It Happened To Me

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It Happened To Me

Chapter 1

I never thought I would tell this story. It embarrasses me just to think about it. I like to look at it like it is happening to someone else, especially when the memories come flooding back. Someone else’s face, someone else’s room, someone else’s tears. It’s a coping method, I have been told. It makes me laugh, and laughing about it has been my only real way of dealing with it. Otherwise, by now, I think I would have gone crazy. The most ridiculous part is that it happened so innocently, and it was so shocking that I thought at the time that I must have been hallucinating. But it really happened, and it kept happening, over and over again, for years.

It all started when I was 8 years old.

My mother told me that I was a very responsible kid growing up to that point, I hit all my major growth milestones early, never gave her any real difficulty. I was potty trained during the day by age 2, and soon after that I was out of diapers completely, my mother beaming with pride that I had all but skipped the pull up phase of my toddler years. I was diapered at night for about a year after I was out of diapers at age two, but my mom always said it was just precautionary, and that I was dry almost every morning, with only the occasional dampness when she changed me into my “big girl panties” for the day. Mother always referred to them as such, and smiled from ear to ear as she did, which is a warm memory I have from a time when I had so few.

I was an independent child. After my mother potty trained me initially, I soon began using the bathroom in private, shocking her a bit when I emerged with the sound of a flushing toilet following me, and her running around the corner, thinking I was being naughty and playing with the toilet, pleasantly surprised to see me smiling and telling her I went potty by myself. My mom embraced this, allowing me to use the toilet when I felt like I needed to, only reminding me occasionally for the first couple months to do so, but soon growing out of it when she realized it was not needed. I was very good about my bathroom habits, too, and only had a couple accidents before I turned 5 years old, one due to negligence, and the other due to not wanting to stop playing to use the potty.

These minor setbacks, as my mother referred to them, made me very upset, and she said I got a determined look on my face when she told me to be more careful about it. I must have taken it upon myself to never make that mistake again, for I never even had a close call after that during the day. And my mother was proud of this fact, as was I, for that matter.

Nighttime was a little different. Even though I was good at holding my bladder through the night after I turned 2, my mom kept me in diapers until I was nearly 4 years old, only at night. So every night, after dinner and my bath, I would march to my bedroom, following my mother, usually still wet from the bath and covered in a towel, to my room, and like a good girl would lie down on my bed, and my mother would put me in a thick diaper for the night. I only fought it a couple of times initially, because I was so proud to be wearing big girl panties, but my mom would tell me it’s only for the night, and if I was dry I wouldn’t have to wear them much longer. So, I bit my lip, and finally just let the ritual occur.

I was regularly dry for the first month, and very proud of it. My mom would tell me how I would run into her room in the morning at 7 AM, like clockwork, and tell her that I was dry, and usually I would be carrying a pair of my underwear to be changed into. But then, one morning, I didn’t run into her room, and when she woke it was past 8 AM, and she was suddenly very worried. So she rushed to my room, thinking the worst, only to find me still sound asleep in bed. I guess I was a very heavy sleeper, and I still am, so she took a seat on my bed and just ran her hands through my hair, as I slept soundly, and she calmed down from her panic. As she sat in bed with me, rubbing my back, I suddenly turned over, my sheets sliding off of me, and that is when she got sight of the very wet diaper I was wearing.

My mother quickly roused me from my sleep at this sight, and I awoke groggily. I didn’t know what was going on, but when I saw the concern in her eyes, it must have gotten me worried too, even though I was only approaching three years old, I was very in tune to my mother’s expressions, and

I knew this one wasn’t good. My mother started checking my temperature, as I sat there confused and worried, not even noticing how wet I was, until she asked me about it. When I saw the sodden diaper between my legs, I immediately started crying and demanding for it to be taken off, even though I was oblivious to it just moments earlier, now it was at the forefront of extreme discomfort.

My mother quickly got the wipes and had my lie back down from my seated position in bed, and undid my diaper. She wiped me clean, and went about disposing of the sodden diaper, and I was put into my big girl underwear for the day, and not another word was said. This soon became a common theme until I was almost four years old. At first, it was just once that month, then it would be once a week, then just a couple months before my fourth birthday, I was waking up with a wet diaper almost daily. My mother was shocked, and I hated it, always telling her I didn’t want to wear diapers anymore, and she would tell me if I stayed dry at night, I wouldn’t need to. But I was not having much luck with it. My mother was growing increasingly worried, and was about to consult my doctor, when one morning, it just stopped. I woke up dry, and came bounding into her room, very pleased with myself, according to her. And except for a one time slip, I was dry every morning following that.

On my fourth birthday, my mom let me sleep in my big girl panties, and soon, my memories of diapers and accidents, and potty training were just that, memories. I was a normal little girl, went to daycare, and preschool, and soon kindergarten, without so much as an accident. I was a perfect, happy, smiling little girl, without a care in the world. My mother said I was the perfect example of the perfect child.

At least until I turned 8, and the perfect child suddenly became the problem child.

Chapter 2

It was a bright and shiny day. The sun was glowing, it was the second week of summer, and I was enjoying the time away from school. I got to sleep in later during the summer, and I loved it, not having to get up so early, listening to the alarm chirp, which I usually slept right through, and then having my mother come in to rouse me from my sleep. I was sleeping soundly, at least until my mother came in to wake me up that morning, as she usually did when I had to get up for school, however it was much later today, as she had let me sleep in, apparently.

“Kate, sweetie, time to get up! It’s getting late, soon you might miss the morning altogether.” My mother said as she shook me by the shoulder, trying to force me from my slumber. But I was too comfortable, I just growled and murmured something incoherent before rolling over. I didn’t want to get up, I was so content to stay in bed, and I was so warm under my covers, so very warm. It wasn’t until I rolled over and shifted the sheets with me, and my mother saw what I was lying in, that I was suddenly more awake than ever.

“Oh my, Katie, I think you wet the bed! Your sheets are soaked! Quick, get up out of that puddle you are lying in!” My mother shouted, and suddenly I felt very cold as a draft came under my covers as my mother lifted them to survey the damage that I had caused unknowingly while I slept.

I jumped up, and felt the sickly sensation of my nightgown clinging to my stomach, and the final few drips of urine that was accumulating in my underwear trickled down my legs as I did an awkward crab walk off my bed and onto the floor.

“Oh, yuck! Mommy! What happened? Why am I all wet?” I said in a dazed stupor, not realizing that I had done this to myself just yet.

My mother was stripping my bed of its blankets and sheets, tossing my pillows in the corner of my room, trying not to soil them on the patch of urine on my sheets. When she finished balling up my sheets, she turned to me, and started taking off my nightgown to add to the pile of soon to be laundry.

“Did you remember to use the potty before you went to bed last night, Kate? Did you drink too much juice with dinner? Are you feeling ok? Do you need to go to the doctor?” My mother rambled off questions as I tried to answer them, stuttering replies and shrugging.

“Yes I went potty, no I only had the same amount of juice I always do, I feel fine, and why would I need a doctor?” I was still shocked as my nightgown was lifted over my head and added to the pile of wet bedsheets, still confused as my mother removed my panties and left me standing there, naked and cold and still slightly damp in the middle of my bedroom floor. And that was when I realized what happened, and I remembered what my mom had yelled at me that made me jump out of bed, still tired but very surprised.

“Oh no! Did I wet the bed last night? Oh no, mommy, what are we going to do?” I yelled as the tears started flowing down my face. My mother quickly dropped my clothes into the pile, and pulled me into her arms, clutching my naked form tightly, before picking me up, and cradling me into her shoulder, as I racked with sobs, getting her shirt wet with tears, and possibly remnants of the urine that still covered me. My mother just shushed me, and carried me to the bathroom, where she drew a warm bath for me, while still holding me in her arms, and rocking me gently. I grasped onto her, still crying, trying to figure out what was going on, but not really grasping the situation.

My mother soon put me into the bathtub, seated, as I sniffles and allowed her to bathe me, as she hadn’t done since I was 5, while I sat there with a far off look in my eyes. I knew what bedwetting was, I even remembered doing it once when I was younger, back when I was almost four years old.

I remembered wearing diapers back then though, and how it wasn’t such a big deal. I had never woken up so soaking wet in my pajamas before, and it scared me. I had a sudden pang of fear hit me, and I wondered if my mom would make me wear diapers again because I had wet my bed. I broke out of my trance, as my mom ran a washcloth over my back, and I looked her in the eye, as I had to know.

“Mommy, you aren’t going to make me wear a diaper to bed because I wet it, are you?” I said as my bottom lip quivered, and I scrunched my face to cry.

“What? Why on earth would you think that? You are 8 years old, you are much too old to wear a diaper again, silly! This, little incident, it happens to everyone, once in a while, there is no need to worry about it. You’ll see, tomorrow you will wake up dry, and this whole thing will just be a bad memory.” I watched my mother say this with a degree of confidence, but even I could see the doubt in her eyes. But, I put on a stiff upper lip, for her sake, and dried my tears, and soon she was smiling again.

