(INCOMPLETE) When all else fails. A diaper dimension tale (CH 23 2/24/20)

First off let me apologize for the rapid fire of the chapters. I am in the groove and its coming to me real easily.

Chapter 14

An hour after I got off the phone, I wheeled off the bus. I double check the address and look at the buildings and realize the building I am looking for is right in front of me. It is a nondescript brick three story office building, there was no sign, but it had wheelchair access with a call button with a speaker right next to the door. I wheel up to the door and press the button. Almost instantly there was a voice “Welcome, I need your name and who you are here to see.”

“I am Sean Fredrickson, and I am here to meet Angie Lockheart.”

“Welcome I will buzz you in. the waiting room is on your right as you come in the building.”

There was a buzz sound and the door opened in automatically. I wheel in and turn into the waiting room. The receptionist is sitting behind the counter I can barley see her eyes. She stands and looks at me she says “there is coffee in the corner. I let Angie know you where here she will be with you soon.”

“thank you” I say. And wheel over to the coffee and pour my self a cup. As I back in next to a chair and start sipping my coffee. A few moments later a woman comes around the corner Very light brown shoulder length hair. Slightly heavy set as if she has been sitting behind a desk for too many years.

“Mr. Fredrickson?” she asks.

“Sean is fine. Angie I presume?”

“Yes, it’s nice to meet you. If you will follow me, we can start and see if there is anything, we can do to help you.”

I fallow her to a back office on the ground floor. As I enter, I look around and notice it was very sparsely decorated. “this is your office?” I ask

“No mine is on the third floor, but there is no wheelchair access so we will have to use this one” she states as she moves a chair from the desk for me to sit close. “So, what brings you too us?”

“Well as you can see, I was injured, and I am now paralyzed from the waist down. My therapist gave me your card and said that you or the other dimension may be able to help”

“Well the other dimension does have much more advanced medical care. I have heard of them being able to work miracles. But there are some things that you won’t see on any brochure.”

“Ok such as?” I ask with a little trepidation in my voice.

“Well in the other dimension the dominant species are called amazons. They stand anywhere from 12 all the way up to 18 feet, the taller are rare but they are there. There are two other species, mids and littles. Mids are from 8 to 11 feet, and littles are humans. It is very hard for littles to live in their world, everything being sized for someone over 12 feet tall. The amazons look at humans as little more than children, and we have a lot of clients that go there for just that reason.”

“Ok that doesn’t sound all that bad. I can defiantly use some help. Well a lot of help.”

“Do you have anyone here that can help?”

“No, my whole family disowned me, my wife left me 3 years ago after the injury. I have been on my own bouncing from job to job unable to keep one longer then a few months. Life has been really hard for me. In all honestly for a very long time. There was a part of me that would welcome the chance to relive or reexperience childhood.”

“I see. I am sorry to hear that you have had such a hard time. I defiantly think we will be able to help you. Let me get some further information and have you fill out a questionnaire and we will go from there. Tell me about your injury what happened.”

“Well I was a Navy Corpsman serving with the Marines ii was saving one of my guys that was shot and got shot myself, the bullet shattered two vertebrae completely severing my spinal cord.”

“Okay that must have left a lot of mental trauma, do you have any mental diagnoses?”

“Yes, PTSD. However, I must point out that it is from more than just the military.”

“I understand. Would you want to be regressed if we where able to get you there?”

“Um, I don’t think so. I don’t want to forget what I have been through. I don’t want to forget the guy I saved, the good people that have been in my life lately and helped me.”

“Ok it may be a little harder, but I think we can find someone. Here is the questionnaire just fill it out for me and I will be back soon. Do you need anything?” As she hands me a tablet with a long list of questions.

“If I could get another cup of coffee, I would greatly appreciate it.”

“No problem I will be right back.”

I get started on the questionnaire, there is a lot of general health and history questions. As well as what I would allow done to my self in the other dimension. Angie returns with my cup I thank her, and she steps back out. I get to one question that throws me for a loop.

Gender and sex change: What is you current gender, gender orientation and would you want a sex change?

They can do that? What do I want? I have been struggling with being a man for so long and tried to hide those feelings even from myself. Do I want it. Yes, yes I do.

Male, unknown, yes to female.

I finish up the coffee and the questionnaire at the same time a moment later she comes in. carrying a folder with several sheets in it. “have you finished?”

“Yes, ma’am I have I even submitted it”

“That’s great the computer is going to match your answers and what we have discussed with possible amazons then I will print off some information for you and a little bio on the ones the computer finds are the closest match.” A few seconds later the printer on the desk starts it prints out several sheets. She takes the stack and starts flipping through them, pilling several out and placing face down on the desk. I look at her with the question written on my face. “the computer isn’t always that reliable in choosing appropriate matches, take this one for example on the printout it tells me what doesn’t match. This family will only take a regressed little. But matches on all the rest, from talking to you I recognize that is not some thing you are willing to live with.” She pauses at the next page and keeps it in the stack for me to review. In the end there are 5 papers for me to choose form. “Now in this folder is some general information on the other dimension and I am going to place these candidates in the file as well. We can set up video interviews with any that you would like to talk to.”

She hands me the folder. I reach behind my wheelchair and pull my backpack around front stick the folder in it. “Thank you for all the information, I will think it all over and I will get back to you”

“Sounds great. There is no rush take your time. If you do go the minimum adoption time is ten of their years. Yes, in the folder it explains their days and subsequently their years are longer.” She stands to shake my hand and guide me out the building. “I do ask that what ever you decide, let me know so if you are not going to then I can remove your info from the system.”

“Thank you, and I will let you know. I may not have limited this stack, but I will let you know yes or know by the end of next week.”

“sounds great I will expect your call. Have a wonderful night and week.”

“you as well” as I wheel out of the building to wait for my bus. On the bus ride to my apartment I can’t stop thinking about the possibilities, I am so lost in thought that I almost miss my stop. As I enter my apartment, I pull the bag off the wheelchair and place it on the dinning room table. I realize I am getting really hungry so make myself some dinner and decide to dive into all the papers tomorrow.

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Chapter 15

In the morning I pull my self out of bed and proceed with my morning routine. Witch consisted of a shower as every morning I have completely soaked my diaper and in many cases messed. I get my self-dressed which at home is usually just a large T-shirt. I always have a blanket near by to throw over my lap in case someone stops by. I make my self some breakfast and take it to the dinning room table. I pull over my bag and pull out the information.

I start looking through the generalized information, it doesn’t really tell me any thing about what to expect in the way of my treatment, besides that I would be viewed as nothing more then a child by just about everyone there. I do learn that the weather patterns are almost identical to earth.

After I look through that info, I pull out the stack of candidates I lay them all out in front of me. Of the five I take 2 out right away as they are just single women and if I do decide to make that trip, most likely one way I want to be a full family. I take the three left and really look through what little info is available. There is a small Bio on each family, there is one that has another little, that is fully regressed. The other two have no children or littles. I take the one out that leaves two. Nothing really stands out to eliminate one or the other, so I put them aside.

I decide to scour the internet on my phone to see if I can find any further information. It takes me all weekend and with the information that I find, painstakingly little. I decide I concluded. What can I lose? I have no life here. It can’t be any worse there.

Monday morning after my breakfast I give Angie a call. “Sean so good to hear from you I wasn’t expecting your call so soon.” She says over the phone.

“Well there wasn’t a whole lot for me to figure out. I don’t have a lot to keep me here.”

“I understand, are there any of the candidates that I gave you that you would like to speak to?”

“Yes I have two that I would like to.”

“Great do you have anything going on? We can meet and go over and I may be able to give you more information on the two you have chosen.”

“I have nothing going on I just recently lost my last job and haven’t started looking for a new one.”

“That is good and bad news I am sorry about the job. I can have a van come and get you if you don’t want to take the bus.”

“That would be amazing. I hate the looks I get on the bus.”

“Sounds great they can be at your apartment in about 15 minutes. Can you be ready in that time?”

“Shouldn’t be a problem. I just need to get some pants on.”

“Sounds good get ready and I will send the van. I will see you soon.”

“Thank you” I say as I hang up and head into my bedroom. It takes me 10 minutes to get some pants on. I hear a knock on the door. As I am pulling my self back onto my wheelchair. I yell “just a moment.”

I hear Angie’s voice on the other side of the door. “Take your time. Is there any way I can help in there?”

“No, the door is locked anyway.” I yell back as I finish getting into the chair. Then roll over to the door and open it up. “Come on in I just have a few things to finish before I can go.”

“Thank you” she says as she steps in and looks around. Spots the papers and the last of my breakfast on the table. I go over and grab the last of my breakfast and take it to the sink, when I turn around, I see her going through the papers I have on the table. I see a ghost of a smile form as she looks at the two candidates, I have chosen she get all the papers together and slides it into the back as I approach.

“I could have gotten that you know.” I say

“I know I was just trying to help.”

“Thank you” I say, “I am not used to others helping.”

“I get that you have been alone for so long. Is there anything else you need to do?”

“Nope that’s it lets go” I say as we head to the door. We get out to the van and I notice it has a ramp to make it easer to get in. as I park in a spot, she comes in to fasten the straps to keep me in place. “Thank you for coming to get me. “

“No problem, it is nice to get out of the office. And to help some one in need is defiantly a bonus” she says with a wink.

I blush as she retracts the ramp then closes the door. The drive to the office only takes about 10 minutes, a lot quicker than the bus. When we get to the office she parks in the back and we head into the building. We go into the same office as my first visit. “So, lets see what we have decided and see if we can set up some time for a video conference with the selectees.”

I pull my bag around front and pull out the folder. And slide over the papers. She takes them and looks through them. She places the two in the table and turns to the computer types some information into the computer, then looks back. “So you have chosen the Townsends and the Jeffersons. There isn’t whole lot more info I can get for you. I do know the Jeffersons both work steady jobs and are forced to travel for their jobs. The Townsends, Mark works out of the house and Rose works at a little daycare center. Now let’s see if we can get a meeting set up with these two families.”

She turns back to the computer and pulls up a video chat program. A moment later a face appears. “Angie its so good to see you again, how have you been little one?” the female says.

Angie blushes but says “I have been good. I have a client here that would like to speak with 2 families.”

“I am sorry I hope you understand I meant nothing by what I said. I assume you your client is in the system?”

“Yes, he is in there. Hs name is Sean Fredrickson.”

“Let me pull up his info and see what we can do.” A few moments pass as the lady types, pulls up a file and reads. “Oh the poor thing. Yes we can definitely help this little one. Who does he want to speak to?”

“The Townsends and the Jeffersons.”

“Oh they are both lovely families. Give me a moment to contact them and see when they would be available.” She mutes her side.

As the other side is muted Angie looks at me “I want to apologize for how she spoke. Jackie and I have an interesting relationship. I have been forced to travel there from time to time. And she has always been the one to volunteer to be my caretaker.”

“No need to apologize. She seems really nice.”

“She is a little overbearing when I am there. See for me it is different than for someone like you. I have a lot more freedom and autonomy then you will. I was an independent little with an amazon caretaker, oh they prefer to be called bigs. Amazon is sort of a derogatory name to them.”

“Thank you for the warning I will keep that in mind.”

As I say that there is a click on the computer and Jackie speaks “so I was able to reach the Townsends and they would love to meet Sean they can be here in less then an hour to chat. The Jeffersons where unable to get to their phones but I will continue trying.”

Angie looks at me as if to ask if I was wanting to today, I speak up at that time “I would love to talk to them then.”

“Great I will let them know and I will call you in an hour, Angie sweetie do you think you could go to your conference room for this meeting?”

“Yes I was thinking that would be best anyway.”

“Wonderful we will talk then.” Jackie hangs up and Angie looks at me.

“Well I am getting hungry and we have an hour to kill would you like some lunch? We can eat in the conference room to wait for the meeting.”

“I am getting hungry and that sounds like a good plan.”

Angie leads me to the conference room, then steps out to get us some lunch. She tells me they have some sandwich stuff in the office I tell her that will be fine. She returns quickly with our lunch and we eat in silence.

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Chapter 16

I few minutes after Angie and I finish our lunch the screen in front of us comes to life and I see a single face appear. “Hello again Angie dear, this must be Sean. Hello, I am Jackie and I am a counselor for the for the interdimensional adoption agency in this dimension.”

“Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you” I say.

“Angie has told me that you wish to speak with a couple families. I am sorry to inform you that I could only get one here to talk, the other said they will gladly take you in but can’t make the time to talk with you beforehand.”

That info raises flags in my mind “That is fine I will talk with the family you could contact.”

“Wonderful. Then without further a due let me introduce Mark and Rose Townsend.” The screen changes to show two people, one a woman with shoulder length dirty blond hair that just touches her shoulders with a slight wave to it. Next to her is a man that appears to be a few inches taller with short cut brown hair and the shadow of a beard starting to show.

“Hello Mark and Rose, I am Sean.” I say a little hesitantly.

“Hello, its nice to meet you.” Rose says. “we have had the opportunity to look over your file and think we all may be able to help each other. You see Mark here” she places her hand on his arm “served in our own military and have a deeper understanding of what you may be going through then most.”

“it would be an honor to care for someone that has risked their life for their people” Mark says.

“thank you, it would be nice to not have to explain to everyone what I may be going though when I start to have bad days.” I say as I look down. “you read all that was on my file?”

“Yes, sweetie we did. We understand you want a sex change; can we ask why?” Rose asks

“Well for as long as I can remember, I have always had this feeling that my body wasn’t right. Like I should have been different. I can’t really explain, and if I am basically going to be starting life over. I figured what does it hurt.” I explain.

“I can respect that decision, now about the non-regression. You said starting over that would be better if you decided to be regressed. Now don’t think we are going to do anything or force anything upon you, but we would like to understand that choice.” Mark says.

“I can’t forget my brothers. The ones I went to war with, the one that caused my accident. It would kill me emotionally and mentally if I forgot them. I understand that if I did, I wouldn’t know, but still I don’t want that.”

“and we would never make you forget. We will help you in any and every way” Rose says quickly “Sweetheart how hard are things for you right now?”

A tear escapes my eye, “Honestly, if something doesn’t change in my life I am going to fail.”

“Hun it sounds to us like you need the help. And we offer out home and out hearts to helping you.” Mark says.

Rose looks over at Mark as he was speaking, and I can read her face saying that I am the “little” she has been wanting. Our conversation goes on for about 30 minutes longer about different things. I thank them for their time, and I will let the councilors know my decision soon.

“Seriously Sean Mark and I both feel that we can really help you, through all that is going on. We hope that we are who you choose, nut will understand if we are not. Thank you for giving us the time to talk with you.” Rose says, as we hang up with each other.

I look over at Angie as she is the first to speak. “So, what do you think?”

“It’s a lot to take in. But they seam like nice enough people. I feel I can trust them, but I don’t know.”

“Well let me be honest. I have meet them and they are absolutely amazing bigs, as I saw their file print out, I instantly thought they would be a good match for you.”

“Really?” is all I can think to say.

“Yes really. They respect and understand unregressed little better than most bigs.”

“thank you for not telling me that sooner. Its good to know that I have a decent feel for others.” I chuckle.

“So, are you thinking that you have made your decision?”

“Yeah I think I have. I’m a little concerned about what the future may hold but I think the Townsends will help guide me there.”

“I think your right. Let’s head back to the office and we can finish up the paperwork.” Angie says as she collects her things and stands. We head to her office and she sits behind the desk as she logs back into the computer. “So, on your first visit you signed some forms. One of them was for a thorough background check to include financial. Your report came back surprisingly fast, and there is nothing that is of concern.”

“Well I could have told you that” I say as I chuckle. “I am glad to know it all came back good though”

“Yeah so am i. Well what we need to discus now is how things will go forward. The first steps in this whole process you have already completed. Next, we sign the official adoption papers. The first set grants out financial organization guardianship of the money you receive and what you have on hand. Half of what you get each month will be put in a trust fund for the chance that you return after the 10-year adoption time. The rest will go to our organization to keep the lights on so to speak. The rest of the adoption form is just granting the Townsends total guardianship of you. Any questions so far?”

“Yeah what happens after the 10 years to all that I have here if I decide to stay there?”

