It's the Little Choices - Updated Epilogue [Diaper Dimension]

Re: It’s the Little Choices - Diaper Dimension - Chapters 21-25 (Updated 7/4)

Chapter Twenty-Six

Celeste and Marie were distant to Aimee for the rest of the daycare visit. As soon as Caitlyn was back from her enforced rest, she and Aimee snuck off. Aimee’s heart beat like a drum at Caitlyn’s touch, the red-haired girl seemed to want to stay very close to Aimee now, who wasn’t going to complain.

“I’m sorry you have a shocker device in you, Aimee,” Caitlyn said as they sat underneath the giant banquet table covered with fake plastic foods. Caitlyn reached out delicately and gripped Aimee’s hand softly. Aimee’s stomach did a flip at the touch, and her bladder released… she wasn’t sure which caused her to blush more. “I know how much it hurts when you get shocked. I… was mad at you the first time we met because you didn’t seem to understand. I don’t want to believe that the giants are better or smarter than we are, just bigger… but none of my ideas ever work, she’s always one step ahead of me. I… I’m close to giving up, Aimee.”

“What do you mean?” Aimee squeezed Caitlyn’s hand back, concerned.

“I mean… I want out. One way or another. There’s nothing for me here, Aimee. But I’m scared.”

“You can’t mean… oh Caitlyn, don’t do that. Don’t try it. If you fail… things will get much worse for you, and if you succeed… well, I would miss you.”

Caitlyn collapsed into Aimee’s arms, who wrapped the crying girl up tightly in an embrace. She stroked Caitlyn’s hair and made a small shushing sound, one she usually found comforting herself.

“It’s so awful, Aimee. It’s nothing but diapers and bottles and baby games… I was just about to finish my Master’s in Chemistry, I was on the track to get my Ph.D. It’s all useless here, I’m just a pet.”

“You’re not a pet, Caitlyn,” Aimee held her, “You are a beautiful, wonderful, kind and sweet girl. I’m so sorry you’re unhappy, I wish I could make you feel better. Just… promise me you won’t try to hurt yourself.”

"How can you be happy as a Little? You’ve lived your whole life this way… "

“Well, I’ve always been Little, yes… but up until very recently I had a job I hated and everything was hard all the time. Honestly, I wanted to be adopted. By the lady I was with last time, anyway… Fiona.”

“Why would you want this? To be trapped, to be bathed and dressed, to be a giant’s plaything?”

“Well,” Aimee blushed, realizing the accuracy of the term ‘plaything’, she was very much Wendy’s plaything, “Littles don’t get the best jobs… I,” Aimee frowned, remembering the last time she covered this subject, “I know you don’t want to believe that the Amazons are smarter… but you might if you tried to take a University chemistry course now. I don’t think you should, I think it would make you sad… but the portal Littles like you in the movies are always shocked by the science here, unable to keep up. Not many Littles believe that being Adopted is better… but I do. I like the diapers, using an Amazon toilet is scary and frustrating. I like being carried, I like being cuddled… I even like being fed. It’s nice to be taken care of. Does your mommy not take care of you?”

“Well, I have a woman they make me call ‘nanny’ who does most of the feeding and changing… she’s actually really nice, I don’t mind her so much. The woman I have to call mommy… she’s distant, she doesn’t really want much to do with me, I think. Most of the time we spend together is me being forced to sit still in her lap while she drinks a cup of coffee.”

“Have you tried to do anything nice for her? Amazons in the movies often have trouble showing and receiving affection from portal Littles… I remember one movie where the portal Little was so sad at the beginning that the Amazon grew afraid to try to talk to her, she spent so much time crying. It took the Little painting a picture for her mommy, and they started talking again. Maybe if you made something for your mommy here? Maybe she really loves you but isn’t good at showing it?”

“I just… I don’t understand why I’m here if… if they don’t even want me. Why couldn’t they just leave me alone?”

Aimee wasn’t sure what compelled her to do it, but she slid closer to Caitlyn and planted a soft kiss on her cheek.

“I’m glad I got to meet you, Caitlyn. You’re… really nice. I like you a lot,” Aimee let go of the girl, suddenly Caitlyn was kissing her. This was passionate, loving, gentle but needy. It was unlike anything Aimee had ever felt before. The love she felt for Fiona was different, she wanted to make Fiona happy, to be smiled at and cuddled. Caitlyn stirred a desire in her that no Little had ever done. Aimee lost herself in that embrace, closing her eyes and just feeling. Neither one of them saw Tracy peek in on them under the table with a smile, quietly backing away and leaving them to each other.

“Aimee,” Caitlyn said softly after the kiss was broken, “Do… do Littles fall in love with each other here?”

“Yes, but I’ve never been in love with a Little before… you’re pretty amazing, Caitlyn.”

“I think I’ll be okay as long as I have you here, Aimee… I was afraid I’d never see you again. I didn’t get to say goodbye last time. Please… don’t let the Torturer break you. She doesn’t keep the Littles she breaks, Marie told me… a lot of horrible things about her.”

“One, Marie is a bitch who likes to hurt people. Two, Wendy isn’t that bad… you just have to understand her. I love her… in a different way than what I feel for you. You make me feel really good… I’ve wanted to kiss you since I met you. Wendy… she saved me, Caitlyn. Things with Fiona… they weren’t good, and I couldn’t see it. We were only going to hurt each other, I see that now. Wendy is giving me what I always wanted… to be loved and cared for. She’s not a monster like everyone thinks. She loves me, too.”

“I hope you’re right,” Caitlyn said softly, resting her head on Aimee, “I don’t want anything to happen to you… Phillip… he was damaged by her, mentally and physically.”

“He didn’t understand her, he didn’t love her… not the way I do. Everything will be all right.” Aimee kissed Caitlyn on the top of the head tenderly, snuggling her close. It felt strange to cuddle someone her own size, but it was nice. “I hope you can patch things up with your mommy… being Adopted isn’t so bad if there’s love.”

"Yeah, I’m going to try your suggestion… maybe you’re right and I just can’t see it. It’s better than… "

“Shh,” Aimee stopped her, “That’s not an option, it never was. Stay safe, don’t try to hurt yourself. Find your happiness, ask your nanny for help. The Amazons in the movies like it when the Little asks for help… they just want to feel loved too, in a different way.”

Wendy re-entered the playroom, ready for the usual dance of Little tears and obliquely begging for help… the regulator would never let them ask for help directly. Aimee was creative, Wendy was actually curious what the girl might come up with. If anyone stood a chance of escaping, it was probably that one.

“Mommy!” Wendy found the girl wrapped around her legs, “I missed you! I had fun but I’m ready to go home with you. I love you!”

“I love you too,” Wendy said, completely confused. “Did she give you any trouble?”

“No trouble, Ms. Olivier. Aimee is a sweetheart. She’s… different than the other Littles you’ve brought in. I hope she makes you very happy,” the last statement from Tracy had a strange edge, almost a threat… but the girl would never be so bold. She’d watched as Wendy broke Little after Little, seen the damage to their bodies and minds as she worked to extract the glorious fear from them. Something was definitely different this time. Wendy frowned, unsure how to get the fear back into Aimee at the moment. How was the girl so positive?

“Thank you for watching her, we’ll see you again,” she promised, carrying the girl out with her.

“What are we doing next, mommy?” Aimee asked, there was an undercurrent of fear there… Wendy held the girl close as they walked through the club toward the parking lot.

“I’m sure I’ll think of something, my darling girl. I have lots of toys, after all.”

The fear blossomed and the flower opened at that. Aimee quivered in Wendy’s arms… Wendy inhaled deeply as she buckled the Little into the carseat. She was still afraid… but it didn’t make sense. How can she genuinely fear me and also be so positive, why hasn’t she tried to escape? Wendy wondered, The fear is real, she can’t fake that taste.