The rest of the day went by rather dully, I did normal kid things, played outside, ate my three square meals, and soon it was once again time for bed. Since I had taken an impromptu bath that morning already, I skipped that part of my nightly routine, and just brushed my teeth, before using the potty. I tried to squeeze every last bit of urine out of me, taking extra time to make sure I was empty as I could be, before heading to my room and putting on a nightgown. I crawled into bed, which was now made up with fresh sheets and blankets, and heard something crackle. I jumped off my bed and pulled the fitted sheet up, exposing the clear plastic sheet that now rested underneath it. I was just about to call my mom in to explain, when she showed up behind me. She saw me messing with the plastic sheet and quickly came over and swatted my hand away.

“Now, Katie, don’t mess with that! It’s on there for a reason! Leave it be!” She said as she put my fitted sheet back over it, and tucked it under the side of my bed, essentially hiding it from view. I was confused, even though I recognized it, as I had dealt with it for years when I was younger. When I stopped wetting the bed, my mom had taken it off, but now it was back, and I was upset about that.

“But, mommy, you said it was just a onetime thing, why do I need that? I haven’t needed it since I was little!” I pouted and tried to grab the sheet again to tear it off my bed, but my mom grabbed my hands.

“Stop that, right now, Katie! It is just there, just in case! I don’t want to have to buy you a new mattress if you have another episode like last night! We can see about taking it off after you are dry for the week, understood?” My mother said as she pushed my arms down. I folded them across my chest and pouted.

“You just wait and see! I’m not going to need it! I’m a big girl!” I said with emphasis, as I climbed into bed, listening to my old plastic sheet rustle under me. I got under my covers and turned from my mother with a humph as I faced the wall. My mother just leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, before turning out my light, and leaving the room.

I laid there in the dark, having trouble getting to sleep, as every time I moved I could hear the crinkle of the plastic sheet. I lay there for hours, before sleep finally overtook me, and all I could think about was not wetting the bed, as I drifted off.

But I soon awoke to find that this was only the beginning of what was not going to be a onetime incident.

Chapter 3

I woke up wet again that morning, and every day for the next 3 weeks, my mother and I performed a morning ritual that I had not had the pleasure of doing since I was much younger. I would be woken up by my mother, she would remark on the dampness of my sheets, and how she was really glad she had put the plastic sheet on my bed, while I stripped my clothing and tried to make sense of it all. I would walk to the bathroom for a shower, and she would load my bedsheets and my nightgown and underwear into the washing machine, and then return to my room with a bowl of water and a rag, to wipe off my plastic sheet, before remaking my bed. I would return from my shower, get dressed, and we would go eat breakfast, and it was like nothing out of the ordinary happened.

We were watching TV, after breakfast together, when a commercial for Goodnites came on, you know the one, with the young kid talking about how he wet the bed, and then a young girl came on and said how she did it too, and eventually, more and more kids came on, making the viewer feel like they were not alone, and that a lot of other kids had the same issue at night. I couldn’t help but notice this commercial more than ever now, and a small giggle escaped me, and my mother grabbed the remote and turned the TV off before I could object.

“And just what is so funny, Katie?” My mother looked at me with flames in her eyes, and I knew I was in trouble. I quickly slapped my hand over my mouth, and let out a muffled, “Nothing!” But my mom was too clever for that.

“Why were you laughing at that commercial? Do you think it’s funny that those kids have a problem, one that you share, by the way? Or do you think it’s funny that they wear protection to handle their nighttime issues, like a grown-up would? Cause I don’t find that funny at all! I think they are being really responsible and taking charge of their bodies, something you should be doing as well, young lady!” My mother lectured me, while I sat there mouth gaping, remembering the first accident, and her telling me I wouldn’t need diapers. Was she lying?

“But, mommy! I wasn’t laughing about that! And you said I wouldn’t have to wear diapers again, just like you said I wouldn’t wet the bed again! Why are you doing this to me?” I said as I cried out, unsure of how to handle my mother’s sudden betrayal. But my mother was quick to stymie my objections.

“Katie, it isn’t my fault you are having issues at night, just like it isn’t those parents of those kids on the TV’s fault. This is your problem, and you need to find a way to deal with it. Plus, those aren’t diapers, they are pull ups, there is a difference. Maybe you should think about being as responsible as those kids, and make this a little bit easier on me and you! That is what I am saying.” My mother made her peace and turned the TV back on, as if the conversation was over. And it was, as I was too shocked to respond.

I soon left and retreated to my room. I needed something to take my mind off my mother and the thought of wearing diapers again, so I grabbed a book and laid on my bed to read it. But I couldn’t concentrate, and I rolled over and stared at the ceiling. I didn’t even realize I had drifted off to sleep, until I felt my mother shaking me, and I heard her yelling.

“Katie, get up! You wet the bed again! This is getting ridiculous! I can’t believe you did this during the day! Come on, get up, your clothes are soaking wet!” I jumped up and felt the familiar slight coldness and the pit in my stomach grew. I couldn’t help but sit there and cry, as my mother helped me off the bed. She was stripping my bed as I blubbered and removed my shorts and shirt, and as I stood there in my underwear, she grew increasing angry as she ripped the sheets from my bed, and tossed them into a pile on the floor with authority.

“Go get cleaned up, and get dressed, we need to go to the grocery store, so I can get some food for dinner. I will clean up in here.” My mother said in a defeated tone as she watched me trudge to the bathroom, wearing nothing but my yellowed panties. I took them off before I got to the bathroom door and tossed them into the pile of sheets on my floor, and I closed the bathroom door behind me. I sat on the toilet, and put my hands to my face and shook my head, all about out of tears. I couldn’t believe I had wet the bed again, twice in the same day, as I hadn’t even felt tired when I drifted off to sleep for that impromptu nap. I grabbed a rag and wet it in the sink, and cleaned myself up the best I could. I heard my mother walk by to go to the laundry room, so I scampered back to my room and got dressed, for the second time that day.

We left for the grocery store soon after that. I sat in the car, looking out the window, listening to the radio softly in the background, and sighed. I could feel my mother was still somewhat angry with me, but she never turned around to look at me from the driver’s seat, instead focusing on the road. We soon reached the grocery store, and I followed her in, taking her hand to cross through the traffic. My mother grabbed a shopping cart, and we made our way around the store, her picking up numerous items and putting them in the cart. Soon, the cart was filled, and just as I thought we were going to leave, my mother pushed the cart into the one aisle we hardly ever ventured into anymore, except maybe by accident.

I gulped hard as we turned the corner, and I saw the shelves on both sides, filled to capacity with assorted brands of diapers. We made our way slowly, me grabbing onto the cart for balance, as I felt I was going to faint. We passed the newborn diapers, infant diapers, toddler diapers, and soon we came across the potty training diapers. My mother stopped and studied the shelves, before finding what she was looking for. The big pink package sported the smiling face of a girl around my age, and the emblazoned letters were bold across the front, saying, Goodnites Nighttime Protection for Big Kids! I whimpered as she grabbed two full packages off the shelf, a total of 48 diapers altogether, as they came 24 to a pack!

“No, mommy, please! Don’t buy those! I promise I will try to stay dry! Please!” I begged as the packages bounced into the cart, on top for the whole world to see and judge. I just knew if anyone looked into our cart, saw the diapers, and then saw me, they would put two and two together, and realize my nighttime issues. I could see them pointing and laughing, and chanting bed wetter at the top of their lungs, as I cowered before them, probably wetting myself in embarrassment. It was a very vivid daydream, but my mom snapped me out of it.

“Katie, I can’t keep washing your sheets every morning, or every time you fall asleep, enough is enough! Until you can prove to me that you can stay dry all night, you will be wearing these pull ups, end of discussion.” My mother said as she grabbed some wipes and a bottle of baby lotion and powder off the shelves. I was going to remark on those, but I realized they probably came with the territory. I was going to be wearing diapers again, and now I was going to smell like a baby too. I was mortified as I followed my mother to the checkout lane.

The store was not too busy, so we didn’t have to wait long in line. I tried to hide behind my mother, but the cashier brought me to her attention.

“Hello, ma’am, how are you today? Did you find everything you needed?” The cashier asked cheerfully as my mother started to unload the cart onto the conveyor belt.

“Yes, I did, thank you.” My mother replied. The cashier smiled, and saw me, as she slowly pushed some of the items across the scanner, and bagged them for us.

“And how are you, young lady? Did you help your mommy shop today? That is very grown up of you!” The cashier lady smiled at me, and I nodded and tried walked to the bagging area as my mom put my nighttime products on the conveyor belt. When she finished unloading the cart, my mother pushed it to the bagging area and assisted the cashier with bagging the groceries, and loaded them into the cart.

Finally, the cashier grabbed a package of Goodnites, and I saw her eyes light up, and she looked at me and smiled. All I could do was blush profusely, as she commented to my mother.