“Well the trust fund will be forfeit to our organization and a letter to the VA will be drafted for the funds to stop being sent out.”

“That sounds simple enough.”

“Then once we get all the travel plans in place. You will come here, you will be put to sleep placed in a stasis pod, where you will be transported to the other dimension by an organization known as the Bureau. Once there you will be transported to a littles hospital near the Townsends. When you wake and you have been cleared by the medical professionals you will be released into their care.”

“Sounds like you have all this worked out fairly smoothly. I know there are risks, there has to be. What are the biggest?”

“Well there are pirates that will sometimes intercept the transports and steal the littles onboard for adoption into non-alliance territories where littles are treated very poorly. But that hasn’t happened in a very long time. The Bureau has increased their security for the transports, so the pirates have started targeting easer pray. A lot of them are straight up kidnapped form here.”

“Its good to hear that they have taken steps to help deter the pirates. I think that is all I wanted to know.”

She slides over a piece of paper. “this is the adoption form. Take your time read it over. You will see that your preferences have been marked, but unfortunately that is not a fool proof guarantee that those won’t happen. But it is security that if it does happen, they will be arrested, and you will be cared for appropriately by another big they would do what they could to reverse what was done but it’s hard to say if they could.”

I read over the papers completely as she is scanning her computer and typing some things in. as I read everything looks to be in order and was what she had said. I sign on the two spots indicated and slide the form back.

“Wonderful they will be so happy to have you; I have set up transportation and looks like we can get you out next week. I will gladly give you a ride back to your apartment. Is there anything you need?”

“Thank you I would appreciate the ride. And well the bathroom I am in desperate need of a change.” I say with a chuckle.

“Oh my god. I should have asked I am so sorry. Here let me show you to the bathroom.” She stands and leads me to the bathroom. “do. Um. Do you need any help?”

I pause at the question. I think about it, it would be a lot faster with help, but I have been doing it alone for so long. “um well it would be faster, but I don’t necessarily need the help.”

“Ok well if you need me, I will be right out here.”

I head in and change, after we head back to my apartment as we stop, and she opens the door and drops the ramp she says “if you need anything don’t hesitate to call. I will call you Next Monday and finalize the travel plans.”

“Thank you for all your help Angie”

“you are quite welcome.”

I head into my apartment waving as Angie drives off back to her job. After I close the door I wonder if this was really the right choice.

The week flies by, I wake up Monday morning and get myself ready for the day. I spent my week packing what I don’t need and organizing all that I had. As I al eating breakfast there is a knock on the door. I wheel over “who is it?”

“Angie can I come in?”

“Of course,” I say as I unlock and open the door. I head back to the table and finish my breakfast.

“Did I interrupt?”

“No not at all I was just in the middle of breakfast please have a seat.” I signal to the only chair I have at the table.

She takes a seat “So the big day is approaching. Your departure day is tomorrow. I will be here at 8:00 am to pick you up. All you need to bring is yourself and maybe a couple diapers. You won’t be able to take your wheelchair, but we can send you with a couple personal items.”

“That’s fine I really don’t have anything I really want anyway; I am sad to know I can’t take my chair. I guess I will be carried everywhere then.”

“Yeah that is most likely how it will go. From the sounds of it I am not sure they will want to put you down.” Angie says with a chuckle. “I will be with you from the moment I pick you up to the time you go to sleep. Then you will wake there. When you wake up it will be disorienting please be patient with them and yourself. The hospitals are used to dealing with little just waking after their travels, but it will be a big change for you.”

“I will try to remember that.”

“So, since this is your last day and night here is there anything you would like to do?”

“not in particular, I have been spending my week eating out a lot and packing.”

“Oh, you didn’t need to do that, We have a moving company and storage facility that would have came in and done all that for you.”

“I wasn’t sure, and it kept me doing things. I would have gone crazy if I was just sitting here the whole week.”

“well I am glad you found something to pass the time with. Well it is typical that I spend your last day here with you. So, lets get out of here and do something.”

“Well there isn’t a whole lot I can do sitting in this chair of mine.”

“Well let’s go catch a movie your choice my treat. Then we can go have a dinner, then come back.”

“Ok that actually sounds like fun.” She helps me pack my bag for a day out.

“Oh, these are cute” she says pulling out one of my ABDL diapers.

“Yeah I have found that they hold a lot more. The Diapers the VA give me I have to change a lot more often. Two hours or less it leaves me almost no time to do anything else.”

After we finish, we head out to the van. We drive to the mall where a theater is. I quickly pick the newest sci-fi movie to come out.

“you actually like these movies?” Angie asks after we get our tickets.

“Yeah I love Sci-fi.” I say with a huge grin on my face.

We head over to the concession stand “A movie isn’t a movie without popcorn and soda” Angie says. After we get our drinks and popcorn we head to the theater for the show. “Oh, do you need a change before we head in there?”

I quickly reach down to check how full my diaper is. “Yeah I probably should.”

“Well let’s go over here there is a family restroom, and since the movie is about to start why don’t you let me help?”

“Well. I guess.” I mumble as we head into the restroom, she turns and locks the door. Grabs my bag and pulls out the supplies needed. I lay my chair all the way flat and lay the arm rests down.

“Wow this chair can do it all can’t it?”

“Just about.” I say as she reaches for the top of my track pants to pull them down. After they are at my ankles, she pushes my feet up towards my bottom and allows my knees to fall out to the sides. She rips the tapes and pulls the front down, noticing I have no hair there she has this inquisitive look on her face but doesn’t say anything. “I went hand had my hair laser removed. It helps keep everything clean and healthy.” I say to answer the unasked question. She gently wipes me down in front.

“Now how to get it out from under you” she muses. I reach down and move my right knee over my left, forcing my right side up off the chair. I finish rolling by pulling a little with my right arm on the side of the chair. “Oh, wow that was easy” she says as she begins to wipe down my bottom. She pulls the old out and places the new under. As she finishes, I roll back onto my back she gently takes some powder and powders me down. And quickly fastens me into my clean diaper. She then turns and throws out the old diaper and used wipes. Turns back “all done” she says with a grin

“Um. What about my pants” I say chuckling back at her.

“Oh, silly me” she pulls my legs back straight then pulls my pants up and back in place. As she is doing that, I raise the arm rests, then sit up when she is done. “Ready for the movie now?” She asks as she starts to wash her hands.

“Yeah let’s go. I am actually getting a little excited about it.” We head out of the restroom and into the theater. We find a specific handicap section I park there and she sits next to me to enjoy 2 hours or sci-fi goodness.

After the movie we wait for most of the crowd to leave before we head out. “So, what are you thinking for dinner?” She asks

“Well I love a good General Tso’s. So how about Chinese?”

“Sounds great to me. I know a perfect place.” We get in the van and head to this family ran Chinese restaurant. “I come here when I am in the mood, they have wonderful food.”

We head in and get a table they move a chair for me. The waitress takes our order as we sit there just chit chatting about random things. Neither of us wanting to put emphasis on my departure being so soon. After we had eaten out fill, she looks at me “How was the food?”

“Amazing and thank you for taking me out today it was good to get out of that apartment it was starting to get a little depressing.”

She chuckles “well it is getting late let’s get you back and tucked in tomorrow is going to be an eventful day.”

“Yeah I am starting to get a little tired anyway. It could just be a food coma though,” I say with a laugh

She drives me back to my apartment, and we head in. She helps get me into bed. Regardless of my insistence that I could do it myself. She just blows it off as me needing a friend and after today hoped I would feel that she had became one.

“Well yes I do feel you have. But that is more then most friends would do.”

“Yeah well you maybe right but I still think I should.”

“Fine if you insist.” I relent. She helps change me and get me into a T-shirt to sleep in. As I slide over into bed, she grabs the sheet and blanket and pulls it over me.

“Remember before you fall asleep set an alarm, so you have time to get ready.” As she hands me my phone.

“Thank you again for today.” I say as I take the phone and set my alarm.

“Good night I will call before I come over. See you tomorrow.”

“Good night” I say as I lay back and snuggle into my bed. I quickly fall asleep with thoughts of tomorrow in my mind and plaguing my dreams.

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Chapter 17

I wake with my alarm blaring at 6:30 AM, I reach over and shut it off. I quietly moan to myself as it is earlier than I am usually up. I smell something strange in the air, is that bacon? I think to my self. “Hello is someone here?” I holler out it doesn’t much matter not like I would be able to do much sneaking to see who was out there. Second later the door opens, and I see Angie in the door frame.

“Good morning” she says. “I’m sorry if I scared you. I just didn’t feel right leaving you alone last night. I slept on the couch, so you don’t think I was in bed with you.”

“Oh, well thank you. Do I smell bacon?”

“Yes, yes you do. I decided to make some breakfast for us. You ready to get out of bed?”

“God yes with a good breakfast to look forward to.”

She comes over and starts to help me get ready to get out of bed. First a quick change and then sliding over into the chair. She helps move my legs over I take care of the rest. We head out I go straight to the table she plates up some pancakes and bacon.

“Thank you for the breakfast it is amazing.”

“Thank you, it’s a family recipe. When we are done, I will pack your bag and we can ger a move on.”

“sounds good” I say as my anxiety starts to rise. I have never had a good poker face when my anxiety was involved.

“Hey Sean. Are you ok?” She asks with more then a little concern in her voice.

“Yeah, just getting a little anxious. Worried about how things will go. And, and it’s happening today.”

She reaches across the table and takes my hand “everything will be great. Remember I told you I meet them in person. You all will help each other more than you can imagine.”

“I know, I know it’s just a huge step. You know?”

“I get you. Well let’s get you ready and get a move on.” She stands and heads into the bedroom quickly packs my bag.

I fallow her into the bedroom “Hey do you think I could get some pants on. We kind of rushed because of the breakfast.”

“Well why don’t we just keep the blanket over your lap. When we get there, you will have to strip down and put a gown on anyway. That and we aren’t going anywhere else.”

“I am really uncomfortable doing that. But I if you are sure that is the only place, we are going I can stay covered.”

She grabs my lap blanket and hands it to me, I tuck it in wound my legs. And she leads me out to the van. As we get in, she starts the van and we head in a different direction then to her office. “Um where are we going?” I ask.

“Oh shit. I am sorry I forgot to tell you. The departure center is across town at another center. Don’t worry I promise we are just going to the departure center.”

“Ok” I say as I relax as I look out the window watching the sites fly by. It takes us about 30 minuets to arrive. And she pulls up to a pair of sliding doors in what looks like a medical facility. The door has a sign that reads IDAA departures only. I think to myself “well this must be the place.”

“We are here” she says almost like she was reading my mind. She turns off the van and helps me out. We head in she goes to the receptionist “Hi Cassadi I have Sean Frederickson here with me today he is scheduled for departure this morning.”

“Good morning Angie I just had his file, here it is. Head down to room 5. Have him get on the bed and down to just his underwear and the gown. It’s good to see you again we should go have lunch or something.”

“It has been quite a while. Well let me see Sean off and we can plan something.”

Angie leads me down the hall to a small room with a stretcher and a couple folding chairs on the wall. I position my wheelchair right next to the bed drop the left arm rest and begin to slide over. As I get on Angie grabs my ankles and lifts them up on to the bed. She then helps take my T-shirt off and places the gown on me. As she is doing this, she looks at my diaper and says “Looks like I should change you before you get to comfy”

“You really don’t need to you have done plenty for me already.”

“It is my job to make this as comfortable for you as possible.”

I roll my eyes “Okay thank you.”

She makes quick work of the diaper change. As I lay back, she covers me with a blanket and sits on one of the chairs. A few moments of silence pass and a young woman with dark brown hair pulled up in a bun steps in the room from the other side. “I am Anna I am going to be your nurse until you depart. Angie here is going to stay until you leave so you have a friendly face along with you. I m going to start by confirming we have the wright client and that you still wish to precede. Would you mind telling me your name and date of birth.”

I give my name and date of birth.

“And you still wish to go through with the adoption? If so, I will need you to sign here.” She hands me a clipboard pointing to where I need to sign.

“I really don’t have much choice” I say to myself as I sign the form.

“Ok I m going to place an IV and get some fluids running. During your transport you will be getting all your nutrients through the IV site as well as medication to keep you asleep. You will be sleeping for about a week.” She says as she is getting everything ready.

“That’s a long time. But let’s do this.” Angie takes my hand as the nurse gets ready to stick it in a vein. It feels like Angie is squeezing my hand more then I am hers. I look at her “Afraid of needles?” she looks into my eyes and all she can do is nod. “Just keep looking at me, don’t worry about what the nurse is doing.” I slightly shake my head as the nurse flushes the IV. I look over at Anna “yep its in the right place.”

The nurse looks up at me, “how do you know?”

“I can smell and taste the flush.” I say with a smile. She hooks up regular IV fluids

“Ok I will be back in just a few with the medications to put you under. I will give you and Angie a moment as I get it all ready.” She turns and steps out.

I look over at Angie “you know yesterday was fun. If I was staying, I think we could have been great friends.”

Angie stands and steps close to the bed “Well I sure hope you think of me as a friend already. Because I think of you as that.”

“of course, I do.” I hold my hands out for a hug. She bends down and holds me tight. “you take care of yourself”

“you too and listen to Mark and Rose whether you want to believe it or not. They do have your best interests at heart.”

“Yes mom” I say playfully back at her.

We slowly part “You know if I had meet you sooner in my life, I think it would have been tolerable here. Thank you for showing me what a friendship could be like.”

All Angie can do is nod her head as she wipes a tear from her eyes. The nurse steps in “are we ready.”

“We are” Angie responds as she takes my hand.

The nurse takes a syringe and hooks it up to the hub. “After this you will wake in the other dimension. Good luck.” As she pushes on the plunger pushing the medication into my arm. I squeeze Angie’s hand once as the works goes black.

“When is she going to wake up?” I hear a voice just at the edge of my consciousness. I can almost recognize the voice, but it slips from my memory.

“when she wakes” another female voice answers.

“Hun, she has been through a lot just to get here. Se need to let her wake on her own.” I deep male voice add to the chorus. “remember what Jackie told us. She may be in a little shock when she does wake.”

I take quick stock of my body. I find everything as I remember. “Look her breathing has changed” the first voice says. Shoot I think gigs up, so I slowly open my eyes. And take a look around.

First impression I am in a nursery. Obviously in a hospital. “good morning sweetheart. Do you remember me?” the first voice says. The heart monitor that I am hooked up to starts to speed up.

“Rose your scaring her give her time.” The man says. When he says her name the missing pieces start to fall back into place and I start to calm down a little. I notice they are all sitting so don’t seam to be to tall as of yet.

“Mark, Rose its nice to finally meet you in person.” I say. “And why are you using ‘she’? Angie told me that that change as well as the medical would be fixed later”

“Well Your mommy and I talked about this a lot the last couple weeks. And decided that it since this is something you wanted; we should just get used to calling you ‘she’ instead of having to correct ourselves later. We also want you to know we are so happy you decided to live with up.”

“Mommy?” I ask as it dawns on me “Oh sorry” I say quickly more than a little embarrassed. I look at the third person “And who may you be miss?”

“My name is Crystal I am your nurse today and tomorrow before you can go home with your mommy and daddy.” The lady responds. “you are just going to be here long enough to get your second set of vaccinations and to make sure you aren’t bringing any nasty little bugs with you.” She finishes the sentence as if she where talking to a preschooler.

“Oh, that makes since.” I mumble

“Oh, sweetie she didn’t mean anything by that. We all know you are unregressed. But I need to tell you there are not many like you here. So, most everyone you meet outside of family and friends will probably treat you like that. Thank you, Crystal unless there is something else you need would you mind giving my husband and I some time with out new little girl here?”

“Yeah no problem I will be back in about an hour and visitation ends in three.” She stands and I really get a good look at how tall they are. As it is laying on my back, I can’t estimate how tall she is, but it scares me that anything can be that tall.

Mark looks at me, “Are you ok mi bambino?”

I look over at Mark “Yeah I will be. I was told you all where big. I couldn’t imagen how big.”

Mark and Rose glance at each other “sweetheart the nurse is just slightly outside mid height. She is only 12.5 feet tall.” Rose says.

