It Happened on the 16th Story by He who is me

This is my first story on this board. Be critical

It Happened on the 16th Story

Upon the door, Mark heard a knock. It was Gina. He smiled and put down his magazine so he could answer the door. He stopped in front of the mirror quickly to check his hair, then he approached the door and opened it.

“This is the third time this week, Mark. You’re lucky I have nothing else going on.” As usual, the sexy woman walked right past him without a smile on her face and sat on his couch. Her faded blue jeans and cardigan hugger her body enough to show her lovely form.

“It’s worth it though, right? I mean, I give you fucking cash.” Mark smiled widely and waved a few bills in his hand before putting them back into his pocket.

“The usual, right? Diapers and all that baby stuff?”

“Yes, my dear.” Gina walked past Mark and into the apartments bedroom. Mark followed into the room where Gina was waiting.

“Alright, you know what we do now. Take off your pants.”

“Look, Gina, this routine is getting a little stale. Any chance we can try something different?”

“Dammit, Mark, if I tell you to take off your pants, you better take off your pants.” She got into his face and shook her finger at him. For the first time since he started hiring her last month, he actually felt commanded, and not just role playing it.

His khakis slid to the floor, leaving him in just his black tee and his blue boxers. She stepped forward and pulled open the front of his boxers, only to see his erection staring back at him.

“Thats just what I thought. You like it too much, Mark. Take off those boxers. Now.” He did as he was told. He stared ahead as she walked around him, staring at him. Inspecting him. She suddenly stopped behind him and slapped his rear hard. He yelped and fell forward a step. He stood straight again.

“You’re a little harsher tonight, Gina.”

“Thats because I’m sick of this little game. I want you to really feel your desires. Then we’ll see how badly you want it. Now lie on the bed, Baby.” Now once Gina began calling him “Baby,” he knew that it had begun.

She reached under his bed and pulled out the suitcase he kept under there for her to use during these appointments. She placed it on the bed beside him and opened it, revealing an assortment of infantalism gear. She took out a larger baby print diaper and walked in front of his sprawled out body. Quickly and forcefully, she diapered him and then removed his blue tee.

“There, Baby, you have your precious diaper on. Does that turn you on?” She poked and prodded the bulge at the front of his diaper and laughed to herself before returning to the suitcase and taking out the handcuffs. This was something that never happened before, and Mark never even realized that there were handcuffs in the suitcase.

“Where did you get those?”

“Thats not for babies to worry about. And if I hear my little infant say anything other than “ga ga” or “goo goo” then I’m going to make sure you cant properly sit for a month. Do you understand?”

“Goo goo.”

“Good.” Gina smiled now and handcuffed his legs and hands to the spokes of his bed frame. Now immobolized, he actually felt as defenseless as a baby as Gina looked down upon his diaper clad body. Normally she would cuddle him or have him suck on her breast. Then he would wet his diapers, she would change him, and on certain occasions would even give him head. But not tonight. This was different. This was like the stories he read.

Gina placed a pacifier in his mouth with a strap on it that secured around his head, so he couldnt take it out. Once again, she felt his erection through his diapers and giggled. Straddling him, she rubbed her clothed crotch against his diaper. When she could see the pleasure in his eyes, she stopped and got off the bed again.

“Here is what I’m going to do, Baby. I’m sick of this. I’m sick of being your call girl every time you get the horny sensation to be a fucking infant. I changed your actual wet diapers a few times a week for the past month now. I thought I could do it because of your money. And the fact that you asked me, your step sister, and not some prostitute. You know I had a crush on you when we were kids. You took advantage of me for your filthy little games. Well its over. I’m gone. Whatver money that was in your wallet? Mine.”

“But Gina…” Mark tried to say through the paci.

“What did I just say about that?”

“Ga ga.”

“Good, Baby. Now, I’m leaving. I’d like to see how long it takes for someone to find you like this. Ciao, baby boy.” Gina walked out of the bedroom and could be heard fumbling with something on his table. Probably his wallet. Finally, the door to his 16th story apartment opened and then closed. He was alone. Gagged, bound, and diapered.

Minutes turned to seconds, and soon, Mark lost of time. There were no clocks in visible sight, and the lack of windows made it impossible to have any indication as to what time it was. He knew that his girlfriend Sandra was coming over the next night, but he had no idea how long it was until then.

That brought about a whole new set of troubles. How would she react when he saw him like this? How would he explain it?

First and foremost, he had the shocking realization that it would be impossible to hold his bladder for that long. In fact, he was already holding it back. For what seemed like ages he struggled, until he knew that he had to give up sooner or later. It might as well be now. And so he let go and allowed his diaper to become filled. It was warm and wet, and somehow comforting. Usually this would turn him on in his fantasies. But as an actual moment of desperation, it made him feel little and baby-like. He suddenly began second guessing everything he ever desired from his fetishes.

Then, suddenly, he awoke. The room was silent. He forgot for just a moment where he was. Then it all came back to him. The pacifier was still strapped into his mouth. The handcuffs were still binding him. A cold, wet diaper was his only garment. Thats when another sensation came across his body. His bowels were aching, and he couldnt hold that back forever. He could try. He contemplated it. But how long was it until he was discovered? If it was soon, he would try. But to be in this much discomfort for another day?

More time passed. The cramps were stronger. The stress of everything that had happened, the thoughts of what was going to happen when he was found, if he was found…it was becoming too much. Tears rolled from his eyes as everything became hazy, and his world faded in and out of black.

And more time passed.

It was close to 36 hours later after Gina had left that Sandra cautiosly entered the apartment with her key that Mark had recently given to her. SHe was worrying all day because he hadnt been returning her calls, and she couldnt get any answers from his office phone either.

The smell was the first give away that something was wrong. And the later discovery of a delirious Mark, cuffed to a bed, in a soiled diaper was almost like something out of an undecipherable dream.

And somewhere else…

Gina sat in the back seat of a taxi. A tissue was in her hand. She wasnt sure if she was crying in happiness, sadness, or just plain disgust. But she knew it was best to get away. She would leave the Baby behind. And she knew that somehow, he’d come crawling back. He always did.