“You didn’t pick a stuffie today,” she whispered, “Maybe we should start there, see what personality your friend for the day has.”

A fresh wave of fear spilled through the car as Aimee’s breath quickened.

Aimee was certainly a puzzle, but she wasn’t broken and that was the important thing. Wendy pondered whether she should enjoy the soft waves of fear drifting from her Little, or escalate it.

“Did you know that one of those stuffies is designed to shock you if you’ve gone too long without wetting?” Wendy asked as she started up the car, driving back toward the house, “I hope you find that one, you’ll have to beg and plead for a bottle.”

There was that other flavor again… stronger this time. The fear was there, but that other flavor danced along with it, complimenting it, enhancing the fear, not lessening it. It was… thrill? Aimee is afraid, Wendy told herself, I can taste it… as long as I can get that, the real deal, she can be as thrilled as she wants.

Aimee’s heart swelled at all the attention she was getting, imagining herself on her knees at Wendy’s feet begging for a baby bottle, begging to drink until her bladder ached just so she could pee herself. Aimee was falling madly in love with Wendy… I can play the game, she thought to herself, avoid the pain, seek the thrill… it’s no fun with no danger, right? Wendy pushed all the right buttons for Aimee, but most of all… Aimee felt like the center of her mommy’s world, and that’s what she wanted more than anything. To be wanted, to be loved.

“I hope I get a nice one,” Aimee giggled, “One that only shocks if I don’t say ‘I love you’ enough. I’ll practice now. I love you, mommy!”
Wendy couldn’t take it any more. She pulled the car into another spot at the end of the Osmium parking lot and turned around in her seat to face Aimee. Aimee quailed, her fear flooding the car. Wendy’s eyes were narrowed at the girl.

“Why?” she asked, “I’m hurting you. I’m exploiting you. I’m taking everything from you. Why would you love me?”

"Because… " Aimee felt tears welling up in her eyes, “You do all that because you love me, right? You… you didn’t lie at the Adoption Ceremony did you? You’ll care for me, comfort me, and protect me? I… I really love you, Wendy.”

The air in the car shifted… the fear was there, it was overwhelming… but it was different. Aimee was terrified, not of pain or punishment, but of rejection. And it tasted foul, like spoiled milk. Wendy did not like this at all, and she started to realize…

“I will care for you, I will comfort you, and I will protect you, Aimee. It wasn’t a lie,” she lied, “You are very important to me. Littles… don’t love me, Aimee,” Wendy placed a hand on Aimee’s knee, looking her in the eyes, “I hurt them, they hate me. I just… I don’t understand why you don’t hate me.”

“Because you’re my mommy. Those other Littles weren’t right for you,” Aimee heard the words coming from her mouth, and decided to throw away any thoughts of escape forever, “I am. I like our games, I like the challenge, I love how you make me feel. I want you, Wendy. You.” Aimee placed her tiny hand on Wendy’s, her confession feeling perfect as she sat buckled into the carseat in a wet diaper. This is what love was supposed to be. “I want to be with you forever. I want to tease my fans, I want you to keep me on my toes. I want to moan and cum until I pass out… you are amazing and I wouldn’t change any of this. I love you.”

“I love you too,” Wendy replied instantly. And it wasn’t a lie.

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Saturday night was mostly relaxed, they put on a small show for the camera, Wendy told the fans that Aimee had been very bad today and that she needed a spanking. Aimee was blindfolded to intensify the fear, and Wendy had selected a hard and flexible switch for the machine to use on her - and she was spanked until she bled, red rivulets running down the backs of her thighs as she sobbed and pleaded. But once the camera was off, she was cuddled and snuggled, and Wendy soothed the wounds with a balm. She was confused by these new feelings, but caring for Aimee after the beating was delicious in its own way. Aimee had been terrified before the spanking, the fear wasn’t lessened by the love… it was augmented. The after-care was something she had never really done before, she dried Aimee’s tears and comforted her, soothed her wounds and fed her a bottle. That new flavor positively radiated from Aimee during the feeding… it wasn’t thrill at all, it was love. And Wendy was growing to crave it as much as the fear.

Sunday started out fantastically, they had an easy morning of breakfast and television, cuddling and coloring. Soon after, Aimee was being carried back to the nursery.

“We’re going to find that wetting stuffie and put it on top of the pile,” Wendy said as she changed Aimee from her comfy PJs into a powder blue sailor-suit onesie with a matching too-short pleated skirt. Knee-high thin socks topped it off, the diaper peeking out beneath the skirt with every movement. The final touch was a powder-blue hairband with a bow. Aimee admired herself in the mirror, twirling to see the skirt fly and show off her diaper, too thick and wide in the crotch to be covered by the snaps of the onesie.

“We’re going to cheat?” Aimee asked accusingly, “That takes some of the fun out of it, mommy!”

“Well,” Wendy laughed, having never expected to hear those words from a Little, “I really want you to beg for that bottle this morning… I may have to make you earn each bottle. I’ve been thinking up awful challenges for you.” The fear washed over the room in a torrent, causing Wendy to inhale sharply… the love flavor was in there too, all mixed and mingled. “Here we go,” Wendy announced after a quick scan of the stuffy pile with her phone and placed a white and fuzzy baby seal on top of the pile, “Pick this one today, okay sweetie?”

“Yes mommy,” Aimee agreed, although in the back of her mind she thought about disobeying. Wendy couldn’t punish her on camera for picking the ‘wrong’ stuffie without revealing that she cheated, the thought made Aimee grin. But punishment could come after the cameras are off, she thought to herself, and who knows what she might do then. Even so, she was tempted. “Can I throw another tantrum this morning? It’s so much fun.”

“Okay, but you’re going to get punished, you know that right?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Aimee grinned as she hugged Wendy’s legs, “Promise me it will be dreadful. But… love me when it’s done.”

“Of course, my sweetheart. Are you ready?”

“Yes mommy,” Aimee grinned, stepping away. She breathed for a moment to clear the smile from her face and prep for the camera… and the tantrum. Wendy reached up and activated the cameras, once those red lights were on, Aimee began. “No! I hate the sailor suit!” she tore the skirt off and threw it on the floor, stomping on it, “I hate it! No!”

“Aimee,” Wendy said threateningly, “You are on your way to another punishment, do you want that? I promise you that you won’t like it.”

Aimee bent down and picked up the skirt and threw it at Wendy, “I hate blue! Pink is better!” she dropped to the ground and screamed, pounding her fists and kicking her legs, “No no no!”

“Bad girl!” Wendy shouted, silencing the tantrum with a jolt, “Bad, bad girl! You are adorable in blue, and you’ll wear whatever I want you to. Littles don’t get to pick their own clothes any more than they get to pick their own diapers! Now you put this skirt back on right now or you’ll regret it.”

“No!” Aimee screamed, throwing a small pillow at Wendy, “I won’t!”

“Bad Aimee! Very, very bad!”

Aimee writhed in pain on the ground, panting. Wendy reached onto a high shelf and pulled out a small case, showing it to the camera subtly. She pulled out a hypodermic needle and filled the syringe from a bottle in the case. Aimee’s eyes grew wide and she backed away.

“I’m sorry! I don’t need a shot… I’m sorry! Please let me wear the skirt!”

“Oh, you want to wear it now, hmm?”

“Yes please!”

“Beg me for it,” Wendy said coldly. “Beg me for your skirt back.”

"Please mommy, I’m sorry I was rude. Please may I have my skirt back? Pretty please… I’m afraid of the shot… "

Wendy strode over and tore the onesie from Aimee’s body roughly, popping the snaps with a yank and pulling it over her head, leaving her in just a thick pink diaper.