“Oh really.” I shake my head “I guess with me laying here my senses are off. Wait you said ‘just’ so just how tall are you two?”

Mark answers first “I am a smidge over 18 Feet Rose is a healthy 16 feet.”

My jay opens in complete shock. “Close your mouth baby we don’t want a fly to buzz in there.” Rose teases gently. I quickly close my mouth. “So, Sean, there was precious little about your past in your file. We wont pry but we won’t be able to really help if we are completely in the dark. We also need to discus what colors you would like your room. Your daddy and I have it mostly set up just don’t have anything painted. Also, we need to decide what name to call you ‘Sean’ isn’t very feminine.”

“Well I will have to think on the name. I really haven’t given it any thought. As for the color of my room My favorite color is blue, but I guess going feminine purple will do.” I say.

“That is fine, we can take our time with the name. Mark we can stop at the store on our way home. We need to get the paint I want to get her room done tonight.” Rose says as she grabs Marks arm.

“Yes, hun we will get it all done.” Mark says.

Rose reaches through the short bars around my bed and places her hand on my leg. We sit there for a few moments just taking in the moment. The nurse steps in “Well I am sorry to interrupt, but I need to run some tests if you two could step out.”

“Actually, I think we will get going there are a few things we need to get ready for her home coming. Will you be alright mi bambino?”

“Yes, I will be fine. When will we see each other again?” I ask.

“Tomorrow dear” the nurse answers “As long as the tests come back clear you will be free to go home tomorrow. Actually, Rose would you mind picking her up. I need to get a weight and height.”

“Can I really?” Rose asks excitedly “Is it safe to?”

“Oh quite safe. You just need to remember she can’t hold her lower body up, so you will have to.”

Rose Slowly stands and now I can see the difference in their height, she bends over the bed and gently slides her hands under my back and my legs. “You know I am not going to break” I say.

“I am sorry” She says as she picks me up and cradles me in her arms. As she stands all the way up Mark stands and wraps his arms around rose in a hug.

“She is so sweet.” Mark says just over a whisper.

Rose lays me on the scale the nurse reads the scale and writes down the number “So what’s her weight?” Rose asks.

“let me get her height and I will let you know the numbers” the nurse says as she takes a cloth tape measure and lays it next to me. “Lay as straight as you can for me sweetie.” The nurse tells me. Takes the measurement and charts it. “you can put her back Rose.” As rose picks me up the nurse says, “she is 4 feet and 76 pounds.”

I whip my head at the nurse. “What. I was over 6 feet in the other dimension. What happened.” I say as I start to get scared again. It comes to almost a panic attack Rose notices moves me, so I am facing her holding me against her chest.

“Shhhhhh sweetie it will be ok. We will get through this. We love you and will never leave you.” She coos at me as she starts to sway me. I start to calm down. She carries me back to the bed, gently kisses me on my forehead and lays me down. “we will see you tomorrow sweetheart. You be nice to the nurses.”

“I will Rose.” I say with tears still in my eyes.

Mark takes her hand and they head to the door. I see her shoulders shake as I hear a sob. I look at the nurse as they exit the room “Did I say something wrong?” I ask.

“All littles call their care givers mommy and daddy. She may have hoped you would have cough on as we kept saying it.” I hang my head. “your new and unregressed I understand it can take some time. Just try, if not for yourself for them. You chose to come here and from what I can tell from our short time together it is for more than just your injury. They can help if you just give them a chance.”

“I will try, that’s all I can promise. Can I get anything to eat I am getting really hungry?”

“Will since you slept through dinner, I can’t get you any food, but I can get you a little something.”

She steps out and a few minuets later returns with a bottle full of a white liquid. “A bottle? Can I have a glass or something?”

“I am sorry policy dictates its this ore nothing.” She holds the bottle out to me I reach out and take it.

“Well if this is all I can get. Something is better than nothing.” I place the nipple in my mouth and give gently suck on it. A sweet almost too sweet fluid trickles into my mouth. “What is this?”

“It’s formula sweetie it will be good for you. Do you not like it?”

I give a small shrug “Its not bad a little too sweet but I like it.” As I drink the bottle.

“well I think its time for some little one to get to bed. Your mommy and daddy will pick you up tomorrow. Everything is checking out so far, you will get your second set of vaccinations right before you leave.” She reaches down and checks my diaper. “I should get this changed before you fall asleep.” She grabs the materials needed and makes quick work of a diaper change for me. A lot faster than I had ever had. When she finishes she tucks me into bed. “Sleep well little one if you need anything just cry out.”

I lay my head back between the formula and the stress of waking was really tired. I quickly fall asleep, and that night I actually have some pleasant dreams.

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Chapter 18

I awake right when there was a loud crash. I tried to roll away from the sound but all I can do is scream and cry. There is a voice I recognize as the nurse from last night. “Oh, sweetie I am so sorry. The door slipped from my fingers.” I am still crying as she picks me up, I start to fight her the best I can. Since I only have the use of my arms, I hit her arms and swing at her face as I get close. She quickly puts me down, “Okay dear I will just let you calm down.”

It takes a few moments, but I finally calm down enough to realize where I am. “I am sorry about what I just did Ma’am.”

“Its ok sweetie you didn’t hurt me. Now I know to make sure your awake before you are picked up.” She says with a chuckle. “I have your breakfast and as soon as your mommy and daddy arrive you will be free to go. Oh, after breakfast I will bring your vaccination in.”

“Thank you, wait you said this will be my second set. When did I get my first?”

“they where given to you before you woke not long after you arrived here. Because of your condition I feel it would be better for you to et in a highchair I am going to place you in one now.” As she bends back down to pick me up.

I blush as I am placed in the highchair and the tray was put in place. “this isn’t necessary I could have just sat up in the bed.”

“and make a mess of your crib no we can’t have that.” She places my breakfast on the tray which consisted of oatmeal and some diced fruit with a bottle of formula. I quickly eat and drink the bottle and start to feel what I would describe as drunk.

“Why I feels funny?” I ask with a little slur in my words.

“Little food sometimes had that effect on your little bodies. I thought it would help you relax a little.” The nurse says, as the door opens and Mark and Rose step in. I notice a pink bag over Rose’s shoulder but don’t think much about it.

“Oh goodness look at her. Did you eat all your breakfast sweetie?” Rose asks as she steps over to me inspecting the food tray.

“Ahhh huhh. I did mommy.” Mommy, mommy did I just call her mommy. I remember the conversation with the nurse last night, but so soon.

“Awwww you called me mommy.” Rose says with a little squeal.

“Rose honey calm down just a little.” Mark tells Rose, then looks at the nurse. “How was she last night?”

“Oh, she was an absolute angel. Slept right through the night. I do nee to warn you that you will need to wake her before you pick her up. She must have some underlying PTSD and reacted negatively to my attempting to calm her after I startled her awake.” The nurse answers. I am trying to fallow the conversation but my mind seams to be working in slow mode and I realize my head is fallowing the progress back and forth, but my mind is just not picking up what is being said.

Rose pulls me out of the highchair “Oh sweetie you need a change” she says then to the nurse as she is taking me over to a changing table I never noticed. “Thank you for that information we knew there would be some. When can we take her home?”

“Your very welcome. All I need to do is get her discharge papers ready, you will need to sign the adoption forms. And I will get her vaccinations then you will be all set.” She turns and walks out the door.

“Let’s get you out of this wet and stinky diaper and into so nice clothes to go home in.” As she Lays me on the table. Gently takes the gown off me. As she untapes the diaper she says to herself “these hospital diapers just wont do,” then to me “good thing I brought some better and much cuter diapers for such a cute little bug.” As she tickles my sides a little. I just couldn’t help but giggle. She very gently wipes me completely down lifting my bottom half up by grabbing my ankles and lifting she takes the old diaper out and slides a new one under. She powders me gently rubbing it in as there is a small trickle of pee that leaks out. She pulls the front of the diaper up and fastens it. “Awe look at that isn’t it so cute”

I look down and see a bright pink diaper taped to my waist. Noticing my waisted legs splayed wide open to accommodate the thickness of the diaper. I blush, “I don’t wike my wegs tan dems be toverd?”

“Awe sweetheart of course, Mark can you give her, her gift. It may distract her as I finish getting her ready.”

“Oh yeah, here I thought you bought this teddy bear for me” Mark teases and I giggle. He reaches towards me with a stuffed teddy bear in his hands, the bear has a red party dress on with a pleasant smile. I reach out and grab the bear and give it a huge hug.

“Thank you” I say as the little high was starting to wear off. Rose finishes getting me dressed in a light blue sun dress and matching tights.

“There you go, the legs are now all covered.” She exclaims. The Nurse comes in right after with several papers and three syringes in her hand.

“Now before I can have you sign the forms, I know you where checked through security, but I still need to verify that you are her new legal guardians”

“Oh of course we would never want a little to go to the wrong parents.” Mark says as he hands over his ID, and Rose quickly fallows with hers after securing the chest strap on the changing table.

“Thank you all is in order here. If you both could sign, Here and here.” The nurse says pointing to where Mark and Rose needed to sign then handing them the pen. The nurse walks over to me laying on the changing table. “Don’t you look adorable all dressed up. Okay sweetie I have your vaccinations these may hurt a bit. I have a special pacifier in my pocket that I am going to need you to suckle on before I give these to you.” She pulls out a pink pacifier and brings it towards my mouth. I part my lips and let the object slide in and start suckling. I instantly notice it has a flavor something like peaches and cream, but not quite. As I suckle my mind starts to get fuzzy again, along with my body. “Good girl” the nurse says she takes my arm wipes it with an alcohol wipe then quickly and expertly injects me with all three vaccinations. It takes a moment for my mind to register what happened and exactly how much it hurt I start crying hysterically as the pacifier falls from my mouth.

Rose quickly rushes over and unstraps me picking me up and sways with me with me pressed up against her chest. She coos at me to calm me down, not long after I stop crying with just a little sniffle here and there. “what was in the pacifier?” Rose asks.

“Oh, I just dipped it in a little flavor powder with a drop of little extract. I see that you have finished the paperwork. Let me scan her tracker and update the information then you will be free to go.” She takes a device waves it over mu right shoulder once it pulls up my information on the computer next to her. She quickly updates the information on the screen with Mark and Rose being my guardians and not a ward of the state as I had been since I had arrived. “Ok that should do it. You are free to go. Be good for your new mommy and daddy little one.”

Mark and Rose both thank her, and we head out the door. Rose moves me from her shoulder and cradles me in her arms as you would an infant. As we leave the hospital. When we arrive at a black SUV rose opens the back door and places me in a rear facing car seat that is very obviously for a girl. As she straps me in, I start to blush. She ruffles my hair just a little and hands me my bear. She pulls a Pacifier from the bag and hands it to me. “you don’t need to use this I just thought you may like it. You looked so cute with it as you took your shots, and you where such a brave girl.”

They get in the front of the vehicle and I slip the pacifier into my mouth. As the car starts and we head home. With in a couple minuets I am fast asleep in the back of the car.

I wake with a jump in the car seat as the front door is closed. Mark opens the other door and starts to unlatch me. “Its my turn to hold you mi bambino.” He says I yawn, and the pacifier falls form my mouth. “we are going to have to put a clip on this thing aren’t we” he says with a chuckle grabbing it and picking me up at the same time. “your mother wants to instantly show you, your room. I think we all need to have a little talk now that we are all alone. What do you want to do?” he asks looking down at me as I am cradled in his arms. I instantly notice a difference. He feels firmer more secure, almost safer than Rose.

“um the room isn’t going anywhere so let’s talk first if that’s ok.”

“We decided to leave it up to you so of course its ok. Now we have a littles walker that we thought you may appreciate. Its like a seat but when we get your legs fixed you will be able to walk around exercise your legs. I can place you in that or we can hold you its your call.” He says to me as we enter the living room I see rose sitting on the couch and she goes to stand as we come in. “She wants to talk first, she said that the bedroom isn’t going anywhere. Such a cutie.” I see the walker and its just like a toddler’s walker from my dimension. I decide to sit there so we can all see each other.

“So,” Rose starts. “we need to have a discussion about rules to start with, and we need to know your limitations. We know you can’t use your legs and have no control of your bathroom functions. Is there any thing else we need to know?”

“Well I do have a couple rods in my lower back so I really can’t bend very well. Other then that that is all.”

“Ok that’s simple to remember. I am sure when we get your legs fixed that will change. Now the nurses told up they didn’t have to do anything to remove hair from your diaper area. I am going to assume you did that before you came.” Mark says

“Yes, with me being completely dependent on diapers it is more hygienic and healthy to not have hair.”

“You are correct there. We had thought we would need to have a hard talk about that. Now to the rules.” Rose answers

“Wait a second hun” mark interrupts. “I have one thing that I we should talk about before the rules. As the rules may change. I noticed that you took to being treated little fairly quickly. Could you explain why?”

“Well it really hard to explain. Even before I was stuck in diapers, I had liked the idea of being treated like a little kid. And even wearing diapers I liked. And coming here I expected it. Now I would like to ask that we take things slow.” I look down at where I am seated. “well I guess somethings just can’t be helped. But if we could keep the I don’t know how to say it, baby talk, to a minimum in the house. I do understand that we won’t be able to control everyone we may come in contact with.”

“I actually thought it may have been something like that” Mark responds. “As for the baby talk, in the house that shouldn’t be a problem in most instances. We have intended to treat you as unregressed with the need of more assistance as you are. All our friends and family know you are unregressed. That doesn’t mean they all understand though.”

“That sounds wonderful thank you both for understanding. So, what are these rules you wanted to talk about.”

“Well,” starts rose. “The first rule is you will need to call us Mommy or Daddy in public. We would both love it if you did at home. But it is kind of expected in public.”

“I think I can do that.” I answer

“Next we can’t have you changing your own diapers. Its our responsibility to as your parents here to make sure you are healthy and happy. And we can’t keep you healthy if you are changing your own diapers.”

“That’s fine its kind of a pain in the ass to do that my self anyway.” I say with a slight smile.

“That leads to number three. No swearing.” Mark adds.

“I will try, I can’t promise I have been speaking like this for way too many years.”

“Well if you don’t, we are going to have to implement some sort of punishment. We really don’t want to have to punish you. However, for most especially at home it will be time out. And we have another form that we can use if needed. And for the most important rule. Just be in general nice. I know its really open ended there but I think you understand what I mean.” Mark says.

“Well they all seam fairly simple.” I say after a moment’s thought.

“Great, well I think it is time to show some little girl her new room.” Rose says.

“She needs a change also. She was rather soggy as we came in.” Mark adds.

I blush a little, as rose stands and comes to pick me up. She holds me to her shoulder with her arm under my butt. She carries me down the hall with Mark fallowing right behind. “Now close your eyes.”

“do I have to?” I whine

“If you don’t, we wont get you changed. Then you will start stinking. And I really don’t want to have a stinky girl.” Rose says with a slight chuckle.

“Fine, my eyes are closed.” As I giggle.

“for some reason I don’t believe you. Would you lie to me.” She says as she tickles my sides. She turns me around in her arms and covers my eyes with her hand. We are all laughing I feel an arm brush past me then we start moving. A few steps Rose asks, “Are we ready?”

“Please. Please may I see?”

“Yes, sweetheart you may see your new room.” Rose says as she removes her hand allowing me to see the room. The walls are painted a light sky blue with lavender accents. The crib has a lavender bed set there is a changing table against the wall across from the room is a window out to the back of the house. Under the window is a chest I assume to be a toy chest. There is a glider rocker in the corner next to the window. Between the crib and the changing table is a closet full of clothes.

“its beautiful thank you so much.” I say in complete amazement at what was done for me. I few tears escape my eyes.

Rose sees and turns me around “oh sweetie are you ok? Its not too much is it?”

“No, yes, I am fine. Nothing has ever been done for me like this before.”

“Oh, sweetness I am so sorry to hear that.” As she holds me tight in a hug. “Let’s get you changed.” She lays me down on the changing table. “Now at home right now I don’t think we need to worry about strapping you down. As because of how hard it is for you to roll. But when we are out, I will have to because others won’t know you can’t, and we can have LPS called on us.” She makes quick work of my diaper change but with just as much care as when I was in the hospital.

