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It's Your Fault I'm Not Poopular! by YC3

First, a couple warnings.

-This has been abandoned for years, so it’ll never be ‘finished.’
The original is here. http://pastebin.com/fC1hKqyA

-I haven’t read it in a similar amount of time, and didn’t actually re-read it before posting.
As such, the only thing I did do, was clean up some odd characters, and space out some paragraphs for better readability.
The warning part of that comes from the fact that this originated on 4chan, which is notorious for… well they’re just notorious. I can’t remember if the content within the story was acceptable. I’m kinda thinking it might’ve gotten iffy in some places. Hence the caution. Mods, feel free to delete it if there’s something that crosses the line. Anyone else who reads it; feel free to point out such instances.

I do remember it being fairly clever though, which is why I’m posting it.
And of course, I never read the source material.

Story in second post… Edit: Fuck double-post merging!

Chapter 1: Because I’m Not Popular- Fuck You! I’m Not Wearing These Diapers!

She was ready to scream at this point, but she wouldn’t dare draw any attention to herself; not with her brother’s friends in the next room and not when she was dressed like this. As soon as they left though, Tomoko was going to kill that asshole for leaving her stuck like this. The railings on her bed were supposed to be put down in the daytime. This was the only time she could be on her computer anymore, but she couldn’t get the railing down with her hands stuck in the thick mittens of this stupid romper. She still couldn’t take it off herself, either, and with that thick padding around her waist underneath she could barely stand up for long. It was cozy too, though, and the idea of lying back down till her crib was opened became more inviting, but a different kind of relief was needed first, and she didn’t know if she could use it while those boys voices hung through the walls.

Things had been fine when she was wearing them on her own. Her brother had bought her a package of training pants just to mess with her or something. He was throwing a fit saying he was tired of having to take her to the bathroom at 2AM all the time. So fucking childish, how old did he think she was? Tomoko stuffed the package in a corner and put it out of her mind. She vegged in front of her computer, until a certain fullness hit her and she really had to go. Before getting up though, she looked at the clock and realized how late it was; too late to go downstairs alone, and her brother definitely wouldn’t be taking her, which left very few options. From across the room that little package she got goaded her.

The answer was simple. She’d use one, but she wouldn’t wear it. she’d just pull it open, press it down to pee and throw it away. She didn’t want to hold it too close to her. On the other hand it might make too much noise if she didn’t. As long as it wasn’t around her waste it would be fine; it would be just a large maxi-pad, then. She didn’t know why she was so nervous about it anyway. After all, no one could see her. So all she had to do was use it. just use it so she could throw it away and go to bed.

She felt it, but she couldn’t hear it. That padding muffled the sound, and before realizing this she almost panicked. The reality of what she was doing struck her: she was peeing herself in the middle of her bedroom. If she hadn’t had that protection in her hands, she’d be ruining the carpet right now. She had almost filled it too, so she hurried to throw it away before dripped. It felt warm and heavy in her hands, but now it was safe in the trash and gone forever. She had won.

Tomoko slept pretty well that morning, and woke up very smug. She’d beaten the system, gotten all the convenience and none of the shame. All the time she would have to spend heading down stairs to use the bathroom was no longer an issue now that she could just take out a padding, rip the elastic off, make sure the door is closed, take off her shorts and pants, and make herself go. Every single time. Over and over. Maybe it wasn’t so easy as she had remembered it. The process seemed much more tedious each time she tried it, and she couldn’t even go half of the time. She knew she would have to eventually pee that night, and she didn’t want to go through all of that again. So she sighed and she slipped her shorts on over the diaper.
It wasn’t really a diaper though. After all, the elastics were ripped, it wasn’t clinging to her, she just had it pressed under her chair while she worked online. She wasn’t wearing them to bed either, so it was still ok for her.

It was better than ok, in fact. Tomoko had a lot more time at the computer now, and she got a lot more done: updating her TV tropes pages, double checking to see if anyone had posted on the forum she moderated, and she’d finally found where Yuu-chan went after she closed her last account and started following her again. The only time she had to go downstairs now was to eat, and she didn’t have to hold it in all the time either. There were only so many pants left in the package she had though, so she was sure to only throw it out right before going to bed. She had to be extra careful not to leak them each night, but at that rate, she could make them last until fall classes started. She wanted the whole summer to be like this.

Her mom wasn’t as happy, though.

While Tomoko was finishing dinner, her mother decided to tidy up the upstairs, unprepared for what had been going on. She had barely opened the door to Tomoko’s room when the the smell wafted over her. Her Daughter’s chair had an odd damp spot on it, at least four pairs of her shorts were lying on the floor and they were filthy, and back by the door was the wastepaper basket full of something that definitely was not paper. Her mouth would be hanging open had the air been cleaner.

“WHY WERE YOU LOOKING THROUGH MY TRASH IN THE FIRST PLACE!?” Tomoko asked after being dragged back up to her room by the ear.

“I’m always the one who has to take out your trash, Tomoko, AND clean your room,” her mother was holding back all her strength not to strangle that girl, “but I thought I could at least trust you to take care of… of THIS on your own!”

“I am taking care of it, moron!” Tomoko’s face reddened deeper “Everything’s been just fine, stay out of my damn business!” she couldn’t believe how stupid her mother was being. Her room did NOT smell stranger, and she could always just wipe those little spots out of the carpet and wash the sheets. And it wasn’t her fault that woman came into her room just before she was going to take the trash out herself.

“There is nothing okay about this, young Lady! This smell is not going to come out for months, The carpet is ruined, and…” she finally noticed the damp bulge poking under her daughter’s shorts, “Tomoko, how long have you had that one on, do you even realize what you’re doing to your skin!”

“I need them to last the whole day! Stop freaking out over it, it’s fine!!”

“Take those off right now-”


Tomoko would have kept yelling after she caught her breath, but her mother was done listening. She grabbed her daughter’s wrist, and slung her over her knee as she sat down on the bed. She kept the girl’s hands held firmly in place as she was struggling to get off her lap.

“Fine them, Tomoko. If you say that everything is alright, I’ll stay out of your business,” She said, still firmly pinning the girl down, “but you’ve still left your room in a mess, and you’ve said a lot of harsh things to your mother. I think two single spankings are in order. Do you Understand, Tomoko?”

Tomoko stayed silent, unsure if her mother was serious.

“Just two strikes wouldn’t do anything at all to a girl your age, after all. Then you can do whatever you want in this room. Understand?” her mother tightened her grip impatient for an answer.

“Fine, already! Do it then!” Why did that woman have to drag things out this time? Since when did her mother need her permission to hit her? Sure, she almost never resorted to hitting, but she certainly never asked for permission first. It was irritating. She was just patronizing her!

As irritating as it was, Something more irritating came over her. For a second it had seemed like her mother had already started, but she realized it was too spread out to be a slap. Then the cold air touched her skin and she realized this pain was only from her shorts being pulled down.

“Here comes the first one, Tomoko”

Was her skin really that sensitive? She hadn’t paid attention to it until now, but the itching pain was digging into her now. It was scary. She couldn’t move. And her mom was about to-


She thought that was the first spank, but it was only the air pressure from her hand. A practice swing? This was too much. She was going to die. Her mother was about to commit a 15 year late postpartum infanticide! She had to call this off! She had to stop it, but she had no voice. All she could do was try to thrash and struggle away.

“Oh? Is something the matter Tomoko?” Her mother said, her grip not loosening on the wild little girl.

Tomoko forced herself to calm down enough to answer, “I… I…” She began to hiccup as she tried to catch her breath. Her face was a mess with tears.

“Are you afraid the spanking is going to hurt, sweetie?” her mother said, savoring each word.

“Ye-hh… ye…” She stopped trying to talk and just nodded.

“What made you change your mind, Hun?”

“I… I don’t know” She lied.

Not satisfied with the answer, her mother traced her hand along Tomoko’s red skin, “Is it because of this big mean rash?”


“And how did a rash this big find its way onto to your tushie, Tomoko?”

“I don’t know…”

“You don’t know?” her mother repeated.

“I don’t! I don’t know, okay!” What did she expect her to say? She just didn’t notice it until now. She would have soon enough. Why did her mom have to pick today to check on her room, even if she had just waited an hour. What was going to happen to her now?

Tomoko was lifted up to her feet by her mother. “Well, if you really don’t understand how wearing this diaper could give you a diaper rash, then I guess it can’t be helped,” she said as she slipped the soiled pants and diaper off from under her ankles. Tomoko was gently pushed over to the corner, her legs trembling and her butt still exposed. Facing the wall she couldn’t see her mother taking the trash can out of the room, but finally she heard some instructions from her “I’m going to throw these out, and do some shopping to take care of that awful rash. You stay put and try not to make it worse dear. Understand?” Then the door shut, and Tomoko was alone.

Chapter 2: Because I’m Not Popular, I’ll Be a Good Girl.

The lights had been left off since before sunset, and the computer had gone to sleep. She stood there trying to think of a way to explain herself that her mother would understand, but she was better off just leaving things as they were and using the toilet before bed like she used to. It was a shame the rest of that package wouldn’t get used anymore. If she knew this would happen, she could have changed more often, cleaned up more often, and made much less of a mess than the one she had now. Instead she was standing in the corner of her room with a naked sore bottom like a toddler. At least this humiliating night would be over when her mom got back.

Each time a light flashed across the empty room, Tomoko would dart her head at the window hoping it would be her mothers car. She wouldn’t be able to tell if it was even if she was standing closer to the window, but she felt that if she didn’t look toward the window, her mother wouldn’t be back. Had she even taken the car? No sense making her only daughter rush, right! Just let her stew in her misery a little longer waiting for the knife to drop! How kind! How motherly! That cold hearted bitch! how dare she!!

A door downstairs opened. Her ears picked up the sounds of shoes being thrown off, and stairs creaking. Or was she hearing things. The Water rushing in the walls. Isn’t hearing that noise the sign of a stroke!? Oh god! She was going to die in this embarrassing state. Why?

Her door opened. The hallway light was intense, but she could tell it was her mother. She set down a bag, something, in the middle of the room. Then she stepped right up to Tomoko. A pair of cold hands pressed onto her shoulder.

“I hope you’ve been a good girl while I was gone, Tomoko,” her voice was sweet like cough syrup. “I’ve got a nice hot bath set up downstairs for you. Do you think you can walk downstairs by yourself, Sweetie?”

“Yes,” she said mostly to herself. How else would she have gotten downstairs?

Her mother heard her, but still gently tightened her grip on Tomoko’s shoulder, “Yes what…?”
Tomoko didn’t understand the question. Yes what? She looked up at her mothers face trying to figure out what she meant, but it didn’t help.

“Is that a no, then? Well, ok then, dear. I can understand why you wouldn’t want to be walking right now. Up we go…” and with just that as warning, she reach down to Tomoko’s knees and cradled her in her arms. The girl was paralyzed in shock as she was taken out of the room with her naked butt hanging out. Tomoki was already in bed by now, but she still couldn’t stop herself from squirming in her mom’s arms all the way down the stairs.

“You’re being a very fussy girl, Tomoko,” she said as they finally reached the bathroom.

Of course she was going to be fussy about that though! what the hell did that woman expect!? She told her she wanted to walk herself. Why didn’t she listen! What was going on? She didn’t even bother to ask, knowing there wouldn’t be a straight answer. She just sat down by the wash bin and reached for the soap.

“Oh, and did you want to wash yourself on your own, then?” Her mother asked.

“Yeah, I’m going to wash myself! What did you think I don’t know how to use the bath, Mom!? Sheesh- AGH!”

Her mother had given Tomoko a quick swat just above where her rash was. “Snapping back like that hasn’t done you any good today, young lady,” she got her hand ready again with less merciful aim. “Now, I will ask you again. Do you want to wash yourself Tomoko?”

Tomoko thought she’d made it clear enough, but she couldn’t figure out what her mother wanted her to say. She turned her head away and stayed in silent resignation to this treatment as she tried to work out what came over her mother.

It had been years since she’d let her parents wash her like this. It showed, too. Tomoko’s Mother was shocked by how greasy her little girl’s hair was, how filthy her ears were, and even how the back of her neck was nearly encrusted. She expected the area around Tomoko’s diaper to need a thorough cleaning, but the upper half of her was just as bad. A thorough scrubbing was in order for this.

Behind her, Tomoko could hear her mother standing back up. That woman definitely wouldn’t change her mind about washing her, so she must be rolling up her sleeves or something. Expecting to hear her mother sit back down, she heard something soft hit the wall. A sweater thrown at the laundry hamper? And pants! And the REST!? This was a few degrees further than rolling up her sleeves! What exactly was she planning to do!

“Calm down, Tomoko!” her daughter had nearly started hyperventilating before she even started cleaning, “Your mother could use a bath too.” This entire evening had been stressful on the both of them, now that she thought about it, and there was no sense trying to keep her clothes dry at the end of the day. She had barely started and was elbows deep in the thicket called her daughter’s hair. With great effort, she finally got it wrapped up, and worked on the rest of the head. She could visibly see the difference this cleaning was making, the dirt on this skin was so thick. It certainly made her feel accomplished with this job.

Every nerve on Tomoko’s skin felt completely exposed. Was her mother peeling off an entire layer with her scrubbing!? She could practically feel the fingerprints as those hands traced along her shoulder. Those cold, stressed hands of an older woman making indiscriminate work on her. She didn’t know how much more she could take, but those hands still worked their way down. Then they pulled her closer.

This was like giving a flea-bath to a kitten. The way her daughter trembled made her mother wary about loosening her grip even the slightest amount.

Each time Tomoko flinched, her mother’s grip tightened further. Her body was all wound up, but she repeated to herself that this was just a cleaning. It was just a cleaning and this was her mother, and there was nothing else about this. This was a cleaning that was far too deep, though. She felt even more exposed than she thought she could be, and it was still not over.

As her mother took some moments to shower off too, Tomoko collected herself. Focusing on the pain of her rash was the only distraction from the drastic state of the rest of her body. She wasn’t hurt, wasn’t violated, but she couldn’t pinpoint how it did feel. Even though she was expecting to panic and die from bathing with her mother, she didn’t. She just lay there with her. She was almost turned off. Tomoko couldn’t understand this vulnerable feeling she was having.

The air was much less tense once they got into the bath, and it occurred to Tomoko that this made sense. A bath is supposed to calm you down. Being calm was normal. She needed normal. So she welcomed the calm, despite how numb a calm it was. She clung desperately to her mother’s chest staring at the bathroom wall in a trance, as her mother patted her head and told her what a good girl she was for holding still the whole time she was cleaned, and how grateful she should be for the clean soft skin she had now. Everything was going to be all better once they got her back upstairs.

Before that, they had to get dry, and of course her mother did all the drying for her. Her whole body was sensitive to the rough towel now, and the shock of it snapped her back into her old attitude. She didn’t even ask if she could just use the towel herself. Then her mother put the towel in the hamper, and of course took the only clean bathrobe. But whatever! It was better if her mom left her in here anyway. Tomoko hadn’t noticed until they got out of the tub, but she needed to use the bathroom again, and she knew it was better to take care of it now.

Instead of getting some privacy, her mother crouched down to Tomoko and put her hands on her shoulder again. “So, sweetie, do you think you can walk back upstairs on your own? Would you like to do that?”

What the-? Tomoko wasn’t ready to go at all! She didn’t have a robe, or a towel, and there was one other thing she needed to take care of as her legs crossed and tensed up. Whether she was ready or not, wasn’t the option, though. She wrestled her mind. She tried to think of a way to ask to use the toilet first. That hand on her shoulder kept pressing against her. It reminded her that not even a straight yes was an acceptable answer. She had to at least figure that out. She could at least solve this riddle of the sphinx and get the dignity of walking up the stairs naked herself. “Yes… please?”

Her mother gave her a condoling smile, “So close, honey. So close.” She cradled that girl up again, her daughter fussing more and saying something about the bathroom first, but she didn’t listen. She just carried the girl up the stairs step by step. Then she turned on the lights to Tomoko’s room to get her ready for bed.

That’s when Tomoko saw them. Right next to the skin ointment her mother had bought for the rash were a number of different packages, all of them with the word Baby, and one easily recognizable as a package of disposable diapers. The kinds with tapes. Why were these here? Her mother had made it very clear just an hour ago she did not want her wearing diapers. Didn’t she? She wasn’t going to…? Was she?

The obvious answer came as Tomoko was laid onto the new changing mat, and her mother got into position. The Ointment was applied first, and it was long overdue. She tried to just get up after that and hope ignoring the diaper stuff would be enough, but her mother just pushed her back down, unfolded the first diaper and lifted Tomoko’s legs in the air. Where was the logic in this though? (‘Derp-de-fucking-dee! Tomoko Shouldn’t be wearing diapers, so I’d better buy her a whole pack of them!’) Not that this was something Tomoko wanted either. Her mother didn’t understand the difference between wearing them and just using them. This was not supposed to be happening! She was not a baby!

