but with the way she had done my hair and the dress… Well, it was obvious I looked the part.

“Princess Cammie is cute, huh?” She asked me and began tickling me a little.

“Stop,” I giggled.

“Did you get lunch yet?” Mindy asked.

“No, we didn’t. What do you think Princess Cammie; do we need a late lunch?”

I nodded.

“What do you want?” She asked me.

I thought for a moment, I wasn’t used to getting food made for me. I shrugged, “What is there?”

Mindy smiled, “Probably almost anything you want! But what do you think about a grilled cheese sandwich?”

I nodded, “That sounds good… Thank you Miss Mindy,” I said politely.

You could see her absolutely melt with my politeness, “She is such a perfect little girl ma’am!”

“Sort of, she’s kind of dirty from the park. We’re going to go change her clothes while you work on that?”

“Sounds good ma’am, you want one too?”

“Please, I love your grilled cheeses,” she told her.

“Nothing special ma’am,” she told her.

“Yes, they are, you always brown them perfectly!”

“Well… That’s just how you make them! Go get that baby girl into something less formal – you should have done that before she played, but we’ll get that dress clean still - just leave it in the hamper. I’ll have your lunch ready when you get back downstairs.”

“Thanks Mindy,” she told her.

Addison held out her hand to me, “Come on baby girl…”

I sighed, but let her larger hand envelope mine, and walked upstairs beside her. The diaper was still dry, but the crinkle was letting me know it was still there with every step. It felt like it was hugging me as my legs moved up the steps, and I couldn’t help but remember back to commercials on TV that bragged about diapers hugging every move of a baby or Little over the years. It made me blush to think about being in the same shitty situation as those poor Littles!

I walked to my room with Addison pulling me along and stood still where she let me go by the closet. “Hmm… what shall we wear for the afternoon?” She asked herself. “Ooh… Is it really your size?!?” She was way too excited about whatever she found. “Look!!! These are sooooooo cute!!!” She exclaimed happily in a voice that meant I knew I would hate whatever it was.

As she turned around, I saw that I was right!

In her hands was one of the outfits that I always felt the sorriest for a Little being dressed in. Normally you would only see a baby under two dressed in such a thing, or probably a shorter Little under about four-and-a-half feet tall. I had to guess this was some special-order item, as I couldn’t imagine it being available so easily for someone my size!

I’d once asked Addison why anyone would dress someone in such an outfit, to which she’d shrugged and said ‘They’re kind of cute.’ I’d ended up asking out of morbid curiosity what it was even called, and she told me ‘It’s a bubble romper! On real infants I think they’re one of the cutest things ever!’

This horrid outfit in question was a pale yellow with white stripes every inch or so running horizontally. It featured a short exaggerated ruffled sleeve, and a high stretch waist band that would probably fall just above my belly button. The worst part wasn’t how puffy the bottom portion that snapped close was! No, the worst part was the back was covered in four rows of matching ruffled fabric that made yesterday’s leggings look tame. I knew they would bring extra attention to my diapered bottom, and groaned out loud.

“Do I have to…?”

“Why yes you do! You’re going to look so precious! And no silly pants to get in the way of you moving around while you play!” She squealed with delight.

‘She actually squealed?’ I thought worriedly, ‘She usually has better control over those urges!’ I thought in the half-second before she was right there picking me up. She was giddy as she sat me down on the changing table. The dress was off before I even had a chance to consider another argument. My shoes were placed on a shelf, and my socks followed the dress into a nearby hamper.

Naked, except the still clean diaper, I felt nervous as she looked at me and suddenly pounced with her fingers tickling my feet.

“No!” I cried.

“Yes!” She laughed and continued her attack up my legs and onto my belly.

I was really seriously about to pee without any control when she finally let up, “Oh, I guess I’ll stop attacking my baby girl at least long enough to get her dressed.” It was almost like a slow motion horror movie as she opened the snaps in the crotch of the monstrosity and gathered it up in her hands. “Arms up like a pretty ballerina!” she cooed.

“Shoot me…”

“Why would we do that?” She said as she pulled it down over my hands and blocked my vision for a moment before pushing me down on the table. “There we go, all snapped in!”

She was truly enjoying this; I could tell that. I looked down at the babyish outfit, and it was probably worse than I feared. The puff of the bubble in the bottom part was ridiculous, and I wondered if it wasn’t exaggerated because they knew only a babied Mid would fit into this…

I sat there for a few minutes while she undid the more mature fishtail braid that she had made in my hair for the court hearing, and quickly brushed my hair instead into a high ponytail, and used a matching yellow ribbon to tie a bow on it.

“Let’s go show Miss Mindy!” She smiled at me as she picked me back up and carried me downstairs.

“Oh, my word!” Mindy said when she saw me, “I had no idea you could dress a big girl like you so pretty! That outfit is absolutely precious Miss Harris!”

“I know, right?” Addison squeezed me tighter, “I’ve always found these to be super adorable! I’m so glad they found a couple of them in her size! They’ll be perfect for her to play at home!”

“Yes, they will!” She agreed.

As Addison placed me into what I now knew as my highchair, I could sort of feel the rows of ruffles behind me; even through the diaper! I let her maneuver my arms through the five-point harness to buckle me in, and then watched as she placed the white tray into place. I was a little annoyed with the way my bare legs were touching the bottom of the chair where the fabric ended and plastic began, but at least other than that, I guessed it was as comfortable as a highchair could be. ‘At least she’s not using those other straps…’ I thought with a shudder. Addison finished preparing me for lunch by velcroing a large yellow bib behind me, before Mindy placed the plate of smaller cut up sandwich pieces on the tray.

Addison had walked to a cupboard and filled a sippy cup up with more Plapple juice. “Eat up baby,” she told me.

I stared at the pieces in front of me, and was annoyed I didn’t have the sandwich like she had. For hers, Mindy had just sliced it in half diagonally. For mine she had cut it what looked like a total of four times. It meant I had eight smaller triangles to eat that would cool off quicker. I picked the first one up and saw that it looked like it had a quality cheddar cheese inside at least, and was nicely lined like it was cooked on a sandwich grill.

I moaned at the first bite a second later, “Wow!” I said with a smile looking up at Mindy, “How did you make it taste so good?”

She just smiled at me, “Just a little extra love, Sweetie.”

I began eating more pieces quickly and saw that Addison and Mindy were mostly watching me, even though Addison would occasionally take a bite.

“She really is adorable! What happened in court today?”

“The injunction against Mom having contact with Cameron or me is still standing. If there is a need for communication it is supposed to happen with supervision.”

“What about your custody of little Cammie here?”

“Well Cammie is still my baby girl for now. The judge is planning on a separate hearing to decide if I get to keep her or not.”

“Oh, I’m sure you will! Your mom’s attorneys are the very best!”

Addison rubbed my shoulder, “I’m sure they are.”

“What’s your plan for the rest of the day?” Mindy asked Addison.

“Well, I think we’ll probably go swimming for a little bit before dinner after I cuddle this little girl for a bit. Maybe we’ll get a little bit of playtime in her playroom before bed too.”

“That sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon together. You’re on maternity leave now, right?”

Addison shrugged, “I’m supposed to be, but apparently I’m supposed to go into work tomorrow.”

“Oh my, your mom is making you come in still?”

“She was back at work the next day after she adopted Matty, I guarantee she doesn’t think anything of it,” she told her. “I need to make sure that I have a daycare appointment set up actually…”

“Why don’t you go do that? I’ll watch while wittle Miss Cammie finishes eating her num-nums?”

“That would be great actually,” she told her, scarfing down a last bite and stepping out down the hallway.

I was about three-quarters through my sandwich, and just silently kept eating while Mindy watched.

I had just taken the last bite when she said, “You know there’s no way you’ll win against Mrs. Harris, right? You should just volunteer for the procedures and get it over with?”

I looked up at her with new eyes, “Everyone has a weakness. I have mine; you have yours, and Mrs. Harris has her own. I would hope you aren’t trying to send a message for her?”

She narrowed her eyes, “And if I was?”

“Well, that would probably make Judge O’Connor unhappy when he hears that.”

“Only matters if you can tell him?”

I shrugged, “If I can’t that’ll mean the real bombs will start going off. You might as well tell Mrs. Harris that backing off would be her best move. She’s messed with the wrong person. Even if she destroys me, something I know is probably coming, I have allies and assets that aren’t going to take that lightly.”

I think she was about to say something else, but Addison came back in. “All taken care of! The daycare my mom suggested luckily still had a space free for you! It’s the best one in town, so I know you’ll love it there!” She cooed at me.

“Great…” I deadpanned.

“Someone is kind of cranky?” Mindy suggested.

“Probably, well… I know what can help! Might as well deal with the other problem I’m having right now. Would you mind cleaning up?” she asked Mindy as she moved the tray aside and pulled the bib off of me.

“Of course!” she said, “I can bring you a glass of water when I’m done?”

“That would be great, we’re going to go sit in the living room for some quiet,” she told her.

“Sounds good Miss Harris.”

I looked at her as she tried to talk to Mindy in some sort of code; a little nervous that I knew precisely what she was talking about. As she sat down with me in a rocking recliner, I looked at a clock and saw it was mid-afternoon.

“We’ve put this off for long enough,” she told me. “You should have been doing this from the first night we spent together!”

“No…” I squeaked out.

“Yes, it’s past time, my milk has been in for two days now, and I don’t want to keep pumping all day.”

“I don’t…” I said to her as she placed me on her right leg for a second and began messing with the dress. Apparently, it was designed for nursing mothers, because she was able to pull her left breast free a moment later without taking the top down, and undid the latch of a nursing bra to expose her nipple. I looked at the erect nipple sticking out, thinking about the first, and last time, I had had a taste of her milk. I’d thought about it for months afterwards! Even as I saw a droplet forming on the tip as she gently expressed it, I could feel a craving coming.

“Come on baby girl, Mommy knows you liked it before. This time you don’t have to worry about losing your potty ability though, because you’re already in a diaper!”

“You told me I could wear big girl pants!” I complained, eyes still focused on the white droplet that was still hanging there.

“That was if we had you altered yesterday. You’re still an icky boy where it counts, so we’re going to keep you in diapers until we get everything figured out. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones that can still use the potty when nursing?”

“Nnnn…” I started to say, but she guided my head to her nipple, and used the opening to push my mouth on.

The single droplet hit my tongue.

It was the tastiest thing ever!!!

The single droplet reminded me of everything I had wanted to have again after that first accidental time!

At that point my willpower failed, and I began earnestly sucking at the nipple, being rewarded with each suckle by a mouth full of the tasty milk. My tongue began licking the nipple to try and get more of the taste, and I found my hands gently squeezing the warm flesh of her exposed breast too. I felt like time was passing without me then, as all I knew was suckling.

I felt a need to pee, but was at least relieved that it was a normal urge. I held it for a couple sucks before just admitting it did no good to hold it and let it out into the diaper. Addison must have felt it because she cooed at me as I kept sucking.

“Mrs. Harris will be happy to see you finally started,” I heard just before I must have gone off to dreamland from the milk.

Chapter 40: Swimming

I FOUND MYSELF incredibly disoriented when I woke up on my bed. I wiped my eyes and pulled out the pacifier from inside of my mouth. ‘Did that really just happen…?’ I wondered.

Pressing on the front of my diaper, I was relieved to find it dry. ‘I definitely went while I was nursing… She probably changed me after I passed out?’ I blushed at the thought I would have slept through my body being manipulated like that!

I looked around the room and saw that the door to the hallway was closed. I had no way of knowing if she cared, but decided it was time to stand up and see what I could get away with. A real toddler wouldn’t necessarily stay in their room after a nap, so I decided that if she wanted a toddler without a crib, then she should be okay with that. ‘I just hope she doesn’t decide that means I need a crib…’

I went to the door and tested the door knob. I knew it had a lock on the outside based on the first day, but when I tried, the door opened.

Across the hall I could see the door to the nursery room was closed, hiding that ongoing threat of further demotion. Remembering the doll house, I knew that she had an office downstairs, would she be there?

I had barely started to climb down the stairs when Addison appeared at the bottom, “Did my wittle princess decide to wake up from her nap?”

I sighed, but nodded, “Yes… How long was I out?”

“You slept good for about an hour?”

I sighed with relief that I hadn’t been knocked out longer. I knew some Littles would be down for two hours or more after a nursing session like I had. Unfortunately, it didn’t completely rule out any effects from the breast milk. I was very much dependent on Stacy’s work to get me through this without a lifetime of diapers in front of me! ‘I sure hope David and Kendra got ahold of Amanda…’ I thought.

I walked down the rest of the steps and found myself suddenly picked up and in Addison’s arms. “What a big girl coming down the steps all by herself!”

I just sighed, “What now?”

“You want to go swimming? Miss Mindy left us dinner in the oven that should be done in about an hour?”

“Sure,” I said.

“I saw the perfect swimsuit for you when I was in your closet earlier!” She squealed again, and in spite of my hopes that she was above board with our talks, I couldn’t help but imagine she was just like every other crazy Amazonian woman wanting to play with her baby doll…

She carried me back up the steps I had just climbed down, and right back inside the room I had just ‘escaped.’ She stood me on my feet by the changing table before turning to the closet. I watched as she opened the door and dug inside for just a second, squealed, and quickly emerged with a bundle of cloth that I didn’t have a chance to look at as she sat it down on the changing table.

“Let’s see here… did they put in some swim diapers…?”

I watched her root around the boxes of diapers for a moment before saying, “They didn’t put any in here…” She looked thoughtful for a moment.

“I don’t have to wear one?” I suggested.

She laughed, “I’m not draining my pool because you have a poopy accident.”

“I wouldn’t…”

“You’re on Mommy’s milk as part of your diet now, I wouldn’t count on that.”

‘I really hope that statement is wrong…’ I thought as I sighed.

She looked thoughtful for a second and said, “Stay here, Mommy’ll be right back!”

I watched her leave the room through the open door. She went across the hall and opened the nursery room, but closed the door behind her for some reason. I watched the door reopen quickly and close, and then she came closer with a handful of colorful looking swim diapers. “Found some!” She told me excitedly.

“Great…” I said sarcastically.

She picked me up and put me up on the changing table, pulling the strap across my chest. I was relieved that the embarrassing bubble outfit was unsnapped and came off! ‘I wonder if she has a fireplace I could burn it in…?’ She opened the diaper up and said in a shocked voice, “I can’t believe you’re still clean and dry… Must take longer to effect bigger babies?”

“Or maybe I’m not a baby at all…?” I said smartly.

A pacifier was shoved into my mouth with a warning look. “Be a good girl or you can just go to bed right now without dinner!”

“Sowwy Mommy,” I said around the pacifier.

She kissed my nose, “I know you are.”

She pulled the diaper out from underneath me and didn’t even bother with a wipe since I was clean. I was still more than a little bit apprehensive at being completely naked right then, but she immediately slipped the swim diaper up my hips like a pair of underwear, and then undid the strap across my chest. She messed with a bundle of cloth for a second and then grabbed my feet to begin feeding them through the swimsuit.

It was only then that it really dawned on me that I’d be wearing a girl’s swimsuit outside!

She pulled the tightfitting spandex one-piece suit all the way up to my shoulders and guided my arms through the straps. She sat me up and had me face the wall while she began braiding my hair back again. I poked at some rectangular pieces that were attached to the suit and surrounded me.

“Isn’t that swimsuit so cute?!?” She cooed. “It has little floatation things so we don’t have to deal with those silly armband floats.”

“You remember I can swim, right?”

“Aww… You sure used to be able to, but you’re not the same person you were sweetie. You’re going to have to accept you need more help with things now. Mommy’s more than happy to help her little baby girl with all of those things though!”

I sighed and sat still while she was still braiding. Looking down I could see the very top of the suit was a light sky-blue color with a pink flower drawn on the area above my left chest. The material came to meet a pair of the thin shoulder straps I would expect from a girl’s swimsuit. Below it, on a white background, were hundreds of small and big flowers overlaid. It felt embarrassing and weird to basically have my legs uncovered like I was only wearing a pair of underwear. I never really considered that girls must feel pretty exposed whenever they wore a swimsuit like this.

On a real toddler girl it would have been a cute swimsuit.

On me…

“Done!” She said a moment later, happy with the braid she had tied.

She picked me up then and walked down to her bedroom where she sat me down on the bed. I watched as she found a bikini and sat it down on a dresser. She began pulling off her shirt and shorts revealing her underwear. I couldn’t help but feel aroused, watching as she took off her clothes. The swim diaper and suit made me feel horribly squished down below where things were running out space. The nursing bra she wore came off and fully exposed the breasts that I had fondled so many times in college, and now nursed from completely. Soon she was completely nude while she pulled the swimsuit bottoms up her legs, and only then finally turned away from me. She was facing me again though as it seemed like she took forever to tie the bikini top closed. I squirmed more as the swimsuit and diaper were very painfully constricting!

It subsided slightly as I watched her carefully braid her own hair, and then placed a swim cap on top of it.

“Mommy, how come I don’t have a cap?” I asked her after taking out the pacifier I realized was still in my mouth.

She laughed, “You’re a little girl, it’s okay for you to get your hair wet in the pool! You haven’t had it dyed or anything yet.”


She just shrugged and plopped the pacifier back into my mouth, “It might be nice for you to match Mommy? The judge said I could have your hair styled…”

I glared at her, but it did no good. She picked me up and carried me out to the backyard and through the protective fence to the pool area. There were a few tall umbrellas outside that were open, extending shade around them. On one end there was a large outdoor kitchen covered by an awning, along with a bar that looked appropriate to hosting a large party.

The themed pool’s waterfall was cascading downward, and I figured it must have had a thirty foot drop to the main pool. It appeared it was actually deep enough to dive from, and a dive board was cleverly hidden the more I stared at the feature. ‘Cliff diving into a home pool… Not something I would do even if I wasn’t being treated like a baby!’ I thought to myself. ‘Stacy would have been crazy for it though,’ I admitted. ‘That girl was part fish…’ I smiled as I thought about her arguing with Fred and Amanda that she was a ‘dolphin, not a fish!’

I noted that the pool was extra deep in that spot, marked six meters right there. The large pool looked to come up to one meter at the shallow end looking at the markings. I truly was a huge pool!

I refocused on my surroundings as Addy placed a couple folded pool towels down on one of the covered chairs. “Come here baby, we need to put sunscreen on you!”

I sighed as she began liberally spraying sunscreen on me, and then herself. ‘I hope this is a high-quality sunscreen,’ I thought to myself playing with the odd straps, ‘These tan lines could be really embarrassing…’

While she was doing it to herself it seemed to take longer, and I really just wanted to jump into the water… As much as I wanted to, I decided it was probably a better idea to wait for her. I did pop the pacifier out onto the towel as it seemed like a bad idea to take it into the pool to me. I couldn’t help but note that her overprotective mommy self was popping out badly since she…

‘Since she nursed me!’ I thought with an epiphany. ‘I forgot that they bond more with the Littles they nurse too…’

I looked at her and just hoped I was wrong about that. The last thing the plan needed was an overly maternal participant… ‘even though that would probably help since she’d defend me like a mother bear…’

“Mommy may I get in?”

“Wait for me, I know you liked the water before, and are in a hurry!”

I sighed as she fidgeted more with her swim cap and pulled a watch off. I found myself readjusting one of the straps on my shoulder then. The suit must have been a little too big, because it wanted to slide off of my shoulder. The bottom was giving me a weird wedgie, but the swim diaper at least prevented me from being too bothered by it now that at least things had calmed down there. I heard the click of a camera and looked to see her with her phone out.

“No pictures…” I whined.

“Yes pictures! All sorts of pictures! We might even have to go get some good baby pictures made this next week!”

I groaned, “Can we just get in the water now?”

She laughed as she was putting her phone in some sort of holster that she dropped around her neck. A second later she picked me up and hopped into the pool with me.

“Aah!” I said, not expecting that!

She smiled and let me bob in the water. The buoyancy pieces on the suit were more than enough to hold me up, but not quite as cumbersome as a life vest would have been. I found myself treading in the water just out of normal instinct still though.

The pool itself was the perfect warm temperature to feel good! It must have been a salt water pool, because it had a nice silky feeling to the water, and it didn’t seem as harsh as a lot of pools that I’d swam in over the years. With the thematic elements that were present I knew it was nicer and ridiculously more expensive than Amanda and Fred’s pool was. I sighed again, really hoping that Amanda had some ideas… or maybe Stacy could help somehow from her home dimension.

After a while I let go of my worries and forced myself to just enjoy the sensation of floating since I hadn’t been swimming in a while. I didn’t notice that Addison pulled out her phone again and took a few more pictures for a while. “Really?!?” I complained.

“Really!” She said and swam over to me. She said, “Selfie time!” She took one of us together and said, “No, you have to smile!”

“Do I have to?”

“I can always tickle you? Or find other ways of torture?”

“Fine!” I said and smiled.

“Not like that, like this!” She said making a face that I could see in the camera.

We must have spent five minutes with her trying to get a bunch of faces out of me, and I knew that all of these were probably going to end up on the social media accounts that she’d blocked me from years ago! ‘Look at my new baby! You probably recognize her!’

She finally let up and I swam to the other side of the pool by the waterfall area. I noticed that she took a couple more pictures from the distance of me underneath the dripping falls, before she sat her phone down on the wall we had entered, and swam over to me.

“Please tell me you haven’t really lost your mind?” I asked her.

“What does my wittle baby princess mean?” She asked me with a serious face.

‘Oh shit…’

Then she burst out laughing! “Okay, I’m not going to lie - I am having fun with this - but no I haven’t lost my mind.”

I sighed in relief, “You have had me really worried,” I told her.

“Well with Mindy around, I have to be careful. I don’t know if you were conked out from the milk or not, but she very clearly implied my mom is watching us.”

“I heard,” I told her. “She also implicitly threatened me on behalf of your mom… And to make it worse, now I’m going to a daycare tomorrow that your mom picked?”

She sighed, “Well, she did give me three choices… this was the best of the bunch.”

“How bad?”

“Well at least it’s not robot caretakers?”

I gulped.

Chapter 41: Rings

WE STAYED IN the falls, our designated ‘time-out’ spot for just a few minutes before going back out to the other part of the pool. The two of us just lazily floated around for a while before she decided it was time to go inside for dinner. “Let’s get you into a dry outfit, and then we’ll get some din-din in your wittle tummy!”

She tickled my side again while we walked inside. The walk upstairs didn’t take long, and I was soon dressed in a simple t-shirt dress and a new diaper. “Why don’t you stay here, while Mommy goes and gets dressed really quick?” She suggested.

I sighed but nodded.

I found myself exploring the room some more, looking at the toys spread about the shelves and the floor. There were a few Littles based learning toys that might offer a small amount of challenge to play. Most of the ones I recognized tended to be designed to educate or entertain someone who had struggled badly through their high school course work. A lot of Littles knew the fate that was coming, and just didn’t care about school from middle school onward since math wasn’t exactly complicated when you were just pooping diapers and crawling around on a floor. For these toys Math problems might be at the Pre-Calc or Algebra level for the math learning toys on the advanced levels. Spelling toys might ask you to spell words that would be easy college test words… Others might involve some games that might give you a little bit of a team challenge as a video game. Over the years I’d heard some weren’t too bad, but there was far too much danger in ever holding one – even at my slightly tall height, it would have been like inviting a mommy to come and claim me!

Some building blocks were placed in some tubs, but they were the big ones meant to be too big to fit inside a baby’s mouth, not the small ones you could actually do really cool things building designs and sculptures with. I found a shelf of coloring books and some paper that I guessed I could draw with when I ended up truly bored.

And then there was the dollhouse, and probably a dozen baby dolls spread about of different sizes that ranged from the dollhouse size, on up to a real newborn Amazon size. I picked one of them up and looked at it for a moment, really not even understanding what a kid did with them. Truthfully like most Littles, I had avoided holding onto any toys too long growing up, in a vain attempt to be seen as bigger than I was. I turned to one last portion of the room and a giant net that I hadn’t really looked at the contents at so far. It was filled with a ton of stuffed plush animals. One in particular kind of stood out to me as I got closer to it.

It had four black legs, then a lighter brownish red fur above it on the torso. The muzzle of the creature was white with a cute little black nose, and it had a splotchy face of brown and white around its eyes. The ears were white in front, and black on the back, and it had a ringed tail alternating with brownish red fur, then a darker brown, and then black on the final ring at the end of the tail.

I tried to think of what the creature was called? I couldn’t help but pick it up and stroke its very soft fur out of curiosity while I did so.

It was so very soft!

I was just thinking I should put it down again, when I heard the click of a digital shutter and realized I had an audience. I sat the creature down hurriedly and looked up to glare at my assailant. “No pictures…” I whined.

“Yes pictures!” she said as she came and knelt next to where I stood. She grabbed the stuffed animal and said, “Did you make a new friend?”

I shook my head, “Just looking,” I said.

She wasn’t convinced, “What’s its name?”


“You have to name your stuffies, and your dolls, it’s in the little girl rulebook.”

“I’m not… I don’t…”

She brought it closer to me and handed it into my arms. I instinctively took it and hugged it, “What’s its name?”

“I don’t even remember what it’s supposed to be? I was looking at it because of that.”

She laughed, “It’s a red panda, isn’t it adorable?”

I nodded, “She’s soft too…”

“So, it’s a she?”

I shrugged, “She looks like a ‘she’…”

“Hmm… we’ll have to both think of a name tonight, let’s take her down to dinner so you can cuddle with her…”

“We don’t…” I started to say, but she already had me on her hip as I awkwardly hoped she wasn’t dropping me as off balance as I felt. I squeezed the animal tight though, and there was something comforting in that juvenile act.

She squeezed me tightly, “Let’s go get some din-din!”

I sighed, and endured the walk downstairs to the table. As she buckled me in, she took the animal from me and I said, “Rings?”


“Name!” I said, “Does it work?”

She laughed, “She’s your stuffie sweetie. I think Rings works very well though, like her little tail, huh?”

I blushed, but nodded.

“Rings it is.” She handed her back to me, “You can snuggle with her while Mommy gets your din-din on a plate.”

I blushed some more, but took her and found myself squeezing her while Addison went about the kitchen. I rested my chin on her body, as her legs fell below my left arm, and her head rested above my elbow. There was something truly comforting about holding her. Even though it wasn’t a live, it felt like I was holding some kind of large cat or something.

A childish plastic plate was brought out again, and I watched her mutilate a piece of tasty looking lasagna with a knife. She placed a larger whole piece on a glass plate, and put both on the table in front of her. The high chair I was in suddenly was pulled closer to her on the wheels it was on, and she took and placed Rings on the table out of reach. I sat still as a bib was placed around my neck, and expected she would place the plate on the tray. Instead, it stayed next to her. I looked inquisitively at her, but didn’t say anything, knowing something was up.

The reason became clear as she started scooping up a bite with her fork from my plate and brought it to my mouth, “Open up the hangar Princess!”

I stared at the fork for a second, before sighing and opening up.

The meal was one of the most embarrassing I could imagine short of being spoon fed baby food! ‘It’s almost pureed with as much as she cut it…’ I griped. She made it into my mouth most of the time, but I swore she missed intentionally a half-dozen times, smearing it onto my cheeks and chin. She’d then reach down and pick the bib up occasionally and wipe my face with it, complaining about the ‘messy baby.’

I honestly couldn’t decide if it was more or less mortifying that Addison was the one pretending to be my mommy here!

When the plates were cleared, she attacked me with a baby wipe, and handed me the stuffie, “Here’s your cute Rings back!”

I blushed, but squeezed her as she let me down from the high chair. She reached up to the table and said, “Here’s your baba too - why don’t you finish the juice in there while Mommy finishes cleaning up?”

She didn’t do anything but put the dishes in the sink, knowing that Mindy would take care of washing the dishes the next day. I was just watching her rinse things though when I felt the urge to pee come as I finished the bottle. With a sigh I let go into the padding, knowing full well that it would be my only option here for now. Addison noticed I had finished the bottle, and was right there replacing it with a pacifier. “It’s a lot later than I thought it was. We need to get you a bath, and then get you in bed. You have a long day at daycare tomorrow!”

I shook my head, “It’s not that late?”

She smirked, “For a baby it is! And that’s all you are now, isn’t it?” She picked me up and tickled my side lightly.

“Stop tickling me…” I complained.

“Or what?”

“Or I’ll…”

“You’ll what…?”

“I’ll pee…?”.

“Oh no, another diapee to change? Oh, the humanity?” She exclaimed as she walked into my bedroom, dropped me on my bed, and proceeded to attack me with her fingers longer than I ever remembered being tickled. I felt like my senses were completely overloaded as I did pee out what little was left in my bladder and giggled completely uncontrollably.

“Stop…” I cried out, dropping the pacifier from my mouth.

“Oh, all right,” She said to me, letting me catch my breath.

“You’re mean,” I told her.

“I know,” she smiled. Right on the bed she pulled the dress off of my head and tossed it into the hamper. I blushed wearing only the diaper then, as she carried me inside the bathroom that I guessed I would probably only be visiting for baths.

She closed the door and sat me down on top of the closed toilet. I watched her start the water flowing into the tub, “Shower?” I asked hopefully.

“Nope, you take baths now sweetie. You’re much too little now for showers.”

“Not that little…” I complained.

“Oh? And how big are you?” She asked with a smile. “You’re much shorter than mommy?”

I groaned, “You’re just really tall!”

“And you have a diaper on, huh?”

“You put it on me…”

“And it’s wet, huh?”

“You tickled me…”

“It was dry before that?”

I sighed and shook my head, “No…”

“And who wet their diapee?”

“Me,” I said softly.

“Who else wets diapees?”

I shrugged.

“Babies maybe?” She smiled as she added some bubbles, “But that’s okay, because little Cammie is my cute little baby who is far too little for showers now, but just the perfect size for her mommy to give a bubble bath!”

Without warning she reached and pulled the tabs open on my diaper and stood me up. She manhandled me gently, but held me in front of her to look at my butt before picking me up and setting me into the tub. The water was probably higher than a real mother would ever use with their baby, but I appreciated the chest high water and pile of bubbles, as at least it hid the reaction I’d had to her humiliating treatment of me. I had no idea why I was having that reaction, but I jolted as I couldn’t deny that a part of me did like this side of Addison.

I sat still as she loosened the braid in my hair. A moment later I jumped as a plastic container of water was dumped on my head, “Eek!” I complained.

“Oh, stop being a drama queen Princess, just need to wash this hair out since we haven’t done that since you got here!”

“Warn me next time,” I grumbled.

“Here it comes!” She said as she was dumping it again.

I just sighed and spit out a hair that fell into my mouth. She began massaging in some baby shampoo then and I had to admit the touch felt good. I’d been so isolated from people since Beth’s disappearance kicked off the worst years of my life. ‘This really probably is the worst of it though, losing my freedom,’ I thought.

‘Could be worse,’ I reminded myself as she dumped more water to rinse out the shampoo. I squirmed as she began using a washcloth all over my body to scrub me. She finished my legs and held my foot up over the water. I giggled as it tickled.

“Oh, how is it I never realized how ticklish you were before?” She said as she held my foot.

I looked at her worriedly.

She laughed, “I don’t want splashed, you’re probably safest in the tub!”

I gulped. ‘Can I stay in the tub forever…?’

“Sit up sweetie,” she told me a moment later, “put your back towards me,” she added as she turned me. That was when the washcloth got way more up close and personal than I realized it would. My butt was the target and I squirmed as she embarrassingly clawed at whatever bits might be there.

“All clean!” She exclaimed though a moment later and began draining the tub.

She carried me to the changing table after drying me off and placed a diaper down underneath me. I was surprised though when she turned me over face down, and began rubbing me down with some sort of lavender oil.

I began completely mortified by my nakedness.

After a few moments though I decided that it was the most heavenly massage she had ever given me! She must have massaged my back, my legs, and my neck for thirty minutes before doing the same with my front, my hands, and my feet.

I was feeling pretty sleepy as she wiped her hands clean with a baby wipe and taped a new diaper on my butt. She wrapped me in a light blanket before she lifted me up and walked to the rocking chair. “One last set of nummies before bed!” she said softly to me.

I looked up at her sleepily and realized I was truly going down the rabbit hole of being a breastfed Little. She just pulled her shirt off of her head this time, and removed her bra, leaving herself completely naked from the top up. Years ago, this was when the foreplay would begin and lead to something downstairs… and I could feel my reaction to that possibility still going on.

She shifted me in her arms and moved the blanket so our skin was touching. The nipple was within reach and I thought honestly about refusing for a moment…

After all I’d managed the willpower to not nurse from her for years after that first hit!

My memory of years ago, and of early that day though, got to me, and I couldn’t resist latching on and beginning to nurse the amazing liquid from within her breasts. She moaned with some pleasure even as I couldn’t help but feel amazingly relaxed, comfortable, and connected with her then. I used my tongue to help depress her nipple more and she shuddered underneath me. I was too far gone to even think about her in a sexual way though right then.

Between the massage, the swimming, the stress, and the milk, I was out like a light.

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Hey !

Nice addition in line with the latest. I’m sure Stacy’s work will do great !

A simple question that bother me way more than it should ( in a lot of other authors’ stories too): why is it never mention that people get rinse from soapy water after cleaning in a bath ?
It’s really anecdotal but I have this question for a long time.

Always a pleasure to read you.


This is developing amazing I hope she truly becomes the little girl she is destined to be and has her little procedure to rectify her little boy problem. But yeah this story is truly amazing and awesome

Thanks for commenting!

Honestly if you’re talking about showering it off…? I never did that growing up in the bath.

Chapter 42: Bunnies

I KICKED MY legs back and forth nervously in the car seat that I was strapped into since there was nothing else really to do. ‘I look ridiculous!’ I complained to myself for the hundredth time since I’d been dressed that morning by Addison.

Honestly, I didn’t really have much of an expectation of looking like a grown-up obviously, but I swore that Addison must have chosen the most babyish and girly outfit in the closet! She called it a playsuit when she put me into it, but it was pretty much a puffy onesie like the bubble outfit the day before, but with scrunched up ruffled cuffs on my legs, and a ruffled collar, created in this light pink color that was most definitely meant for only baby girls to wear… I played around with the small bow that was trapped underneath the seat buckle for a second before returning to my view of the window that I could just barely see out of. I tightly hugged Rings a bit closer to me as a way to deal with the stress.

The truth was I knew without a doubt for Littles the LAST thing you wanted was to be sent to a daycare. It was sure to be even worse for me as a Mid! If I was a small Little the outfit I was wearing wouldn’t be that far out of normal, but a Mid would never have a reason to be this babied unless they really ‘needed’ it.

I was even more nervous because this was one of three daycares that her mom had suggested. She claimed this was the best of the bunch, with an all-human staff, low staff to student ratio, and supposedly a nice facility with plenty of play equipment… It was unfortunately a mix of Littles and Big Children at the facility, and that was probably going to be its own problem depending on how they segregated the kids.

Addison had told me a little about the place as she started driving, and it sounded like it was a very large daycare that housed nearly five-hundred Birth to Six-Year-Old babies and kids in a combined Daycare, Preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten facility. From what she had found out, it seemed like a little over half of the ‘students’ were in fact Littles. ‘Now at least one Mid…’ I thought morosely.

It seemed like the car ride both took forever, and wasn’t long enough, before she pulled to a stop and came around to my door. She carried a pink diaper bag on her shoulder covered in butterflies for me. I had watched her load half a package of diapers, spare outfits, pacifiers, and more into it that morning. On top of that she had another lunch bag cooler that I blushed at seeing six bottles of breast milk placed inside, as well as a stack of frozen milk pouches. “Now Mommy isn’t going to necessarily be leaving you there every day, but we need to make sure you have plenty of Mommy’s milk!” She had said to me with Mindy staring over our shoulders. Neither of us doubted that her mom was seriously watching her through Mindy, and the cameras, so she was being exceptionally careful. I had also been shocked by just how quickly she’d generated that much milk!

Addison undid the latch on my car seat harness and picked me up and placed me on her hip. Other parents were also taking their kids in, but I noticed that everyone my size and bigger were all walking in on their own, and at most holding a parent’s hand… and here I was being carried in like one of the smaller babies!

I could feel my pigtailed hair bobbing up and down as she carried me inside a building that worked hard to seem very warm and inviting from the outside. It was a modern looking school type building that could easily have been an elementary school instead of a daycare. There was a large fountain outside the building made out of baby blocks that spelled ‘Changing Tikes,’ the name of the place. As Addison carried me past there a couple of older looking Big children looked at me, pointed, and giggled to each other. I just hoped I was nowhere near them during the school day! Bigs learned to bully those smaller than them at a young age!

I was carried through the main entrance door and Addison walked to a reception desk.

“Hi, may I help you?” a woman in a long flowy colorful dress asked.

“Yes, I’m here to drop off my baby girl. It’s her first day?”

“Oh, how exciting!” The woman cooed, “First days are my specialty!” She waved at me, “We’ll have such a good time together here!”

Addison bounced me in her arms for a second, “We’re hoping so. We may not be back every day – my maternity leave should technically still be going on – but my mom wants me back at the company… so…”

The woman made a face, “That’s criminal you know… mom or not?”

Addison shrugged, “They really do need me, so yeah. It may be a day here and there, or I may have to leave her here on a normal basis already. I’m not sure yet.”

“Well, let’s get her checked in here. What’s this beautiful baby girl’s name?”

“Can you be a big girl and tell her sweetie?” Addison asked me.

I almost said ‘Cameron…’ but stopped myself. Today was going to be bad enough being dressed as a little girl when they figured that one out. “Cammie Harris,” I told her.

“What a big girl!!!” The woman squealed at me.

I just blushed and leaned into Addison. “So, it says on her registration forms, and I can see her diapee there, it’s obvious that she’s not yet potty trained. That means she’ll be in one of our toddler classes. They’re normally for babies up to thirty-six months unless they need some extra time for the potty like this cute little princess!” She smiled again and pressed a few buttons on her screen. “Now, I know she’s in diapees now, do you see yourself trying to potty train her anytime soon? Bigger Littles like her can usually make it to the potty most of the time if they’re trained and well reminded?”

“Oh no, she’s much too little to be potty trained. I mean I might try in a few years, but she happily sits in her pee and poo filled diapers. I also think her bottom is so much cuter like this too,” she told her.

Addison and I had talked about this, and as much as I didn’t want to keep using diapers, if I was in them – then it wasn’t a Maturosis hit if I used them. A baby in diapers could hardly be expected to not use them, right? If I was wearing a Pull-Up any mistakes would be ‘accidents.’ At the daycare especially I knew it would be likely the workers would play mind games with me, spike my food, and do all sorts of other things I’d known of happening to clients and friends. By me just being ‘mature’ and accepting my fate, I wouldn’t have that strike.

At least that’s what I hoped.

“Very good! Well since she’s not a potty-trainer, I’m not going to bother putting her in one of the older rooms with potties in them.”

“You have different rooms within the toddler groups?”

“Oh yes! About twenty percent of our toddlers are fully potty-trained, and another twenty percent are exploring potty training. Sixty percent are the Littles and Babies who aren’t yet ready… We keep them in classrooms with extra staff and changing tables. The extra staff rotate between rooms to help change their diapers. They all have to be potty-trained to move onto our Preschool or Pre-K groups.”

“That seems very prudent!”