We all head back to the living room Rose hands me off to mark and says she is going to make a quick lunch then its time for me to take a nap.

“Want a tour of the house mi bambino?” Mark asks.

“Yeah that would be great.” I knew where my room was, but the rest was a total mystery. “Hey where did you come up with the “mi bambino” nick name?” I shyly ask as he stands and start to walk down the hall.

“Oh,” he starts with a chuckle I can feel vibrate all through his chest. “It was a cute name my grandmother used to call me. I remember how it made me feel when I was young and thought why not make it our phrase. Do you not like it? I mean I don’t have to use it if you don’t like.”

“I do like it. I get this warm feeling deep in my chest. I don’t know how to explain it.”

“You don’t need to I know just how you feel.” We finish the tour the house is one story with a full furnished basement there is a huge bathroom at the very end of the hall my room to the back and their room right across the hall. The hall ends at the living room with an open floor plan with the dinning area right at the back. There is a sliding glass door leading to a fenced in backyard right off the dining room separated by a breakfast bar is the kitchen with rose happily making a sandwich lunch for everyone.

Mark places me in the highchair they have and secures the lap strap. I notice there are many more straps but keep the question in. rose brings in the food for everyone. She ties a bib around my neck I blush and try to say I don’t need it.

“I know but I don’t want to risk making a mess of your cute dress. That and you are so adorable when you blush.” She gently teases with a huge smile on her face. As we eat Rose looks at me “So today is Tuesday, Saturday your daddy and I are planning a small welcoming party for you. We will have some friends and family over.”

I start to get a little scared and unfortunately it shows on my face. “Okay” I manage to studder out.

“Ohhhhhh sweetheart it will be ok. They all are very excited to meet you. There will be a few other littles that you can play with also.”

“Um who is going to be over?” I ask timidly

“Well your mommy works at a little daycare that you will be going to when I need to leave for my work. Also, you will be going three days a week. One of her coworkers Beth will be over. My mom and dad, Laura and Brad. My sister her husband, Teresa and John, and their little Brandon. Your mommy’s mom and dad, Kim and Mat. Her brother and sister. Their partners and their littles. Your mom’s sister Brook as a four your old child Mick, and she will be here. I need to warn you that some of them, especially your mommy’s brother and his family and my parents have rather outdated views on little. You will need to be on your best behavior and always call us mommy and daddy. When just those that are not old fashioned are here or we are with them its whatever you are comfortable with. We promise to keep you as safe and comfortable as we can. We have told them all, about you and but that doesn’t mean they will all respect you.” Mark tries to explain. “I know it’s a lot to take in. but we will all get through this together.”

I sit in silence and slowly nibble on my lunch. “Thank you for telling me. I will try my best. Can I ask a favor though?”

“You can ask anything.”

“If I start to get overwhelmed can I go to my room for a bit to calm down.”

“Of course, and Daddy or I will be with you to help.” Rose says. “I think it’s time for some little girl to take a nap.” She comes over to me takes my bib off, takes the tray away from the highchair grabs the bottle that I hadn’t touched and pucks me up. She cradles me as she caries to me to my room. “Why don’t we snuggle, and you can fish this bottle in your room.” As we enter my room she sits in the glider holding me gently to her, she brings the bottle to my lips and starts humming a tune as I start to fall asleep I think to myself, ‘this is really nice, I really need to start calling them mommy and daddy’

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Chapter 19

I woke laying in my crib. I had been changed from my dress into a light purple sleeper. I take a few moments to collect my thoughts about all that has been has happened in the last few days. Mark er…Daddy was right that speech he gave was a lot to take in. As I stretch, I feel and hear my belly grumble. ‘God how long was I asleep’ I decide to call out “M… MOMMY?” Then think ‘this is going to take some getting used to.’

A moment later the door opens and Rose peaks in. “I thought I heard someone one call me. How did you sleep baby?”

“Really good i didn’t know i was so sleepy.” I mumble around a yawn that I just couldn’t hold back. “I am getting hungry though.”

“Oh, are you? Well I guess I’m just going to have to put something in that belly of yours aren’t I.” She says as she reaches in and tickles my belly a little, before picking me up. “Whoops I’m going to have to change you first. I may need to look into getting thicker diapies. Especially for nighttime.” She lays me down and makes quick work of the change. Kissing me on the forehead before picking me back up.

She takes me out to living room where I see Mark sitting on the couch. Flipping through the menu on the TV hanging on the wall. He sees us come in the room and holds his arms out to take me. Rose places me on his lap and his left arm wraps around me. “How was the nap mi bambino?”

“It was good Ma…… Daddy”

Mark turns me so I am facing him and not the TV. “Now Sean, we really need to think on a better name for you. Anyway, you know it makes us happy to hear those names from you. But only when you.” He pokes my nose “are ready to”

I blush at the childish move he just made. “I know you said that. But I am going to need to get used to the names. And well you two have already done more for me in just a few days than anyone in the last 15 years.” I said with a tear sliding down my cheek.

He gently wipes the tear. “Do you want to talk about it?” I gently nod “take your time I’m here for you.”

Rose brings in a bottle and some snacks. “I hope this will settle your tummy until dinner in a couple hours. What’s wrong?”

“Oh, our little girl here was just about to tell me a story. Can Mommy listen?” He ends by asking me.

I nod my head and tell what had happened from my injury on. I leave the more mundane things. As I finish, I find myself sandwiched between mommy and daddy I feel mommy crying behind me. And daddy saying he was so sorry. Words when others just don’t know what to say. “Mommy, daddy” I manage to squeak out. “I need to breathe” they part with a small chuckle. Both wiping their eyes. I grab my bottle to realize it was empty as I was drinking it periodically through my story.

Rose takes the bottle and says, “why doesn’t mommy go fill this with some juice for you” and heads into the kitchen.

Mark looks down at me. “Sean”

“Shawnna” I interrupt

He pauses for a second “Shawnna it fits you. Shawnna please know. And I know we haven’t earned your trust yet. But know that we, your mommy and I will never leave you. Your mi bambino and i don’t call just anyone that.”

“I know daddy.” I say giving him a hug

As Rose comes in with my bottle she says “aweee just look at the princess and her king” I stick my tongue out at her but we all chuckle.

“Well this princess has chosen her name.” Mark says

“Oh, do tell.”

I pull back from the hug and reach my hand out as if to shake hers “my name is Shawnna it’s nice to meet you” I say as I struggle to keep a straight face

“Awe Shawnna and with such nice manures” as she places my bottle in my hand. "So, I decided to take this week off to help get you settled. We need to schedule a Dr appointment for you next week to start planning when we will get you all fixed up. But why don’t we just all snuggle together on the couch and watch some TV for a bit.

The rest of the week drug by. You can’t imagine how utterly bored when you can’t move yourself from where you are placed. I tried crawling on my elbows once. Where I was picked up not 5 feet from where I started and placed in the Walker. I had learned that daddy had blocked several channels from the tv. He informed me that those channels have hypnotic messages to regress littles. There were some child friendly channels that mommy kept turning it to and placing the remote out of reach. But in all we fell into an easy rhythm.

Daddy would spend most of his morning in the basement. I learned he had an office down there. And mommy took care of me and kept the house clean. Each night mommy would feed me a bottle in the glider and read a story to me. After she played me in my crib daddy would come in give me a kiss on my cheek and say “good night mi bambino sleep well and have sweet dreams” I was loving all the attention I was getting and honestly loving them more and more each day.

This night however was Friday night. The night before the part. I was getting really nervous and mommy could tell. “Sweetheart I know tomorrow will seam really scary, but mommy and daddy will be right beside you. And won’t let any harm come to you. It will be just us in the morning. You will have an early lunch and early nap. They should start arriving around 2. We are going to have a barbecue in the backyard. And you will get lots of gifts. Besides you will be able to make new friends to play with.”

I move the bottle from my mouth “I know mommy, but I have never been around so many bugs before, will they like me? Will they respect me? It’s all so out of my control.”

“I know sweetness I know. Everyone who will be there knows you as Shawnna and as a woman. Well with the exception of Beth. Since there will be times at daycare that she will need to change you she needed to know it all. But she knows your new name and will call you that.” She explains as I continue to drink my bottle and my eyes start to get heavy. “Good night princess.” Mommy whispers as she lays me in my crib

“Ni ni momma”


The next morning daddy wakes me up by saying as he enters the room “good morning mi bambino.”

I yawn as the pacifier falls from my mouth. “Good morning daddy”

“How did you sleep?”

“Ok I woke a few times to from some dreams, but I don’t remember what they were.”

“Awee I’m sorry to hear that. Let’s get that butt of yours changed and maybe if we are quiet, we can surprise mommy with breakfast in bed.” He strips me of my sleeper “you sure did a number on this thing. It’s a good thing mommy got you thicker diapers.” He untapes my diaper and cleans me up. As he grabs a clean diaper “now how does this thing go again?” He teases.

“Daddy your silly”

“Oh, am i” as he tickles my sides and belly. I can’t help but giggle hysterically “if I keep this up we can’t surprise mommy. With your giggles you can wake the world up” he says with a grin. He finishes the diaper change. He’s not as practiced as mommy but still good. He puts my sleeper back on me and we go to the kitchen. “How does pancakes and bacon sound my little sue chef?”

“Delicious daddy” He places me in the highchair and puts the tray on. “Daddy I thought I was going to help?”

“Oh, don’t worry your little head. You will help plenty.” As he brings out a big bowl and whisk placing both on the tray. He adds pancake mix and water. “Now you” as he touches my nose “mix this really good, okay?”

“Yes sir” I say grabbing the whisk like a sword and stabbing it into the mix. He laughs as he starts the stove top placing a skillet on. Then turns to the coffee maker to start the coffee. As he finishes placing the first round of bacon on the skillet he asks. “How’s that coming?” As he looks over at me and sees me struggling a little to mix what’s in the bowl. “Honey, if that’s too much all you had to do was say.”

“But I wanna help” I whine just a little.

“Tell you what. Why don’t I move you into the kitchen and you can tell me when to flip? Or better yet the designated taste tester”

“That I can do” I say with a giggle.

He drags the highchair into the kitchen and quickly mixes the pancakes. Gets them started then Hinds me the biggest piece of bacon I have ever seen. “Eat slowly hun.” He reminds me “so we have big day ahead of us.” I nod my head as my face starts to show my anxiety. “I know a few may be scary but I am positive you will fall in love with many of them.” He goes quite as he finishes the breakfast. He makes her plate makes a bottle for me and pours a cup of coffee. Pulls me out of the highchair hand me the cup of coffee keeping his hands near it “do you got it?”

“Yeah I think so” I say it was heavier than I expected but not so much as I couldn’t hold it.

He grabs he slides my bottle into his pants pocket and grabs her plate. “Now when we get to the room you need to be quiet. I’m going to place everything on the nightstand. Then either lay you on her or next to her depending on how she is laying.”

I giggle with the excitement of actually waking her up for a change. As we enter their room, we find her laying on her back still sound asleep. Slightly snoring its actually kind of cute.

Once he gets everything placed just right, he gently lays me on her chest. I feel her stir just a little. I am laying with my body between her breasts and the top of my head just under her chin. I lay completely down and start to relax from the heat and the comfort I am getting just being there. Daddy looks at me and whispers “you’re supposed to wake her silly goose”

“Oh yeah it’s just so comfy.” I say as I prop myself up on my elbows. “Mommy” I say a little louder not trying to startle her awake. “Mommy we have breakfast it’s time to wake up”

I can’t see past her chin to tell if she is waking up. But the fingers I feel tickling my sides tell me she is well awake now. As I giggle and squirm. “Oh, good morning princess did my two sneaky loves make me breakfast in bed?” Mommy says tilting her head down and giving me a kiss on the forehead.

“With such a busy day I thought you would like to sleep in a little and enjoy a nice little surprise” daddy says. “I have her bottle here. And a cup of coffee for you. If you feed, her I will go make her a small plate and bring in the food tray so you two can eat here.”

“Sounds wonderful and thank you it was a wonderful way to wake up.” She scoots up in the bed, so she is sitting up the sheets stay where they are exposing that she sleeps in the nude. I wasn’t expecting that. I blush at the first time seeing her like this. She grabs her coffee takes a sip. As she puts it back grabs my bottle and moves me, so I am laying in the crook of her right arm holding the bottle with her left. “I hope you’re not too uncomfortable with how I am right now. I really was not expecting this.”

“Its otay momma” I say around the nipple.

“You’re so sweet. Can you hold this?” She asked I reach up and hold the bottle so she can get more coffee. When my bottle is about half empty daddy brings in a tray to go over mommy’s lap with my breakfast. She takes the bottle and turns me, so my back is against her belly and the tray is right in front of us. He moves her food onto the tray and mommy, and I start eating. I was so excited I forgot to use my fork. Mommy chuckles at seeing me eat with my hands “looks like I’m going to have to give you a bath this morning” she says as she ruffles my hair.

After breakfast she moves the tray and slides me over to the middle of the bed. She slides out and pulls grabs a robe to wrap around herself. She picks me up to take me in for a bath “boy you sure made a mess with breakfast. Are you sure you got any in your mouth” she teases

I roll my eyes “yes mommy I got plenty in my mouth.”

She hollers down the hall as we exit the room. “Mark can you get something for Shawnna to wear. I need to give her a bath.”

“Sure, thing are we getting her dressed for the party now?” He responds coming around the corner from the kitchen.

“No, I will do that after her nap”

“Ok I will just grab a onesie then”

As we enter the bathroom mommy lays me on the bathroom rug and starts the water. She strips me down and sits me in the tub. They went and bought a bath chair like one for an infant. But it helps me feel secure and safe in the tub. She stops the water just at my belly button and places a couple bath toys in there with me. After the initial embarrassment of being bathed, I have come to really like bath time. The love, care and affection I feel as mommy is cleaning me. Daddy brings in a pastel pink onesie and a clean diaper. “Daddyyyyyy pink” I whine.

“It’s only for the morning mi bambino, besides you look so cute in pink.” He says

I cross my arms and pout. “Fine.” I respond.

Mommy tickles me “don’t be like that princess. We want today to be a good day. And having a miserable little girl will make it a bad day.”

“I will try mommy I promise” after the bath I was quickly dressed and found myself in my walker in front of the TV with a kid’s channel on. As mommy and daddy are rushing around getting ready for the party. I am given a small lunch in front of the TV and a bottle. As soon as I was finished mommy came and pulled me out of the walker.

“I am sorry we didn’t spend much time with you this morning princess. We, well more I, really wants this to go smoothly for everyone.”

“It’s okay mommy. I just want this day to be over”

“I know sweetheart. Try to get some sleep I will wake you before people start to arrive.”

“I will try mommy” she lays me in my crib places my pacifier in my mouth and brings my bear up to me. I cuddle the bear as she pulls my blanket over me and gives me a kiss on my forehead and leaves. It takes me a few minutes, but I do finally drift off to sleep.

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Okay, so I’ve been quiet this whole time, and maybe I shouldn’t have waited this long to speak, but it is what it is.

I have no doubt that there is a not-insignificant amount of autobiography here. The problem is, you approach it clinically. And you don’t present realistic dialogue - it feels incredibly truncated, like you just clipped the one sentence that was most impactful out of what had to be an enormously emotional back-and-forth and held that up as the ONLY thing said during a dramatic moment So it feels wooden, unreal, when I can just sense that there is very real personal experience behind it.

Sad part is, by the time you got to the DD adoption part, I was left feeling like this elaborate backstory was just a big setup for the self-insertion part, your desire to magically be turned into a female with no repercussions. Because none of the emotions felt real, as much as you were trying to convey real situations and real emotions.

I am sorry you feel this way. I can completely understand where you get that impression. that is the funny thing about memory things get lost and only the really impactful things last. this back story was ment to be like a memory. I should have made the dialog especially during the emotional times. As it goes more into the “present” I will work on making the story better.

Chapter 20

I am awoken by daddy’s voice “mom don’t Pick her up.”

“Oh, nonsense all little love being held.” as I feel these hands scoop me up. My eyes pop open and instant fight mode kicks is.