Her butt dropped into the diaper non-the-less. The distinct smell of baby powder replaced the urine smell in the room, and she looked up to see her mother putting a generous amount all over what was now her diaper area. Then the front of the diaper was pulled tightly over her; partly because it was a little small, but it also made Tomoko of think twice about running away at the last minute. She was helpless as the diaper was locked in one tape at a time. She was stuck in that diaper now, and worse she had completely lost her chance to ask to use the bathroom.

Her mother lifted Tomoko off her feet only to watch the girl fall back down on her butt. She wasn’t used to standing in the diaper, and was unprepared for having to stand up, and she was so busy worrying about what she was going to do in this state, and now she made herself look even more helpless. The crinkling noise the diaper had made when she fell continued to ring in her ears, even as her mother was helping her stand up again. She almost began to cry. She wasn’t a baby! So why were things turning out this way?

Once Tomoko’s feet stopped shaking, her mother placed Tomoko’s hand on her shoulder once again. “It’s alright, Sweetie. You’ve had a very long day. Now, do you want me to tuck you into bed?”

Tomoko could barely speak. She kept her face to the ground to hide the tears in her eyes, and she could only see her naked legs shaking and her colorful shiny diaper. Finally she managed to answer. “Y-… yes mommy.”

Chapter 3: Because I’m Not Popular, I’ll Get Some Changes.

The bedsheets and cover had just come out of the dryer. They were fresh and warm and they made Tomoko want to forget all about this night and go to sleep. Tomoko had almost forgotten she’d let her mother diaper her, but her legs couldn’t ignore it. It was the tapes that really bothered her. She’d been using those other diapers for so long that she was used to the padding, but she’d been undoing the elastic waistband and wearing them under her shorts. Now these tapes constricted against her bladder, and her legs were kicking against fate like a delicious rabbit against a snake.

She had been sure before that getting up and going to the bathroom was not an option, but what was stopping her from getting up now? Her mom had to be asleep by now. And didn’t that woman want her to use the bathroom again? That was what she was mad about, after all. What kind of nonsense punishment would it be. It would be like making your kid smoke as a punishment for smoking! How crazy would that be. Actually, wait. That was something stupid parents actually used to do! And her mom was DEFINITELY a stupid parent! It wasn’t just one cigarette they used to use either. or one box. It was an entire carton of Cigarettes! What was the diaper equivalent of that!?

She stopped panicking. She had to. She kept her legs still, focused on her breathing and tried to stay positive. Maybe this was some kind of test. That sounded right. She was supposed to get up, and use the bathroom again, and learn something about responsibility or some shit. And if she wasn’t supposed to use the bathroom, then sneaking to the toilet behind her back would show HER who’s boss. It was a win win situation. Also she wouldn’t be using a diaper. That was also a plus.

First she’d have to make sure her mother was definitely in bed in case this wasn’t a test, which it definitely was. Opening the dresser would be a bad idea too. The diaper would have to stay on unless she wanted to go naked. Noise would be a problem too with how loud this diaper was, but that was good. It would make her careful with her footsteps. Otherwise the urge to go might make her careless and run. But she was to smart to do that. The diaper had made her wiser.

She walked passed the laundry hamper for now. When she was done with the main objective she’d start looking for something to wear. Now that the toilet was right in front of her things were much less stressful. It helped that she was still in bed. Asleep. Walking was easier too this way because her sight sort of zoomed in on the toilet and she was there. She untaped the diapers and turned around to sit down and when she looked up, the door out of the bathroom was open.

Hadn’t she closed the door? She had. It had been opened and the one who opened it broke the light and made a looming silhouette. It was her mother. It was much larger than her mother. It was very upset. Tomoko darted her head back down to floor but she knew her mom would march right up to her and she knew she would grab her by the ear and drag her naked over to the couch. She’d be slung over her mom’s lap again and this time it wouldn’t be a warning. She couldn’t talk herself out of it, she couldn’t run away she could only brace herself.

She didn’t feel the spanks but she could tell when each one hit her. The pain wasn’t there, but the terror was still real and the confusion overwhelming. It went on for hours or seconds until Tomoko just couldn’t hold it anymore. Her Pee was all over the floor. She had felt it come out, but she didn’t hear hit the floor. That was because it had gone down her mom’s pant leg first.

Tomoko was on the floor, on her knees, in the middle of her pee, and looking up to see her mom take off her pants in front of her. Not saying a word, her mom Rolled up her pants and smacked Tomoko in the base of the neck with them, which would have hurt. Then she grabbed the scruff of Tomoko’s hair and wiped her face into the puddle she made on the floor. “You do NOT do that! Bad girl! Very bad girl!”

Tomoko caught her breath on her hands and knees. Her face covered in her own pee. Terrified of being struck again. She lapped up every drop off the floor, but she knew that wasn’t all of the mess. There was her mom sitting on the couch. Dressed on full leather. Her left leg in a thigh high boot while the other leg still covered in pee was outstretched ready for Tomoko to start. Still on all fours, Tomoko licked her master’s leg clean, a collar fastened around her neck while she was distracted. The leash at the end of the collar pulled her further up the leg. Right in between the Thighs. After licking every inch of her leg clean, her mom stood up, and dragged Tomoko neck first into the backyard. If she couldn’t even be housebroken, she was going to spend the rest of her summer in the yard. Just as her mom reached behind Tomoko with some kind of tail in her hand, the dream ended.

When Tomoko woke up, she immediately sat up in bed to calm herself down. Trails of cold sweat rolled down her back into her diaper as she tried to figure out what time it was from the slit of light in the window. It was a streetlight. It was at least a few hours before morning. She was still in her diaper. She had wet it too. It hadn’t leaked, but the sheets were soaked in sweat. Tomoko’s skin was clammy, and she panicked, and she didn’t know if she could go back to sleep. But at least she had wet her diaper. She couldn’t be more thankful for that.

It was still earlier than Tomoko was used to, but at least it was daylight out. She’d thrown everything but the covers off of the bed since they were so sweaty, but she’d left her diaper on. Why had she done that again? She remembered being scared of something. In any case, she’d fallen back asleep pretty fast, so it didn’t matter.

Her dresser didn’t have a lot of clean shirts left, just some warm colored cotton ones that were a little small. She wasn’t about to start caring about style today, but she wanted to wear something as unbaby-ish as possible after last night. The laundry would probably be done today, though, so whatever.

Shorts, though. Those were important, she needed something loose. She checked every drawer, but there weren’t any shorts in the dresser. That made sense when she remembered she was wearing her last pair yesterday. They all had gotten a little wet over the last few days. It looked like her mother had picked them all off the floor. She could have settled for wearing a dirty pair of shorts, since they were going to get wet anyway, but fine. Nothing. Thanks mom.

Oh! but there was probably something in the laundry hamper still. Getting down stairs dressed as she was wasn’t ideal, but it was better than waiting around for the laundry to be done. It was still to early for anyone to be up anyway. As long as she hurried, there wouldn’t be a problem.

Getting downstairs took longer than expected. She hadn’t realized how bad walking in a diaper would actually be. She was expecting the bulk to be a problem, but she’d hadn’t realized how soaked she was until now. She wanted less and less to move as her thighs wiped across the diaper with every step.

She finally reached the bathroom, with her hands holding up the middle of her diapers. Plenty of clothes were still in the hamper, but none of them were hers and none of the clothes in the top half of the hamper were useful. After she got those other clothes out of her way, she saw a pair of shorts she could wear. They were Tomoki’s shorts, but what would he care if they were just going to go into the wash anyway. She’d just be wearing them until her mom let her out of these diapers and did the laundry already.

Her mother walked in on her just as Tomoko was pulling out her brother’s shorts. Despite being so sure she was in-the-right just a moment ago, Tomoko dropped the shorts and pulled her hand out of the laundry. She was unsure why her mother had that pensive, unhappy look on her face. She used her diaper, and didn’t take it off, just like her mother wanted her too. Why did she look like she was about to scold her head off again? Then Tomoko realized she wasn’t looking at her. She was looking at floor and the laundry she’d scattered all over the bathroom!

Before She could respond, her mother was already picking the clothing off the floor. Tomoko tried to help too, but she always reached for a shirt or pants just as her mother took them first. Tomoko tried to explain that she was just gonna wear something dirty till she got her diaper changed and she was going to clean this all up herself, but her mother didn’t have time for her excuses. She finished clearing the bathroom and gave Tomoko a very harsh look.

“So you couldn’t make it to the bathroom, and you decided to ruin even more laundry to hide your dirty diaper?”

“I wasn’t trying to hide-”

Her mother ignored her and scooped her up with one hand supporting her butt.

Tomoko thought she was doing everything she was supposed to do, but everyone kept assume the worst of her. Her mother set her on the living room floor and headed upstairs to get the changing supplies. Tomoko started to get up, but her mother glared back around at her and stopped her from moving.

Her mom returned downstairs with the changing supplies in one hand, and an armful of bedsheets in the other. The bedsheets that Tomoko had thrown on the floor last night and left there for her mother to clean up again! The diaper stuff was set down next to Tomoko while her mother left to put the bed sheets and hamper clothes in the washer, again. Because some little girl wouldn’t clean up after herself.

Tomoko tried not to think about what had been happening. She turned her head away from the diaper bag and focusing instead on the TV in the background. It was some nature show about Marmots or something bla bla bla. She didn’t understand enough english, but the British accent was really cute. She could also at least pretend the guy on TV was talking about her.
“[The Dominant mole rat saturates the tunnels with the testosterone in her urine to sterilize the other females.]”
He truly had a way with words.

Tomoko’s mom came back in the room and turned off the TV. She set the remote down and started to take care of Tomoko, though not in a cheerful manner. “Honestly, how many more messes are you going to leave me with today, Tomoko?”

“I don’t see what your complaining about. You’re the one making me wear these!” Actually, this might be the chance Tomoko needed. Her mom might call this off if it’s too much trouble. “Why don’t I just get ou-”

“Excuse me young lady!” Tomoko’s mother stopped mid changing, dropping her daughters legs after only taking off the diaper. Tomoko sat there half naked barely breathing. “When did I make you wear any of those diapers you had piling up by your door last night?”

“You didn’t but-”

“That’s right, I didn’t.”

“But this one you did- and you wouldn’t let me use the bathroom last night”

“You don’t need to ask for permission to use the bathroom Tomoko! I expect you to just use it on your own.”


“Instead, you make your brother walk you to the bathroom, or you sit in your own filth until I come and check on you!”

“I thought-”

“I thought that you would learn to change the diapers that you insist on wearing by yourself and NOT leave your laundry all over the floor!” she pulled the used diaper in front of Tomoko to give her a good reminder of what she had done, “and where do I find you this morning? Trying to hide your dirty diapers, and almost ruining other people’s laundry in the process.”

“I wasn’t trying to hide it!”

“Then what were you trying to do”

“…I don’t know,” she didn’t know what to think anymore. She was certain before that she never had a chance to use the bathroom, but nothing came to mind as she tried to explain it. She really could have just gotten out of bed last night? or asked to use the bathroom before that? or even at the very least, put on a clean diaper herself?

“Fine then, Tomoko. ‘You don’t know’ it is.” She lifted the girl’s legs back up and began applying the ointment for her still sore bottom. “You don’t know how to dress yourself. You don’t know how to clean up after yourself. And you barely seem to know how to talk.”

Tomoko couldn’t listen to any more of this. She tried to focus on the carpet by her head to keep from biting her tongue off. She just wanted this to be over with so she could be left alone again. Tomoko didn’t notice her mother taking out 2 new diapers as she changed her, and she didn’t see her cutting a seam down the middle of the first diaper, but when a second diaper was taped on over that, it caught her attention. That wasn’t deja vu, was it? It felt like she couldn’t even sit up like this. She tried to check how many diapers were just put on her but her, but her hands got swatted away.

“Don’t you dare try to take those off young Lady. You’re wearing your diapers for a reason, remember?” She pulled Tomoko up to her feet and walked her over to the couch. “I doubled them up, because the last pair you wore didn’t seem to do a good enough job.”

Tomoko Waddled behind her desperate to keep balanced until she fell on her hands and knees in front of the couch “You’re the one who bought them! Why are you complaining?”

Something about being in this position made Tomoko uneasy. Other than the obvious fact that she was in a diaper, there was something scaring her about being in front of the couch like this.

“Fine Tomoko. I’ll let you pick out a brand later today. So you’d better be satisfied with that.”

Tomoko didn’t know what her mom was talking about, she was way too busy just trying to sit up. “How am I even supposed to move in this thing.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem for you this morning,” she watched Tomoko fidget on the floor in her diaper like a cat with bags on tied to her feet. Then she dragged the coffee table across the couch and TV. Her daughter was boxed in between the Couch and TV and Sliding glass door. “I need to get some real work done around this house, now. So I want you to stay in here and keep quiet.” She grabbed the remote again and left My-Melody on the TV for her.

“Can I at least get a pair of pants” Tomoko nervously kept her eyes on the glass door outside, hiding her diaper as best she could. And what would happen when Tomoki woke up!? “My shorts should be out of the laundry by now, right?”

“I told you last night where I put your shorts, and they’re not in the laundry, Tomoko. I’m going to need to check your diapers anyway, so you’re staying dressed the way you are. Here.” She set a bowl Natto on the coffee table (with a plastic spoon) for her breakfast. “I’ll get you changed before we go shopping.”

“Shopping for what?” Tomoko ignored her breakfast and braced her hands on the Coffee table to avoid ‘sitting’.

“You said so yourself that you wanted a different brand of diaper, didn’t you sweetie? Mommy also needs to get more laundry soap, and new utensils, and we have to get new clothes to replace all the shorts you ruined this week,” She swatted the girls hands off the coffee table and Tomoko fell back into her diaper.

“(The shorts that /I/ ruined?)” her shorts may have been dirty and on the floor for a few days, but they weren’t that wet. “Did you even try to wash them?”

Her mother looked at her as if she’d already given an answer.

“Whatever,” Tomoko scoffed, “I’ll just clean them myself! Is that Ok?”

She didn’t answer again and left the room shaking her head to herself, she had spent enough time on this girl for one morning.

This whole morning was awful. There were so many things Tomoko had to take care of online, and she was stuck watching a cartoon she’d already watched before. Her mom had become impossible to deal with. The more Tomoko thought about it, the more she was glad things were so difficult for her mom this morning. She wasn’t going to feel guilty for that woman if she was going to keep changing the rules on her like that. And if her mom really hated this so much, then there was no way she could keep this up forever.

From the Hallway, her brother, Tomoki snuck a glimpse of the living room, to see if Tomoko was really wearing the diapers. He also didn’t think this punishment his mother was trying was effective at all.
His mother disagreed. There wasn’t anything for her son to be concerned about. “This isn’t a punishment, Tomoki. It’s an indulgence.”

Chapter 4: Because I’m Not Popular, I’ll Hold It In.

As bad as the morning was, things had got worse by the lunchtime. Not that Tomoko was eating the lunch her mother left her. She usually skipped lunch when she was at home, and she wasn’t about to start eating it now when her lunch was just a bunch of steamed carrots and peas and a some drink in a plastic cup. She also didn’t want to go anywhere near that coffee table. It was the only thing that kept her from getting back into her room now that she could move around a little in her diapers. All she had penned up with her was a TV stuck on Daycare-cartoons and enough room on the floor to crawl around a bit.

There wasn’t enough to distract her from how thick her diaper was. She was wide awake now and her legs squirmed even more than when she was in bed. The extra diaper made it difficult to keep her legs comfortable in any position. She tossed and turned on the floor until she was lying on her face with her butt sticking up in the air. It wasn’t a perfect solution, but it was the least likely to make her legs fall asleep.

Now the only thing bothering her was how wet the diaper was. That plan did not go the way she wanted at all. She was certain her mother had said she would change her out of these thick diapers if she was wet. It was an hour of waiting before she actually had to pee a little, but Tomoko at least was able to do so right away, since she had been using diapers for so many days. That was the only part of the plan that did work. Her mother only even checked Tomoko’s diaper after she called for her for about 10 minutes, and not only did she give her daughter a stern lecture about whining and leaning up on the coffee table, but after a very invasive cupping, she also decide the diaper was not worth changing yet.

“What the hell!! The whole reason your punishing me is for leaving my diaper on after I’ve wet!! How can you be such a hypocrite!”

“Young Lady” She crouched down to her daughter’s eye level, and stared her down from across the coffee table, “There is a world of difference between what you’re wearing now and the soggy pullup you had on for hours yesterday. Not to mention the baby powder you have on as well.”

This cinched it for Tomoko. She couldn’t keep letting her mother win like this.

“Well, Tomoko, since you admit that you can’t tell the difference, it only proves to me that you’re a long way from changing your own diapers again.” She got up and started making a quick lunch for the girl, leaving it on the coffee table for her to eat.