“We think so…” She smiled. “Now we’re going to put your baby girl with Miss Crystal’s room since she only has fourteen toddlers right now, fifteen with this pretty girl! Miss Kristin is the assistant in that room, and I know Cammie here is going to love both of them as much as they’ll love her!”

“I’m glad to hear that!” Addison said and looked at me, “Aren’t you excited? You get to play all day today and make new friends!”

“Yay,” I said half-enthusiastically.

“Oh, we’ll work on getting her better than that on her excitement!” she smiled at me. “Now Mommy, I’ve just sent Miss Crystal a message that she has a new student and she’s on her way up. Before we do the hand-off, why don’t you take a look at this screen and confirm the choices we’ve made on discipline, food, and therapies we offer?”

‘Therapies?’ I wondered nervously. ‘I just want to make it out of this with my mind not completely mush, and my body not altered…’

“I can hold Cammie for a minute while you check it!” she said to her. “Come here baby girl! You look so pretty!” She traded me for the tablet the girl offered, while the receptionist cooed at me. “Your stuffie is soo cute! What’s its name?”

“Rings,” I said softly around my pacifier.

“Is it a boy or a girl?”

“Girl,” I told her.

“Do you know what kind of animal it is?”

“Red Panda?” I said to her.

“Wow! What a smart baby girl!”

She cooed at me for a few more moments before Addison said, “I marked a few things out. Please note that nothing physical can be harmed or changed on her due to a court order. It’s preventing us from taking away the surprise that’s in her diaper too. As soon as the custody dispute is settled, I’ll be getting that taken care of.”

I squirmed at that casual discussion of the fact I was being forcibly crossdressed right then. I didn’t have time to dwell on it though.

“Well, hello there!” A tall brown-haired woman said to me. I looked closely at her, and saw a name badge that said ‘Crystal James – Teacher’ on it. Her plump face was filled with a genuine smile that looked friendly enough. “I hear I’m getting a brand-new student!”

I nervously looked at Addison, who had left me in the receptionists’ arms still.

“I heard that she’s a special furry student?” I realized she was looking at the panda. “What’s her name again?”

“Oh, her name is Rings!” the receptionist said with a smile. “But that’s not the new student silly, that’s her stuffie, this is your new student!” She said bouncing me up and down.

I wanted to groan – I probably would have if I wasn’t so terrified! The woman wasn’t as tall as Addison, but was probably only a foot shorter than her like my Grandma Suzy had been, so she was still nearly double my height!

“What a silly mistake I made, what’s your name, baby girl?”

I blushed at that, but said, “Cammie.”

“Well, if you’re Cammie, you must be Cammie’s Mommy?”

“I’m Addison, nice to meet you,” she said. “We’re both a little nervous of course,” Addison said.

“Totally normal! We’ll take very good care of this pretty little princess!” I watched as she gathered up my diaper bag and the cooler bag of milk.

“Did you hear that?” Addison said looking at me, “You’re going to be in good hands! Now give Mommy a hug and a kiss, and then it’s time for you to go play with Miss Crystal!”

She came closer and kissed me on the forehead and nose, squeezed me tight, and then watched as I was passed to my new jailer. “Wave bye-bye to Mommy!” She actually grabbed my hand and made me wave to her, before turning down to leave into the facility. “Now I always like to give my big baby girls a special tour!” she smiled as we left.

“There’s two main hallways to your new daycare. If I walked down the other one with you, I probably wouldn’t be carrying you because that one’s only for Big Boys and Girls who don’t need that! This hallway we’re walking through to your classroom is on the baby side of the school for all of our wittle babies that aren’t big enough to use the potty quite yet!”

She carried me down a corridor that reminded me design wise of an elementary school, with inset doors for classrooms at regular intervals. I saw some ‘Toddler’ signs on doors, and everywhere was painted with vividly colored scenes appropriate for a daycare. I could see a few other workers taking ‘kids’ and real babies back and forth down the hallway. I was the only one being carried it seemed…

“And over here we have our wing’s nurse’s office in case you get a little sicky with a tummy ache,” she told me with a smile. I shuddered at the thought of going to a ‘nurse’ here, given the things that had even happened from them in my high school!

Each room seemed to have a baby animal as its theme, something that reminded me of Wenig Hall at Emerson. ‘They probably have a lot of staff and teachers that went there since we’re in the same city.’ I thought.

I felt my stomach turn a bit at that!

“Since you’re a big girl, and can walk just fine, you get to be a big girl in our toddler class! If you were littler and couldn’t do anything but crawl, you’d be in the next few rooms,” she said motioning with her head down the hall. I could see the decorations became even more babyish – if that was possible – the further down the hallway you went. “And of course, all the way down is where our tiny infant babies who can’t even crawl yet, are taken good care of! I’ll show you the cafeteria and other play areas later, but let’s go meet all of your new friends!”

She had stopped in the hallway to point out those things, and now I was turned with her body to a door that said, ‘Miss Crystal and Miss Kristin’s Bunnies’ on top of the door. Obviously, our animal was the bunny… They were everywhere on the door, shown munching on carrots, hopping through a field, and other playful images. I noticed that every single bunny had a diaper on in the images. ‘Well obviously, we’re babies…’ I griped.

She opened the door and the first thing that overtook me was the smell. It was a mixture of baby powder, poop, urine, bleach, and deodorizers attempting to control it. The room was carpeted in a short pile, with a series of alternating carpet tile squares in bright primary colors, and a massive round rug in the middle covered in bunnies and flowers. The walls carried the bunny theme all around, with the diapers being biggest on the bunnies over by three changing tables in a corner. One blonde haired woman had her back turned to us as she was changing the diaper of a ba… man. “Now wittle Mikey I know what must be your problem! You must be all stuffed up, lucky that Mommy left us with a special tool for that, huh!”

I caught just a glimpse of his face of horror as she began shoving a suppository up his ass, and the squirm and sounds told me he would have been screaming if it wasn’t for the pacifier locked into his mouth. “Let’s put your stuff right here Princess!” she said to me, pointing to a cubby out of reach of most of the other occupants of the room. I could probably reach if I wanted to, but I had no desire to get into it. “Let’s leave Rings right here, okay?”

She pulled her from my grasp and I mentally smacked myself for wanting her back so badly!

She noticed my look, “It’s okay sweetie, we’ll have nap time and you can have her back then to cuddle!” She bounced me up and down some more and I saw that there were another eleven occupants spread about the room. Most of them were playing in two areas right then with dolls, or trucks depending on their gender. I noticed one genuine baby looked to be playing with a toy on her own off to the side, perfectly content with that. I saw a mixture of Bigs and Littles, and a couple I wasn’t completely sure of which they were.

Miss Crystal walked around the room with me, showing me the dress-up corner, the toy wall, the story time area with three rocking chairs for the adults, art supplies, and even pointed to their teachers desks next to a fridge and a counter filled with bottle warmers. The woman changing the one Little had just finished up, and so she walked over there as she checked my diaper.

“What a big girl you are with that dry diaper!” she cooed at me as she walked over. “Probably thirsty, huh?” she added, “I’ll get you a bottle after circle time!”

“Miss Kristin, I’d like you to meet our newest adorable Bunny Princess!”

As the woman turned, Miss Crystal said, “This is Baby Cammie!”

The face in front of me wasn’t that of a stranger… It was a girl I had gone to high school with! Ten years ago, I had last seen her pushing around the stroller with my friend Tyler dressed as a baby girl she’d renamed Trinity, and let her have it.


Chapter 43: Circle Time

I LOOKED IN horror at Kristin Guilford, but tried to keep my face passive. ‘Maybe she won’t recognize me…’ I had to hope. My arm was once again waved at someone as she said, “Can you be a big girl and say ‘Hi’ to Miss Kristin?”

“Hi Miss Kristin,” I forced out.

“Well, ‘hi’ to you too Cammie. I love your outfit! Your mommy dressed you so pretty for your first day of daycare, huh?”

I dumbly nodded, hoping to get away from her as soon as I could. To my horror I was passed over to her, “I need to call the office for something. Would you please introduce her to the Clark sisters since they’re sitting next to Bella and Gracie? They’ll be good girls for her to start playing with.”

“Will do!”

She held me securely, and I felt myself needing to pee from my nerves being so bad. I’d seen what she had done with Tyler, and found out that he had been grabbed right away after our graduation ceremony… A Big that does that straight after high school was usually one of the worst ones to watch out for! Knowing it wasn’t like I had a reason to hold it, I went ahead and let it out into the diaper.

Her hand must have warmed, as she sat me down, she asked, “Aww… did you make pee pees in your diapee like a good girl?” Her fingers squeezed the padding in front before patting my backside gently, “What a good girl! I can see why your mommy had you come to our room instead of a silly Preschool room. Just not ready to be a big girl, huh?”

I looked at her and shook my head lightly, “No, Miss Kristin.”

She smiled, “You’re going to do just fine here!” I noticed then she had sat me down next to four other ‘baby girls’ who were playing with baby dolls. “Girls, this is Cammie, can you all tell her what your name is?”

“I’m Layla!” A genuine little girl said with a smile. She seemed a bit big to be in the toddler room, and was dressed identically to the girl next to her who she grabbed in a hug, “Dis is baby sistah Sammy!”

Another girl next to Layla was a genuine baby too, “I’m Bella!” She shouted.

“Inside voices, remember Bella?”

“I’m Gracie!” The other ‘girl’ that sat there said with a giggle that matched the two genuine babies. Her age definitely didn’t match though! While her hair was blonde, it was clearly dyed because I could see some gray roots showing. The wrinkles on her face were not something you saw on a young woman either, and I guessed she was probably at least two decades older than me.

“Play nicely with Cammie,” Kristin told them as she sat me down onto the rug. “Here’s a baby doll for you to play with too,” she said as she handed me a cloth covered doll.

I took it from her, “Thanks Miss Kristin,” I forced myself to say.

“Oh, what a polite big girl we have!” She squealed, patted my head, then walked away.

“You’re new, but you at least have a brain,” the woman named Gracie said.

“Umm… Thanks?”

She giggled… it was disconcerting to hear that from someone her age. “You’d be amazed how many can’t figure that out. Taylor over there just got adopted, she fights tooth and nail on everything.” She indicated with her head a shorter Little probably about four-and-a-half-feet tall. She had her brown hair tied into pigtails with huge obnoxious bows tied on each, and a ‘dress’ that barely covered her swollen diaper. I noted she had one of those damn locking pacifiers in her mouth, mittens on her hands, and a tearfilled face that looked miserable.

“What did she do?”

“Made Kristin mad… Didn’t like the suppository she was being given and managed to kick her in the boob.” The woman looked at me, “Wasn’t a good idea… I wouldn’t recommend doing that, especially given you’re going to stand out in this room being so big.”

I nodded, “I kind of figured.”

“How long you been adopted?” the girl, Sammy, asked me.

Looking over at her chunkier form, I figured she probably weighed as much as I did, but was about nine inches shorter. “Three days…?”

“You’re newer than I am!” she replied. “How come your mommy isn’t at home taking care of you? She should have plenty of maternity leave?”

The disconnect of her romper, obvious diaper, and our conversation was definitely significant.

Her mommy wants her back at work today…” I replied.

“Oh… Rich mommy?” Gracie asked.

I nodded, “Yes… unfortunately.”

Before they could ask me anything more Layla shoved me, “Play!”

I was surprised by the shove, and watched as her sister said, “Layla you can’t push people! Mommy said no to that!”

“You baby, play!” Layla said to me.

I saw Gracie nod towards the doll, and asked, “What do you want to play, Layla?”

She looked happy with that question, beginning to talk in words I could barely understand half of. She was just ‘teaching’ me how to push my baby in a stroller when she bent her knees and grunted. I could smell the diaper instantly, but she didn’t seem to care at all. Her sister Sammy sighed and suddenly stood up and went into the same crouch. I watched as she grunted a lot more than her sister, but was just as smelly.

I watched as she sat down in it, and her sister grunted a bit more. Her friend Bella suddenly went over to another group to play, while Layla looked like she was done and wanted to sit down like her sister did. Miss Crystal came by right then though.

She made a show of sniffing, “Uh-oh, I smell a poopy pants!” She picked me up in the air sniffed me, grabbed my diaper and said, “It’s not this one.” She smiled and sat me down. I watched as she checked Gracie who was also wet, and then the two sisters. She checked Sammy first, “A little poopy, but I know you can wait until your change. I’ll make sure your mommy knows you were a good girl in your diapee!”

I was surprised when she sat her right back down on the mess instead of taking her to change, “Must be you, huh?” she said as she tickled Layla. “Yep, you stinky!” She held her up and tickled her on the way to a changing table.

“What just happened?” I asked before thinking.

Sammy sighed, “What just happened is I was adopted in the hopes that my mommy can show my sister how to be a big girl. She hasn’t shown any interest in potty training, so she thought she needed a sister to show her the way… Anytime she has a poopy diaper I have to have one too to make her feel better about herself…”


“Bigs are crazy?” She replied.

“No, I mean why…?”

“Why didn’t she change her too?” Gracie asked, running a brush through her doll’s hair. “You want to potty train a Big, so they change them right away. No sense in them sitting in it and learning to like the feeling of their messy diaper. A Little is never going to grow up, so no reason to change us immediately.”

I squirmed at that information. “How long…?” I asked.

She smirked, “Better get used to that one soon baby boy… I mean baby girl. What’s the story there?”

I sighed, “I had a choice; regressed, teeth, walking, as a boy, or be a ‘big girl’ and in Pull-Ups.”

“Wrong room for Pull-Ups?” she said to me.

“My procedure was stopped at the last minute by the courts.”

She looked at me more warily, “Why does some court care about you?”

I smiled, “I have friends…”

“Well, I doubt you get out of those wet diapees anytime soon, but I wish you luck. I’ve been in various daycares in diapers now for twenty-eight years… had a couple years as a big adult girl working a job that were nice, I guess, but now I know I’ll be in them until they put me in a grave.”

I was about to respond to that horrible truth when I heard, “Time to clean up boys and girls! It’s circle time!”

Another lady appeared right then and came over to where we sat with Kristin, “Can you be big girls and help Miss Erin put away your dollies? Then you can show little Cammie what we all do for Circle Time?”

I nodded numbly at the treatment I knew was only just beginning. It was like herding cats as the three women gathered all fifteen of us up into a circle around the perimeter of the large floor rug. The two teachers and Miss Erin spread about the circle and I found myself sitting on a colored carpet circle right next to Miss Crystal.

“Good morning everyone!”

“Good morning, Miss Crystal!” All of the voices except mine and the two Littles with pacifiers stuck in their mouths replied enthusiastically.

“Oh, we can do better than that, can’t we Cammie?” She called me out. “Let’s try that again, class! Good morning everyone!” She said even more cheerily.

“Good morning, Miss Crystal,” I joined in to avoid further embarrassment.

“Now class today we have a new student, this is Cammie!” She said, leaning over and hugging me with one arm. “Everyone say, ‘Hi Cammie!’”

I heard everyone respond to varying degrees. Several of the genuine babies seemed actually happy to see a new face. Most of the Littles were either faking enthusiasm or numbly following along.

“Now, since Cammie is new, we’ll have to teach her all about what we bunnies do, huh?” She said as I watched her smiling face. “So, first thing is let’s teach her our good morning song! Everyone, stand up!”

She sang all of the lyrics, but Kristin and Miss Erin jumped in with an echo part we were supposed to say.

*Good morning, good morning. *
*How are you today? *
*Good morning, good morning. *
I’m happy let’s play.

I felt a poke at my side from Gracie when I didn’t join in on the second one, and figured I should probably at least try to join in. Like an elementary kid in choir who didn’t know the song I tried to do the best I could. Fortunately, she did that first set of lines twice, so I could sing the second time.

*Stretch up, stretch down. *
*Spin your head, turn around. *
*Move your shoulders, up and down. *
Stretch your arms and turn around.

She and the other teachers led us in the stretches and obviously they were intending on getting the wiggles out of the genuine little ones. For my part I felt things crackle as I did them since I was not exactly the picture of someone exercising recently! They moved back into the chorus twice then which I had figured out by then.

*Good morning, good morning. *
*How are you today? *
*Good morning, good morning. *
I’m happy let’s play.

“Yeah, let’s play!” she and the other teachers clapped and set off the real babies, and then the Littles followed along. “What a great little singer you are Cammie!” She said as she had everyone sit down.

“Thanks,” I blushed and knew I wasn’t!

“Now that we’ve said good morning, let’s all introduce ourselves!” she said with a smile. “Say your name and whether you’re a boy or a girl!” She smiled at me.

‘Bitch…’ I thought to myself. ‘Likely if I were to answer truthfully, I’ll get in trouble… if I say I’m a girl it’ll be another thing…’

She started, “My name is Miss Crystal, and I am a Girl!”

She nudged the girl next to her who was a genuine toddler, “My name is Emma, and I am girl!”

The next girl was the one who had been playing by herself, “Olivia, can you say your name?” Miss Kristin asked her.

“Livia,” she said.

“And she’s just a cute wittle girl, huh?” Miss Crystal said and reached over to tickle her. On and on it went as I was introduced to the seven Big toddlers, seven Littles, that was now made up of nine girls if you included me, and six boys.

Finally, it made it back around to me, “Can you finish it off?” Miss Crystal asked me.

I debated, but decided both options sucked, one would probably result in more punishment. “Hi, my name is Cammie, and I am a… girl.” I managed to get out.

“And what a good little girl too!” She said with a smile to me and hugged me again.

I honestly had no idea how long we were sitting in the circle singing songs, playing little games, clapping and jumping on command, learning our days of the week, making faces on how we felt, and more before she finally said, “Okay boys and girls! It’s snack time now! Let’s line up and Miss Kristin will give you your snack to eat!”

I realized that one of them had gotten up and begun heating up bottles and things while we were doing the ‘circle time.’ I waited my turn in line and went pee in the diaper again. “Oh, let’s see what you get Cammie,” Kristin said as she looked at a tablet. “Looks like you’re still a special baby girl who gets her mommy’s special milk, huh?”

I dumbly nodded as she handed me the large bottle that had been warmed, knowing by the label that it was mine. Everyone was sitting down at either some short tables in one corner of the room eating grapes, cheerios, or other snack foods, or most of the Littles and little Olivia were lying down on the carpet drinking their bottles. I found myself a place next to a girl named Taylor who looked to be about twenty. I looked at the bottle for a moment and she said, “It sucks, doesn’t it,” in a quiet voice.

I nodded, “Yeah, it does… How long for you?”

“Two months… I volunteered when I was about to demerit out from Emerson.” She made a motion to stick the bottle in her mouth and I followed suit, but didn’t start drinking right away.

“Why don’t you make yourself more comfy, and lay down?” Miss Crystal said to me as she pushed me down. “After that baba we’ll see about changing you into a new diapee too.”

I nodded and tentatively took a suckle from the bottle. This was the first time I had Addison’s milk outside of directly nursing it from her. To my delight it tasted the same, even though the temperature wasn’t quite right. Now that I had the taste on my tongue, I couldn’t help but nurse faster on the bottle. As I did so I needed to pee some more, and could feel another need growing as well.

I was kind of groggy as I began sucking at an empty bottle. I tilted it a couple ways trying to get more out, and Miss Crystal noticed. “Aww… did you need more milk?”

I just stared at her, and shrugged.

“I’ll get you another bottle later sweetie, you’re clearly new to it, but I’m surprised you’re still awake with that much. Your mommy sent you a big bottle!”

She tickled my stomach then, and said, “Why don’t you walk over to the story time corner with everyone else, Miss Kristin is going to tell you all a story!”

I sighed, but stood up and let her take my bottle from me. I saw there were a few pillows spread about the area and walked towards one. I was about to sit down and prop myself up on it when I felt the urge build again. Taking a peek at poor Mikee with his locking pacifier and very stinky diaper, I decided it wasn’t a good idea to hold it. I assumed the squat position that seemed necessary for me to go, and pushed.

I blushed as I realized there were at least ten pairs of eyes watching me as I pushed a huge load into the diaper. I could feel it curl and begin to squish against my skin as it ran out of space before the thick padding. I panted a little bit when I was done, and looked up to see the biggest boy other than me, Lucas say, “Cammie stinks, she poopied!”

“Yes, she did, huh?” She walked over to him instead of me, “She’s a stinky baby, just like you, huh?” She began tickling him, and carried him over to the circle, “We’ll change both of your stinky butts after story time. Sit down criss cross applesauce boys and girls!”

‘I hate her…’ I thought as I sat down in the mess. I could feel it ooze around my bottom, and the stickiness of it, and knowing what it was, made it all the worse!

‘Why isn’t she changing him? Didn’t Gracie say they changed Bigs normally right away?’ As Kristin opened up the storybook she was using, I took a better look at Lucas. He was much older than any of the other babies in the room, probably well over four if I had to guess. Then I remembered kids had to be potty-trained to go to Preschool. ‘Why is he here…?’

Kristin held up a book and began telling a story about a butterfly… I honestly was impressed by her storytelling, but that didn’t change my fear of her, or the fact that Addison’s milk was beginning to hit me hard.

I switched from sitting to lying down, and must have fallen asleep midway through the story.

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Chapter 44: Tag!

I WOKE UP being carried by Kristin to the changing table. One look at her face that close, scared me, and I involuntarily squirmed. “Shhh… It’s okay baby,” she cooed at me. “You took a nice nap during story time; we just need to change your poopy pants now.”

‘I fell asleep with shit in my diaper?’ I worried. The breastmilk hadn’t seemed to make me lose my continence so far, but it did still seem to have the sedative effect that I knew most Littles dealt with. Looking around the room I could see there were more of the genuine babies up and moving than the Littles. ‘I wonder if it’s because every Little had a bottle full of their mommy’s milk…?’

“Here, suck on your paci,” she told me and inserted what I hoped was one of my normal pacifiers that she then clipped onto my outfit. “This is such an adorable outfit!” She said to me quietly as she laid me down on the table, “Your mommy has great tastes! If you were just a bit younger, I’d set up some play dates with my Littles. You’re much too big for them though.”

I just stared at her sleepily, hoping no communication was the safest thing. She took a strap and went across my chest before saying, “Your mommy said you don’t need extra restraints, is that true?”

“I’m a good girl Miss Kristin,” I said, “I don’t move…”

“Well, we’ll see, won’t we!”

There was a gleam in her eye then that was a little bit different and I was getting more nervous with being under her care then. My gut reaction was that as sweet as she pretended to be at times, she was one of the ‘bad’ ones. Especially given what I’d seen happen to Tyler…

‘Of course, I’m in his situation now…’ I sighed as she undid the crotch snaps of the outfit and gave the pacifier a suck. ‘I never really saw the point in these before, but as long as they’re not the expanding ones they’re not terrible…’ I thought as she pushed the outfit up to my armpits and began tickling me for a second.

“Stop…” I cried around the pacifier while giggling.

“Shh…” She told me. “I’ll have to remember you’re a loud giggler.”

I sat still as she gathered a pair of gloves and placed them on her hands. A diaper from my diaper bag sat beside me, and she tore the tapes off of the diaper. “Wow! What a big stinky from such a pretty little girl!” She cooed. “Most new kids have to have help to use their diapees here, but you just pooped like a champ right away! Good girl!”

I genuinely believed she thought my pooping this diaper was the height of my success in life right then, and it made me want to scream. ‘Just bide your time…’ I reminded myself.

“Guess we have a little surprise in your diaper, huh?” She whispered in my ear right before shoving my legs back to my face.

When Addison had done this, she had been very gentle, with Kristin she just shoved and my back popped as she pushed. ‘Great, last thing I need is a broken back…’ I thought.

“Oh baby, you must not be stretching enough, we’ll work on that later!”

‘What does that mean?’ I wondered.

She used a number of wipes on my butt before coming back and placing the new diaper underneath me. She dropped another wipe on top of my genitals while she gathered up some baby lotion and spread it on my body. It was a very babyish scent that was kind of calming, but I hoped it was the stuff from my bag and not something with regressive qualities.

She seemed to spend some extra time pushing it into places I wasn’t comfortable being touched, and I wondered what was the line where I could get her on assault? ‘I’ve never really explored that case law that deeply,’ I admitted to myself. What cases I could think of probably would be in her favor as she would say she was just taking care of the baby… Unfortunately, her attention had me standing at attention as she went to put the new diaper on.

“Aww… does someone have a little crush on me?” she teased.

Suddenly I felt pain as she flicked my part hard with her fingers and it went down as I cried “Oww!”

“Don’t worry sweetie, you’ll get used to me… or your mommy will get things taken care of. I really need to read your file during lunch and figure out what your story is. Was this your choice to be a little girl and your mommy is helping you out?”

I shook my head.

“Ah, so punished then?”

I shook my head, “Not really…?”

“Well, we’ll see what it says. Keep in mind lying to me is not a good thing.”

“I made grandma mad,” I told her. “Mommy adopted me instead of me going to an orphanage like the judge wanted.”

“That’s so sweet! But that sounds like you were bad, doesn’t it?” I shook my head, “Well, we’ll see if that’s the truth, huh?”

She snapped the crotch of the playsuit closed again, and spent some time making sure the ruffles on the leg cuffs were just right. It was not helping me to deal with her that it was sending weird signals to my brain. Fortunately, there were others to change, so I was soon off to be with my fellow inmates.

I noticed a few of them had gotten toys out, but most of the Littles had just found a nice comfy spot to sit down. I understood why a moment later, when one of those ridiculous ropes with rings on it was brought out. I felt my stomach twist as I thought of the times that I’d seen Beth, Meg, Laura, and all of the Littles I’d known being pulled along one of those. Now I would be too…

“Come on Cammie, let’s grab a ring!” Bella said to me helpfully. At less than three years of age, she was only eight inches shorter than me! She was able to successfully pull me to the loop and I grabbed onto one of the rings, wondering how much snot and other nasty things had been on it since they had sterilized it last…

“Okay class, let’s go outside and play!” she said.

‘Oh…’ I thought to myself. Kristin held the front ring, while it looked like Miss Crystal held the back ring, with all fifteen of us walking between them. ‘This feels like it might be one of the most humiliating things yet…’ They led us past the crawler and infant rooms she’d pointed were down the hallway, and turned left at the end of the hallway into a shorter hallway that led outside.

I found myself now out in a large outdoor playground area with at least another class or two of toddlers present. Lots of toddler swings, see-saws, slides, sand, and playhouse areas seemed to be set up. “Now all of you go have fun and play!” Miss Crystal said when we stopped at a certain point and the others released the rings.

“Come on!” Gracie said in an excited voice that seemed very wrong for her age.

She led me to a play structure with a slide and a little covered area with a set of steering wheels and a tic-tac-toe rolling board. “So…” she said as she directed me to start a game with her. “What exactly is your connection to Kristin?”


“I saw the look in your eyes when you saw her? I could also see you shaking as she changed you. Don’t blame you on that, she’s the worst here…”

I shrugged, “I went to high school with her?”

“Oh… that hasn’t happened to me in a while, but did some when I was younger. They make the worst babysitters…”

I sighed, “It’s going to be worse than that when she figures it out.”


“Well, the last time I saw her was about ten years ago in the mall back home. She was pushing a stroller that held a friend of mine, used to be a boy, but was in a dress and a diaper… I might have told her what I thought of her.”

She giggled, “This may be the best drama I’ve seen in a few years. Talk about irony,” she said motioning to the clothes. “What’s with the getup anyway?”

I sighed, “My ‘mommy’ is obsessed with bubble rompers? I really don’t know. She decided if she dressed me more babyish, I might get picked on less?”

“Not a terrible plan.”

“So… like what do you do all day here?”

She sighed, “Play baby?”

“You’re not regressed though?”

“Most of us here aren’t in the toddler room. Every now and then we’ll have to mix with a crawler group for something – they’re much more regressed. And of course, the infant rooms are the worst…”

“Anyone in the preschool rooms?”

She nodded, “I think there’s like sixty Littles in the preschool rooms, and two or three in the Pre-K rooms. We only see them during lunches, so it’s hard to say for certain. The ones that are in the preschool rooms don’t usually stay there.”

“Down here?”

She nodded, “Demotion to diapers or Pull-Ups means back to toddler classes. That even happens to the Big children that are more stubborn though too. That’s what happened to Lucas.”

“He’s an inch taller than me and almost as heavy I’m guessing… I can’t believe he’s a toddler?”

She shook her head, “He’s about four-and-a-half. He came back to our class last week after messing a couple Pull-Ups. They made a big deal about telling him he was back to being in the baby classes… Must have really strict parents, they usually at least put those kids in the potty-training rooms.”

I nodded at that.

“Psst, teachers are coming!” I heard a whisper. Immediately after a hand touched me, “Tag, you’re it!” and Gracie started running away.

“No fair!” I said and began running after her. Somehow in an instant, a game of tag was started to apparently cover up our adult conversation. By the end of our playtime, I learned that there were some specific rules to deal with the Bigs in charge, including never being busted for being ‘too big for our diapers.’ I also figured out that across the four classes that were out in our recess time, Gracie was the ‘old woman in charge’ of the Littles. It seemed kind of like she was a gang leader in a prison… They seemed to both respect and fear her, and I could see staying on good terms with her was a winning proposition.

Eventually we heard some whistles and I got the idea that they wanted us to go back to line up. I saw that many of the Littles were completely regressed, but more of them were helping their ‘friends’ get back there. ‘So, Littles help these daycare workers out…?’ I couldn’t help but think. ‘Enslaved babies doing free labor!’ I shook my head.

I noticed it wasn’t all of them though. Taylor, the girl who was in mittens that morning, was pouting and grabbing onto the ring already on the line. She’d been let out of the mittens apparently for good behavior, but the locking pacifier looked to be back in place. Thinking about her pacifier made me remember that I let mine drop on the leash earlier, so I put it back into my mouth as I approached. Bigs always seemed to like Littles who used them without complaints. ‘A Little is better seen than heard…’ I remember someone once telling a kid in my high school geometry class. That teacher had brought a pacifier from home and used it on the poor girl who was yelled at for whispering to her friend instead of listening to her.

I found myself soon being led back to our room where we were all taken to a pair of sinks and had our hands washed by one of the two teachers. ‘Can’t even wash our own hands now?’ I thought as Miss Crystal rubbed soap on my hands and then held them in the water. Once everyone’s hands were washed, we were all lined up at the three changing tables for diaper checks. I stood in the line as a couple were stinky and changed, but everyone else was just lined up on the rope line and taken to the cafeteria.

It was an odd cafeteria… With nearly five-hundred ‘students’ in this daycare I guess I should have expected it to be like a school, and it didn’t disappoint. Half of it reminded me of an elementary cafeteria with low round tables around long rectangular tables that folded up. I could see the ‘big’ kids were over there in their Pull-Ups and big kid pants depending on their classes. We were led instead to the other side of the room, that seemed like it was intended for all of the kids in need of high chairs still. There were rows of these arc tables with four plastic kids’ seats inset into them. Miss Crystal surprised me when she suddenly picked me up and sat me down inside of one of the spots, and then used a black nylon seat belt to buckle me in. Layla ended up next to me, and her sister on the other side of her. With two of the tables put together it made a half-circle of up to eight kids that each teacher needed to watch. My group was watched by Miss Crystal, who placed down trays in front of us with some chicken nuggets, fries, and peas.

I made a face at the peas, and definitely planned to eat them last until I caught a gesture from Gracie who was eating them first. I made a face, but she mouthed, ‘Eat them first’ pretty emphatically.

I sighed, knowing that someone like that was worth listening to. I used the little spork spoon to put a few peas on and started eating them. I made a face after eating a spoonful. They were mushy, bland, and just disgusting! I wasn’t stupid though, so I kept forcing them in.

Right then I discovered why it was a good idea.

“Taylor, sweetie eat your peas!” Kristin told her.

“Miss Kristin they’re yucky!”

“Taylor you need to eat your peas,” I could hear a warning tone in her voice.

“No, they’re nasty and overcooked!” Taylor said.

I saw Gracie shake her head.

“Well, I guess, maybe you’re just not ready for big girl peas yet?” Kristin said. “I’ll be right back!” I saw she took a plate that still had half the nuggets and fries on it.

I watched curiously as Kristin walked over to a countertop area on the side and messed around for a moment before returning. Soon it was like watching a train wreck as she put a bib on her and began feeding her a jar of pureed peas. “Open up for the airplane!”

Poor Taylor tried everything to avoid eating them, but she held her nose until she opened her mouth and then smashed a spoonful in. The dam broke then as the poor woman cried and accepted mouthful after mouthful of the disgusting puree. I definitely appreciated the nuggets and fries way more after that! Even though they were missing sauce and soggy, at least they were solid!

By the time I’d returned to the room, I had used my diaper a couple times between the playground and lunch, so I figured I’d get a change like everyone else. When I got to the front of Kristin’s line though, she felt my diaper and said, “Oh Sweetie you’re good to go, definitely don’t need a change yet! Your diaper can hold a lot more pee-pee than that!”

I looked at her in disbelief, pretty sure it was about to the leaking point. It was then that she leaned over, “I thought you looked familiar, but it wasn’t until I read your record that I figured it out! Cameron, I see no reason to change the diaper of someone who decided to call me a bitch. Funny how someone who judged me about getting my perfect baby girl, is now one himself, huh?”

I was speechless right then, and nervous about what else she might do to me.

She patted me on the diaper and said, “Make sure you get your special baba from Miss Crystal before naptime!”

My mouth opened around the pacifier to speak out, but my brain kicked in and I turned to go over to get that bottle. “May I please have my bottle?” I asked her.

“Oh, such a polite big girl with your questions!” Miss Crystal said to me. “How about we try it the way we do it in the bunnies now though! Just say, ‘Baba pwease.’”

‘So, grammar is supposed to go…’ I sighed, “Baba pwease Miss Crystal.”

“How could I ever say no to those beautiful eyes?” She handed me the bottle with my name on it, and said, “Miss Jenny, would you find that new nap mat for our new baby girl?”

I followed her over to the floor and realized they must have pushed some extra staff over there to help with getting ready for nap time. There was a fourth woman helping out, a bit shorter than the other Bigs, she was still probably ten feet tall. She was a rather large woman in other ways though, and the hug she gave me as she showed me the foldable nap mat felt like it would crush me. “Now there you go! Do you have a stuffie in your cubby?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

“Let me get it for you…” she said, and reappeared with Rings a moment later. “Here you go, what’s its name?”

“Her name is Rings,” I told her.

She smiled, “Cute!” She spread out a blanket I recognized that Addison had packed that morning on top of me a minute later and said, “Now drink your baba and close your eyes!”

Knowing there was no other option that didn’t probably land me in the crawler room in a crib, I pulled out the pacifier and put in the nipple of the bottle. I took a sip. ‘This doesn’t taste the same,’ I thought. I took another sip, ‘did this go bad…?’

I opened my eyes and saw Kristin smirking at me.

‘Shit!’ I thought. I debated about telling someone the bottle tasted off, but I figured it wouldn’t kill me – and it probably wouldn’t be optional if I stopped drinking it. Instead, I decided to give her a ‘kiss my ass’ glare and nursed it, knowing I would not be liking the effects on my body of whatever she had put inside of it!

Chapter 45: Volcanoes

THE LONGER I had nursed on the bottle, the sleepier I became. The next thing I knew was a voice next to me crying, “Eeew! Miss Crystal! She’s stinky poopy!!!”

I shook my head and looked for the source of a god-awful stench I could smell. Then I sat up, and realized I now knew what had been in that bottle!

“Oh wow,” Miss Crystal said as she picked me up awkwardly, “This is a full-on blowout Sweetie…”

I woke up some more and realized a blowout meant I had shit running down my legs as she carried me, still holding onto Rings, who seemed to have ended up a casualty too. As she sat me down on the table, I realized it had somehow squeezed its way up the back of my diaper and up my back too… It was disgusting, and I just wanted to scream! She carefully took Rings from me, “I’ll try and clean her up for you so you can take her home later…” Kristin looked over at me and smirked before changing her expression to a concerned one, “Miss Crystal, do you need me to grab her backup outfits out of her bag for you?”

“Would you please dear?” She shook her head, “This is the worst blowout I’ve seen in years… you didn’t tell me you gave her a suppository?”

“I didn’t…”

“Hmm…” she said. “That’s kind of odd then, I swear this had to be caused by laxatives. I’ll have to talk to her mom later. If this is a normal thing for her, she’s going to need some crawler diapers to contain this kind of mess…”

I wanted to open my mouth to speak up, but I was still in shock. I sat very still as she gloved up and laid me down on the changing table that she had laid some extra paper down first.

“We’re going to have to take this off in reverse, Sweetie,” she told me.


“We’ll pull it down your bottom,” she told me.

I tried to help her maneuver my shoulder out of the top of the outfit on one side, then the other, as she pulled it down my legs.

The onesie was probably forever stained from all of the liquid poop that ran down onto it. She placed it in a bag, before sighing and undoing the diaper. The next eternity was made up of her wiping me off with baby wipes on every surface of my back, all the way down to my toes, to get the disgusting yellowish brown stains off of my skin. I still felt disgusting as she taped the new diaper shut, but at least I was better.

“Did you find her outfits Miss Kristin?” she asked.

“I couldn’t find anything in her bag… It’s just diapers and some bottles? A few toys?”

“Hmm… I swear I saw extra outfits in her bag earlier. Are you sure?”

“I am, do you want one of the spare outfits?”

Miss Crystal sighed and shrugged, “It’s that or only she runs around only in her diapee for the rest of the day.”

As Kristin brought over the new outfit, I realized I wasn’t sure which was worse! It was a light pink color with a black design of a volcano on it coming out of a diaper. ‘Explosive Pooper!’ it said on top, and then had ‘Blowout’ in an obnoxious font at the bottom like some sort of action movie poster. The ‘Changing Tikes’ logo was off to the left side of the design just to ensure you knew where I’d exploded a diaper…

I was quickly dressed in the obnoxious onesie, and told, “All clean now! Why don’t you go play with your friends now?”

I sighed, but went to find a friendly face. On my way to where Gracie sat next to the regressed Alexis, I saw Miss Erin scrubbing the nap mat I had used while gagging. ‘Kristin should be the one cleaning that up…’ I couldn’t help but think.

Gracie gave me a sympathetic look, “First blowout?”

“Since middle school…”

“Your mommy didn’t send you extra outfits?”

“She did… two or three of them actually. I’m guessing Kristin intentionally lost them after she spiked my bottle.”

She nodded, “Be careful with her, that could be dangerous if you have those many times.”

“Yeah, they already threatened me with crawler diapers…”

She wrinkled her nose, “You do not want to wear those.”

For the next half-hour I joined her and Alexis in coloring. Gracie quickly did one sheet that she just absolutely scribbled on – it looked exactly like Alexis’ that she concentrated on while sticking her tongue out of her mouth. Then I noted Gracie turned the page in her coloring book and began an incredibly detailed page. She seemed to pay attention to shading, added details not included in the blank lines, and genuinely made art with the crappy crayons. I was so enthralled in watching her work, and Alexis with her regressed motions and behavior, that I did a pretty terrible job on my own page of a teddy bear.

“Super pooper - that looks just like a three-year-old colored it, good job!” Kristin came over to me and said while Gracie flipped back to her scribbled page. “I didn’t think you’d be able to do that well! Someday maybe you can even be an artist when you grow up!”

I looked at her, “Thank you Miss Kristin. I’m just a little baby, I wouldn’t expect to do better than this, huh?”