This woman’s face older than mommies or daddy’s is completely in my field of view. I punch the biggest closest target I can, which happens to be her nose. I feel the nose give as I make contact she screams out in pain as I am dropped in a heap back in the crib. Daddy rushes over to me as the woman yells. “You stupid little bitch, you broke my nose.” Then turns to daddy “I knew it was wrong all littles need to be regressed.” She is holding her nose.

Daddy picks me up and holds me to his shoulder. “Shhhhh sweetie it will be ok. Mom go the bathroom and get cleaned up. Once Shawnna is awake she will be in a better mood.” the hollers out the room “rose can you come help my mom as I get Shawnna ready.” mommy was already at the door after hearing the screaming.

“What happened?” She asks daddy quickly explains “no, I got her you take care of your mom I can’t look at her right now.” Daddy hands me over to mommy as I start to cry. “Oh, princess I am so sorry. She said she just wanted to look.” She sits in the glider and we rock for a minute as I start to calm down. I start to shake as my adrenaline comes down. “Let’s get you dressed. They came earlier than expected.” She lays me on the changing table. And makes quick work of my change. She places a light purple party dress on me that does nothing to hide my diapers and a pair of white tights to cover my legs. “There you go all pretty for the party.” She reaches into the crib grabs my pacifier attaches it to a clip and clips it to my dress. “Now I want to ask a favor. If you feel you are about to say something bad, please put this in your mouth. You won’t be leaving our side unless it’s to one we really trust ok” I nod “good girl.”

I can hear Daddy talking to his mom in the bathroom. She tells him “How can you let a little menace like that in your house?”

“Mom the poor thing has PTSD. We react when startled.” He tells her

“That’s why all little need to be regressed. Then there is no worry about their past make it so they can’t even remember their names.”

As we leave my bedroom daddies mom and him are coming out of the bathroom. Daddy says “I guess proper introductions are in order. Mom this is Shawnna my little girl, Shawnna this is your grandmother Laura.”

I decide for now it may be best to save the piece “Hello Laura. I am sorry about hitting you”

“Yeah if it was in my power you would. Never be able to do that again.” Laura says

I lose all respect that I may have had for her then. She obviously thinks so little of us.

Mommy responds “it’s a good thing she isn’t yours then” as she turns and walks to the living room. There is a knock on the door. And mommy and I go answer as she opens the door there is an amazon that is a few inches shorter than mommy with fiery red hair in very tight curls. “Beth it’s so good you could come!”

“God Rose it’s like I haven’t seen you in a week. Oh yeah it has been a week” she responds with a laugh. “Do you think I could pass up the chance to meet your new little before everyone else. Is this her?” Mommy nods. “Hello Shawnna, it’s a pleasure to meet you!” she says directly to me holding out her hand.

I shake her hand “it’s nice to meet you also Beth. Mommy tells me you work with her.”

“That’s right and I promise when you come with her, we will have so much fun.” We all head into the living room the bigs chatting over me, not like I’m not there but just about things at work and catching up with each other.

As everyone one starts to show up, I am in mommy’s arms as she greats everyone. daddy and the guys are outside with the grill cooking on the grill. The littles are playing outside with a couple bigs keeping an eye on them I noticed one little is running around with the amazon kid and 2 of the littles are barely able to crawl. I am in mommies arms as she was stepping out back “I am going to have to sit you with the littles for a little bit. Ok hun?”

“Yeah I guess mommy” I say sticking the pacifier in my mouth.

She sets me down in the grass. I notice it is brook and Kate that are watching the littles and Mick. Brandon and Mick run over to me “Shawnna come play!!” they both squeal in pleasure that I am finally on the ground and can play.

“Mick, I know I told you this. And I am sure your parents did also Brandon. But Shawnna can’t run like you guys can” Brook says simply.

“Oh” says Brandon “is she regressed like Amber and Stephen?”

“No, I am not regressed my legs just don’t work right.” I say taking the pacifier out.

“If she was mine, I would just regress her and leave as she is.” Kate says.

Brook speaks up “you know we don’t talk bad about your parenting style. you really should respect theirs.”

Brandon interrupts my listening in “I can get my mommy or your mommy to take you over to the sand box. Does that sound fun mick?”

“Yeah that sounds like lots of fun!” Mick exclaims clapping her hands.

“Thank you but you two go have fun. I won’t be able to do a lot.” I say more than a little sad. As I start to feel sorry for myself.

“Auntie Rose, auntie Rose” Mick starts to yell “Shawnna is cwying”

Brook comes over “can I pick you up sweetie?” I nod my head as I am wiping the tears from my face. She picks me up and places me on her shoulder. “What’s wrong dear?” She asks as I quietly cry on her shoulder.

Mommy comes over after placing a dish on the outside table. “What’s going on?”

“I’m not sure I was talking with Kate, Brandon and Mick where talking with her. The mick starts yelling.” She explains to mommy.

“I… I… can’t go play, I can’t move, I can’t… I’m stuck wherever I am placed!” I studder past my crying.

Mommy places her hand on my back. “oh sweetheart, you are special just the way you are. And we will get you fixed as soon as we can. Then you can play all day long.”

“She would be better if you would just leave her that way. Hell, it’s your choice keep him as a him. That’s even better.” Kate says

“You need to shut up!!! Or you can just leave” mommy says and I can hear the anger in her voice. “I don’t tell you how to raise your littles. Stay out of mine!”

“Why don’t I take Shawnna in and get her changed.” Brook says

“Are you ok with Auntie Brook changing you?” Mommy asks.

All I can do is nod. As I am still snuffling in her shoulder. We head in and straight to my room. I can look over Brooks shoulder as we go in and I see mommy in Kates face talking very angrily. As brook lays me down on my changing table I ask, “Did I do something wrong?”

“No Shawnna you did nothing wrong. Kate just has some very poor views on how to raise a little. You are gorgeous and I am excited to see you be able to run and play with my baby girl.” As she takes my tights down, I see a shadow of pain cross her face as she gets her first look at my legs. “Oh, baby I am sorry for this.” As she untapes my diaper and pulls it down. I blush and hide my face in my skirt. “Oh, stop that silly. You are gorgeous regardless of what’s in your diapers.” She makes quick work of changing me. I can tell she has loads of practice. “There all dry, now I thought I heard your daddy saying dinner was almost done. Shall we go see?”

“yes, please! I am starving!” I respond eagerly

She picks me up and instantly blows a raspberry on my belly and I can’t help but to start giggling. “there is the happy girl I was told all about.” Brook says with a smile. She cradles me so I can see where we are going, as she heads out back. We see everyone starting to gather to get their dinner.

Beth walks over to us “No fair you got to change this cutie first. I thought we where going to be buddies.”

“I hope we can Beth I was upset, and she had me in her arms already. Would it help you feel better if I ate on your lap?”

“Oh, I would love that, and you can sit there when you open your gifts. If you want.”

“Yours or mommy’s” I grin

Brook hands me over to Beth who promptly plants a kiss on my cheek. “I am sorry today hasn’t gone as well as we had hoped. But I hear you have a mean right hook. You almost broke Laura’s nose.”

“I am sorry I did that. If I had been awake, I wouldn’t have.”

“Oh, dear don’t worry I don’t like her much either” she says with a wink. We sit down and I am pulled back against her belly.

“That little really should be with the rest” Kate says

“This party is for her shut the fuck up Kate. If you can’t keep your comments to yourself, you can leave.” Daddy says crossly.

“However, when we bring the cake out, she should go in her highchair. That is unless you want to wear the cake also.” Mommy says.

“oh, I have no intention on wearing any cake.” Beth chuckles.

“Steak or chicken mi bambino” daddy asks me

“you can’t be serious. You are calling that violent little bitch that?” Laura says.

“Yes, mom I do she is a part of my family. If you can’t accept that you can leave also.” Daddy snaps at his mom. “So, what would you like Shawnna?”

“um steak please.” I say. Daddy cuts a steak and puts a bunch of other things on the plate. And places it in front of me. I take a look at the plate there is the steak, mashed potatoes, pasta salad, fruit salad, and corn. I start to dig in.

“Use your fork sweetheart” mommy reminds me with a giggle.

I realize I started eating with my hands. “Sorry mommy, the foods really good tough” Beth wipes my hand and hands me my fork. I eat the whole plate as everyone is talking. There are some questions asked of me, and I answer them all respectfully even from Kate and Laura.

“See I can cook” Daddy says to Mommy.

“I never said you couldn’t. I’m just better”

Mommy hands Beth a bottle for me, she shifts me in her arms and starts to feed me. As I finish the bottle Mommy says, “I think it’s time for cake.” She lifts me from Beth’s arms and sits me in my highchair before she places the lap strap and the tray, she strips me of my dress then finishes securing me. Daddy brings out a small cake, one that I have seen babies eat on their first birthday I think it’s called a smash cake. He places it on the tray. I notice Brook is bringing out a larger cake for everyone else. My cake has ‘Welcome home Shawnna’ written on in pretty pink writing. There are purple icing designs around the top and bottom. There is a pink rose right above the writing.

I notice there is no fork, I look up and see mommy with a camera at the ready. I think to myself ‘I might as well embrace the little for this one’. I take a hand full of cake and take a small bite. I instantly get hit with the little high and proceed to start shoveling the cake in my mouth not caring the mess I make. I quickly loose track of how many flashes go off.

After I have eaten all that I can, mommy comes over to me with a washcloth and begins to wipe me down “Maybe it would be quicker just to give you a bath.” All I can do is smile at her. She finishes her work pulls me out “Lets take you inside for a bit.” She takes me in lays me on the living room floor. “Did you have fun princess?” She asks as she slides my dress back over my head

“Ahhh huhhhh wots mommy.” I respond when my head is free.

“good I’m glad, you know you didn’t have to go that far.”

“Wike I had a choice” I giggle.

She gives a little chuckle “Well I guess not. Let me place you in your walker and let you come down. We will all be in, in a bit so you can open your gifts.”

“otays mommy” God that little extract goes straight to my head

Mommy places me in my walker and I start to idly play with the toys on the walker. A few moments later Kate brings her littles in changes them leaving them in just their diapers and puts on the TV. Fiddles with the remote and puts it on a channel I have never seen before. She walks over to me, “This will put you in your place” and faces me towards the TV. As the show starts, I find my eyes unable to break from the TV and the world starts to fade.

I don’t know how long I was there watching the TV. I come out of my haze when the TV was turned off. With Mommy yelling at Kate and her littles crying. “What in the hell did you do?”

“Oh, stop its just temporary, she will be normal in a few hours.”

“I don’t care! We told you that we nor her desired to be regressed. You took it upon yourself to attack us, That’s the last fucking straw!!! Get your littles and your shit and get the fuck out of my house. You are not welcome near my family again!!”

“Your over reacting Rose” Kate sneers

“Over reacting. You fucking regressed my little girl.” Mommy yells. “Get out now” Mommy says just above a whisper to me it sounds like she is about to rip Kates throat out. I then start to realize just how far Mommy will go to protect me.

“Fine” as Kate goes to the back door and calls for Kevin.

“And don’t ever come back” Mommy says as I watch Kate and Kevin her husband gather their littles and belongings including the gift they bought. As they walk out the door mommy comes over to me. “Baby are you ok? Please just say something!”

“Mommy I am fine what happened?”

Mommy stops and just blinks at me for a second. “Mark come hear please.” She hollers.

Daddy comes in, in a rush “Everyone is still outside, getting a little worried about what’s going on. You look like you saw a ghost what’s wrong?”

“I come in and see Kate on her phone as her littles and Shawnna are fully engrossed in a regression channel.” Mommy says. As she says that things start to click in my mind. ‘the bitch tried to regress me. Why didn’t it work?’

“No, she didn’t, I’m going to kill her. Where is she?”

“Mark I already kicked her out and she is never coming back. But Mark it didn’t work. Shawnna wasn’t regressed.”

“Your shitting me. Shawnna, baby how do you feel?”

“I am fine Daddy; did she really try to regress me? And um…. why didn’t it work. I get the little high easy enough.”

Daddy looks at me then at mommy “Both of you. We can’t tell anyone. Rose you caught her resetting the channels. That’s why you kicked her out. We will talk to Dr Ungar Tuesday maybe she has an answer.” He looks at us both waiting for us to nod our heads. “Baby we will get to the bottom of this I promise.”

“Ok daddy……… am I broken?”

“No mi bambino you are just fine. Let’s finish this party up and we can spend some alone time together. How does that sound?”

“Great daddy. Mommy Bethy wants me to sit on her lap for the gifts, can I?” I can see concern on her face.

“Bethy huh I think she will like that nickname and yes you can. Daddy will hand you your gifts and I will gladly take all the pictures.”

Daddy stands up and walks to the back door. “Ok everyone the excitement is over. Let’s bring this party inside. Beth some little girl wants to sit on your lap to open her gifts.”

Everyone starts to come in. As Beth picks me up, she looks at mommy “so what happened? We all heard some commotion.”

“I caught Kate unlocking the regression channels.” Mommy says.

“Oh no. It’s a good thing you caught her on time.”

“Could you hang out after the party for a few?”

“Yeah no problem. Who wouldn’t want to spend more time with this cutie.” Beth says as she tickles me just a little and I squeal and giggle. She sits on the floor crossing her legs and plants me in her lap. Everyone takes a seat on the chairs or the floor as daddy starts bringing the gifts over.

As the first gift is handed to me, I start by reading the tag “To Shawnna, from Teresa and John” I say looking at Daddy’s sister, I start slowly pulling the tapes off the sides.

“Nope that is not how we do this” Beth says as she reaches and rips the paper.

“I wanted to save that. It was pretty.” I say with a little pout. I finish unwrapping the gift by ripping the paper as Beth had already started. Inside the box are some cloths, I pull one out and it is a denim overall dress, with a puppy embroidered on the bib. There is a Lavender onesie with a matching puppy to go with. “Thank you, Aunt Teresa. I can’t come give you a hug or I so would.”

“Your welcome dear I thought you might like it.” She says.

As gift after gift come my way. There are lots of cloths, and some items to make mommy and daddies life easier. One being a little monitor. Like a baby monitor but for littles. I think to myself ‘is there really a difference?’

I am handed another gift I read the tag “From Gammi, and pappi. Um who are they?”

“Brad and I are” Says Laura. “I know we never said to call us that. But no good little would be rude about it.”

“I am sorry I didn’t mean to be rude, I just wanted to thank the appropriate people.” I go and rip the paper and take a look at the box. On the front of the box is a picture of a smiling little with this belt type thing that seamed to be holding its arms to it and its ankles near his overly padded butt, with two smiling amazons looking down at the little.

Daddy takes the box. “Mom this is uncalled for. I am going to be blunt here and I don’t care how you take it. I have tolerated a lot because you are my mother. But you just crossed a line that you can never come back from. This “gift” will never be used. And most likely will be thrown out with the rest of the trash as soon as you leave. This treatment will never be allowed near my daughter and if you can’t accept that, there is the door. I assume you know your way home.”

Her jaw drops. “come on Brad it seams we are no longer welcome. Mark I am not sorry for trying to make your life easier.”
“Really mom, really. You knew our requests even before she came to live with us. You have known my feelings since I was a kid myself.” Daddy says. The more they are talking the angrier I am getting. I start to make a grumble in the back of my throat like a growl. Beth pulls me closer and starts to run her fingers trough my hair trying to calm me down. Daddy looks angry but sad at the same time. I am angrier at what she is doing to him then to me. “please just go” Daddy says. She grabs her things including the restraining device and leaves.

Beth looks down at me “Some little puppy was getting really angry there.”

“That fucking AMAZON hurt my daddy.”

“SHAWNNA, we don’t use that word.” Beth scolds.

“Bethy, I am not a racist person. And I know that term is viewed as a derogatory term. I am sorry, I see it this way there are bigs like you and mommy and daddy and Brook, who are all very nice. Then there are amazons that are very mean. And she is very mean.” I explain myself to her.

“Oh, my little puppers we are going to get along so well. Did you just call me Bethy? You are so cute.”

As I finish unwrapping the gifts, I get to Beths last. I read the tag “To Shawnna. From Beth” I look up at her and she winks at me. I promptly rip the paper. And I find it to be a tablet, little sized but as I read it says its designed to stimulate unregessed little minds. “Ohhhhh Bethy thank you soooo soooo much. I get so bored some days not being able to do a whole lot.” I reach my arms up to try to give her a hug, but she turns me around and we hug each other.