The Lunch had been sitting there for a while now, keeping Tomoko company with her wet diaper. How did she manage to stand sitting in this day after day while she was online before? With nothing to distract her, she could feel the constant squishing working it’s way around bottom which was also covered in that slimy rash ointment. It felt weird. It felt so weird! She wanted it to stop.

It took forever to get her mind off of it. Even with her butt sticking up in the air, her diaper still sagged a bit down on her. Her shirt slumped down too, and the afternoon sun started coming in from glass door, and made her exposed back nice and warm. It wasn’t enough for her to sleep, but she at least zoned out for a bit.

Tomoko’s mother was pleased to find the girl in that state when she came to check on her. She stepped over the coffee table as quietly as possible, and admired the scene for a bit. She looked so much more tranquil, the peach-fuzz on her back had a soft glow in the sun, and she smelled so much nicer than her room did just yesterday. She traced her finger down the girl’s spine and it felt warm and soft now that all the dirt and grease was washed off it. Tomoko twitched in alert after a delayed reaction and tried to get back up, so her mother pinned her down with one hand, and checked her diaper with the other. Her daughters little diaper thrashed around freely as she tried to squirm away, but a few light pats on her on the girls still healing rash calmed her down. After pressing around on the diaper firmly, much to Tomoko’s protest, she could tell the girl was no wetter than it had been earlier. Still it was better for her to get changed now anyway.

Tomoko was happy enough about finally getting out of that pen and those diapers so that she didn’t bite her mother’s head off for what just happened. Why didn’t she just hog tie her and tag her ear while she was at it. Sheesh! She didn’t dare say that out loud, though, and risk giving her mother any more ideas.

She just wanted to get out of these diapers and get in the car. She wasn’t sure what to expect at the store, but they’d still be out in public. Having a daughter wearing diapers in public would be just as embarrassing for the mom. She knew that for certain. So as long as she didn’t push her luck, the rest of the day should be a bit more reasonable.

Her mom even got her school uniform downstairs for her. Real clothes again, finally. Tomoko had completely forgotten she still had that. Why hadn’t she thought to wear it this morning? She could have easily worn that over the diaper. Heck, she could probably have gone outside in that… and nobody would notice she’d be wearing a…


Tomoko was changed into a single diaper which she found much more manageable. Her school clothes hid the diaper completely and while this meant her mother was free to drag her out anywhere now, it was the closest Tomoko felt to being an Adult in a long time. The changing her mother gave her was a little unreasonable, though. She had barely wet, but her mother must have used 3 baby wipes to clean her. If she knew she would have to endure that kind of cleaning, Tomoko probably would have just used the rest of her diaper instead of using the toilet.

Wait. no. She forgot to ask to use the toilet. Tomoko was so distracted about having to outside in diapers, that she almost forgot this was her chance to use the bathroom.

She finished putting her other sock on, and told her mother she was going to use the bathroom real quick. Her mother, however, grabbed the girls arm, and reeled her back in before she got two steps away from her.

“I just got that Diaper on you, Tomoko. We’re already running late. There isn’t any time.”

“You said so yourself that I didn’t need permission to use the bathroom. I’ll just slip it off and slip it back on. What’s the big deal?”

“They aren’t designed to slip off Tomoko. If you undo those tapes, they’ll probably come off you while you’re in the store. Do you want to show your diapers off to everybody, Sweetie?”

“Maybe I just shouldn’t wear a diaper to the store, then! I’m using the toilet now, so I obviously won’t need one there!”

“Then why did you wet yourself after only an hour this morning?”

“That doesn’t count! I was trying to-”

“And why didn’t you have the mindset to use the bathroom before I put a fresh diaper on you after you wet that first one so quickly.”

“I just wasn’t thinking about it, that doesn’t mean-”

“What it means, Tomoko, is that you are going to wear this Diaper for at least 30 minutes,” she finished, now tugging Tomoko towards the door. “If you are a good girl and you keep yourself clean for once, THEN you can use the bathroom at the store when we change you into your new diapers.”

Tomoko fought her mothers pulling as best she could, but her socks gave her no traction. She even went limp, but her diapered but just dragged along the floor as well. Tomoko gave up resisting when they got to the door and reached for her shoes, but her mother didn’t stop. Her mother just opened the door and continued to drag the girl out.

“What are you doing? I need shoes, stupid!”

“You ate up any time to put on shoes when you threw that little fit of yours, Tomoko.”

“But I can’t just-” Tomoko was scooped up again like before.

“And if you keep throwing fits like this, you’ll miss your chance to use the bathroom at the store, too. Understand?”

Tomoko Nodded and stayed limp like an upside-down rabbit. Her mother Carried her into the car and fascinated her into the back seat. At first Tomoko Panicked, mistakenly assuming this meant Tomoki would be riding in the front, but she was too scared to object about it. She just sat in the car with her legs squirming to calm her bladder down as they drove. She barely had to go pee, but she had gotten so accustomed to using her diaper whenever she wanted. How was she going to hold it in another 30 minutes?

Tomoko could feel every detail of the floor tiles of the supermarket through her socks. The Diaper between her legs was barely a problem at all compared to how naked she felt being outside without her shoes. It didn’t change the fact that her diaper felt twice as thick whenever she moved her legs, though. She tried to do as little walking as she could.

Her mom took notice of how pokey she was behaving and decided Tomoko wouldn’t need to follow her around the store if she didn’t want to. Instead, she took Tomoko straight to the Diaper aisle and told her to stay there. She would pick Tomoko up when she was done with shopping, and she expected her to choose a brand carefully. Her mother went ahead before Tomoko could say anything to object.
Tomoko thought twice about trying to catch up to her, or about leaving the diaper section, but she still didn’t like the idea of staying there. Every shopper that passed by the aisle made her jump a little. It wouldn’t take much brainpower for any idiot to figure out what a girl was doing standing in front of all these diapers in the store. Then what could she do? She started looking at everything but the diapers; something she could pretend to be deciding on instead. There was baby food, changing supplies, little toys- Dammit! This wasn’t working.

Then she saw behind her. On the other shelves were all the feminine hygiene products. She looked old enough to be having periods now, right? Who was she kidding, she practically looked like an eight year old (and she felt like a four year old). The yeast infection medicines might work, though. Heck, she might even need this. She ate bread all the time.

As worried as Tomoko was about being seen, the store was actually very quiet today. There were only a few customers in the store and the few clerks that were on duty didn’t have much to do. One new hire-y decided to take this time to sweep up the floors. He got the long mop out and began going down each aisle in the store, making sure his arms didn’t hide his name-tage from any customers so that they could ask for his help by his name… Kosaka.

It dawned on Tomoko that she still needed to pick a package of diapers. Who knows how her mom would react when she finds out she was goofing off this whole time. In a way, this was a boon for her. Before all these problems started, she was hoping for a way to get more diapers. There was still a chance everything would blow over after a day or two, and when it does she’d have the rest of the package all to herself. It actually made her a little enthusiastic to look the all the brands of diapers now.

She didn’t exactly know what she should be looking for, despite her newfound interest. She couldn’t determine what the diaper would be like just from the packaging either, but she decided to look over each one carefully anyway. The bottom shelf of them had an entirely different selection, so she bent down to get a closer look, not thinking about how her own diapers were sticking out now too.

Kosaka was still pretty new to working there, so he was eager to help out a customer as soon as he saw one. There were only a few more aisles left to sweep past though, and he still hadn’t run into any of the customers today. He swept up the hardware aisle next and took an extra glance at the umbrella displays at the end. He got so distracted he walked right passed the diaper aisle and continued on to the soap aisle.

On the Bottom shelf Tomoko found a brand of large diapers with slightly thicker than the ones she was wearing now. At the very least, this choice would be good enough to keep that woman from making her wear more than one at a time. She started to pull the package off the shelves when she felt 2 cold fingers dig into the leg of her diaper. She jumped up to her feet and turned around to see her mother was behind her. She inspected the fingers she had just used on Tomoko and gave the little girl a disappointed look.

“I guess you couldn’t hold it in after all, sweetie.”

Chapter 5: Because I’m Not Popular, I’ll Embarrass Myself.

Tomoko didn’t understand exactly what her mother meant by that. Her bladder still felt full, she’d been concentrating on holding it this whole time. Did she really leak and not notice it? She didn’t feel wet, but the only way to know for sure was to check it herself. She pulled up her skirt to check it, but her hands were quickly slapped away.

“Ow, what was that for!”

“Young lady, you are in public and you will keep that skirt down. If you want to masturbate, you can wait till your at home Tomoko.”

Tomoko’s face flushed so red she nearly fainted. She didn’t know where to begin to respond to that, not that her mother would listen. Still keeping a grip on Tomoko’s hand, she knelt down and took out the package of diapers her daughter was last looking at.

“Are these the one’s you wanted, Tomoko? I didn’t think you’d choose a brand this thick, but if your going to have accidents in the middle of the store, I can see why you’d want them.”

“I did NOT have an accident.” Tomoko nearly stomped her in anger, but luckily caught herself in time and stopped the impulse from making her look even more like a toddler.

“I understand, Sweetie. It wasn’t an accident, I’m sorry,” She comforted her daughter with a reassuring hug. “You still have your diapers on, so it isn’t accident. We need to get you changed, though, before you leak on the floor, ok.”

The more her mother talked, the worse Tomoko felt. She also didn’t get a good feeling when she caught a glimpse of the other items in their shopping cart, but before she could get a clear view of them, her mother lifted her up by the shoulders and actually slipped her into the fold out child seat of the cart. Tomoko struggled at first, but once her first leg was threaded in, she decided to just let it happen. Tipping over a shopping cart while your legs are stuck in it is a good way to break a few bones.

Her skirt bunched up at the legholes, so her thighs were completely naked, and her diapers would be in plain sight if her mom didn’t obstruct the view as she pushed the cart. The way the wireframe of the shopping cart dug into her diaper felt invasive. It was still for the better, though. Tomoko was in just her socks, and the diaper was pretty difficult to move in. As soon as they got through this line and got to the car, everything would turn out fine.

Then her mother remembered one last thing she had to get, so she hurried back over to the aisle and left Tomoko to hold their place in line. Tomoko immediately realized her diapers were now on display for the anyone lucky enough to pass by, and she jammed as much of her skirt between her legs as possible. Nobody had come by yet, though, and her mom was finally gone. This was actually a good chance! She could check her diaper and prove to herself that she hadn’t wet yet.

Her skirt was already wedged between her diaper and the bars of the shopping cart which she wasn’t about to pull back out. So she pulled the side of her skirt as far as she could, and wormed her hand under her skirt to check her diaper. She couldn’t quite get her fingers inside of the diaper yet, but with a little more effort-

“I’m taking my 10 minute break, sir!” an attractive sounding voice said to the cashier behind Tomoko.

Whoever it was, he was heading in her direction. She took her hand out, and pulled her skirt down as far as possible. She couldn’t get out of the seat, but she decided she would just talk her way out of it. High school girls do quirky stuff like ride shopping carts all the time. All she had to do was pretend to be a silly bitch that did silly bitch stuff, and she wouldn’t have to worry about being embarrassed. Relatively speaking, anyway.

The handsome voiced clerk came into view, and Tomoko immediately recognized him! It was that guy! That guy from the thing that happened! Even without the diaper, even without the shopping cart, she couldn’t possibly be seen by him. As she looked down at the floor, she saw her legs squeezing out of the leg holes of the cart and realized how chubbier it made them look. She had to get out before she was noticed. She had to disappear. She had to hide somehow.

“Oh! Fancy meeting you here, Momoko.”

It was useless Her camouflage of wishing really hard not to be seen was no match for his eyesight. Any second now that eyesight would wander down to her skirt and see right through it! Then he’d notice the big bright packaging of children’s diapers right behind her. Or he might see her naked sausage legs sticking out of the cart and play with them until her diaper got re-exposed. Whatever he was going to do, she couldn’t bear it.

He wasn’t there anymore. Tomoko looked to her left and saw him entering the break room. He’d just said hello to her and kept on walking. That fucking asshole. She went to all the trouble of meeting him here, and all he does is wave a bit and not even wait for a response. Well it’s his fucking loss, assuming he’s into girl’s that wear diapers. He just missed the opportunity of a lifetime! He’d better die in the breakroom right now if he knows what’s good for him.

“My, my. Someone looks poubty,” Tomoko’s mother came back with a small jar in her hands, “Are you still angry at me, Tomoko?”

“No! I’m angry at something else!” Wait, she was still angry at her mother, though. It was too late to take back what she said, though. And she also lost her chance to check her diaper herself. Ugh. She didn’t care anymore, she just wanted the guy at the register to hurry up so she could get back in the car. It took longer than she thought it would, and wasn’t this only the first stop? Tomoko would have gotten worried about this, but she reminded herself that her mom has plenty of other things to do around the house that called for shopping. And even if all of that stuff was for her punishment, she did not want to think about it.

“Are you hungry, Sweetie?” Without waiting for an answer, Tomoko’s mother reached into the items that had already been bagged and pulled out the jar she got early. She scooped up some of it with her finger and walked over to Tomoko, then pushed the peanut butter between her lips.

Most of it got on her face, but a good amount of it went in her mouth. Tomoko hadn’t been paying attention, and her mouth was going haywire trying to figure out why there was peanut butter in here. She almost spit it out, but reacted in time to gag it back in before she made a mess. What the hell. Seriously! She needed to swallow some of it so she could lick the rest off of her mouth now. She usually had a napkin in her jacket, but she left that at home. She could always wipe it on her shirt, but the way her mom has been acting, she’d sooner leaver her daughter in just an undershirt than let her wear something with dirty sleeves.

While Tomoko was busy with important work, her mother paid for the groceries and asked the cashier some questions. After he pointed her in the direction of the restrooms, she took the shopping cart full of groceries and Tomokos back over to the car.

“I stilgh ghm…” Tomoko was still trying to get the peanut butter off her mouth while she talked, “Bathroom, mom!”

“Well, we can’t just leave the groceries unattended, now can we? We’ll lock these in the car real quick and then get your diaper changed, ok young lady?”

Tomoko didn’t need a change, but it wasn’t worth the extra effort to say it again. She still couldn’t do much else either in the cart. It was a good thing the cart’s wheels locked up when it was taken too far from the store, or her mother might keep her in this seat forever!

After her mother took her sweet time putting away the grocery bags, she put the changing supplies and a few of Tomoko’s new diapers in her purse and pushed the girl effortlessly back into the store. Tomoko was glad to finally get lifted out of the cart. Her mother didn’t put her back down, though. She walked right into the bathroom while still holding her. Tomoko had been carried around by her mother all day, but looking over her mom’s shoulder and seeing all the people staring at her made it more unbearable than usual. She completely shut off and zoned everything out to keep herself from dying of embarrassment.

Tomoko was feeling more and more babyish, but now it was her mom’s turn to feel foolish. Once she had permission to take off this diaper she’d see just how dry it was, and then her mother would have to answer for the way she was acting.

“My goodness this was more full than I thought!” Tomoko heard her mother say this and snapped back to her senses! They were already in the bathroom, and her diaper was already off? She tried to get a look at them before her mother threw it away, but she was lying down. She was on some sort of device coming out of the wall. What kind of bathroom was this? Did her mother have some sort of conspiracy set with this grocery store?

Tomoko heard the diaper hit the trash pail. That was it. She missed every opportunity to check her own diaper and had no way of denying that she wet herself like her mother said. All she could do now was not let her mother see her crying. She forced a scowl and turned her head away as her mother finished changing her, taping her into the new diapers she had picked out herself.

Tomoko’s mother lifted the girl off of the changing table she was too scared to climb off of herself. Tomoko was expecting to just take off that old diaper on her own, see for herself if it was really wet, and use the bathroom. It made sense that she would be changed lying down since the skin oinment for her diaper rash had to be reapplied, but she thought the bathroom floor would be too dirty. That changing table ruined everything, and it added more insult for not breaking under Tomoko’s weight. She’s a teenage girl, she should be too big for a device like that.

Tomoko looked at the securely taped diaper forcing her legs to struggle upright, wishing she had chosen a smaller brand. The diaper was already on and she forgot to get to the bathroom for a second time. It didn’t really matter, though. She knew that if she had remembered, her mother wouldn’t let her off that changing table herself. Or maybe Tomoko was just telling herself that to feel better. Either way, if she wanted to use the bathroom, she was probably going to have to wait until they got home. It had only been a few hours since she last peed. She could hold it in a little longer. Assuming her mother would hurry up.

Her mom was at the sink, washing her hands or something. She was taking a long time on it, whatever it was. Tomoko was annoyed, until she realized this was her last chance. She could take the old diaper out of the trash while her mom was distracted. This was perfect. She could find out once and for all if she really did wet without knowing or not. All she had to do was unfold the balled up diaper and her mother started yelling at her and smacked it out of her hand.

“Tomoko, do not play with your old diapers. My god, sweetie, is that what you were doing with the ones in your room?” Her mother threw the diaper back in the garbage. Tomoko immediately denied playing with that diaper or any diaper, but her mother was already done with the conversation. She ignored Tomoko and threw away the girl’s skirt, too.

