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Is there still a printable view option

Hi Just wondering if there is still such a thing as the printable view on here anymore. I lost several of my pre rendered audio of stories and need a text only view of the thread to reconstruct

Holy crap! Not sure how this got missed, but to answer your question, no, there isn’t.

Fortunate that lynx and awk save the day once again then isn’t it

There’s actually a API meant for mobile clients that might be useful, but I’ll have to look into seeing if it can be safely enabled for this without it opening up the forums to abuse.

Ooooh an API… That’d be super cool if you did that.

Well, I’ve made some progress. It at least generates mostly useable HTML now that I wrote a very basic BBCode parser. Unfortunately the code is very not script friendly right now.

Okay, pretty much going to have to find a way to safely expose the board’s own parser. The one I wrote won’t work because of how vBulletin stores some things internally for some of the codes. Reimplementing the parser shouldn’t be that hard, it’s just that I really don’t like exposing internal APIs externally even if they aren’t mine. The problem is that the mobile API doesn’t expose the BBCode parser at all without a major hack to the core code. I might be able to add an API to expose the BBCode parser safely, but one thing I’m noticing while looking at the API source code is that vBulletin’s MAPI and standard API you can use from scripts running on the same server use very different methods of doing things.

I swear the MAPI code looks like it was just ported over with minimal changes from vB4 while the local API received a proper rewrite.