“You know I can get used to you calling me Bethy.” She whispers in my ear. “You know Rose and Mark if you’re not careful I may just steal this little girl form you.” She tells mommy and daddy with a grin.

“Over our dead bodies” daddy says, and everyone has a good laugh.

“Ok hun I think its my turn to change your cute bottom. I am going to go change her real quick and we will be right back.” Beth says

She stands with me and carries me into my nursery. As she lays me down, she looks me straight in the eye. “Yes, I already know what’s hiding under this cute diapie. You need to know I respect you and actually look up to you a little. Having the strength and courage to make that change. not a lot of bigs or littles would go through with it.”

“Thank you. Unfortunately, I really didn’t have a lot of choices left in my old dimension. And well since I was starting over and this option was given, I had to take the opportunity.”

“I don’t know all that you have gone through. I only know a small portion. I hope one day I can earn your trust enough that you are willing to share some with me.” She says as she untapes my diaper and starts to wipe me down.

Suddenly we hear the little voice of Brandon at the door. “Wait she has a pee pee like me. That’s so cool.”

“Brandon go back to your mommy, its not nice to barge in when another is being changed in private. And that’s why we came back here for privacy.”

“Sorry, I love your room Shawnna.” He says as he turns and heads to the living room.

“Well, it was bound to come out eventually” I say.

“Yeah its not something that can really be hidden for very long. The good thing, he didn’t seam to mind. And you will be seeing him at the little care center your mommy and I work at. So, you will have a friend.” Beth says.

She finishes changing me and takes me back to the living room. Teresa looks at me “I’m sorry we didn’t even know he was gone until he was at your door. I hope your not too embraced.”

“No, it was bound to come out eventually. Besides I can’t expect to only be changed in the privacy of our home.”

“This is true, Brandon come here let’s get you your night feeding then we can head out and get you to bed.” Brandon toddles over to her, as she unbuttons her blouse, and unhooks the nursing bra she has on. Picks up Brandon and cradles him as he laches on and starts to nurse. I can’t seem to take my eyes off the sight. “Your first time seeing this?” she asks. I blush and nod. “Its ok, this is normal for a lot of big and little relationships.”

Beth hands me over to mommy and says “why don’t wo open this up and see how it works” as she grabs the tablet. The three of us sit there figuring it out as Brandon is eating. Brook, Kris and Mick say their goodbyes, we all exchange hugs.

I tell Mick “Next time we are together maybe we can color.”

“Dat be fun” she says as she rubs her eyes. They leave after that.

When Brandon is done, he is quickly changed right there in the living room. Sleeping soundly, Teresa says goodbye and gives us hugs. I thank her again for the gifts. And they leave, that leaves me, mommy, daddy, and Beth. “So why did you ask me to hang out longer?” Beth asks.

“Shawnna, Beth is one of the very few your Daddy and I trust with everything.” I nod my head

“I really like her can we keep her?”

Mommy chuckles and squeezes me a little “Don’t worry sweetheart she isn’t going anywhere. Well Beth we told a white lie to everyone. I did not catch the TV on time. I don’t know how long Shawnna was watching it. She was completely engrossed into it, however, the funny thing. The hypnosis didn’t affect her. Not at all.”

“You really are a special little girl aren’t you.” Beth says to me.

“I just think I’m broken” I respond solemnly.

“No, you are not broken Shawnna, you are our sweet special girl. When we take her to her Dr Tuesday we are going to ask about it. It may be something normal, but we are going to get to the bottom of it.” Daddy says. He looks at me “I promise we will get to the bottom of it”

“So, are those four allowed around Shawnna again?" Beth asks

“Not its I have anything to have with it.” Mommy says pulling me in tighter as if to impress that she will always be there to protect me.

“So how can I help?” Beth asks

“Just another person to help protect her and cover if anything like this happens again. You know how that hypnosis is everywhere anymore.” Daddy says.

My mind drifts from what was being said or what had happened. It was going round and round about why an unregressed little would breastfeed. And why breastfeeding. “Mommy, why did Teresa breastfeed Brandon?”

“really. that’s what your thinking about?” Mommy askes shocked.

“I’m sorry. I know this is important. But until we know why I don’t see how it really matters. I am the way I am.” I say with a shrug.

“Yes, you are. And we love you now and forever.” Mommy says. “Well your question there are a few reasons. One, there is a lot of bonding that happens. There is a chemical in out milk that is sort of addicting like the little extract is. The chemical also has an effect on littles where they temporarily regress, but not like Amber and Stephen, more where the little losses some or all of the fear of letting go and be well little. I don’t know how else to explain it. It makes us happy and the littles happy.”

“Is it something you want to do?” I ask not out of fear but curiosity.

“Why don’t we talk about this latter how does that sound?”

“Ok mommy.”

“Well I will help keep an eye on the sweet thing. I really should get going let you get her settled and ready for bed.” Beth says.

As she stands to leave Mommy stands with me cradled in her arms and gives her a hug. “thank you, thank you for everything.”

“Don’t think on it” Beth says. As they part, I wrap my arms around Beth’s neck and hang there, she quickly grabs me and holds me close.

“Thank you for the gift, and just being you.” I say

She hugs me tight, “you are very welcome. I can’t have my little puppy going stir crazy cooped up n the house all the time now can I.” She hands me back to Mommy. Turns and gives Daddy a hug and leaves.

When we are finally alone. Mommy looks at me “Besides the trouble spots did you have fun today?”

“I did. A lot you’re your families are really nice. And so is Beth.”

“Your family too silly. Let’s get you your bottle dressed for bed and we can finish this discussion.” Mommy says. “Mark can you make her a bottle and bring it to the nursery

She carries me into my nursery, she takes my dress off and my tights. She changes me into my thick nighttime diaper. She walks to the closet and pulls out a deep purple night gown. “I need to do some laundry tomorrow.” She says to herself. I hold my arms up as she slides the night gown down my body. Daddy comes in with my bottle. “Thank you honey why don’t you stay.”

“If you want. I just thought it would be more a talk between you girls.”

“Well it may not effect you, but it does involve the care of Shawnna so yes stay. I for one would like to know your thoughts.” Mommy says. As she takes the bottle and sits in the glider positioning me in her arms. “So, you remember what I was saying about the bond between big and little?” I nod as I start to suckle from the bottle. “Well I am going to be honest; I would love for us to have that. But I only want to do what you are comfortable with. I will never push you to do anything, well there maybe sometimes I will have to. But this is not one of them. Your thoughts Mark?”

“Well as your mom said we wont push something on you that isn’t for your best interest. Do I think breastfeeding could help you. In a lot of ways, I am sure it could, but us consistently showing you love and protecting you will achieve the same but will take a longer time. We love you and only want the best.”

I push the bottle away. “Thank you for being honest, I will think about it.” As I finish speaking mommy puts the nipple back in my mouth.

Daddy comes over and kisses my forehead “I love you mi bambino sleep well. I will go get the little monitor and set it up as you finish getting her tucked in.”

“Thank you hun that would be nice so we can hear when she has a bad dream or wakes up.” As he steps out to get the monitor ready Mommy starts humming as I finish my bottle. I am sound asleep still suckling. I stir a little as she lays me in my crib handing me my teddy, I wrap my arms around it as she tucks me in.

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Chapter 21

Sunday morning, I wake up before Mommy or Daddy come in. It gives me some time to think about our talk last night. ‘Do I want to breastfeed?’ a part of me says yes, I mean I am starting to love them. It was a fantasy of mine, but I don’t know if I am ready. I have seen mommy naked, and as it was weird, I wasn’t uncomfortable with it. I just don’t know if I am ready for that. It is so confusing. As I am lost in thought I completely miss Mommy coming into my nursery. I jump a little as she touches my shoulder.

“There you are. You where so lost in your thoughts you didn’t hear me come in or say good morning to you. What where you thinking about?” Mommy asks

“What we talked about last night. I am torn as to whether I want to or not.”

“Well let’s put that thought a side. And spend a lazy day today together. Daddy ran out to the store for some food. And tomorrow is going to be a big day. Do you remember what’s going on?”

“Little care.” I say feeling a little nervous about it.

“Oh, turn that frown upside down. You Know me, Beth and Brandon. We will all help you tomorrow.”

“I will try mommy” I say as she lays me down and changes my very wet and messy diaper. She slides a pair of sleep pants up my legs leaving me in my nightgown. And takes me out for breakfast. After breakfast she sets me in my walker. Mommy can I have my tablet please?”

“Sure sweetie.” She hands it over and I begin to look up information on why breastmilk acts the way it is. I realize soon into my research that there is a child lock on the internet and all the information I am getting is that its good for me. I decide to just play some games.

Daddy comes home and Mommy goes out to help bring in the bags, then put everything away. Daddy comes into the living room and sits on the couch. “Daddy, why have I just stayed home? like why didn’t we all go to the store today?”

“Well Mommy and I thought you would want to take it slow next week you will be getting out of the house a lot.” Daddy says.

“That makes since.” After lunch and my nap, we all cuddle on the couch watching TV more adult shows. And really just enjoy each other’s company. Mommy decided to order pizza for dinner. After dinner Mommy tells me its time for a bath and to get ready for bed, as we have an early day tomorrow.

After I am dressed for bed Mommy asks, “What would you like to wear for little care tomorrow?”

“Can I wear the puppy outfit?” I timidly ask

“Of course, you can sweetie.” She places me on the floor as she pulls the outfit out and hangs it off the changing table. “Let me go get your evening bottle and we will cuddle relax for bed.” It only takes a moment for her to return “Daddy went and made this for you as I was giving you your bath. Isn’t he so smart?”

“Ahh huhhh.” I say with a grin.

She picks me up and cradles me in her arm as she holds the bottle and starts to gently sing a lullaby to put me to sleep. It doesn’t take the whole bottle and I am sleeping soundly.

I am awoken when it is still dark outside. “Princess I’m going to get you ready, if you don’t wake too much you can continue to sleep. I know its really early” Mommy says as she picks me up taking me over to the changing table and getting me ready for the day. I doze in and out of the whole process. When she picks me up I fall asleep soundly again. I wake up with a little jump as my door is closed in the car. Mommy gets in the car and notices I was awake. “Oh I’m sorry sweetheart, I didn’t mean to wake you. I placed a bottle next to you I can give you more for breakfast when we get to the center.”

By the time we get to the little care center. I am wide awake. Mommy parks the car and gathers her things. She comes around to my side and unfastens me and places me on her hip, as she grabs my diaper bag. “Looks like someone finally decided to join the land of the living.” As she bops my nose with a finger.

I giggles “sorry mommy I am not used to being up before the sun”

“I know princess it will get easier.” As we step in the center, we go up to the reception desk.

“Good morning Rose, who’s this cute you have?” The receptionist says.

“Good morning Maddison, this is shawnna my new little. I need to register her real quick and before you as yes she will be in my room.”

“I had figured you would want to keep an eye on her.” As they are talking, I blush realizing they are talking about me as if I wasn’t there. I had my face in mommies shoulder. “Aww are you shy little one?”

“This is only her second week here, so she is still getting used to everything.” As mommy finishes up the registration. Some other bigs come in to drop off their littles. All the bigs coo at me saying how adorable I am. Some of the littles address Mommy. As we head down the hall towards her room mommy says “I don’t Know how much attention I can give you today but Beth will be here to help we ask all our littles to call us miss rose or miss Beth. But you can call me mommy, as Brandon calls me aunt rose.”

“I can do that mommy.”

“That’s my good girl.” As we step into the room. Five littles come running to her welcoming her back. And asking who I am. “Calm down, calm down I will introduce our new friend when everyone gets here. Why don’t You go play.” After she takes my shoes off. And puts them in my cubby. What do you want to go do until we get everything started?"

“I guess read. Are those little sized bean bag chairs?”

“Why yes they are look at how smart you are. Would you like to sit in one. And I can pick a book for you.”

“Please. And a fantasy book if you have them.”

“I guess I should start bringing a book for you huh.” She sits me in a chair and finds a book.

As I start reading this shadow comes over me. I look up and squeal “bethy”

“Awwwww there’s the cutie. How was your day yesterday?”

“It was good. We took it easy.”

“That’s good. Your mommy went to go talk to our boss. I hear you have a dr appointment tomorrow.”

“Yeah not too excited about it. But hey we may find out how long before I can get my legs fixed”

“I bet your excited about that.”

“Ahhh huhh i really am.”

“Miss Beth, miss Beth.” 2 girl yell as they come running up to Beth.

“Rita, Sam what’s the rule about running inside?” Beth asks looking at the two.

“To not to. Sorry miss Beth. When are we going to meet the new girl?” Thy both ask

“As soon as miss rose gets back. No go play.” They turn and go to the dress up area. “See your going to have lots of new friends. Everyone in this room is either unregressed. Like you, or as low as preschool level.” Beth explains as mommy comes over.

“Are you ready to meet everyone?” Mommy asks.

“I guess so mommy” I say nervously

Mommy picks me up and carries me to a rugged area. “Come here everyone I have some one for you all to meet.” Mommy calls out as she sits down. 15 littles come over and sit in a circle facing her. “Everyone I would like to introduce Shawnna. She is my little girl and will be with us here a lot. You need to know right now she will not be able to run and play with you all. Her legs don’t work right. But myself or miss Beth will gladly move her where she wishes to go.”

Brandon pipes up “Hi Shawnna its nice to see you again” he says as he waves.

Everyone else says hi. “Ok everyone its play time for until snack then we will have a little story time. So, lets go have some fun today and please behave.”

The two little girls come over and ask if I can come play with them. I nod my head and mommy picks me up and takes me to the dress up area. The rest of the day I get to learn a lot and actually have a lot of fun. After lunch we have naptime. After the nap everyone goes outside. I am carried over to the sand box to play. I start to build a castle with the buckets that are there I am there for about 30 minutes. Then a regressed boy from the class toddles over to me.

“Wets go pay Sawnna” He says as I recall him being called Nate in the class.

“I can’t remember Nate?” I try to explain.

“Pay” is all he says as he reaches and grabs my arm and starts to drag me.

I try to reach and or shake my self from his grasp, he is surprisingly strong. At the edge of the sand box my dress catches on the lip and I stop moving. Nate reaches and grabs with both hands and pulls harder. I scream out in pain as it feels like he is going to dislocate my arm. I hear Mommy and Beth both yelling at Nate to let me go, as they are running towards me. Nate lets me go and I drop bending my body over the edge of the sand box, all I can do is cry in pain. Both Beth and mommy reach me at the same time. Mommy kneels and picks me up gently getting my clothes uncaught and brings me to her shoulder. “Beth why don’t you take Nate and explain why what he did was wrong.” Mommy says as I can barely hear her over my crying. As she carries me inside, she is cooing at me trying to calm me down. I don’t notice but I begin to nuzzle into her breast as if I was looking for something to suckle. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out my pacifier “here baby take this.” I take the pacifier and start to suckle and calm down. “Baby can you tell me what happened?”

I pull the pacifier from my mouth and explain what happened.

Mommy looks down at me after I finish explaining what happened. “Are you calm enough to go talk with Nate and Beth about this?” I nod feeling too scared to talk. “That’s my good girl” she says as she stands and carries me outside. We find Beth with Nate standing facing the wall right next to the door.

“Is she alright?” Beth asks concerned.

“Yeah she is fine. What was Nates side of the story?” Mommy responds.

“Well he said he wanted her to come play with him. He got angry when she said she couldn’t and thought she just didn’t want to. So he is in time out because he put his hands on someone else.” Beth explains.

“I no means to” Nate calls out.

“Keep talking and your time starts over Nathaniel.” Beth says to him. Her crosses his arms and huffs.

“It her fault, for not paying wif me.” Nate pouts

“When your time is over, we will talk about that Nate. Now just finish your time.” Mommy tells him. “Would you like to go back to the sand box?” Mommy asks me. I look over at the sand box and see my work is destroyed.

“Can I just go paint?” I ask.

"We really need to all be outside. We have 30 minutes left. “I no wike you no more” the turns and goes to play.

“Fine I guess.” She takes me back to the sandbox box and i start to casually work again.