Her skirt! That’s right! She wasn’t wearing it. It was in the trash now! It looked soaked in water and strained and completely ruin. WHY?

“I tried to get the stain out for you, sweetie, but you had your skirt squished against the front of your diaper the entire time you were in the cart. You need to be more carful with your leaky diapers, hun.”

“This isn’t funny, Mom. I need that uniform for school!”

“It’s ok, Tomoko. I promise you I’ll get you a new uniform before you go back.”

Tomoko couldn’t stop crying. She ruined her Uniform, she was stuck wearing bulky diapers for the rest of the day, she didn’t have any shoes on. What was happening to her? What was she going to do?

Tomoko’s Mother leaned down and gave her a big hug, “There there. It’s ok, Sweetie.” She took off the girl’s dress shirt, and tied it around her waist. It didn’t make much difference, but it at least covered the back. She looked at her daughters face to see if that made her feel better. Peanut butter was still all over the girl’s mouth. So she took out a handkerchief and started wiping it off firmly, spitting on the tip of it even though the sink was right behind her.

Tomoko wanted to stop crying, but she’d lost control of herself. She could barely even breathe. Her mother was glad she was prepared for this happening and took something else out. Whatever it was, she took it out of it’s packaging and washed it off in the sink.

“This should make you feel better, Tomoko, Ok?”

And before she could even get a look at it, Tomoko felt something large and rubbery in her mouth? A dick? She took a step back from her mother and took the thing out of her mouth. It was a pacifier.

Tomoko wasn’t crying anymore, but she was still kind of shaking. She looked over at the mirror and looked at herself. She could barely stand up, her face almost swelling from the fit she was having, and she was in an tanktop a diaper and socks with a dress shirt barely covering her butt. She turned back to her mother and put the pacifier back in her mouth. Just till they got back to the car. Then she clung to her mom’s side the entire way back to the car to keep her from falling over, to keep her from being seen, and to keep her from breaking down again. She told herself she was going to make it through this.

Chapter 6: Because I’m Not Popular, I’ll See My Old Friend.

Tomoko’s mother used to leave her in the car before: on quick stops to the bank or refueling the car. That was years ago back when she was in grade-school. Tomoko didn’t remember the car getting this hot either. Sure it was summer, but aren’t modern cars supposed to be heatproof? They could have at least made the seats less sticky. She couldn’t stand being in that car much longer. Where the hell was that woman?

The mom had decided that her daughter would not be going into the next store without a proper replacement for the skirt she ruined. She told Tomoko she would run in real quick, and buy something she could wear while they shopped for the rest of her new clothes. Tomoko was rightfully worried about this next shopping trip. It’s true that she was the kind of girl who only really went clothes shopping when her mother dragged her there when her clothes were just a little too tight, or a little too full of holes, but this store didn’t look like the one they usually shopped at. It looked… specialized.

She didn’t have much time to dwell on what any of this, though, (and she spent most of that time thinking about how hot it was). Her mother was back quickly, and Tomoko was more than happy to get out of that sauna of a car. Then her mother closed the car door, and showed Tomoko her new outfit: a Kigurumi. A little kitty one.

Tomoko took a step back. Then she tried to get back into the car. Kigurumi were a popular line of clothing that bitches wear all the time, but they were still onesie animal pajamas! The last thing she wanted to do was put on something more loli than actual Lolita clothing. She kept struggling with the lock, hoping it would just give way. Her mother decided not to waste time convincing her to put the outfit on and instead just pulled off the dress-shirt Tomoko had around her waist while she was distracted. She yanked Tomoko’s undershirt off too, with a little effort. The girl was stuck outside of the car with nothing but her diaper and some socks.

Tomoko couldn’t be more embarrassed. Not so much because she was naked, but because her first response was to cover her chest and cross her legs. She felt no better than those stupid bitches from her favorite sharking videos. She’d always told herself she’d be able to fight back if that ever happened to her (Fighting back against her mother would have probably made things worse though).

The Kigurumi wasn’t really that bad. It was cool at least; probably from being inside the store. Still it felt almost a little too big. The crotch was so dumpy that no one would probably notice her diaper. This was probably the reason her mom decided to get it, yet the thought of that made it even worse. The sleeves were twice as long as they needed to be, which didn’t make any sense to Tomoko. She could pretend to be a ghost if she wanted to. If she really needed too, she could always roll the sleeves up, though.

Her mom buttoned the front up for her and fasten some new shows on her. They were odd looking shoes; almost like rain-boots. Did she get them at this store? Tomoko was getting a good idea of what kind of outfits they came here to get. She was increasingly reluctant about walking in her.

Her mother had a firm grip on her arm the whole way, though, so there was no slowing down. As they walked inside, Tomoko’s free hand fiddled nervously at the inside of her arm sleeve, but she hadn’t noticed yet that the wrists of her outfit were sewn shut.

The store didn’t meet Tomoko’s expectations at all. It was a pretty normal department store, with no outfits that were out of the ordinary. If Tomoko put more thought to it, she’d get suspicious. The shoes and kigurumi she had on were not on display anywhere in the store. That wasn’t on Tomoko’s mind though. Once she stopped dwelling on what she was wearing, she managed to get a lot more comfortable in it. The only thing bothering her now was the diaper billowing around her butt and the reason she was wearing it.

Tomoko’s Mom was quick to pick out all the different outfits she was going to try out on her daughter, and before Tomoko knew it they were already in the dressing room. She already knew her daughter’s shirt size well enough, so she had a few dresses to try out on the girl first. Tomoko saw all the sundresses and took it as a good sign. Getting shorts big enough for her diapers would have made her wonder how long she would be wearing them. Dresses though would be a bit more versatile. It would still be easy for someone to see what she was wearing underneath, but that was something she’d have to deal with later.

The dresses didn’t cover her diaper up well at all. The sundresses she picked out barely reached halfway down and looked more like blouses. The next dress fit her better, but it was a lot lacier than she realized. It felt loose on her as well, until her mother started fastening up the back. She felt much stiffer after that. The skirt of the dress now jutted out, and didn’t cover the diaper at all; nothing about this dress was good. The jean skirt was next. Tomoko had her eyes on this one. Jean skirts are supposed to hug the waist tightly so she didn’t know what to expect. First she was handed a neon pink shirt to put on, which she did, as her mother pulled the skirt up her legs. It actually fit pretty loosely and didn’t look to bad. Her mom wasn’t done yet, though. She grabbed a strap from the backside of the jeans and connected them to the front. It was a jumper skirt with a little sun decoration on the front, and huge shiny buttons. The straps also kept the skirt from dropping far enough to cover her diaper yet again.

Her mother seemed disappointed with the dresses, too. Good. Take them back, and find something better. Tomoko was left alone in the dressing room, while her mom looked for something else. The Kigurumi was still hanging on the door, but she wasn’t going to put that back on. She’d spent enough time in nothing but a diaper these last 2 days that she was almost used to it now. She didn’t like looking at her reflection in the changing room, though. The diaper didn’t look as big as it felt, but it was still a diaper and the waistline went right up past her belly button. She tried adjusting it a little, to make it less noticeable. She couldn’t do much without messing with the tapes, though, and there was no way she was going to mess with the tapes again.

Her mother came back after a long five minutes, but didn’t have any clothes for the girl. They were going to try other stores in the shopping area instead. It sounded reasonable to Tomoko, but she needed a way to get this shopping trip done with already so she could get home to the bathroom. Being paraded around in the Cat-pajamas again wasn’t something she wanted to prolong either.

“Mrs. Kuroki! Tomoko! Good afternoon!” someone said, stepping out of a Cafe. Probably one of her mother’s friends. Tomoko turned her head away, even though she knew she had already been recognized in that cat outfit.

“Hello, Naruse. I almost didn’t recognize you.”

Did her mother just say what she thought her mother just said!? Tomoko called on her inner owl and started turning her head even further away. What was Yuu-chan Doing here? Why was she getting so chummy with her mom? Did they plan this together? Was there anyone Tomoko could actually trust anymore!?

“You’ve changed quite a bit, Naruse,” this had been the first time Tomoko’s mother had seen her in a year. Her glasses were gone, her hair was much lighter, and she looked much older than Tomoko. Now, especially.

“Uh-huh. I haven’t seen Tomoko as often, since we’re in different schools now, but we still try to see each other as often as we can.” She hesitated as she mentioned Tomoko. That girl in the cat-pajamas was Tomoko, wasn’t she. She was certain Tomoko didn’t have any younger sisters. She must just be acting strange again.

“I hope you haven’t missed her too much,” the mother grabbed Tomoko by her shoulders again and pulled her front and center.

Tomoko hated being displayed like this. If this were Noragami, then maybe they’d just forget that she was there and she could escape.

“Tomoko has been such a little shut in lately she’s barely been out of the house all summer,” Her mother kept talking, and making things worse, “Maybe you should come over to the house more often.”

“NO!” Tomoko almost blurted out, but she stopped herself and tried again, “I… It’s more fun going outside with Yuu, mom.” She definitely did not want Yuu to see her at home until this all blew over.

“Oh, listen to her,” she pulled on her daughter’s tail a bit. The front tightened around the girl’s diaper long enough that Naruse could have seen it. “The way Tomoko is talking you wouldn’t guess how much effort it took to draw her out of the house to get clothes today.”

What!? That wasn’t true at all. Well, it was a little true, but she had a good reason for not wanting to be outside today, and that woman knew it. Ugh… Why did Tomoko have to re-explain everything today.

“I’d love to come over, ma’am. I’m a little busy helping out my uncle at this cafe,” Yuu showed off her uniform to them for a moment, “but I’m on my lunchbreak right now, if you two want to join me.”

Tomoko would have strangled Yuu-chan right there if her mother weren’t watching (and also, that was her only real friend)! Did she have any idea what she was doing to Tomoko making by making that offer? They couldn’t waste any more time. She had to get home and get to a bathroom.

A bathroom!

There was probably a bathroom in the cafe! This was perfect. She was so happy she would have hugged Yuu if her mother weren’t watching (also, it would make Yuu realize what she was wearing under her Kigurimi).

Tomoko eagerly suggested that her mom finish the shopping without her. Yuu was glad to see her friend turning around, but Mrs. Kuroki was concerned about leaving Tomoko for some reason. Yuu didn’t see any reason for Tomoko to need supervision at all, but her mother insisted Yuu to keep an eye on Tomoko. It seemed a little too protective, but Tomoko didn’t act like any of it was wrong. Yuu decided not to worry about it either, and enjoy catching up with Tomoko.

Ok, The mission began now. Tomoko had one hour away from her mother, and a bathroom somewhere within range. She couldn’t let Yuu-chan know anything about her situation. She’d have to wait a bit. It can’t seem too urgent.

It was pretty nice Cafe Yuu-chan was working in. The seats in the Cafe had some comfortable padding. Wait. No they didn’t. This did remind Tomoko not to fidget in her seat too much. A giant cat and a girl in a waitress uniform were bound to get plenty of stares as it is.

“I almost didn’t recognize you in that cat outfit, Mokkochi,” Yuu had noticed how shy she was acting earlier and assumed she was embarrassed about her outfit. Yuu had to do something about that, didn’t she? “You know, it looks really cute on you.”

“Eh… Thanks. It’s just something I’m wearing because-” images of what happened at the last store flooded Tomoko’s mind. An embellished memory of her leaking all over her skirt and bathroom floor played out in her mind.


Tomoko only just noticed she’d been burying her head in her hands and trembling from the flashback. Dammit, Why is she thinking about something like in front of Yuu-chan!? She got her composure back as best she could. “Eh heh heh. Well, I’m just kind of wearing this 'cause my Mom thought I looked cute in it, I guess.” That was close enough to the truth without leading her to answer more questions.

“That’s really nice of you to do that for her. You’re mom seems really nice.”

Nice!? Yuu-chan had no idea. Maybe it would be a good idea for Yuu to visit their house. then maybe her mother would show Yuu-chan the same discipline she’d been getting the last 2 days. Keeping her naked and diapered and on the floor. She be squirming helplessly to cover herself up. She’d probably leave her and Tomoko all alone together, too! She’d probably squirm cringe. And the smell! The baby Powder would mix in with Yuu-chan’s natural scent! It must smell so nice.

“It does smell nice, doesn’t it,” Yuu-chan said.

“… …eh.”

SHIT! How much of that had she been saying out loud? How much of that did Yuu-chan overhear!? Shit! This was not good. Abort! Abort! Abort!

“The cakes here make the whole Cafe smell good.” Yuu said, thinking that Tomoko must really hungry. She had such a black stare and was almost drooling. “How about I treat you to something, Mokkochi?”

“Ah… oh. ok” Tomoko was about to object, but she didn’t have any money on her. They picked out a cake to share, and called up another waitress.

“Ok, you two. And would you both like a coffee with that?”

Coffee? No wait. Doesn’t coffee make you have to pee even more? Or worse! Tomoko could not afford to get coffee!

“PLEASE! I’ll just have a milk, please!” That wasn’t good either. Tomoko definitely had to calm down. She was making Yuu-chan look nervous and scared. It actually looked kind of cute. Tomoko dazed off again and imagined Yuu-chan nervously trying to hide a diaper under her uniform.

The drinks and cake arrived before Yuu got too nervous about how Tomoko was acting. It was one of the cafe’s best cakes. She hoped Tomoko liked it.

Tomoko was a little too fixated on her drink to notice the cake. The waitress had given her milk in a sippy cup? What the hell? It was bad enough the way her mom was treating her, now Yuu-chan’s co-workers were in on the joke too? Did they treat customer’s like babies just for ordering milk!? Fuck them! What if the customer had an ulcer or something! You don’t go degrading your customers with a sippy cup! Especially not a paper sippy cup with an easily detachable lid and~ this wasn’t a sippy cup at all, was it.

Tomoko snuck a look at Yuu-chan and noticed she had the same cup. They just gave her milk in a standard coffee cup.

Yuu looked at Mokkochi drinking her milk with the coffee lid still on the cup. In the outfit she was wearing, Yuu couldn’t help but think Tomoko looked like a little baby drinking. The idea of that actually seemed cute to her.

Tomoko looked very innocent holding her milk between the oversized sleeves of her outfit. Blissfully unaware of what her mom was purchasing while she wasn’t watching.

The cake had a bitter taste to it. It was dry, and the chocolate drizzled on it was bitter, and there was hardly any cream. Tomoko liked it this way, though. It was sophisticated and that was just what Tomoko needed. It was an adult cake. She was an adult. She could fuck any guy in this cafe now, if she wanted to. That guy running the counter? She could fuck him. That Man reading the paper with his iced coffee? She could fuck him. That little kid tugging at his mom’s dress? Probably not, but if she tried he’d be all “Wow, this older woman who eats fancy cakes is taking an interest in me! I can’t pass up this once in a lifetime shot!”

If any of them saw her diaper, though, she probably wouldn’t get anywhere. Tomoko got a little sad again, and it caught Yuu-chan’s attention.

“Is everything ok, Tomoko? You can talk to me about it, if it will help.”

“Ah? I’m doing fine, Yuu-chan” Yuu was already doing enough to help her, “I’m just going to use the bathroom real quick.” Tomoko had just eaten, so it was plausible enough by now. wasn’t it? There wasn’t much more time before her mom would be back.

Yuu pointed Tomoko in the direction of the bathroom. Tomoko was walking pretty slowly though, and the way she was walking was odd as well. But Tomoko had told her that she was ok, so Yuu made herself let it go.

The bathroom was clean enough. For as fancy a place as this, you would think it would be cleaner. Tomoko looked around for the stalls and accidently caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. There was chocolate all over her face, and her hood was lopsided. Ugh. She’d fix it after she’d use the bathroom.
All the stalls were empty, so at least she was alone. She started letting her guard down now that she was finally alone with a toilet. Her need to pee had gotten really bad, but she was so focused on holding it in she hadn’t realized until now. It didn’t matter though. She just had to unbutton this suit. Tomoko pulled up her sleeves, but something happened. She couldn’t get her hand out of her sleeve. The sleeve was so long that she couldn’t find the hole. There wasn’t a hole!

It was the same thing for both hands. She hadn’t realized before because they were so long, but her sleeves had no wrist-holes! She hadn’t needed her hands completely free until now, so she didn’t notice, but no matter how hard she tried, Tomoko couldn’t undo the buttons on her Kigurumi!

She couldn’t go back to holding it in, so she needed to go now. Were there other options? Maybe she could tuck her arms in and undo the buttons from the inside out. The outfit was really snug along her shoulders though. She almost popped her shoulder out trying to make it work. She was trapped! If she was patient or got some help, or even used her teeth, she might be able to get out of it, but that would all take time. She needed to get out right now, and right now she was trapped!