“Oh my dear, is your little girl still having some issues at bedtime? My son has the same problem, these are a lifesaver. Some kids just potty train a little later than others I guess, I was worried about finding something for him at night now that he is 5, but these really do the trick. They are really popular for kids at that age, but I am sure you know that.” The cashier just kept blubbering on, as she ran the package along the scanner, and a beeping noise occurred, telling her there was a problem, and the product wasn’t scanning. My mother chatted back with her as she struggled a bit, not losing her smile even as she furrowed her brow at the non-compliant scanner.

“Actually, my Katie here is a bit older than your boy, I am afraid. She just turned 8, but I can see your point, some kids are just late bloomers. Is something wrong?” I cringed as my mother gave me away, and the cashier looked at me with surprise.

“Wow, 8 years old! What a big girl you are getting to be! Well, I hope you won’t need these much longer, I just cannot get them to scan.” The cashier frowned, and I sunk in embarrassment. The line was growing behind us, and the family behind us saw our predicament. There was a lady and a girl younger than me, and they had a package of Pull Ups Training Pants in their cart, and it was obvious the little girl was wearing one, given the outline in her shorts. They bulged a bit in the front of her purple spandex shorts, and I knew that meant she was probably wet. She didn’t seem to care though, and just stood there with a goofy smile on her face. Her mother noticed our Goodnites, and I guess she felt compelled to comment.

“Are those any good? I was thinking about getting some for my daughter at night. You said your daughter is 8 now? Wow, that’s a bit old to still be wetting the bed, isn’t it?” I was blushing furiously now, and trying to look away. The little girl was now leaking onto her shorts, and turned to her mom.

“Mommy, potty!” The little girl said with urgency as the urine ran down her leg and puddled on the floor at her feet. My mother didn’t even have a chance to respond, as the lady looked down and said,

“Oh dear! Excuse me, I need to take her to the bathroom!” The lady pushed her cart through the aisle toward the bathrooms at the front of the store, her daughter following her, leaking droplets along the way. I just stood there watching this unfurl, thinking how it could get any worse. Then, the cashier lady grabbed her microphone and turned it towards her.

“Clean up on checkout station two! Clean up on checkout station two! Bring the mop, a little girl had an accident! Price check on Goodnites Nighttime Protection for Big Kids! Price check on Goodnites!”

I felt my skin turn clammy and my knees buckle and took a step backwards, right into the puddle that the girl behind me had left on the floor. It all seemed like slow motion, as I slipped and fell right on my backside, and my shorts soaked up the urine on the floor, as I sat in it. I tried to jump back up, and ended up falling back into the puddle, making matters worse. I finally felt my mother grab my hand and pull me up, my shorts now dripping on the floor. The cashier looked mortified, and apologized about the fall.

I just walked out of the puddle as a crowd now formed to see what the commotion was all about. A janitor made his way over with a mop and bucket in tow. I could hear the crowd of gaskets whispering, and pointing at me.

“Did you hear? A little girl had an accident. That must be her. Doesn’t she look a bit old to be wetting her pants still? No, look, the cashier is ringing up a package of diapers, they must have run out and were buying her some more. She must be special needs or something that is awful irresponsible of her mother to take her out unprotected like that. Good thing they are putting her back in diapers, wetting herself in public must be embarrassing. Poor thing.” My head was spinning as I heard the people in the crowd comment, thinking I had peed on the floor, instead of the little girl who had just scampered off. I looked at my pants and saw the wet spot, and it dawned on me that they were not wrong, it looked like I had wet myself. I started to cry, and sniffle and whine to my mother as she held my arm at the front of the line.

The janitor shuffled by and saw the scene unfolding, and as he grabbed the mop from the bucket, he said under his breath,

“Dang kids always pissing all over the floor, they get older every year. Can’t believe her mother let’s her pee all over like that, this is gross. I need a new job.” I just started bawling at that point, and my mother led me to the checkout lane. The cashier had finally got a price check, as it blared over the loudspeaker, and she happily typed in the number, and told my mother the total price of her purchase. My mother quickly paid for it, trying to hurry the cashier.

I stood there, as the people gaped at me, pointed at me, and laughed at me, commenting on my wet shorts, and I thought back to my daydream, as it had now come to life. I felt my bladder release, and soon the puddle on the floor grew, and my socks and shoes filled with urine, as everyone watched. My mother, busy with the cashier, did not even notice my accident, and after she finished paying, quickly dragged me off to the bathrooms, pulling the cart with the packages in tow.

“Come, Katie, let’s get you cleaned up, before that stains your clothes. I can’t believe you fell in that little girl’s puddle, you must be so embarrassed. I am so sorry that happened, sweetie!” I just sloshed behind her, unable to form words, feeling like the world around me was just going without me.

As we entered the bathroom, I heard the janitor curse as he found the fresh puddle I left him, and the door swung shut behind us.

Chapter 4

In the bathroom, we passed the lady that was behind us, with her daughter in tow, now a fresh pair of shorts and pull up on, looking content. When the lady saw my predicament, she gasped.

“Oh dear, did your daughter have a little accident too? That’s too bad. You should really look into upsetting her some protection while she potty trains, otherwise you might be dealing with this a lot.” The lady said in a condescending manner. My mother looked furious.

“Actually, she tripped and fell in your daughter’s mess that she left on the floor. Maybe you should think before you go accusing people, or put your daughter in a more absorbent diaper!” My mother crossed her arms and waited for her response.

The lady looked confused and smiled. “I am pretty sure we didn’t leave that much of a puddle behind, I think maybe your daughter fell in her own puddle, because her shoes are squishing, and you don’t get that from stepping in a bit of liquid on the floor. I think maybe you need to talk to your daughter. You have a good day.” The lady walked off, leading her child, who stuck her tongue out at me. I just got wide eyed, and looked up at my mother. She was balling her fists, and looked down at me in anger. She bent down and touched her hand to my sock, feeling the warm wetness that covered it, and it confirmed her suspicion. I just blubbered incoherently as I tried to come up with an explanation.

“Katie? Is what that lady said true? Did you wet your pants? Seriously! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you! You wake up wet in bed this morning, then again this afternoon, now you are wetting your pants in the middle of the grocery store! Where does it end? And then you try to cover it up by slipping in that other girl’s accident? What is the matter with you? Are you sick in the head?” My mother raised her fists in the air and practically screamed.

“No, mommy! It wasn’t like that! I fell in the puddle, and I had an accident! I swear!” I tried to lie my way through it, not wanting to tell her my accident came well after I fell, but my mother didn’t want to trust me.

“No, I know what you did! You didn’t tell me you needed the potty, and to try to cover up your accident, you tried to make it look like you fell in that puddle that other little girl made, but your wet socks are a dead giveaway, you peed on the floor too! You are going to be nine years old next year, do I have to potty train you all over again? What has come over you lately?” My mother accused and pushed me into the handicap stall. I tried to explain that she was wrong, but she was fixated on her story.

My mother took my shoes off and socks off, and then removed my wet shorts and panties. Luckily, my shirt was not wet, so she left me half naked, as she went back to the cart outside the door of the bathroom and grabbed a plastic bag. She deposited my wet items in the bag, and then paused.

“Well, I can’t have you walk out of here half naked, what am I going to do? I guess you will just have to wear one of your new diapers home.” My mother said as she turned to go back to the cart.

I tried to grab her arm and hold her back, but she walked away. She returned with a single Goodnites in her hand, and I saw what I would be wearing each night in bed. It looked like a diaper, minus the tapes, and it was all white, with red flowers adorning the cover. I shook my head and backed up as my mother approached me, opening the diaper and holding it near my feet so I could step into it. When I didn’t comply, she looked at me from a crouched position, with a confused look.

“You can’t go out in public naked from the waist down, Katie. These are just like your normal panties, just step in and pull on, they are just a bit more absorbent is all.” Again my mother held out the pull up for me to step in, but a shook my head, back now against the wall with nowhere to retreat to.

“Please, mommy, can’t you go buy me some shorts from the store? Please don’t make me walk out there in just a diaper and a shirt!” I pleaded with my mother, but to no avail. She just looked at me sideways.

“Katie, this is a grocery store, they don’t sell clothes. Now put your foot in here!” I was still reluctant, but my mother grabbed my foot and lifted it, throwing me off balance as I grabbed the wall to steady myself, and the pull up was halfway on when she grabbed my other leg, again making me grab the wall. Before I knew it, the pull up was in place, and I felt the bulk spread my legs. The fit was snug but not tight, a lot like my normal panties, only it rode up all the way to my belly button in front and well up my back as well. My shirt did little to hide it as it was lowered, and as my mother stood, I took a step towards her and heard a sound I thought I would only hear from my bed at night, as the crinkle coming from my new wardrobe was deafening.

I was so confused, because the outside of the pull up was cloth, but I soon felt the plastic lining under it as I ran my hand along it. This was it, I thought, I am wearing a baby diaper masquerading as a pull up for older kids, they just covered the outside with cloth to make it look like normal underwear. I could only imagine what everyone thought as I did the slow match behind my mother out of the store, as I gathered my fair share of looks and comments. The janitor mumbled as we passed him, still mopping the floor where I had lost control of my bladder. The cashier waved, and smiled as she saw my fashion statement, and one person even clapped, and cheered, making my mother blush a bit when she heard him say,

“Finally got that kid in her diaper, now we won’t have to step around the puddles!”

