It never gets easier: Getting 'caught'

…even if your parents, roommates, or friends know about your AB side…

My mother has always been tolerant of my babyish desires, even sometimes supportive (if only in a practical sense). Heck, she built me this to put my supplies and other things in so I didn’t have to load down my juvenile-sized dresser that hasn’t been replaced since I was five years old…

It’s a seven-foot tall lockable cabinet in case relatives or other guests show up. I wish it was still full of Abena X-plus. Perhaps it will be again some day soon… but I digress…

However tolerant she may be,… it never gets easier when she randomly decides she needs something out of one of my two rooms. I have the room my computer and couch are in, and I have one that has my bed and dresser. The bedroom (where the picture was taken) was my typical changing place previous to about a month ago. She knew not to barge in there. I recently acquired some new furniture at the end of my bed… right where I used to change. Now I have to change in the computer area (only had to do it twice so far including this time), and she has no qualms about entering there since nothing like this has ever happened before. She’s courteous enough to knock first, so I have a two-second window to cover up with a blanket or sheet.

This time……that didn’t work so well…

I wanted to use cloth diapers tonight, and that takes a bit more work and planning because I like to use inserts. So, I’m hard at work folding inserts to size, making sure they’re just right…. and then I hear the standard KNOCK KNOCK! before the door opens…

I had just enough time to flip over and cover the unmentionable parts of myself before the door opened. I proceeded to yell, “Woah! Totally naked!” (it was the only thing I could think at the time). My mother heard that, poked her head just inside the door and saw what I was doing. She quickly reared back, said “Oh! …Oops!” before slamming the door shut and walking away.

It was embarrassing, to say the least.

Anyone else have any “Getting caught” stories?

Re: It never gets easier: Getting ‘caught’

When I was fifteen, I bought my first pacifier. This was before I could ever dream of getting away with diapers.

At the time, I was still young enough that my mother thought it was perfectly okay to come into my room whenever she damn well pleased. In fact, half my closet space was actually her closet space, which she used to hang up some of her clothing.

One weekend she walked in, it was around noonish or so on saturday and she was gonna go grocery shopping so she was going to ask me if I wanted to go, but instead came in on me mostly asleep still with the pacifier in my mouth. She basically said “Oh…I see.” and closed the door.

A couple of days later, she confronted me about it, asking me what was up with it. I told her it was none of her business and I didn’t feel like talking about it. A couple of weeks later she suggested I talk to my therapist about it, I was simply floored that she brought it up in public considering we were waiting on my therapist at the time (thankfully, no one was around except the secretary).

That wasn’t the best of situations to be in but one plus side to it was my mother -never- came up to my room or opened my door again without my permission, and eventually she just never opened it again (which allowed me to decorate my room with babyish things all around).

Now though, my roommate is an AB herself, and so are most of our friends who visit. Except for one person who occasionally comes over and we have to close my bedroom door to hide things, I haven’t felt the need to hide really anything from her.

Another “Getting caught” story though, is something that happened to me a few weeks ago. This was a bit embarrassing but far from horrifying or traumatizing considering it was Elly who “discovered” me. I had just gotten done shaving pretty much my entire body and felt like getting cute after drying off; unfortunately I was running on about 2 to 3 hours of sleep in the past 36 hours and the instant I lied down on the bed to change myself, I passed out (actually I blacked out, I think. This wasn’t an “I fell asleep” situation but rather, oxygen just left my head and I fainted immediately situation). Elly came in and saw me with my area exposed right under a diaper (and of course finished the diapering :P).

Kind of an ‘oh shit’ moment but at least it was from another AB and not someone I actually feel the need to be cautious or modest around.

Re: It never gets easier: Getting ‘caught’

Hmm… there were quite a few incidents for me…

I like to sleep in just a diaper and t-shirt, and normally I lock my room door at night. However, one morning, I apparently had forgotten to lock the room door, so my typically loud mom came barging in through the door. Thankfully, my blanket hadn’t fallen off in the middle of the night so the diaper was covered, but was a pretty close shave.

Re: It never gets easier: Getting ‘caught’

I’ve never had a close call, but my dad has this really, really annoying habit of barging into my room all the time.