She tried to cross her legs together to fight off the urge, but it only made her more aware of the diaper in her way. Then she stopped. The diaper was going to leak if she kept thrashing it like that. It might still leak if she had to go too much, and her mom wasn’t here to change her. She was going to have to find a way get through the rest of lunch with a wet diaper.

She was thinking in a way like she had already wet her herself, now. She almost didn’t notice when her diaper started getting warmer and heavy. She never managed to get her Kigurumi off, but she squatted over the toilet till she was done anyway. twisting her fingers around the Toilet paper like that little boy had been doing with his mommy’s dress.

“Ah! Mrs. Kuroki. Over here!” Yuu Called out to Tomoko’s mother just entering the cafe.

She had finished her Shopping much earlier than expected, “I already got our car loaded up, so if Tomoko is ready we can be on our way.”

Yuu Noticed that she also had another shopping bag with her, but she didn’t recognize the store label on the bag.

“Huh… Naruse, where is Tomoko?”

“Oh! Well, she should be in the bathroom, I think,” She had been there a long time now that Yuu thought about it.

“Really?” Mrs. Kuroki rubbed her temples a bit and leaned her head back, “that little troublemaker…”

Mrs. Kuroki headed into the bathroom, and Yuu followed her. She knew there was something going on. Tomoko was always too busy thinking about other peoples problems and trying to hide her own. Whatever it was that was happening to Tomoko, Yuu wanted to be there for her. Tomoko even helped her out when that Card-Queen969 guy was stalking her online. Now it was Yuu’s chance to be the responsible one.

Inside the bathroom, Tomoko was trying to regroup herself. She’d already wet herself, there was no use changing that and it wasn’t all that different from what she’d been doing for the last week, was it? The real question was what to do from here. She had to keep herself calm, for one. She had to go back out there and pretend like she’d used the bathroom like a big girl. Hiding it from Yuu would be easy. The only thing she would really have to worry about is when her mom would get back. She’d have to make sure that woman didn’t check her diaper until after they got out of the cafe.

That was it. That was all there was to. The plan was set. All Tomoko had to do was go out there and go through with the plan she just finished making! It was smooth sailing as soon as Tomoko took that first step.

Yuu and Mrs. Kuroki entered the bathroom and saw Tomoko curled up in her legs under the bathroom sink. It looked like she’d been under there for quite a while, and she didn’t even notice them until the door shut. When her eyes met theirs her pupils got so wide that they started flashing. Tomoko’s mother kept Naruse back and crouched down to the sink to talk the girl out from under there.

Tomoko breathed air into her lungs. Then she waited a moment and pushed the air out of her lungs. Then she repeated the process.

“Did you use the potty, Tomoko?”

Tomoko shook her head and buried her face deeper.

“You didn’t make it?” She said just loud enough for Naruse to hear, “did you have too much trouble unbuttoning your clothes.”

Tomoko nodded. She would have screamed at that woman that it was her fault for putting her in this stupid outfit, but she wouldn’t be able to stop crying if she opened her mouth. She could feel her neck tightening and swelling. This shouldn’t have been happening.

“Oh, sweetie.” She started undoing the buttons on the girls clothes “Couldn’t you have asked for your friend to help you with it?”

She didn’t answer. Her mom took her hand and helped her out from under the sink. Her full diaper resettled itself as she stood up. It did so noisily, and her mom started to check her butt for leaks.

“At least your kitty suit is nice and dry,” her mom said as she stripped the girl down, “You did a very good job picking this brand of diaper. It held so much in.”

Yuu wasn’t sure how to process this. A large diaper was barely holding on to her friends hips and her mom was acting like it was a normal thing. Had she always worn diapers? She’d seen a news report once about women who wore them to work before, but she didn’t think it was serious. Maybe some people just never grow out of using them.

Tomoko could see Yuu-chan leaning in for a closer look. She tried her best to ignore that her best friend was watching her get diaper changed. She lifted her legs out of the cat outfit, and almost started to undo the tapes to the diaper herself. Then she felt a familiar slap on her hands.

“No, Sweetie. You know better than that. And I’m sorry, but I can’t change you just yet. I didn’t think you’d be filling your little diaper again so soon,” her mom folded up the kigurumi into the shopping bag and took the rest of it’s contents out, “You’re lucky I decided to buy these on my way over here, young lady.”

Yuu finally saw what was in that bag. There were large pink bloomers that Mrs. Kuroki put over Tomoko’s diaper. They actually looked a little thicker, like there was a layer of cloth under them. She also had a dress that had the kind of lacy design to it.

“I’m sorry, Naruse, but could you help us with this, please?”

“Ah- Ok.” She ran over and helped tied the back of the dress up. The skirt jutted open a bit, and Yuu could see a little petticoat underneath it that blended with the laces of Tomoko’s diaper cover. Yuu expected Tomoko’s to smell sour after seeing her in the diaper but it actually smelled a little flowery. Did she have baby powder on her as well? Yuu had thought that smell was from the cat pajamas. Finally, she noticed Tomoko’s legs. The skin around her diaper was a bright red.

“Let’s hurry back to the car Tomoko. Do you want to do that?”

Tomoko nodded.

Yuu-chan grabbed Tomoko’s hand and got her attention, “Tomoko, I’ll be over real soon to see you again, ok.” She still wasn’t sure what was going on, but she was going to be there for her friend.

Yuu had to go back to work and they said their goodbyes. They went outside the Cafe, and Tomoko’s mother took another look at the girl’s face- it was filthy. She knelt down to Tomoko, licked her thumb and firmly wiped the chocolate off the girl’s face. Then she took a familiar pacifier out of her purse, and forced it into the girl’s mouth.

Tomoko tried to hurry back to the car, but the diaper was getting in her way, the diaper-cover was making it worse, and the wires in the dress kept her from hiding behind her mom very well. Tomoko was walking so slowly that her mom finally picked the girl up and carried her the rest of the way. She didn’t mind it as much any more. She was slightly more numb to being seen in public like this now and the only thing she really cared about was getting back to the car and going home.

Her mom put her into the carseat, but the dress stuck out so much it wouldn’t fit right. After a few rearrangements her mother finally gave up and took the dress off of her for the ride home. Tomoko got a much better look at the dress as it lay on the other car seat. It was one of the outfits her mom had said she wasn’t going to buy. What else was she buying while she had lunch with Yuu-chan? She turned her head around to look, but all she could see in the back was a box with wood bars on it.

“Sit still, Tomoko!” her mother was watching her in the rearview mirror. She wondered out loud if her girl was too big for a real car seat.

Chapter 7: Because I’m Not Popular, I’ll Compromise.

They arrived home at last, and Tomoko’s Mother started a long task of unpacking everything from the car. She took her time with each item she brought inside, even bringing some of them upstairs. Tomoko didn’t mind being left in the car during this process. The girl had fallen asleep as soon as they got out of the shopping center.

Tomoko never considered that all the time-saving she was doing avoiding the bathroom for the past week came with a huge disadvantage. Those frequent trips up and down the stairs to the bathroom used to be a main source of fitness during the slow summer breaks. Her stamina was as sloppy as her hygiene now, and the stress of being out in public as she was, and relearning how to walk while being dragged around town had wiped her out. The warm car ride home finally finished her off, and she stayed asleep in there. Her mom was able to unpack every item in the car without waking the girl, until it was time to get her out, that is.

Tomoko’s reflexes kicked in and fought against being pulled out of the car. The front yard was shaded by the house and cold. She pushed futilely against her mother until the woman pressed her girl too close against her to struggle. She stopped trying to struggle, anyway. The hands gripping her were just as firm as the ones from the night before, but they were much warmer. It felt the same way whenever Yuu-chan hugged her.

That feeling faded when she was set down on a living room floor. Her mother was pulling at up her legs and just finished wiping her. Tomoko tried to pull herself away until she woke up enough to realize it was too late. She could already feel a fresh diaper unfolded under her, and her mother was brazen enough to remind her of the scene she made in the cafe.

Tomoko was calm enough now to be upset about that as well, “I would have made it just fine if you hadn’t made me wear that stupid outfit that wouldn’t come off…”

“Is that so?” her daughter had been speaking under her breath, but the mother didn’t let it slide. “So you had that outfit on for almost two hours, and you’re only just now telling me you had a problem with it-”
“I still want to know why you made me wear that.”

Her mother kept her eyes away from Tomoko, focusing instead on wiping her diaper area, the pubic hair was getting especially hard to clean “You already know why you had to wear it, Tomoko. You didn’t want to go into the store naked, did you?”

“You made me wear it because you knew this would happen! You knew I wouldn’t be able to take it off by myself! You want me to be diapered and Miserable and embarrassed in front of all my friend so that you don’t feel bad about how shit-boring your own life is- AUGNHHH!!!”

Tomoko’s mother pulled a firm grip of the girl’s bush so the baby wipes could be effective, “I have had enough of this attitude young lady. Now I am sorry if I wasn’t there to help you use the bathroom, but you were the one who insisted that I finish the shopping without you.”

“But you still-”

“YOU, young lady, had gotten your diaper changed just an hour before, and that was only half an hour after your last change.”

“That wasn’t my fault!”

“Fine. Fine, you’re right,” she put away the baby wipes, and gently applied Tomoko’s ointment, “Last night I reacted too harshly to your behavior, and your trying very hard not to use your diapers and to use the bathroom.”

“But, I really don’t want to wear these-”

“You don’t have to force it, honey. You don’t have to feel bad about still needing diapers,” she taped up the girl’s diaper, ignoring groans not to put it on, “you DO still need to wear these though.” She tapped the girl and stopped her as she tried to get up from the changing mat.

Her mom kept putting the buck back onto her, which was bullshit. Yes, she had to use the bathroom a bit more frequently since she started using diapers, but she would have made it to the bathroom all those other times if her mother hadn’t made it so difficult. Her mother was in no mood to continue this discussion, though.

“Let me make this perfectly clear. You are allowed to use your diaper. What you are not allowed to do is take them off on your own and hide a pile of them in your room, and no complaining to me about not being able to use the toilet. We have quite a few bad habits I want you to get over before you even think about potty training!”


“That’s right. You don’t.” She patted the front of the girl’s diaper and unfolded a large fleece blanket. “What you do need is to get more sleep.” She spread the blanket over Tomoko and swaddled her in it. The girl wriggled violently, either out of protest or just to keep her arms comfortable. It was likely a little of both and her mother gently patted the girls butt until she settled down in her arms. After a little effort, Tomoko was finally rested onto the couch.

“Now that you’re all changed, I want you to finish your nap. Don’t think I haven’t noticed that you’ve been staying up past eleven every night this whole break”

(It was more like 3 or 4 AM, but Tomoko was not about to make things worse for herself.) This was still stupid, though! Tomoko just wanted to go upstairs and go back online. “You don’t have to make up for lost sleep, mom! you just sleep!”

“You have been biting my head off ever since you got up from the car, and your attitude hasn’t been much better before that! has it? Now I don’t want to hear a peep from you for the next hour, or else.”

“FINE! JEEZE!” She yelled.

Her mother decided not to waste any more breath, and stuck the pacifier from before into the girl’s mouth. A very stern glare also made sure the pacifier was going to stay there. With that settled she could finally start to get dinner ready.

Tomoko struggled against the cover wrapped around her. She was determined to break free. She was determined to at least get a little breathing room. Why wasn’t this thing moving!? Was she really that tired? It was just a cover folded around her. It shouldn’t be this impossible.

Ugh! It was better than being naked at least. And it wasn’t really uncomfortable. Even with the diaper pressed against her she could sleep like this. She started relaxing again. There wasn’t much else she could do anyway.

Tomoki arrived home in time for dinner. He’d been working on summer homework at a friends house with the rest of his soccer team. They’d been rotating whose house they meet at each time over the summer, and his turn was coming up. As he entered the house and noticed all of his sister’s diaper changing supplies, he thought having people over would be a really bad idea.

There was no way to keep his older sister out of his hair. He got her to stop waking him up to use the bathroom, but then she went and turned her whole room into a toilet. Now their mom was making it the whole families problem. The worst part is he still kept waking up at 2 AM out of habit. He would have been better off leaving things as they are, and making that brat compensate for him some other way. He sighed. How did he end up more angry at himself than at her?

He took a seat next to the Couch to watch TV. That Hello Kitty show was on again, but he always kinda liked Kuromi so he left it on anyway. He only stopped watching it because Tomoko kept making fun of him for it. Now she was sleeping on the couch with a pacifier hanging out of her mouth. Some good might come out of all this if things don’t get out of hand.

The belts that were fastened around her seemed a little much, though? He understood his their mom couldn’t keep her eyes off Tomoko for a second, but using 3 of of their dad’s belts to keep her in that cover seemed a little extreme. Tomoko slept peacefully, despite that. It was like she didn’t even know the belts were there.

Still on, the couch Tomoko’s Hands were stuck against her chest in a position she couldn’t break out of as she slept. If she weren’t lying down, she would look like a begging puppy desperately trying to obey her master.

Tomoko was begging as hard as she could in the backyard. They had gone over this routine for ages, but Tomoko continued to beg and yip at her mother’s commands. If she wanted to let back into the house and get the mud washed off her legs, she needed to prove she could be trained and use the paper from now on. Her mother was impressed with how hard she was trying, but it was going to take more than just listening to be a good doggy. She yanked down on the girls choke chain.

Tomoko collapsed into the grass, but she didn’t feel any pain. She could feel her tail though. The pressure from the tail plug stuck up there made it hard to concentrate. She should have been used to that feeling by now, but she noticed it more clearly than the sun on her back, or the chain around her neck, or the dirt between her fingers. Whether she knew that she was asleep or not, she couldn’t tell what was happening.

Her mother spread something out on the floor and told her it was time for paper training. Tomoko was pulled to her feet and ordered to pee on the diaper laid out under her.

She woke up wet. Her mother already unfolding her out of the covers and shaking her awake for dinner. Tomoko’s body relished it’s freedom and stretched out in all directions on the couch, her diaper sagging slightly as the girl’s body stretched itself thin.

“It looks like that nap did the trick for you after all, Tomoko,” She said, completely validated in her work.

Tomoko wasn’t awake enough to listen to her, and she wasn’t awake enough to finish waking. She turn around and tried to burrow back into the couch. She didn’t have the blanket, but it was warm enough still not to care about that.

Tomoko’s mother was frustrated, but she was done with yelling at the girl for today. If sleep wasn’t going to perk this little girl up, she knew one thing that would.

She awoke with a shock to her mother’s fingers poking and prodding around her ribs! The woman was tickling her awake! Tomoko tried to retaliate swinging wildly, but she was pinned down on the couch, and all she managed to do was expose her tummy. Her mother took the initiative, planted her mouth on it and-

“GAAAAH! Cut it out!”

Her mother blew another raspberry on the girl and she squirmed left and right trying to escape.

“I’m awake! I’m awake! Stop it already”

“It’s too late Tomoko.” Her mother tightened the grip around the leg she was pinning down, as if to check it’s freshness. “I told you it was time for dinner. And I’ve already decided to eat you up.”

The torture session continued, and Tomoko tried not to take her mother’s words seriously (which was an easy thing to do, because her mother was obviously teasing her). She was teasing her right? She used to play jokes like this on her all the time when she was four or five. The again, that was a decade ago. Lately, her mother had been getting serious about the threats she made, too. She hadn’t stopped yet either. She felt teeth on her skin. Was that teeth? She was biting her now! Of course she was going to eat her! It makes perfect sense. She had way more meat on her now than she did ten years ago. This was it! She struggled with all her strength, but she still couldn’t escape.

“NOOOO! Please don’t eat me!!!” She screamed in a pitch she didn’t know she had!

But it was too late.

Tomoki’s mother finally came back into the dining room with her other kid. She’d been in the living room for a while, but Tomoko wasn’t putting up much of a fight with her now, at least. The High chair still hadn’t been assembled yet, so she was given a normal chair. If she had been put in it, that probably would have been enough to rile her up all over again, and Tomoki really didn’t want to deal with that. The less he had to think about what was going on between those two, the better.

Tomoki was also thankful the lower chair was keeping most of that girl’s body obscured by the table. She was naked except for that wet diaper that was barely on her, and her stomach was red and blotchy. The rest of her was all sweaty, probably from being wrapped in a blanket on a warm day like this. Tomoki scooted his chair further away in anticipation of whatever smells he could be in range of.

So her brother finally saw for himself what had happened to her. Well, technically, he was the one who bought her these diapers in the first place and suspected her of wetting herself all the time, but he still never knew for sure. She’d taken the effort during the last week to make sure he knew that even though she was using the diapers, she wasn’t actually wearing them. Now that he saw her like this though, he probably thought she was lying. He must feel insulted now, that’s why he’s refusing to make any eye contact.

That wouldn’t fit his profile at all though. Tomoki was an arrogant Narcissistic popular jerk. He wouldn’t care if his big sister had been lying to him. Unless he felt left out. He finally saw his sister naked and imperiled with glistening skin, and now he’s jealous of their mother for getting so much control over his sister’s body. This is more than just desire, though! With the mother-daughter taboo broken, there’s nothing to keep him from acting on those impulses of his as well.