“Nope! But not as wrong as Miss Gracie.” She grabbed the book from her and flipped to the beautifully done page that I couldn’t believe was done in crayon. “This is all wrong Gracie!” She told her and grabbed an ugly brown crayon and scribbled all over the page. “There you go, that’s how it’s supposed to look.”

“Thank you, Miss Kristin,” Gracie said, even as I could see her murderous expression.

She smirked at her, before turning back to me. “Well, now I came over here because I’m supposed to take you to your special therapy appointment!”

‘Special therapy appointment?’ I wondered nervously. “Therapy?”

“Yes, we do that for our special Little Ones who may have some extra special big feelings to deal with!”

She grabbed the coloring book from me and tore the page out, “Let’s put this with your bag so your mommy can hang it on the refrigerator tonight!”

I didn’t say anything more as she grabbed my hand and began leading me out of the room. We walked past the cafeteria, and towards the opposite hallway I’d been told was for the big kids earlier by Miss Crystal. I was even more self-conscious of the embarrassing onesie as we passed a class of Pre-K kids taller than me heading the opposite direction from our playground. “All of the big boys and girls have their own special playground over there!” Kristin cooed at me.

I didn’t respond, but heard a snicker from one of the taller kids as I passed. “That baby must have pooped his diaper so much it exploded and made him wear girly clothes!”

I kept my eyes moving forward and ignored the kid, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit stung by that comment! A quick look at the boy, showed me that he was nearly a foot taller than me – and it didn’t make me feel better in the slightest that he was so young! I didn’t know how to feel about the recognition of me being a male for the first time by a kid either. She walked me past rooms of the Pre-K classes, then the Preschool classes, then as we got towards the front of the building by the offices we came to a ‘Therapy Wing.’ Pictures on the walls were a mix of babyish and slightly more kindergarten themes I guessed to make all of the ‘kids’ feel welcome.

“Well, let’s get you to your special appointment!” Kristin smiled, “I’m sure it’ll help you change your whole life!”

I saw a nameplate above the door but didn’t get a chance to read it before I was ushered inside a large room with a set of soft mats, couches, childhood sized furniture, and a convenient changing table. I noticed off to the side there was also a TV and a Little’s highchair facing it.

“Well, hi there! You must be Cammie!” the woman said as she came towards me.

I looked at her and something about her seemed familiar, but I couldn’t place it. She looked to be a bit older than me, enough so I wouldn’t have been in undergrad with her or high school. Her brown hair was cut to a bit above shoulder length, and she looked to be another of these overweight mommy types. ‘Mommy…’ triggered the thought. She was Megs freshman nest mother!

“Hi,” I said as I thought through all of that.

“I’m Doctor Dannigan,” she told me, “You can just call me Doc though!” She smiled at me and it almost felt genuine. Turning her gaze above me, “You may go Kristin; I’ve got the princess from here.”

“Behave!” Kristin said towards me before leaving and closing the door.

“Have you been misbehaving for her?”

I shook my head, “She has a grudge against me from ten years ago…” I said, suddenly wondering if I should talk freely around her. ‘Probably not.

“That sounds interesting, do you want to talk about it?”

I looked at her, “So you can go tell her or someone else…?” I shook my head, “Why am I here?”

“Well, first of all, I can see that Addy finally decided to become your mommy – I figured that was a matter of time. Which means that you are now an adopted Little?”

I shrugged, “I guess… That’s still up in the air right now?”

“We’ll talk about that in a second sweetie, but I serve as Changing Tikes Little counselor. Here they understood that even though you might be a Little, you might still have Big feelings that you need to talk about. My job is to let you do so in a safe way.”

“And then what? Go tell my teachers? My mommy? The LPS people wanting to support their Maturosis case?”

She shook her head, “In a lot of places that would be the case, but here I promise you what we talk about will stay between us for the most part. I may tell your mommy that you’re concerned about something, but I won’t tell her what you said about it. Same thing with your teachers…”

“So why talk? It might just get me into trouble…?”

“If something isn’t harmful, I’m not out there to get you. If you were planning to try and kill yourself or harm someone, that would be a different thing.”

I sighed, “Okay, what do you want to talk about?”

“Well first, why don’t we have a seat over there,” she said pointing to some couches. She let me climb up on my own and took an adjacent chair. “So… you graduated from Emerson, then what?”

I looked at her with an eye raised and debated about saying much…

“Well, I went to Harlan Law School…” I told her about Law School, Beth’s disappearance – without information on our indiscretions, my family’s many quick deaths, and then finally the last few days since getting railroaded by the judge. “So yeah…”

She looked at me with a genuine surprised expression on her face. “So, the only reason you’re here…”

“Because of a bad judge. Things are on appeal, hopefully in two weeks I’ll be freed.”

“What then?”

“Then I go back to practicing law I hope, and standing up for the rights of Littles that have been trampled on.”

“And if it doesn’t go your way?”

“You mean, I’m stuck this way?”

She nodded.

“Well… I guess I’d better get used to peeing sitting down.”

“You can do that standing up in your diapees even as a girl you know.”

I shrugged, “I’m hoping Addison goes back to our original deal then, which would mean training pants.”



“You already have someone messing with you today,” she said motioning to the embarrassing onesie I was wearing. “That’ll be worse if you’re wearing Pull-Ups.”

“Probably,” I agreed.

“Well Cameron, I mean Cammie, I know you’ve been stuck with a really tough hand here. I know it’s going to be rough for you getting used to your new life, but…” she extended a bit here, “I think this might be an opportunity for you too.”

I snorted, “What opportunity?”

“To heal? You’ve been through more in the past few years than most people go through in decades. You probably should be seeing someone like me even if you manage to overturn that ruling. Being taken care of by Addy and others could help you heal if you’ll let it.”

I looked at her like she was nuts, but shrugged, “Maybe…”

“Well, this is all the time we have today. I’m going to make sure I see you again in a couple days if you’re here daily. If you’re not back right away I’ll leave a note for them to make a place in my schedule to see you whenever that is.”

I felt strangely okay with the talk we had, so I said, “Okay… Thanks.”

“You’re welcome! Now let me see, there should be a helper outside…”

She was correct, a teenager with ‘volunteer’ on her badge was waiting outside. “Hi Mia, this is Cammie, can you make sure you get her back to her room? She’s a little bunny in Miss Crystals room.”

I looked up at the not quite as tall, and very young looking Big. She was wearing short shorts and a cheerleading shirt from one of the local high schools. “Hi Cammie, let’s get you back to class with the other cute bunnies, okay?” Holding out her hand.

She was a chatterbox as we walked, and she said, “How about we skip back the rest of the way? Wouldn’t that be fun?!?”

‘Should she be the one in the diapers…?’ I couldn’t help but think as I was coerced into skipping back to the room.

She opened the door and said, “Miss Crystal, I have a special someone back here for you!”

“Oh, thank you Mia! Would you mind checking her diaper really quick before you go? We’re all knee deep in paint right now…”

I looked and the other ‘kids’ were all fingerpainting right then. During my moment of distraction, she wasted no time in feeling the front of my diaper. “She’s all dry still Miss Crystal.”

“Okay, thanks Mia!”

“Cammie would you like…?” she was about to say, but another knock came on the door as soon as it closed.

“Miss Crystal, they’re here to pick up Cammie Harris?”

“Right there,” she said pointing towards me and walking over. “That’s her diaper bag there, her stuffie – I managed to get Rings clean for you Cammie – and please let her mommy know there is a Ziploc in there that she wants to open and clean as soon as she gets home.”

“Will do!”

The new girl was another volunteer – a bit taller, but also just as happy and smiling. She held her hand out to me, “Ready to go see your mommy?”

I nodded. “Bye Miss Crystal, Miss Kristin.” I said, and happily left the damn room!

When I arrived back at the front desk Addison was standing there. Her face started with a smirk; the onesie was funny I guess if you weren’t the one wearing it, but then it turned to a frown.

“Why are you wearing that?” She asked me as I and my bag were passed over to her.

“Oh, we give those onesies out when a baby has a diaper blowout and no other clothes. You may keep it as a souvenir.” The secretary answered before I could think of how to approach it.

“But I did leave clothes…” she said. She dug through the diaper bag that was there and saw there were none. “What happened?” she asked me.

“Not here…?” I tried to say with the secretary hovering there I was too nervous to be honest.

“Of course, you’re right. I’d like to see Doctor Chester please?” she told her.

“Umm… the Director is available by appointment only…”

“Tell her my name is Addison Harris. That will suffice for an appointment.” There was a forceful venom in her voice that I had only heard a couple times over the years. ‘She’s smart enough to figure it out… what’s she going to do?’

“Umm… I’m sorry… but…”

“Call her now!”

“Yes ma’am,” she said.

A few hushed minutes of muttering later a brown-haired woman just a few inches shorter than Addison came in. “Hi, I’m Doctor Wendy Chester, the Director of Changing Tikes, how may I help you?” she started.

Chapter 46: Big Blowouts

“I’M ADDISON HARRIS,” she said. I noted the recognition there and figured we were on the right track for whatever she was doing. “And, I’m not sure yet, but I want to please go to your office and figure this out there?”



“Sure…” she said.

“First of all, would you please pull up Cammie’s record for entry, and all of the notes? There’s a big one in specific that’s supposed to be flagged?”

“No physical modifications of any kind?”

“Yes, and there’s another one I also made sure was made apparent?”

“No enemas or laxatives without mother’s explicit authorization?”

“That’s the other one. Now, let me hear what happened?” She turned to me. “Why are you dressed in that? You haven’t eaten anything funny and have had all solid stools so far?”

I sighed, “I think Miss Kristin spiked my bottle with something.”

“Why would she do that?” Doctor Chester asked.

“We went to high school together, and shortly after she graduated, I saw her at a mall with one of my best friends - he was a Little. She had claimed him after graduation and turned him into a girl, and then regressed him to at best a one-year-old. I told her what I thought of that at the time.”

“Did you say anything aggressive or rude to her today?”

I shook my head, “I know better than that…”

“Who is this Kristin?”

“She’s the assistant teacher in the room?”

“Hmm… You’re sure something was in your bottle?”

“Just before naptime she checked my very soaked diaper and claimed it was dry when Miss Crystal asked her to check it and change me. She leaned over and told me she knew who I was… It was obvious to me she was still holding a grudge. She had set up the bottles to warm, and the bottle itself tasted wrong. I was about to point it out, but when she smirked as I drank it, I figured I was stuck already. I was knocked out much quicker by it than normal too. When I woke up, I had the most disgusting diaper on the planet stuck to my butt, and my outfit was completely ruined. Mommy, she lied too and said you hadn’t sent anymore clothes as she looked through my diaper bag.”

“You’re telling me the truth?”

“Have I ever lied to you?” I asked her as I gave her more of an adult glare.

“No, you haven’t…”

“Ma’am, you can’t honestly expect to believe a Little doesn’t lie?”

“You have nanny cameras in the classrooms to monitor them, correct?”

The woman gulped, “Yes?”

“Let’s review the footage… And when we confirm everything my baby girl just told me, we’re going to call in this little witch and deal with her.”

“How about this… before we go through all of that, may I call Miss Crystal to come to the front?”


“To confirm Cammie’s story?”

She nodded, “I guess.”

“Give me just a moment…” she said as she walked out.

“What did you say to Kristin all those years ago?” Addison asked me with a smirk.

“Almost the same name as you just used, but with a different consonant?”

She squeezed me tight, “I’m not able to protect you from everything, but damned if I’m going to leave you somewhere and have you abused!”

We sat in her office for about ten minutes before Miss Crystal walked inside. “Oh, hi Miss Harris, what can I do for you?”

“Help me deal with your teaching assistant poisoning my baby.”


“First of all, Miss Crystal,” Doctor Chester interrupted, “was Cammie any sort of discipline problem today?”

She shook her head, “No, she was the sweetest new baby girl I’ve seen in a while. Her mommy should be very proud of how good of a girl she was!”

“Well, that answers that part…” Doctor Chester seemed annoyed. “Did you know that Kristin knew Cammie before?”

She shook her head, “She didn’t mention it?”

“Did you see anything go on between the two of them?”

“I stay pretty busy… there’s a reason two of us are in there.”

“Can you think of any other questions?” She asked Addison.

“Miss Crystal, before nap time did you notice I had a wet diaper?”

She shrugged, “Honestly I don’t remember looking too closely. I do remember telling Miss Kristin to change you though?” She looked thoughtful, “She said you were dry…?”

“Were you?” Doctor Chester asked.

I shook my head, “No, I was worried it was going to leak. Who prepared the bottles before naptime?”

“Kristin always does that round…”

“Thank you, Miss Crystal, if you would please let Miss Kristin know she needs to come down here now?”

“Umm… sure Doctor Chester…”

“I believe you,” Doctor Chester said to me. “What do you want?” she asked Addison.

“To punish her.”


“Let’s see if she comes clean first? By the way I think termination is a good start, but depending on what she says that may not be enough.”

“I shouldn’t have you involved in personnel matters…”

Addison shook her head, “I’m one of the owners, and I’m on the Board of Directors, I can be here.”

“What? Since when?”

“Since I bought out forty percent of this daycare this morning, and was placed on the board via a vote an hour ago.”

“I don’t know who you think…?”

“I’m Addison Harris.” She reminded her.

Right before a verbal match could start, the secretary knocked, “Miss Kristin is here?”

“Send her in,” she told her with a sigh.

“Yes, Doctor Chester? Crystal said you wanted to see me?” she said as she came in the room, only then noticing Addison and me. “Why am I here?” she asked.

“Please have a seat Miss Kristin.”

I noticed she moved the chair a little further from Addison and me and sat down. “I’m Addison Harris,” she introduced herself to Kristin, “And I have concerns about the care of my baby…”

“Umm… I don’t know what she told you, but you know Littles can’t be trusted, right?”

Doctor Chester sighed, “Starting out like this certainly isn’t helping your case Kristin. You are being accused of both violating the requests of this mother to not do any physical harm to her baby, and also not to use any laxatives or suppositories without parental authorization. She’s also quite sure that there is theft involved here too. Now I’m fully prepared to sift through an entire day worth of video from your classroom to corroborate the accusation, or you can save us the time and tell us what you did?” She shook her head, “This is the third complaint I’ve had about you this month.”

‘That was a dumb move to make from a legal standpoint…’ I thought, mentally jotting down the obvious amount they were willing to push things under the rug.

“Ma’am?” she said nervously.

“What did you put in my baby’s bottle?” Addison asked again. “I warn you, do not lie to me!”

Kristin visibly squirmed, and I got the feeling she realized she was now in some hot water. “It was just a dose of Little Go,” she told her. “If she’s on breastmilk it won’t be long before it’s the same anyway…”

“Doctor Chester, that is in fact a laxative, and a strong one! It also has significant side effects that could leave lingering issues for my baby!”

“I’m aware of that Miss Harris. Kristin, did you read her information sheet?”

“No ma’am, I didn’t have a chance?”

“Doctor Chester,” I said in my lawyer voice, “I object to that statement. It’s a lie – it’s how she figured out who I grew up as.”

“Shut the hell up you sniveling little freak!” she said. I watched her put her hand over her mouth suddenly.

“Well then, I think that settles that?” Addison said. “We can watch the video, but I think that’s more than enough to see she’s the problem here? I’m certain she stole the clothes too.”

“Yes Miss Harris, I do agree. You mentioned termination wasn’t enough?”

Addison looked thoughtful, “Can we have her wait outside for a moment?”

“What the hell do you think you’re in charge of here?” Kristin was going off-tilt some more.

“Well, I’m a part owner of the daycare for one,” she told her coolly.

Her eyes widened then as she looked from Addison back to the director, “Ma’am?”

“Go wait outside, we’ll call you back in when we’ve reached an agreement on a suitable penalty for you on behalf of Miss Harris and her daughter.”


“Last chance little girl,” Addison said with more venom.

I watched Kristin bolt up as Addison gave a wide smile, “I know exactly the punishment I want to dish out. I don’t want you to fire her, but I do want her moved to the Pre-K rooms… Let’s go talk here in the corner Doctor Chester.”

I was left sitting in the chair as they engaged in a whispered conversation. It was clear that Doctor Chester was not pleased with the option, but decided it was fair. She called someone and a bottle of milk appeared, along with another vial of something she added to the milk. I noticed my name was on the bottle…

“Come back in Kristin,” she told her. “Miss Harris has agreed to a condition that would let me not fire you. IF you want to keep your job, you’ll be moving to the Pre-K rooms as a roving aid.”

“But… My degree…?”

“Will be worthless anywhere else when she’s through with you,” she told her matter-of-factly.

“Is that it?”

“No, you need to drink this bottle too.”

“But that’s…”

“Breastmilk dear,” Addison smiled, “Breastmilk just as healthy as what you fed my baby this afternoon…”

She gulped, “Really Doctor Chester?”

“You can choose to walk out too…”

I watched as she awkwardly reached for the bottle and began nursing from it. She was awkwardly fighting with getting the flow out for a while as the bottle looked much smaller in her hands than mine. The blush on her cheeks was quite gratifying to watch, even as you could see her eyes watering and tracks forming from her mascara. Finally, she emptied the bottle to their satisfaction and looked even more embarrassed as she burped suddenly. “Excuse you little girl,” Doctor Chester said shaking her head, “Go back and bring us the spare clothes that were left in Cammie’s diaper bag by her mommy.”


“I can still fire you…”

“Yes ma’am…” she said nervously.

Even as she left, I heard a fart…

“I trust this will put the matter behind us?” she asked Addison.

“As long as she didn’t do anything else that’s long lasting, I consider it closed now. Or, I will when we have her clothes that she stole.”

“Fair enough,” she said and stood up. She walked to a side door of her office and gathered some things in some cloth, but I couldn’t exactly see what it was as Addison squeezed me tight and felt my diaper.

“Still dry for the moment, huh?”

I nodded, “I haven’t had that much to drink today…?”

She looked in the bag and pulled out a sealed bottle of Plapple juice and poured it in a clean bottle. “Here sweetie, drink this while we wait for your clothes…”

I had about half of the contents down when I heard sobbing. Addison stood with me, holding the bottle to my lips, when I just about dropped it at the sight in front of me.

“Whoa…” I said involuntarily around the nipple while smirking.

In front of me was the most glorious sight of justice I had ever thought to see in my life! The bitch who had abused Tyler, other Littles, and now me, definitely had her moment of shame coming. She was carrying my missing clothes, which she awkwardly handed to Addison as she shifted from foot to foot making faces.

“My, my, my,” Addison said as she took them, “Doctor Chester, I believe this young lady isn’t quite ready for her big girl panties yet…”

“I’m thinking you’re probably right Miss Harris. Miss Kristin, what happens if a child at Changing Tikes pees their big girl panties?”


“Answer the question Kristin.”

“They… they get put back into Pull-Ups ma’am for at least three days.”

“If they wet one of those that day?”

“A week of Pull-Ups…”

“And if they make pee-pee in their big-girl pants a third time?”

“They go back to diapees until their mommy says it’s okay to try again? At least three weeks though?”

“Uh-huh, very good. Now back up to what happens if a wittle girl poopies her big girl panties…?”

She sniffled, “Ma’am?”

“I won’t ask again!”

“They go back to diapers right away for at least the next three days… and get to try again with the potty and training panties after that if their mommy lets them?”

“That’s correct, and right now you’re that little girl, huh?” She said in a cooing voice.

She shook her head, “Ma’am, it’s only because there was…”

“There were plenty of bathrooms around, you could have sat in one for a bit…?”


“Tell me who uses their panties as a potty like that?”


“Who? I won’t ask again,” she asked with some venom.


“Babies, huh? And that’s all you are probably?”

“No ma’am…”

“Well, as far as the potty I think you are for at least a few days. Now lay down on this changing mat so I can get you into your diapee. If I even let you try to grow up again to big girl panties it’ll be based on your behavior from here on out.”

I thought she was going to refuse with the look on her face, but instead a trickle of urine escaped her and ran down her legs.

Doctor Chester tutted at her, and pushed her down to the changing mat, “Only babies leave messes like that on my floor. I think that’s settled that it’ll be at least three weeks before we try again…”

I watched as she pushed her dress up off of her head, revealing sizable breasts that were covered with a nursing bra. I watched the train wreck as she cut off the panties with some scissors and began cleaning up the mess. Addison seemed just as inclined to be an audience, “My, my, my, she even cleaned up down there. I’m thinking this isn’t the only time she’s been in diapers Doctor Chester.”

“Wha…? My boyfr…” She started to say before the largest pacifier I’ve ever seen was shoved into her mouth and twisted.

‘There’s a version for Bigs?!?!’ I thought in shock.

“That’s much better, baby girls are better seen and not heard after all!” Doctor Chester said. I watched her gently hum a lullaby and clean up the mess, before telling her, “Lift back up baby girl!” and placing a thick diaper that looked identical to one of the types I had at home underneath her.

“Where did you find that?” Addison asked.

“Oh, there are some teenagers and adults who for some reason like Naomi and Oliver and some of the other regression shows. They like to wear them so much that they came out with these in bigger sizes for big babies like Baby Kristin here. One last thing, let’s cover up your bra,” she told her and directed her to stand up.

I was all smiles as I saw a familiar volcano and ‘Blowout’ on the front of her shirt.

“Well, Doctor Chester I want to thank you for helping us out today,” Addison told her as she stuffed my backup clothes inside the diaper bag. She gathered me and the bag up. “Let’s go do what I planned on for the rest of the afternoon… It looks like you probably have your hands as full as her diaper will no doubt be again soon…”

Back at the car I was smiling the biggest smile in years as Addison dressed me in a knee length purple knit dress with big white polka dots on it. It actually would cover my diaper, and I appreciated that she took the time to change me from the god-awful onesie.

“You’re going to burn that… right?” I asked.

She smirked and shook her head, “Nope! It’s definitely going to be kept in the diaper bag for if we really don’t have a spare outfit and you need one.”

“I…” A pacifier pushed past my lips and inside of my mouth.

“Take a little nap again, it’ll take a while for us to drive where we’re going…”

I sighed, and waited for her to get the car going. ‘Did she say we were going somewhere else today…?’ I tried to remember.

Even as insane as she drove, I still found myself nodding off to sleep before long.

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Chapter 47: Ponies

I COMPLETELY ZONKED out for the drive, and only woke up again when I felt myself being tickled, “Come on, wake up Cammie,” I heard at the same time.

I looked up and said, “Ugh…” I spat out the pacifier from my mouth then and asked, “Where are we?”

“Getting a haircut!” she smiled at me.

I looked up suddenly and saw a sign ‘Pigtails and Ponies’ in a decorative script on a sign. ‘Little Girls Hair Salon’ was subtitled below it and I groaned… “Do we have to?”

She nodded, “Yes, we do! My baby girl needs a pretty haircut!”

I made a face, “I guess I can shave it all off after this is over.”

“Over?” She smiled, “Who says it’s going to be over?”

She gave me a warning look, “No one Mommy… Let’s get this over with.”

I was picked up from the car seat and felt an intrusion into my diaper. “Still dry… they did not give you nearly enough to drink there today, did they?”

I shrugged, I could feel the Plapple juice was almost needing out of my bladder, “I guess not?”

She dug around the car and the bottle I’d had before leaving was refilled. “Drink your baba while we wait,” she told me.

I sighed and held it as she carried me inside and a ding was heard with the door opening.

“Well, hello there!” A friendly mid, not much taller than me said to us. “May I help you?”

“We’re here to get my baby girl’s hair cut? I made an appointment?”


“Cammie Harris?”

“Sure thing, I’ve got you right here. I’ll let your stylist know that you’re here!”

“Thanks!” Addison said as she bounced me up and down a moment and then went to sit down on some couches that looked nicer than I would expect in a children’s salon. I did see a gated play area nearby with plenty of toddler and children’s toys sitting there, but thankfully she didn’t force me to go pretend there. There were a few tables lined with stacks of magazines for parents of real children and Littles alike.

Two real moms were waiting with their older elementary aged daughters for their cuts, but the shop seemed to be pretty quiet…

Apparently, Addison noticed I was just staring and holding the bottle, so she shifted me to the crook of her arm and grabbed the bottle from me, “Drink your baba baby.” She pushed the nipple in my mouth and I sighed as I began drinking. We were left waiting long enough that I finished it. My stomach was a bit bloated from two bottles of juice in a short amount of time, and my bladder really cried for release.

I squirmed for a moment and let a stream flow into the diaper.

“Good girl!” She cooed and hugged me.

I wondered if she might think about changing me, as it was pretty wet, but we heard, “Cammie?”

I looked up to see a tall woman with layered brown hair as Addison stood up. “That’s us!” She said with a smile.

“Great, come on back!”

We walked back and I saw the most ridiculous looking pink miniature car. I wasn’t sure what it was for a second, until Addison sat me down inside of it, and buckled me up with a lap belt before taking a seat next to me. I blushed as I realized my wet diaper was completely flashed at the young girl and her mother watching her get his haircut nearby. ‘This is a salon chair…? I wondered as I looked in front of me, and avoided looking at those I had flashed… They’d put in a steering wheel and it looked like a number of little toys to keep a kid sitting still.

“Is this your first time getting your haircut sweetie?” She cooed at me.

“Umm… no…?”

“Silly, I meant since you were adopted!”


“Yes, it sure is!” Addison said with that mommy voice she tended to use. “I’ve wanted to get a cute hairstyle for her forever though!”

“I bet you have,” the woman said. I felt her pulled out the elastics and the bows on the pigtails she had put my hair in that morning. “We have plenty of hair to do whatever you want here, what are you looking to get done?”

“Well, to be honest I want to keep it simple most days, so if you can just do a tapered cut down to just below her shoulders?”

I felt the woman turn my body in the chair and held a comb up several inches above my current length, “About here?”

“That would be perfect,” Addison said. “And then once you get it into that basic style, I’m hoping you can do something like this…?” She showed her a picture on her phone.

“Oh, that’s easy, I can definitely do that! Special date tonight?” She asked.

“Yep, we’re having a mommy daughter night out!”

“Aww… Too many of my customers just leave their Little girls at home in a crib with their babysitters while they go out.”

“Well, I’m sure we’ll be doing that sometimes too, but she’s been a very good girl and had a rough day today.”

“Well, we’ll make it better here! Do you have a paci for her? I find all of my clients that still use them sit better if they have one?”

“Sure!” she said and dug into the diaper bag and plopped a pacifier inside of my mouth.

I had always hated haircuts… They took too long and I hated sitting still even as an adult! It was the upside to dating women who preferred I have longer hair – I didn’t go in very often! When I was in court, I had usually just tied it into a low ponytail and hid that underneath my suit coat, but I suspected with the new length that would be trickier to do. ‘As soon as I get done with this bullshit, I am shaving it off!’

She played with my hair for a few minutes before moving the chair to a nearby sink. It was a little disconcerting seeing the front of a ‘car’ sticking straight up in the air as she washed my hair out, then moved me back to the middle of her area. Every now and then she would grab my head and twist it this way and that, or tell me to ‘stay still baby…’ I saw a small mountain of my hair growing at my feet as she chopped a lot of length off.

After a while she said, “How’s this Mommy?”

I felt myself turned around so Addison could see, and could now see my own self in the mirror in front of me. To my relief I didn’t have bangs, or red hair like I figured was coming, but the way my hair fell was definitely more feminine. There was a mirror behind me and I could see that instead of the straight, square cut on the bottom I’d been having done for years, it was longer in the middle, and shorter on the sides. It also no longer reached the middle of my back, but rather the longer edges barely brushed my shoulders. I had been accused for a while of looking feminine with my hair and thinner build and face from my weight loss, but this seemed to push it further over the line. ‘Given I’m wearing a dress I guess I should accept this could be my new normal…’

I sighed as Addison said, “That’s perfect! Just what I was hoping for!”

“It’ll be super easy to care for and put into whatever style you want before you send her to daycare each day too!” I could see the woman beaming a big smile at Addison. “Now, for the style you wanted for tonight!”

I felt the chair turn away from the mirrors and found myself staring at a wall filled with images of cartoon characters as she began working on my hair again. I tensed as I saw a curling iron, something I’d always feared to be honest after hearing Beth, Addison, and so many others talk about burning themselves with them!

I sat absolutely still as she began spraying my hair with scented hair spray and using the hot iron! As time went on, I noticed that she was making my hair fall off-center, and soon a ponytail of hair was lying on my shoulder. I could just see the shorter ends of it with large curls visible. “How’s that Mommy?” she asked Addison.

“Perfect! Way better than I would have done!”

The woman smiled, “It’s not that difficult, I’m sure you could do it. It helps that this little girl is such a sweet good girl! Can she have a sucker?”

“As long as it’s not got anything in it?”

I looked up and saw the woman shake her head, “Just tons of sugar, food coloring, and flavor!” She handed me a sucker, “Thanks for being such a good girl for me!”

“Thank you for doing my hair…” I told her as she turned me and let me see. Whereas the style I had seen before was simple, this looked way dressier. Large curls now adorned my hair as it pulled to the side over my left shoulder. I could see a few little hair pins with crystals on them in the top of my hair, but for the most part the thing that surprised me was that it was a style I could have seen Addison wearing for an event. There were no bright bows or clips being used in it, and I was surprised that it actually made me look older… like maybe I was late elementary in age instead of a toddler.

As Addison picked me up and my dress flashed up and displayed my soaked diaper, that older image was definitely shattered though. “Let’s get you paid for your great job, and then do you have a bathroom I might be able to borrow to get her changed and dressed?” she patted the diaper bag, but also pointed to a small garment bag I hadn’t seen her come inside with. ‘Must have left me to go out to the car while I was getting my hair cut?’


I caught a glimpse of the receipt and saw that Addison had given her a tip that was more than the haircut was supposed to cost. The woman lit up when she saw that, and said, “Thank you so much!”

“You’re very welcome. We may come back in for a style or two in the next couple of weeks again. You did great work and you treated Cammie just like the little girl she is – thank you for that.” She bounced me and looked at me, “Let’s go use their bathroom, change your soggy pants, and get you in your pretty dress!”

I blushed as a couple other ‘parents’ held their kids within hearing distance. The salon had a set of male and female single restrooms. She entered the women’s and locked the door behind us. “Diapee first!” she said as she pulled down a changing table and laid out the changing mat she had. I was lifted up onto the table and she pulled the dress carefully off, before laying me down.

“Uh-oh,” she told me as she opened the diaper.


“You just have a bit more poopy in here… I’m surprised you had anything left after what she gave you though…”

“It wasn’t permanent, was it…?” I asked as she picked my ankles up and wiped my butt.

“No sweetie, if it had been, I wouldn’t have left that daycare until that bitch was shorter than you and couldn’t even still crawl.” I felt my fear rise at that reaction as she slid a diaper underneath me.

“You know that kind of treatment was pretty normal, right?” I asked her. “Miss Crystal may hold a grudge against me now too…?”

She taped the diaper shut, “If she does, I’ll take care of her too. I don’t think she will though, she seemed genuinely clueless about Kristin’s actions. Anyway, enough talk of daycare. Let’s get you dressed up for dinner.”

I wondered what kind of dress would be inside of the garment bag. I was picturing something completely frilly, over the top flouncy, pink or purple, and meant for some fancy birthday party. Instead, as she unzipped it, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was a solid navy blue, with just some small fake diamonds sewn into a ‘V’ shaped pattern at the top of the bodice. The dress was sleeveless, and flared out, but seemed to lack any sort of petticoat or anything.

“Arms up!” she told me as she pulled it down over my body. She zipped it and switched out the pink tennis shoes I had on for a set of matching navy-blue strappy sandals with just a small heel on them. Even they looked quite mature in appearance compared to shiny Mary Janes or something. She stood me up on the ground and began cleaning up from the diaper change. As she was washing her hands, I looked in a tall mirror attached to the back of the door, and appreciated that the flared skirt fell almost to my knees and fully concealed the diaper I wore. I touched the soft fabric, and felt the bumps of a few of the sparkly gemstones.

Between the hair and the dress, I actually almost looked like the adult I was… just a flat chested woman instead of a man. “You look pretty, huh?” Addison said to me without a hint of her mommy voice.

I hesitantly nodded. “Yeah, I guess I do…”

“Come on, let’s go get some dinner!”

I smiled as she didn’t pick me up, but instead grabbed my hand and led me outside to her car and let me climb up into the car seat on my own for once. After she buckled the harness, she fussed with the dress a bit, and soon we were off. With her driving it didn’t take long to get to wherever we were going. When she came around to my side of the car, I could see we were at a restaurant we used to eat at together quite regularly in college. I blushed at the potential of some of the waitstaff recognizing us…

She helped me out, and I noticed that she merely carried a thin wallet inside with us, leaving both the diaper bag and her purse with her phone inside locked away in the trunk. ‘I hope I don’t need a change…’ I worried a little, but reminded myself I used to go hours at a time without using the bathroom! She didn’t even grab my hand, but just said, “Come on, let’s go eat! I haven’t been here since the last time we were here together.”

“Really?” I said as I walked beside her.


At the host stand we were greeted by a host I didn’t recognize, “Table for two please?” I said from habit.

“Why of course Miss!” The host said.

One of the reasons we used to frequent the restaurant was that it was one of the few that was very discrete with boosting up those of us who were shorter. The chair I was seated in was probably a highchair in height, but it looked identical to Addison’s chair at first glance. There were no straps or other restraints on it, so that it really was just a higher chair to sit in. The menu I was handed was the regular adult’s menu, and there weren’t any crayons or coloring mats in sight.

“Why?” I asked her as we waited for them to come with drinks.

She shrugged, “You’re not a baby – I know that, even if it’s hard not to confuse everything. I figured if we could get away from everyone today, we could have a moment for ourselves.”

“You’re sure they didn’t follow us?”

“Actually, I’m sure they did, but they’re not being let inside the door…” she smiled and nodded to the door.

“You have to let us in…” I heard a man complaining.

“Sorry, we don’t have space for you at this time. Please make a reservation and we’ll be happy to serve you another time.” I saw the host call for another waiter that helped him remove the stalkers.

“So…” she said.

“So…” I said, “Beside the witch, how was today?”

“Horrible?” she said.

“Horrible?” I asked.

“Yeah… let’s just say my mom isn’t happy. She won’t be until at least you’re altered to being a girl… but even then, I’m worried she’s always going to want to take you the next peg down. I think that’s part of why I wanted to come out tonight. Tell me more about your time at law school…? I always wondered how you were doing? What did you do afterwards?”

For the next two hours it was like Addison held up a big ‘pause’ sign on my shitty life’s turn. It was like dating in college again, with us listening to each other - and it was so easy to remember why I loved her back then. It made me feel guilty of how once again I could feel that way while Beth wallowed in forced babyhood…

It made me feel so much saner though, that I didn’t see a reason to complain about it! After dessert we walked to the restroom together, and I waited inside while she used the toilet. I found myself needing to go and asked… “Umm… could I…?”

She sighed, “Let’s get through your hearing just using your diapers sweetie. If it goes the wrong way, we’ll get you fixed up and then I’ll let you use the big girl potty.”

I sighed, but relented and just peed the diaper I wore. I had a distinct waddle as we walked out to her SUV and she laid me on the back cargo area to change the wet diaper before driving home.

Until I was again given a bath like a toddler, dressed in a frilly pink nightgown, and presented with her breast to suckle on - it had almost been like an old normal night out with Addy!

Chapter 48: Strolling

THE NEXT MORNING, I woke up to someone giggling. “She looks perfect like this! I always thought this is what you should have done if you adopted her!”

I looked up and saw Danica standing there towering above the small bed. I never appreciated the fact that her family thought her a ‘runt,’ given her nearly eleven-foot-tall frame certainly intimidated me now! I knew that she had to be about twenty-five now, and she had certainly come into her own with her appearance over the years. She was every bit as gorgeous as Addison was.

“Hi Danica,” I sighed, grabbing onto Rings instinctively and trying to roll back over on my bed, but she wasn’t going to have any of that.

Kneeling next to the bed she began tickling me mercilessly. “That’s Auntie Dani now,” she said as she continued to tickle torture me and I conceded the battle with my bladder.

“Okay, Auntie Dani,” I said, “Stop… please!”

She smiled at me, kissed my forehead, and said, “Okay! It’s so good to see you Cameron… I mean Cammie.”

It was a genuine slip, and I was actually kind of curious to see her as an adult now. When I knew her before she was actually one of the rare good Bigs who didn’t want to baby everyone, trick everyone, or abuse every little they saw. It was actually odd that any parents like theirs would raise a daughter or two like that. Now that she was a real adult, was she still the same?

“It’s good to see you too,” I told her. “Why are you here?”

“Well, it’s normally a tradition that when someone’s sister adopts a Little, they have a Little Shower. Since we’re not sure if you’re staying yet – and you have that injunction against your grandma, we’re going to hold off on that. But I think an auntie is entitled to at least hang out with her sister and her at least temporary niece!”

Not knowing what else to do I sighed and nodded, understanding that this wasn’t an adult reunion.

“Now, let’s get that wet diapee changed, and you can wear your first present from Auntie Dani!”

I felt myself stiffen a bit at that… I didn’t have long to wonder what the present was though, because she held it up to show me as soon as she sat me down on the changing table. “Isn’t it so pretty???” She smiled, “I think I always dreamed of Addy dressing you in something like this!”

I sighed and looked a little closer at the dress she held. The fabric was primarily a light baby blue, with puffy sleeves, a little collar on either side folded down, and a smocked front gathering the material. I noted that there were three little flowers embroidered on each of the little collars, and a diamond pattern crossing back and forth on the smocked area on the bodice. At each point the diamonds met there was a little crystal inset, along with little blue rose petals around them, and just a swish beyond of white to portray leaves. All of the details had to have been made by hand, and I assumed were just as high end as some of the other clothes Addison had dressed me in the past few days.

“What do you think?” Addison asked me.

I shrugged, “It is very pretty. Thank you,” I told Danica. Trying to avoid saying Auntie Dani any more than I had to!

She smiled and squealed with joy and began taking off the nightgown I was dressed in, leaving me in the wet diaper. As she undid the diaper she smirked, “You know, I used to think you were lying Addy, but I think you probably were having a good time with him. That’s not the small little thing I expected.”

I blushed completely red and covered my eyes with my hands. “Danica!” Addy hissed. “Not helping!”

“Sorry, I know you’re trying to forget he’s an adult Addy, but if I was you, I would think about my resources.” I looked up at her and she smirked at me. “Just trying to help you both out here,” she smiled.

She lifted my legs up like she’d been changing diapers all of her life, and quickly had me into a new one faster than Addison. “Okay, arms up!” She told me after she unbuttoned four large buttons on the back of the dress.

I did so and she pulled it over my head, and then turned me a little so she could button them up. I felt the material gather at the back and figured out that it must have had a bow. The dress itself was a sateen, and felt very soft on my skin. I worried at first that the front of the dress would be itchy with its gathered fabric, but another layer underneath it prevented the smocking from being on my skin.

“That’s adorable!” Addison squealed.

“Yes, it is!” she replied. “Let’s get your shoes and socks on now!” she said to me.

A pair of ankle length lacy socks went onto my feet, and then she put on a pair of white patent leather Velcro shoes on top of that. Each shoe had a little scalloped edge in the middle, and was almost a sandal with the middle of the foot exposed in front of the Velcro. A large white bow was attached on the Velcro piece, covering out to the edge of the shoe. ‘These are about as girly as possible…’ I thought to myself right then.