I was mortified, embarrassed, and overwhelmingly flustered. I just followed my mother, waddling like a duck, as my diaper swayed behind me, giving off a show.

We got to the car and loaded the groceries in, and my mom buckled me into my seat before getting in the driver’s seat. Sitting in the diaper was a new experience, as it spread my legs apart, and the air made it poof out in the front. I pouted the whole way home, and when we finally arrived, I immediately asked to take off the pull up. My mother was adamant about me helping with the groceries first, so I helped her unload the car, praying none of the neighbors would see me. Luckily it was a quiet night and we were soon inside.

My mother put the groceries away in the kitchen, and again I asked her to remove my pull up.

“Just go put your nightie on, and leave it on, after dinner it’ll be bedtime anyways, as punishment for your little display at the grocery store, so you might as well just leave it on. It’ll help you get used to wearing them anyways.” I scoffed at my mother’s suggestion.

“But, mom, that could be hours from now, I don’t want to wear this thing for so long! What if I need to go potty?” I realized awful quick what a stupid question that was.

My mother laughed. “It’s a pull up, Katie, as in you can pull it up and down, so I don’t think you should have a problem using the potty while you wear it. At least I hope not, otherwise, I might just have to have you wear them all the time, just in case. They sure would have come in handy at the store this afternoon, or during your little unscheduled nap.” My mother remarked as she put away the groceries.

I pouted, and said, “That’s not fair, mommy! That was an accident, everyone was staring at me, thinking I peed on the floor, and it just came out! And I fell in the other girl’s puddle, so I didn’t even realize it! I didn’t do it on purpose! And I can’t help it when I sleep, I don’t know why!” But my mother was in her own world, putting away the groceries, so I just slunk back to my room to get ready for bed.

I grabbed a nightgown out of my dresser, and took off my shirt. I put on the nightgown, and pulled it down, trying to cover my diaper. But to no avail, as soon as I moved slightly, the diaper peeked out from under it. Downtrodden, but not defeated, I grabbed a pair of panties from the drawer and pulled them on over them. Now it looked like I was wearing training pants, but I felt better about it. Then I saw my spandex shorts in the drawer, and thought back to the little girl in the grocery store.

Those seemed to hide her diaper pretty well, so I pulled those on too. With the added layers between my ledge from the pull up, panties and shorts, I waddled even more pronounced and my new bulge screamed diaper butt, but only if you knew what to look for, I guessed.

I walked back out to the kitchen, and my mother looked at me once, and started to laugh. “Katie, take those shorts off, the only people who are going to see your diaper are you and me, and you don’t need to hide it. That is going to be ridiculously hot to sleep in, plus, I need to see your diaper to make sure it’s not wet.” My mother giggled as she explained.

“Mom! It’s a pull up, not a diaper! And it won’t be wet until morning!” I said, and felt even worse that I said it so sure of myself. My mom giggled some more, but stood her ground. So I removed the shorts and panties, and was left in just my pull up and nightgown.

“That’s better, and it’s still dry, that’s a good girl! Let’s keep it that way until bedtime, alright?” My mother said in a condescending tone, and I just pouted at her.

“Geez, mom, I am not a baby, I can use the potty like a big girl!” I said as I sat at the table, awaiting dinner.

My mom made a salad and set a bowl in front of me. Then she poured me a small glass of juice. I started to gulp it down, but stopped when she said,

“Take it easy on the juice, that is all you get tonight, I am going to start monitoring your fluid intake, send limiting how much you drink before bedtime. Maybe if you drink less you won’t wet the bed at night.”

I looked at the small cup that was now just a third full, and whined.

“But, mommy, I’m thirsty!” I pouted.

“Not another word, or tomorrow you will get a smaller glass! The less you drink, the less you will pee at night in bed, then maybe we can get you out of diapers and back into big girl panties!” My mother remarked in such a way that it made me cringe, she was really laying the guilt on thick.
I ate my salad, and then had some lasagna that my mother got in a freezer package and popped in the oven. Once I was done eating, I headed to brush my teeth and use the potty before bed. My mother met me at the bathroom as I was sitting on the toilet, the package of wipes, bottle of lotion and powder in her hands. I stood up from the toilet, and she wiped me with a wipe before I could reach the toilet paper. I was shocked, but just stood there, as she wiped me thoroughly, and said,

“We need to clean you good or you might get a rash. Next comes the lotion, and then the powder, so you smell nice too. No more smelling like a dirty bathroom.” My mom said in a sing song way as she lathered the lotion on and sprinkled the powder. I could smell the fragrances of my youth long forgotten coming from the bottle of powder, and I sighed as my pull up was pulled back into place.

My mother frowned a bit as she fixed the middle.

“Hmm, it’s a little damp in the middle, did you not make it in time? If you aren’t more careful, I am going to have to remind you to use the potty every half hour. I can’t have you wetting your diaper before you go to sleep, it might leak in your bed if it’s too wet before then.” My mother sighed, and I just got really defensive.

“I didn’t wet the pull up mom, it’s probably just sweat or something!” I said as I crossed my arms and putted as she poked the front of the pull up.

“That’s a lot of sweat, are you sure you didn’t have just a tiny little accident. You can tell me, honey, I won’t get mad. I need to know.” My mother said so sweetly, and suddenly I wasn’t sure if I had wet it a little bit. I did have to go pretty badly after dinner.

“I don’t know. I guess, maybe, I really had to go, and it’s hard to hold it with the pull up on. I might have peed, just a little.” I said so ashamed that I felt tears in my eyes. My mother just hugged me.

“It’s ok, baby. Accidents happen, that’s why you are wearing a diaper. Mommy will make it all better, let’s get you into a fresh diaper. You wait here, I’ll go get one.” I whimpered as she released me from her grasp and left to get another pull up. She returned and tore the sides of my pull up that I was wearing, leaving my crotch lightly battered in powder and lotion exposed, and had me step in the pull up she held at my feet. I used her shoulders for leverage, and stepped into the pull up, sniffling as I did.

My mother clapped her hands and stood up. “There, now you are all fresh and clean in your new diaper, and ready for beddy-bye! Come on, let’s go.” My mother beckoned me, and I followed her to my room. The package of Goodnites was sitting on my dresser, but it was unopened. I crossed the room to my drawer and pulled the top one out before my mom could stop me. Inside, it was filed with pull ups, my underwear nowhere to be found. I opened the next drawer, and was greeted with the same mountain of pull ups, now no socks to be found. The third drawer held my shorts, and the missing socks, but my panties had vanished.

“Mommy, where are all my panties? Where did they go?” I looked at her in confusion, standing over my open dresser drawers. My mom just smiled.

“Well, you have diapers now, you don’t need panties, at least not until you can prove to me that you can stay dry enough to get them back. Don’t worry, I put them away for safe keeping, for now you can just wear those diapers until they run out, and then we will see about getting you back into big girl underwear. We just need to make sure you are ready for a big step like that first!” I was perturbed and shocked, and my jaw hung to the floor.

“No, mommy! You can’t do this! I’m not a baby! I don’t need to wear diapers all day long!” I shouted in protest.

“Says the young lady who couldn’t even make it to the potty a couple minutes ago and wet her diapers. I don’t think so, I think this is for the best. You show me you can keep those dry all day long, including the night, and we will see about getting your underwear back. Until then, you just will have to wear those. Now, let’s not discuss this anymore, it’s time for bed, baby!” my mother pulled back my comforter and patted my bed, making the plastic sheet crinkle.

I was simply defeated, and tired, so I got into bed, begrudgingly. My mom kissed my forehead as she tucked me in, the crinkling loud as she pushed off the bed, turned out the light and shut the door behind her.

I lay there, having trouble coming to grips with what had happened. There I was, 8 years old, with a plastic sheet on my bed, and a diaper between my legs, covered in powder and lotion that made my room smell faintly of a nursery. And as I lay there, I couldn’t help but have one thought cloud my mind.

I can’t believe this happened to me, was all I could think of, as I closed my eyes, and fell asleep, my bladder releasing its contents into my pull up just a short while after.

Chapter 5

I must have woken up earlier that morning, because my mom wasn’t shaking me awake and remarking on my wet bed when I opened my eyes to greet the daylight. I shifted in bed, expecting to be stuck to my sheets, but all I heard was the crinkle of the plastic sheet as my fitted sheet rustled above it. I threw back my covers, and I didn’t see a big wet spot on my sheets. I was dry! I couldn’t believe it, and I was about to jump for joy, when my hand glanced off the pull up under my nightgown, and I felt a squish. I pulled up my nightgown and was greeted by a yellow stained pull up staring me in the face like a badge of shame that screamed, congratulations, your bed is dry, but your diaper, not so much. I sighed and poked it, watching it swell back out against my finger from its contents. My mood shifted from happy to instantly depressed.

I didn’t know what to do. Should I wait for my mom, or should I change into a fresh pull up by myself? I didn’t have to answer that question, as I heard my mom coming down the hallway, the patter of her feet unmistakable. I quickly pulled my blankets back over me, and pretended to sleep.