“No!” Aimee screamed, the fear flooding the room as Wendy pushed her down onto her face, holding her face-down in the carpet. "No no please… please mommy, I’m scared! No… " The needle pierced her flesh in the back of her thigh, amid the still-fresh lines of her beating from the day before. She cried out in pain and fear, holding perfectly still as the cold fluid entered her. "Noo… "

“Yes, and now you don’t get any clothes. And it’s time to pick your friend for the day. Crawl over to the pile and pick a stuffie, you bad girl. I hope you get a nasty one today.”
Aimee sobbed as she crawled forward, her thigh hurt and her muscles felt sluggish. She grabbed the white seal doll from the pile and held it up, tears streaming down her face.

“This is Marshmallow,” Aimee sobbed, “He’s my friend and I love him.”

“Good, our friends know what Marshmallow does, we’ll have to find out. How’s your tummy feel, Aimee?”

“Not good… my legs feel weak, mommy.”

Wendy grabbed the Little, who clutched Marshmallow as she was moved, and placed her in the crib, binding her in a way that held her face pressed into the crib mattress but her butt stuck way up in the air.

“You will not use your diaper until I say it’s okay, do you understand? If you use your diapers like a baby without permission, you’ll be punished.”

“Yes mommy,” Aimee’s pulse raced as she wondered what the medicine was going to do. Marshmallow was a Wetting stuffie, needing her to wet herself nearly constantly to be satisfied, so she doubted it would be anything that would aid that. Wendy adjusted the camera so it had the perfect angle of Aimee’s raised diaper. Just then, Aimee started to feel her stomach cramping dangerously. “Oh no,” she said aloud.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?”

“Mommy… may I use my diaper?”

“No baby, you may not. You will hold it until I say it’s okay.”

“Mommy, I don’t think I can hold it,” Aimee said with a touch of panic in her voice, “My tummy feels not good.”

“Is the medicine not agreeing with you, darling?” Wendy asked sinisterly, “Beg me.”

"Mommy, may I please use my diaper? I’m just a Little and I can’t hold it. Please, I don’t want to get in trouble… "

“That’s terrible begging, Aimee. Try harder.”

“Please!” Aimee cried, “Please mommy, please… please may I use my diaper? Please!”

“You may pee yourself,” Wendy said with a smile, “Since you asked so nicely.”

“I need to… I need to do the other thing,” Aimee said sheepishly, “Please mommy.”

“Beg, you bad girl!” Wendy gave her a smack on the diaper, and between that and the shock, Aimee was barely holding on to her bowels.

“Please mommy, please may I poop myself? Please, I’m just a Little and I can’t hold it. I want to poop myself with all my fans watching,” her face turned beet red and she wished she could hide. “Please mommy, I’m… I’m a dirty girl.”


“Please! Please please please… oh… please!” It was getting harder to hold it, it was starting to hurt her.

“No, Aimee. You may not. Your begging is abysmal. And if you soil yourself now, you’re going to be in big trouble.”

“Please… please… ohhhhhh… ple-” Aimee’s body betrayed her as another wave of cramps hit and she filled the diaper helplessly, the back of it ballooning out for the camera.

“Aimee, you bad girl!” Wendy gave her a smack right on the seat of the diaper.

“I’m sorry, mommy… I’m sorry. I’m just a Little, I can’t help it! Ohhhhh… no… no more!” Aimee groaned and grunted as her body informed her she wasn’t done. She had no idea how long she went, she was spent and panting by the time she was done, and felt positively foul.

“Would you like to wear the sailor suit? Don’t I pick the best clothes for you?”

“You pick the best clothes, mommy,” Aimee agreed with a groan, tears in her eyes. She couldn’t move, she was forced to display her messy diaper to the camera. “I’m sorry I threw a tantrum, I deserved to be punished. Thank you for punishing me, mommy.”

“I think you need to wear your mess for a bit. Our friends can vote whether they want to watch you helpless in your crib or if we should turn the cameras off now. You’re going to sit in it until I think you’ve learned your lesson, then you’ll get a bath and some lunch.”

The fans had voted to not only make her wait for a change on camera, but also that she be re-adjusted and forced to sit in it, bound in the crib on her butt. Wendy made her bounce for the camera, and she spent a good deal of the show sobbing… which the audience loved. Aimee was incredibly relieved when the cameras were turned off and she got the promised bath and a change. She still had to beg for the bottle… the rest of the day was pretty enjoyable, she got a few shocks from Marshmallow and Wendy made her do some unpleasant things to keep earning bottles… but it was a good day. Wendy was pleased with the amount that the morning’s show had earned, it seemed the audience really enjoyed watching Aimee throw her tantrum and get punished… almost as much as they had enjoyed the show the day before.

But more importantly, Wendy adored the feelings that were coming from her Little. Both the fear as they did their dance, making her beg for bottles, making her prove her love over and over… and the feelings of love itself. As she explored that flavor, she discovered that it was nuanced. There were subtle variations in it, like finding a salt crystal in a chocolate dessert… one flavor enhancing another, the delicate mixture providing immense pleasure.

Wendy would be careful to never break Aimee fully, she honestly wanted this to go on forever.

She never wanted another Little… Aimee was the only Little for her.

Carol sat in her apartment, watching the videos over and over. The spanking, the medicine, watching poor Aimee forced to sit in her own mess while Amazons cheered in the chat for the channel, cheered for her baby to be beaten and punished, forced to soil herself and beg. Her blood boiled, she hated these Amazon chatters almost as much as she hated this Wendy Olivier… they were all awful, and they needed to pay. She saw the first Aimee video as well, however… Aimee had claimed to be adopted by the woman in the video… but that could be a lie. She could be held against her will, the Adoption might never have happened. But Carol had a sick feeling that it was true.

She couldn’t call the police, she’d have to save Aimee herself.

She slid the play bar of the video back to the beginning and watched Aimee scream and cry, begging for mercy for the twentieth time, her knuckles white on the arms of the chair. She hated the woman who was hurting Aimee more than she had ever hated anything in her life. Carol’s skin itched when she looked at her, the smug smile as the precious Little begged. She wasn’t an Amazon, she was a monster.

Minutes after the 48-hour mark ticked over, Fiona was on the phone with the authorities. The weekend had been unbearable without Aimee. She had done nothing but brood and search the data net for any signs of Aimee, but kept coming up empty.

“Missing Littles, do you have a case number?” a male voice asked her over the phone after the absurdly and frustratingly long hold.

“Yes, 87239-EE-23,” Fiona read from the scrap of paper she had scribbled on when she called in before, “My friend is missing and I’m really worried about her.”

“One moment, ma’am,” the voice told her while the loud sounds of typing came across the phone, “No one has contacted you? This case has been closed.”

“Closed? You found Aimee?” Fiona’s heart soared, hope swelling her chest, “Where is she?”

“I’m afraid I can’t tell you her whereabouts, ma’am. Your friend has been Adopted legally. She’s an Adopted Little now.”

"No… " Fiona’s heart sank, “She… she didn’t even say goodbye.”

“Ma’am, I’m sorry… is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No, thank you.”

Fiona hung up the phone, feeling numb. Aimee had left her. After all their time together, after all the joy and tears, the games and meals, the countless hours of bonding…

The little bitch wanted diapers more than she ever wanted me,
Fiona growled to herself… and lost herself in a bottle of whiskey.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

“Wow, we’re that popular?” Aimee beamed as she rode in the front of the cart into her former place of work, thickly diapered, ringlets bouncing, the skirt of her dress hiked up by the bar between her thighs, the metal of the cart pressing her diaper to her. She cast a glance at the greeter who was standing in her place on the platform, remembering how jealously she had watched cart-riding, diapered Littles as they were pushed through the store by their loving mommies. A warmth spread over her as she basked in the knowledge that she had finally gotten what she always wanted. It wasn’t exactly the way she wanted it, but it was close enough.