She smiled, “You look so pretty already! Can I do her hair too?”

“What’s with the affection for the Little?” Addison asked.

“Matty has short hair, I can’t do anything with him… and you’re just enough older that I was never able to really do your hair – you never trusted me!”

Addison laughed at that, “Okay, you’re right. Sure, she’s your doll for the morning, but be nice to her!”

I was picked up then and sat on the ground, “Where are her hair accessories?” She asked.

“Over there…” She pointed to a tub of bows and things that were on a dresser.

I took a couple of hesitant steps in the shoes and quickly made the determination that they were going to suck to walk in. It wasn’t that they were rubbing against my feet in bad spots, but the toe area of the soles was not very thick. They also had a slight heel on the back, but much less than my lifts had.

“Is this really all you’ve bought her so far?” Danica complained.

“We honestly haven’t had a chance to go anywhere really… this week has been crazy, and you know Mom dragged me into the office yesterday.”

“Yeah… I wish I knew what her deal really was there… a new mommy should always get her maternity leave! Are you going in again this week?”

“At least a couple days probably. I’m hoping to only go on Tuesday for a meeting about a couple projects, and then Thursday for the shareholders meeting.”

“You shouldn’t even be going in for those!” she said as she stopped digging. “Okay, I think I have everything!” she looked around the room and asked, “Where do you do her hair?”

Addison shrugged, “We’re still figuring out routines. I’ve been using her highchair though downstairs?”

Danica came over to where I was standing watching them interact and picked me back up. “You know you are way too light!”

“Yes, she is… She was only one-hundred-and-sixty pounds the other day.”

“She’s nearly two feet taller than Matty, and seven pounds lighter…” Danica looked down at me, “You have got to eat more kiddo.” She paused at the bottom of the stairs, “Speaking of that, Mommy do you need to nurse her?”

“I’ll give her a baba on the way to the mall,” she told her.

“Mall?” I asked.

Danica smiled, “Mall! I told you, Auntie needs to take care of her new niece! Your mommy doesn’t believe in having nearly enough hair accessories apparently! And I think you need another toy or two. Speaking of toys, that stuffed Red Panda is adorable! What’s her name?” she asked me.

I blushed, “Rings…”

“Cute!” she smiled. “Addy, why don’t you make sure you her diaper bag is packed for a day out of shopping, and make sure you grab Rings. Did you buy a stroller yet?”

Addy sighed, “There’s one they bought that I put in the car last night. I don’t like it all that much though. I might look for a different one while we’re out.”

“It’ll at least get her around until then though?”

“It should,” she agreed.

“I don’t need a stroller…” I tried to say, but Danica saw a pacifier by the high chair and inserted it into my mouth.

She spoke softly to me as she bounced me, “Now Baby Cammie, you need to remember that you’re not as old as you were last week. I don’t know why the judge decided it, but she decided it was best that your mommy care for you just as a little baby now. So, it’s our job as the big adults to take care of you! You’re so lucky you don’t even have to walk around!”

“You certainly have a way with her,” Mindy said as she appeared out of nowhere.

“Thanks Mindy,” she told her. “Could you make her some toast to take with us? I’m going to do her hair really quick and then we’ll take off.” She looked back at Addy as she buckled the harness closed, “Go, we’ll be fine down here.”

“We don’t use the extra straps,” Addison told her then before going upstairs.

“Hmm… Mommy thinks you can be good without them? I guess we’ll see, huh?”

She moved to the back of the chair and began brushing through my hair with a brush. Mindy was busy further off in the kitchen. She leaned over and whispered, “Sorry kiddo, Addy told me she’s avoided you being around Mindy too much. She’s definitely an old school Littles ‘should be seen and not heard’ woman. Be careful around her. They just cut your hair yesterday, right?”

I would have nodded, but she had a bunch of my hair firmly in her hand. “Yeth,” came out around the pacifier.

“I like it, it’s simple. Should be easier to take care of than it was last time I saw you. I saw someone do what I’m going to do with your hair the other day, and I thought it was totally cute! It’ll look cute with your dress too!”

I sat still as I felt her pull the brush through my hair to triple check it was straight and tangle free. Each brush of the stroke honestly felt really good, and I had some goosebumps running down my arms as she worked on me for some reason. I felt her pull pretty hard on two small sections on either side of my head before she tied them off with a small rubber band temporarily. A moment later I could feel her tugging and twisting, and decided she must have been braiding those sections. It didn’t take her long to tie those off again, and then it felt like she began gathering the rest of my hair in the back into two sections too. I felt her tug a few more times on each side as she must have been braiding some other sections.

Addison came back down with the diaper bag and Rings, who she handed to me to hold at that point, and watched her sister do her magic.

Eventually Danica said, “Done!” and I heard the click of a camera shutter. “Here!”

She showed me the back of my head now had an ‘X’ going across it with two braided pigtails crossing in the middle and then flaring out with the last couple inches hanging unbraided, but tied back with two blue bows that matched the dress I was wearing. Addison had her own phone out and took a picture then too.

“Pretty,” I admitted to her with the pacifier still in my mouth. Seeing Mindy there watching us, I said, “Thank you Auntie Dani!”

“You’re very welcome kiddo!” she told me and gave me a hug. “Addy, you ready to go?”

“Sure… Let me grab her warmed bottle and then that toast that Mindy made her.”

“Sounds good!” she said. “I’ve got the munchkin!”

She tickled me a little and hugged me before carrying me after Addison. “Bye Miss Mindy,” I thought to say politely. “Thank you for the toast.” The pacifier obscured that quite a bit, but I was sure the intention was there.

“Bye sweetie,” she told me.

A short while later I was strapped into my car seat with the two sisters sitting up front, a pile of toast in my lap, a bib and a blanket to protect my dress, and a bottle of milk sitting in a cup holder on my seat. I ate the toast and then slowly began nursing on the bottle as they drove away. Eventually falling back asleep for another little nap.

I WOKE UP when Addison slammed on the brakes suddenly. “Jack ass!”

“Addy! There are wittle ears here!” Danica said.

“Oh… well I know Cammie has said worse.”

“I meant mine, you idiot!” she said.

Addison laughed sarcastically, “Riiiight…”

“Just take that parking space there,” she said.

I opened my eyes and saw that we were parked in a place that I’d tried my best to avoid over the years since being there last to return a ring. Danica was closer to my door and opened it up. “Well, hi there, Kiddo! Did you have a good nap?”

I shrugged, “I guess…”

I sat still as she pulled the blanket off of me and undid the bib I’d been wearing. “They did their job; baby girl is still all clean!” She cooed at me. She unbuckled me from the seat.

“Hand me her empty baba,” Addy told her, gathering my diaper bag on the other side of the car.

“You want this bib too?”

“Nah, I’ve got like four more in here…”

“New mothers,” Danica said as she rolled her eyes and picked me up. She had a good handle on my smaller body, but I couldn’t help but note that with her shorter size she seemed more like a young teenager holding me rather than the ‘mother’ that Addison felt like.

Addison went to the back and opened the SUV to reveal a stroller that she unfolded. I made a face, and Danica said, “Okay, now I see what you were saying… We’ll get another one. It’ll work to hold the munchkin for now though!” She tickled my side and sat me down. The dress flew up to expose my diaper and she said, “I’m surprised you’re still dry after that bottle of mommy’s milk!”

“She tends to hold on longer than Matty.” Addison said, “It’s probably her size difference.”

“It’s still early too, sometimes it takes a couple weeks to do its job.”

I sighed and squeezed Rings who Addison passed to me.

“Let’s go shopping!” Danica said.

The stroller started moving, and since Danica walked beside me from time to time looking in on me, I knew that it was Addison pushing me. Inside the stroller the harness was padded, but it clearly wouldn’t let me out unless they wanted that. The fabric of this stroller felt kind of flimsy, I could feel one of the support bars uncomfortably under my butt, and honestly it wasn’t comfortable at all! That fact wasn’t made better as I began to feel some rumblings in my gut and knew it was inevitable that I was going to have to poop while we were out.

I resolved to hold it for a while… ‘Maybe I can get out of the stroller before it happens?’ I hoped.

Addison started out in a shop that looked to sell more dresses like the one I had on then. “Ooh, this would look so adorable on her!” She held up another blue dress, this one alternating thin-blue and white vertical-stripes across it, that I saw flared way out at the skirt. It featured a little white ruffle around the collar and the puffed sleeves. There was a much thinner band of smocking that would fall right at the level of my armpits, that little dark blue flowers embroidered across the middle of the band. A little diamond pattern crossed as a band at the top and bottom of the smocking. The dress came with a matching diaper cover with lots of ruffles on the back.

“You have to get that!” Danica agreed.

“I’m so glad that she still fits into 3T or 4T clothing!”

“And then of course you can always find other things for her in Little stores. You know you could shrink her when this is all settled, right?”

“I wouldn’t want to do that Dani; I like her the height she is. I never wanted to have an endless crawling infant like Mom.”

“I didn’t think you wanted a Little period, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that changed too.” Danica said, making me more nervous as I sat completely out of the conversations and not being involved.

The urge to poop unfortunately grew as we waited for a register to pay for six dresses she’d found at that store. Getting the feeling that getting out wasn’t going to be an option I squirmed a bit trying to get comfortable and some leverage on my bowels. Danica came around, “What’s wrong kiddo, are you a squirmy baby?”

I was annoyed, but nodded in response.

“Here, let’s let you out here while we wait to pay for your new dresses!”

She unbuckled the seat and sat me down on my feet. Right then I felt a cramp and just resolved to ignore the line of mothers watching and crouched down.

I squeezed and felt a fart release before the poop finally started leaving. “Aww… did you just need to make some poopies?” Danica cooed at me. “I guess that would be kind of harder to do in your seat, huh?”

Her cooing was not making things better at all! When I was done though, I stood up, hoping to avoid smashing it against my skin. It really felt nasty, and still quite a bit softer than normal. ‘Probably still from that damn laxative yesterday and some from Addison’s milk…’

Without warning big hands picked me up, “Pee-ew! You’re a stinky baby!” Danica said as her hand landed right on the diaper below my skirt and smushed the load more.

I looked at Addison for help, but she was looking away. Danica began bouncing me and said, “She looks upset, can you hand me her paci?”

A pacifier passed between the sisters and landed in my mouth as we got to the front. “Let’s put you back down here while Auntie Dani buys your new dresses, and then your mommy can change you!”

“What happened to Auntie Dani…?” Addison kidded even as I was harnessed and could now feel the poop moving further up my back thanks to the stupid bar in the cheap stroller.

Fortunately, we soon began moving towards a changing room!

Unfortunately, on the way there we ran into some people I didn’t want to see me like this. Addison’s voice said, “Oh, hi Doctor Westerfield!”

I looked up to see Amanda walking with Bella beside her wearing one of those monkey harness leashes, and Megan pushing Meg in a stroller.

Meg and Bella both had looks of shock when they realized who was sitting inside the stroller with a poopy diaper clearly visible underneath a frilly dress!

Chapter 49: Cuddlebug

“CAMERON?!?” I HEARD from the familiar face.

I looked to see it had been Meg who had spoken first.

“Umm… Hi,” I said, letting the pacifier fall from my mouth into my lap.

“Hi…” Meg said, her own pacifier hanging from a strap too. Concern littered her eyes, and I guessed no one had told Bella, her, or Megan about what had happened. Amanda didn’t look surprised, so I hoped that meant that Kendra and David had gotten in contact with her.

“Addy, why is Cameron dressed in a dress? And a diaper? He’s an adult!” Megan was clearly pretty furious.

“Calm down Megan,” Amanda said.

Megan looked like she wanted to continue to fight, but Danica stepped in and said, “Whoa… not her fault… Let her explain?”

“I want to hear it from Cameron,” Meg said.

I felt the poop still squishing and sticking to my skin, talking was the last thing I wanted to do right then!

“Umm… You know how my firm is suing her mom’s company, right?”

“Right,” Megan said tersely, “Did she just snatch you up then?”

I shook my head, blushing badly, “No, there’s a corrupt judge who declared me in contempt of court, and issued a verdict that I’m demonstrating a case of Maturosis.”

The pacifier was pushed back into my mouth then by Addison, who knelt beside me.

“Rather than let her go to an orphanage, or a horrible foster home, I stepped in.” Addison said, calmly, but clearly annoyed. “I didn’t want to do it… but I couldn’t let Cammie go that route.”

“What’s with the dress? Have you already changed him?” Megan asked.

“Well Cammie does need her stinky pants changed,” Danica giggled next to me, making me turn even more red from mortal embarrassment.

“No, the judge actually ordered I either remove his teeth, mobility, ability to talk, and potty training, or I could have him as a toddler girl instead maybe able to potty train.”


I sighed, “Both choices sucked, I chose this option…” I said dumping the pacifier out again, squeezing Rings tighter then.

“If it makes you feel better, I don’t like it,” Addison told her. “Just before we were going to complete the court order there was an injunction and another hearing. Her case is supposed to be heard in a week-and-a-half or so appealing the Maturosis ruling. If they succeed in the appeal, he’ll be free to go.”

“If it fails?” Meg asked.

“Then I guess she’ll be my baby girl forever and ever,” she cooed and put the pacifier back in my mouth again. “We really do need to go and change her; I don’t want her getting a rash.”

She started to push me away and I heard Megan shout, “Wait!”

The stroller stopped, “Yes?”

“How about we exchange numbers? Maybe baby Meggy and Cammie can have a playdate? They were good friends in college, they’d probably have fun playing together now?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea…” Danica started to say.

Addison cut her off though, “Sure… What’s your number?”

I sat with Meg still staring at me while the poop on my butt continued to feel slimy and gross. The smell was beginning to get to me too, I was grateful when Megan finished with, “Call me soon!”

The stroller was pushed forward again and I started to feel tears running down my face. It was bad enough being stuck like this, but for my close friends to see my new existence was too much!

My nose had completely clogged with snot by the time we reached the changing room, with tears going down my face. “Dani, can you watch her stroller and stuff? I’m going to go change her.”

“Don’t need help?”

“I’ve got this,” she said.

All of the sudden she bent down in my view and said, “Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry…”

I felt her undo the buckle and picked me up into a hug, squeezing me tightly, “I’m sorry… I never even thought about them seeing you…” She took Rings from me and handed her to Danica to hold, before she walked forward into the changing room. I opened my eyes just enough to see there were probably about a dozen changing tables spread out, about half of them in use right then. She pushed the dress up to my armpits as she laid me down and said, “Let’s get you out of those poopy pants…”

I chewed and sucked on the pacifier, blinking away tears and looking to my side where I saw an actual baby was getting their diaper changed too. I turned back forward, blushing when I realized that’s all I was at the moment. Nothing more than a baby… If the appeal failed, I would truly be stuck forever with people wiping my poopy butt in public changing rooms like this. As the diaper was pulled away, I was grateful that most of the stickiness left too. She kept my butt in the air though as she wiped and I mooned the others in the room.

“Your baby girl has such a pretty booty!”

“Well, maybe now…” Addison laughed at the mom’s odd compliment.

“I know about poopy butts! I’ve been changing her stinky butt now for ten years.”

As my feet were let down onto the table and a new diaper was taped, I could see the woman in question was probably about my age.

“Ever think about potty-training her?” Addison asked, sitting me back up and rubbing my back.

“Nah, I don’t mind a poopy diaper or two a day. Besides, she’s been in diapers for almost half of her life. I don’t see her being able to train now. The day I picked her up outside my apartment with poopy pants I knew she wouldn’t be trainable. I do think I might actually wean her in a few years though if my breasts will cooperate!”

Addison laughed, “Yeah, that part is well out of our control!”

The other woman left, and I felt even more depressed by the probability I was close to that poor woman’s fate. Addison held a tissue in her hand that she put to my nose, “Blow baby girl,” she said.

I hadn’t had a tissue held at my nose like that since I was little, but blew as hard as I could. She used a baby wipe then to wipe the tear tracks and snot that had stopped running, even though my face remained as red as ever.

She tossed the trash from my change away, pulled my dress back down over my diaper, placed me on her hip, and walked to a sink that was in the room to wash her hands.

She sat me down on the counter for a moment while she did so, dried her hands, and then picked me back up, “Come on Princess, let’s shop for just a bit longer and then we’ll go get lunch.”

I just leaned my head into her shoulder. I felt a little bit better when I was at least in her arms then. The warmth from her body, and softness of her skin that was bare around the thin straps of her top, was comforting. She walked out to where Dani waited past other mothers changing their Littles and genuine babies. As she moved to put me down, I just hung onto her, “Carry me?” I asked.

I could see in her face that she was kind of startled by that request. “Okay,” she said though and squeezed me tight. “Dani, can you put her bag down there? Rings can have the stroller to herself for now.”

Dani actually bucked her into the harness then, and it was funny enough I giggled a little.

“See, you’re okay,” she told me.

I stayed in her arms for another forty-five minutes as she walked around the stores with Dani pushing the stroller before we came to a store that specialized in baby and little gear and apparel. A worker greeted us as we came in and said, “Looks like you have a cuddly little girl! You need one of our carrier harnesses!”

Addison said, “You’re right, that would probably be great, but she’s too big for them, isn’t she?”

“How much does she weigh?”


“We have a perfect one for her!” she said, “I can show you?”

Addison bounced me for a second, seeing a mother holding her infant daughter in one that had her on her belly facing her mommy. I saw her gaze at the mother and smile, “Please!”

She followed the woman through several aisles of baby gear, pacifiers, bottles, car seats, and strollers were passed by before she came to the aisle. “This one is meant for bigger babies, sixty inches and up, and seventy to two-hundred-and-ten pounds for weight. With as tall as you are, I guarantee you can probably carry her all day on your belly or your back without any strain. This one also is really cool because it can put her on your hip like you’re carrying her now too.”

I looked at the black carrier she was holding, debating how I felt about it. ‘Not going to escape if you’re in that thing…’ I mentally sighed, ‘not going to escape anyway…’

“We’ll take it!” Danica said next to us. “Can she use it now? Baby Cammie is upset, and being a bit of a cuddlebug right now.”

“Tell you what, why don’t we get it out of the package, get the baby girl all situated, and then I’ll walk to the front with you and the box?”

“Sounds great!” she told her.

I watched as she pulled a knife from a pocket and opened up the box. She pulled out the black harness from the plastic, and then said, “Which way do you want to wear her?”

“Umm…” Addison seemed unsure.

“Go with the front for now Addy, she’s needing more comfort than seeing,” Dani said.

I kind of would have liked to see, but I also thought, ‘If I can’t see anyone else… they can’t recognize me!’

“Okay, front,” she said. “What do I do? I’ve never used one of these before?”

“Why don’t you set her down right in front of you, and I’ll help you out?” the woman said. “With an older toddler it’s easier if they’re standing. If you’re at a zoo or something you may want to go with the back version, and it’s easier to have help, but if you do it in the front it’s simple to do by yourself!”

I was sat down on my feet, with the dress flaring up to show my diaper for a moment, before I shoved my skirt back down. Addison was given a tutorial on the buckles and how-to setup things safely for her body, before I heard, “Now that we have that one done, pick your baby girl up and put her leg right there.”

I was in the air, once again flashing my diaper as she set me into a spot on a piece of cloth that was going to hold my butt, with one buckle forming a seat already.

“Now, go ahead and buckle that one,” she told her. “And you can do this neck support or not depending on what your baby needs there.” She made some other adjustments because I was a bit taller than it had been set up for, before pronouncing, “And you’re all set!”

“Great, I’ll go up and pay, Addy you start looking for other things that you and Baby Cammie need!” Addison said.

We both sighed at the same time as they departed. She squeezed me in a hug and kissed my forehead. “How is it?”

I wiggled my feet a little, “Honestly pretty comfy.”

“Good, I’ll probably just use this instead of a stroller most of the time. Sure you don’t want to be on my hip or back instead?”

I shook my head, “No one can see me this way,” I said and leaned into her.

She squeezed me tighter again, “I’m sorry Cam, I love you though.”

I just sucked on the damn pacifier then, and I guessed that hurt her some.

‘Hard to say ‘Love you too’ back to someone who has me as a captive…’ I griped, ‘I know it’s not completely her fault… but still.’

With the neck support put in place on the carrier I found myself able to view stuff behind Addy, but I really wasn’t interested in more baby torture items. Instead, I laid my head down on her chest and closed my eyes for a bit.

I listened to Danica and Addy coo about this or that, adorable clothing was placed into a cart that Danica had decided was needed, and the stroller was given to the store to give to a family in need. Everything inside of the stroller had fit in the diaper bag, which was in the cart, except Rings, who was wrapped in my blanket in the seat. I heard them giggle every now and then about how silly that was, and had peeked a couple times at that.

“I know it looks like you both like that carrier,” Danica said eventually, “But I think it would be good to get you a better stroller too, huh?”

“Yeah, she’s light enough for me that she is just like the average three-year old to me. But even they get kind of heavy after a while.”

“Are you calling me fat?” I couldn’t help but let out.

It startled Addy I guess, since I hadn’t spoken much, but both laughed. “You’re definitely not fat Sweetie, you’re entirely too skinny still!” She hugged me and kept moving.

They settled on a stroller that had a price tag that would have stopped most people, but for them of course it was nothing… It featured a much comfier seat than the other one, nice cup and bottle holders for Addy up top on the handle, a big area to put all of my diapers below… but also a motor that would assist going up hills, or brake going down. It was pretty much the nicest stroller I’d ever heard of, and even though I didn’t want it, it was mine now…

I watched the cart load of a billion things get rung up, and Danica paid for everything, insisting it was her duty as the auntie. In addition to the clothes, there had also been a small stack of toys added in too. Building blocks, some sort of magnetic building toy cubes, a couple craft kits, a chair that apparently was designed for toddlers to learn how to use them… The most embarrassing things were the toys that were meant to be played with to teach me my letters, colors, and numbers… because of course I was now too little to remember any of that?!?

I was more than a little annoyed at her about buying those, but didn’t have time to dwell on it before being carried to lunch. In the food court I was given a simple grilled cheese sandwich to eat, while Addy had a pizza, and Danica had some stir fry dish. We were sitting there having mostly finished when Addison sighed, “I don’t want to do this here…” she said that soft enough only I could hear it

I looked up from my booster seat, eating the last bite curiously.

“You done with your sandwich?”

I nodded.

“Okay, come here and let’s get you dessert…”

My eyes opened wider as I looked around at Bigs, Mids, and Littles alike walking freely about the food court. I could even see a couple college students sitting not far from us like Stacy, Meg, and I had that fateful day that Meg was adopted… I didn’t even have time to consider it though because she pulled me from the seat and placed me across her lap. “Mommy knows how much Cammie loves her milk, and since Mommy has too much…” she said quietly.

'Use a damn pump!’ I wanted to scream at her, but as her breast was presented to me, I couldn’t resist latching on.

“Oh,” she said as I nursed, “That feels so much better!”

“You look…” I heard a gasp, as Danica said, “Damnit!”

“What’s wrong?”

“My damn milk let down again… I haven’t had that problem in a while!”

“If she’s not asleep at the end of mine, you can use her?”

“That sounds so wrong Addy…” her sister said somewhat morosely. “I may need to though. Do you have some spare breast pads?”

I kept sucking, mind completely on autopilot. “Just a couple, it won’t get you far…”

It was quicker than I expected that I was switched to Addy’s other breast, ‘there was still some milk in that one!’ I thought… She pulled me away before that breast stopped providing too, “Here, she’ll like yours as much as she likes mine, I’m sure!”

I looked up at her in horror. “But…”

“Come here munchkin!” Danica said after tickling me for a moment, “Time to help your auntie out since you caused this…”

I wanted to argue, but her smaller breast was presented to me and my mouth was once again surrounding a nipple. I was annoyed to be seen as nothing but a living breast pump, but her milk tasted nearly the same as Addy’s… and unfortunately that meant I couldn’t resist it! Fortunately for my very distended stomach, she didn’t have a lot of milk coming out yet, so I was soon burped and cuddled up inside of the carrier again as they began walking down the mall some more.

With a full meal, and a double portion of milk, I was out like a light!

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Chapter 50: Addy

BY THE TIME we made it home after shopping it was dinner time. Addy had put a pizza in the oven, which we all shared, before Danica headed back to her house about an hour away. The two of us had a pretty quiet night watching TV the rest of the evening, not saying much to each other – each of us deep in our own thoughts.

At bedtime she changed me into a fresh diaper and a pair of one-piece footed ‘jammies,’ and then nursed me to sleep again.

It was probably about two in the morning when I suddenly sat up in my bed!

I wasn’t wet, but I desperately needed to pee!!!

I couldn’t do it laying down, so I rolled off of the bed and stood up. I managed to get a flow going easily into the diaper then, and was ready to lay back down and deal with the wet diaper until morning, when I realized my guts were the bigger problem that had woken me up!

I had enough warning that if I could have been allowed a toilet, I would have been able to make it. As it was though, it was a losing battle to wait any longer, and I found myself losing it as uncontrollably into my diaper as I had with the laxative at daycare! I felt the stream of watery mess leaving my behind, and hoped it would end soon, but it felt like it kept going forever! Each time I thought I was done squeezing; another cramp would come.

‘I drank a lot more breastmilk yesterday…?’ I thought, trying to figure out why. When my body finally gave up, I found myself completely drained physically, and unsure of how to even move! My abdominal muscles complained from the strain they’d been through. As if to emphasize the similarity to the daycare incident, I could feel some of the mess sliding out of the diaper and down my leg.

I felt the tears truly begin to stream then.

I sniffled.

Unfortunately, that meant I smelled myself, and it smelled like rotten eggs and fish.

“Aaa…Aaaa…Addy???” I called out.

I stood there for a moment, I heard nothing.

“Mommy?” I tried. ‘Doesn’t she have a baby monitor or something?’ I complained.

Still silence.

I decided to walk to the door. I know she had been locking it early when I first got there, but maybe she didn’t have it locked now?

I twisted the knob.

To my relief it turned!

I could feel pieces of poop still crawling down my leg like some sort of slug as I slowly walked down the hallway, trying not to cause even more to leak out. I reached her door and wrinkled my nose as I felt one make it to my foot and I squished it inside the pajama footie. Her door opened too, and I saw her lying in bed.

She was wearing a nightgown that was pretty sheer – one that I recognized. I had given it to her as a Valentine’s Day present our junior year. I could just see a nightstand beside her bed, and felt my eyes widen when I realized that a vibrator was sitting there.

“Mommy?” I called out.

She moaned and turned over.

“Addy?” I tried.

I noticed her wrinkle her nose as she rolled over and faced me, realizing that I was standing there. “Cam, why are you out of bed?”

“I had an accident… would you please change me…?”

Her eyes opened up more for real as she took in my appearance, the smell, and the tears running down my face. “Oh Cam… mie,” she said. “You poor thing, let’s get you cleaned up!”

She sat up and straightened the nightgown on her body before walking over to me and putting her hands between my armpits. I quietly sniffled as she surprised me by bringing me all the way up to her chest and trying to avoid holding me by my butt. Unfortunately, that resulted in her grabbing right where another bit was on my legs and smeared it some more. She turned on the lights in my room and laid me down on the changing table. As she did so she pulled her hand away and had brown on it.

“Oh my, Sweetie… you… you weren’t kidding.”

“I could have used the bathroom if you let me…” I reminded her.

“I know you could have used the potty before Cammie, but you have to remember that the judge said you have Maturosis… so it would be neglect if I let you use it all alone – especially in the middle of the night! You might fall in and hurt yourself with your condition,” she cooed.


She sighed, “Cammie, you can’t use words like those anymore. Those are grownup words. Your grandma would tan both of our hides if she heard you say that.”

“I don’t care right now…”

She sighed, “I don’t want to either, but I have to Cammie.”

Without any more talking, she unzipped the sleeper from the collar all the way down to my foot and made a face like she was going to be sick. “What did you eat yesterday?” She asked.

“Too much breastmilk,” I told her.


I sat there while she looked genuinely terrified about trying to figure out the mess. I didn’t necessarily blame her, there was a reason I walked down to her room! “Stay there for a moment Cammie!” She told me and walked to the bathroom and came back with a towel. “Okay, I’m going to pull you out of the sleeper, wrap you in this towel, and we’ll clean off the rest in the tub.”

I just nodded. “I just want it off of me…” I whined.

I stayed limp as she pulled me out of the sleeper and used the towel to grab me. She carried me to the bathroom she gave me baths in, and gently sat me down inside the tub. She still looked completely disgusted as she did so, and I noticed she now had several brown spots on her nightgown too. I stood there as she carefully pulled the tapes off the diaper and tried not to let it plop to the ground. She sort of did the normal diaper fold, but mostly just tried to keep poop inside as she sat the destroyed diaper in a trashcan next to the toilet.

“Well… the bomb is off at least,” she said aloud. She shook her head and removed a drain catch from the tub, and then reached up for a spray nozzle. She turned on the tub and ran the water through the sprayer for a moment before beginning to run it over the top of my body. “Yuck…” she said.

“I agree,” I told her tersely, watching the water run brown down the tub drain.

She sprayed me down for several minutes before setting the sprayer down and noticing her nightgown. “Oh, guess I didn’t get out of this without my own mess, huh?”

I shook my head, “I’m surprised you still have it,” shot out of my mouth before I could stop myself.

I watched her face then as tears streamed down. “Ho…” she stopped with her voice catching, “How about we use Mommy’s tub to finish cleaning us up?”

I looked at her curiously, but shrugged. She wrapped a towel around me and carried me in a cradle position back to her room and her massive bathroom. She had an inset large bathtub that she began filling. I watched as she threw in some bubble bath, and then a fizzing bath bomb ball. She let it fill to my standing shoulder height for some reason before pulling the dirty nightgown off, then her panties and bra. I almost commented on her wet panties, but decided not to.

Clearly, she had been using her toy when she went to bed!

I stood in the water after she sat me down, and soon was sitting in her lap as she scrubbed every inch of my body with a flowery smelling body soap that I knew was her normal soap. When she was sure she had me clean, she had me stand while she did the same, before pulling me sideways on her bare lap.

She looked really confused, and I wondered which part of the evening was confusing to her. I finally asked, “What?”

She sighed, “You know I love dressing you up… Playing with your hair, or watching Dani play with your hair earlier, just makes me feel… good. I always wanted to do that with you, but didn’t want to frighten you, or have my mom find out and force us…”

I shrugged, “I can’t say that I’m surprised… I always wondered.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”



“I loved you, and in addition to all of the good things emotionally about our relationship, I liked the sex.”

She jolted and shifted uncomfortably, but said, “I did too…” She sighed, “I tried to go out with some guys… Danica and some friends set me up with tons of blind dates… but I just couldn’t get close to them. Not after…”

I nodded, “I probably would have been the same if it hadn’t been for Beth.”

“What exactly happened?” She asked.

I motioned around the room and pointed to my ears, she shook her head, “There’s a reason I said I wanted to give you your bath in my bathroom. I sweep it for bugs twice a day. My bedroom has a camera and an audio bug, but my mom didn’t think my bathroom needed one.”

“The other rooms?”

“Every other room has at least an audio one,” she answered. “I’m pretty sure Mindy put them in and checks on them each day.”

“I’m not surprised… she seems to be here just to keep an eye on you?”

“Feels that way, huh?” She poked my exposed belly button and brought some more suds over with her hand to cover our lower areas. It did nothing to hide her naked breasts, but I was slowly becoming desensitized to them after sucking on them multiple times a day… “So, what happened?”

I thought for a second, trying to be careful with my wording in case she was lying. “Well Beth stopped being monitored after two years, and her dad was able to quietly let her start growing up again. They had a procedure done to heal the damage done to her legs and mobility, and even began trying to potty-train her again. The summer we graduated from Emerson I had a party with my grandparents visiting to celebrate, and when they left Beth and her dad came over. I was amazed to see her progress, and she brought me a gift…” I smiled grimly, “It’s something honestly if this ruling sticks, I’d really appreciate if you would help me recover from my dad’s house here.”

“What was it?”

“It was a poem…” I recited her Poem, Inches from memory. “May this be a token and a tether, For our memories of love, in inches.” I was in tears by the end of saying it.

“That’s beautiful,” she said, clearly unsure of what to say. “After… after that?”

“After that with her father’s blessing we hung out most of the summer. By the end we had a plan that they would move away somewhere to get her fully potty-trained and emancipated while I went to Law School.”

“You loved her before me?”

I sighed, “Honestly Addy I didn’t realize I did until the day she came to say goodbye to me. By that point her fate was sealed, and so was mine… or so I thought…?”

She looked at me, “That’s the first time you’ve called me Addy.”

I thought back… Since the day she broke up with me, I really hadn’t thought of her as anything but the cold ‘Addison’ that had signed the text about my stuff being in the mail from her apartment. Even after being a party to this blatantly corrupt Maturosis ruling I had referred to her as that. I’d had to call her mommy to play the part…

“Today was the first time you’ve felt like Addy to me.”

“I’m sorry Cameron,” she told me. “As long as my mom has us over the barrel with this nanite batch I don’t think I can do anything different.”

“I know…”

“Anyway, what happened then?”

I felt a bit self-conscious, but I explained, “Well Beth and I video chatted for an hour most days… sometimes longer if I could spare the time. I was focused on my school work, and she was focused on regaining her freedom. The summer going into my final year at Harlan I was accepted to do a short internship/clerkship with Judge Ruth Jones. I ended up staying at her house that summer since my housing fell through, and she encouraged me to have her and her parents come down since they were close by over in New Albany.”

I smiled and cried at the same time, “She got out of the car and ran to me like some sort of love movie… As I hugged her, she handed me her emancipation order. Before they left to go home that weekend, I got down on one knee and proposed. She said ‘yes’ and we planned to get married that next June after I graduated Law School.”

I saw tears in Addy’s eyes then too, “How did you find out what happened to her?”

I shrugged, “I didn’t. They just disappeared one day. I looked for her and cried for four years practically before her dad walked into our office and I found out the truth about what SafeFoods did to her and her mom through Serendipity.”

“I was still in grad school then, you know that, right?”

I nodded, “I know you were; the problem is I have a feeling that you’re probably still testing products like it as we speak while you’re in charge?”

Her face looked like I had slapped her, and she shook her head, “I haven’t been allowing things like that to get past me.”

“I find it hard to believe it’s stopped…?”

She shrugged, “If it’s still going on, Mom has it going through somewhere else.”

“Do…” I bit my tongue, ‘I shouldn’t be talking to her about this…’


“Do you all have any idea if there’s a cure for what happened to her?”

I watched a few more tears go down her face, and she shook her head, “As far as I can tell the products caused completely permanent damage Cameron. I’m guessing your witness had brain scans… The toxin literally destroyed the cells and synapses in the brain that control memories and motor control. Even if you could get them to regrow, the research showed it would be as basically a brand-new person who wouldn’t ever be able to remember anything from before the repairs.”

I wanted to believe she was lying.

I wanted to believe that if I could just get someone like Amanda or Stacy to program nanites, we could fix her… I’d dreamt of it so often!

But with that statement…

‘She’s not coming back?’ I thought, and began bawling like the baby that her mother wanted me to be.

Chapter 51: Visitation

THE NEXT MORNING, I found myself disoriented, as for the second time in a week I woke in an unfamiliar bed. Strong arms held me tight, and when I opened my eyes, I saw I was staring into Addy’s open eyes.

“Those eyes do open!” She cooed.

“Ugh…” I closed them.

That was a mistake because I didn’t see the tickle attack coming then!

“Stop…” I whined, knowing that seemed pointless. ‘Why does everyone want to tickle me?!?’

She squeezed me into a tighter hug, “Come on, since it’s Mindy’s day off, we’re on our own for breakfast this morning. I’ll make pancakes?”

I smiled at that, “Chocolate?”

“Of course!” She told me with a smile.

I looked down as she gathered me into her arms, and realized I was dressed in yet another zipped up blanket sleeper. This one was a light green, and had a series of flowers embroidered on it around one of the more famous cartoon princess characters that kids seemed to like right then. I’d certainly seen the character on the clothes of many of those at the daycare, ‘At some point I should ask what her name is…’ I thought to myself. ‘I’ve always avoided being around any of those shows…’

I felt an intrusive hand grab at the diaper underneath it. She didn’t say a word, so I knew she had found it dry, and she continued to carry me downstairs. I half-expected to be shoved into the highchair, but instead she just sat me down on my feet in the kitchen and walked to the fridge. I watched as she grabbed a container of Plapple juice, a sippy cup from a cabinet, and poured it inside. I took the cup from her, “Let’s make sure you stay hydrated today Cam…mie, you lost a lot of fluids last night.”

I couldn’t fault her reasoning and took a big sip from it, feeling surprisingly free right that moment. I found myself watching her as she pulled out a griddle, and began mixing up pancake batter. She’d learned an awesome pancake recipe as a kid from one of her family chefs that was to die for! They were fluffy, had chocolate batter, and chocolate chips inside of them. After a few minutes I became bored and decided I had some freedom, and I wanted to use it.

I could just see a newspaper on the table, still rolled up. Even with her taller table I could still see across it and couldn’t help my curiosity. I unrolled a rubber band from it as I noticed that she gave me a look, but went back to what she was doing without comment. I climbed on a chair and sat on my knees, opening the newspaper up. The front page made me surprised that I was being allowed to look at it!

Corrupt Judge?

(Greenville, Ames) – District Court Judge Lynn Taney is facing intense scrutiny and criticism over her actions in a case regarding alleged abuses that SafeFoods, Inc., and their subsidiary Serendipity Industries, are being accused of. The case of Fehler and Others vs. Serendipity Industries and SafeFoods, Inc. is seeking damages related to accusations that Mids and Littles were targeted for product testing of unsafe products. The products have allegedly reduced their mental and physical statuses to barely that of infants. Fehler’s wife and daughter in particular were allegedly taken in by the testing scheme and have now suffered permanent losses of brain function, forcing them to require constant care for the rest of their lives.

The case was in its opening days of testimony when Judge Taney allegedly began ruling in a controversial and unfair manner according to legal watchers. ‘There’s something not right when you strike testimony of a witness like she did…’

Where the judge seems to have finally stepped over the line and received the most criticism, was her disregarding Attorney Cameron Sylvester’s justified objections to the dismissal of the witness testimony. After he requested a change of venue, she declared him to be in contempt of court. ‘It’s not unheard of for a lawyer to get in trouble with a judge for arguing, but this was practically scripted the way it happened. The judge immediately declared him to be a victim of Maturosis and sentenced him to be sent to Little Protection Services and an orphanage. Mr. Sylvester, a Mid, was given a life sentence of babyhood without a trial!’ his counsel Kendra Stein stated to us. ‘It was absurd!’

Since the sentencing, an emergency injunction was ordered by Supreme Court Ruth Jones until another judge, Justice Robert O’Connor of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, could hear the case. On Thursday he ordered an injunction be continued against any physical modifications to Mr. Sylvester until the appeal of the Maturosis ruling takes place. Alone, this ruling would be unusual in most circumstances, but he also ordered that the Fehler case be moved to a new court. Judge O’Connor ordered that a new jury be selected, and evidence and testimony Judge Taney ruled against, admitted into evidence.