After some time, Nate and Mommy come over. “Nate do you have something to say to Shawnna?”

“I sowwies” Nate mumbles.

“Thank you. Now go play nice.” Mommy says as she turns and moves away to watch the other littles playing.

As Nate is about to turn to go play. He looks down at what I am building and kicks it. “I no wikes you no more” as he turns and goes to play with the other littles.

I start to tear up as he leaves. I think to myself ‘well that’s one little that hates me’ I calm down before heading in. The rest of the day at little care goes smooth. Mommy and I are the last ones to leave.

When we get in the car “So sweet how did you like it?” Mommy asks

“It was ok. Nate doesn’t like me though”

“Ohh baby. He just doesn’t understand.”

“I know mommy. It’s just so hard being this way watching everyone else play.”

“We go to the Dr tomorrow baby. Then we can find out how long before we can get you in.”

When we get home, Daddy has dinner ready and on the table. I am quickly changed in my nursery and brought back out for dinner. Mommy and Daddy talk about their days. I get lost in my thoughts about the day and what to expect from tomorrow. I get pulled out of my thoughts by Daddy staring at me. “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you daddy”

“I just asked how your day was. Mommy just got done telling me about your problem with the other little.”

“Yeah Nate got upset said he didn’t like me anymore. But I did make some new friends.”

“That’s good to hear. So, what are you thinking about?”

“Tomorrow and getting fixed.”

“Are you scared?” Daddy asks.

“A little but more just ready.”

“Awe sweetie daddy and I will be with you the whole time.”

“Thank you.”

“So, I have something I would like to talk with you about.” Mommy says to me.


“When I took you in the center after Nate pulled you. Do you remember what happened?” Mommy asks.

“No” I say starting to feel nervous.

“Well as you were crying and I was cradling you. You started to nuzzle my breast.” I blush ferociously and hide my face behind my eyes. “Sweetheart there is nothing to be ashamed of. If it is something you want to try, we can if you need more time we can wait it is completely up to you. Is it something you want to try?”

“Yes.” I say just over a whisper “no.” I say a bit louder, at normal volume “I mean. I don’t know. It’s something that has been on my mind for a long time. I just don’t know.”

“Well princess does mommy need to make this decision?” I slowly nod my head to afraid to trust my voice. “Ok baby that’s fine. We will try tonight and if it’s something you don’t want again, we won’t.”

“Okay” I whisper.

“Well why don’t we go to the living room to settle down for the night. Then you and mommy can go get you ready for bed. Sound good mi bambino?” Daddy comes around the table cleans me up then takes me out of the highchair. When we get to the living room daddy strips me down to just my diaper and lays me on his chest. “This is something that helps everyone relax especially after a stressful day.” Daddy says as his fingers gently glide across my back. I give a little shudder and relax deeply into him. “I thought you might like this” he whispers before planting a kiss on my forehead.

I am not sure how long we were there. I feel daddy pat my diapered bottom. “Come on miss water works. Let’s get you changed, and I will leave you with mommy.” Daddy carries me into my nursery and quickly changes me. And gets me into a sleeper. “Sleep well mi bambino. We won’t let anything happen to you.” He picks me up kisser me on my cheek. “Here you go mommy. One clean and dry baby girl” he pronounces as he hands me over to mommy.

As I am played in mommy’s arms. I notice she is in her robe. “Are you ready baby?” I close my eyes and nod. I feel her rub her finger from my temple down my cheek. “Sweetness I can’t begin to imagine the thoughts your thinking. You as much admitted you wanted to try. And nursing does nothing to take away your unregressed position. You may feel different when you are done. But that’s why I wanted to do this at night. You will be able to sleep off the affects.”

I nod. “I know I’m just, scared I guess” I say is I look up at her.

“Shhhh everything will be just fine” she says as she slips the left side of her robe off her shoulder exposing her breast that looks even larger than the last time, I saw them. She cups the bottom and raises it just a little as she pulls me closer with her other arm. I part my lips and let her nipple slide into my mouth. With the first little suck my mouth is full of her milk.

It takes me by complete surprise it is so sweet and the perfect temperature. I fall instantly in love with the whole experience. As my body finds a natural rhythm of suckling and swallowing.

“Remember baby no teeth.” Mommy says before she starts to gently rock and hum a lullaby. The last thing I remember that night is being swapped breasts. And this smile on mommy’s face of total bliss.

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I first want to apologize for the delay in the next chapter. Life has gotten ahead of me and found little time to write. hopefully i will have more time here soon.

Chapter 22

I wake in the morning more rested then I have been in a very long time. I call out to see if anyone is awake yet. Mommy is the one to come in to get me up. “How did you sleep princess?”

“That was the best night’s sleep I have had in forever mommy”

“I am glad to hear that. You were asleep before you were done nursing. Speaking of. What did you think?”

“It tasted a lot better than I could have imagined. I would like to do that more often.”

“We can definitely do that baby. I guess I am going to have to start pumping regularly for when you are home with daddy.” She says as she reaches in and picks me up out of the crib. “Oh boy you sure are one wet and messy little aren’t you.” She gently teases as she bops my nose.

“Sorry mommy”

“Oh, stop that. I love this time I get with you. And now I will get even more.” She says as she smoothers me with kisses. “We need to get you ready for the Dr today.” I pout thinking about the Dr appointment as she lays me down on the changing table. “What’s wrong baby?”

“Just worried mommy.”

“I need more then that sweetheart” mommy says as she starts to strip me from my sleeper.

“What if they can’t help me? What if everything goes against us?” I whine.

“What if they can. What if they say it is a simple thing and can do it tomorrow.” Mommy answers back. As she changes my diaper.

“Your right. I guess we can’t stress until we get there. Will I need another shot?”

“Yes, princess you will need another. But this should be your last for a year.” As she finishes getting me dressed for the day “now let’s go get some breakfast in that belly of yours.” As she picks me up and we head out to the kitchen where daddy already has some oatmeal on the table for me. “Hun, we need to stop at little this little that on the way home, Shawnna here needs more diapers.”

“Sounds good. Maybe if some little girl is good, we can get her a surprise also.”

“Really, I can get a surprise?” I say excitedly

“Yes, mi bambino, but you have to behave.”

“I can do that” I say with a grin as mommy places me in my highchair and daddy places the tray with my breakfast. I unenthusiastically eat my breakfast and drink the bottle of formula given to me. Oatmeal has never been a favorite of mine. After breakfast is done Mommy cleans me up and we head out to the car.

After a quick ride we arrive at the Dr office. Mommy comes to the back and pulls me out of the car. As we go in mommy takes me to the waiting area as Daddy checks in. When he is done, he comes and sits by us “Baby you need to know that to us you are Shawnna but legally and especially here at the Dr you are still Sean.”

“I understand Daddy” I say. As I sit and watch the other littles there playing.

A few minutes after daddy joins us. The nurse steps out “Sean Townsend?” Mommy stands up cradling me in her arms. Daddy stands and fellows us. We get to a small exam room. “Can you place him on the scale for me. Take his clothes off and leave in just in his diaper.” Mommy quickly strips me down to my diaper she stays at the foot of the scale I am on. “Thank you Rose, now I see here he is unregressed. Is he still?” The nurse asked looking at Mommy.

“Yes, that is still the case and we have no intention on changing that. And we would appreciate if you address Sean, as a little girl.” Mommy says.

“Oh, I am sorry Let me make a note in her chart. Are we thinking of getting her changed?”

“Yes, that is the plan.”

“great I will notate that. So, what has this little girl been eating?” the nurse asks as she is taking my measurements.

“Well she had been eating regular foods. We have added formula as a normal day drink, and we have started breastfeeding at night” with her saying that I blushed deeply.

“Good if you hadn’t started breastfeeding, I was going to suggest it. It’s really good for little tummies. Let’s see, she is 4 feet and 80 pounds. Look like she has gained a little weight.” She finishes listening to my heart and lungs. “Ok I will go get Dr Ungar for you and she will be in in just a few moments.” The nurse leaves and mommy picks me up placing me on her hip as she sits in one of the chairs next to daddy.

“You know these are the most uncomfortable seats.” Mommy says.

“I don’t Know mines rather comfortable” I respond.

“You would say that you stinker.” Mommy chuckles at me as she gently tickles my sides. I laugh and snuggle closer.

At that moment there is a knock on the door, and it opens without waiting for a response. A heavyset short big, steps in with dark brown tight curly hair. “Mark, Rose what a pleasure to see you again it’s been too long. Thus, must be your new little.” She looks at me after shaking their hands.

“It’s so nice to see you again Gabi. Yes, this is her right here.” Mommy says.

“Hello there Sean. It’s nice to meet you I am Dr Gabi Ungar I have known you mommy and daddy a long time. I will take really special and good care of you.” Dr Ungar says looking at me and holding her hand out

Mommy looks down at me “what do you say sweetie?” Turning me around on her lap

“Hello, Dr it’s a pleasure to meet you.” I say shaking her hand.

“Ok mom if you could put her back on the exam table, I will ask some questions and do a quick physical and see about getting a procedure date for you.” After a quick exam and some questions about my injury and all that we wanted done. “Ok there is only one way all that can be done. And that’s with medical nanites. The problem is there are some nasty little surprises in their coding. Good thing I have a coder here on staff that can make sure she is just how you want her to be.”

“What sort of surprises are we talking about?” Daddy asks.

“Regression, strong hypnotic suggestibility, some walking and eating difficulties. Things I know you won’t want, especially you Sean. Thinking of. Have you all decided on a more feminine name? I can’t make it official or anything, but definitely make it more comfortable.”

As the Dr was explaining I was getting more and more shocked at all that the nanites could do. “No, we definitely don’t want any of that. And we have all decided, well she chose, Shawnna.”

“Oh, that’s a wonderful name. Shawnna it is.” The Dr says. She walks over to the computer in the room and pulls up a schedule. “Looks like the soonest we can get her in is in 3 months. I know that may seem a long way out. But it will help insure we have everything done right. Should I schedule it?”

Mommy and Daddy look at me. I nod my head “yeah that sounds great” I say.

Dr Ungar looks at mommy and daddy for a confirmation nod then typed some things in. “There is an email on file here. I am going to send a form you will need to fill out and return to us as soon as possible. It lists everything that can be changed and to what degree as for what you all want. So are there any questions?”

“Actually, there is one.” Daddy says. “Friday Shawnna was exposed to a hypnotic show. But it didn’t affect her. We believe she was watching for an hour.”

“Oh, aren’t you a special little girl. There are a few cases where littles are not affected by hypnosis. Now that doesn’t mean it will always be the case. And chemical hypnosis is always effective. It has to do with the way they process information, it just doesn’t stick with them.” Dr Ungar explains.

“We know she has a long history with abuse, could that be the cause?” Mommy asks.

“Maybe, but there isn’t a lot of research into the why, just the how to correct.”

“Unfortunately, that’s our society” daddy says flatly.

“Your right there Mark. With what you just said would you like a referral to a psychiatrist that I trust?”

“Yeah I think we may need that down the road.” Mommy says

I look at mommy “but I don’t need one.” I whine.

“I think it would do you good to talk with someone princess.” Mommy says

The Dr gets the information and hands it to mommy. “Ok I think that is all for me. I will send the nurse back in for her immunization and your appointment summary. I would like to see your back after the procedure check everything then a yearly after that.”

“Sounds great Gabi we will stay in touch.” Daddy says.

As Dr Ungar leaves the room I look over at Mommy. “Mommy can you hold me please?”

“Oh, sweetheart I would love to hold you.” She says as she stands and picks me up. As she sits back down the nurse rushes in without even knocking.

“Ok I have your papers here, and her injections.” With that word I whimper.

“Shhhhh it will be over quickly sweetie.” Mommy says as she gently rubs my arm. Her other hand finds my pacifier and slips it into my mouth. As I start to suckle on it, I start to calm down.

The nurse comes over with a tray “ok mom if you can hold her still for me, I will make this as quick as possible.” Mommy tightens her grip on me as the nurse takes my left arm in her giant hands. She wipes my arm with an alcohol wipe.

“Look at me mi bambino.” Daddy says gently guiding my head towards him.

“Relax your arm sweetie.” The nurse says. As soon as I relax, I feel what I can only imagine being a harpoon stabbing my arm. I instantly start to cry out loud right before the pacifier falls from my lip’s daddies thumb holds the guard in place. There are 2 additional stabs by the end I am a total crying mess. Snot and tears running down my face. “good girl I’m all done. Mom when she has settled down you can get her dressed and you are free to go.”

“Thank you” mommy says. As she turns me around and places me on her shoulder gently rubbing my back. Quietly cooing in my ear to calm me down. It takes a few minutes, but I finally calm down enough for mommy to get me dressed again. After I am dressed, we head out of the office the nurse waves goodbye to me as you would a baby. I shrug it off as mommy carries me out to the car. “You did a great job in their sweetheart.” She says as she buckles me in. “Now we are going to go to a store. I need you to remember that no one else knows your unregressed. And it will be easer if we just keep you in the carrier here. So, people will treat you as they see you, remember the Paci trick?”

“I do mommy, if I think I am going to say something bad just suck my paci.” I respond.

“That’s right you are so smart.” Mommy says as she closes the door and gets in front. Daddy already had the engine running. After mommy buckles herself in daddy starts driving. It doesn’t take us long to get to the store. When we all stop mommy steps out and comes and opens my door. “We ready princess?”

“I guess so. Do wo have any milk? Might help me space out a little.” I ask trying to think ahead.

“No baby we don’t I didn’t think about that.” She says reaching behind the car seat I am in. I hear a loud click making me jump. “I’m sorry sweetie. I didn’t mean to startle you.” She says as she unlatches the handle to carry the whole seat out of the car. It is kind of fun riding like this. Almost like an amusement ride. Mommy lifts me high and I get placed where I can only assume is the seat part of a shopping cart, I have seen baby carriers placed like that in my old home. I put my paci in my mouth as mommy comes around into my view. “we ready baby?” she asks me.

I nod my head and start rolling into the store. I get hit by the AC before I even see that we are entering the store. I start to shiver as I suck harder on my paci. “Mark is there a blanket in the diaper bag?”

“I don’t think we packed one. Is she getting cold?”

“Yeah she is starting to shiver. I guess the first thing we are gong to need to get is a little blankie for you.” Mommy says reaching in and stroking my cheek. After a couple turns, we go down an isle I see a cloth held in front of me it looks like a purple and blue fleece blanket. “Will this do baby?” mommy asks. I nod my head and she grabs the tag rips it off and lays the blanket over the top of me tucking it around me.

We keep moving down a few more isles I am unable to see what is being added to the cart. As I look around, I see things a lot of things for babies or little kids, but all sized for someone like me. I am completely shocked at the number of things there are. As mommy and daddy are looking and talking about the pros and cons of different types of diapers. Colors, thickness, designs so many different things that I just left to them to decide. If they wanted my input, they would ask.

Around the corner of the isle in front of me a woman comes into view. As I come into her sight, she walks over to me. “Oh, aren’t you just the cutest.” She coos at me as she reaches in and pinches my cheek. “yes, you’re just a good little girl aren’t you. No more big thoughts make such a happy girl.” She continues to coo. The more she talks the more upset I get.

Mommy hears what’s going on and comes around to me. Mommy sees my face “Its ok baby Mommy is here.”

“You have such a sweet little angel here.” The woman says to mommy. “How long have you had her?”

“Only a couple weeks and she is an angel.”

“Well I should go get some tings for my little tyke. You and your family take care. And you keep being that angel.” The lady says to me.

After she walks by mommy looks at me “Are you ok baby?” I nod my head. “you where so good I am so proud of you.” After they get the diapers we head to another isle where a stuffed panda is laid in my arms. There are a couple more things added. Then we headed to the front of the store.

As everything was being rung up the cashier mommy comes around and says “I need to take the panda baby. We need to let the nice lady scan it then I can give it right back.” As I nod my head knowing it would need to go for a minute mommy gently takes it from my arms.

The cashier says “awe did we have a cranky baby in the store today?”

“no she behaved extremely well today. She was a little cold so here is the tag for the blanket that is layed over her.” Mommy quickly responds.