Agh! no! What was she thinking, that was the last thing she wanted to happen. If the whole family played this sick game of house with her, she wasn’t going to have anytime to herself anymore! If Tomoki tried anything, she’d have to draw the line.

“Is there a reason she’s not wearing a shirt, Mom?”

“Oh, right. The poor girl threw such a little fit when I woke her up, I didn’t have time to clean her up for dinner.” Thier mom was already passing out the food. It was useless to press her to get Tomoko dressed anyway.

“You just bought her new clothes right?” Tomoki excused himself from the table to get one of the shirts that were in the shopping bags.

“Suit yourself dear. Just pick out a shirt you want her to wear.”

Tomoki sifted through the bags hoping to find a tarp he could throw over her. All of the options he had were pretty small though. They would fit Tomoko, but getting them on her would be a real pain and risk a lot of skin contact. It looked like it would be a real pain to get her dressed, but then he found just what he needed.

Her mother was watching her closely, so Tomoko kept her eyes on the floor. Still, she naused over what outfit her brother was going to pick out. Granted, he could only choose from the stuff their mom bought for her, but this still might be a sign of what role her brother was going to play in all this.

She knew he’d made his decision when she saw something lowered in front of her and wrapped around her neck. She was expecting to have to squirm her way out of which ever shirt he through on her, but she didn’t. Was it just a string tied around her neck? It was. It was a bib.

It made more sense to Tomoki the more he thought about it. It was appropriate dinnerware, it covered the girl up enough that he could eat in peace, their mom seemed to like the choice, and Tomoko seemed angry and upset.

As much as her brother’s selection irritated her, it didn’t compare to her mother’s prattling over how good the bib looked on her. She was only really angry on principle, though. An actual shirt would chafe her pretty badly, especially anything her mother had picked out today. Not that she wanted to be naked, but no matter how covered up she was it wouldn’t change how much she wanted to disappear right now. She squirmed in her seat a little and the wet diaper reminded her she would rather be wearing less of something, than more of something else.

“Hurry up and eat your dinner sweetie. we’ll get you changed as and washed up as soon as you’re done.” He mother was talking in a very patronizing tone again. Whenever someone like Tomoki or Yuu-chan was in the room with them, she acted more suspiciously then when they were alone together. Tomoko didn’t understand it.

She also hadn’t made up her mind if her mother was really trying to eat her or not. It had been a game Tomoko’s mother used to play on her when she was a lot younger, but she was certain there was some sort of evil intent behind it now. Eating your young was something only stupid rats did, but her mother was pretty stupid, and she did look a lot like those Drawings by Osamu Tezuka that were recently discovered. She definitely wasn’t bluffing or teasing her. Her mother only stopped with bite because didn’t like the way she tasted!

“Tomoko! Quit making a mess and eat your food.”

Tomoko snapped back into reality. She looked at her plate that she was given a while ago and realized she had been stirring the food around idly for the last few minutes. It looked like a curry dish with pork, but it wasn’t very spicy. Tomoki and their mother had plates that looked a lot spicier and were visibly hotter. What was going on? Before she took her second bite, she dropped a bit of it and some of the sauce landed on her leg. She paused for a second as the mystery unfolded in her mind, and the rest of the food in her chopsticks fell on her lap as well. This was exactly what her mom wanted to happen. This sauce wasn’t a sauce at all. It was glaze!

Tomoko’s mother finished eating and noticed the mess Tomoko made of herself. She’d barely taken a bite, and she just sat there paralyzed. She’d gotten food on everything but her bib. Did she forget how to feed herself too? Was her mommy going to have to help her with this? Tomoko kept a nervous eye contact with her mother, but she didn’t answer either question.

Tomoki tried his best to ignore this standoff and finish eating before it got any worse. Before he had a chance to leave Tomoko jumped away from the table knocking her chair over and darting out of the kitchen. The whole thing seemed unnecessary and her mother looked confused and frustrated. She got up and calmly walked out the door after her. He could already hear the idiot crying out in pain.

She came back dragging a sobbing Tomoko by the wrist. The girl had made a break for her room, but didn’t notice the childproof gate that was set up on the base of the stairs. “She tripped over it and landed face first. She’s lucky she didn’t break her leg.” Then she asked Tomoki to hold on to his sister’s hand for a bit before she hurt herself again.

His sister struggled to pull herself away from Tomoki, which made the job a lot more comfortable for him. If she had clung to him he probably would have let go and pushed her away, but she didn’t seem to be thinking on a very cunning level right now. He kept a hold on her just long enough for her mother to finish assembling the highchair, which they were clearly going to need now.

Tomoko had to stand there and watch her mother build a cage for her piece by piece. Her mom was visibly frustrated as she assembled the highchair, and mumbled in an angry tone under her breath. Tomoko came more to her senses and realized how much she had spazzed out and how angry she’d made her mom.

The Chair had a base twice as wide as the normal ones, and the seat went higher than the table. It was made a thick plastic you would see in playgrounds, and the tray locked snugly over her legs. The plastic was soft though, which helped because Tomoko’s diaper was nothing but a bag of mush now. Her mother stayed firm that the girl would not being getting changed until she finished her meal.
Tomoko’s plate wasn’t put on the tray, though. Neither were her arms. her arms were locked under the tray. In addition to learning to get enough sleep, and learning to put away her clothes and trash, and learning to wash herself thoroughly each night, Tomoko was also going to have to learn some better table manners before she would be allowed to feed herself again.

Tomoko’s mother stirred all the rice and curry together in a bowl and began to literally spoon fed her, something she only just now realized was where the term came from. That made her even less eager to do this, but not being able to move and knowing how angry she’d already made her mom, she decided not to put up a fight. She wasn’t allowed out of the chair until she finished every bite, and she didn’t get another bite until she chewed her food 20 times each.

Tomoki was done eating and he didn’t need to see any of this. He excused himself to his room and spent the night watching porn; looking for women that looked as far different from his sister as possible.

Tomoko would not be getting off the chair until she finished two helpings of her dinner. She’d never be able to eat that normally, but much of the food ended up on her bib and her face. Her mother also took a few bites herself to remind her daughter how a spoon works. Tomoko knew how to eat, but it was hard to make that argument with curry sauce in her hair.

Dinner was finally over, but Tomoko wasn’t allowed up just yet. Her mom still had to clean up after them, and Tomoko had left a considerably large mess for a girl her age. She had nearly knocked the table over when she ran out of the kitchen earlier.

Tomoko was still embarrassed about this, and having to sit there in front of her mother while she cleaned made it worse.

Her mother finished with the dishes and started wiping off her daughter’s messy face with a dishrag. “You certainly made big mess for me to clean up, sweetie,” She could tell Tomoko was feeling bad about what happened, “but don’t worry. I’m sure we won’t have this problem again.” She patted down on the high chair as she said this, as if Tomoko needed another reminder that this her high chair was now a permanent part of the dinner table.

Tomoko’s constant squirming in her chair had loosened her diapers’ waistband, and as she was let out of the chair, the wet diaper slid right down to the floor. Her mother also undid the girl’s bib and gave it a quick rinse in the sink. Standing naked in the kitchen felt worse with such a heavy stomach. She felt extra lumpy, and was willing to at least be in a diaper now.

She was more than ready to follow her mother into the bath. They went through the same routine as the night before. Tomoko didn’t need as thorough a washing as last time, but her mother got undressed as well anyway. Tomoko did her best not to fuss and to just get the night over with.

After she was clean, her mother laid the girl on her back. Tomoko didn’t understand what was going on. Were they not taking a bath? Was she going to be put back in a diaper already? That wasn’t it though. there weren’t any changing supplies in here. What was that woman going to do with her daughter pinned to the floor with her legs spread!?

Tomoko panicked and tried to sit up to see what her mom was doing, but she was pinned back down right away.

“Calm down, Tomoko, I’m just going to give you a quick shave before we get in the bath.”

“Oh… ok” Tomoko could see the logic there. After all, if her mom wasn’t going to let her wear pants or long skirts or anything but a diaper below the waist, then her leg hairs were bound to become unsightly and gross and disgusting. This suited Tomoko just fine. Getting someone to shave her legs for her was a made up a little for having to be humiliated like this.

Her mother was starting much higher than the legs though. Before Tomoko could realize it, her pubic hair was nearly all gone.

Tomoko stopped herself from panicking or struggling, very aware that her mother had a sharp blade very close to her cliterous right now. She still made a lot of noises that her mother could recognize as verbal protest.

“This is for your own good, Tomoko.” She finished and wiped up the shaving cream with a wet Towel. Her daughter’s legs trembled with every stroke. “Your hair was soaking up all that pee. It’s easier to keep that smell off of you this way.” She stood Tomoko up and got a good look at her. The girl felt more exposed than she had in the kitchen, and her mother’s gaze overwhelmed her.

“That should be fine for now,” she patted the girl’s butt and hurried her into the bath, “We’ll try waxing off the rest later.”

The bath was uneventful and Tomoko let herself get dried off without any fuss. It had been a long day, but the baths she was taking with her mom were comforting. The human contact and safety were something her anxious little mind soaked up desperately. The long day was finally over and any moment she’d get carried up to her room, and after enduring one more diapering, be free to get back on her computer again for a few hours.

That was how Tomoko wanted things to be at least, but as her mother put on the bathrobe and opened the door, she merely grabbed Tomoko’s hand and started leading her out. Her mother showed no intention of picking her up at all. Tomoko was expected the to walk the whole way up to her room.
She hesitated. It’s not that she didn’t want to walk on her own, and it’s great that her mom expected her too, but she couldn’t get out of her mind the sensation of rocking back and forth with each of her mom’s steps as she was cradled up the stairs. She was looking forward to it the whole bath, and now that she wasn’t going to get it the open air on her mostly dried skin felt cold and uninviting. She didn’t want to have to walk up to her room by herself. She shouldn’t have to. If she was being forced to wear diapers, she was at least going to get some bonus out of it.

Despite this resolve, the most action she could manage was to turn her head away and pull back on her mother’s hand until she got her attention. After her mother turned around she could barely mumble a word of what she wanted to say.

“Tomoko, you’re brother is in bed already, and I we’ll get you changed into your pajamas as soon as we get upstairs. Now come hurry up.”

She wasn’t going to know what Tomoko wanted unless she asked for it, but it was easier said than said. Once she started saying outloud that she wanted to be carried up the stairs like a little baby she realized how embarrassing the request was. It was actually probably better for her to just bite her tongue and walk. She wanted to pretend she didn’t say anything, but she had said enough this time to get her mom’s attention.

“What was that sweetie? Mommy couldn’t hear you”

“It nothing. It’s fine. I just…”

“Did you want to go up-ups?” She crouched down and secured her hands under her daughters arms, ready to lift the girl up if she said yes.

Tomoko still realized this was a bad idea, and the way her mom worded it only made it worse, but it was so much easier to nod her head and accept it than it was to take it back. She wanted to walk up the stairs like a big girl, but it was too late for that.

Her mother lifted the girl without hesitation, though she did make it clear that she was frustrated she had to do this for her teenage daughter. Tomoko felt just as if she had demanded to be picked up now. She couldn’t stand feeling this selfish (or at least being confronted with it), but she knew that if she asked to be put down now, it would only make things even more of a hassle.

This kind of thinking was exhausting. She just stopped thinking and zoned out. She was going to get a diaper and whatever embarrassing outfit her mother had planned whether she wanted them or not.

Tomoko was set down on a cushioned surface. She was higher than she thought she’d be. Where was she? She saw her computer to her left, so it was her room, but what was she resting on? She could see her bed too, so it wasn’t that. Her mom must have done something to her room while she was asleep. This was probably why she didn’t get a changing downstairs.

As her mom finished taping up the diaper, Tomoko noticed a different feeling from it. It was the same brand of diaper as before, but something was off. She couldn’t keep her balance for a while. She poked and pushed at the diaper a bit and remembered getting shaved before her bath. Her Pubic hair was gone. There was nothing but bare skin against her diaper now. The diaper felt like it was gliding over her crotch with every little shift of her legs.

Now that she was standing up she got a good look at what her mother changed her on. Her TV and games had been moved out to make room for a large piece of furniture. It had shelves full of the diapers they bought and changing supplies. Another shelf was full of neatly folded soft colored clothes her mom was currently sifting through. The top of it had padding that was secured on with thick metal staples. This was made just for diaper changing a girl her size, and the fact that it was so sturdy and permanent made Tomoko’s stomach sink. She could feel it pressing down on her.

The surprise of the changing table made it less of a shock when her mother showed Tomoko what she’d be wearing that night. It was a white onesie with primary colored dots all over it. Her mother pulled it over her head and snapped the buttons together at the crotch. It firmly squeezed her diaper into her as if those fingers will still pressing against it. She’s was going to have to sleep in this.

It was too early to sleep though. Tomoko almost forgot about going back online, and she wasn’t about to make the mistake of not asking her mother first.

“No. Get in bed.”

“But I only just woke up! I haven’t been on the computer all day, mom. There’s so much stuff I need to catch up on!”

“What you need is to catch up on your sleep.” She picked the girl up and dropped her in her bed. She had a much taller presence to her now. “You also need to manage your time spent on that computer better, but that can wait till Tomorrow.”

This was too far. This was clear cut imprisonment now. This was a violation of her human rights! It was a violation of her Tulpa’s rights too! How could she keep that tulpa thing alive if she didn’t have legions of other people assuring her that it was a real thing.

Tomoko was pouring her heart out, but did any of that matter to her mother? No~ the only thing that mattered to her was making sure all the cover and sheets stayed off the floor by securing another childproof gate to the side of the bed.

This was when Tomoko realized there was a childproof gate secured to the side of her bed. The two heavy clamps keeping in place made it look pretty tacky, but Tomoko was trapped in her bed now all the same.

“Like I said, Tomoko, I don’t want to find your covers thrown all over the floor for me to wash every day. I’ll take this gate down in the morning, but until you learn to make your bed like a big girl, this is how you’re going to be sleeping. Understand?” Then her mother turned the lights off and closed the door behind her.

Making the bed? Every night? Was this yet another thing Tomoko was expected to make a habit of before her mother would let her potty train again. Where the hell does she get off acting so demanding like that? How was she supposed to keep track of all these things?

She was probably going to have to get used to seeing this gate every night. It was the same kind of stupid gate that stopped her from running up the stairs. All the bars were in this stupid accordion-diamond pattern. When exactly did Silver Link studios become Klasky Csupo?

She would have spent the whole night sulking and not getting any sleep, but then the door opened. She left the lights off, but her mother had a few things she wanted her to have before bed.

The first thing was her mom’s old Samsung. Tomoko could browse the internet on that until the battery goes out, which should only be another hour. The next was a baby bottle, which Tomoko pretended not to see. The bottle wouldn’t make a mess in the bed though, and she couldn’t get out to get a glass of water, so she was just going to have to make do with it. Her mother kissed her goodnight, and left.

If Tomoko was going to use a phone, she would have rather just used her own and mail Yuu-chan for the rest of the night. Her mother had confiscated her phone though to make sure that very thing wouldn’t happen, though. She was strict about this early bedtime thing. It was only 11. And when was she going to be let out of bed in the morning? What if her mother made her stay in bed until 3PM? Or worse. What if she made her wake up early?

Tomoko started Yawning just thinking about it. She couldn’t sleep just yet though, she had to make the most of the time she was given. Her mom’s phone didn’t have a password on it, and the browser app was easy to find. She was relieved to see that woman hadn’t tried to trick her with more bullshit.

The browser reloaded it’s last page, and Tomoko took a look at it before hitting the address bar. “Cancer prevention: Normalizing abnormal Stools.” The front of the page was a diagram of different kinds of poo. Gross! What the hell was her mom looking at. Tomoko took a closer look at the diagram and read on.

The first type of “stool” on the chart were small solid little pieces. Good. Those were the ones she usually had. Small little, no mess, embarrassment, only had to go about once every 4 days. Tomoko had always been pretty proud about not having to go so often, and seeing her kind of stool listed as #1 made her feel pretty confident.

“If you regularly experience type 1, 2, or 3 you are risking serious damage to your internal organs”

Tomoko had to reread that.

Chapter 8: Because I’m Not Popular, I’ll Sleep Like a Baby

The phone died out. The battery probably didn’t last as long as her mom promised it would, but Tomoko had not been keeping track of the clock. That medical report was some kind of horror story or something. A fictional horror story at that. Did that doctor really think it’s healthy for people to shit themselves twice a day?

Then again, she probably was holding it in more often than she should be.

That site also talked about how the feeling builds up when you hold it in too long, and the more often you let that feeling build up, the harder it is to notice it on a regular basis. Eventually you become completely unable to tell when you have to go. Meanwhile the microbes that make the shit get weaker. The shit gets harder. The organs start chaffing as they try to move the small pieces until they start bleeding and your body gets infected with it’s own sewage system!