“We’re that popular,” Wendy smiled, “Thousands of Amazons watch you every day. You show them that there are Littles out there that really enjoy being cared for, just like the movies. Our weekday schedule is a little different than the weekends. We want to be on when the most people can watch, so we get the days to ourselves.”

“You really make enough money from the show that you don’t have to do an office job?” Aimee was amazed, she had no idea how much Wendy was bringing in thanks to her diapered butt already.

“I really do,” Wendy kissed Aimee on the forehead, “I also run a store where people can buy my leather goods, the cuffs and paddles and such. I’m lucky I have such a cute model showing them off for me.”

“Yay,” Aimee beamed, swinging her legs in the cart, “It feels a little weird to be here with you this way… I was starting to like this job. I like my new job better though.”

“Someone finally put you in diapers, huh?” Kurt’s voice rang as they passed him, “Good, I always knew that’s what you needed.”

“Excuse me,” Wendy said, pushing the cart back to the In-Betweener who was leaning lazily on his broom, “Are you talking to my Little?” She stood purposefully close to him, towering over him and staring him down. He gulped audibly, which brought a wide grin to Aimee’s face.

“Um… we were friends when she worked here, ma’am, I was just teasing.”

“That didn’t sound like teasing to me, it sounded like bullying. Yes, Aimee is in diapers where she belongs, maybe you belong there too? You seem awfully immature and you’re on the small side for a Mid. Are you keeping your pants dry? I have a taller friend who wouldn’t mind a bigger baby.”

“I’m not a Little,” Kurt shivered under her gaze, his confidence shattered completely, “I can control myself. I, uh… I have to go stock something. You have a good day, ma’am.”

“That was amazing!” Aimee gushed, laughing uncontrollably. “I can’t stand him, he was always so mean to me.”

“Well, he was right about one thing. You do belong in diapers,” Wendy smiled, “I don’t know how anyone let you work here, you’re obviously just a baby.”

Aimee swooned at her words, those warm feelings of pleasure, contentment, and love radiating from her.

“Let’s go buy you some more diapers, we’re running low on your favorite nighttime princess ones,” Wendy stroked Aimee’s cheek as they pushed the cart down the aisle.

Helen watched helplessly as that awful woman pushed Aimee through the store, touching the Little tenderly. Feelings of anger, sorrow, and hopelessness poured over her. She knew where Aimee was now at least, but she was further away than ever. Helen’s heart broke and she shambled back to her office, barely aware of her surroundings.

She’s adopted
, Helen moaned to herself, She did want it this whole time and I was too cowardly to see it. I missed out on the best opportunity of my life, and now she’s with that woman. I didn’t protect her, I never got to tell her how much I love her, and now I never will.

Carol parked her car on the other side of the block from the bitch’s house, slipping through backyards until she was at the back of the right house. She peeked in through the window and saw the punishment nursery, awful machines, paddles, torture devices… things a Little should never have to see - let alone feel - littered the room, strenghtening her resolve. She had to rescue Aimee. She called in this morning, telling Fiona she had a family matter to attend to, she wouldn’t be coming in today. This was a family matter, Aimee should be her family. She longed to hold that Little to her chest again, to cuddle her and comfort her, to feel those tiny lips around her nipple. She found an unlocked window and let herself into the house. No one was home yet, but Carol would be ready when they got there.

Fiona’s heart leapt as Aimee’s phone rang in her purse. She had started carrying it around everywhere just in case.

“Hello?” she answered it, hoping beyond hope that Aimee’s voice would greet her. She was hurt that Aimee was adopted now, but she still wanted a chance to say goodbye to her friend.

“Fiona,” the voice of Aimee’s boss was on the other end, “I… I was going to leave Aimee a message. I saw her today. She’s… she’s adopted.”

“Yeah,” Fiona frowned, realizing she probably should have called this woman and told her, she had said she would after all. “I was going to call you, I heard from the authorities… her missing person case was closed for that reason. I don’t know who she’s with, but I hope she’s happy.”

“Me too,” the big woman sounded incredibly sad on the other end, “I never got to tell her I loved her. I wanted to adopt her. I watched her struggle every day, trying her best… she is such a ray of sunshine. I love her so much,” Helen let out a small sob, unable to hold back the tears. “She’s a really special Little, Fiona. If you ever hear from her… please tell her that I miss her and I hope that she’s happy. The woman she’s with… I’ve seen her shopping before, she’s one of those punishment-hungry types, I’m worried about Aimee. I hope she made the right choice.”

“I see,” Fiona frowned, her feelings all jumbled from the information, “I still haven’t heard from her at all, so you have more information than I do. Thank you for telling me. I hope she’s happy too,” Fiona said, unable to get all of the bitter out of her voice, “It’s what she always wanted.”

Helen died a little inside at those words. What she always wanted. Aimee had always wanted to be adopted, she thought to herself, the words echoing in her mind as she hung up the phone, she was right there the whole time, wanting more than anything to be adopted, to be babied and cuddled… Why didn’t I tell her how I felt?

Wendy pulled the car into the garage and killed the engine, releasing the Little from the carseat and grabbing the shopping bags.

“You go play in the craft room while I put these away, okay sweetie?” she smiled, it was nice to be able to trust a Little not to run away as soon as she untied them. Aimee was willing, and it was a novel experience for Wendy. She needed a quick fear fix now though, “I think we should play a punishment game afterward though, I wonder what I should do to you this time?” She grinned as they walked into the house, Aimee squeaking a bit as she headed for the playroom, “A trip on the spanking machine would be boring, I think… we’ll need to step it up. I’ll think of something,” Aimee’s heart raced at the promise, she had no doubt that Wendy would think of something dreadful… and wonderful. “Maybe you can stack blocks while wearing your new shoes, we still haven’t tried them on.”

Aimee walked for the craft room and was just pushing the door open to go resume her coloring when she heard the scream. She ran for the kitchen, turning the corner to see Carol standing over her mommy, a large kitchen knife gripped in her right hand. It dripped with Wendy’s blood, a pool forming underneath her, the crimson splatter on the wall beside them. Carol dropped onto Wendy’s fallen body, plunging the knife into her back again and again, Wendy twitching and spasming underneath her.

“No!” Aimee screamed. Carol’s eyes flashed upward, falling on the Little. Before she could speak, the girl took off running as fast as her diapered rear would allow her. Why is she running away? Carol wondered, floating in a haze, I saved her… I killed the bad guy, now we get to live happily ever after.

Aimee ran for the garage and opened the car door as she heard Carol calling.

“Aimee, I killed her for you. I love you so much! I came to get you!”

Aimee panted, hoisting herself into the giant car and struggling to pull the door shut. She hit the door lock as Carol came into the garage. She walked over to the driver’s side door, trying the handle, her hands and clothes wet and slick with Wendy’s blood. Carol pressed a hand to the glass, begging Aimee to open the door, a bloody handprint on the window. Aimee covered her face in her hands, she felt sick, she felt scared. Wendy was dying…

Aimee screamed as Carol started bashing the hilt of the knife into the window… she climbed into the passenger seat and dug through Wendy’s purse, finding her mommy’s phone and calling the emergency number.

“Emergency services,” a voice came quickly, “What’s the emergency?”

“She killed my mommy,” Aimee cried to the man on the phone, “She killed my mommy, she has a knife, I think she’s going to kill me too!”

“There is an attacker in your home? We’re getting your location from the phone now, we’re sending someone.” Aimee screamed as the knife slammed into the window over and over.

“I came for you, Aimee! I came for you!” Carol looked around the garage for another way to get into the car.