My mother opened the door, and snuck in. She sat on my bed, the crinkle of the plastic sheet unmistakable. I felt her hand on my back, and felt her lift my covers. I thought she was going to shake me awake, but instead I felt her patting my diapered butt, and I could hear her disapproving tsk, as she repeated it with a squeeze of my diaper.

“She is really wet this morning.” I heard my mother whisper as she got up from my bed, the plastic cranking with the shifting of her weight, and walked over to my dresser drawer, sheer she must have gotten a pull up and the wipes, lotion and powder, before returning to my bed. She pulled my covers back, and I rolled onto my back, still pretending to sleep, figuring my mom would wake me any second. But, she didn’t attempt to wake me, instead I felt her rip the sides of my pull up and pull it out from under me. I tried to sneak a peek, but quickly shut my eyes again, as she put the cold wipe to my skin and cleaned the urine and remnants of lotion and powder from my crotch. Then she applied more lotion, and powder, and pulled the fresh pull up on me, smoothing it into place, all the while I was pretending to sleep. Finally she shook me on the shoulders lightly.

“Katie, it’s time to wake up!” I feigned needing more sleep and rolled over with a growl. My mother continued to shake me, and I sat up. I looked at her, and she smiled. I looked down, and saw my fresh pull up, dry as a bone, and wanting to seem surprised, said,

“Look, mom! I’m dry! My bed and my pull up! See, it wasn’t going to last forever, I told you.” I smiled triumphantly, but then my mother held up my sodden pull up she had behind her back, and winked at me.

“Not quite, baby, I just thought I would let you sleep a little longer, and I changed you. You get to wear that diaper all day though, so you have plenty of chances to keep it dry. Don’t feel bad, if you stay dry all day, I might let you wear big girl panties tomorrow. What do you say?” My mother kept up her condescending tone as she rolled up my wet pull up into a ball.

“Ok, I will show you I can do it! I’m a big girl!” I said with confidence, not wanting to give my mother any more ammunition.

“Ok, baby, let’s go eat breakfast, then, how about a movie! I know you wanted to see that new Princess movie that came out, we could go see that!” My mother beamed at the plan.

I smiled so wide it almost hurt my face. “Yes! Can we go? Please! Pretty please!” I said nearly hopping onto my knees, my pull up flopping between my legs, the plastic sheet rustling, but I didn’t care, I was so excited. Then I realized what it meant.

“Do I have to wear my pull up to the movie?” I asked looking at it with disgust.

“Yeah, I think it would be for the best, just in case. But you can use the potty, like a big girl, so I am sure it won’t be a problem, right?” My mom just smiled and winked at me. I nodded, and we went to the kitchen. My mom had a cup of coffee while I ate a bowl of cereal, finishing it and drinking the milk from the bowl, even though I thought my mom would scold me for it. But she left to check the movie times on the computer, and I went to my room to get dressed. I decided to wear a princess t shirt that had the main character of the movie I was going to watch on it, and a pair of jean shorts.

My diaper filled out the seat of my shorts, and it’s waistband stuck out the back of it, so I would have to mindful of bending over in public. This worried me a bit, as it looked obvious that I was in a diaper. Then I saw the skirt hanging in my closet, one I hardly ever wore, it would go down to my lower thigh, right above my knees, and I could pull it up high enough to hide the waistband on my pull up. So I quickly shed the shorts, and pulled on the skirt. I looked all over to see if was peeking, but I couldn’t see anything, so I was satisfied. When I finished brushing my hair and washing my face, and brushing my teeth in the bathroom, my mom called to tell me it was time to go. I raced out of the bathroom to meet her at the car, completely forgetting one important thing, to use the potty.

We reached the theater in time to get snacks and drinks. I got popcorn and my mom got a large soda for us to share. I was excited because I never got to drink soda, only on special occasions. So as soon as we sat in the theater, I was sipping it like it was the last soda on earth. I thought my mom would comment, but she let it slide. The movie started, and the theatre got dark. There weren’t many people, as the movie had come out weeks ago, so my mom and I got a whole row to ourselves. And it was quiet, which was great.

Only about 15 minutes into the movie, I felt like I needed to pee. But the movie was so good, I didn’t dare get up. So I tried my best to ignore it, and crossed my legs as my diaper crinkled a bit.

My mom looked over, and shot me a look, but then just reached for the popcorn and continued watching the movie. I had all but forgotten about the pain in my bladder, when the princess suddenly fell off her horse near a cliff and was hanging on for dear life, I sat forward in suspense, which made my legs part just enough, and when the princess started to fall, I gasped, and my bladder gave way. I could feel the warm urine spread along my backside and pool in front, as my pull up drank up the contents thirstily, much like I had with my milk and the soda. I sighed as the prince grabbed the princess’s hand and pulled her to safety, catching her just in time. My mom leaned over,

“That was close. Do you need to go potty, I saw you wriggling in your seat, or was it just all the excitement?” My mom whispered, but someone still shushed her from a row back. I blushed some, but just shook my head, not wanting to miss the movie over my latest accident.

“Ok, but tell me if you need to go.” My mom whispered quicker, and I thought about telling her, but just went back to watching the movie. I hoped she wouldn’t be too mad at me.

The movie ended shortly after that, and I was all excited, and I couldn’t stop blabbing about it as we exited the theater. My mom just nodded and smiled as I jumped around her, skipping ahead and running back to remind her about a part of the movie I enjoyed. I could feel the heaviness of my pull up as it swayed under my skirt hanging a bit under the weight of the urine I had deposited in it. But I was too excited to give it much thought, until we reached the bathroom that is.
My mom took my hand and led me into the ladies room. There we waited for the handicap stall, and once inside, my mother pointed to the toilet, and said,

“You first.” I just got a deer in the headlight look, and shook my head. That was enough to raise my mom’s suspicions.

“Katie, there is no way you don’t have to go, you drank a bowl of milk at breakfast and practically all my soda in the theatre. Is there something you are not telling me? Did you wet you diapers?”

She said it loud enough that it got a snicker from someone else in the bathroom. I blushed and shook my head.

“No, mommy, I just don’t need to go.” I tried to lie, and realized soon enough that was a big mistake.

“Ok, then show me your diaper, and it better be dry or you are in so much trouble young lady!” My mom just tapped her foot and gave me the I’m waiting pose. I just lowered my head and twitted my foot into the ground, a dead giveaway that I was hiding something.

My mom didn’t even break a sweat, simply came over and lifted my skirt, exposing my sodden, hanging diaper. She shook her head in displeasure, before finally saying,

“You didn’t even ask for the potty, you just used your diaper like a baby. I could see if maybe you had to go bad and tried to make it, but didn’t get here in time, but you didn’t even try that, and don’t even try to tell me it was an accident. Well, if this is what you want to do, I guess we can just forget about you getting your panties back. You know I would never spank you, but I am so tempted to right now, due to your lying and deliberate disobeying of me. Instead, I think I will just give you what you want. From now on, the potty is off limits. If you want to use your diapers so bad, that is what you will get. So don’t even ask me, because I am just going to tell you to go where you stand. Congratulations, you are now wearing your potty.” And with that, she tore the sides of my pull up and let it fall to the floor with an emphatic thud.

I just stood there in shock, and tears were flowing from my face, as my mom pulled a fresh pull up out of her bag, along with the wipes, powder and lotion. She quickly cleaned me up and applied my lotion and powder, before pulling my new pull up onto me. Then she lowered my skirt, and used the toilet herself, making me watch. When she finished, she said,

“That’s how a big girl does it. Did you learn anything? Well, it doesn’t really matter now, because you won’t be using a potty for a while. Too bad.” She pulled up her pants, and I started to cry. She pulled me by the arm, crying, out of the bathroom, and from the movie theater, all the way to our car. I cried all the way home, and when we got in, my mom told me to go to my room and take a nap, because I was so cranky, and babies need their naps, which only made me cry harder.
I laid down, and cried for a while longer, mostly because I knew what this meant. Eventually, I would need to use the bathroom, but now I couldn’t. All I could think about was how I was going to need to go number two in a couple hours, and if I didn’t think of a way to get back on my mom’s good side, I was going to have to use my diaper.

I fell asleep, trying to come up with a plan, but all I could do was wet the bed while I slept.

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I love how much content you put out at once. It’s very refreshing to see and you deliver a simple, well paced, well executed narrative to boot. The hallmark of good writing and storytelling. I always love seeing new posts from you. Here’s to more!

Re: It Happened To Me

I agree. A well-written, engaging story. Poor girl. I wonder if she’s still in diapers as she tells the story?

Re: It Happened To Me

Love it! Please continue!!!

Re: It Happened To Me

Love it well written I can’t wait to see more from you

Re: It Happened To Me 6 + 7

Chapter 6
I woke up groggily, unable to remember what I had dreamed, but I knew it was nothing good, because it forced me awake in a cold sweat. I reached down to feel my blankets out of habit, and sighed in relief when I found them to be dry to the touch. Then, I remembered I was wearing a pull up, and when I felt the cold lumpy outer shell of it, my sigh gave way to a disappointed shudder. I was wet, but my bedsheets had survived my nap, thanks to the pull up I was wearing, but that didn’t make me feel any better. It actually made me feel worse.