Our investigations have shown that Judge Taney and Aubry Harris, the owner and CEO of SafeFoods seem to be close friends. Their frequent appearances together in photos at events, golf courses, tennis courts, and other shared country club activities, make it apparent Judge Taney is most likely not unbiased…

“Here you go!” Addy said to me, showing me a stack of pancakes that she had carefully sliced up to preserve their appearance, before adding a healthy pile of whip cream as a smiley face to the plate of pancakes.

“Thanks,” I said, wanting to get through the rest of the article, but instead finding her setting it down on the table and lifting me into the high chair. A bib had just been added over my clothes when the gate intercom rang.

“Who’s here…?” she wondered aloud. I watched her go to the video panel and answered. “May I help you?”

“Yes, this is Kendra Stein, I’m here for one of our court ordered observations.”

I watched her shoulders stiffen, but she said, “Of course! Drive on down.” She turned around and fastened the tray to the highchair and sat the plate down, along with a smaller, but real, fork. “You might as well eat while I get her in here. Think she’d want pancakes?”

“If she knows how good they are she’d be stupid to turn them down! No one makes them as good as you do!”

She laughed, “You really should have had Chef Kline’s before he left my family. He’s the one who taught them to me – his were at least twice as good as mine!”

I shrugged, “I think you’re underrating yourself.”

“You haven’t even taken a bite yet?”

I did so quickly, making sure to get some of the chocolate syrup and whipped cream in the bite. “Mmmm…”

The doorbell rang as she laughed, “I’d better go to the door. I’ll be right back with her.”

I continued taking a few bites of pancakes as she greeted Kendra at the door, and I tried not to think of once again being seen like this by her. Littles that I’ve known have always said to never let an Amazon see you as being a baby… they never see you the same way afterwards. ‘Would Kendra even still see me as an adult if she can free me?’ I worried.

I was chewing on a bit when they came in, “Hi Cameron,” she said to me as normally as possible.

“Hi Kendra,” I finished chewing, blushing and trying to do the same. “You have to try her pancakes!”

“Good?” She asked and narrowed her eyes a bit at them.

“She used to make them when we were in college, they’re the best ones I’ve ever tasted – and she’s not lost any level of skill since then!”

She looked a little perplexed right then, but said, “I guess I could try one? If you don’t mind?” she said to Addy.

“If you’re going to be here you might as well. I was just about to cook the next batch when you came in.”

She walked to the stove, and I asked, “Is there a time limit on your visit?”

She shook her head, “There’s a minimum of an hour required, but no maximum for these visits.”

“Good,” I told her with a smile. “Thanks for coming to check on me…”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way Cameron. David and I are going to get you out of this mess, but we can’t do that if you get mentally regressed, or an order is violated on the physical modifications.”

“Did the final court date get set?”

She nodded, “A week from this Wednesday he’ll hear the case.”

I wanted to ask her more details about things, but there’s a limit to what I knew she would trust saying around Addy… And, even though I felt she’d probably been honest with me, my fate hung in the balance of upsetting her own mother’s plans. Knowing that cameras and other recording devices were present didn’t help me feel free to talk either. “Is there a time I’ll be able to meet with you guys beforehand?”

“The hearing is set a couple hours before noon at Fourteen O’clock. We’re asking that Miss Harris bring you to the court house to meet at 1000 hours.”

I nodded, “Hopefully that’s enough time…”

Addy reappeared then with a stack of pancakes for Kendra, while I went back to my own cooling stack. The bib was probably a good idea with the syrup and whipped cream definitely getting messy! I’d never been able to eat her pancakes without wearing at least a little bit of it!

“These are exceptional,” Kendra said. “I’ve never had anything this fluffy before!”

“I know, right?” I told her while taking advantage of her looking at the pancakes to go pee and hopefully not have her notice what I was doing.

“Thanks,” Addy said. I could feel the tension build a bit more, and it got more awkward as I finished and worked on draining the sippy cup I had.

When everyone was finished, I decided to break the ice, “How do you want to do this check?” I asked Kendra.

“Well, I think the first thing that should happen is you need some new clothes – pajamas all day don’t seem appropriate?” She smiled at me, “So I guess I can check out your room while Addy gets you dressed and ready for the day. Then I assume there’s a playroom here for you?” I shrugged, but Addy nodded. “I want to inspect that room and make sure there aren’t any hypnosis or regression toys mixed in the piles. I need to check the backyard and any play equipment there. I’ve seen you’re being fed solid food, and being treated well there without any of those ridiculous extra restraints being used.” She looked at Addy, “I’ll be honest, I find your part of this farce very suspicious, and I don’t trust you one bit, if nothing else because of your mom. That being said I do want to say thank you for not mistreating Cameron so far.”

Addy smiled, “I promise I don’t want to hurt Cammie. Please remember you are under my roof though, and as of right now she is my baby according to the court. I would ask that you refer to her as such.”

Kendra looked torn, and looked at me. I shrugged, “Kendra you’re the only one who has called me Cameron other than the judge since I was sentenced. If you want to go with the flow it won’t hurt my feelings. It doesn’t seem to be something worth getting into a fight over yet.”

She nodded, “Okay, Cammie.”

Addy came over then with a couple of baby wipes and I blushed as she wiped my face and hands clean before pulling off the bib that had gotten some chocolate and whipped cream on it. Kendra for her part seemed to be politely studying her phone instead of me! Before long I was hoisted onto Addy’s hip, and Kendra followed us upstairs to my room.

“No crib?” Kendra said in surprise as Addy laid me down on the changing table.

“She chose the girl route, remember?” She unzipped the sleeper, “My plan was to let her wear Pull-Ups too, but you all got the injunction for the changes. That meant I had to go back to some of the other things on Judge Taney’s orders to be in compliance until she has the adjustments – or you have her Maturosis ruling tossed out.”

She pulled my legs and arms free from the sleeper, leaving me only in a diaper that I had thoroughly drenched. “Any chance you could go pick out something from her closet for her to wear today?”

“Umm… sure…” Kendra said awkwardly.

While she was occupied in my closet, Addy ripped the tapes off the diaper and replaced it with a dry one as quick as she ever had. ‘Is she actually trying to help my modesty?’ I wondered. I wasn’t knocking it, as she managed to have me dressed in the new diaper, before Kendra appeared with a bundle of yellow cloth in her hand.

“This is so adorable!” Kendra cooed.

Addy chuckled, “It is, isn’t it? Good choice since she’ll be outside at least a bit today.”

I watched as she gathered the yellow fabric up in her hands and could see some white flowers and green stems spread about the design, but I wasn’t sure what it was yet. She laid me down on my back and pulled up my legs and bottom before sitting me up and maneuvering my hands through thin straps and some odd sleeve things that didn’t cover any of my shoulders.

Ten minutes later I got a look at myself with loose pigtails tied with matching ribbons, and my body covered in some weird romper that gathered at my waist with some elastic covered with a fake bow. The top was square, and with the exception of two very thin straps, left my shoulders completely exposed, and only the upper bicep just below my shoulder was covered by some weird short sleeve piece. There was a ruffle at the top, and with my hair done, there was no doubt that anyone seeing me would see ‘girl.’

I sighed, “Really?” I looked up at Kendra.

“Should I have gone with a dress?” She smirked, “I don’t like seeing you dressed like this against your will, but you do look exceptionally adorable like this. Might be able to win any jury over just with a smile…”

I glared at her, “So… playroom? I haven’t even seen that?” I looked at Addy.

“Sure…” Addy walked ahead of me, with Kendra following us down the hallway away from her room a couple doors. Opening the door up she revealed a playroom that made anything I’d seen at the daycare pale in comparison!

I felt my jaw drop a bit as I looked at a room that clearly had been the design of someone who wanted the ultimate playroom for a little girl! In the corner to my right sat a dollhouse twice the size of the one in my bedroom. Right next to it they had walled off part of the room to create a little mini-doll nursery, complete with an open door and window that led to the main room. Inside of the nursery area was a crib, changing table, high chair, stroller, and about every other accessory scaled to doll size. The room was actually one of two in a little mini-house on the floor next to a kitchen with a small toddler sized dining room furniture set. The ceiling was only a bit over seven-feet tall in that area, because they had built an additional level above it that you could reach by a ladder or a rock-climbing wall. From the ground I couldn’t really see much up there, but I could just make out that there were some pillows and a cushy sitting area up there, and a twisted slide came from the top down to the floor.

The floor itself seemed to be an incredibly cushy rubber that could catch a fall without injury. The mini-playhouse section of the room took up one side of the wall, but left plenty of room for a huge parapet looking windowed seating area looking out back. Cushioned benches sat beneath tall windows with alternating-colored cushions and curtains to bring out the curved nature of the nook. Next to that area were shelves and shelves of picture books, children’s novels, and even some fiction by Little authors. It was all decorated to look like a preschool area though with the ABCs of the alphabet cut out in different shapes. Painted pictures showed examples like ‘A is for Apple’ plastered in the area.

Another section next to that, closest to the door on my right, was full of building toys, trains, and cars, that traditionally would have seemed more appropriate for a boy than the girl the rest of the room was clearly designed for. Numbers and little math problems like ‘2+2=4’ were plastered around that area. Some manipulating toys lined the walls in places, along with little chalkboard areas for drawing.

“If I was actually a little girl this would be amazing…” I found myself saying aloud by accident.

“Geeze… You didn’t go half into this project, did you?” Kendra seemed to agree.

“I actually have been working on this room for years…” Addy admitted.

“It’s beautiful,” I complimented her.

“Thanks,” she said to me.

I couldn’t see myself playing with anything right then, but I could admire the work she had put into the room. “Go ahead and look around,” Addy told Kendra. I found myself picked up by Addy then and placed up inside the second story of the playhouse. Lots of pillows, cushions, and exceptionally thick carpet made for a little cozy mini-room I actually wouldn’t mind reading a book inside! I watched from there then as the two of them went through the room. When Kendra seemed satisfied that the room didn’t have any regression toys hidden, she said, “This looks fine… amazing really,” she complimented her again. I chose that moment to ride down the slide to rejoin them. It wasn’t the tallest slide, but I did have to resist a giggle because it was kind of fun to go down on!

I managed to look serious as I followed them around the rest of the house on a more thorough tour than I had received. Spare bedrooms, her office, a workout room, a craft room, and some storage rooms were shown to Kendra before leading outside to the backyard.

“Oh my God, I thought the playroom was over the top cute!” She laughed. “Your pool is magnificent!”

“Thanks,” Addy said. “We had a boring old-fashioned one at my house growing up. I always wanted a themed one as a little girl. I decided when I built this house to make my wish come true.”

“You certainly did…” she told her. The playground area that I had yet to even really look at was looked over next before she asked Addy, “May I have ten minutes alone to talk with Cam…mie?”

She nodded, “You’re welcome to talk here,” she said pointing to a shaded table near the play area.

“Thanks,” she told Addy. “I’ll bring her back inside when we’re done.”

“Great,” she said with a smile towards me.

When she was going through the inside door, “I’m not sure we can talk here,” I told Kendra.

“I’m sure we can’t, but I just want to show you something,” she said. I watched as she opened up her briefcase and pulled a tablet out, and then added a weird set of black nylon wall attachments to it. “Don’t reply verbally to anything, just take a look at this,” she pressed some buttons and handed me the device, covering my head with a hood to prevent any cameras from seeing information on the device.

‘We had to do this once before…’ I remembered. We were representing a little who shouldn’t have been adopted, and it was the only way we could show him information from his case without his ‘mommy’ overhearing it. She’d placed far fewer video and audio recording devices than I thought were probably around here.

I pressed a button and could see the information.


We’ve taken care of some things that we’re not going to quite tell you about so if they manage to hypnotize you, they won’t be able to use you against us in this case. We know you said you think you’re probably safe from it, but there is going to be a major attempt to derail our case. They’re planning…

I read the rest and sighed as I typed a couple bits of information to them too and handed everything back to Kendra.

“That’s going to suck…” I told her quietly.

“Yeah,” she agreed. “I hope you’re right.”

“Me too…”

Chapter 52: Prison Yard

THE REST OF Sunday and Monday I felt like Addy turned the mommy treatment back up quite a bit. She wasn’t intentionally demeaning… but she definitely acted like I was her actual preschool aged daughter. She insisted I try out the play equipment outside after Kendra left, watching me use the slide, climb the climbing wall on the swing set, pushing me on the swing, and even teaching me to play hopscotch. We’d finished the afternoon in the pool, before insisting I play in my playroom for an hour that evening before bed.

I would love to say it distracted me from what I had learned from Kendra… but it certainly hadn’t. I’d filled her in with a comment on her document about what she said the effects of the products had on Beth, her mom, and the others.

I went to bed on Sunday night having only nursed from Addy at bedtime. I was beginning to wonder if she had second thoughts on making my continence disappear like that.

Monday was more of the same from Sunday, but she insisted on playing ‘tea party’ with me for a while in the morning, playing dress-up with some costumes all afternoon, and then let me have some time on my own to read in the top of the indoor playhouse once Mindy had again taken off for the day. That evening she’d had another rum and coke while we watched a movie, and all I wanted to do was steal her drink instead of drinking the stupid baby bottle of Plapple juice I’d been stuck with!

‘I am going to get so drunk if I ever get out of this…’ I thought to myself morosely.

I was especially thinking that as I was carried by Addy inside the daycare the next day. “Hi, I’m here to drop off Cammie?”

“Oh… Hi Miss Harris!” the receptionist turned her smile way up at recognizing her. “Do you want to go ahead and take her to her room yourself? After the first day we usually let parents do so if they want?”

Addy looked at me, and then said, “You know what, I’d like that! I can see her classroom for myself this way.”

“Certainly! You’re just going to go down that hallway, Miss Crystal’s room is labeled and to the right and has a lot of bunnies on the door.”

“Thanks,” Addy said. She bounced me up and down, “I bet you’re excited to see Miss Crystal again, huh?”

“Not really…” I muttered aloud.

It was my first day back to daycare since Addy had epically ripped Kristin apart and sentenced her back to diapers… ‘Is she still wearing them?’ I wondered. I didn’t know if the daycare was open on the weekends, ‘so that would mean this would only be her second day of the minimum three days? And it sounded like it was really going to be at least three weeks,’ I smirked at that.

Addy easily found her way to Miss Crystal’s room and knocked on the door. “Hi, I’m here to drop off Cammie?”

“Oh, hi again Miss Harris!” she sounded nervous. “We’re happy to have Miss Cammie back with us!”

“I’m not happy about leaving her again, but I need to go into the office today. You have all of her notes still, right?” She said, adding, “I really want to make sure there aren’t any misconceptions on how she is to be cared for?”

“Yes ma’am, we do have them, and I’ll make sure that we follow them to the letter. By the way this is Miss Andrea, she is taking over little Kristin’s old spot.”

‘Little Kristin?’ I wondered.

A college aged woman came over at the sound of her name. “Oh, aren’t you just a cutie?!?” She squealed at seeing me. I was wearing a pair of pink denim shortalls that day, with a yellow t-shirt that had lacy frills along the collar and sleeves. The bib of the overall hid the cartoon character that claimed I was the ‘cutest pwincess eva’ in childlike scrawl on the t-shirt below. I had shaken my head at Addy with it, but I knew it had some value as camouflage.

I was soon left in my temporary day prison, while she took off to work on whatever awful plans her company had now.

I looked around the room and saw Gracie sitting with a stacking toy in front of her. Seeing an unused shape sorting toy next to her on a cabinet I grabbed it and sat down beside her and sat it in front of me. I watched though as she seemed to be seeing how many permutations she could come up with. At that moment she had the smallest ring on the bottom, put the biggest next, second smallest, and was working her way up to the top. I opened the sorting toy and placed the pieces beside me before closing it.

“You’re back?” she asked me.

I shrugged, “Seems like this will be my regular day prison?”

She nodded, “There are worse. So far this week has been better without Miss Kristin around.”

I smiled at that, “Glad to hear that!”

“Did you have something to do with that?”

“Mommy wasn’t happy that she stole my clothes and made me have a blowout.”

She giggled, “She did that to everyone all of the time!”

“She did it to herself too,” I smiled.

She giggled, “I know that she was messy when she came in here, but she was in and out so quick we couldn’t really see. Some of the other Littles thought we had to have been delusional.”

“How do you know about it then?” I asked.

“Oh, she came back in her blowout onesie to finish off the rest of the day, and told us goodbye as we were picked up,” she smiled. “Everyone talked to each other on the playground yesterday too – I’m pretty sure the whole school knows.”

I smirked at that, “Serves her right…”

“Oh Gracie, you’re supposed to put these in order of size, silly girl!” Miss Andrea came over to ‘help’ Gracie.

Her appearance stifled any real conversation while we waited for ‘circle time’ to begin again. When it was time to gather, I was no longer the complete ‘newbie’ so I followed everyone to the carpet and sat down.

“Aww, Cammie it’s so good to have you back here!” Miss Crystal said. “You should be able to join in more now, huh?”

She started the ‘Good morning’ song.

*Good morning, good morning. *
*How are you today? *
*Good morning, good morning. *
I’m happy let’s play.

I sighed and followed the lead of Gracie and the other Littles, content to behave and deal with demeaning myself for another week until my appeal. As I stretched down as part of the song, I could feel every bone in my back crack!

For the next half-hour or so we were led in songs, taught about the letter ‘K’, and even taught how to count to ten! Amazing accomplishment for the genuine toddlers we were grouped with… We were taught that day all about the difference between the ‘Kids’ and the ‘Littles’ in the classroom too. Being taught that the ‘kids’ would grow up big and strong to fly ‘kites,’ while the littles would forever be playing in our play kitchens instead.

I was not surprised to find out that the schedule was the same as it had been on Friday, and there was a certain comfort in at least knowing what was coming now. We were out at the playground playing on the slides together with a couple other classes for just a few minutes when ‘Mikey’ came up and pushed me.

“Why’d you push me?” I asked the shorter man.

“You’re nothing but a sissy baby!”

“You think I chose to dress like this?” I asked him, laughing.

“You’re nothing but a helper I bet!”

I looked at the man and thought of how last week he’d been bound up, abused by Kristin, and who knows what other abuse heaped on him at home. I knew nothing of how he came to be in this position, but I was uncharitably beginning to think he might be one of the few Littles who deserved it!

“Whatever,” I said and walked away to climb the steps. Just before I reached the top of the steps to go down the slide, I felt my white Velcro tennis shoe grabbed. I looked down just in time to grip harder as Mikey began to try and rip me off of the slide! I was a foot-and-a-half taller than him, but he must have been a weightlifter before being adopted, because he was pulling me harder than I could hang on!

Thinking quickly, I did a backflip off of the ladder and felt him release my foot. I was getting ready to run to find a teacher, when I caught the glint of something metallic and pointy in his hand.

The small object probably wouldn’t have been hard to hide in his shoe or a pocket, but the needle sticking out of it looked menacing.

“What’s that…?” I asked as I stayed facing him and tried to back up to get into view of the teachers. Several Littles around us had frozen in place and were watching to see what was happening.

“Something someone asked me to give you to help you adjust better…” He said as he suddenly lunged towards me with the needle.

My mind froze the scene in front of me as I realized I was in real danger here! I didn’t know what the needle contained, but it sounded like it was going to do the job the courts had forbidden!

He clearly expected me to jump back as he lunged, but instead I felt old teaching from childhood, and Stacy’s occasional lessons, kick in. I closed in on him and managed to grasp his wrist with my bigger hand. He was a foot-and-a-half shorter than me, so I had a severe advantage as I twisted his arm behind his back and pushed him to the ground.

“Let go of him!!!” An angry giant Miss Crystal shouted at me.

“He attacked me! He has a syringe or something in his hand…” I told her.

She looked disbelievingly. “Camille Harris! Let him go, now!”

“I will as soon as you come grab this needle from his hand.” I told her holding the hand out towards her.

Her eyes widened then, as she grabbed for it. “What is this Mikey? Did you find this in the playground?”

“No Miss Crystal, it was Cammie’s, she asked me to poke her with it.”

Once the hand was emptied, I got off of him and immediately had another teacher grab me and begin to take me over her knee. “We do not fight!” She said as she started to try and pull my shortalls buckles off.

“Wait!” I heard Miss Crystal say, “We cannot spank her Jane!”

“I don’t care, she was just about to beat up on this poor boy who’s half her size!!!”

“No!” She said again, “We can’t afford to…”

The woman however continued to try and manhandle me, having pulled the buckles off now. Miss Crystal fearing for her own job let go of Mikey and tried to grab me from the other woman. In the process I was flipped back forward and watched as Mikey tried to grab the syringe from Miss Crystal’s hand that had dropped down. In the process he accidentally stabbed himself with it, and just as another large hand yanked me from the teacher who wanted to spank me, he squealed, “No!!!”

Both adults stopped right then as they realized the needle was an auto-injector pen that had fully unloaded its contents into the smaller man’s hand.

“No!!!” He cried out.

I found myself suddenly released and I watched the man in horror as his whole body trembled and spasmed! He seemed to clearly be in pain as he screamed while whatever was in the pen began working on him.

His legs were one of the first things I noticed – it seemed like he was shrinking, because the shorts he was wearing seemed to grow closer to the ground. That continued for a moment before they fell all the way off, revealing a sagging diaper that also soon fell when skinny hips and legs were no longer the right size to support the larger garment.

“No!!! I’m supposed to be big after this!!! She promised!!!”

He began wailing then uncontrollably as the skinny legs buckled, and he fell onto his hands and knees. He angrily glared at me with his mouth opened, and I watched in horror as he began coughing and spitting out dozens of white teeth onto the ground in front of him! His bladder and bowels both released then, making everyone including the teachers step back to avoid the splash zone.

He fell to the ground then and lay on his back crying. The changes were still occurring though, as we watched his genitals recede inside of his body, and he soon looked like he was smaller than Bella and Stacy, and very much like a newborn baby with a thin shock of brown hair, no teeth, and wailing loudly in an infant’s voice!

I looked at Miss Crystal who looked at the pen she held. “Where did you get this?” She asked me.

“I told you, he was trying to stab me with it. I just managed to catch his wrist in time…”

“We’re going to need to get him to the nurse,” the other worker said.

“And probably take this one to the director…” Miss Crystal said towards me.

“Why don’t I take her instead?” I heard a voice and saw Doctor Dannigan, the therapist.

“What for?”

“You don’t think she really had anything to do with this, do you?” Miss Crystal looked at me and shook her head, “So I would say more than anything she probably needs somewhere quiet to process things. I’ll take her back to my office – I was coming for her anyways.”

I looked up at her suspiciously at that.

Miss Crystal looked doubtful, but right then the wailing of Mikey seemed to send her into thinking it was a good idea. “Okay, don’t forget her lunch isn’t too long from now?”

“It’s still an hour from now, right?”

“That’s about right.”

“More than enough time!”

She carried me into the building and didn’t head directly for her office, instead she went to the classroom and dug out one of the bottles with my name labeled on it. “Let’s get you something to drink while we chat!” she said.

The entire time she carried me to her office I sat nervously waiting for the next attempt I knew was coming. No one had known Mikey was going to attack me, but Kendra had known something was up with the former nest mother. My first visit with her had been innocuous enough, but this one was likely to be anything but.

She opened her door and said, “Why don’t you try sitting in this for a few minutes, nurse that baba, and see if you can relax after that near disaster?”

As she sat me down I had just enough time to realize that the odd egg-shaped chair was a large version of some of the baby swings I’d seen before. I was strapped in with a five-point harness, and she said, “Now why don’t you just sit and enjoy some quiet, I know how loud those daycare rooms get – and most adults aren’t used to that much noise! Just to make sure you can have that solid quiet, let’s put these headphones on you.”

“Umm… I don’t like this, please don’t!” I tried arguing, but she had the headphones on me and I noticed a screen on a TV opposite the chair turned on.

Knowing the hypnosis attempt was coming, and seeing it happen without an ability to fight it, were two completely different things. I was holding out every bit of hope that what I was about to be shown would be counteracted by Stacy’s programming years ago!

The screen began swirling in a psychedelic set of colors as the sound around me was completely cut off. The sound of a bubbling stream of water or something, along with a regular repeating sound like a heartbeat started coming through my ears. The screen itself began resolving itself into word patterns that I could see a weird tint to. I hoped that the filter applied to my ears too as I began to hear, “What do little birdies do?”

Over and over again the words came across the screen, “Birdies fly,” and then another, “Birdies go poopy!”

“I heard a little birdie went poopy!” it said, “Be a little Birdie and go poopy!”

From everything I could see, the video seemed intent on making me poop my pants if I was given a trigger phrase.

I had been warned that this part was likely coming, but I don’t think Kendra believed I could avoid it being set to trap me. Deciding that she probably would want some action to prove her hypnosis suggestions were taking hold, I squeezed my bowels as hard as I could and forced some poop to come out into the diaper.

“Birdies like poopy…” the suggestions began.

I was growing bored of this farce, but fortunately didn’t have to wait long before the screen turned off and the headset was lifted.

“How are you feeling baby?” She asked me while wrinkling her nose, “I guess the time was well spent, it smells like you left a nice little egg in your diapee for me like a good little birdie!”

I nodded dumbly and held onto her as she carried me to the changing table in her office. She laid me down and went across my chest with the safety strap before unsnapping the crotch of the pants of my outfit, undoing the onesie beneath it, and then reached the diaper.

“What a good little baby birdie!” she cooed at me. “I’m looking forward to years of playing with you!”

I looked blankly at her and only reacted when she tickled me.

“Hmm… Have to adjust your program after your case. Need you to act a lot happier!”

She shook her head thinking I must have been in some sort of daze as she lifted my legs up and wiped my butt with a few baby wipes. “Always dreamed of getting you into one of these like your friends!”

Since she seemed to be under the impression that I was supposed to be fairly out of it still, I didn’t react much as she carried me back towards the cafeteria and sat me in an empty seat at the table with the bunnies.

“All better?” Miss Crystal asked her nervously.

“Should be, just needed some quiet time. What happened with Mikey?”

“Well… her mommy said her new name is going to be Persephone… They put her in the newborn room with Miss Lindsey.”

“Worth checking on her?”

“You can, but she’s not going to be saying much.”

Right then my attention was removed from the teachers and directed across the room where the preschoolers were all eating on their own at their more mature seats. I could see Kristin was standing there. One of the other teachers had pulled her dress up to expose her diaper and was having an animated discussion with the Director.

“You see this? She’s pooped her diaper again! She didn’t even ask about using the potty!”

“You said I…”

“I said you had to wear diapers for the three weeks, not that you had to use them you silly little girl. Guess there’s no reason to even give you the option anymore.”

“Doctor Chester I think it’s time for you to move her to another room. Our kids are all potty trained and are just getting distracted and confused by this big baby.”

“Where would you recommend that I move her to?”

“She’s going to be too big for all of the rooms, but how about one of the other toddler rooms? I don’t think she’s really capable of being a staff member much longer?”

“You may be right… Come on baby, let’s go get your baby diapee all nice and changed before we put you down for a nap in Mommy’s office…”

“But I’m not a Little!!!” she began having a temper tantrum, “I have my own babies!!!”

“Oh, sweetie, you’ll still have dollies, but I’ll take care of getting your baby girls a better home to stay in…”

‘Wow… they eat their own…’ I couldn’t help but think as I was given a plate with cut up peanut butter and jelly sandwich pieces on it. ‘What’s going to happen to Tyler?’ I wondered.

I ate the sandwich pieces and wondered what else I was going to see over the next week until my hearing…

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Chapter 53: Birdies

I HAD BEEN curious what would happen when Addy came to pick me up. If she had been in on the plot to shrink me, I figured that there would have been some shock at my still being my size. Instead, she didn’t display any knowledge of what had happened as she picked me up that day. Somewhat suspiciously to me, they didn’t try and tell her that I’d had a ‘traumatic’ day or anything either…

Out in the car she buckled me in, and unless she was a very good actress, seemingly didn’t have a clue about my day!

After dinner I asked, “Mommy, can we go swimming?”

She gave me a surprised look, but said, “Sure Princess! Let’s go get dressed.”

We floated in the open part of the pool for a bit before making our way to the waterfall nook again.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Besides everything?” I glared at her. “Do you know what happened to me today at that daycare?”

“Something happened? They didn’t tell me something happened?!?”

She seemed genuinely clueless at that point. I wasn’t about to tell her about my immunity to hypnosis, so I skipped that part and only spoke about the playground, “A Little tried attacking me out on the playground with an autoinjector…” I filled her in and watched her face turn ashen first, and then red with anger as I told the story. “So, if I’d been injected…”

“You’d be nothing but a tiny fake infant…”

I nodded.

“I can’t believe they didn’t tell me about this!!!” She practically screamed, “Do you think my mother was responsible?”

I shrugged, “Seems like the most likely suspect to me, but he didn’t say who the ‘she’ was.”

“Well… no way in Hell you’re going back there before next week! I love having you in my life again, but I do not want you turned into some mindless baby!!!”

That earned a hug from me, and the two of us soon had to pretend life was sort of normal. She did call the daycare and chewed out Doctor Chester loudly in front of me. The notification that she was fired was included in that call! The incident freaked her out enough that she decided to skip the meetings her mom wanted her at that next week leading to the hearing. Her mom had been pissed, but she had instead spent the time with me at home, shopping, and even a trip to the movies one day to see a regular film. She’d dressed me a little more mature again for that outing so no one would think I was being babied unless they saw the diaper underneath the skirt of the dress that I was wearing. Instead of being seen as an overly large baby that day, I had just looked like a very flat chested Mid – not a completely uncommon sight.

Even though I was feeling absolutely embarrassed at being babied, hating the diapers, and hating the Little treatment in general; I did have to admit that it was nice to have a human connection again. Being with Addy like this wasn’t the same, but she wasn’t actively trying to make my life miserable. If she didn’t need to do something like breastfeed me to appease her mother, she wasn’t doing it. The worst times were when Mindy was around since she expected me to be breastfed after every meal and before naptimes… She was very insistent about making sure that Addy was being a good mommy! We got around that some by getting out of the house during the day and going other places instead of hanging out at home.

Finally, the day of my Maturosis Appeal was upon us, and to my surprise apparently her mother had suggested through her attorney that she should dress me in a suit and tie like I normally wore for court. I figured she had a nefarious plan when she insisted to Addy that I should also be dressed in my normal style of underwear as well.

It was the first time I had been out of a diaper in two weeks, and I did feel a little bit of apprehension that I might have lost some of my muscle toning already. I’d had clients and friends before that had suddenly been put back in real underwear, just to fail so their parents could justify the diapers… I made sure to use the bathroom before I met with David and Kendra for our pre-trial session! We had discussed motions and the presentation of the case for a few hours before another bathroom break, and then heading into the courtroom. I couldn’t help but note that while I felt much more confident and normal, my clothes were definitely stiffer and not as soft as those I’d been wearing the past weeks.

“Ready for this?” Kendra asked me as we sat down at the bench.

I shrugged, “As ready as I’ll ever be. It’s like dealing with a death penalty case… problem is it’s my death that would be happening…” I said morosely to her.

She squeezed my shoulder just as the judge walked in.

“All Rise!” I heard as Judge O’Connor walked in, “Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye, The Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit Court is now open according to law. The Honorable Justice Robert O’Connor presiding.”

“You may be seated,” he told everyone.

The bailiff stood and said, “The first case on today’s docket is Case number 61584903 Sylvester, Benson and Stein, and Harlan Law School vs. State of Ames, SafeFoods, and Harris.

“We began this case two weeks ago on an appeal of the ruling of Maturosis of Mr. Sylvester, who I see is dressed more appropriately to his past status? Mrs. Stein I believe we had said we had to abide by the mother’s wishes on clothing?”

“Miss Harris dressed our client like this today, Your Honor. It’s a kind gesture that we do appreciate.”

“Fair enough. Keep in mind that should any accidents happen outside of protective undergarments; it would be a severe strike against your clients Maturosis status?”

“Duly noted, Your Honor,” She replied.

“Today we have a representative from SafeFoods, who is also being contracted by Little Protective Services, supporting the ruling of Maturosis. I will allow for a fifteen-minute opening statement, consider the witnesses that have been requested, and then we’ll take a recess for lunch before continuing with arguments through this afternoon. Keep in mind everything about this case is highly unusual in my opinion, and I will not tolerate shenanigans.”

“Yes, Your Honor,” all of the lawyers responded.

“Very well, Mr. Johnson?”

I sat quietly as he began his opening argument supporting the motion that I was in need of extra care. In addition to reading the court reporter’s transcript to demonstrate that I was rude in court, he also showed a picture of the dirty wipe that had been pulled from my butt when Aubry was diapering me. He proceeded to then show a video of the ‘fight’ from the daycare a bit over a week ago. The odd thing to me was that it didn’t even seem to be nanny cam footage, more like someone was standing at the edge of the playground and recording. It was cut in such a way to put me in a negative light like I had instigated everything. More footage was shown of my two blowouts I had experienced, as well as an embarrassingly accurate pink princess themed star chart with the number of wet and messy diapers I’d gone through each day.

I was sure that it was more embarrassing watching it in my suit than it would have been in a frilly dress with a wet diaper underneath!

Thankfully their time was up for that phase and Doctor Chester and Miss Crystal then both testified that I was a ‘needy’ individual who clearly fit in better with the students of their daycare than I would in a courtroom. Miss Crystal in particular spent time talking about my blowout while I was sleeping, and that clearly, I was in need of diapers and care. She actually looked at me with concern since I was sitting there without one on.

“Doctor Nancy Dannigan,” was called to the stand next. I found it quite interesting that the daycare workers were their lead witnesses. Not surprised, but definitely interesting. Aubry Harris was showing too many of her cards in my opinion.

She was sworn in, and the questioning began. “Doctor Dannigan, please tell us about your background?”

“I hold a PhD in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis on Little Psychology. I have been practicing for three years now.”

“Your thesis work was based specifically on diagnosing Maturosis and aiding afflicted individuals with transitioning healthily to their new lives, correct?”

“Yes, I began my work during my master’s program at Emerson where I was a Residential Assistant for one of the Littles dorms. I discovered I had a passion for the field and was fortunate that Emerson had such an amazing psychology program.”

“Indeed, it does!” Henry said smugly. “We need to keep this brief for the time of the court, so I want to first ask you what characteristics you typically see in a patient with Maturosis?”

“Certainly! There are traditional symptoms that most people tend to focus on with potty issues. One of the earliest symptoms of Maturosis is an individual having accidents in their sleep, daytime accidents, or even in some cases choosing to use their pants instead of asking to use the potty. Most people tend to dwell on that one alone, but there are other symptoms that we look for as well including anxiety, depression, and difficulty controlling outbursts of emotion.”

“Thank you for that succinct description. As an expert in your field, do you believe Mids can have cases of Maturosis as well as Littles?”

“Certainly! It’s almost as common with them really as with Littles, but we see more of a stigma of treatment for those individuals because they’re taller. I even know of a few rare cases of Bigs being diagnosed with this disorder as well.”

“You have had a chance to meet and observe Camille Harris, also known as Cameron Sylvester, correct?”

“Yes, I was able to observe Cammie for several hours remotely, and met with her twice for therapy at the daycare she was enrolled in by her mommy.”

“Does she demonstrate the symptoms?”

I felt my face grow red as she nodded, “Most certainly! Pretty much every symptom has been observable in Cammie’s case. It started with her outburst towards Judge Taney. Soon after that she was using diapers without ever asking for a chance to use the potty at the daycare.”

‘This is going to be tough to get past…’ I worried. A hand touched my shoulder reassuringly, and I realized Kendra probably planned for this testimony. I listened to her going on for the next ten minutes about all of the times I presented symptoms in her presence, as well as an overview of my probably legitimate problems.

“In total I believe that Cammie’s early loss of her mother, recent orphaning with the deaths of all of her close relatives, and failed engagement to a Little who also clearly suffers from a more severe case of Maturosis, led to his developing a chronic case of his own.”

“Thank you Doctor,” Henry Johnson said as he concluded questioning.

“Do you have any questions for Doctor Dannigan, Mr. Benson? Mrs. Stein?”

“Not at this time, Your Honor,” David said to my surprise, “We do wish to reserve the right to recall her at a later time though.”

“Of course. Mr. Johnson, you have one remaining witness you’ve requested?”

“Yes, Your Honor, we would like to call Cameron Sylvester to the stand.”

“Your Honor?” David said then.

“This is a perfectly reasonable witness to call,” Johnson argued.

“Objection! We have concerns that this violates Mr. Sylvester’s rights, Your Honor,” Kendra said beside me.

“Your client may invoke his right to remain silent of course,” Judge O’Connor said, “But he loses a valuable opportunity I believe to tell his side?”

Kendra looked at me and I shrugged, “Withdrawn,” she said.

I stood up and was sworn in before being questioned. ‘It’d be nice to have a recess here soon… I really could use a bathroom,’ I thought as the questions began.

“Your name?”

“Cameron Sylvester,” I told Henry, curious to see where he was going to go with things.

“Chronological age?”

“I’m twenty-eight years old,” I responded.

“Former profession?”

“Well, my current profession is a lawyer.”

“You realize that a diagnosis of Maturosis disqualifies you from the bar association?”

“Only if it’s upheld,” I smiled.

“And just why wouldn’t it be? Clearly the past few weeks you have behaved as a healthy baby girl?”

“It shouldn’t be upheld due to the clear criminal misconduct that was involved in getting that diagnosis. And don’t take my compliance with the treatment as a sign I need it, I was simply not fighting it because it would have been more cause to continue labeling me with Maturosis, wouldn’t it? The daycare room I was placed in didn’t even have a potty to have as an option to use if I’d asked.”

“Your Honor, the witness is being combative?”

“You were the one who called him, Mr. Johnson, and you did ask the question. Move on.”

I looked at Henry’s facial expression and could tell he was annoyed. Clearly, he hadn’t expected to have to put up with me.

“Since you have been diagnosed with Maturosis you have had an accident in your sleep, correct?”

“I wouldn’t fully label it as an accident. I was poisoned by one of the daycare workers – something that resulted in that worker nearly being terminated.”

He scowled, “You pooped so bad in your sleep that it went out of the diaper, a blowout, correct?”

“Between the laxative she fed me with a sleeping agent, and the breastmilk in the bottle, I was unconscious as my body processed that, yes.”

“Is that the sign of a mature adult?”

“I don’t know of many adults who have been forced to take that? Maybe you could undergo the same treatment to determine how a mature adult would show that?”

“Mr. Sylvester,” the judge said, “You are being borderline combative now.”

“My apologies, Your Honor, I was merely making a suggestion for an experiment since Mr. Johnson is clearly known as an adult?”

I looked up at the judge and saw a twitch of a smile that he tamped down.

“Clearly,” he said, “Mr. Johnson, move on?”

“Mr. Sylvester, is it true that you were engaged to Elizabeth Fehler?”

I stiffened, but nodded, “Yes, I was engaged to her until she was irreparably damaged by a client of yours through an unethical testing scam.”

“Your Honor?”

“My apologies,” I said. “Yes, I was engaged to her.” I squirmed a bit, thinking I really could use a bathroom soon. ‘Has my control gone that quickly?’ I wondered.

“Is Ms. Fehler a fellow Mid?”

“No, she’s considered a Little by two inches.”

“A Little currently treated as an infant, and previously given a Maturosis ruling here in Ames?”

“She is…”

He interrupted, “And one whom you have had intercourse with?”

“She was emanc…”

“You know having sex with a minor is illegal, correct?”

“She was emanci…”

“Your Honor, Mr. Sylvester is admitting guilt here. I request the ruling of Maturosis be reinstated fully?”