“Stay on the line, sweetie. Don’t hang up on me, okay?” the seconds ticked by, each one feeling like an eternity. Aimee couldn’t see where Carol had gone from where she was huddled in the passenger seat, she was too afraid to stand up and look around. “Where are you in the house? The police are arriving now.”

“I’m in the garage, I’m locked in the car. Oh no! She has a hammer!” Aimee screamed again as Carol slammed the found hammer into the driver’s side window, cracking the glass. “I’m in the car, please help me!” Aimee fought through her fear for a moment and scrambled to hit the button to open the garage door. Moments later, men were tackling Carol to the ground.

“Sweetie, are you there?” the voice from the phone asked. “Are you okay?”

“I want my mommy,” Aimee cried. She opened the passenger door and ran into the house, the police men calling after her. She ran to Wendy, slipping in the pool of blood and falling to the ground. She couldn’t feel the pain, everything was moving too quickly. She crawled to her fallen mommy, shaking her… but Wendy wouldn’t move.

“Mommy!” Aimee called, shaking the woman she loved, “Wendy… don’t go. I love you. I need you.” She draped herself across Wendy’s body, sobbing her heart out. “No… no, everything was finally perfect.”
Nothing felt real as the police man carried her away, wiping her mommy’s blood from her with a towel. Words came at her, words of comfort, telling her everything would be okay, telling her they’d take care of her.

Lies. Nothing would ever be okay again.

Fiona’s phone rang this time, a government line calling. She frowned, with Carol gone the day had been really rough. With all of the extra feelings and stress regarding Aimee, it had been doubly difficult, especially with the empty playpen staring at her accusingly.

“Hello?” Fiona answered.

“Fiona,” Carol’s voice sounded out of breath, broken, “You’re my one phone call. I messed up, Fiona. I messed up.”

“Carol? Where are you, what do you mean your one phone call?”

“I’m in jail, Fiona. I… I killed the woman who took Aimee.”

“You did what? Don’t do anything, don’t say anything - we need to get you a lawyer.”

“I did it, Fiona. I did it and I’d do it again. Watch the video on my computer and you’ll know why. I know you didn’t love Aimee the way an Amazon should love a Little… but I did and I had to do something about it. I killed her. But now I don’t know what’s going to happen… they told me she’s going to go in the orphanage system. I damned her from one cruel fate to another, Fiona… you have to save her. She’s damaged, she won’t survive an orphanage, they’ll break her. You have to help her.”


Chapter Twenty-Nine

Aimee felt like nothing was real as she sat in the white tiled room in a steel crib. Her beautiful clothes were gone, her wonderfully thick diaper was gone, she was sitting in an orange onesie alone in the clinical room, sucking on a plain white pacifier as she waited to find out what was going to happen next. They told her that Wendy was dead. Fiona’s assistant had killed her in some insane, misguided rescue attempt. The “rescue” had taken everything from her. Now that she was no longer a legal adult, she couldn’t just go home… they wouldn’t even give her a phone call. She was just supposed to wait for the orphanage people to come and get her.

“I am a good girl,” she started her chant, “I love my diapers. I love my mommy. I need my diapers,” she didn’t make it any further than that without breaking down, sobbing. The good feelings didn’t come now that the regulator was removed, and she just missed Wendy even more. “I need my mommy,” she cried, laying down in the crib, hugging the coarse white blanket and wishing for Puppyface or Marshmallow.

The video had been terrible, it had hurt to watch Aimee beg and cry that way, shown no mercy. But Fiona didn’t want to rush off and kill the woman responsible…

Now she was sitting at a desk in the police station, waiting for the woman to come back so they could figure this all out.

“I’m sorry ma’am,” the woman in uniform with her cropped dark hair said as she sat back down at the desk, “Aimee Olivier is property of the state now, the law is quite clear. I’m afraid I can’t turn her over to you. She’s no different than an abandoned portal Little now, she’ll likely be auctioned off.”

“That’s not acceptable,” Fiona said, a hint of anger creeping into her voice, “She’s my roommate, my friend. She’s only been adopted for a day or two at most. Please, just turn her over to me and we’ll be on her way, I’ll see that she gets the proper care.”

“I’m sorry, you’re not her legal guardian. There’s nothing I can do for you.”

“Wait,” Fiona furrowed her brow, digging in her purse, “I am her legal guardian.” She produced the Temporary Adoption License they had gotten that night at the store, “In fact, the validity of her adoption to Ms. Olivier is suspect. You’ll see that my adoption certificate, temporary though it is, clearly demonstrates consent and intent before her official adoption was ever processed. As her guardian, I request that you relinquish her to my care.”

“I… um,” the woman held the card and checked it against the database, sure enough it was real, “I need to talk to my supervisor about this. Please wait here, Ms. Marr.”

Fiona was sweating a bit when the woman and what she assumed was the supervisor came back.

“Come get your Little, ma’am,” the female supervisor said, also wearing a shorter haircut to her dark hair, “we don’t want to see her go into the orphanage. She’s severely traumatized by the events of the day, she’s barely responsive.”

They led Fiona to a secure area, going through barred doors and weapon detectors, and she was shown to the room where Aimee was laying near-catatonic on her side in a steel crib. She walked over and released the catch on the bars, pulling Aimee into her arms.

“Mommy?” she mumbled sadly, "I want my mommy. She killed my mommy… "

“Shh,” Fiona held her friend close, “It’s me, Aimee. It’s Fiona. I’m going to take you home.”

“Fiona?” Aimee seemed to snap out of it a bit, sitting upright in her friend’s arms, “Fiona? You came for me?”

“Of course I came for you, Aimee. We’re best friends,” Fiona smiled a pained smile as the Little hugged her tightly. “Come on, let’s go home. Your stuffed unicorn is waiting for you.”


“Yes, Uni… he misses you, let’s go get him.”

“Wendy loved unicorns,” Aimee started crying, sobbing her heart out in Fiona’s arms, drenching her shoulder in tears, "We were coloring a unicorn together… that’s what we were going to do when… when your assistant… "

“Shhh,” Fiona carried Aimee out, guided by the authority personnel, “Shhh, baby. Just relax.”

Aimee looked down at the smiling ladybugs that held her arms and legs, she had missed them. She hated the orange onesie she was in, and she hated the thinner diaper they had given her. She wanted to go home to her nursery, she wanted to put on a show for the camera and make her mommy happy. She wanted snuggles and playtime, even if it was scary and painful.

“I’m a bad girl,” she whispered to herself, “I’m a very bad girl.” But the shocks didn’t come. They had taken her regulator, and with it all of the beautiful pain and pleasure that Wendy had gifted to her.

Fiona carried the mumbling Little to her room and laid her down on the bed, handing her the stuffed unicorn and teasing her butterfly Silencer pacifier between her lips. Aimee took the paci and cuddled the unicorn, but otherwise she just laid there. Fiona heard a soft hiss from the girl’s diaper and watched it expand slightly with a frown. She shook her head and walked out of the room, leaving Aimee to rest. Aimee was whispering something to herself over and over, but Fiona couldn’t make it out. She figured it was best just to let her be, let her have some space, the comfort of her own room.

After a couple of hours, she assumed Aimee had fallen to sleep and fixed herself a quick dinner, just a simple sandwich with ingredients from the fridge. She gave Aimee another hour, then checked on her… she was laying with her eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling and mumbling, in a pool of her own urine. Her diaper had leaked but she hadn’t moved, hadn’t made a sound.

I can’t deal with this,
Fiona said to herself, I just… I can’t.

Fiona walked out of Aimee’s room, leaving her there, mumbling, wet, and probably hungry… and made a phone call.

“Aimee,” an unfamiliar voice called her softly, and Aimee felt a soft touch on her arm, “Aimee… time for a bottle, sweetie, you look thirsty.”