I slowly lifted my bottom off my bed, afraid that if I put any more pressure on my pull up it might spring a leak and ruin my sheets after all. Using my hands and feet for leverage, I made my way off my bed, making my butt hover over it until I was safely standing at the foot of it. My pull up sagged from the weight of my most recent bed wetting episode, and my shirt no longer hid it from view. I happened to look at the full length mirror in the corner of my bedroom, only to catch a glimpse of myself. There I stood, my skirt on the floor as I had taken it off before my nap, only in a shirt and a sodden pull up, which hung from my crotch. With my messy hair, and a slight wrinkle to my shirt, I looked absolutely dreadful, and I frowned at my reflection.

I just stood there, staring at myself, and I realized that I didn’t look like a normal 8 year old girl, in fact, I believed at that moment I could pass for 5 years old. This made me remember the cashier at the store and how she mistook me for that age so recently, and that made me sad, because I realized I wasn’t even wearing the pull ups then, it was just the notion that I might need them that made me seem younger. But now that I was wearing them, and seeing them on me in the mirror, especially with them being as wet and droopy as they were at that moment, I could definitely see her point. I looked like a toddler, and in my upset mood, my hand made its way to my mouth, and I found myself sucking on my thumb, something I had not done since I was a little girl.

I felt my eyes well up as I greedily suckled on my thumb, and viewed my now complete transformation in the mirror as I stood next to my bed, and that is the view my mother saw as she came barging into my room. The door swung open, and I looked over in surprise to see my mother standing there, just staring at me as I looked at her with my pull up hanging and my thumb lodged in my mouth. I quickly removed my thumb from my mouth and tried to hide it behind my back, but my mother had seen me sucking on it, and crossed her arms at her chest.

“Katie, sweetie, let’s get you out of that wet pull up, and get you cleaned up, you look terrible.” My mother said as she crossed the room and grabbed my hand, pulling me towards my dresser, where she grabbed a fresh pull up from my top drawer. Then she led me to the bathroom, and removed my shirt, leaving me standing there in just my wet pull up as she turned on the faucet in the bathtub and ran me a bath. My mother set my pull up on the sink, and left me standing at the foot of the tub, as she went back to my room to get me some clothes to wear. She returned quickly, carrying my pajamas.

“Mom, it’s not bedtime yet, why are you bringing my pjs?” I asked in earnest, not knowing her plans.

My mom set my pajamas on top of my pull up on the sink, and looked at me sarcastically.

“Katie, it is nearly bedtime, after dinner it will be bedtime, so we might as well get you ready for bed anyways.” My mother said matter of factly, as she ripped my wet pull up from my hips, leaving me standing there naked.

My mother put the wet undergarment in the bathroom garbage can, and then grabbed a wipe from the package that lay on the sink next to my clothes. She proceeded to clean the remnants of lotion and clumped powder from my groin, which made me glad that I wouldn’t be bathing with clumps of powder in the water.

As the bathtub reached her desired level, my mother turned the faucet off, and I stepped into the bathtub, carefully sitting down, to make sure not to displace any water over the edge of the tub and onto the floor. The water was lukewarm, and comfortable, and it reminded me of a just wet pull up when it came into contact with my lower half, and I found myself thinking that wasn’t so bad, but then I shunned myself for having such mother had me lay back in the tub to wet my hair, and then shampooed it for me as I sat there. When she finished, I lay back again so she could rinse the shampoo out with the faucet running, and my mother was careful not to let any soap get in my eyes.

Soon, my mother was standing me up in the tub, as she lathered some soap onto a rag, and proceeded to scrub me down, getting into every nook and cranny on my scrawny frame. I felt like such a little kid, getting bathed as I was by my mother, but this was normal, as most nights, unless my mother was too tired, she would help me bathe. It was only seldom that I took a shower by myself, and that was usually on school days when my mom was at work and I was alone. I had a feeling that since I was now diapered again, that my days of cleaning myself were mostly gone, at least until I could stop wetting myself.

My mom had me sit back down in the now soapy and filmy bathwater, and she rinsed the rest of the soap from me. When she was satisfied, she uncorked the tub, and the water drained around me, as I stood up, and my mother wrapped me in a towel. I stepped out of the tub, and my mother dried my body, leaving the towel on my head as she wrapped it around my wet hair. I stood there, wet towel on my head, as my mother grabbed the pull up she had left on the sink, and opened it up, taking time to shake it out, before lowering it to my feet, motioning for me to step in it. I rolled my eyes a bit, as I lifted one leg, and slipped my foot into the hole, feeling the soft cotton run up my leg as I lowered it, repeating the motion with my opposite leg, and the pull up was tugged into place as my mother slowly lifted it into position.

The pull up rested into place with a crinkle and a rustle, and my mother took what seemed like forever to adjust it as it lay on me. Satisfied with her work, she then grabbed my shirt and pulled it over the towel on my head, and let me put my arms through the arm holes. She then grabbed my pajama pants and pulled them up me as I put my legs through the holes, much like I had just done with my pull up. My pajama pants were pulled into place over my pull up, leaving the waistband jutting over the back of them, but I did not notice this right away, as my shirt did its best to hide this fact.

My mother stood there admiring her work, before removing the towel from my head, and running a brush through my hair, getting out the tangled mess that had formed during my nap. It hurt momentarily, getting my hair brushed, as the knots on my head turned violent with each run of the brush through my hair, but soon they were defeated. My mother led me to the kitchen table, and I sat down in the chair, the feeling of my padded behind still a bit new to me as I adjusted myself in the chair, trying to get used to the bulge under my backside. Soon, I just gave up and sat there, and my mom quickly laid a plate of food in front of me. She had made one of my favorite meals, a hamburger casserole covered in an assortment of cheeses. I greedily ate my fill, as she made herself a plate and joined me.

I was about to ask for seconds when there was a knock on the door. I turned in my chair to look as my mother got up to answer it.

“Coming!” My mother said as she crossed the room and the knocking continued. She opened the door, and I saw from my vantage point that it was my next door neighbor, Ms. Tiffin, and she was carrying some sort of package.

My mother smiled as she greeted her. “Why, hello, Ms. Tiffin, what brings you by this evening? What’s that you have there?” My mother said, as she spied the package Ms. Tiffin carried.

Ms. Tiffin smiled back, and replied, “Looks like I got some of your mail again, I tried to bring it by earlier but you were out.”

Ms. Tiffin handed my mother the package, which my mother accepted.

“Please come in, and have some coffee, as a thank you for bringing this over.” My mother said as she motioned for Ms. Tiffin to come inside.

Ms. Tiffin agreed with a nod, and made her way through the door, as my mother set the package down on floor, and followed her to the kitchen, where I sat at the table.

“Hello there, Katie, are you having a nice meal? Looks like you are ready for bed, those pajamas look super cozy! Oh, that’s interesting.” Ms. Tiffin said as she approached me from behind. I was shoveling some more food in my mouth and nearly choked on it, when Ms. Tiffin grabbed my shirt tail and lifted it, exposing the waistband of my pull up, putting her finger in it and pulling it back, letting it go with a snap. I swallowed hard, turning to face her, my face red with embarrassment as I pulled my shirt down over my shame. I must have been leaning forward in my chair, and my pull up must have been right in Ms. Tiffin’s line of sight, as my shirt rode up my back, and I now looked at her with a mixture of surprise and fear on my face. But Ms. Tiffin just smiled at me.

“Oh, did I startle you dear? I’m sorry! You just looked so cute in your diapers and pajamas, I just had to take a closer look. You know, I have a niece about your age, and she still has some potty issues too. She looks almost as adorable as you do wearing her diapers and pajamas to bed, I can’t help myself sometimes.” Ms. Tiffin looked at me with a smile as warm as the sun, and turned to my mother as I sat there, mouth agape, blushing furiously.

“We really must set up a playdate for my niece and your daughter. They would look so adorable playing together. They could even have a little sleepover. My poor niece never gets to go to them, mainly because of her little potty problem. But since your daughter has the same issue, maybe they could have one together?” Ms. Tiffin looked at my mother with pleading in her eyes, as she smiled. My mother looked at me, and I shook my head furiously, but she just nodded to Ms. Tiffin in response.

“I think that would be a great idea, Ms. Tiffin, maybe you could bring your niece over this weekend? Her and Katie could play during the day, and then have a sleepover at night, if all goes well. What do you say?” My mother asked as I sat there, mentally screaming at her, my face contorting in ways I didn’t know it could, trying to show my distaste for the idea of someone else seeing me in my pull ups, even if they were going to be wearing them as well, I didn’t want that at all. But my mother ignored me, shooting me a look that said knock it off, and I sat there in defeat.

“Yes, that would be grand! I think that you are going to make one 5 year old girl very happy! My niece is going to love meeting you, Katie, and I think you will be fast friends, you will see, you have so much in common!” Ms. Tiffin smiled, and I tried not to look at her in horror. My mother frowned, and explained something that I dreaded hearing but knew was coming.

