Jenny's Return to Diapers: Chapter 1 Jenny's Wet Accident

Chapter 1
Jenny’s Wet Accident

It was the middle of Ms. Jackson’s psychology class and Jenny and the class were doing a unit on parenting. Today they were watching a film on about taking care of babies which was putting everyone to sleep. Jenny, having stayed up late the night before, decided that now would be a good time to get some shut eye.

As she was sleeping Jenny dreamt that she was getting undressed to take a bubble bath. She slowly entered the warm water letting the bubbly water encase her body. The hot water and bubbles slowly melted away tension from her body. As she sat in the warm water her muscles slowly relaxed letting go of all inhibitions. Slowly she drifted off into a state of complete relaxation.

As she drifted off into a dream Jenny began to unconsciously wet her pants in the middle of her eighth period psychology class. The warm liquid flowed out of her at a steady pace soaking the bottom of her pants completely in only a matter of seconds.

Melissa was sitting behind Jenny boringly watching the film trying to keep from drifting off herself when she heard a slight hissing noise coming from the bottom of Jenny’s chair. As she looked down she saw a wet spot rapidly spreading across Jenny’s tight jeans as piss started to drip from her chair.

“Oh my God, she’s pissing in her pants!”, Melissa exclaimed in a gasp half to herself but certainly audible to anyone sitting by Melissa. This brought attention to the situation and other comments in a matter of seconds.

“Jenny’s peeing in her pants!”


“Holy shit!”

Lindsey was sitting next to Jenny and when she heard some of the comments coming from the back of the class she gave Jenny a little nudge to wake her up.

“Jenny wake up!”

Jenny lifted her head to find everyone in the class looking in her direction with the most astonished looks on their faces. Jenny knew something didn’t quite feel right and quickly looked down to confirm if her fear was true. Jenny’s face turned beat red as tears started to well up in her eyes. “Oh my God, I peed my pants in front of everyone like a little baby!”, she thought to herself. In a meek voice Jenny asked, “Ms. Jackson, may I be excused please?”

“Yes you may. Jennifer, I want you to go to the nurse’s office. I will have someone send down your stuff and bring it to you.” As Jenny got up to leave it was evident to everybody that she had completely soaked her pants. Most of her pee was on the backside of her pants as it clung to her round butt.

Jenny’s Return to Diapers: Chapter 1 Jenny’s Wet Accident

way to short man, look post it all if you have finished it. if your chapters were long then ok fair enough posting a long chapter a day would be acceptable, but posting a paragraph and passing it off as a chapter is criminal. Post it all or stop waisting our time

Jenny’s Return to Diapers: Chapter 1 Jenny’s Wet Accident

yeah i had posted this before i read that comment, oh well i still stand by it

Jenny’s Return to Diapers: Chapter 1 Jenny’s Wet Accident

So, out of curiosity, did you ever win any WetSet photosets for this story? Because, well, WetSet has a slightly different caliber of story going on.

Jenny’s Return to Diapers: Chapter 1 Jenny’s Wet Accident

70eyes, I did win the contest. Keep in mind this was like 10 years ago. Wet Set no longer offers that contest. I am happy that I won and all but in all fairness it wasn’t cause my story was so great. Now don’t get me wrong I think my story is OK and I am not selling it short by any means in fact I would even say my story is above average by my standards of what I look for in a diaper story.

Now I admit I have pretty low standards compared to some on this site. I look for the smut. I don’t like to read 5 pages before I can even figure out if the main character is male or female. If the diapered character is not a female between the ages of 15-30 it is not a good story by my standards no matter how much character development or plot twists there are. I have seen people on this site write stories long enough they could probably be considered a novels. They are much better writers than I am by most standards but I usually lose interest after a chapter or two because when I am reading a story on this site I am hoping to find something that I will find erotic. If I want a good piece of literature I will walk down the street and purchase something at Borders.

To me the best diaper story author out there is Long Rifle. Now Long Rifle would never get published writing what he does mainly because the subject matter is just too taboo but also none of his stories are overly long they more or less get right to the point. He fleshes his characters just enough so that you get a feel for who they are but not so much that you find yourself skipping ahead to see where the diapers come in. Long Rifle’s stories are pretty much based around the same themes. Cute girl and possibly her friend run afoul of an evil woman who then proceeds to either trick or forceably regress the girl to the point where she is wearing diapers. There familiar themes but they happen to be themes I like and he tells it in a way that I savor every minute that I am reading his stories. There was another dude named Bob Smiley who used to write stories years ago who I thought was really good. I don’t know exactly whatever happened to him. Bob if your reading this you should get off your rump and write another story dangit.

Well anyhow I am rambling on to get back to the Wet Set contest I basically didn’t have much in the way of competition so it wasn’t like I had to do much. I was strategic, I waited until about the last day of the month before posting my story when I saw that nobody wrote anything of any serious calibur. I think I only got about 5-7 responses when I posted it on the Wet Set Forums years back. This site is much livelier in terms of feedback. The phototsets I got were decent. I don’t know if I would have paid for most of them but since I got them for free I can’t complain. I think I got something like 20 photosets and 3-4 downloadable versions of Wet Set magazine issues. I still have them all saved on my old computer which is buried in my mess of a closet. I am curious though 70eyes what you meant by different calibur of story going on?

Jenny’s Return to Diapers: Chapter 1 Jenny’s Wet Accident

This is not very good.

It’s not really even particularly coherent.