“Hold your horses Mr. Johnson! Mr. Sylvester, care to explain without his interruptions?”

“Thank you, Your Honor,” I said, hoping I could get out of this without admitting to our first time. “I grew up with Beth living a few houses down from me. She went to college with me at Emerson and I never ever had considered dating her because of my own fear of being seen as a Little. During our first weeks of college, she ended up offering herself up to Student Services instead of demeriting out. Sadly I only realized when she had done that that I had secretly loved her all of those years. As you mention she became a minor, and was sentenced to significant modifications in order to return home with her dad instead of the random rich woman who paid the university for her. Years later when the restrictions lifted, her dad helped her to grow back up, and we spoke here in Ames frequently. While I went to law school her dad moved with her to New Albany and helped her earn a degree from a community college, and the State of New Albany granted her emancipation. She came to visit me, surprising me with that document, and then I asked the love of my life to marry me.”

“I heard a little birdie said you did have sex with her though?”

I saw him smirk, and Aubry Harris who was sitting in the courtroom now also smirked.

I could just hear the voice, ‘I heard a little birdie went poopy! Be a good little Birdie and go poopy!’

Chapter 54: Reviews

I LOOKED UP at Henry Johnson and Aubry Harris who were both smirking as if they knew my appeal and life were now over.

“The night she reappeared with the emancipation papers in hand, yes I did have sex with her.” I told him with a smirk. “Instigated by her, completely consensual and legal.”

He looked at me oddly, looked back at Mrs. Harris and Doctor Dannigan, and said, “Well, I think the ultimate way I can prove your case of Maturosis is I bet you don’t have clean pants right now?”

“Excuse me?” I replied.

“You’ve been pooping and peeing your diapers for weeks now. I’m sure you’ve probably made a valiant attempt through this hearing, but I’d be willing to bet you haven’t made it through this three-hour hearing without needing to use the potty?”

I sighed, “I am clean, but would you like to check yourself?”

“Your Honor? May we have his mommy do it in front of us?”

“Objection, Your Honor! This seems rather prejudicial in nature?” Kendra said.

“I agree,” Judge O’Connor stated. “How about you perform the check – as much as I think it’s foolish, I do agree that after a few weeks of being in diapers it’s not impossible there will be issues?”

I grimaced.

A few moments later I stood in front of the bench in the central area of the courtroom. I calmly pulled off my shoes and my pants. Kendra actually pulled my underwear fully off and showed that they were perfectly dry and clean while I stood there naked and blushing. My coat and shirt did okay at hiding things a little, but it was still the same public nudity that I had hated the past few weeks!

“Your Honor, are you satisfied?” David asked as Kendra helped hand me my shoes after I redressed.

“I believe I am, and I certainly hope the opposing counsel is as well! That being said I could use a potty break. Let’s recess for ninety-minutes for lunch and we’ll resume with testimony on behalf of Mr. Sylvester. Mr. Sylvester is to be remanded to the custody of his attorneys for this break. Ms. Harris I ask that you please allow them time to consult without your presence.”

“Yes, Your Honor.”

With the strike of a gavel court was adjourned, and I followed David and Kendra out of the courtroom, just catching from Addy’s mom as they hurried away in front of us, “What the hell did you do for the past two weeks?!? He should…”

“Let’s hit the restroom and get a bite to eat,” Kendra said, putting a hand on my shoulder.

“Thanks,” I said. It was an urgent need as I was escorted into the mens room by David, but I happily made it into the toilet!

They had brought a packed lunch for the three of us due to concerns of someone tampering with our food at a restaurant. We were able to find a room to meet, and after scanning for listening devices began telling me their plans for the afternoon. I ate and drank very little during that time, in the hopes that there would be no danger of accidents! ‘I had felt a slight urge to push…’ I thought nervously in regards to the hypnotic suggestion.

Court was soon gaveled back into order and Judge O’Connor said, “We will begin with the rebuttal case for Mr. Sylvester this afternoon. Mr. Benson, Mrs. Stein, your statement? You have fifteen minutes, and then you may call your witnesses.”

“Yes, Your Honor,” David stated and went to the podium. “Your Honor, we heard testimony this morning from an attorney and others with a vested interest in removing our client from the rolls of adulthood. This vendetta is led by Mrs. Aubry Harris, who is the mother to Addison Harris – the assigned ‘mother’ of our client. Years ago, Cameron Sylvester and Addison Harris dated throughout their time in college. An unlikely couple, but one that clearly loved each other! Mrs. Harris did not approve of the relationship, even to the point of deciding she needed to push her daughter to break-up with our client – which she did when he proposed to her just before Christmas of their senior year at Emerson.”

“Fast forward to the summer before Mr. Sylvester graduated from Law School, and you will see that his involvement in the legal field already became a thorn in the sides of SafeFoods and Aubry Harris. At that time he provided invaluable assistance in a case to Judge Ruth Jones whom he was interning with. With his technical expertise, and growing legal knowledge, that case was ultimately referred back to the lower courts to retry it. They lost the second trial and were ordered to pay a heavy price to the victims. Upon joining our firm, he has been involved in six separate malpractice suits against this company, and has won three of those as of this time. This has not been a vendetta against them mind you, it’s simply been a case of a corporation who has consistently demonstrated a disregard for safety and ethical standards in the way they test products. This criminal action led most recently to his fiancé, Elizabeth Fehler, and her mother Ashley Fehler, being irreparably harmed – and we believe unfortunately beyond any sort of curative approach to restore them to their adulthoods.”

He paused, “All of those actions showed more than enough motivation for Mrs. Harris to seek to remove him from the equation of our firm. Her actions showed far more though! We have submitted the video and audio proof of Mrs. Harris clearly threatening our client with being declared a case of Maturosis. There is definitive proof of misconduct now from Judge Taney who sentenced our client to this fate, and it is now being actively investigated by Federal Investigators. We have no doubt that there was a campaign that merely started with declaring our client to be a victim of Maturosis.”

“In the past several weeks, she has put incredible pressure on her daughter, Ms. Addison Harris, to regress him to the point he wouldn’t be able to make it through the testimony earlier. She has insisted that her daughter breastfeed our client – something that likely goes against the order against physical modifications since we know that breastmilk causes incontinence!”

“That wasn’t enough for her though, Your Honor. In this exhibit,” he said, passing an item up to a bailiff to take up to the judge, “you will see Mrs. Harris talking to a woman who works at the daycare that Cameron was enrolled at while she forced her daughter to come into work – despite mandatory maternity leave. This woman, Kristin Nance, was approached by Mrs. Harris with the intention that she would help degrade his control of his bladder and bowels, as well as attempt to instigate a tantrum that could be used against him as a strike on the Maturosis ruling. What she didn’t know at the time was that Ms. Nance was once a classmate of Mr. Sylvester’s in high school. They had a run-in the year they graduated where Cameron said some unkind things about her treatment of a former friend, and she held a grudge against him. Mrs. Harris helped convince a secretary at the school to place Cameron, ‘Cammie’ into the class that Kristin worked as an aide.”

“We now know that Ms. Nance recognized Mr. Sylvester and took things quickly into her hands, administering ‘Little Go’ into a bottle of breastmilk, and waited for the predictable results. Unfortunately for Ms. Nance, she was punished for her efforts to poison Mr. Sylvester, and my understanding is that she is awaiting a competency hearing of her own next week now following further maturity issues.”

David took a breath, “This, mind you, was just one piece of the puzzle that she was putting together. I am providing photos and video of a meeting between Mrs. Harris and Doctor Dannigan that occurred after the first time Mr. Sylvester was taken to this daycare. During this meeting an electronic funds transfer was made from an offshore account into Doctor Dannigan’s account. Following that transfer, two things happened. The first was that a still unknown woman bribed a Little to attack our client with an autoinjector syringe. Fortunately, he avoided it, but the Little accidentally stabbed himself with it and it became clear it was a regressive set of nanites that rapidly reduced him to infancy. We have no proof that this was Mrs. Harris at work, but it seems likely. Secondly, we have video evidence of Doctor Dannigan clearly disregarding both Miss Harris instructions, and the court orders, to attempt to hypnotize our client.”

David turned and looked at Henry, “Something that our opposing counsel was aware of, because he attempted to trip it by speaking about a little birdie. The phrase was meant to cause Mr. Sylvester to have an accident in his pants. This is the final piece that they attempted to use today, when Mrs. Harris instructed her daughter that Mr. Sylvester should be dressed in the suit he is wearing, instead of a cute girly outfit she might have otherwise dressed him in. Highly unusual because she’s been dressing Mr. Sylvester in female clothing since the initial court date when Judge Taney told her she could either regress him to an infant, or make him a toddler girl. By removing his original name, she hoped even if he could get free, he would never be able to practice law again.”

The red light came on, “Thank you, Mr. Benson, you may call the first witness from your list. Please remember testimony is limited for time today.”

“Yes, Your Honor. We would like to call Doctor Holly Nickerson to the stand, Your Honor.”

The Little girl I had seen weeks ago that set everything off in the first place, was now the first witness in my case. Once she was sworn in Kendra got right to work questioning her, “Doctor Nickerson, at our initial trial you were brought in as an expert witness to describe the medical diagnosis of the victims who are our plaintiffs. After initially supporting your testimony, Judge Taney suddenly threw out your testimony, why is that?”

Dr. Nickerson sighed, “I’m not really sure to be honest. I did end up defecating in a diaper on the stand, but I was diapered and there was no danger to the courtroom of the mess spreading.”

“Did you know it’s uncommon to have a Little testify in Ames? Especially an adopted one?”

She nodded, “Believe me I know all about uncommon. My ability to be a surgeon here in this dimension was, and still is, an uphill battle at times.”

“Do you ever poop in surgery?”

She shrugged, “A stipulation of my hiring involves them giving me allowance for the incontinence I suffer. It happens every now and then, but Doctor Nickerson, my mommy, and I work hard to make sure that generally speaking I go in the mornings before work.”

“This seemed like a normal pooping incident?”

“No, not at all.”

“What was different about it?”

“This was clearly a drug induced bowel movement. The contractions of my bowels were very forced and the stool was very runny and loose.”

“Knowing those symptoms, what did you do?”

“Well, after the craziness in the courtroom of the judge throwing out my testimony, and then sentencing your client to babyhood, I went immediately back to the hospital and had my blood tested.”

“What did you find?”

“We found a large dose of bisacodyl in my bloodstream. It’s the most common main ingredient in laxatives and suppositories. Additionally, another chemical debetabierunt-phosphate was identified as well.”

“What is that one?”

“Both are commonly used in many of the so-called treatments that adoptive parents give their Littles to cause full incontinence. Debetabierunt-phosphate in particular is used widely in ‘Potty-B-Gone.’”

“Did you ingest this intentionally?”

“No, and I hadn’t had any food that could have been poisoned. We did identify a small chemical burn on the back of my thigh that had rested on the booster seat provided. It is my professional belief, as well as several other experts, that it was a contact burn that was evidence of how they transmitted the chemicals into my blood system.”

“Any idea of why?”

“My testimony being thrown out would seem a good enough reason? Perhaps an intention to cause Mr. Sylvester to argue for it not to be? All I do know is it took a full week to clear from my body, and if it wasn’t for a treatment available at my hospital it would have caused long lasting effects.”

“No further questions,” Kendra told the judge. Johnson surprisingly declined to even consider a few more questions.

“Your next witness?”

“We would now like to call Doctor Ivy Nickerson to the stand?”

When Holly’s mommy was sworn in, David took over and asked questions about her qualifications, her role with the hospital, and just generally cemented her expert status. “How long ago did you adopt Holly?”

“She’s been my daughter about ten years.”

“So, you would say that you know her needs and habits quite well?”


“Her status as a doctor while still being an adopted Little is unusual, correct?”

She nodded, “She’s an unusual Little. Years ago, after she saved some lives in her daycare, we reached a compromise with each other that she would be able to work by day, and be mommy’s baby girl the rest of the time.”

“You treat her like a normal Little elsewhere? Diapers, bottles, furniture, toys…?”

“Oh definitely, she has the best playhouse in the world too!” She smiled.”

“Do you breastfeed her?”

She looked a little embarrassed, “We do, but it’s limited to evenings and weekends.”


“It lets her control when she needs to go number two a bit better during the weekdays when she has surgeries scheduled.”

“So, when does she normally have a bowel movement?”

“She’s normally poopy in the early mornings at breakfast time, always before we leave for work, or just afterwards on the commute into the office. Sometimes she’ll be a little poopy in the late afternoon on Monday when her body is still clearing her weekend nursing.”

“The hearing wasn’t on a Monday, was it unusual for her to have the bowel movement she had?”

“Very unusual, and that’s why we hurried to the hospital to run bloodwork…” Specifics on the bloodwork, as well as information on the impartial persons involved in the test were given.

She reinforced several things at that point from Holly’s testimony, before being dismissed from the stand with no questions from the opposing counsel.

“We would like to call Professor Marshall from Emerson University as our next witness.” Kendra said.

I was a bit surprised by this tactic, but it seemed that, from what they knew, he was actually a pretty respected attorney in the courts in this circuit. As the gray-bearded Little man made his way to the stand, there seemed to be some deference from the bailiff that wasn’t present for any other witness so far. The suit he wore did a pretty good job of hiding the padding he wore beneath it. I knew he had been stuck in an adoption himself for nearly a decade, and control was something he had never regained.

After having him sworn in and introduced with credentials, Kendra got to the heart of the matter quickly, “Professor Marshall, you are an expert in the Maturity Laws here in the State of Ames, correct?”

“That would be correct – I have spent decades researching the laws and applying that knowledge in court and teaching it at the university.”

“Was what happened to Mr. Sylvester considered normal?”

He shook his head, “Procedurally it was about as abnormal as you could get really. He’s seventy-seven inches tall, correct?”

“That’s a half-inch shy of his height on record, but yes.”

“Then the law states that he is not bound by the Little Statutes. If he had been under seventy-two inches it would have been a very plausible action for Judge Taney to have taken. I myself am exceedingly careful in my conduct due to that concern. Since he is above the seventy-two-inch mark there is still the ability to declare him a case of Maturosis, but legally there is a requirement in Penal Code 339.39 that he should have had a separate hearing on that matter.”

“Just being declared in contempt of court shouldn’t have allowed for that?”

“Legally in a court setting he would need to have been convicted of this act of contempt should he have chosen to fight it. The charge is only a misdemeanor, not a felony, so his rights to adulthood should not have been immediately revoked.”

“What were Mr. Sylvester’s rights at the time?”

“Well like any criminally charged individual, he had the right to a trial by jury, a right to an attorney, and every other right to defend himself. Judge Taney just immediately essentially ordered an execution without a trial.”

“Objection! There was no execution here!” Henry shouted.

“Your Honor, I would argue differently. If the injunction had been received one minute later at the hospital my client would have had his gender altered forever against his will. He would have died as Cameron Sylvester and only existed as Camille Harris. That in and of itself legally would have meant his death.”

“Overruled,” he said, “Professor Marshall, please avoid too much of the inflammatory commentary here?”

“Yes, Your Honor,” he said with a smile.

There was further testimony from him showing that due process was not followed. That to me held more hope in this Court of Appeals than anything from anyone else. Appeals Courts were process based – though I did hope that everything else was helping my case as well.

“Sarah Lexington,” I heard David announce and a tall woman I guessed just over eleven feet tall in height came to the stand.

After she was sworn in, “Mrs. Lexington, what is that you do for a living?”

“I’m a private detective,” she told him with a smile.

“Our firm hired you in an effort to ensure Mr. Sylvester’s safety after his adoption. During your investigation what did you find?”

“Well, I managed to get my hands on a number of text messages and phone calls between Mrs. Harris and others involved in attempting to prevent Mr. Sylvester from ever regaining his adulthood.”

“You obtained this video,” he said while a video showing me sitting in the egg chair at the daycare was shown.

“Yes, I did,” she told him as I heard muttering from beside our table.


“It was sent via electronic means to Mrs. Harris,” she replied.

“Objection! Your Honor, this was obtained without a warrant, and further, this video would contain footage of a medically necessary counseling session that is covered by patient privacy. I move to strike!”

“Your Honor, we believe the evidence is fully covered by a federal warrant that was obtained?”

“Do you have a copy of the warrant?” he asked.

A document was handed up to the bailiff, after looking at it, “This is a properly signed warrant Mr. Johnson. Now as to the question of the privacy of Mr. Sylvester…”

“Your Honor, as of this time Cammie Harris is still a minor ward of her mother Addison Harris. She is the only one who can grant that exception to the privilege.”

“Miss Harris? Would you please approach the railing?”

I looked up at her, “Yes Your Honor?”

“As Mr. Sylvester’s guardian, what is your decision.”


I looked nervously up at Addy, while her mother seemed to be staring daggers at her.

Chapter 55: Relevance

“I… I GIVE my permission, Your Honor,” Addy said with a shaky voice. She was really nervous, and I was quite frankly scared this was going to be the final straw for her mom to use her nanite trigger.

“Very well, let’s see this video,” he said, unaware of the full situation there.

A glance at her mom revealed an angry flushed face that made her look as mad as I’d ever seen her. She seemed to try and kill Addison with just her look, but everyone’s faces were soon distracted as the video began playing of me having headphones placed over my ears, and a screen began to show a pattern just on the edge. The footage was paused, “Your Honor, due to the danger of this footage, we do not wish to show the full film?”

“You’re certain it’s hypnotic in nature?”

“Yes, Your Honor, I have a lab report here to verify it from an independent lab.”

A document was sent up, “Very well, do you wish to play any more of this?”

“Just the end of it.”

I watched as the screen showed her pick me up from the chair.

“How are you feeling, baby?” She asked me while wrinkling her nose, “I guess the time was well spent, it smells like you left a nice little egg in your diapee for me like a good birdie!”

I watched as she carried me to the changing table in her office. She laid me down and went across my chest with the safety strap before unsnapping the crotch of my outfit’s pants, undoing the onesie beneath it, and then reached the diaper.

“What a good little baby birdie!” she cooed at me. “I’m looking forward to years of playing with you!”

I was pretty impassive in sitting there right as she tickled me a little.

“Hmm… Have to adjust your program after your case. Need you to be a bit happier!”

I winced at my naked poopy butt displayed to the court, as she wiped my butt with a few baby wipes. “Always dreamed of getting you into one of these like your friends!”

I had been completely aware during the session, but it made me more nervous to watch her behavior from a third person view. When it was over David asked Mrs. Lexington, still on the stand, “How did you obtain this?”

“Through an electronic exchange between Doctor Dannigan and Aubry Harris.”

“What else was said?”

“The problem was taken care of…”

“You take that as meaning?”

“Clearly all of the evidence points to the likely conclusion that Aubry Harris solicited the services of Doctor Dannigan to hypnotize Cameron.”

“Did it work?”

“Good question, according to the report we received, normally that was a strong enough hypnosis session to have easily implanted the trigger phrase. From the electronic exchange it seemed that anytime someone mentioned ‘I heard a little birdie,’ or any other ‘birdie’s fly’ phrase he should have been pooping his pants. I do not know what’s prevented it from working, but I do know that it’s an effective technique nearly all of the time.”

“When is it not?”

She shrugged, “You’d have to ask an expert on that. I’m just relaying the report.”

“Fair enough…”

David continued to ask questions for the remaining amount of time and Mrs. Lexington provided documentation of the communication with Kristin as well as threatening letters to Doctor Chester once that had failed. I felt that the testimony was all compelling and damning. It was weird that the opposition asked only a couple of questions then and moved on.

‘Is there a fix in the works here too?’ I wondered nervously.

“We would like to call Addison Harris,” Kendra said after he left the stand.

I was surprised by that move, given they hadn’t even mentioned that as an option earlier that day. Apparently Henry was too, as he objected, but was overruled. Once she was sworn in, Kendra began, “Miss Harris, how long have you known our client?”

“Since the first week of classes at Emerson University. He was my lab partner in our Freshman Chemistry lab.”

“Was that all he was?”

She shook her head, “No, I had no intention to do so at first, but Cameron was an incredibly special guy that I fell in love with. We began dating shortly after he began helping me with tutoring.”

“Just to clarify, you two had a romantic relationship?”

“Yes, a very close one,” Addy answered nervously.

“For how long?”

“A little over three years,” she answered.

“Why did you stop seeing each other…?”

She looked at her mom then, then looked at me, before sighing, “My mother didn’t approve of my relationship with him.”

“Don’t most mothers have issues with daughters’ boyfriends?” Kendra asked rhetorically. “What about Cameron did your mother not like? Clearly he was smart and capable?”

“She believed he was too short, and he wasn’t in the same league as us financially.”

“In essence she didn’t like Mr. Sylvester because he was just a Mid, and too poor?”

“He wasn’t poor… just not rich enough. Though I guess to my mother that might be the same thing.”

I turned and looked at her mom who was now visibly steaming. ‘Shit… Addy is sacrificing herself…’ I thought worriedly.

“What did your mother do to you to try and enforce her will?”

“Umm…” She looked even more nervous.

I turned to her mother whose face seemed to grow into a malicious grin on her face just then.

“Did she threaten you?”


“Are you scared of your mother Miss Harris?”

I felt bad for Addy, as she literally squirmed in her seat, “Isn’t everyone scared of their mothers?”

There were a few chuckles in the courtroom, including from Judge O’Connor about that. His serious façade had cracked for just a second and then went back up to a proper neutral expression. “I guess to some degree, but I mean are you as an adult still scared that she can punish or harm you?”


“I understand if you’re too nervous to answer with your mother over there.” Kendra said. “Knowing what we’ve discovered in our investigations I would be scared too.”

Addy shrugged nervously, “She’s my mom…”

“Yes, she is. Tell me Miss Harris, how long have you worked for your mother’s company, SafeFoods?”

“I’ve done part-time work since I was fourteen?”

“And full-time?”

“It’s been about a year-and-a-half I guess?”

“You’re twenty-eight, correct?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“Why so long before you started working?”

“Well, I did my four years of undergrad at Emerson, then I went to Mann for my Masters for two years, followed by two years at Beecher for my PhD in Biochemistry.” She paused, “Then I did a year of Post-Doc studies back here at Emerson.”

“And now you bring that knowledge back to your mothers’ company?”

She nodded, “Yes, I’m the head of the lab that checks products for impurities and possible harmful chemicals.”

“Solely in the lab? No human testing?”

She shook her head, “The closest I may occasionally get to a human test is if a blood sample is sent to the lab for testing.”

“Interesting, is that the role your mom ultimately wants for you?”

Addy shrugged, “I don’t know. Growing up she always said that Danica and I would take over the company when she retired.”

“Danica is?”

“My baby sister – she’s three years younger than me.”

“She also works for the company, correct?”

“Yes, she works on the public relations and advertising side of the company. She didn’t feel the need for grad work, so she actually beat me to working full time.”

“Do you see each other often?”

Addy shook her head, “We work on opposite sides of the complex, and rarely get together for meetings. I’d say once a week most of the time is the maximum.”

I wondered where her questions were going right then. “Would you say you two are close though?”

“Yes,” Addy said without skipping a beat.

“Close enough that you would do anything for each other?”

Addy nervously nodded, “Pretty much?”

“Objection, Your Honor, is this questioning leading anywhere?” Henry Johnson said then.

“Mrs. Stein?”

“It’ll be apparent soon? I just ask for a little bit of leeway here?”

“Very little, we didn’t schedule a six-week trial here…”

“Yes, Your Honor.” Kendra said to the judge and turned back to Addy. “For the past few weeks while Mr. Sylvester has been under your guardianship and you have been his ‘mommy,’ you haven’t dressed him as he is today, have you?”

“No, Judge Taney specified that if I was to take him as my baby, I could only either have him be a baby boy unable to walk, have his teeth removed, and have his stomach altered to only be able to process breastmilk or baby food, or I could have him be a little girl and changed into a girl that would be allowed to wear training panties and sleep in a big girl bed.”

“You were supposed to choose for him?”

She squirmed, “Yes, I was supposed to choose. I let Cam tell me her… his preference though.”

“Which was?”

“Obviously she’d rather be a girl than a helpless fake baby.”

“So up until today, what had Cameron been wearing?”

“The cutest little girl outfits I could find… and diapers because of the injunction since I wasn’t able to complete the procedure there.”

“So, he’s been dressed in traditional girls’ clothing - dresses, rompers, onesies, etc.?”

“Of course, she’s been dressing as my little baby girl.”

“Including at his last court appearance, correct?”

“That’s correct, we had a cute matching mother-daughter set of dresses that day.”

“So why the change today?”

Addy squirmed a bit. “My mom sent me a note through our attorneys that she felt like it would be a good idea to dress him as a man one last time.”

“She said one last time in the note?”

She shrugged, “I’m pretty sure that everyone assumes this will go like most Maturosis appeals. I researched it, only two of these have overruled a Maturosis ruling and guardianship placement in the last twenty-five years.”

“It is rare, but does it maybe imply that she knew there would be a certain reason for his failure?”

“I don’t know?”

“Have you been breastfeeding him?”

I squirmed as much as Addy at that question, ‘That’s embarrassing…’

“Of course, all good mommy’s make sure they bond with their new Littles by doing so.”

“So, he’s worn diapers for several weeks straight now – you’ve been breastfeeding him, odds are that in the span of a day hearing he would surely have at least one accident. Why would you dress him in regular underwear?”

She shrugged, “I thought I was being kind honestly. He looks like his regular self except his hair at this point.”

“And if he had, or has an accident?”

“I have a spare outfit in her diaper bag,” she told her.

“But the main reason you dressed him like this today, was because of your mother?”

She looked nervously at her mother, but nodded, “Yes.”

“I want to move back to the day Cameron was declared in contempt of court, and sentenced to your care. Your vehicle already held a brand-new car seat, and a booster seat, that day correct?”

I noticed Addy looked nervous for real then. “Yes…”


“What do you mean?”

“Why did you already have car seats?”

“I’ve… I’ve honestly been thinking of adopting for a while… I decided to be fully prepared in the last few months.”

“Who have you been looking at?”

She looked guilty, “Actually I’ve been thinking about going through Emerson and adopting one of their Littles through their Student Services. I started on a playroom when I moved into the house as kind of a fun project, and then it just kind of spiraled out of control.”

“So, what work had to be done on your house the day Cameron was placed into your care?”

“Oh… well, I had never intended on a boy… so I had to have the nursery changed to a boy’s… some more toys were placed into the playroom for a boy… and then I had outfits dropped off in Cammie… I mean Cameron’s sizes.”

“So, you didn’t come into the courtroom planning on adopting my client that day?”

“Honestly my mom wanted me to adopt Cameron a long time ago instead of dating him, but I didn’t want to. The only reason I changed my mind in court that day was I didn’t want him going to an orphanage…”

My head was getting twisted with her bent truth, and it was borderline a case of perjury on her plans… but I guess she hadn’t planned on it. ‘She’d really been planning on adopting though?’ I wondered, a bit confused. ‘That doesn’t sound like Addy…?’ I thought. Thinking back though I could tell that she had genuinely enjoyed babying me… ‘She’s not the worst mommy out there either,’ I had to admit.

“While you’ve had Mr. Sylvester in your custody, has he shown many bouts of immaturity? Acted with aggression? Fought you?”

“No, she’s been the perfect sweet little baby girl…”

“If this appeal is denied, what are your plans for him?”

“Well, that would mean Judge Taney’s order goes back into effect? We would go back to the hospital and have the procedure performed to make him into a little girl.”

“And what would she do for the rest of her life?”

Addy shrugged, “I guess we would probably see about potty training once she adjusted to her new parts. If she can make it to the potty regularly, we’d probably move her up to a preschool class somewhere while I work.”

“She’d never be able to work again?”

“I believe one of the other people already mentioned if this is upheld, she’ll no longer be able to be on the bar association… I can’t see how she would work as an attorney without that even if I wanted her to.”

Kendra came back to the lectern for something, “Just a few more questions Miss Harris, do you recognize this young woman?”

I saw the picture briefly as she showed it to her, but her reaction was the bigger indication it was shocking. “Umm… Yes… that looks like a friend of mine from high school, Gina Miller.”

“Are you aware that Gina’s parents declared her a missing person ten years ago?”

Addy squirmed slightly then, but I suspected only I noticed, “I wasn’t aware they had filed that, no?”

“Are you aware that the last time she was seen by her parents was when she left to go to work at your family’s company on a day in December ten years ago?”

“No, I haven’t spoken to her parents since high school?”

“Did you know she had a job at SafeFoods?”

Addy nodded, “I suggested to a department chair he should think about hiring her.”

“So, you got her the job?”

Addy shrugged, “She still had to interview, but I suspect my suggestion carried a lot of weight.”

“I bet it did!” Kendra said.

“Objection, Your Honor, relevance?” Henry suddenly said.

“Your Honor if you’ll please just give me just a few more moments of leeway? Miss Miller’s disappearance will become quite relevant?”

“This is the last leeway you’re getting!” He said, “I don’t want this case to last indefinitely!”

“Thank You, Your Honor. We would like to introduce into evidence Exhibit Seventy-One. This footage was obtained with the attached search warrant by federal investigators.”

“Your Honor?” Henry Johnson asked.

“Let me see the documentation Mrs. Stein.”

I watched in curiosity at this exhibit. She had told me that we’d gone over every bit of evidence, but this seemed way outside of that! I looked up at her as she went to have a sidebar with Henry and the judge. David gave me a shake of a head saying not to ask, and a moment later the judge said. “This appears lawfully acquired and admissible. It is entered into evidence per request.”

David pressed some buttons and a still of a scene showed on the screen. I recognized Addy’s childhood home, and felt my blood chill as I realized what they had somehow miraculously gotten their hands on!

“Miss Harris, do you recognize the location of this video?”

“Umm… it’s my parents’ house… my childhood home?”

“Do you recognize the young woman here?” She pointed at a figure I could tell was probably Gina.

“Your Honor?” She said just as I heard Henry Johnson shouting, “Objection!” and another voice crying, “How the Hell?!?”

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Chapter 56: Triggered

MY FIRST REAL day in the courtroom sitting next to Judge Jones’ clerk and court reporter had seen the courtroom erupt loudly following her verdict involving postponing the return of Lilibeth Tully. It had been an extraordinarily unusual event, as I found later in my summer, and as my career continued. Courtrooms were meant to be somber spaces for justice, not a party atmosphere! Arguing was supposed to be limited to the counsel presenting their arguments at that moment – especially in a Court of Appeals!

Right then though I felt there was only one word that could describe things.


I felt like time had stopped as everyone on Aubry Harris’ side realized they were in line for some serious legal trouble, Addy probably wondered about her own legal exposure, and I just wondered if this evidence would do anything to help me regain my freedom!

I was also scared to death for Addy right then, as this video was going to clearly demonstrate the trigger her mom could activate, and could send her over the edge.

“ORDER!!!” The judge shouted, “ORDER!!! OR I’LL CLEAR THE COURTROOM!!!”

The video stayed frozen in the still as the courtroom finally grew silent. “If everyone cannot behave themselves like adults, I will have everyone but the attorneys and clients removed!” He looked truly shocked and pissed if I had to describe it. “Mr. Johnson, what was your objection?”

“This evidence is highly prejudicial, Your Honor and may cause issues with related cases.”

“Your Honor you have already seen the documentation about the legality of the evidence!” Kendra said.

He nodded. “Miss Harris, you were trying to answer Mrs. Stein?”

“Your Honor, I’m not sure…”

“You are under oath Miss Harris. I hope there’s not a need to, but you are entitled to plead the fifth amendment if you feel like you are in legal jeopardy here? Perhaps you should consult with another attorney?”

She looked at me. Really looked at me for the first time since that day she wouldn’t say ‘yes,’ and then turned to the judge and shook her head stiffly, “No sir, I’ll answer Mrs. Stein.”

“Your Honor!” Henry objected.

“Counsel, you will get your turn to rebut this evidence if needed. Mrs. Stein?”

“Miss Harris, do you recognize this woman?”

On the screen you could see two large men holding a young woman tightly to keep her from escaping just barely visible on the side of the wall by their sitting room. A ridiculous looking ball gag was stuffed in her mouth.

“Yes, that’s Gina Miller, my friend.”

“Who else is on the screen here?”

I noticed then that there was someone standing behind Addy, and someone behind Danica, with syringes coming at Addy and Danica.

“My mom, Aubry Harris, two of her security guards are holding Gina, my sister and myself, and I don’t know the names of the two women behind Danica and I.”

“Let’s see the film, huh?”

Kendra pressed play and I watched events that she’d described play out on the video.

The film showed both young women getting the needles pressed quickly into their bodies.

“What the Hell is going on?” Addison asked angrily.

“What was that?!?” Danica added.

Aubry Harris laughed a villainous laugh that chilled my bones as I watched, “What’s going on is that if you and your sister don’t start shaping up, you’ll be shaping down.”

“What do you mean?” Addy asked.

“Let me show you,” she said with a smirk.

Gina was brought fully into view then of Addy. She was screaming and fighting with the two men holding her.

“What are you doing to Gina?!?” Addy screamed.

“This,” Aubry said and pressed a button on a tablet she was holding.

We watched as Gina screamed in pain, and convulsed violently as she shrank, until moments later she finally lay on the ground naked as a newborn, now crying with the voice of one as well.

Addy yelled, “Change her back!”

“No,” Aubry said, “She was trying to turn us in on some things she found working for us in the office. She’s going to get adopted by a nice couple tonight. She’ll make a nice baby… just like the two of you will…”

“Mom you can’t do that to us!” Danica screamed.

“Oh, I can… I don’t want to, but I certainly will! If either of you don’t behave, I’ll have the code sent remotely to both of you so I can have a beautiful set of baby twin sisters for their big brother Matty. Now, first thing you’re going to do Addy, if you don’t want to be Baby Addy, is break up with that sniveling Little boy you’ve been dating!”

The footage stopped, and I saw Addy was trembling, and tears flowed out of her eyes and down her face. Her mascara was running badly down her cheeks as she tried to wipe her face with her hand.

“Bailiff?” Judge O’Connor said after a moment.

“Your Honor?”

“Please arrest Mrs. Harris. I’m issuing a bench warrant for her at this time until the district attorney’s office and Federal Investigators can issue their own indictments.”

“You ungrateful little bitch!!!” Aubry said as she hissed towards Addy. I watched in horror as she pulled out her phone and began typing in a code in some app as the bailiff walked towards her. I had little doubt as to what she was doing as she gleefully pressed a button and looked up at Addy.

I could tell she expected her to immediately shrink like her friend had.

I looked back and forth at them, expecting the same thing to happen.

“What the Hell?” She swore. Mrs. Harris pressed a couple other buttons in rapid succession then.

“Officer, please take her into custody now and preserve that device for evidence!!!”

I felt like a spectator at a cage match or something as Mrs. Harris threw the device as hard as she could. Another officer, who had been summoned as backup, happened to walk in the door and right into the path of it. I watched as he reflexively caught it with some pride, before developing a blank stare on his face!

All of the other eyes in the courtroom were all focused on Aubry Harris, who was being cuffed and brought down by the bailiff who had already been inside the room. Her attorney was making noise about the arrest being unfair and no one was paying attention to the other officer. Sensing something was wrong I bolted over there and could see swirling colors on the screen with that weird tint that I apparently now saw on hypnotic screens. I leapt up and yanked it easily from his hand and turned it face down.

“Officer, are you okay?” I asked him.

“Huh?” He responded incoherently just as he began to pee his pants.

“We need a medic or someone over here!” I shouted.

The Little doctor had apparently not left, and she and her mother were over there. “What’s wrong?” Holly Nickerson asked.

“He got a dose of the screen there – it had a hypno screen on?”

She made a face at that, “It already affected him? A Big?”

“That’s bad…” her mommy said. “Let’s get him to the hospital. I don’t know if we’ll be able to do much for him. Sir, do you understand me?”

He slowly nodded, “What’s going on?” He asked like he’d downed a full bottle of liquor on his own.

“You got hit with a hypno bomb, we’ll take you to General and see if there’s anything we can do for you…”

Another officer showed up then and said, “Where’s the device?”

“You need to put it in a bag, there’s a hypno screen that was active just now,” I told him.

He held a manilla envelope that we carefully slid the phone in without looking at it. Even from within the bag you could see the screen was bright, so we doubled it up and he followed Aubry Harris out of the courtroom.

It took a while to come back to order for the courtroom, and you could tell that Judge O’Connor was pissed!

“I don’t know what the Hell is going on here, but this circus is ending now!”

He looked at our table where Kendra and David had joined me in sitting down. “Mrs. Stein, do you have more questions for Miss Harris?”

“Just a couple more, Your Honor?”

“Make them quick – no more theatrics!”

“Yes sir,” she said. “Miss Harris, I know that had to have been a shock for all of that to happen right now. For the record, you broke up with our client Mr. Sylvester because your mom threatened to turn you into a Little?”

Addy looked truly shell-shocked, but nodded, “Yes… She threatened to do the same to my sister… I couldn’t risk my sweet sister Danica having that happen…”

“Last question, as far as you were aware, your mom’s trigger on the nanites should have worked on you just now, correct?”

She nodded, “She even tested it on me one time and permanently removed my body hair… I know it worked… it’s never grown back.”

“No further questions, Your Honor,” she told the judge.

“Questions for this witness, Mr. Johnson?”

“No, Your Honor.”

“Do you have any further witnesses, Mrs. Stein?”

“Just one brief one to testify on this matter with the nanites? I think it’s relevant?”

“Briefly!” he said.

“Thank you, Your Honor. We would like to call Doctor Amanda Westerfield to the stand at this time.”

Amanda was led into the courtroom and gave me a wide smile as she passed by. Once she was sworn in Kendra began, “Doctor Westerfield, would you please explain your credentials?”

“Certainly! I am the head of the AI Department at Emerson University.”

“AI meaning Artificial Intelligence?”

“That’s correct.”

“What do you all focus on?”

“Well in the last ten years programming on nanites has been one of my main focuses.”

“You are in fact one of the leading experts in nanite AI programming, correct?”

“I’d like to think I’m up there, yes.”

“A couple weeks back we contacted you due to receiving information about the nanite bomb that was placed in Miss Harris and her sister. What can you tell us about that?”

Amanda sighed, “Well it’s unfortunately a real thing – and hers was capable of reducing her in size and mass just as the video you showed me of the other young woman.”

“For the record she is referring to Gina Miller,” Kendra said.

“Why didn’t it work?”

“Assuming that was her intention, it was no longer going to operate with her password. Your office contracted me to change the passwords to give her some protection.”

“You hacked into the code?”

“In a manner of speaking.”

“When and how?”

“Their private investigator discovered they were going to be traveling to our local mall. We traveled there quickly and I ‘ran into’ Miss Harris and her sister out shopping with Mr. Sylvester. It was pretty simple to scan for the frequency of the nanites, and through some proprietary software, edited the nanites’ passwords and code.”

“You just gave them new code?”

“Essentially, yes,” Amanda answered.

“So, your code did what?”

“The nanites are still inside Miss Harris, it’s just changed the password needed to alter her through them.”

“What’s the point of having such a code?”

“Well, nanites have been heavily used in the medical field, but boutique changes to Littles using them have become more and more common. At some point it was realized that the nanites stayed inside a Little and could be programmed still to make additional changes without going back to a hospital or a research lab. Now if you go into a doctor’s office to have a Little altered, they’ll give you a password and you can have settings changed further with a simple visit.”