Tomoko was right. Tomoko had to stop thinking like this. This wasn’t happening to her. The website said it was a problem that took decades to build up. She was still young.

Too young.

Way too young to be having the symptoms she had now. She must have been excessively awful to her body. She accelerated the process.

Ugh, no she was exaggerating again. She just had to remember to go the bathroom from now own whenever she felt the need to go. It was fine. There was nothing to worry about.

Tomoko Turned over in her bed closed her eyes and tried to relax. She focused on her breathing. She focused on the air threading in and out of her. She focused on her chest compressing the air out, and expanding to inhale more air. With each breath, her chest stretched the cotton of her onesie against her skin. That white cotton onesie with the little dotted pattern that stopped at her shoulders and thighs, making her legs and arms seem softer and chubbier than they were. The snapping buttons at the crotch pulling her diaper up against her shaved privates.
She couldn’t take wearing these diapers anymore. Any part of her that was enjoying the security and comfort and the attention from her mother had had enough. Even though she was alone in her room she felt that same embarrassment you get when you finish masturbating and take a sobering look at all the material online you were just enjoying. She wanted to close these windows and make the diapers go away.

There was another feeling too, though. As her onesie pushed her diaper up against her butt, a weighted feeling in her tummy was pushing down on it. Tomoko had been holding this in constantly in the last day, trying to wait for a chance to use the bathroom, but she couldn’t wait any longer now; not when she knew what the consequences were for it. She needed to get to the bathroom now!

Tomoko rolled to the side of the bed to jump off, but was stopped when she knocked her head against the gate. She’d forgotten her mother put that gate up along the side of her bed. Her mother also told Tomoko she wasn’t allowed to get out of bed on her own anymore. She remembered that now.

She pulled on the gate to lift herself up. Her diaper was pushed up harder by her tight fitting outfit as she moved. She wasn’t allowed to take off her diaper either. Her mother told that much as soon as they got home. Any use of the toilet was out of the question until her mother was satisfied with all her other habits: her bathing, her tidiness, her table manners, her sleep schedule. How long was all of that supposed to take? What was she supposed to do for now?

She stood on her knees in the bed, bracing herself up with on the gate bars. She ignored the feeling of her diapers as her weight shifted on the soft mattress and took a good look at her room. She could barely keep her head above the gate, but she could see that her computer was left untouched, at least. That changing table where the TV used to be took up a big amount of the room, though. The shelves had so many diapers in them, and at least three sets of other changing supplies. The stale smell of pee was just barely noticeable under the baby powder that had been spread over the carpet. She started thinking about what was going to happen tomorrow, and the day after. She couldn’t take it. Her breathing turned into heaving.


Tomoki was screaming through the wall. She was louder than she thought. She had to keep control of herself. After all, she knew exactly what she had to do. She just really wished she didn’t have to do it.

The position she was standing in was practically squatting, and the smell triggered some feelings of urgency, too. With just a little effort, Tomoko peed into her diapers. There was very little pee in her after everything that happened today. Her diaper was still wet, though. It would stay wet until tomorrow morning. The same thing would happen with what she was going to do next.

Tomoko squatted down in her slightly wet diaper, and tightened her stomach.

Nothing came out, though. The pressure faded back in again. She’d missed her window, but she couldn’t just go back to bed. She’d rather have that stuff in her diaper than in her body. There was one way to get make herself go. It was the last thing she read on the website before the phone died. If she were to drink a warm glass of water, it would give her a sensation of being full, which would get her tummy going again. All she needed was a drink, and she knew where to get it.

Tomoko reached next to her pillow and grabbed the bottle her mom gave her earlier.

It had been a warm day, and Tomoko had tucked the bottle away under the pillows. The bottle was warm enough that it should work. It was probably more effective for tomoko to drink the water fast, and she obviously had other reasons for not wanting to suck on a baby bottle. It had a rubber nipple on it and everything. A dark brown firm rubber that only opened when you pinched down on the chin.

When she untwisted the top and pulled the bottle open, something came out of the bottle dangling from the lid like a leach. It was some kind of bag attached to top. Her bottle of milk was actually a bag of milk? How does a bag of milk even work?

Tomoko didn’t really have a way to drink the milk now. The bag was so full that just touching it or the nipple caused milk to come out of the top. If she tried anything rash it would spill onto the bed in no time. Then her mom would see it and realize what Tomoko was trying to do, and she would move the family to a house that had a basement so she could lock her only daughter in the basement, and then a rainstorm would flood the house and she’d drown while wearing these diapers!

Even if she were reborn, she’d be reborn as a baby! Damn that woman! Her mom had thought of everything.

She needed another solution. Tomoko threaded the milk back back into the bottle and twisted it shut. If she could squeeze the nipple out, instead, she could still use it as a cup. She pinched the tip of the nipple as carefully as she could, but the milk dripped out of the nipple anyway. The Bottle was more full than she thought. She lapped up the excess milk afraid of what would happen if she didn’t. The way her tongue felt against the nipple was gentler than she expected it to be. She put her lips over it.

The rubber nipple had already come in contact with her tongue, It wouldn’t be much worse for her to drink from it. She’d suck a little bit of the milk out, and then she’d be able to open the bottle without making a mess. Being a bag in a bottle, the milk just kept emptying and never did that thing her soda does where air bubble have to seep in and then a big gulp of drink spills out. It was just a continuous stream milk. It was very relaxing for Tomoko, and the bottle was kind of phallic with a fake nipple at the end. It was like her 2 favorite things rolled up into one. She had completely forgotten why she was so against drinking it this way.

Her outfit was feeling a little better too. It was still kind of suffocating, but it kind of felt like one of those cat suits they wear in bondage art. She fell back down on her back to get the rest of the milk out of the bottle and almost let herself fall asleep.

Then the sensation to go came back to her. She scrambled up and squatted, bracing herself against the gate. She still didn’t want to do this, but she knew she wouldn’t get a chance to use the toilet anymore. She was scared of what would happen to her if she continued holding it in.

What she passed was smaller than she expected, but that made it worse to have in her diaper. It was like a small pebble in her shoe. She almost would have prefered that it were bigger.

Then the rest of it came. A much softer hot mess had been stuck behind the first one, and it hit Tomoko so fast, she almost tried to hold it in out of instinct. There wasn’t any point in holding it in though. Her whole diaper was filled after a few seconds.

Earlier, Tomoko was too scared to sleep without using her diaper. Now, Tomoko was too scared to even lie down. It was all still safely in her diaper right now, but any bit of pressure might make it seep up her back, or onto her leg. It was definitely going to make her Diaper rash worse, and the smell something out of a zoo. She concentrated on the sent of the Baby powder for as long as she could just so she could breathe.

The Baby powder reminded Tomoko of the changing table. It had all the supplies to change her. She could change herself! She’d probably get in trouble for it, but it was better than waking up her mom. Wasn’t it?

Tomoko decided she would climb over the gate around her bed. Ignoring the the Bedpost were shorter and easier to climb, and also forgetting that the gate was only held together by 2 clamps. It would have been easier to remove the clamps, but it also would have been better not to put so much of her weight on something that was barely attached to the bedframe.

Tomoko didn’t even manage to stand up before the weight she pressed onto the gate caused it to fall over and take Tomoko with it. She wasn’t hurt, but it was loud as hell, and Tomoki could be heard complaining about it from the other room.

The overpowering shame made a comeback over Tomoko . She lied there in her little piggy outfit with arms and legs poking out, and her diaper full of a mess far worse than anything a real baby could make.
The bottle rolled off the bed in front of Tomoko, she sucked on the empty bottle while she waited for her mom to discover the mess she left for her.

It seemed to take forever for Tomoko’s Mother to check on her, but it probably wasn’t as long as Tomoko had thought. She’d made more than enough noise to wake up everyone in the house when she knocked the gate off her bed and fell on top of it. That gate just continued to cause her more and more more pain, but thankfully, it hadn’t hurt her too badly yet. She didn’t feel like anything was broken as her mother lifted her up onto the changing table.

Her mother could smell right away what had happened and began changing her without saying a word. Tomoko was so distracted from accidentally falling out of her bed, that she’d forgotten about the other “accident” she had just before. Not that it was an accident, she didn’t have much of a choice, her health was at stake and her mom wasn’t going to let her use the bathroom anyway! She pouted on the table as her diaper was changed, but once her mother opened up the diaper, the smell became too strong to ignore. There wasn’t any way to excuse what had happened. She kept quiet as her mom thoroughly wiped her down and changed her into a fresh diaper.

Once her daughter was changed and buttoned up, she stood her next to the table and began straightening up what had become of the bed. Tomoko was Nervous with guilt seeing her mother do even more work for her, but her mother was kind enough to give let her clean up too this time.
“Here Tomoko” She handed the girl rag and pointed to the changing table, “use that to wipe up the mess on there as best you can. Throw it away when you’re done, okay?”

Tomoko nodded with her full attention and looked over at the changing matt on the table. Her mess had felt kind of big, but it didn’t expect any off it to spill out of the diaper like this. She thought her mom would have taken care of all of it, and it would all be done with as soon as she got a new diaper. It was just a small smudge on the plastic lining, but it was from something she made deliberately. She could have completely ignored it, but now she had to look directly at it and scrub it up.

Her dishrag looked familiar, but she was too busy not thinking about what she was doing to recognize it. After a bit of work, the stain wasn’t visible on the surface and more and her mom sprayed some cleaner on the table, which Tomoko wiped down too. That was when she realized what she was wiping up this mess with. These were her shorts! Her black shorts with the red strip on them (Only now they had another stripe on them too).

NO! Fuck no! She had her old clothes right in her hand and she fucking ruined them. If she had noticed it just a second before she could have hidden the shorts, and used some other trash to wipe it up! Why did she have to be so stupid.

The girl was moments away from crying as her mother reminded her to throw the rag way in the diaper bin. Tomoko held her old clothes over bin and remembered all the good times she had had with them. They way they would cling to her crotch as she spread her legs in bed. The way they wrapped around her ass when she would imaging getting groped on a train. She’d never get another chance to leave them on under her school uniform. And her school uniform was in the dumpster outside some grocery store now too! She threw the ruined shorts as hard as she could into the diaper bin. This whole situation was shit!

“It’s alright sweetie. You’ll be less grumpy after you get some sleep.” She reached around from behind her daughter and poked the girl’s pacifier into her mouth. “I don’t think your bed is ready for sleeping in yet, though. Do you want to sleep in mommy’s bed tonight?” She picked Tomoko up before even finishing the question and carried her out of the room, closing the door behind her.

Tomoko hadn’t even been listening. She’d moved her teeth out of the pacifier’s way the moment she felt it, and concentrated on sucking it. As she saw her room close behind her, she hoped her computer would still be there the next time she saw it again.

As she kept her grip on her mom’s back she noticed she was wearing just a slip tonight. She could feel her mom’s left breast through the thin cloth. It pressed against her tummy as she was carried. For a moment Tomoko thought she’d interrupted her parents night, but then she remembered her dad wouldn’t be home until Friday. Her mom probably just wears whatever on nights when he’s not here.

The Mother got into bed without letting go of her little girl. The next thing Tomoko knew she was already under the covers. She let go of her mom’s back, and tucked her arms in as much as possible. Her mother kept the girls head tucked under her chin with one hand, and rested her other hand on the girl’s diapered bottom. Tomoko was locked in place and felt a little like a stuffed animal, but it wasn’t long before her moms rhythmic breathing made her go to sleep as well.

Chapter 9: Because I’m Not Popular, I’ll Get Some Surprises.

The mother woke up a little early, but she had slept very well. The onesie Tomoko was wearing had thick layer of cotton and the girl had curled herself up tightly almost like a real baby. It was so comfortable having her in her arms, and sliding her hand along the stretched out fabric down to wear the girl’s cute little butt stuck out. She was tempted to let her daughter sleep with her every night, but she couldn’t let Tomoko have everything she wanted or else she might grow up spoiled.

Her daughter rustled and stirred, letting her mother know she was waking up. She kept a firm grip around the girl and left her eyes unopen. She didn’t want to get out of bed yet, and Tomoko didn’t have anywhere to be anyway. The girl’s struggling increased as she completely awoke. She shook at her mom’s shoulder to wake her too and was making panicked sounds through her pacifier. The mother still had no intention of getting up, and continued to let her daughter think she was asleep.

She noticed Tomoko had calmed down. Then she started to feel the girl’s diaper fill up against her hand.
How could Tomoko had done that? That silly girl had just used her diaper only 5 hours ago, and she already needed another change. Still her mother was impressed that she kept her pacifier in her mouth all night. She would have to give her a special treat later.

Tomoko had fallen back to sleep by the time her mother decided to get up. She gave her daughters diaper a little squeeze. It wasn’t too wet, but it was best to check on Tomoko’s Rash anyway, and she didn’t feel like staying in bed any longer. She got dressed and scooped the girl up, careful not to wake her.

The damage done to Tomoko’s bed frame was more apparent in daylight. Her mother was looking for an excuse to get her a new bed, but it looked like that would have to happen today. The girl was splayed out in her arms still asleep and completely at peace with how reckless she was being lately. Here daughter was going to get seriously hurt if she wasn’t careful. She laid the little monkey down on the changing table and put her onesie in the laundry.

The rash Tomoko had seemed to have died down since the other day. She lifted the girls leg’s higher to check the rest of her bottom. The rash wasn’t spreading, and would probably be healed by morning. Just to be safe, she used a little bit more skin ointment this time.

Tomoko didn’t have the luxury of waking up gradually this time. Hands moving around her diaper area and pressing against her shocked her into full alert. She sat up, and an oily hand immediately pressed pinned her chest back down. She was just getting a diaper change. Even after figuring that out, it still took her a while to calm down. She wasn’t sure whether it would have been better if she slept through the whole thing.

A tingling sensation was running through Tomoko’s leg, and She couldn’t feel her leg as her mom moved it aside to tape up the diaper. Great! Her freaking leg was asleep. Between that cramped onesie, and her mom’s hugging, it was easy to guess how this happened! Before she could say anything, her mother lifted her off the table and onto her feet. Her legs gave out and Tomoko fell over on her butt.

“Oh, you poor thing. You must have hurt your legs worse than I thought last night, sweetie.”

“No I didn’t! Just give me a second.” She started shaking her leg awake, before her mom picked her up again.

“You’re leg doesn’t feel broken,” she said, pinching around the leg right up to the diaper. “You need to keep off those ankles for a while. Ok.”

“No I don’t! This all because of you hug-”

“It’s not my fault you ran up the staircase without watching where you were going!”

“I’m not talking about-”

“AND I suppose you also think it’s my fault you fell out of your bed last night!”

“Well it kind of was”

“Fine then, Tomoko!” She took her downstairs without even dressing her. “You won’t have to worry about falling out of your bed ever again, and you won’t have to worry about tripping on the stairs anymore either.” She dropped the girl down in the playpen she set up the night before.

Tomoko looked around the cage she was placed in. It had mesh walls, a thick plastic frame, and an embarrassing cushion on the floor. It also rocked a little, like it was on wheels. It probably had wheels.
Her mom put a blanket in there with her, and turned the TV on. She forbid Tomoko from being on her feat for the whole day. She had a lot of errands to do now, though, so she’d get someone to look after her.

Tomoko wasn’t listening. Her mom was saying something before she left to make breakfast, but she was too focused on waking her leg up to listen. Whatever she was saying, it was probably just “Tomoko don’t do this, and don’t do that, and don’t tell your father about that man in the shower!” If she was going to keep her quiet about that guy, she could have at least shared him!

Her mom had left the TV on kiddy anime again. This one was about a kindergarten class, but at least she saw Gainax in the credits. The kid in the show was asking santa to make her grown up. They were airing a christmas special in the summer like a bunch of idiots.

Tomoki Headed downstairs to see if breakfast was ready. Instead he saw Tomoko in just a diaper sitting in a playpen watching an adult animated character shaking her ass around in a diaper too. He turned right back up the stairs and searched for apartments online.

Tomoko spent the morning doing everything she could took not to think about the diaper she was wearing or what she did in the them last night. Actually, she did this most of the morning: She spent the first 20 minutes alone pretending she was a helpless heroine at the mercy of sadistic dungeon keeper forcing her to soil herself. The diaper felt extra slippery today too, and the feeling was irresistible and humiliating and overwhelming. This little fun made the last three days so worth it.

And then it was over and Tomoko went back to being an adult woman naked in a diaper with a pacifier in her mouth. Also Covered in sweat, sitting in a baby playpen, children’s cartoons on in front of her, and an mean old woman who wouldn’t let her use the bathroom, feed herself or even stand up. She wanted to crawl out of her skin and hide under the couch again.

There were a few things in the play pen to distract her besides the TV. Her DS was in there, but the only game in it was Resident Evil. The FIRST resident evil. A game that came out when she was a baby. There was also a baby block. Just one? Even if she was a baby, what fun could she have with a single block? It had 9 colors, and she could rotate different parts of it, but it’s not like she could stack it with just one of them.