“Mommy?” Aimee said softly, blinking rapidly. Her eyes felt dry, they hurt. She hadn’t been blinking as she stared off. The world was blurry as she looked around. She felt her pacifier being pulled from her mouth and replaced with a bottle of juice. She held onto it with both hands, letting Uni roll away. She felt herself being lifted into the air… her sodden diaper was removed, she was cleaned up, and the wonderful and familiar bulk of her favorite nighttime princess diapers replaced it.

When things finally came back into focus, there was an unknown Amazon woman leaning over her, a cascade of raven hair hanging down from above. The woman had a warm smile and stroked Aimee’s cheek. Aimee fixated on the diamond stud piercing the woman’s nostril. The woman leaned down and gave Aimee a kiss on the forehead before sitting back… and revealing Helen beyond Aimee’s feet.

“Am I at work?” Aimee asked, confused. “Helen?”

“No sweetie, you’re not at work. You had a really bad day and your friend called me to come take care of you. I wish I had asked you if you wanted to be cared for, Aimee. I think I’m in love with you.”

“You think?” Emma snorted, “I think the sky is blue, but I’m not sure. Hi Aimee, I’m Emma. Think of me as your big sister, okay?”

"Are you a Little? You’re so big… "

“No silly baby, I’m not a Little. You are though, look at how cute you are!” Emma leaned forward and blew a raspberry on Aimee’s exposed tummy, causing her to giggle, “You are such a cute Little!” Emma gave Aimee a big hug and pulled her to a sitting position. “I bet you’re hungry, aren’t you little sis? My boyfriend is going to take us out to this gourmet pizza place. They say they’ll put anything you want on a pizza… anything! Let’s put it to the test, will you share a peanut butter and jelly pizza with me?”

“What?” Aimee couldn’t help but laugh at the mental picture of a pizza covered in peanut butter sandwiches, “You’re silly!”

“Will you come with us? I want my little sister with me, okay? Say: I want to come with you big sis.”

“I want to come with you, big sis,” Aimee repeated. Emma clapped and hugged the Little again.

“We have to get you dressed. Hmm… Helen has zero fashion sense,” Emma stated, standing up and walking over to Aimee’s closet. Aimee looked at the girl’s outfit, she was wearing a pink plaid skirt with a black top, a fishnet shirt over that. She wore high-heeled boots that went to her mid-calf, a zipper running up the side. She definitely had a sense of style… but it certainly wasn’t Aimee’s. “Let’s see… we should go simple, I think. Tinkerbell and shortalls!” She carried the outfit over and started dressing Aimee without asking, pulling the shirt on over her head, then laying her down and working the shortalls over her legs. Soon, Aimee was pulled to her feet and the shortalls fastened. “All ready to go, do you want a piggyback ride?”

“Yes!” Aimee danced, all her troubles forgotten for the moment. Emma crouched down and Aimee climbed on her back, “Let’s go big sis! To pizza!”
Helen laughed and shook her head, How could I ever see her as anything but a Little begging to be adopted? She’s so childlike, so innocent. She thought about what Fiona had told her, that Aimee had witnessed a gruesome murder, that the woman who had taken her had been killed right in front of the girl and her mind had cracked a bit. She seemed to be okay at the moment. Maybe she’s just not ready to face adult things? Lucky for her, she won’t have to any more.

Fiona had signed over Aimee to Helen’s care. They had to finalize it together, Aimee, Fiona, and Helen… but this was the start of a new chapter for Helen. She had wanted Aimee for a long time, to care for her, to cuddle her, to comfort her. Aimee had been through a lot of trauma in the past couple of days according to Fiona, but Helen was more than happy to help her through it. Emma had promised to help in any way she could and things were looking up.

It was time to start their Happily Ever After.

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Re: It’s the Little Choices [Diaper Dimension]

Another wonderful story, Kimmy. The resolution of the Wendy arc seemed pretty much spot on: even though Wendy was improving as a Mommy you really couldn’t leave Aimee there, and Carol had pretty much established herself as a potential psycho. (See my previous comment.) Helen’s eventual adoption of Aimee was, though predictable (see my first comment) the best result possible. I like how you used the Temporary Adoption license; it occurred to me at the time that it could become important but I had totally forgotten about it in all of the Carol/Wendy hysteria.

About the ending:

While I completely understand the logic of having “broken” Aimee essentially take over Wendy’s online business for herself, taking advantage of the “fans” she already had as well as the mashed-up emotions her stay with “The Torturer” had instilled within her, I have trouble with it. My problem stems from something basic and core both to Helen and Aimee: the need to see the latter as a baby and treat her so. In the entire story, that has been what Aimee has desired: nothing less. Yet here, in her final “happy ending,” she seems to be more of a little sister than a baby. I mean: she is in diapers and it’s clear she doesn’t get to choose her clothing, but then at the end she chooses her bedtime? She goes to her room by herself? She has a computer? (This is not only contradicting the baby thing but also the news blackout. Plus, we are told that she is at a loss whenever she acts in an adult way, but running her own fetish site is a pretty adult thing to be doing.) I like it from the unexpected twistiness perspective, but honestly I don’t think it passes the logic test when you place it alongside of everything that has meant anything to Aimee for the previous 25 chapters. And then when you factor in Helen’s oft-stated desire to baby her, it makes even less sense…because this is too much not like a baby to satisfy an Amazon’s Mommy urges, even a nice one.

Anyway: this was another DD triumph and I think you’ve now earned the title of Top Diaper Dimension World Builder. What’s next?

Re: It’s the Little Choices [Diaper Dimension]

Kerry - I had the same choke point as you regarding Aimee, but I resolved it in my own head with the idea that she loved the attention. Her old job, what was she doing? Being the mascot. She liked being the star of her own little show, and Wendy showed her a path to that end that she retained.

Re: It’s the Little Choices [Diaper Dimension]

Well, I suppose that is true, but it doesn’t resolve either her need to be babied or Helen’s need to baby her…

Re: It’s the Little Choices [Diaper Dimension]

You are absolutely right. I’ve never been fully satisfied with the ending to this one, honestly it felt too abrupt. I was feeling a little fatigued towards the end of this story, and part of me wanted it to be done so I could move on to other things. Helen’s biggest fan told me she was disappointed that there wasn’t more slice-of-life, so I may actually go back and rewrite the epilogue a bit.

Helen’s need to baby Aimee comes from a place of love, Helen isn’t sure of herself… but you’re right, Emma stole the spotlight at the end.

The point of having the computer and the show was that, even though Aimee has tried so hard to avoid work, she takes satisfaction in it. Wendy awakened something in her that Helen can’t satisfy, so even though she finally has her perfect mommy/baby relationship, she’s still not fully happy with it. There is no such thing as a “perfect ending”, humans are imperfect and we always seek to sabotage our own happiness. It doesn’t matter how great your life is, how few worries you have, you’ll always find something that makes you unhappy. It’s the nature of being human.

We need more Helen/Aimee action though, I did them a disservice by dumping it all in an epilogue like that. I want to spend some time elsewhere, I think… but I do want to rewrite that ending a bit.

Up next is a trip to another island in that corner, that another author friend of mine made to fit in with my vision: Eire, a land where Littles live on the streets and are literally rounded up like stray animals. It’s a very dark setting and I love her dearly for coming up with a place that fits 100% (I only helped with the naming) with my alternate-Earth worldbuilding, but manages to be even darker than Catalon.

It’s a collaborative piece, we worked together to write it, though most of the flavor of the prose is mine.

Re: It’s the Little Choices [Diaper Dimension]

When will we be seeing that one?

Re: It’s the Little Choices [Diaper Dimension]

Greedy Kerry!

It’s going to take some work to get it to fit in this board’s formatting. It requires specific fonts for specific sections or the storytelling device doesn’t work. I’ve got to prep it to post here, my goal is tomorrow.