“Oh, your niece is only 5. You do know that Katie is almost 9, right?” My mother looked at Ms. Tiffin with a questioning frown.

Ms. Tiffin looked at me, then back to my mother, a frown now on her face. “I guess I didn’t realize that. I thought, with her wearing diapers, that she was a bit younger, maybe even my niece’s age. I didn’t think she would still be in diapers at her age. Does that really matter though? I still think that my niece and your daughter would have a good time, Katie must not get out to sleepovers much, in her current state, and my niece has the same issue, so they still have that in common, even if they are a bit apart in age, what’s a couple of years in age difference anyways. I still think they could get along, don’t you think?” Ms. Tiffin replaced her frown with a smile, and my mother smiled back, nodding her agreement. I still sat there, mortified, as my mother spoke.

“I guess not, it would be good for Katie to have a playmate who shares her issue, maybe they can help each other to stay dry. Maybe someone a little younger than Katie using the potty like a big girl can get Katie back on track, and Katie using the potty like a big girl can get your niece motivated to do so as well. That would be fantastic, don’t you agree?” Ms. Tiffin nodded her approval.

“Yes, that might be just what little Missy needs. That’s my niece’s name, Missy. She could learn from a big girl like Katie, and Katie could get some motivation herself, it’s a win-win situation! I can’t wait to bring her over!”

And with that, the conversation continued as my mother and Ms. Tiffin adjourned to the kitchen, and my mother made some coffee. The conversation consisted mostly on me and Missy, Ms. Tiffin’s niece, and our many toileting troubles. My mother explained my nighttime issues, and told Ms. Tiffin about my daytime accidents, and how she was dealing with them. I sat at the table with my head down, as I listened to my mother go on and on about me, in the most embarrassing way, and Ms. Tiffin just ate it up, agreeing with her and sharing stories that coincided with mine about Missy. All I could think about was how much I wished I was Missy at that moment, not having to be present while my mother bashed my potty skills to another adult. I snuck away as the conversation continued, and made my way to my room.

Once there, I laid in my bed, covering myself up, making sure to not leave my pull up visible, if anyone were to walk in my room, already feeling like it had garnered enough attention already. I turned from the door to face the wall, the darkness of my room only slightly illuminated by the light coming through the crack of my door from the hallway. I closed my eyes tight as I heard my mother and Ms. Tiffin talking, only slightly audible and muffled by my door. I felt my eyes well up with tears, thinking about their conversation, and how I knew it revolved around me, and this only made me more aware of the bulk that forced my legs apart ever so slightly.

I cried softly as I fell into a deep sleep, trying to come up with any way I could to wake up dry in the morning. But the more I slept, the more wet my pull up became, as my bladder betrayed me once again.

Chapter 7
I woke up early the next morning, my stomach in knots, as I knew what was going to happen next. I really needed to go, and I clenched my bottom, trying to stem the accident that was trying to make its way out of me. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom, not caring what my mother would say, as I did not want to mess my pull up. But about halfway there, I fell to my knees as I tripped over my pajama pants that had fallen halfway off of me in my sleep, and the force of my landing gave my bowels the only push necessary to fill the back of my diaper.

I started to cry as I lost the battle, on my hands and knees, and the poop slowly mushed its way into my already wet pull up. I stayed in that position for a while, wiggling my pants the rest of the way off, about to get up and make my way to my mother’s room for help, but sat there crying and pooping myself, before I saw the hallway light come on, and a figure approached me the dark of my room from the now well-lit doorway.

“Katie, why are you crying? Are you ok? What is that smell? Oh dear, did you have an accident? Oh, baby, its ok, don’t cry!” My mother said as she tied her robe closed and made her way to me, embracing me as I lay on the floor. I tried to explain my predicament, through my sobs.

“I’m sorry, mommy. My tummy really hurt, and I tried to get to the potty, but I tripped and fell on my pants, and I had an accident! I didn’t meant to poop my pull up, I swear! Please dong be mad at me!” I yelled as I cried into her shoulder.

My mother just shushed me as she rubbed my back, and I could feel her pull the waistband of my pull up back, and I could only imagine the look of disgust on her face as she surveyed the damage and sighed. She left me on my knees as she got up and went to the bathroom, returning with a towel and the wipes. She laid the towel on the floor next to me, and then pulled me up to my feet. I felt the heaviness of my pull up as I rose, and it slapped my backside with its mess, and that just made me cry harder. I wasn’t even ready for the next part as my mother laid me onto the towel, the mush now spreading on my back, I felt so ashamed and gross, and I just closed my eyes and cried more. My mother kept shushing me, as she ripped my pull up at the seams, and laid the front of it down, and I had my first real diaper change since I was an infant. She grabbed my ankles with one hand and lifted me off my mess, using a wipe in her other hand to clean the mess off that stuck to me, removing my used pull up and making a pile of dirty wipes on top of it as she cleaned me thoroughly.

When my mother was satisfied her work was done, she grabbed another pull up from my dresser drawer, and pulled it halfway up my legs. I just lay there in a prone position, as she rubbed lotion on me and used the powder to coat my groin, before pulling the fresh pull up back into position. My mother grabbed the pajama pants that lay on the floor that had caused me to fall, and tossed them aside. I whimpered and tried to grab them, but my mother shook her head and explained.

“Those pants made you fall, and that made you have an accident, I think it would be best to just wear your shirt and pull up to bed from now on, so you don’t have any more problems. This way, if you need the potty, you just have to get your pull up off. Trust me, it’s for the best!” My mother explained as she picked me up from the towel, and led me back to bed. I crawled up, and my mom gave me a swat on my diapered behind as I did, and I looked back at her, my face red from embarrassment. She just smiled and winked at me, as she covered me up with my blankets, and kissed my forehead, before leaving me to go back to sleep.

All I could think about before I nodded off was that smile and wink my mother gave me, and the look of enjoyment she had on her face. She didn’t even seem to care as she picked up my messy diaper from the floor and carried it to the trash, before turning out the hallway light, and returning to her room to sleep. It was etched in my mind, and I soon fell back asleep, my dreams centered on my mother, my pull up, and her smile.

I woke up when the sun came through my window, illuminating my room. I felt well rested, even though my sleep was interrupted that morning, and I felt dry. I confirmed I was in fact, dry by pushing on my pull up, and not getting the squishy feeling I normally did, and that made me somewhat happy. I got up and made my way to the kitchen, where my mom was drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. She looked sleepy, bags under her eyes, and she groggily greeted me as I entered the kitchen.

“Morning, Katie. Feel better? Do you need a diaper change?” My mother asked as she stared at my pull up, giving it a once over. I frowned as I covered myself, and said,

“Mom, how many times do I have to say it? It’s a pull up, not a diaper! And I am dry this morning.” I said with a humph, ever sure of myself, and not wanting to be treated like a toddler. My mother just sighed and kept reading the paper, before speaking.

“Well, you were quite wet earlier this morning, although it was hard to tell with all that poop in your pull up! Maybe we should think about getting you some real diapers for nighttime, since you are having such big accidents, I am afraid your pull up won’t be able to handle it all.” I just let my jaw drop in disbelief at my mother’s statement.

“No way, mom! The pull ups work just fine, I haven’t had any leaks, and last night was an accident, I told you I tried to get to the potty, but I fell, and it just happened! I don’t plan on doing that ever again!” I pouted as I explained myself for a second time.

My mother was too clever for me, though. “You don’t plan on doing that, but I bet you don’t plan on wetting yourself while you sleep as well. I just think a real diaper would hold up better, just in case something you don’t plan on happens again. That way everything stays contained, and I don’t have a bigger mess to clean up.” I wanted to argue, but her point was sound. I just walked to the fridge with an attitude, my mother realizing her victory, but not rubbing it in. I poured a bowl of cereal and milk for myself, and joined my mother at the table. As I ate, my mother broke the silence.

“Ms. Tiffin called this morning. Apparently, Missy is coming today, and she wants to meet you. I told her to come over when she gets here.” My mother said, and I nearly choked on my cereal. I swallowed and began my protest, but it was short lived, as a knock on the door interrupted it.

“That must be them now. Hurry and finish your breakfast.” My mother said as she got up to answer the door. I did as I was told, realizing too late that I was still in my pajamas, which since last night, now consisted of just a pull up and a shirt. I wanted to get up and run to my room to get dressed, but my mother was already leading Ms. Tiffin into the room, followed by a little girl with pigtails, a Dora the Explorer purple shirt, yellow shorts, and a backpack on, carrying a stuffed bear in her arms like it was a baby. I just pulled my shirt down the best I could as I faced them, a milk mustache on my upper lip. I forced myself to smile and nod as they said hello.

Ms. Tiffin came over and gave me a hug, and my arms let go of my shirt, exposing my pull up. I braced myself for the laughter, but Missy didn’t seem to notice or care. She just stood there holding her bear, and I realized, she must be just as nervous as I was. So, wanting to be the brave older girl, I stood up and walked over to her, not wanting to expose myself, but suddenly not really caring too much. Missy’s eyes locked onto my pull up, and she pointed at it.