“Oh so she got a present that’s a wonderful way to train a little. Punish the bad reward the good.” The lady says. I roll my eyes at that comment right when daddy comes around the cart and looks in. Daddy starts to laugh. After mommy pays daddy pushes me and the stuff to the car with mommy holding his arm.

As soon as we pass the doors I take the paci out of my mouth. I look at daddy “what is with some bigs thinking they can just touch a little any time and ‘train us’ we are not dogs or animals that need to be trained.”

“Oh I know Mi Bambino, I know. I cant explain it. It is just something we have to live with. But you did extremely well today and I would like to thank you for not throwing a fit when that lady touched you"

“She pinched my cheek” I interrupt.

“Then I am even more proud of you.” He says as he is strapping me into my car seat. He then places the panda on my lap. I find I am soon asleep not long after we start driving.

The next few months I find my routine. My days with daddy we get really super close. It is a wonderful feeling finally having people in my life that truly love me and show it in every way possible. I learn that daddy works for a “secret organization” he wont let me in on what they do. But he says they do good and I believe him.

Brandon and I have gotten closer we talk and play a lot during my time at little care. He is really helping me learn how to be “little" it’s kinda fun learning to let go and just live in the moment. Mommy and Beth are still my favorites there though. They both take such good care of me.

The next thing I know it’s the night before my procedure . Mommy, daddy and I sat down and really looked though what we wanted for the nanites. I was in total awe as to all they could do. We decided that I would have all the appropriate female parts. All my body hair permanently removed. Some other minor cosmetic changes. As well as fixing all that was wrong with me.

The night before we are to go mommy takes me up for a bath with a special soap that the Drs proscribed for me. “Well baby tomorrow is the big day. How are you feeling?”

“Excited, and scared.” I respond solemnly.

“I can understand. You still sure this is what YOU want?” she asks stressing the “you"

“Yes" I say with out even thinking.

“I’m going to ask again, we will always love you no matter how you want to be. Think on it for me could you baby?”

“I know mommy, and I will. I’m not scared about the change, well maybe a little. Its just such a big thing, and a major procedure. It would kill me if something went wrong and hurt you or daddy.” I say as a couple tears escape my eyes.

“Oh princess no tears. You just worry about you. And get your self through this. Daddy and I will take care of the rest." She pulls me out of the bath dries me and changes me for bed. “I know its early but we need to be up early. So let’s get you some milk in the tummy of yours and get you tucked in.” as she sits in the glider and helps me latch on. Before I know it the dreams are invading my mind.

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Hi !
thanksfor the update on your story. It shows a nice potential but 2 things kind of bother me in your writing especially since your character enter the DD.

As it was said by others before the story seems a bit rushed and particularly character development and in consequence I found that it lacks the depth it deserves.

Secondly there a bit too much parts that just look like summarised/ rushed scenes and details from Exchange post in this forum.

That’s only my point of view.

thank you for your work.

Such a great story. I love it!!! One problem I have is that you should proof read your own story to look for spelling errors and to make sure it is going in the direction you want your story to go in. The reason I say you should proof read is because some parts or your story is difficult to follow because of misspelled works or the wrong word all together. Other than that it is a very great story and I would love to read more soon

Chapter 23

The next morning mommy comes and wakes me. I am still half asleep as she changes me and dresses me in just a onesie. She wraps the blanket she bought my first trip to little this little that around me as she carries me to the car. “Mark you have everything?” She asks walking through the living room.

“Yep, I think I got everything.” He responds grabbing the bags and fallowing to the car. Mommy expertly straps me in as daddy loads my diaper bag and gets in the driver’s seat. As mommy gets in and buckles daddy asks “we all ready?”

“I think she’s still too sleepy to respond honey. But we are all buckled and set.” Mommy answers.

The drive to the hospital gives me the time to wake up completely. As we start to pull in “Mommy I’m getting really hungry.” I say.

“I know baby but the Dr said you can’t eat or drink anything before the procedure. We brought some food for you so as soon as your able you can eat.” Mommy says trying to calm me a little.

Daddy finds a parking spot and stops the car. Mommy and daddy both unbuckle at the same time. Mommy comes back to my door and opens it, reaching in to unbuckle me and pull me out. Daddy reaches past and grabs my diaper bag. And we head into the hospital and straight to the waiting room.

As we enter the waiting room Mommy passes me to daddy and we turn to the rest rooms. With out them saying a thing like they had discussed this thoroughly before hand. Daddy lays my changing pad on the table and then quickly changes me. Then we head out to sit and wait.

“Did they say how long we will have to wait?” Daddy asks. I hear a little nervousness in his voice.

“They said it shouldn’t take to long. But you never know.“ Mommy says as she reaches over and takes his hand. “How are you feeling baby?”

“I’m ok mommy, who are we going to see first?”

“Well the receptionist said that Dr Unger will check us in and go over the preliminary information, then we will be transferred to the procedure room where we will meet the Dr and the nurse that will take care of everything.” Mommy explains

“Its good that Gabi will be here” daddy says sounding a little more relaxed.

A few minuets later with us just resting enjoying the company we are called back. The nurse that takes us back to a simple exam room, the nurse tells mommy to strip me down to just my diaper and put the gown on me and that the Dr will be with us shortly.

A few minutes into our wait there is a knock on the door and Dr Ungar walks in with out waiting for an answer. “sorry for the wait Mark and Rose. How are you today Shawnna?”

“I’m ok. Nervous but excited and ready all at the same time” I answer.

“I bet. Well I need to give you a quick check up then we will go over the procedure and what you all should expect.” She comes over and checks me from head to toe. “well your just as I saw you last that’s great. Ok so you will be taken from this room to another waiting room where there will be some last minute things that will need taken care of. My nurse here will place your IV before you go. You will be given two rounds of nanites. The first set will work on fixing all that was found, like your back, shoulders, and a few other small issues. Now they wont do anything for muscles that you all will have to work on your self’s. The next set will be for the sex and all the other changes you indicated. Depending on how long it takes the first set to do their job. You will be out at least 4 hours.”

“Four hours, why so long will she be ok.” Mommy interrupts.

“yes she will be quite fine. There will be a full surgical staff on site during the whole process. Monitoring and making sure it all goes well.” Dr Ungar assures mommy. She looks at daddy “are you ok Mark?”

“you know you have helped many of my clients before. But this time…… this time its different. I love this little girl so much. If anything happens…. I will just leave it there" he says his voice cracking a little.

“I understand Mark" Dr Unger responds placing a hand on his arm. “I wouldn’t bring any of my patients where I wouldn’t bring my own little. I trust then here.”

“coming from you I believe that” daddy says.

“ok so I will go let the nurse know you are ready, she shouldn’t be to long.” Dr Ungar says as she stands to leave.

Mommy stands and gives her a hug thanking her for all her help. When she walks out the door mommy looks at me. “baby remember we are fallowing your lead here if you say stop we stop.” All I can do is nod and hold my arms out to be held as some tears start to fall. “Oh baby no tears" mommy says picking me up and wiping my eyes.

“I don’t want to hurt you two, or worry you. You have done so much for me.”

“We know Mi Bambino, it’s our job the though.” Daddy says as he gently runs my back.

There is then a small knock on the door the nurse slides in right after. “Hello again.” She says. “I hear this little cutie needs an IV.” I hold my arm out. “I keep forgetting how smart you are Shawnna. Rose can you keep a tight hold of her. I will get this placed as quickly as I can" Mommy holds me tight as I feel the tourniquet wrap around my arm. There is a wipe on the inside of my elbow. “ok baby on the count of three. One. Two" I feel her stab my arm it feels like with a harpoon. I instantly cry out and start to kick. Trying to keep my arm straight knowing if I bend it, it will hurt more. “there we go all done. You where so good Shawnna. I am going to place this board behind her arm to help keep it straight. When she calms down please place her back on the gurney and when its quiet an orderly will come and take you to the surgical waiting area.” She Velcro’s a soft board behind my arm and leaves.

Mommy gently rocks me and coos at me to calm me down. It takes just a minute or two. “you where so brave Shawnna I am so proud of you" mommy says. When i calm down mommy lays me back on the gurney and a guy knocks and enters.

“Are we all set?” he asks.

“I think we are ready” mommy answers.

“alrighty” he says as he comes to the head to the gurney. “if you would grab your bags. And fallow we will head over to the surgical suite. After several turns and a few long halls I get backed into a room. “well here we are. The surgeon and the nursing staff will be by soon.” He says before he steps out the room.

Mommy comes over to my right side and daddy comes to my left. Daddy takes my hand in his I am still amazed at how small my hand is to theirs. Mommy places her hand on my upper arm. There is no clock in the room. After a while daddy starts pacing and muttering. “Mark calm down they will be here when they can" mommy tells him

“We have been waiting here for over an hour. What could be taking them so long.” He responds. I can tell he is getting angry as we wait.

“Daddy could you please just hold my hand. Your starting to make me nervous.” I say quietly.

“I’m sorry Mi bambino.” He says coming back to my side and taking my hand. “We are here and wont let anything happen to you.”

“I know daddy thank you. Mommy did you bring my paci?”

“Of course sweetie do you want it?” I nod my head as she reaches into my diaper bag pulling it out she gently slips it into my mouth. It doesn’t take long after before daddy starts pacing again. After about half an hour daddy huffs and stands next to mommy.

Good afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Townsend, I’m Dr Richards. I apologize for the delay. I see you have your little undressed as we requested, and looking at his chart I’m a little surprised to see such drastic changes, but I guess you just wanted a little girl and found a boy instead” he ends in a little chuckle.

“Actually sir, there is a little more to the reasons if you would look through her chart properly you would see that.” Rose says defensively over me as if I don’t even exist, but her hand stills over my arm and gently grips it telling me I am completely in her thoughts.

Dr Richards stumbles on his words a little “I…. Uh…. Yes, I see it here.” as he quickly glances at the papers in his hands. “I am sorry we normally don’t see Amazons that would go to such lengths for their littles wants.”

“Yes well you see she is special to us in more than one way.” Mark says with just a touch of venom on his words.

“Yes I can see that. Well we have the nanites programmed to your specifications. The nurse will be in, in just a moment to finalize the paperwork and start to put him…. Or her under. If you will excuse me” as he quickly turns and walks out the door.

Rose turns and looks down at my little form. “Sean are you certain this is what you want? You know from the first talks everything may not go as planned.”

“You know kiddo your mommy and I will always love you and take care of you, no matter how your are. You will always be our little bambino.” Mark adds in a solemn voice.

I blush a little behind my pacifier at the nickname, as I reach up and pull it from my mouth “Yes I know you will Daddy, you both have been the best thing to have ever happened in my life. Mommy, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t sure. I can’t learn to truly love myself the way I am. I love you both more than you could possibly know.” Quickly sliding my paci back in. As a tear slides down my face, not even embarrassed at being 28 and calling these two mommy and daddy after only knowing them for 3 months.

A slim woman rushes in with three syringes and a clipboard. “I am Ms. Boyd I will be the nurse assisting today. You are Mr. and Mrs. Townsend correct?” after bread nods from both. “looking over the papers I see we don’t have a new name, have you two decided one?”

Mommy looks down at me then back to the nurse “The three of us have decided on Shawnna”

“Aww that’s adorable, close enough that she won’t be confused when you call her.” She said quickly jotting down my new name. “Ok sweetie I’m going to slowly push these medicines in this little tube in your arm here. Just be a good little girl and relax for me” she says to me in a very syrupy voice used for little kids

When I wake I see mommy and daddy next to me, I try to speak but all that comes out is babble. My mind is working fine but I just cant get the words out. Mommy looks down and sees the fear in my face. “Shawnna, are you ok? Mark, Mark what did they do…… what did we do to our baby” As she starts to tear up.

“I don’t know rose. We will get to the bottom of this.” Daddy says. As he presses the call bell. “The first thing we need it to get some one in here to answer some questions.”

Before to long a nurse steps through the door “Good, she’s awake. I need to examine her real fast.”

“First you need to answer a few questions.” Daddy says in a real serious tone of voice. “Why is she regressed? We specifically requested her not to be.” As he steps between me and her.

“I’m sorry sir I don’t have those answers. After I check on her, I will get the Dr to come talk to you.”

Daddy’s shoulders slump a little “Fine just make it quick.”

She steps around Daddy and comes to my bed side. “Now sweetie I need to look you over and listen to your lungs and heart.” She places her stethoscope in her ears places one end on my chest in several places. Then takes a pen out of her pocket and gently runs it up my foot from my heel to my toe. My foot contracts and I feel it making me smile a little. “That is a good sign it means the nanites have fixed her back. As I am sure you are aware she will be very week in her legs and will need to regain her straight. That is all I needed I will give the Dr a call and inform him you want to speak.”

“Thank you” Mommy says. When the nurse leaves mommy looks down at me and raises the octave of her voice lake she was talking to a baby. “you hear that sweety your little legies are all fixed.” I start to tear up thinking I am never going to be able to speak again and or walk even though I can now feel everything. “Oh sweetheart we will figure this out, and your Daddy and I will always love you and take care of you even if you stay this way”

“Your mommy is right Mi bambino we will always be here for you. Not just rest and let us get to the bottom of this.” Daddy tells me as my crying turns into sniffles.

After a few minuets the Dr comes in “Mr. and Mrs. Townsend the nurse said you wanted to speak with me. How can I help you?”

“Why is she fucking regressed?” Daddy fumes. I start to tear up as he yells. Mommy places her hand on me and tries to sooth me.

“it is safe to pick her up" the Dr says. Mommy quickly picks me up and starts to rock me. “and as for how she is right now. We use a cocktail on all littles that regress them for 24 hours. She will start to return to her normal self in about 5 hours as the medications start to leave her body.”

“you hear that baby. It’s only for a little while. Then you will be back to normal" mommy coos at me.

“since she is awake now and everything is checking out you are free to head home.” The Dr says “again I am sorry for the miss understanding, I thought you where aware.”

“Its alright Dr. I over reacted. I would just hate myself if anything where to happen to our little girl here.” Daddy tells the Dr. “You ladies ready to head home?” he asks turning to mommy and I.

I squeal and giggle, mommy smiles looking down at me. “I guess that’s a yes from this little one. Can we stop and get something to eat on our way home hun?” Mommy says grabbing my diaper bag and her purse.

“I was thinking the same thing. Here let me take the diaper bag.” He says reaching for the bag that mommy hands over.

As we make the quick walk back to the car I babble along and start to fuss. ‘damn regression drugs my mind is here but I just cant get anything out. Ughhhh’ I think to my self as I fuss. “Shhhh shhh it’s ok baby. I know your frustrated it will get better.”

When we get to the car mommy puts me in my seat and straps me down. I marvel that I can feel her touch and I giggle I try to kick my leg I manage to get a twitch but just that little movement makes me so happy. “look at you baby. Your moving your leg good job baby.” I look up at mommy my head wabbling like I was drunk and smile in spite of my movements because mommy is happy for me.

I spend the whole drive home focused on moving my legs. I don’t notice daddy pulling in the drive through or them ordering food. I only noticed we where home when mommy opens my door to take me inside. I let a yawn out as mommy unbuckles me and pulls me out of my seat. “let’s get this butt changed and tuck you in for a nap.” Mommy says tickling my belly as I squeal and giggle. She takes me to my nursery and lays me on the changing table. She unsnaps the onesie pulls it up over the diaper. Ripps the tabs and pulls it down.

She stops and just stares for a moment as a small smile and a tear slips down her cheek. When I see this I get scared and it shows on my face. “Oh no baby nothing is wrong you are beautiful and how you should be. I am so happy baby.” She then takes a couple wipes and wipes me clean. I feel the difference with the wipe and I feel a blush form on my cheeks and a smile on my lips.

She makes quick work finishing my change and fastening the onesie. As she picks me up she gently wrecks me as she carries me to my crib laying me down she pulls the blanket up to just under my arms. “sleep well princess.” Mommy says as my eyes drift closed.

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Great story!!! I was hopeing u would update soon because I actually love this story. Still some spelling errors but much easier to read. Plz keep the chapters coming

nice story

I’ve read this story now twice and I still love wish there was more to read. However as a suggestion I do find it a little rushed unfortunately but it’s still a great story