“Is that something that should be done?”

“That’s not in my field,” she smiled. “I have seen them do a lot of good for some people, including my own two Little girls.”

“You only have one?”

“My other Little girl grew up and went back home to her home dimension after she graduated from Emerson,” she smiled. “She’s doing well for herself there.”

“One last question, can any of the nanites in people’s bodies be altered?”

Amanda grimaced, “Yes, unfortunately that is one of the biggest faults of them.”

“And they stay forever?”

“At least fifteen years according to our studies. They self-replicate in the body and use some of the same nutrients that a person consumes to power them. At some point in the future, we may very well view them as being a harmful pollutant.”

“Interesting, no more questions, Your Honor.”

“Mr. Johnson?”

“Your Honor to be honest I don’t see the relevance of her testimony, no questions for her.”

“Thank you Doctor Westerfield.”

I sat tensely in my seat as Kendra said, “Your Honor we had subpoenaed Judge Taney, but she responded that she had a court scheduling conflict. Without that overridden in some manner, that is our final witness.”

He looked at his watch, “Tough to get someone like a judge in… If you want to wait and force the issue you may, but I don’t believe it would change the facts of this case in any way. Let’s adjourn for a thirty-minute recess, then each of you will have a fifteen-minute closing argument you may make.”

He gaveled the court into recess and I gratefully took the opportunity to start walking out.

“Where are you going?” Addy asked me, grabbing my hand.

“The bathroom?”

“By yourself?”

“I…” I started to argue. “Yes?”

“You’re still my baby girl Cammie, I’ll let you use the potty again, but you’re going with me.”

I turned to Kendra who shrugged, “I would have said not to go alone too after everything that’s happened today, Cameron. Make sure he’s right back here after the potty break.”

Addy smiled at me, “Come on.”

She led me by the hand to the bathrooms, and any hope of using the men’s room was squashed as she took me into the women’s, and one of the larger accessible stalls. “Hand me your coat…” she told me.

I groaned, but didn’t want the contents of the diaper bag that was on her shoulder ending up on me instead. After I handed it to her, she let me unbutton my pants and I hopped up onto the large toilet to do my business. Going number one and number two, she was ready with toilet paper that she insisted on wiping me with, before helping me with my coat and holding me to wash my hands.

One woman came in and said, “What is a man doing in the women’s room?”

“I brought my baby in here, I didn’t want him possibly being kidnapped or harmed…”

The woman seemed incredulous, but took a stall and closed the door. I was glad to take my bright red face back out into the hallway! I didn’t speak with her returning to the room, other than to look up and ask, “Are you okay?”

She sat down in a seat and pulled me into the chair next to her. Addy shook her head, “No, I’m decidedly not okay… My mom is a monster in every way she can be. Seeing her arrested should make me feel better… knowing that Doctor Westerfield saved my sister and me from being shrunken earlier should make me feel better. Honestly, I think this hearing is going well for you – and that should make me feel better too, but at the heart of the past few weeks is my heart being ripped back open…”

I looked at her and said, “I’m sorry…”

“None of this is your fault, no need to apologize. Now why don’t you get back up there with Kendra before the judge comes back and let’s figure out what’s going to happen…”

I squeezed her in a hug, and walked back up to the front. Kendra leaned down, “You okay?”

I nodded, “This whole thing has reopened wounds for both of us… Worst of all, that was by far the most embarrassing bathroom trip of all time. You could have helped me out you know!”

She smirked, “I’m hoping this gets taken care of – might as well have given her a little more time there.”

The judge was soon back and I was listening to the opposing arguments.

“In conclusion, a reminder that today isn’t about the circus theatrics we’ve seen today. Today is about procedures and if the right steps were taken to declare Mr. Sylvester in contempt of court, and a case of Maturosis. Even without the testimony of our witnesses, the video and information on her many diapers she’s been through, the initial outburst was definitely deserving of this change in status for Cammie Harris.”

I glared at the jackass as he walked back with a cocky smile.

David stood up to deliver the closing arguments like he usually did. “Your Honor, Mr. Johnson is absolutely correct that this case is about procedures, process, and law. I agree with that one-hundred percent, but his conclusions are flawed and highly colored by his own opinions. The judicial part of our government does rightfully wield significant powers to be able to dispense justice. In Ames, yes, it is legal for a judge to declare someone under eight-feet-tall as a person unable to care for themselves. But there should be due process. A hearing? Interviews with psychologists? Testimony from those around them? Surely there should be some of this per case law as testified by Professor Marshall.”

“The ultimate problem though is that the process, not even followed, was tainted by blackmail and intimidation. We’ve shown that Judge Taney was not adequately distanced from the case at hand. She should have at the least recused herself. With our evidence though, we’ve shown it was more than that – and I suspect if we could examine Judge Taney, I would not be surprised to discover she has her own nanite bomb programmed and ready to blow for Mrs. Harris to control her.”

“Your Honor, Cameron Sylvester is one of the most noble hearted men I have ever known. He stands the likelihood of possibly even being on a bench himself someday! There is no doubt in my mind that he is more than mature enough to live on his own, and continue to contribute to society as an amazing attorney. We implore the court to right this injustice today. Thank you, Your Honor.”

I gave David a small smile of thanks, and felt my stomach twist and turn as Judge O’Connor sat there silently, moving a few documents around.

“I want to thank both counsels for well-presented arguments and testimony. I would have preferred to not ever have the theatrics we had today in my courtroom, but that is neither here nor there as they say. I have sat on the bench now for thirty years, and during my fourteen years on this bench, I have held a tradition that I will consider both sides for a period of time before rendering my verdict. A rush to judgement due to passions sake will not benefit the law, and society overall. To that end I will issue my ruling within the next seven to ten-days through my office. During that time, I am remanding Mr. Sylvester to the care of Miss Harris.”

I wanted to cry then. Freedom had felt so close!!!

“During that time Miss Harris is not to have ANY contact with her mother, mother’s attorneys, or her agents. She may go into work if absolutely needed, but during that time no contact shall happen with your mother Miss Harris. Mr. Sylvester is not to be modified physically in any way! You may still dress him according to your wishes as a mother, but he should be allowed unlimited contact with his attorneys and they with him. I implore you to be kind, Miss Harris, and not make me regret my decision.”

“Yes, Your Honor,” she said to him.

“Very well, court is adjourned!”

Chapter 57: Propositions

I DIDN’T KNOW how to feel as the gavel fell. I believed the case was made as strong as possible for my appeal… I just didn’t know if the case law was going to support my release enough for Judge O’Connor’s standards. Kendra and David hugged me, “We’ll get the verdict you deserve,” David told me as he shook my hand.

Kendra had always been more touchy-feely and hugged me, “No matter what we’ll get this figured out Cameron. I’m sure it’ll go our way…”

“What now though?” I wondered aloud.

“For now, Mommy gets her baby girl back,” Addy said, reappearing behind me and picking me up. She placed me on her hip and turned to Kendra, “Please understand I would never have gone along with this on my own…”

“I think I believe that,” Kendra told her. “So how about not babying Cameron the whole nine-yards anymore?"

Addy shrugged, “You have no idea of the mommy urges we all have here in Ames, do you?”

My eyes opened up, and I realized part of what might have changed. “Did you suddenly start feeling more like you needed a Little the summer we graduated?”

She blushed, “Yeah… It was weird. I know Mom always talked something about this biological pull… and some of my classmates had that too.”

I groaned and all three looked at me. “I don’t know whether I can explain…”

Suddenly Amanda appeared, “I heard that… I agree, Cameron, and I think I know what you’re thinking.” She looked squarely at Addy in the eyes, “Your mom has your house fully wired up for video and audio eavesdropping, correct?”

Addy nodded as she bounced me in her arms. It felt even more awkward being babied in the suit! “She claimed it was court ordered?”

Kendra shook her head, “Definitely not!”

“So, we could remove it all?”

“I’d be willing to take a look at it?” Amanda told her quietly. “Might be better to just make it stop seeing what’s actually going on?”

“When can you come by?”

“Later tonight?” she paused, “I have to go pick up my daughter from daycare, and it’ll be a while before her daddy gets home to watch her?”

“You could bring her out with you?”

She shook her head, “I don’t think she would be very polite with you right now, and I don’t feel like punishing her.”

Addy jolted a bit, but nodded. “Okay…” she told her and gave her the address.

“We’ll be coming by at random times,” Kendra told her.

“That’s fine, I promise I’m not going to hurt Cam.”

“I believe you,” Kendra told her. “But I need to make sure – we want our partner back.”


“Partner,” she told me, “If this case has proven anything, you’re the unsung partner that we should have already promoted to that level. We’ll talk about the details and a buy-in later, but I figure when we get the proper ruling it should allow us to sue and gain that for you if you don’t already have it stashed away.”

“I’ll pay the buy-in myself,” Addy shocked me.

“What?” I asked in shock.

“I have a condition, but we’ll talk later. But I can’t imagine it would be more than a drop in a bucket for me. And… as much as I’m not behind everything, I have been an accomplice,” she blushed.

I found myself hugging her, “I don’t like it, but I understand. Shall we get going?” I asked her.

“Yes, let’s go get a bite to eat. You two want to come with us? I’ll pay?” Addy said.

They looked at me and I gave them a shrug of ‘sure.’

“Okay, any place in mind?”

Addy suggested a place and I soon found her carrying me out to the car. A few reporters were hanging around and wanted a statement. Well, they wanted her statement, I was mostly ignored since I was ‘too little’ now to be questioned. Then again, they also just wanted to know about her awful mother…

She was in tears for a few minutes once she was in the car and had me strapped in. She’d taken my coat and set it beside me, but the suit was otherwise left alone as I sat inside the car seat.

Addy was one of those Bigs who always insisted on driving themselves, and not using the computer, so I was rather surprised as she set the self-driving mode and just looked ahead. She looked back at me a few moments later and I saw her face was again covered in tears… and hated to see it!

She turned her eyes back to the road and I tried to figure out how to say anything in the awkward moment.

When we eventually came to a stop in a parking lot, she came around to my door and unbuckled the harness. I grabbed her around the neck and hugged her, “I’m sorry Addy…”

She squeezed me back, “Me too… When we get home, we need to talk. Listen… we probably should have a diaper on you for the sake of the court order…”

I thought for a second, “You’re my mommy, I don’t have to wear a diaper if you don’t think I need one.”

She looked at me, “But Judge Taney…”

“You really think she’s going to be a judge much longer? It’s possible my adoption gets upheld… but the other parts would probably be struck down even then.”

“You sure?”

“I am a lawyer…”

“Were…” she said sadly… “Hopefully again at some point. You’re sure you and I won’t get in trouble?”

“Did the judge cite you for a violation today?”

She shook her head, “No…?”

“We’ll be fine, but I won’t fight you either way.”

At that she leaned over and grabbed my coat, pulled me from the car and helped me into it before saying, “Well, shall we get some dinner?”

I nodded and followed beside her. We had arrived at another restaurant that the two of us used to go to often when we were dating. It featured some amazing seafood courses that I always enjoyed! Addy stepped up to the maître’d and said, “Table for Four?”

He looked down at me, “Will you need a booster seat or a high chair this evening?”

“A booster seat please,” she told him.

“It’ll be about fifteen minutes or so,” he told us.

“That’s fine,” she said.

We had just sat down on a bench to wait for the table when Kendra and David walked in. I waved at them, and noticed that Kendra was as surprised as I was to see me continue to be dressed in normal clothes. We talked for a few minutes

Right then I felt a need to use the restroom. I stood up, “Where are you going?” Addy asked.


“You can’t go by yourself…” she told me.

“Can he go with me?” David asked her.

She made a face, but nodded, “I guess, you are an adult after all.”

“So is he,” I heard Kendra say.

“Not legally,” she reminded her.

“Come on Cam,” he said.

I sighed and followed him to the bathroom. “This is ridiculous,” he told me as we both walked up to shorter urinals on the wall.

“You have no idea,” I told him. “If I don’t get out of this mess I’m going to go out of my mind.”

“That’s presuming you were in it to begin with?” He kidded me.

I groaned, but relieved myself in the toilet for only the third or so time in the past three weeks. I wished I felt the need to go poop right then, as that would have been even more glorious. The two of us washed our hands and returned to Addy and Kendra. We were about to sit down when I heard, “Harris?”

“That’s us,” Addy replied.

We were led to a table, and I was buckled into a booster seat attached to a chair beside Addy. “Would you like a booster seat for your little boy?” The waiter asked Kendra about David.

They both laughed, “No thank you.”

Menus were brought around, and they started to give me a kid’s menu – something I was willing to just suck up and deal with at that moment, but Addy said, “We need an adult menu for him please.”


“Did I stutter?” She asked.

“No ma’am, just a moment…”

After our orders were taken Kendra said, “I have to say I’m genuinely surprised Miss Harris, I didn’t expect to see Cameron dressed like this still… and you are defending him on the menu?”

She sighed, “Look… If it hadn’t been for my mother I would have said ‘yes’ years ago. Being afraid of being shrunk to a newborn, along with my innocent-ish sister at the time too, didn’t seem like the right move…”

“I wish you had said something…” I told her. “You saw that Amanda disabled it…?”

“I had no idea that was even possible…”

“Neither did I,” Kendra said. “You seemed to know it was though?” She asked me curiously.

I looked around the room, “It’s a story for another time in a freshly swept office.”

“That being said, it is incredibly difficult not to have wanted to change Cameron’s clothes right away. Am I in danger of a court issue?”

Kendra looked thoughtful… “It depends on what the outcome ends up being. If the ruling is upheld then yes, you in theory are violating the terms of your adoption and Cameron could be collected…”

“If the appeal overrules it?”

“Then there’s no way the other would stand.”

She looked at me guiltily, “It’s risky honestly to completely disregard it. I’m not your counsel… but I will say you may want to at least honor part of the requirements. I won’t say one way or another though.”

I looked up at Addy who nodded. “You know I never wanted a Little or anything when we were dating. It wasn’t until about a year later when I came home for Christmas my first semester of grad school that I ended up with this overwhelming nurturing urge.”

I narrowed my eyes; I was sure my theory was being bolstered.

“What? That’s the second time you’ve had that look on your face…”

“Not here…” I told her.

“How many secrets do you have?” David asked.

I shrugged, “A few… I have interesting connections. Is everything okay with my dad’s house?” I asked him.

“It’s under a temporary conservatorship agreement until the appeal is completed.”

“If my appeal fails?”

“Your property here definitely becomes Miss Harris’s to do as she wishes. The one back home in New Haven is a little different. You may still have some legal rights to that property, it’s a gray area.”

I nodded and sighed. “I just want to get out of this state and never return…”

Addy nodded, “I can see that… Honestly depending on what happens with Mom, I may think about getting out of here myself.”

The appetizers came out shortly thereafter and we began eating and talking. Some stories about Addy and I dating actually came out, and other stories from working together on some interesting cases were also shared with Addy. If it wasn’t for an impending feeling of doom on returning to babyhood when we went home, I would have actually fully enjoyed the evening out. It was the most like having friends I’d felt since law school.

After we finished the meal, I went to the bathroom escorted by David again, and this time made sure that I sat down on the porcelain throne and forced myself to enjoy taking a small dump in something other than my pants one last time!

Back at the car Addy looked at me, “Just to be safe… I want to dress you in a diaper for the trip back home.”

“Really…?” I asked.

“I don’t want to get pulled over and then you get taken away, do you?”

I shook my head, “Let’s get this over with?” She laid the changing pad out in the back of the SUV and laid me out on it. I lay there as she pulled my shoes off first, then my underwear and slacks were removed next. A diaper was laid underneath my bottom and taped shut before she pulled the slacks back up… or rather tried to. “These aren’t going to work,” she told me.

I sat up and looked in the diaper bag and saw a light pink romper sitting in there. “Just put me in that, and let’s get going please…?”

She smiled at that and I was soon stripped of the coat, the shirt and tie, and dressed in the infantile romper decorated with small little strawberries that looked almost like polka dots from a distance. It was basically sleeveless and made the bubble around my body that she seemed to love dressing me in. She carried me around to the car seat and buckled me in, leaving me a bottle of Plapple juice that was still cool from being in a cooler, and kissed me on the forehead before closing the door.

We had only been on the road for twenty minutes when her phone rang through the car. She engaged the self-driving feature and answered it. “Miss Harris?” Amanda said.

“Yes, Doctor Westerfield?”

“That’s me. Would it be okay if I stop by in about an hour?”

“That should work, we’re just leaving dinner and heading back. I think we’ll be there in about forty minutes. Enough time to be ready for you?”

“See you then,” she told her.

She looked up at me and smiled before taking the vehicle off of self-driving mode and most definitely breaking the speed limit laws all the way home. Once she was parked in the garage she came around to my side and set me on the floor and led me inside the house. “How’s that diaper?”

I blushed, “Dry…”

“Do you need to use the potty before Doctor Westerfield gets here?”

“You’re offering?”

She nodded, “Yes…”

“Sure,” I told her. She led me upstairs to my bedroom instead of the bathroom though.

A moment later I realized why as she went inside the closet and pulled a toddler’s potty out.

“Can’t I just use the real one?” I whined.

“It’s this or your diaper.”

I sighed, “Fine…”

I followed her down the hallway where she set it down in her bathroom next to her larger porcelain toilet. She reached down and ripped the snaps open on my romper and lifted it off of my shoulders, leaving me only in the diaper. “You should be able to undo that one…” she told me.

I didn’t need to be told twice as I pulled at the tabs. It wasn’t a Littles diaper, but I had to admit blushing at the fact I had to put some effort into ripping the tapes loose! I soon had them loose and set the diaper down on the ground. I was red as I sat on the pink potty and let out the urine that had built up from dinner and the bottle on the way home.

“All done?” She asked me with a wad of toilet paper in her hand.

I nodded and she immediately invaded my crotch and then wiped the back of me before standing me upright naked. I stood there blushing as she dumped the contents into her toilet and waited for her to put me back into the diaper. “Let’s go back to your room,” she told me as she picked me up and held my naked butt against her hand, and my groin against her side.

Unfortunately for me it was not a comfortable position when I became aroused. Back in my room she dug around for a moment and pulled out a box of Pull-Ups she’d bought the first day. I watched as she opened the box and pulled out a purple disposable diaper that pulled up and down. I looked at it skeptically.

“Better than a diaper?”

I sighed and nodded, stepping in.

“Let’s just put you into your jammies, you need to go to bed as soon as she’s done here…” I was soon dressed in another romper with a cartoon graphic set all over it on top of a light green color with purple bands around the openings. The front zipped closed and had a flap on top of that. “I’ll probably dress you in a diaper when she leaves just in case you have issues tonight…” she warned me.

I just nodded and followed her down the stairs as the doorbell rang. Amanda was there with a tablet and a small bag of something on her side. “Hi,” she said, “Cute,” she said about my pajamas. “I should get a set of those for Meggy and Bella… They love that show!”

I blushed.

“What do you need?” Addison asked.

“Well, let’s go one room at a time?” She paused and said, “I’m guessing this one is probably supposed to have a bedtime?”

“She has an hour?”

“Let’s start in her nursery?”

Addy nodded and ended up picking me up and placing me on her side to carry me upstairs. “Through here,” she told her. Amanda sat her bag down and began fiddling with her tablet. In the meantime, Addy sat down in the rocking chair with me and cuddled me up as we watched her work.

She worked for a while and I watched her brow furrow and she shook her head. “You have something on you,” she told Addy.

“My phone?”

“Let me see it…”

She looked at it and said, “Well this was an issue too, but that’s not what I’m picking up.”

I looked at her and saw she had her watch on. “The watch?”

“I wondered…” Addy breathed.

“Maybe?” Amanda said. She took it from her and said, “This was it…”

Another few minutes later she fiddled with the tablet again and said, “I think we’re clear now.”

“Umm… Amanda, I was wondering something if you’re sure it’s safe to talk?” I asked.

She looked at me and I felt Addy’s eyes as well. “We are good in this room. Curtains are closed and in a bad spot in the house too, so we don’t have to worry about someone getting something off the glass right now I don’t think.”

“They can do that?” Addison asked.

“Yes,” we both nodded.

“What’s up?” Amanda asked.

“Addy described something to me earlier and I’m wondering if she’s feeling urges based on what we talked about a few weeks ago.”

“You mean what Stacy left behind?”

“She never had the ‘need’ for a Little until just about the time that would have started.”

“It’s possible…” She shrugged, and grimaced, “I still don’t know what she did exactly though. What exactly changed for you?” She asked Addy.

She shrugged and shifted my weight slightly on her lap. “It was like all of the sudden I needed to hug and nurture a Little or a baby in my arms. I never ever wanted one… Then all of the sudden it came on so strong that when I built this house, I put together the perfect baby girl nursery, this room for a toddler, and the ultimate playroom.”

“That happens for some Bigs though?” She shrugged, “My sisters were the same way…”

“They were that way when they were younger though, right?” I asked.

“Sort of… they were more abusive then…”

“Any chance you can look into it?” I suggested.

“Let me get a scan of her?” She suggested. “No promises?”

“What are you two talking about?” Addy asked.

“Let’s figure out if there’s something we’re talking about at all first,” I told her.

Eventually after Amanda made some scans and took a sample of a few of her hairs, she said, “Let me continue through the rest of the house. Now that I’ve got a handle on their system it should only take me a few minutes per room,” she told her.

“Why don’t we get you settled for bedtime then?” Addison said to me. “Are you able to find your way around?” She asked Amanda.

“You trust me on my own?”

“As long as Cam trusts you, so do I.”

“Okay,” she said, I’ll get to work!

She left and Addy carried me to the changing table.

“Why bother putting a Pull-Up on me?”

“I figured it would be a nice gesture?” She paused. “I’d let you sleep in it, but if you are having any night problems, I don’t trust them.”

I sighed and said, “I’m really not…”

I sat still and let her unzip me. She pulled the onesie down to my knees and ripped open the Pull-Up. A moment later she had applied some lotion to me, and had me back in a thick diaper before she carried me to the rocking chair.

“I told you I had a proposition for you?” She said as she sat down with me.


“If your appeal is successful… and I do hope it is…”

“Then what?”

“Then I’ll fund your buy-in for your partnership in the firm – no repayment needed.”

“In exchange for what?”

She blushed, and I could tell she was embarrassed, “Just pretend to be my little baby girl until you’re hopefully released?”

I looked up at her, “The urge really is that strong?”

She nodded, “It was so hard today…”

“Can I wear Pull-Ups around the house?”

“Except bedtime and naptime? While we’re out it’s diapers too?”

I sighed, “It’s probably smarter anyway for the orders you were placed under…” I squirmed, “Okay Mommy, I’ll let you have your temporary pretend baby…”

She hugged me tightly. “Would you be willing to…?” She asked as she pulled the top of her dress out of the way.

“Yes, I’ll drink your tasty addictive boob juice…”

She tickled me at that and squeezed me tightly before positioning my mouth by her nipple. I hesitated for a second, but latched on and started nursing. I finished her second breast and was just being laid down when I heard Amanda coming to let her know she’d finished.

“Good night Cammie,” Addy whispered with a kiss on my forehead as she left to walk her out. I was pretty much out right away.

Chapter 58: Little Roo’s

I WOKE UP to the door opening and Addy suddenly scrambling in her back pocket for her phone that was going off.

“Sorry,” she told me, “It’s time to get up, let me take this call real quick…”

I cuddled Rings for a moment and then sat up in bed. I poked my diaper and was shocked to find that it was actually wet!!!

“What the hell?” I quietly swore. So far, I had never actually really had a full-on accident at night! ‘Shit… I hope it was just not going to the bathroom before bed… Nursing from her last night may not have been the brightest thing to do…’

“Why can’t I do this remotely?” I heard Addy raise her voice to the phone. “I’m not the one who got arrested yesterday, that’s on my dear mother!”

I listened and could just make out the person say, “We know… We need the board to make a vote of no confidence in her leadership. We’ll appoint someone as an interim CEO.”

“I don’t have the votes for that!”

“There’s a clause in her contract that states if she is incapacitated or legally unable to make decisions, her votes become null in a decision of leadership…”

‘That sounds ominous…’ I thought to myself.

“So, what do you want from me?”

“Come vote and help select an interim CEO.”

“Do you want me to be it?”

There was a long pause, “Maybe… that’s up to the board.”

Addy sighed, “I don’t have a babysitter… what time do I have to be there?”

“Fifteen O’clock we’ll meet over lunch.”

“I’ll figure something out…” She said and hung up and looked up at me. “Guess you heard most of that?”

“Yeah… who was that?”

“Our Chief Financial Officer, Kent Flemming, and our Chief Operating Officer Linda Wilmington…”

“What percentage of shares do you have?”

“Fifteen percent, Danica has fifteen percent, and mom has thirty-one percent.”

“So, in theory, your votes can almost tie your mom? The rest is publicly traded, right?”

She nodded, “Though the other eight board officers control about twenty more percent between them.”

“Do you want to be the CEO?”

She shook her head, “Honestly Cam, I’d like to be done with the company. If they wanted to buy me out, I think I’d take it right now…”

“Will they do that?”

She shrugged, “I doubt it, but if they do it wouldn’t be until Mom is sentenced to prison… I guess…”

That thought made her frown as she came over and picked me up, “The bigger problem is what do I do with you!”

“Preferably not send me back to that daycare?”

She shook her head, “Not as long as a couple of those workers are still employed there… it’s way too risky to use them.”

I thought for a second, “What about Megan? Could she watch me?”

“Doesn’t she work?”

I thought for a second and nodded as my hope faded, “Yeah, it’s Thursday…”

“How about the daycare that Meggy goes to?” She suggested.

I grimaced, “She dresses ultra-babyish to go there…”

“You have some cute clothes and promised to be my baby girl for now?”

“I…” I sighed, “I guess?”

She squeezed the diaper I was wearing, “Let’s change that wet diaper and then we’ll get you dressed in something like Meggy would wear, and then see if this could work?”

I grimaced but nodded. I was soon sitting down on the changing table with my feet in the air as she wiped me down. I was very disturbed that I had some poop that had unknowingly come out last night as well. I nervously dwelled on that as I was dressed in the light blue dress that Danica had picked out on our shopping trip. The dress buttoned up the back and had a large bow tied there as well, fully trapping me in the ultra-babyish and feminine outfit. My diaper was soon covered with a cover featuring rows of ruffles. Looking at myself in the mirror with the puff sleeves, half-smocked bodice, and the white lace with a little dark blue bow tied at my collar I couldn’t help but agree that I was going to meet Meg’s description easily…

“Here, why don’t you nurse and I’ll call Megan…” She told me sitting down in the rocking chair.

“You haven’t nursed me in the morning recently…?”

“Need to get it in while we can Cammie,” she smiled at me.

I sighed but didn’t fight it, as she held me to her breast and stuck her warm nipple in my mouth. A drop of the liquid landed in my mouth and my body took over, sucking hungrily at it. She must have put on a set of earbuds, because as she called, I felt her hands still around me.

“Hi, Megan? This is Addison Harris…”

“I know… Look, hopefully, Amanda filled you in more, but things are rather tense right now. I’m trying to figure out a place to take Cammie for the day while I have to go to work. I am not about to take her back to that other daycare…”

I continued nursing and tasting the sweet liquid as she found out the name of the daycare. “I’m sure she’ll be excited to see Meggy there!”

When she hung up, she pulled me from her first breast and patted my back lightly, incurring an embarrassing burp, before switching me to the other side and saying, “Call Little Roo’s daycare…”

I suckled and listened as she discovered that they had room for me for that day at least, and got the details on where to go. I was pretty sleepy as I finished getting the last real quantity of milk out of her breast. She pulled me loose from her nipple, patted me, wiped my chin with a baby wipe, and then placed a pacifier in my mouth. I was soon carried downstairs, where she found Mindy doing some dishes.

“Heading out Miss Harris?”

“Yes, we are Mindy.” She bounced me gently, “I have to go into the office, so I’m taking my baby to a new daycare. If you can just flip the bedding on her bed, my bed, and then do the normal cleaning today? Please feel free to leave at lunchtime, I’ll pay you for the whole day.”

“That’s kind of you, Miss Harris. I do have enough to do, I think, that I’ll at least stay until things are done. You know I could babysit myself if you get in a bind?”

“Thank you, Mindy, but I think my baby girl needs to be around others like her.”

“You may be right about that,” she told her.

With that, I sat still as Addy threw in a few frozen bags of her milk into the diaper bag, along with another few thawed pouches of her milk, and a few more bottles.

‘If I keep drinking this much of her milk it may not matter that I have a set of nanites clearing that…’ I worried.

I sighed, ‘Stacy nursed all of the time, and she…’ I grimaced, ‘she’s still incontinent from what I heard the other day. Damn!’

I was feeling rather groggy as she buckled me into the seat, and the motion of the car put me out like a light!

I WOKE UP to the door beside me opening.

I rubbed my eyes and looked up at Addy, “We’re here?” I said unintelligibly around the pacifier in my mouth.

“We’re here!” She said with a smile. “Megan told me it’s the best place she found, let’s go find out!”

She was soon carrying me and all of my supplies to the door of the daycare center. The first thing I noticed was that it was much smaller! This was probably only going to have a small percentage of the ‘babies’ that there had been at the other daycare. As she opened the door the smell of a daycare slammed into my nostrils, along with the sounds of giggling and screeching… adults?

A woman came out of a small office behind a desk, “May I help you?”

“I’m Addison Harris, I called about my daughter Cammie?”

“Oh yes! We’re happy to have her! Why don’t we get her settled in really quick and then Mommy can fill out all of the information about Cammie?”

“Sounds great!”

She carried me inside the room, and I instantly saw Meg crawling around on a weird piecemealed foam set of shapes. She was currently crawling across some weird half-cylinder shapes, apparently chasing after another little.

Both of them were dressed in bubble rompers that puffed out at the waist far larger than their diapers. She happened to look up right then and narrowed her eyes. “Cam…mie?”

Addy placed me onto the ground and I walked over to her. She stood up briefly and hugged me, before pulling me down to the ground with her. “Oh good! You already have a friend!” the woman who had met us at the door said. “You two play while I get Cammie’s mommy all set!”

“Bye Cammie,” Addy told me.

“Come pway!” Meg said to me with a curious look on her face. I started to walk to follow her, but she said, “Crawl,” quietly to me.

“Why?” I asked.

“Trust me…” she smiled.

I sighed but did as she told me, joining her in crawling all over the large foam pieces. Because I was larger than a true toddler, they seemed much smaller to me than they did her. I’d been playing with her and two other littles who hadn’t had any real conversations for about thirty minutes when my bowels made their presence known. ‘Hopefully not too many more times of this…’ I griped to myself as I easily pushed a rather large soft stool into the diaper. Meg had turned around and saw me crouched – obviously knowing what I was doing! I blushed, but so did she, before she motioned for me to keep following her around in circles. There was some sort of circuit that she and the other two Littles had created, and I wondered if this wasn’t a way to maintain some amount of exercise as I was getting quite winded!

I was actually having fun a little while later following after her into a small tunnel when large hands grabbed onto my waist.

“Hmm… I guess it’s this one that’s the stinker, huh?” The woman was a different lady, but cooed and smiled at me as she picked me up and held me in front of her to sniff my butt. “My, you’re tall but really light, aren’t you?”

I just nodded.

“Let’s get that stinky diapee all changed and then we’ll have circle time!”

I blushed as she carried me to a large changing table and laid me down on the table. My dress was pushed back over my chest, and then she used a strap just above it on my chest. “These are so cute!” She said with a smile as she pulled my diaper cover down to my ankles.

I looked away from her as she gloved up and saw Meg and a few others still crawling around. Another Little girl seemed intent on staring at me. I blushed and turned my gaze back to the ceiling. Scritch! Scritch! I heard the two tapes ripped open and lay still as the lady made no mention of the extra parts I had beneath the diaper. She cooed at me a little as she wiped me clean, but otherwise had me in a new diaper as fast as anyone had done in the past few weeks. Other than the one girl staring at me it had been mostly… normal?

‘She didn’t make fun of me at all…’ I noted.

“All done!” She smiled at me as she put me down on the ground onto my feet. “You can go sit over there on the carpet and wait for us to get these other stinkers changed!”

I sighed and did as she said, watching them change several more of the other inmates including Meg before everyone was in the circle. Meg sat crisscrossed beside me sucking on a pacifier. It was only then that I realized the biggest difference between daycares. There appeared to be no actual babies in this daycare! When all thirteen other ‘babies’ were all gathered in a circle on the floor, the lead woman Miss Maya started to sing a good morning song eerily similar to the last daycare.

What was kind of different about it though was that all of the other ‘babies’ were singing loudly like they were enjoying it! We sang a whole slew of traditional songs like ‘Twinkle, Twinkle,’ ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider,’ ‘Old Macdonald,’ and ‘The Wheels on the Bus.’ When we were through with that they played ‘Simon Says’ with us before leading us all out to a large playground outside.

I was surprised by how big all of the equipment was looking out there. Everyone here was crawling around for the most part, but the playground equipment seemed… older than these kids should have?

Before I could try and understand any more, Meg grabbed me and said “Come on Cam,” before crawling to a playhouse. I walked behind her for a moment before she said, “Crawl!” to me.

It was weird, but I got on my hands and knees and followed her inside where we were alone.

“Why are you crawling everywhere?”

She pulled her pacifier out, “You remember the popular kids in high school? How they were always the most mature?”

I shrugged, “I guess that’s one way to put it.”

“Well… Here at this daycare, it’s a competition to see who can be more babyish.”


Another girl came in right now, “Telling the newbie the rules?”

“Hi Anissa, yes. She’s not just a newbie though, she’s been a friend of mine since college.”

“Really?” the new girl smiled, “I’m surprised someone with your height would have been friends with a Little?”

“I was engaged to one too,” I told her.

Her face softened, “Is she…?”

I shook my head, “Probably never coming back from the damage that was done to her…”

“Sorry,” she told me. “It sucks for those people who aren’t willing volunteers for this.”


“Cammie, you remember I volunteered, right?”

I dumbly nodded, “You said it wasn’t worth the stress…?”

“It wasn’t! And I really hated things for a while at another daycare before Mommy started bringing me here. Everyone here, except you, I guess, all volunteered to be adopted. It can be horrible if you have the wrong parents, but it can also be so nice to just have zero cares in the world about a job, a house, food, or anything…”

“You really are… happy?” I asked her incredulously.

“It’s fun!” She smiled at me. “Give it a try today – just let go and be a baby like us!”

“You’re not all hypnotized… right?” I asked nervously.

Meg shook her head, “When you’re adopted you start to see the signs. No one here has been hypnotized.”

“Seriously, give it a try,” Anissa told me. She grimaced and added, “I used to do my best to avoid this fate… I even managed to escape a horrible etiquette school a decade ago. I managed to live on my own for a few more years, but I just got tired of the constant fight. One of my coworkers was a good friend by then, and we talked about her needs… and my stress. One night at her house I gave in and asked her to adopt me - it was the best decision of my life,” she said happily. “And no, I know I’m not hypnotized… I saw too many of those in that first place before I escaped.”

I shrugged, “Guess I have nothing to lose today… what do I have to do?”

For the next hour, I was dragged around to the sandbox, a slide, a teeter-totter, and even to push some toddler push and stand toy things around. It was bizarre, but even with what seemed to almost be a refusal to talk like they were older than two, everyone seemed to be having fun!

By the time I was picked up myself to be carried inside, I found myself admitting I had some fun myself. Miss Emily felt my diaper, “Better change you before lunch, you’re about to leak!”

I smiled at her around the pacifier but didn’t say anything in response. She squeezed me in a hug and I was soon laying down on a changing table. The diaper cover was pulled off and she said, “Oh dear, you did leak a little bit. At least it didn’t get on your pretty dress though!” She tickled my stomach and blew a raspberry on my belly button before gently changing my diaper. There again was no taunting involved in the change, it could very well have just been an average toddler getting their diaper changed.

I was carried to a table that was similar to the one in the other daycare and plopped in the plastic inset seat. A bib appeared, and I truly feared what food would be coming my way with as babyish as everyone acted. To my relief chicken nuggets in dinosaur shapes alongside fries were served for lunch. I did notice a few of the others ended up with a small bowl of pureed fruit on the side too. Looking to my right Meg, a few places over, was one of them.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Berry Baby Food,” she smiled, “It’s good for dessert!”

The girl next to me agreed, “I like it too, but my mommy didn’t pack any for me today.”

One of the daycare workers, Miss Bea asked, “Would you like to try some?”

I gave a glance at Meg who nodded at me, “I guess…?”

“I bet we have an extra pouch here for Meggy, since you’re such good friends I bet she doesn’t mind sharing!”

Meg nodded, and I continued eating the last chicken nuggets and fries before a bowl appeared in front of me with a baby spoon. “Open up,” Miss Bea said to me.

I looked at her nervously but opened my mouth for the spoon.

I was truly amazed! The flavors were amazing!!! The texture was a bit off, but you could easily pretend it was a smoothie or an apple sauce. She had another spoon ready for me and I sat still as she fed it to me, even though Meg and the others had mostly fed themselves. “All gone!” she smiled at me, “What did you think?”

“It’s really good,” I admitted.

Because of my late start on dessert, I was the last one sitting at the table when she grabbed me. My diaper was briefly checked and she carried me into a room filled with cribs and Littles sleepily nursing on bottles while soft tinkling nursery songs played.

I expected to be dropped off in a crib myself, but instead, she settled down in a rocking chair beside an empty crib. She sat me on her knee and I looked around to see if there was a bottle out of sight that I hadn’t seen.

“Looking for your baba?” She asked me.

I blushed but nodded.

“I thought given how good you’ve been today you deserve a better treat than a silly old bottle.” She began fiddling with her shirt and I realized what she was thinking.

I didn’t know what to even say as part of her shirt lifted to reveal a nursing bra that she unlatched and revealed a larger nipple and breast than Addy possessed. I was about to object, but the time it took for my mouth to open to object, was enough for her to shove my face forward to her flesh and my mouth closed around the nipple. ‘What diseases does she have?’ I worried a bit, but when a gush of milk came into my mouth, the taste was an incentive to begin nursing.

I may not have had to worry about the potty-training blocking parts of the milk thanks to Stacy, but I was pretty sure the addictive parts may not have been so easy to avoid. Anytime I was nursed at Addy’s breast I lost my self-control to not nurse, and now the same thing happened with this stranger. I found myself suckling at a regular rate as I’d become a bit of a pro at this in the past couple of weeks. I was already overly full as I finally felt her breast stop producing a large quantity of milk. Apparently, she sensed it, as she pulled me free, burped me gently, and sat me at her other breast.

I nursed much less hungrily at this one and felt a need to pee growing. Knowing diapers were my only option, I just let go and the hand holding my diaper felt it as she cooed, “That’s a good baby girl!”

I fell asleep not long after that listening to her heartbeat, being cuddled, and having a nice full belly of milk.

Thanks to everyone who has commented and liked these posts! Please let me know what you think! I’ll try and post some more chapters up on Saturday! Thanks for reading!


I absolutely love this story. I have just been refreshing and refreshing until the next chapter came out :joy: Great work! I personally hope Cameron gets time to be a little boy though. I feel like I never get to see that in stories, and it’s so much more relatable for me. I know you have your vision though, so just do what you think is best! Keep up the good work!