“Wet.” Was all Missy said. I looked down and realized I was, in fact, wetting my pull up.

“Oh, no!” I shouted as I grabbed my crotch, trying to stem the flow, but I was powerless to do so. I was like a bursting dam, the floodgates opened and I wet myself uncontrollably, and as my pull up filled, I felt some urine run down my legs as well, leaving me in a small puddle. Missy backed away from me, a look of disgust on her face. My mother ran over and grabbed my arm, pulling me towards the bathroom, while admonishing me.

“What is your problem, Katie? Wetting yourself in front of that little girl, you should be using the potty at your age, what is she going to think? Seeing a big girl like you wetting her diapers like that? You ought to be ashamed! And I told you, these pull ups were bound to leak sooner or later. We need to get you some real diapers, if you keep wetting yourself so much!” my mother pulled me to the toilet, and pulled down my wet pull up, and sat me on the potty, my wet pull up now around my ankles. Missy watched from the living room, trying to see what was going on, as I put my hands to my face and cried while seated on the potty. My mom left me like that, as she went to apologize to Ms. Tiffin, who was very understanding.

“No need to apologize. Missy is used to that. In fact, I bet she needs a change, too.” Ms. Tiffin bent down and checked Missy’s diapers, pulling her shorts back at the waistband, and nodding at her discovery.

“Just as I thought, she is wet too. You mind if I change her real quick?” Ms. Tiffin asked my mother.

My mother nodded. “Go right ahead.” She said, and Ms. Tiffin grabbed Missy and laid her down on the floor right there. I watched from my vantage point on the toilet, and Missy and I locked eyes, as her shorts were pulled down, exposing a wet diaper snugly fastened to her crotch. Ms. Tiffin grabbed the backpack Missy had been wearing, and opened it, producing a new diaper and wipes from inside it. As Ms. Tiffin proceeded to change Missy, my mother went to the backpack and grabbed another diaper from it, examining it closely, before asking,

“What kind of diapers are these? They don’t look like ones you get at a store. They are bigger, wider and heavier.” My mother remarked. Ms. Tiffin nodded.

“We special order them online, because Missy has outgrown regular baby diapers. Those are called youth diapers. Missy wears those during the day, and a pull up at night. It works better that way.” My mother continued to look at the diaper with surprise, turning it over and unfolding it, before remarking,
“These look big enough to fit Katie.” Ms. Tiffin looked up, and smiled.

“You are welcome to put one on Katie, if you want to try them out. I can bring more over, and tell you where to order them from, if they fit. They truly are a lifesaver, and they keep Missy dry and comfortable all day long.” Ms. Tiffin told my mother as she wiped and powdered Missy, and put her in a fresh diaper. My mother nodded, and approached me as I sat on the toilet.

“Come now, Katie, let’s try this diaper on.” I shook my head, and jumped off the toilet, attempting to make my escape. But my wet pull up around my ankles kept me from running and I fell flat on my face. My mother just laughed, and picked up me, turning me over, and laying me on my back on the bathroom floor. I was still oozy from my fall, so I complied, letting her remove the pull up from around my ankles, and wiping me clean with the wipes in the bathroom. She then lifted my legs and paced the youth diaper under me, before laying me on it. I immediately felt the difference in padding it had compared to my pull up, and the soft cool plastic tickled me as it reminded me of my bed sheet. My mother pulled the front of the diaper between my legs, and started taping it closed, not needing much effort as it was a perfect fit.

The youth diapers became very apparent to me as I regained my faculties, looking down at how my legs were very much forced apart now, I tried to close them, but only mad them crinkle and puff out. I remember thinking at that moment that if I needed to go at some point, and tried to hold it, I would probably fail. My mom stood me up, and the padding made me stand bowlegged, and when I took a step forward, I waddled and was met with a loud rustle and crinkle. Missy stood as well, helped by Ms. Tiffin, and again we locked eyes, before looking down at each other’s diapers. It was like looking into a mirror from my youth, and I shuddered a bit.

Ms. Tiffin and my mom were eating it up though. They even had us stand next to each other while Ms. Tiffin snapped a picture with her phone. I just stood there next to Missy, realizing now that there was photographic evidence of my shame, and noticing how short I was compared to Missy. She came up to my chin in height, so I wasn’t that much bigger than her, at least not as I expected. We were both about the same size wide, which is why I fit into her diapers so well, I figured. Soon my mom and Ms. Tiffin stopped fawning over us, and sent us to my room to play, while they drank coffee and talked.

Once we were in my room, I closed the door. And that is when Missy finally spoke up.

“I’m sorry about that, Katie. My aunt is like that.” Missy said, and I looked at her in surprise. Missy frowned.

“Why are you staring at me like that? I can talk, I’m not a baby! I’m almost 6!” Missy said as she sat on my bed with a humph, making the plastic sheet and her diaper crinkle. She seemed unfazed by this, however. I quickly averted my gaze in shame, hoping she didn’t notice my plastic bed sheet.

“I don’t think you are a baby. Even if you are wearing diapers. Because I am too, I guess, and I am almost 9.” I replied as I blushed furiously. This made Missy giggle.

“Wow, 9 huh? I thought I was the oldest kid in diapers! You beat me for sure.” Missy laughed as I continued to blush.

“Yeah, well if you’re not careful, you might be wearing diapers still at my age, so you better quit teasing me!” I pouted as I walked over and sat on the opposite side of my bed, making it and my diaper crinkle.

Missy stopped laughing. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you sad. I don’t care that you wear diapers still, because I wear them too. We both need them, right?” Missy scooted over closer to me, and I looked at her. He smiled at me, and I saw a gap in her teeth where she must have lost a baby tooth. This made me smile as well. We both giggled, and laughed, and carried on like that, until Missy looked down at her diaper, which made me notice it growing, as she was wetting it.

“Oh no, not again!” Missy cried as she wet her diaper. She looked so upset, so I scooted over close to her, and rubbed her back.

“It’s ok, Missy. It happens to me too. You don’t have to be sad.” I consoled the girl as her diaper yellowed, and she looked at me. She actually smiled, through her tears.

“Thanks, Katie. Can I ask you something?” Missy looked at me with fear in her eyes, so I nodded my approval.

“Do you think I will ever stop wearing diapers and wetting myself?” Missy looked like she would cry if I didn’t answer right away, so I nodded vigorously. This made her smile again.

“Thanks, Katie. That means a lot to me. Do you wanna play?” Missy said as her attention drifted from her wet diaper to other things. I nodded, and we set out to playing.

We played with my toys, my stuffed animals, and then we just used our imaginations. My mom came in with Ms. Tiffin and she told Missy goodbye, not even noticing her wet diaper, and as they left, we kept playing. Time flew by, and I felt a twinge in my bladder. But I was having too much fun playing, so I ignored it. Eventually, I felt my bladder give way, and I filled my diaper. This caught Missy’s attention.

“Did you wet your diaper, Katie?” She asked as she looked at it studiously.
I nodded. “I think so.” I replied. Missy looked confused.

“What aren’t you upset? Did you do it on purpose?” Missy asked in surprise.

I shook my head. “No, it was an accident. I just guess I was playing so much I didn’t notice. I guess it didn’t bother me.” I replied quickly.

“Ok, that makes sense.” Was all Missy said, and we continued playing.

My mom came in and told us it was almost time for lunch.

“Katie, you should get dressed. Maybe we can go to the park after lunch.” My mom said. I loved the park, so I was instantly excited. But then I realized something. If I had to wear my pull up to the movies, I was probably going to have to wear a diaper to the park. This bothered me slightly, and I was about to protest, but my mom noticed the wet diaper I was currently wearing.

“Oh Katie! Did you have another accident? Why didn’t you say something? Missy, you’re wet too! Did you both just use your diapers and not even try for the potty?” My mother questioned as she checked both of our diapers, interrupting our play.

Both Missy and I shook our heads. “It was an accident, mommy, I swear! I didn’t even realize I was wet! We were laughing and playing, and it just came out! I swear! Right, Missy?” I looked at Missy for support, and she nodded furiously.

My mother just sighed and said, “Well, I guess you will just have to try harder for the potty next time, both of you. You both aren’t too wet, so if you need to go again please tell me. Until then, I guess you can keep those on, just in case you have any more accidents.”

I started to protest but Missy just gave me a look that said, “Let it go.” Soon my mother left us sitting there in our wet diapers, and we continued playing. Eventually, both our diapers got wetter, but my mom just had us sit on the potty, both of us for a few minutes, and then put us both in fresh diapers, not even giving us a hard time.

We continued to wet our diapers all day, and throughout the night, as Missy stayed over. My mom didn’t even get mad when Missy leaked on my bed, leaving us both in wet diapers and sodden bedsheets by morning, she just cleaned up and sent Missy on her way when Ms. Tiffin returned.

I soon would find out she was only being nice to afford Missy the luxury, as I was not afforded the same luxury once she left.

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