In the kitchen, Tomoko’s mother looked through Tomoko’s phone to find anyone she could trust to Tomoko-sit for her. She had plenty of time while breakfast cooked, but every one of the people on her contact list had 555 in their phone number. Many of these names sounded chinese too, like Heero Yui. Kaiji Ito didn’t sound trustworthy either. Where was she meeting these people?

She didn’t want to contact young Naruse after the poor girl gave up her lunch break yesterday, but it was the only real number on her daughters phone. She also already knew about Tomoko’s condition, so that would make things easier on both of them. She sent Naruse a text message from her own phone asking if the girl would babysit for the day.

Tomoko finally figured out how to use that colorful block. first you twist it around to the mix the different colors together, then you spin it on one of its corners to create weird patterns. It was actually pretty fun. It’s to bad there was no way to make each side of the block one solid color. That would be asking a lot from a stupid baby toy, though.

“TOMOKO! What is this doing on the floor!” Her mother held up the Purple stuffed toy that was in the playpen with her earlier. She’d been pretending it was Jun Ishimine during that little game she played earlier. After she finished, she couldn’t look at that things face without thinking about him Spanking her and stepping on her chest and giving her an en- NO. She didn’t want to think about that while her mother was right in front of her, scolding her for being a bad girl. The Toy was put back into the pen. His eyes undressing her with that creepy grin on his face. She threw the Spinny block at it and kicked it away with her foot. Her Mother was still leaning into the pen giggling at her as if this whole thing wasn’t a life threatening situation. At least her mom wasn’t mad at her anymore.

Breakfast was Ready, but Tomoki had insisted on eating in his room. It would be just the two of them eating, so Tomoko’s mom asked her if she wanted to eat on the couch. Tomoko knew better. Eating away from the table would just be another excuse to bottle feed her again. She’d much rather eat at her computer, catching up on her e-celebrity reviews of anime’s she never watched.

That wasn’t going to happen though. The only way her mom was going to let her eat at the table, or even sit at the computer was if she was secured in the highchair. The Couch was the best choice. Tomoko reached her arms up towards her mom, who picked the girl up by the armpits.

“Tomoko, is you’re diaper wet again already?” It had been just an hour since she was last changed, but it already felt wet as she boosted her up, “why didn’t you tell me you went pee pee, sweetie?”

Tomoko shifted nervously in her diaper as her mother pushed up against it. She couldn’t admit what she was doing, and why her diaper was really wet. She buried her head in her mom’s shoulder and pretended it was an accident, “I’m sorry, mommy.”

Her mother patted her on the back, “There there, sweetie. You’ll just have to try a little harder.” She set the girl down on the couch, and let her rest her head on her lap. “We’ll get you changed after breakfast. And if you behave yourself with the babysitter, You can go on the computer for two hours before dinner”

It worked! Her mom just thought she was incontinent now! And she also had a chance to get some real work done online later tonight. She was so happy, that she didn’t resist the bottle feeding from her mom for a second. All she had to do was behave around the Babysitter today and she would be let back on the computer…

After the Babysitter came…


Tomoko nearly coughed up her milk when the dots finally connected. She didn’t notice it, but she also peed a little.

Some of the milk got in Tomoko’s throat and she could not stop her coughing. Her mother Hoisted the girl over her shoulder and patted her back. It actually helped a little. Tomoko was grateful but she was still embarrassed and she still wanted answers.

“What do you mean, babysitter? Why would I need a babysitter?” She shuffled off her mom’s shoulder and stood in front of the couch, ignoring how naked she was.

“You are not allowed to be on your feet today, young lady,” her mom stiffly grabbed the girl’s shoulders and forced her back onto the couch. “You need a babysitter because I need to go run more errands, and I can’t bring you with me with your ankles still hurt.”

“They aren’t hurt I just slept on them funny! My legs are just as fine as they were yesterday.”

“Yesterday you weren’t able to walk 2 steps without tripping over something, which is how you injured your ankles in the first place. That’s the end of this discussion. Stop being such a grumpy goose.” She rubbed Tomoko’s hair before she could say anything back, and patted her on the head. Then she set the baby bottle on the coffee table and took the rest of the dishes into the kitchen.

Tomoko didn’t know what to think about this babysitter idea. Were there people specially trained for dealing with these kinds of adult babysitting situations. They must be huge perverts. What if her mom hired some sadistic woman that liked forcing baby lifestyles on awesome attractive women! Well, Tomoko wasn’t going to let that happen, she was not going to become a baby.

The bottle on the coffee table Caught Tomoko’s attention. Her mother was feeding it two her, but now that she was out of the room, Tomoko could just drink it on her own! She reached for the bottle, laid down and started sucking on the nipple. She wasn’t going to let her mom hand feed her bottles anymore. Tomoko was an adult after all! She can drink bottles herself!

Tomoko’s mother took her time with the dishes. She didn’t trust the girl to behave herself and stay on the couch just because she was told to, but she couldn’t keep her locked in playpens and highchairs all the time. And if she caught that naughty girl misbehaving when she came back in the room, that would just be another opportunity to punish her.

The Phone went off, and it could have been Naruse replying to the babysitting offer, but it wasn’t. It was family. How silly of her to forget they had a visitor coming. She had to get the whole house cleaned up for tonight, and she only had a few more hours.

“Change in plans Tomoko. I won’t be going out until later this evening. I’ll be spending the whole day cleaning.”

Tomoko was laying on the couch trying to get the last drops out of the milk. Her legs were sprawled out to make room for the diaper, and she wasn’t listening to her mother. Not that she would have cared what her mother was doing that day, either way Tomoko would be sitting in a playpen bored out of her mind.

“Ehem! Tomoko! I’m going to start with cleaning your room. So if you behave and let mommy get you dressed, then while I’m working in your room, I’ll let you use the Computer all you want. How does that sound?”

“You mean it!?” Computer! Computer right now! She’d wear whatever costume her mother wanted her too if it meant that! Tomoko lifted her arms up obediently and let her mom pull down the tight pink blouse and fasten on the overalls that barely covered her.

“There now. Don’t you look lovely.” her mother hoisted the girl up and carried her back upstairs to her room. Tomoko was so excited for the comforts of her old life, she barely heard her mom continue talking, “Ki-chan’s going to be so excited to see you, Tomoko.”

Those words slowly reached her. Her cousin was visiting again? Her cousin was going to see her like this? Each step up the stairs shattered Tomoko’s mind into smaller pieces of glass, as the gravity of those words took effect on her.

Chapter 10: Because I’m Not Popular, I’ll Grow Up

Tomoko was finally at her computer again. She over inflated her enthusiasm for it, despite struggling to fit her diaper between her and the chair. The dress she was wearing made it difficult to sit at her desk too, and the pacifier she was forced to bite on also made it hard to concentrate. Her excitement was slightly denial, but being online again still felt like getting a limb reattached.

She had plenty of time to be excited, though. Her mother had shut the computer down in the last two days, and it needed some time to reboot. That stupid woman somehow gotten it in her head that just because the computer wouldn’t be used for an indefinite amount of time, she should go so far as to turn it off! Did no one in this house know what sleep mode is? The only time a computer should ever be outright turned off is if you’re moving to a new house, or a web page freezes up. All she could do now was stare at the monitor and try to ignore her reflection.

The computer finished it’s startup after 45 seconds. In a few clicks Tomoko’s dolled up reflection was replaced by the browser window. She’d forgotten what she was doing the last time she was here, but all the windows that were loaded when she last used it opened up automatically. Now four tabs of diaper and ABDL forum windows were staring back at her.

Why were four tabs of diaper content on her computer? Why were they still on her computer after 4 milliseconds of noticing this? Why hadn’t she already closed those windows, Tomoko?


After clicking her mouse enough times in 2 seconds to void the warranty, the windows finally minimized. What the hell was that stuff doing on there in the first place? Was this another prank from her mom again like with the phone? She wanted to believe that. She was probably standing right behind her. Laughing at how panicked she was right now. Thinking of a way mess with her life even more! She knew there wasn’t a lot she could say to get out of this. She’d probably only make things worse by opening her mouth. She turned around to see if her mom was looking.

Her mom wasn’t there, though. She must have left to get the vacuum or something. Good. Now she could get rid of these windows and delete her history and whatever her mom was planning would be a total waste. She was a little more calm now, and as she looked through her browser history, she remembered opening all these tabs herself. She didn’t have anyone but herself to blame for this.
Specifically, though, she was blaming herself from two days ago. Why was two-days-ago Tomoko even browsing these sites? It was like being curious of the people that were actually using diapers out of pleasure instead of necessity (which is the reason Tomoko was using them, just to clarify because that isn’t something that should be forgotten). Possibly even seeing if the guys who like girls this way were any cute (not that Tomoko was desperate enough to date or contact strangers online). Whatever the reason was, that Tomoko was a complete idiot for leaving these windows open before dinner.

She was stuck in her diapers now, but she actually felt less like a baby the more she thought about it. Those pullups may have always been ripped opened, and they were less bulky, but she would sit in them long enough to become as thick as diapers. That night when she walked out of her room for dinner, her shorts were nearly falling off under the pullup and were getting slightly damp as well. There was probably a strong smell to it, also. That’s probably what tipped her mom off about her room. Tomoko shifted her legs around in the diaper she was wearing now, appreciating how dry it was in comparison.

Tomoko was pressing her hand against the diaper now. She’d already done this earlier today, and she already had those diaper forums open with lots of suggestive pictures giving her ideas. She scrolled through the images while her other hand started pressing harder. The rush of panic from earlier was still in her system. She couldn’t stop imagining all the things in these comics happening to her. She bit down harder on the pacifier to keep from making any noise. She could almost- She almost-

The door opened behind her.

Control W! Control W! Control W! The windows closed they closed they closed! It took forever for the desktop to appear, but it did. She leapt out of the chair so she could face her mom when she came in and make sure she saw that there was nothing inappropriate on her computer.

Getting up out of the chair would’ve be easier without her diaper on. She had to catch herself from banging into the desk and closed her legs too tight against the wet diaper. She had been so close to finishing too, so she was extra sensitive to all of that movement. She really needed a diaper change. But then her mom would see exactly what she’d been doing. She shuddered to think of what she’d say. In any case she made way too much noise when she banged against the desk. Her mom was going to see right through her.

Tomoko’s mother entered the room. She took one look at the girl, and already she was disappointed.

Crap, that was faster than she though. How the hell did her mom already know what she’d been doing. It’s not like she forgot to use headphones. She didn’t even have any audio playing this time.

“Tomoko what do you think your doing?”

She had to be bluffing. This was just another bullshit way to trap her again. Well, she wasn’t going to fall for it this time.

“Tomoko, get b-”

“NO! I’m not even doing anything! You’re just lying!” The expression on her mom’s face was priceless. She never expected Tomoko to catch on to her game. She was BTFO’d (which is something she was going to have to google later, because she couldn’t quite remember…)

“Young lady, are you going to stand there and tell me you aren’t deliberately disobeying me at this very moment.”

Her mom seemed just as sure of herself as ever. She wasn’t going to fall for it. She wasn’t two-days-ago Tomoko anymore. She was an adult! She was going to stand up for herself and be mature!

“No, mommy. I’m being a good girl!”

Her mom still wasn’t phazed. The woman walked up to Tomoko. She crouched down and stared right into her eyes. If she was just trying to trick her, she was doing a good job.

“Tomoko what did I tell you you weren’t allowed to do today? What’s the one thing I told you not to do?”

Tomoko didn’t have an answer. She wasn’t supposed to use the toilet anymore, and there were some other things, but she didn’t remember if her mom made any new rules this morning. She was beginning to think she actually was in trouble.

“What did I tell you not to do- the thing you are doing right now -and why are you doing it?”

“I… I don’t know…”

“You don’t know what it is, or you don’t know why you’re doing it?”

There wasn’t a good answer to that. What had she gotten wrong this time? She started looking at her feet to avoid eye contact.

“Yes, Tomoko. Those are your feet.” She scooped Tomoko up and sat on the chair. “Those are the feet I told you not to stand on for the rest of the day, and here you were standing and banging around on the desk when you were supposed to be sitting in your chair like a good girl.”

“I- …” (That bullshit thing she said about walking? Fuck her! that was not a rule! That was a suggestion! There was a world of difference! Who the fuck does that woman think she is? Her legs aren’t even hurt, she just slept on them funny and they took a while to wake up! Yes tripping over those baby gates, and spending the last week just sitting in a computer chair without moving even to go to the bathroom may have played some part in things, but her legs were perfectly fine! The nerve of this woman!) “…I’m sorry mommy.”

Tomoko’s mother dismissed the apology, and turned the girl over on her front. “I’m sorry too honey, but I have to make sure you learn to keep off your feet if your ankles are going to heal.” She pinned the girl’s back down onto her leg as her other hand pulled up the girl’s dress halfway off.

Tomoko’s skirt was now hanging around her head and arms. Her diaper was sticking out on the other side of her mom’s knee, but that was pulled down soon as well. Her butt was exposed to open air. Tomoko struggled even more when she realized what was going to happen, but her mother pressed down on the girls back until she calmed down. She could only brace herself and hope she was wrong.
Before even laying a hand the on Tomoko, her mother reached for one of the cleaning rags she brought with her. Her butt was covered slime, and it was definitely more than just the skin ointment.
The rough dishrag wiping across Tomoko made her flinch. It was obvious Tomoko had been masturbating down, and her face wouldn’t stop flushing with heat now. She wanted to slink away but she couldn’t move. She started to moan like an injured cat, but the noise only seemed to make her mom wipe harder.

Then the rubbing stopped. The dirty rag was put down, but this wasn’t the end of it. The hand didn’t come down yet, but the open air on her butt was enough to keep her tense. Her mother wasn’t saying anything, and for a few moments Tomoko wondered if time Had just stopped. Tomoko was too afraid to say anything, but she wasn’t sure what was going on anymore. Her legs were beginning to strain and she realized she couldn’t keep her guard up forever.

The moment Tomoko stopped bracing herself, she started. Her hand slammed down on the girl’s upper thigh. She moved up and down the girls but as she continued, using the other hand to keep her pinned onto her legs. The held back her screams as best she could, but with every spank she sounded more and more like a squeak toy. After 20 spanks she paused a moment, and her daughter stopped screaming to catch her breathe.

“Do you think you’ve learned your lesson about not listening to mommy?”

“Uh-huh,” Tomoko didn’t say anything more than that. She just wanted this over.

“Are you going to be a good baby from now on?”

“Uh-huh.” She was a little impatient that she hadn’t been let go yet. She just wanted this to be over already.

The girl’s answer was too apathetic for her mother, though. Her hand was already hurting, but if she had to teach this girl to behave, she was prepared to do it. She restarted her spanking, and the girl was much more audible this time. By the time this spanking was done, her bottom was as red as the night this had all started, and Tomoko was much more cooperative.


“What won’t you do ever again Tomoko?” She rested her hand on the girls spanked bottom, drumming her fingers on it.

“I won’t call you a liar anymore mommy.”

“And what is Tomoko going to do from now on?”

“Tomoko is going to be a good baby!”

“Very good girl” She pulled the girl’s diaper back up and lifted her into her arms. Then she sat her down on the changing table and pulled her dress the rest of the way off. “Now I want you to use the rest of this diaper, and will get you changed, Okay, Tomoko?”

Tomoko was still shaken up, and her mom was pressing her hand down on her diaper, but she wanted to stay in a dry diaper as long as possible, so she did as she was told.

She was hurting all over. Her face was still red. Her bottom would be stinging for a long time. And she still had no idea what to do when Kii-chan finally arrived. She felt very ashamed about everything.
The spanking was still lingering in her mind. If Tomoko was supposed to be a little baby now, spanking seemed way too excessive a punishment for her.

In fact, getting that spanking was proof that Tomoko wasn’t a baby at all. After all, no one in their right mind would spank a girl younger than 3 years old! That was it. That was the proof Tomoko needed. In the past 2 days Tomoko had grown from a helpless stinky baby to a 3 year old girl. At this rate, she’d be older than she actually was by the end of the week!

Re: It’s Your Fault I’m Not Poopular! by YC3

Brings back some nice memories. Not usually my type of story but I liked the first half of it (I lost interest around the middle and skimmed the rest).

Re: It’s Your Fault I’m Not Poopular! by YC3

It seems someone’s started a continuation. Though I have no idea of its the original author returning to the story or someone resuming it themselves. I’m inclined to the latter though. Regardless, here is a link to pastebin, where it was uploaded a couple days ago.


Re: It’s Your Fault I’m Not Poopular! by YC3

After a bit of scrounging, it appears that it is indeed a new author. Of course, it’s someone totally anonymous basically stating that they’re taking up the task of the continuation. Having not read the continuation yet, I have seen a few comments stating that it’s a little off-course from the original.

Still, thanks for linking it.