Re: It’s the Little Choices [Diaper Dimension]

Another awesome DD story. I think I liked this one more than “Making the Best of It”. The character development was perfect. The story started of nice and calm, but still interesting. Then it intensified to a beautiful level. I love how you took something that in most stories would of be scary and turned it into a loving scene. Then finalized it by showing just how much that whole experience changed everyone in the end.

Thank you for writing this :slight_smile:

Re: It’s the Little Choices [Diaper Dimension]


Helen smiled, the feel of the restaurant table was comfortable to her. The two Littles were in their high chairs, eating with their fingers. One was all smiles and the other dreadfully serious - Aimee had taken a while to warm back up to Fiona, but after many tears and hugs, the two had apparently forgiven each other. Helen had to make sure that Aimee was seated well away from Charles, Fiona’s “professional Little”, however… the girl did NOT like the other Little. Fiona had hired Charles after Aimee was found, she still needed a Little to get her into many upper-echelon places in Amazon society, and her career was doing very well. Helen never understood the woman and honestly she would have been perfectly fine with never seeing her again, but she was Aimee’s friend… so Helen put up with her. Thankfully, Emma and Ethan were fine with sitting between the two Littles. The four of them, Helen, Ethan, Emma, and Aimee, had become quite the little family unit. Helen’s apartment wasn’t suited for caring for a Little, she had lived in a studio alone… and Aimee needed a nursery. Helen wanted more than anything to give her Little, the wonderful Little she had fawned over for countless months at work, everything her tiny heart desired… and Emma and Ethan had stepped up to help - well above and beyond what anyone could expect from a friend.

Emma was between jobs at the moment, it was difficult for an Amazon her size to be taken seriously - especially with her punk style - and so she spent quite a bit of time taking care of Aimee. She and Ethan were engaged now and his photography business was really taking off, so she found herself having to work less and less. They were actually pondering moving all four of them in together in a house, since Emma wanted to ditch her apartment and she had been such an amazing help to Aimee. Ethan had really taken a shine to the Little as well, and she liked to play with his beard. They went out scouting for artistic landscapes together sometimes, she would take a small watercolor set and paint what she saw while he photographed. A few of her pieces had sold, which she was very proud of. Many of the ones she couldn’t bear to part with hung on the walls of the apartment. The small, bloody handprint that was often concealed somewhere in the painting was the only thing that bothered Helen about it all. Having an income counter-intuitively boosted Aimee’s self-esteem a great deal.

Helen didn’t fully understand her Little, she just knew that she loved and accepted Aimee in every way she could. It had only been six months since the death of that horrible woman who had abused the Little, and she was still very damaged. Helen had been taking her to a therapist, an Independent Little, and that seemed to help - it was actually the therapist who had suggested painting as an outlet initially. But he had also been quite clear that it was possible Aimee would never recover fully. Helen knew Aimee wanted to be kept and loved and held, but she also knew that contributing financially made the Little feel good and even though Helen’s instincts told her to keep the Little close and give her as carefree an existence as possible, the therapist had strongly suggested letting Aimee maintain her painting business.

“Mommy,” Aimee smiled up at the Amazon, her face smeared with barbecue sauce, “I wuv you.”

“Aww,” Emma cooed. “Little sis is so cute!” Fiona barely stopped herself from rolling her eyes. Aimee grinned at Emma and wiggled her messy fingers. Emma was in this strange Little-but-not place, she was happy to play Little games with Aimee, happy to be the big sister, but she was still an adult. Aimee loved that about her, she was always upbeat and had a great sense of humor. Aimee had what she had always wanted, a loving mommy, a life free of responsibility, fun, friends, and laughter. Helen loved doing things with Aimee, anything she wanted. They went to aquariums and zoos, museums and movies, out to eat or just relaxing at home together. Helen was the dream mommy from the movies, happy to carry her, madly in love with her, and spoiled her rotten.

Aimee wiggled and squirmed as Helen cleaned her up and they said their goodbyes. She grudgingly hugged Charles - neither Little liked the other. Charles was Adopted only for the sake of finances, his Emancipation was already written into Fiona’s will and his employment contract was very clear on his escape clauses. He may have been dressed in a little blue t-shirt under a pair of blue denim shortalls, and the crinkle of his diaper was obvious as he moved, Aimee knew from their visits to her home with Helen, Emma, and Ethan… that the second “Charlie” was out out of sight of the public, he would sit in the corner and read the Financial Times and ramble about how he was “heavily leveraged” and “liquid assets”. He never wanted to play, even with the most advanced toys that Aimee had.

Aimee’s thoughts went to a darker place as she was carried to the car and buckled in the back seat. Helen didn’t want to use carseats with restraints, and Aimee missed them. She had tried talking about it with her Amazon before, but the idea of tying Aimee down made her uncomfortable and Aimee wanted Helen to be happy. She smiled absently at Emma who also rode in the back, while Helen climbed up front and Ethan drove.

“Are you okay, Ethan? You’re awfully quiet,” Helen asked softly.

“He’s always quiet, silly. He’s the strong silent type,” Emma answered, leaning between the seats and giving Ethan a big kiss. Ethan smiled warmly, the love between the two of them was as clear as day.

“Sit down, Emma,” he chided, “and buckle up - we’re headed home and then I’ll give you all the kisses you want.”

Honestly, Aimee didn’t care if she ever saw Fiona again. She had openly forgiven her friend, but she didn’t know if she could ever fully forgive her, not truly. Fiona hadn’t come for her, Fiona’s assistant Miss Joly had killed her mommy… nobody had understood Wendy, and it cost the woman her life. Aimee did, Aimee knew that Wendy had loved her… Aimee had loved her too. She missed Wendy’s sharp mind, she missed Wendy’s touch… Fiona only cared about herself, she even had another Little already, one she didn’t actually have to care for. Their friendship felt like it meant nothing, sure Fiona said that she missed Aimee, said that she missed the games and the laughs and the good times… but when Aimee needed her, she was passed off to Helen. In truth, Aimee only put up with Fiona because the woman helped Helen out financially, she had donated many of the more expensive items needed for Little care, like the crib and the high chair, and a few others, and every month she sent a pack of Aimee’s favorite diapers… but the Little knew this was all borne of a sense of guilt. In the end, it was easier for Fiona to cut a check than it was to really care.

Aimee knew that Helen wanted to be the perfect mommy, and she had doted on the Little for months, going as slowly and as carefully as Aimee needed. Helen had a lot of love to give and it showed, she glowed with a genuine warmth and Aimee felt truly loved in her arms… but she had no interest in the sexual games that Wendy had introduced her to. Aimee had to be content with pleasuring herself when she was alone in her room, but she missed and craved the physical affection from her mommy-figure. Approaching the subject made Helen deeply uncomfortable, she only wanted to see Aimee as innocent and such talk violated that perception… and over time Aimee had learned not to ask.

When they got home, they all gathered around the modest kitchen table and indulged in their communal favorite activity: board games. Aimee clapped with delight as they began, moving the pieces and taking turns. After twenty minutes, her mind started to wander back to its darker thoughts…

“Okay, little sis, it’s your turn!” Emma grinned at Aimee in her high chair sans tray, snapping her back to the now. This one was about traveling the islands and collecting different keys to unlock the portal to a perfect world where Amazons and Littles lived in harmony. It was a sweet, gentle, co-operative game that still required a decent amount of skill… but not too much. Aimee didn’t have any trouble focusing or solving problems in the right context, it was only when she faced adulthood head-on, which thankfully didn’t happen too often. The game had been shipped to the apartment in Helen’s name, several things had been lately, none of which Helen remembered ordering. She assumed Fiona was behind it. The only thing they had to avoid flat out was unicorns, they were an instant trigger for Aimee now… and bloody handprints showed up in too many of her drawings. The Little therapist she was working with had made great progress, but the two Littles were mostly working together to make the breakdowns less frequent, less intense, and of shorter duration.