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Chapter 59: Snippets

WAKING UP FROM the nap, I soon found myself back in the main playroom playing with Meg and Anissa. Meg made it her mission to teach me how to properly play with baby dolls like a toddler. I was pretending to ‘nurse’ one from my nonexistent breasts like them when Megan and Addy both showed up to pick us up.

Meg stood up for the first time that day and ran to Megan saying, “Mommy!!! Look who came to daycare today!”

Megan picked her up and laughed, “I know munchkin, her mommy called me to see where you go!”

I walked over to Addy, cognizant of the pretty wet diaper that surrounded my waist. She picked me up too, “Did you have fun today?” She smiled at me curiously.

“I had Meg,” I told her with a smile.

She squeezed me tight, “I’m glad!”

The two of them gathered diaper bags and other things we needed to take home, including my diaper cover in a plastic bag. “What happened here?”

“I leaked,” I said blushing.

She just kissed my forehead, “At least the dress was clean?”

I nodded, blushing with the knowledge that in the worst-case scenario the blowout onesie was still in the diaper bag!

Outside Megan and Addy were parked next to each other. “What are you doing Saturday?” Addy asked her.

She shrugged, “No real plans right now?”

“How about taking our girls to the zoo together?” She squeezed me tight, “This one loves Red Pandas, and I know they have some there!”

“They do?” I wondered aloud.

“Haven’t you ever been there? You grew up not far from the city?” She asked me.

I shrugged, “Not since elementary school?”

“What do you think, munchkin?” Megan asked Meg.

“Sounds like fun! We can see the kitties too!”

Addy laughed at that, “We can pick you up at your place?”

“Sure,” she agreed. The times and arrangements made; I was changed in the cargo area, and then buckled back into my car seat for the ride home.

I found myself snoozing a bit on the trip home. Addy carried me upstairs when we got home and let me wear a Pull-Up for the rest of the night instead of a diaper. It was embarrassing to use the stupid potty, but at least I wasn’t using the diaper! We even went for a little swim before she gave me a bath, diapered and dressed me, nursed me, and put me to bed.

On Friday I asked her what had happened at her meeting. Apparently, there had been the vote of no-confidence in her mom, but figuring out a replacement wasn’t going well. “What are you looking for?”

“Ideally?” She asked me, sitting on the ground beside me in the playroom by the baby doll furniture she was pushing me to play with like I had been with Meg and the others. “Someone with a terminal degree… management experience… Medical experience actually would be good too.”

She sighed, “Truthfully Cammie, I think you stand a good chance of decimating the company with your suit on behalf of Beth, and then probably another I assume is pending against my mother for you. It would be nice to find someone who’s outside the company and maybe has a good reputation of not abusing Littles.”

I rocked the fake baby in my arms a bit more and put the fake bottle into her mouth while I thought. We had been playing ‘together’ in the playroom for an hour when I had a stroke of inspiration.

“What about Ivy Nickerson?”


“She testified at my appeal? She’s the CEO of University Hospitals?”

“Hmm…” She stood up and left me coloring to go make a phone call I assume. I was so focused on coloring that I almost forgot I was wearing a Pull-Up instead of a diaper - and almost started to pee in it!

Just barely catching myself, I hurried down to the bathroom near my room. I quickly approached the embarrassing potty on the floor beside the real toilet that was locked with a Little Safe Lock. I wasted no time in pulling up the skirt she’d dressed me in, pulling down the Pull-Up, and fortunately made it all into the pink potty.

‘That was closer than it should have been…’ I worried.

“Cammie?” I heard her call.

“Going potty,” I told her.

She came and walked in the open door that I hadn’t bothered shutting. “You make it?”

“Of course!” I told her while blushing, knowing I had almost forgotten to use it! I had just finished and was reaching for toilet paper, but she beat me there and wiped me herself.

“Hmm… looks like you made it,” she said as she examined and then pulled the Pull-Up back up on me.

“You know this is annoying…”

“I could just put you back in a diaper?” She smiled semi-threateningly.

I sighed, “Who did you call?”

“Our COO and CFO. They’re both a bit reticent about her since they know her daughter was testifying against us, and she herself testified in your case…”


“But I pushed pretty hard. We’ll see what they decide! For now, let’s get some lunch in your tummy, Mindy just finished making some grilled cheese sandwiches and soup.”

I shrugged, “Okay, she makes decent sandwiches.”

“What do you want for dinner?” She asked as she gathered me up in her arms.

“I don’t know… breakfast?”

“For dinner?” she teased.

“You’re actually really hungry for dinner, it makes more sense to eat the best food of the day then!” I continued a long-running argument the two of us had. Mom had grown up with a tradition of having breakfast for dinner, and she’d done that least once a week until she passed away. Dad had continued the tradition because it was easier to cook than a lot of foods! Waffle mix and a waffle iron, along with scrambled eggs were things he had no trouble managing!

She squeezed me, “But if we do that, I suppose you’re going to expect chocolate pancakes? I’m not so sure…”

“Pwease,” I gave her the best childish begging grin I had ever managed.

“Well… Who can turn down those eyes?” She said as she walked into the smaller dining area where Mindy was just setting down plates.

“Pretty easy with as much trouble as she causes,” she said. The look in her eyes was not joking, and I had to admit I didn’t trust her at all!

“She doesn’t cause that much trouble, Mindy… At least not when she’s not antagonized.”

“Don’t let your Mom hear you saying that…” she said.

“My mom is probably going to prison for a long time, Mindy. Since it seems like we’re going to have a difference of opinion here why don’t you go ahead and go home? I’ll pay you two weeks’ severance pay, but you’re done here.”

“Miss Harris…? I’ve been…”

“Spying for my mother, including putting a couple more bugs up yesterday, huh? I have evidence that I’ll be handing over to the police. You can either get out now, or you can be pulled out with the police I’ll call?”

I was more than a bit surprised by how suddenly the temperature changed in the room. I watched as she huffed, grabbed a purse off the counter, and Addy walked her outside and locked the door.

“Umm… I didn’t see that coming…?”

“Neither did she… hopefully that means she didn’t have time to do anything else. Let’s toss this food just to be safe. You want to go out for lunch somewhere?”

“Do I have to wear a diaper?”

“Tell you what, I’ll let you wear that Pull-Up, but if it’s wet or messy while we’re out you’re going into a diaper then?”

I smiled, “I need to go to the bathroom one more time before we go then.”

She picked me back up out of the high chair and carried me to the upstairs bathroom, leaving me on the potty while she grabbed a few things. Addy came back with the diaper bag swinging on her shoulder just as I was wiping myself clean from going poop.

“Let me make sure you got it all sweetie,” she said with a smile. There was a tender touch as she wiped my butt clean until she was satisfied and then pulled up my training panties before I could do so. She held me to the sink to wash my hands unnecessarily, and then we were off to the city. It was the busiest time of the lunch rush as we pulled into a sandwich company that we both liked.

They made hot panini-style sandwiches that we’d had more than a few of together in college. The price was right for my college student budget at the time, even though about two-thirds of the time she would beat me and pay for it anyway. She picked me up to hold me while we were in line, and the training panties I was wearing flashed a woman standing in line next to us.

“Oh, my, what pretty big girl panties you’re wearing! Are you being a good girl and keeping them dry?” she asked.

I blushed.

Addy used her hand to move a strand of hair out of my face, “She is!”

“Going to have to break the habit of carrying that big old baby diaper bag then soon, huh?” She cooed at me.

I just put my head onto Addy’s shoulder, and she said, “Yes… it’s going to be weird.” She squeezed me, “I’ve loved having a beautiful baby girl. Not really ready for her to grow up and be a big girl yet!”

“We never are honey,” another woman said next to us. “But if I don’t miss my guess, she’s a Mid? Can’t you just keep her in her diapees?”

“I could, but I promised her we’d give the potty a try. Since she’s been doing so well, I’ll hold up my end of the bargain.”

“Do you send her to daycare at all?” That woman asked.

“Off and on?”

“You should send her to Changing Tikes! They’re great at helping those big girls learn to not be so big!”

I squirmed a bit as Addy said, “Umm… I’ll keep that in mind, thank you.”

Fortunately, we were able to place our order and were seated with me in a booster seat, and her across from me, eating our sandwiches shortly thereafter. I was pondering something about their conversation.

“You’re quiet Cam,” she said. “What’s going on inside that head?”

“Honestly I don’t know myself,” I told her.

“Yes, you do, you’re one of the smartest people I’ve ever known…”

I laughed, “Smart enough that I landed myself back in diapers being turned into a big baby by an ex?”

She looked a little hurt by that, but nodded, “I really am sorry Cam, if I hadn’t…”

“No, you’re not the one I blame,” I told her. “That’s all your mother… well even then it’s not all her. It’s just this whole crazy state honestly. Things are so much calmer and more reasonable about this in New Haven.”

That led to her asking me more about New Haven and my life there. I told her about some of the historical sites near Harlan that I had loved visiting, as well as the great things in Crescent City where I worked now. She asked about my house, and I found myself opening up to her about a lot of other things before we stood up and she carried me to the bathroom to use the potty. When we were both done, she drove over to a nearby baby store, feeling me with a bit of dread.

“What are we doing here…?” I asked nervously.

“There’s something I want here…”

She dug out the chest carrier she had bought to hold me and had me buckled onto her chest looking at her a few minutes later. “This’ll be quick, sweetie, I promise. That lady just gave me an idea…”

I looked at her quizzically, but just laid my head on her shoulder as she walked.

I MUST HAVE drifted off into a nap pretty quickly, because I was shocked to find her lifting me out of the carrier already. “You’re done already?”

“You were snoring before I even made it to the door!” She laughed.

“What did you buy?”

“I’ll show you at home. Why don’t you go ahead and take the rest of that nap though,” she smiled and handed me a bottle of what looked like formula. She must have mixed it from water left in the car so at least it was warm as I nursed myself back to sleep.

Back home she showed me my present was a potty advent calendar chart. Once I had three good attempts in the potty, I would get to open a door and ‘earn’ a toy. I noticed it was zoo animal themed and it looked like a Red Panda was supposed to be mine after twenty times of making it to the potty. “You were a good girl four times already today! Put on your stickers!” She smiled at me.

I sighed, but grabbed them and placed them on, before opening the door of the one I ‘earned’ and pulled out a little koala toy. To my annoyance, I heard the click of a camera shutter as I had done so. “Really?” I complained.

She smiled, “Really!”

I followed her back downstairs as she was planning on working on dinner then. “Still want breakfast?”


“I guess… I can do that for my cute big girl!” She leaned down and hugged me before reaching up on the counter and handing me a tablet.

“Why?” I asked, hoping there wasn’t anything nefarious going on.

“I assume you’re probably dying to have some screen time? See the news?”

“That would be nice…” I agreed.

“Go into the living room, I’ll get dinner going. You’ll have about an hour!”

I couldn’t help a small smile that came across my face as I did as she said, climbing onto the couch, and getting comfortable with the tablet. I wasted no time in searching for the local news and found my jaw dropping.

District Judge Suddenly Shrinks!

Judge Lynn Taney has been accused of judicial malfeasance in a recent court case that has drawn national scrutiny. Previously seen as one of the most supported and popular judges in the State of Ames, she was on the bench for the trial of the State of Ames vs. Kelly Anderson, who is accused of stealing $200,000 of merchandise from Little Superstore. Just as the trial was returning from a recess, Judge Taney suddenly cried out and began shrinking.

Witnesses say that she shrank to thirty-six inches in height and suddenly resembled a newborn baby with no teeth, hair, or strength to walk or crawl. She was barely able to communicate that she was Judge Taney as Little Protective Services took her into protective custody until a proper family placement can be made, or she can be grown back to normal size.

It is believed that she is the victim of foul play from some sort of altered nanites. Federal Agents are investigating this attack on a judge, and believe they have a potential suspect…

“Holy shit!” I said quietly. ‘She was blackmailing her with that too?!?’

I wondered right then just how many nanite bombs she had in place, but I was getting my answer with another article that spoke of about five dozen other cases of similar shrinking adults around the city. I started cataloging the names in my head and guessed that every one of the cases were the result of a single command her mom must have sent out like a dead man’s switch when she tried to shrink Addy.

I found another article that stated that a new date for the Fehler vs. SafeFoods case was set for six weeks from now. ‘I didn’t even ask them about it…’ I felt guilty about that. ‘Nothing I can do to help here…’

I was just reading about some other national news when Addy reappeared. “Feel more connected?” She asked me as she grabbed the tablet in one hand, then hoisted me onto her hip.

I nodded, “Thank you… I had no idea what else going on…”

“That was kind of intentional,” she told me with a squeeze, “I honestly didn’t think you needed anything else to worry about.”

She buckled me into the highchair and pushed it forward to the table. The bib that followed around my neck seemed probably appropriate given my past issues with this meal. The pancakes were amazing though! And she did well with the eggs, added some bacon, and some sausage! I was so full after the meal and information that I felt quite content! That night we lounged around for a bit in the pool and a jacuzzi I hadn’t seen at the top of the falls before I nursed from her to get some sleep.

‘Is Meg right, and this really isn’t as bad as I thought it was…?’

Chapter 60: Day at the Zoo

THE NEXT MORNING, I stirred from sleep hearing the door swing open to my room. I looked up at Addy who was dressed in a pair of white shorts and a light green blouse that worked well with her red hair. I sat up as she came over, “Ready for the big day?”

“Huh?” I asked sleepily.

“The zoo with Meg and Megan?”

“Oh,” I said, smiling a little just because I was going to see Meg again. I had missed her friendship since moving to New Haven. “How long until we’re leaving?”

“Not long, I want to get you dressed and I’ll give you some toast and a bottle for the car ride. It’s about an hour to get to their place.”

I nodded at that. I knew that Megan had bought a house in a suburb north of the city where Emerson and the Zoo were located, but I hadn’t been there yet. I obviously wasn’t awake yet, as I was surprised to find myself in the air being carried to the changing table. I expected to need to pee, and that was when I realized something was wrong. My pajamas being pulled up and revealing a soaked diaper confirmed that!

“I… I don’t remember…”

She looked concerned, “It’s okay sweetie, I’m sure it’s just stress. Once we get you through all of this you’ll be fine again.”

As she lifted my legs off the changing table to pull a thoroughly soaked diaper out, I also noticed a streak of brown inside as well. ‘Shit, I nursed more…’ Stacy told me that shouldn’t be an issue, but I remembered she was still dealing with not having any potty-training ability. ‘Was she wrong on the nanites clearing that…?’ I worried.

As a warm wipe found its way to the crack of my butt, I looked up at Addy leaning over and noticed something, “You kept that all these years?”

She smiled as she sat me down on a new diaper. “It was my one way of remembering you after my mom forced my hand.”

I was truly shocked to see her wearing the dopamine chain necklace that I had bought for her all of those years ago. ‘What’s that supposed to mean…?’ I wondered.

“Wait, do I have to wear a diaper today…?”

She smiled, “Meg will be wearing one? You don’t want to make her feel bad, do you?”

I wanted to argue I’ve been around her in adult clothes since the day she was adopted, but just sighed. She took that to mean permission and soon had me dressed in a pair of pink shortalls with a yellow and white striped t-shirt underneath. It was a simple outfit that I guessed would be fairly comfortable while we were out. Downstairs, she tied my hair into two braided pigtails, which she attached two pink bows that matched my shortalls.

It wasn’t much longer until I found myself carried to the car, holding Rings – whom she insisted had to come – and to my surprise the opposite side from where she normally sat me. “You’re a bigger baby than Meg, so I thought I’d let you sit in the big girl seat,” she told me as she buckled me into the booster seat. It still featured a five-point harness, but it allowed a bit more movement and felt a couple of years more mature.

“Umm… thanks…” I told her.

A bottle was placed in the cupholder of Plapple juice, and then she handed me a small bag of toast pieces that were still warm. I had finished both by the time we reached their house an hour later. As we slowed down to pull into their driveway, I felt an urgent need to pee that I intentionally held onto. Just as Addy placed the vehicle into park, I let it out in the hopes she would change me right then. I squeezed Rings tightly while I waited for her.

Just as I thought we would be going inside, and possibly changing me then, Megan stepped out carrying Meg who was dressed almost identically to me, but her shortalls were blue jean colored.

I saw Addy step out, “We can have Meggy sit next to Cammie over there,” she smiled and opened the door I normally sat in.

“Hi Cam,” Meg said to me.

“Hi Meg, Megan,” I said, blushing a bit.

“Oh my god, that stuffie is adorable!” Megan cooed at Rings, “What’s its name?”

I blushed, “Her name is Rings.”

“Cute!” Meg said to my embarrassment.

“She is!” Addy said, with her own smile before the door was closed. I watched as Megan ran back inside and came out carrying a stroller that was placed in the back while we sat waiting to go.

Megan and Addy had soon sat down in their seats though and we pulled away, “You two okay back there?” Megan asked.

“Yes Mommy,” Meg told her.

I just nodded and looked over at Meg who was situated just a little bit higher than I was in her seat. “How are you doing?” She asked me as Megan and Addy seemed to be having their own conversation.

I shrugged, “Just hoping we get an order releasing me soon…” I felt guilty, “Sorry… I don’t mean…”

She smiled, “I told you, Cam, I chose this!”

“But what about… what about a life beyond this? Love? Kids?”

She shrugged, “What’s the point if they’re just going to end up in the same diapers as their mom is in?”

I sighed, “I hate that…”

She smiled, “We all have our own choices in life. I’m hoping that you get to live yours still Cam.”

I nodded, “So… umm… do you and Megan often do things like this?”

She shook her head, “We haven’t done the zoo in a while… we’ve gone on a few vacations with Aunt Amanda, Uncle Fred, and Bella. Grandma and Grandpa went with us to Selegnasol and Looney World last year too actually… it was a lot of fun!”

“I guess I can see that,” I told her. “I’ve never really been to many places growing up.”

We talked for a bit longer in the car and I learned that it seemed that Meg was truly happy with the life she was living. Megan and Addy seemed to be happily having their own mother-based conversation in the front too, and I wondered if Megan would ever see me as an adult again moving forward. I stroked Rings fur during the fifteen-minute drive to the zoo while we talked.

Addy had soon paid for parking and went around to the back where Megan was also getting Meg’s stroller out. Addy came around to my door and was wearing the harness she’d bought. “I figure you’d like the harness better than your stroller?” She smiled.

“Can I face out…?” I asked timidly.

“Of course!” she told me.

It took a few minutes to get me settled in the harness strapped to her chest, and Meg strapped into the stroller. Both diaper bags fit underneath the stroller seat, and we were soon walking towards the entrance. I could feel Addy’s breasts behind my head, and she reassuringly squeezed me in a hug as we approached a gate.

“Tickets?” a worker asked.

“Here,” Addy said, showing her phone to him.

He scanned it, “Good to go, have a good time today girls!” He said to us.

“Thanks!” Meg said with a smile I could see from my tall perch.

“Where to first?” Megan asked Addy as they pushed past the entrance.

“I don’t know about Meggy, but I’m sure Cammie needs a change before we get going?”

I watched as Megan nodded, “Not a bad idea, they have a lot of changing rooms here, why don’t we change them now, and maybe they can make it until lunch?”

I watched the ground underneath me move oddly as my legs weren’t the ones moving me. A door with the familiar skirted figure was soon visible, but they turned down the hallway and ended up instead in a large baby care room. Dozens of changing tables lay around the outside edges of the room, sinks for handwashing, and a number of comfortable rocking chairs to nurse in were mostly empty at the early hour. Addy bent down with me to grab my diaper bag, then pulled the changing pad out and set it on a table next to where Megan was already unsnapping Meg’s shortalls.

She pulled me from the carrier and lay me down on the pad, quickly popping open the crotch of the shortalls, pushing it up, and exposing the diaper. “Wow, what a wet baby,” she cooed softly at me.

I blushed as she opened up the diaper and quickly exchanged the wet one for a dry one, redid the snaps, and had me in the carrier only a moment after Megan placed Meg back in the stroller from washing both of their hands. Addy put the diaper bag back under Meg’s stroller seat and then washed both of our hands in the sink. My reflection in the mirror being held up with my crotch just at her beltline made me look just like a baby. There was no doubt in my mind that if they ever made the changes to my face, I would appear to just be a normal toddler girl…

‘I sure hope the judge comes through soon…’ I worried as she began walking. ‘It’d be nice if he would speed up his decision…’

I reflected on the part of me that did admire his dedication to be fair and consider facts before rendering a verdict though!

“I can’t believe Cam fits so well in that carrier,” Megan said walking beside Addy pushing Meg’s stroller.

“I was surprised when they said she was still light enough to fit into one actually. It distributes weight well enough that I don’t honestly notice that much more weight. It helps that she’s so underweight though…”

I blushed at their discussion of me like I wasn’t even there… I could just see a lagoon filled with flamingos that we were getting near to. I looked down at Megan’s head below us, and felt a bit nervous at the size differences. Megan really looked like a young elementary school kid compared to Addy’s massive height. Neither made a big deal of it though as they approached and we looked for just a moment before moving onto the next area that had a massive area for penguins. Several were sliding down their bellies on a slide while we watched. I was surprised actually by how noisy some of them were as they seemingly talked to each other.

Addy walked close to the sign to read it and I realized that the adult birds were my own height! It put them in a new perspective as one went barreling down a slide again into the water and splashed water onto the wall near us!

“Look Mommy, Monkeys!!!” I heard Meg squeal excitedly from the stroller.

“Yes, there are!” Megan cooed at her.

For the next thirty minutes or so we watched the different types of chimps, spider monkeys, orangutans, and gorillas in their enclosures. A nearby preschool-aged girl looked at one of the gorillas feeding her baby and said to her own mommy, “Mommy, she feeds the baby like you feed Billy!”

I looked over at the girl standing next to a tall woman holding a child leash on her and a larger little boy dressed in just a shirt, his diaper, and the monkey backpack leash.

“You’re right Jill, that’s how mommy’s feed our babies! Such a smart little girl!”

I wanted to almost vomit at the continual level of brainwashing that goes on, but thankfully Addy and Megan chose to push onward through the enclosures even though Meg whined she would have liked to watch longer!

Both of us thought the bears were cute, but other than the polar bears playing a little, they seemed more inclined to just be laying down and relaxing. Not long after those areas, I saw a sign for Red Pandas. Addy was actually not walking the right way, so I said, “Mommy! Rings!” and pointed to the sign.

“Well, I guess you’re right, we better go see Rings’ family, huh?” She squeezed me and tickled my exposed leg.

I giggled, “Uh-huh,” I said.

I was genuinely looking forward to seeing the cuddly stuffed animal in real life. I knew that they weren’t actually domesticated creatures, so unfortunately petting one would be right out of the question. She walked right up to the enclosure which had a pretty large crowd forming and I spotted an adult straight away sunning itself in a tree limb, and then others below it.

“Oh, how cute!!!” Megan said.

“What Mommy?” Meg said from the stroller, unable to see, “Can’t see!”

“Just a second sweetie,” she told her and I watched for just a second as Megan unstrapped her before returning my attention to the scene in front of me. Another adult was laying on the ground watching two babies run around and explore right around her. They couldn’t have been that old, but they had most of their colors showing on their fur already.

“They’re so cute!!!” Meg said from where she was being held beside me then.

“Adorable,” Addy agreed.

“They came out of the den for the first time yesterday,” a nearby park employee said. “Only had their eyes open for a couple of days at most now.”

We watched them play with each other and hop around a bit before their mom dragged them back inside the den and we were left only watching the male sleep in the tree.

“Come on, let’s get going,” Megan told Meg as she buckled her into her stroller.

“Aww…” I said along with Meg.

Addy squeezed me into a hug and continued through the park. Just before lunch, we watched the tigers play for a little bit before going to a cafeteria they had onsite. “What do you want?” She asked me while we stood looking at the menu boards.

“I don’t know… I guess a plain cheeseburger with ketchup?”



Our order was placed and we were seated with it a few minutes later at a table where Megan had placed Meg in a highchair, and I was strapped into an uncomfortable booster seat. Meg munched on some chicken nuggets while I bit into the fairly tasteless burger. I was eating my fries afterward when Megan unscrewed the top of a baby food pouch and handed it to Meg to slurp out of.

“What’s that?” Addy asked.

“Oh, it’s Greenbrier Tri-Berry Apple Baby Food,” Megan told her.

“You make her eat it?”

“More like having to keep her from only eating it. She loves the stuff for some reason. I think it’s too sweet personally. I heard Cam liked it the other day at daycare?”

I blushed, I hadn’t told Addy about that, “You did?”

I shrugged, “Half of the class was eating it, and I asked about it so they gave me some of Meg’s.”

“You want some now? I have an extra pouch?” Megan said to me.

I nervously shook my head, “I’m almost full on the fries.”

She dug into the diaper bag and handed a pouch over to Addy, “It’s normal baby food, so it’s safe. Have one for later or to just keep in the diaper bag.”

“That’s kind of you, what do you say Cammie?”

“Thank you,” I blushed at Megan.

Meg smiled around the spout of the squeeze pouch, “You really should have some now!”

I just shook my head and took another fry off the plate. When she finished the pouch, Megan placed Meg at her breast and nursed her to sleep. “Are you doing this with Cam?” Megan asked her.

“I am getting a bit full…” she said to me.

I sighed, “I don’t want to sleep yet…”

“You don’t have to,” she said in a way that made me feel guilty.

“Fine…” I grumbled and found myself soon attached to her breast. I was pretty full, so there was no way I could get through both breasts completely and I think she knew that, so I was swapped to her other one early after she burped me. I was still barely awake as they gathered us up. “Let’s put you facing Mommy so you can be a bit comfier,” she told me, placing me in the chest harness. A pacifier went inside of my lips, and I found myself resting my head on her body.

I began lightly sleeping as she walked around with Megan. I heard, “We’d better change them and head out?”

“Yeah… Maybe stop by the gift shop first though?”

“You really want to take Cammie through that Hell?”

“I’m kind of hoping it’s my only chance to do so?”

“Well, I’m good with that thought! Though I have to say Cam makes an adorable toddler girl…”

“Always knew he would,” she told her.

I found myself awake the rest of the way as I was placed on a changing table again and my very wet diaper was pulled off. Addy wiped my butt which had a few farts come out over the morning, and had me rediapered and in the carrier facing forward. “Let’s go find you a souvenir,” she squeezed me as we walked into the gift shop.

Meg was far more excited and demanded to get out of the stroller and look as we got to the gift shop. “Please Mommy?” she begged.

“Meggy, the last time I let you out of your stroller in a gift shop I ended up buying three-hundred dollars’ worth of stuff… We don’t have Grandma and Grandpa or your parents here to help this time!”

‘Sounds like a story,’ I thought with a smile.

Addy ended up picking up a really cool carved Red Panda Desk Pen holder. “Hopefully you are able to have an office again for this,” she smiled. It was joined sadly by a light green onesie with a cartoon Red Panda on it as well. Meg did end up with a smaller stuffed monkey that had a long tail that she played with when we made it back to the car. She actually insisted that Rings and ‘Monk’ play together on the way back to their house.

“Thanks for coming with us,” Addy told Meg when we got there.

“It was fun! I’ll be honest… I’m still pissed as Hell about what’s happened to Cam, but I guess if he had to have a crazy mommy you’re probably one of the better ones.”

“Thanks for the ringing endorsement,” she smiled.

I watched her gather the stroller first, then come back for Meg. She and Meg both gave me a hug in my booster seat, and said, “Call me when you’re freed. We’ll have to do something grown-up together.”

“Hopefully it happens,” I said nervously.

“It will,” Megan said to me. “Bye Cam,” she said as she closed the door.

I was kind of sleepy again as Addy left a few hours before we normally ate dinner. She pulled into the garage and said, “What do you want for dinner Cammie?”

I shrugged, “I don’t care… I’m still pretty full from lunch honestly.”

“Hmm… I guess let me see what we have. Without Mindy, I’m going to have to make a shopping trip tomorrow probably.” She gathered me in her arms and carried me inside the house and set me on the ground. We had just about made it to the staircase when we figured out that we weren’t alone.

“Well, hi Miss Addy, ready to go see your mommy?”

I turned then and saw Mindy, along with six other large men who clearly meant business.

“Umm… No? I fired you, what are you…?”

Before she could finish the sentence, I watched one of the men shoot her with a taser and knocked her down. Another came and grabbed me. I tried to struggle a little for show, but wasn’t stupid enough to think I could get free. I felt a needle pierce my skin and a second later the world faded into a blur and then nothingness.

I’ll post the next few chapters sometime tomorrow. Thanks for reading!


Chapter 61: Rage

I GROANED AS I woke up, feeling like I had the ultimate hangover as I opened my eyes and was assaulted by light and the strong smell of chemical disinfectants. I blinked my eyes and wondered how long I had been out. Looking down I found myself strapped into what looked like a Littles highchair without the tray. It was almost too small for me with my butt feeling rather cramped. The arm restraints must have been too small, because instead of the buckles there were zip ties pulled through the two end pieces to expand them a bit.

I heard a desperate grunting going on to my left and found Addy tied up to an office chair. The shorts she had been wearing turned darker as she began crying and I knew she must have just had an accident. A smell in the air a second later told me she was sobbing for good reason. I wiggled a little in the seat to check my own bottom, and was pretty sure I was still clean back there, but I was definitely wet.

“Addy…?” I tried saying, but I realized then I had one of those stupid Littles locking pacifiers in my mouth. It didn’t fully block it, but it made it hard to understand.

Looking back over at her I saw her mouth was covered with a larger version that until Kristin had one, didn’t think existed outside of some sort of odd adult industry. She made a sound like ‘Cameron’ almost and I sighed, knowing that we were both probably screwed here!

I looked down and saw that small half-moons were making the presence known of a too wet diaper below them. My skin felt clammy around my legs where the shorts were wet, and I wondered again how long I’d been sitting there unconscious.

I looked up and saw a large TV screen mounted up on the wall, a medical exam table underneath it, and worryingly to me, a drain in the floor in front of me. The ground around it was a polished tile that had at one point probably been white, but was now yellowed with years of use. It appeared there was only one door to the room, and no windows. The door was a large steel affair that I had a feeling would probably take a fair amount of punishment if it was locked, even if I could get loose!

Looking down at my wrists and the zip ties, I thought there might have been a chance to get out of them, but then the little proof harness would probably finish any of those odds.

‘Like it or not, I’m probably stuck in this until whoever put me in it lets me out…’

We sat there for a long while, Addy sobbing, and it annoyed me that I had to pee in the already soaked diaper another time before there was the sound of keys in the door confirming to me it was locked.

The door swung open and I watched the person I thought was in jail walk in, followed by Mindy… and… Danica…?

‘What the hell?!?’ I thought to myself. ‘Why is she helping her mom…?’

“Look what we have here!” Aubry said, “Guess I have two Little girls who can’t control their bladders? Dani, did you know your sister had a problem like this?”

“No…” she said tersely. “And pee-eew, someone’s a stinky girl too!”

“Well, she might not have had this problem if it wasn’t for this brat!” She came over to me and ripped the pacifier out without letting it fully deflate!!! My jaw shrieked with pain as my teeth stayed in place, but felt like they’d nearly been pulled out with pliers!!!

I hissed, but refrained from calling her the names I wanted to.

“So, tell me Little Man, feel better now that you know you have officially ruined my daughter?”

“Like you’ve done?” I asked incredulously. “Danica, you know your nanites won’t work with her controller anymore, right?”

I felt the air from the hand just before the flesh slammed into my jaw that was already in pain. The slap from Aubry Harris felt like a brick was smacked across my face, and I felt a ringing in my ears.

“You really think my daughter is helping just because I threatened her?”

“Kind of hoped, honestly,” I told her. “I thought she was the good one…”

Aubry laughed at that, “Maybe not a fan of the cruelty, but she likes money? Let’s just say she gets more if she goes along with things.”

I shrugged, “Hard to spend money if she’s in jail with you?”

“What makes you think I’m going to spend one more night in jail? I was released on bail, but there’s no way in hell anyone is ever going to convict Aubry Harris in a trial!”

“Stranger things have happened,” I told her. “So, what’s your big plan? Turn Addy and I into your babies?”

“Not mine,” she smiled, “Dani’s! She’s been wanting her own Littles for a while. A pair of infant girls will suit her just fine to be able to cuddle with when she wants, and then they can be sent to the nanny the rest of the time. You’ll make great PR photos as we push our company further into manufacturing some new products too!”

Addy screamed some more next to me, and even with the large pacifier in her mouth I could understand the ‘fuck you’ from her.

So could her mom, “Well, might as well and try to say big words while you can Princess, you won’t be able to say any here shortly.”

“What’s the point?” I asked. “You don’t have to do anything to her.”

“You’re right, I don’t have to, but after her scheming with you and allowing testimony to help your case I think it’s time I cut the ties. If she’s not going to be there for me, then it’s time for her to go.”

“You know this isn’t going to end if you do this, right? My friends and allies will keep going after you until there is nothing but a smoking ruinous crater remaining?”

She laughed, “They can try Cammie, but the truth is I have more power than you can possibly know. I already have some senators looking into how to remove your precious Judge Jones. If that doesn’t work, I have another team that will look at removing her in other ways.”

‘She seriously just said she’ll assassinate a judge?!?!?’ I thought to myself.

“What are you going to do to us?”

“Well, it’s pretty simple Cammie, all we need to do is give you the right injection and we’ll have you look like your new mommy, complete with your innie instead of your outie!” She paused, “I think I’ll start with my daughter though so you can see it in action.”

“I bet you can’t do it to me,” I smirked at her, even as two technicians had started to move towards Addy with a cart of syringes.


“I said I bet you it won’t work on me. Go ahead and give me your worst shot bitch.”

“Stop!” She said to them. “I don’t want to listen to this anymore, let’s take care of him first.”

I watched as they came over to me and cut loose the zip ties and unbuckled me from the harness. As they carried me to the table, I looked at Addy, “I love you,” I told her, realizing that in spite of everything those three words were as true then as they had been the day that I asked her to marry me.

“Get the subjects clothes off,” one tech said. “Might as well make the cleanup easier later…”

I was sat down on the table and a pair of scissors made short work of my shortalls and shirt. I was left then in the soaked diaper. “Want to get the subject out of that diaper?” another asked.

“No point, she’ll just shrink out of any diaper we put on her…”

“Take it off!” Aubry ordered.


“I want her to watch as she loses her parts.”

“That could get messy…”

“And it’ll all wash off, there’s a reason for the drain and the waterproof cover on that bed, right?”

The man didn’t hesitate in quickly exposing me. Another thoughtfully wiped me off with a baby wipe before I was strapped into the bed with my arms and chest contained with two large straps, and another holding down my legs at just above the knees.

I half-expected the level of care in the hospital with leads being attached to my chest or something, but instead one of them just proceeded to bring a large syringe over. I watched in horror as the needle gleamed with a droplet of solution and he proceeded to slowly insert it into my left arm!

The solution was cold!!! It stung badly as it was inserted, and a flare of pain went up my arm causing me to scream!!!

I watched my hand for a moment seem to shrink, as did my left arm just a little, and then it stopped. The pain went away, and I sighed with relief that it stopped.

“What’s going on? He should be the size of an infant by now!!!” Aubry screamed.

“I don’t know Mrs. Harris… This is weird. Try the other one on his other side?” He said, pointing to the other syringe on the cart. It was larger, and clearly meant to hold more nanites to change her daughter versus me. I grimaced as the needle again glistened and then was inserted into my right bicep.

The solution again froze and stung like hell. “Fucking bastards!!!” I screamed, deciding there was no reason to be good anymore. I watched my body and arm in horror, and was relieved that other than a small reduction in length and width of my fingers, nothing seemed to have changed.

“What the fuck is wrong with you all? Can’t even turn me into a baby right?” I taunted them. “Told you it wouldn’t work bitch,” I told Aubry.

“Try another!” She screamed at him.

“I don’t have any other solution down here. I’ll have to go program some. It’ll take me about an hour to do it.”

“Well, what are you waiting for?” She told him before he scurried out. She glared at the other techs, “Go help him!”

They clearly didn’t need any incentive to run, leaving two security guards, Danica, and Aubry in the room then. “Your little brat needs a spanking for her language,” she told Danica.

“Yes, she does, but I think I want to wait until she’s a little baby so the less sinks in more.”

“I think it would be a shame if she waited that long for her lesson.”

“I guess you’re right,” she said. “Help me turn her over?”

“Might put a diaper under her first.”

“Good idea,” she said.

I squirmed and tried to use the loosening straps as an opportunity to get free, but nothing helped as I was turned onto my stomach over a diaper. “Cammie you do not call your grandma or anyone else a bitch!” she said as she rubbed my butt gently with one hand. There was a millisecond of a moment where it left and then another slammed into my ass so hard, I grunted.

“Fuck you!” I shouted!

“I think that’s another hundred…” she said.

I managed to last twenty just being in shock from the pain. At twenty-one my eyes were bleary, and by her count of eighty I was a blubbering mess. I had long ago peed the diaper beneath me, and her hand showed no signs of stopping. I must have eventually passed out from the pain…

The next thing I did know was I was waking up splashed with ice water. “Huh?” I groaned, and unfortunately found myself staring into Aubry’s face smirking down at me and my ass feeling like it was genuinely dealing with broken bones beneath the tissue.

“Bet you wish you hadn’t called me a bad name now?”

I would probably have cussed some more, but a pacifier was now shoved in my mouth and I couldn’t get it to go out.

“He’s awake now, let’s do this again!”

“We think we’ve figured it out, we’ll see…” the tech said. “We may have to do each individual site on his body for some reason a few times.” I lay there as injections were made in each foot and each leg. The pain was unbearable, but even as I was processing that I heard them say, “Let’s try his face next.”

‘My face?!?!’ I tried to squirm, but a strap had been added to my head. I watched the needle close in on my face and screamed as it was inserted into my nose. Another was inserted into each cheek then, and another at the bottom of my jaw.

Each injection felt like I was being given some sort of icy solution and I guessed my body was going to go into shock from the combination of the temperature there, and then the pain!!! I could feel my bones attempt to restructure themselves. Tissue shrinking down, and I was concerned it would be my teeth too!

Fortunately for me though, it stopped even quicker than with my arms.

“What the hell, I thought you said this would work?”

“It should have!!! There’s enough nanites in her body now to transform the entire college campus at Emerson!”

“It’s only barely making changes where you inject it though!”

“I know, it doesn’t make sense! It’s almost like his body is fighting the nanites with his immune system!”

“How much more do you have?” Aubry asked.

“This is the final syringe of solution. It’s going to take three days to make more…”

“Then let’s make it count,” she said, “Hand it to me!”

I heard Addy squirming behind me and hoped that it would go to her, but apparently, I had her mother in enough of a rage that she felt like I was deserving. “I think there’s a special spot that if we’re only going to change one thing successfully has to change, right Dani?”

“Right…” Danica said nervously.

“Give me the syringe, I’ll do this one myself.”

“Ma’am?” The tech asked.

“Give it to me.”

I was just able to see the handoff in my peripheral vision. “Let’s pull this head strap off so you can watch sweetie,” she said with a smile that was enough to make my blood turn even colder.

The needle glistened as I wondered where she was thinking of targeting, not ready for the spot that she was choosing to go for. “Let’s see if we can’t at least get rid of these nasty things!”

I watched in horror with my head lifted up as she took the needle and began to insert it into my scrotum just as the lights went out in the room!

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