“I think,” Aimee tapped her piece along the board and played a couple of cards, “Yes! I got the green key! Only two more to go to happily ever after.” Aimee waved a card at Helen, “Look mommy… we’re really close to the portal!”

“I already have my happily ever after,” Helen smiled, making Aimee blush… but she took her turn anyway.

“I love this game,” Emma smiled, “You’ll have to thank your friend again for buying it. It’s really great.”

"Yeah… " Aimee looked a little guilty, but Helen wasn’t sure why. They had talked about asking Fiona to tone down the gifts, but Aimee had talked her out of confronting the other Amazon about it. It didn’t really make sense to Helen that the gifts gave Aimee this reaction, but at the same time the Little didn’t want Helen to talk to Fiona about it.

They finished the game together, a happy group, a happy ending to the game.

“I think a certain Emma was promised kisses,” Ethan grinned as they finished cleaning up the pieces. “Any interest in collecting on that?”

“Oh, I think I could be convinced of that,” Emma grinned as Ethan swept her off her feet, carrying the girl off to their room.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” Helen asked after the pair was gone, “You look like you’re having hard thoughts.”

“I’m okay,” Aimee forced a smile, “Tonight was fun, wasn’t it?”

“It sure was,” Helen agreed, stroking her Little’s hair, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah,” Aimee lied, “I think I just need some alone time. Is that okay?”

“Of course,” Helen lied as well. The therapist had said that if Aimee needed ‘alone time’ that she should allow it. Her instincts screamed at her to grab a bottle and grab Aimee and force her to lay down in her Amazon-sized bed and feed her until she fell asleep… but she wanted what was best for Aimee more than anything, so with a heavy heart she helped the Little down from the high chair. She would get her cuddles soon enough, Aimee always wanted to be snuggled and tucked in, she always wanted that evening bottle… but it took everything Helen had not to grab her and insist that they do it right then.

“Thanks, mommy. I love you.”

“I love you more, my little one.”

“Nuh-uh,” Aimee answered as always, “I love you the mostest!”

Her heart hurt as the Little waddled away to the Nursery and closed the door.

Aimee crawled under the crib and fished out the laptop she had stashed back there. It wasn’t great, but the camera she had upgraded on it was. It had taken her some time and some consideration on how to acquire it without raising suspicion, she managed by using the money she made from her paintings. She was pretty sure Helen knew she had it, but her loving mommy hadn’t taken it away. The games and toys that had been arriving had been her own purchases.

And now it was time to make some money… she fired up the camera and the laptop. She’d help Helen with the financial burden, and she’d have some fun doing it…

“Hi friends, who missed me? I gave you all of today to vote on my next punishment… let’s see what you came up with! Oh, looks like another messy masturbation session for me tonight, you dirty Amazons. Those of you who want to see the upside-down wetting need to pitch in a little more, the MM crowd only beat you by a couple of hundred dollars! I had a pretty full dinner several days in a row, so this is going to be a big mess. Let’s put on a little music and get started. I see you, AmazonDaddy12… I know you’re one of my biggest fans. I’ll be sure to send a picture just to you tonight. Are you at home, touching yourself right now? I bet you are, you Amazons are all the same, you just want to see Little me make a mess and love it. Well you’re in luck, because I do… oh… I think I need to go. Good thing I’m wearing this thick diaper.”

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Re: It’s the Little Choices - Updated Epilogue [Diaper Dimension]

This one feels better, Kimmy. I think you’ve pretty much addressed all of my concerns and still given us the ending you wanted. :slight_smile:

Also, it’s good to see you writing again…

Re: It’s the Little Choices - Updated Epilogue [Diaper Dimension]

Thanks! Your criticisms were all perfectly valid and I actually referred to your post when crafting the new one. Someone pointed out that I still didn’t cover the whys and wherefores of Carol’s descent into madness, which I could have and should have done with a news report linking the grisly murder to the chemicals in her blood that had been introduced to her system from eating at the Catalon restaurant that was shut down for violating the health code standards by using actual Catalon chicken in the food… Carol’s incident was probably not the only one, though she ate there every day for a week straight so hers was probably the most intense (given that the citizens of Gaule have NO resistance to the additives in Catalon food).

Sooooo… I probably need to rewrite it AGAIN.

I’ll start posting the first chapter of my brand new story, “The Biggest Little Vacation” on Monday <3

Re: It’s the Little Choices - Updated Epilogue [Diaper Dimension]

Glad to see you back.

Re: It’s the Little Choices - Updated Epilogue [Diaper Dimension]

Wow. I love this story, my second fav after ‘Making The Best of It’. But I have to say I was very very said to see Wendy die in such a terrable way. I wished that she survived but Amiee gotten taken away. It hurt my heart, I cried. But am glad to see Amiee happy a little with Helen. Though I don’t think Helen is the best fit. I mean Wendy was finally turning around for the better, and I gotta be honest, I found there relationship enjoyable and I wanted more, I wanted to see what more Wendy would think of. Otherwise beautiful story as always. I loved it! I can’t wait to read your others. BTW could you point me in the right direction of the author who first came up with this story base line please.

Well, this is amazing on SOOOO many levels, the story structure is well executed, the erotic parts are, well, erotic, and the writing itself is practically professional. I loved the character development, especially how even minor characters such as the Littles at the daycare recive some amount of development. The story’s ending was a bit bitersweet, but still delightful. I will admit the enmity between Fiona and the main character was almost heartbreaking. I personally cannot wait to read “Making the Best of It”.

I never actually saw this comment, thank you! I’m always curious which one people like more, “Best of It” or “Little Choices”. I think “Best of It” is better in many ways, but I think the rollercoaster plot is more cohesive in “Little Choices” and who doesn’t adore a love triangle? I’ve wanted to do a relationship graph for “Choices” more than once, I still may at some point. The twisty way everyone was interconnected is my favorite part… well and how darkly erotic Wendy was. In my opinion, Aimee+Wendy was the “perfect match” ending… but Helen was the next best :slight_smile: The ending felt more meaningful to have her with Helen than Wendy.

I don’t know if you ever found the original Diaper Dimension tale or not, here it is: Alisa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension – Chapter 1 – The Princess's Castle

It’s quite different from the little world I’ve crafted between my stories, but that’s where it all started.

Aww, thank you so much! Feedback like this is why I keep writing. Wendy is super hot and I really enjoyed writing those darkly erotic scenes. I’m glad you enjoyed the ending, I think Aimee would have been happier with Wendy, but I like the - as you said - bittersweet ending of Helen. When I wrote this story, the core of it was twofold: 1) Would a story where the Little was begging to be diapered and the Amazon was unwilling be entertaining, and 2) Can I tell one of those stories where if the characters would just talk OPENLY AND HONESTLY, all the problems could be clearly solved with a little understanding? I was doing a lot of therapy when I wrote this one, and I was solving my own emotional health problems. Writing Fiona and Aimee allowed me an outlet for that - they really weren’t good for each other, but they couldn’t see it.

I hope you enjoy “Best of It” and thanks again for commenting! I see this is your first ever comment (I think?), which is also super flattering. I’d love to hear which of the two stories you liked better. Also, since you enjoyed the erotic bits of Wendy’s playroom, you might enjoy the story I’m working on now (not “The Biggest of Desires”, that’s a collaboration) called “Breaking the Girl”. I’ll be posting it either when “Desires” runs out of chapters to post (I’m not writing it solo) or it finishes :slight_smile:

manufique! i do hope this site has more to offer at this level of quality, because this, this is something special, by good i’d love to roleplay with you if you ever felt up to it