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Jessie's Regression - Baby Jack

Jessie Smith, at age 17, is one of the prettiest girls at school, very popular with guys. Ever since she was a little girl, everyone thought she was very cute. She stands at 5’8" tall and weights about 125 lbs with fairly long brown hair and bright blue eyes. She lives in a rather well-off family and drives a nice Mini Cooper. Her dad owns a big company and is out of town at times. Her mom works as a lawyer and is often not home till dinner time. Jessie has a younger sister named Amber, 15 years of age. Amber, with blond hair and blue eyes, stands at 5’4" and weights 110 lbs, also very pretty. However, she is not as popular at school. She generally does better on her report cards as she is more studious.

One Friday night, Jessie went to a party with her boyfriend Matt. The two of them had been going out for almost a year. They partied with other friends and went wild. Some other guys and girls smoked pot or cigarettes. Jessie has been taught not to and therefore didn’t do any. However, she was still enjoying her time talking with friends and being with Matt. Jessie originally promised to come home by 11 pm. It was past midnight and they were all having too much fun drinking and partying. However, Jessie lost track of time and didn’t get back home until past 2 am after coming back to her senses. Her parents are very strict about these things and usually make sure she does what she is supposed to. As she walked into the house, her mom sees her and immediately asks her
“Jessica Smith!! What are you doing out so late?!?!?” Jessie says “Sorry I forgot the time. It was such a great time. Please, we were having so much fun.”
“I don’t care, you will have a very serious punishment for this. Your grades have already been dropping a lot this year. Just because it is senior year doesn’t mean you can slack off however you want. You will see what I will do,” her mother said. And off Jessie went to bed.

The next morning, Jessie woke up and looked at the clock.
“Wow, its already 9:30,” she says.
“Jessie! Get up now!!!,” her mother screams.
Jessie felt the sudden need to pee as she got dressed. After she got dressed, she quickly ran to the bathroom to take care of her business.

Amber was already up and was waiting for Jessie at the breakfast table.
“So Amber, what would you like to do today? Jessie is grounded for the least, before I figure out some kind of punishment,” Mary said.
“Well, I would like to go to the mall ok?” Amber asked.
“Sure, I can trust you more than Jessie. Just remember to come back on time.”
“Ok mom. I’m leaving with my friends Tina and Julie. We’ll be back in a few hours.”
Amber called her friends and they came to pick her up and walked to the mall together.

In the mean time, Jessie stayed home while her mom was online in her study room. Mary was looking for effective forms of punishment for “a girl who needs to learn discipline”. She came across some sites having information on many ideas she has already tried. One site talked about “making your child start over again”. Mary was puzzled and had no idea what this meant. The site was selling a type of medicine that, when given to someone, would make the person slowly lose control of bodily functions as well as make the person get younger and eventually become an infant again. However, the person would still have the same mentality. This would be able to teach the person how to shape up and relearn discipline. Slowly he or she would be able to grow up again. Mary decided this is a good idea and wanted to go with it. She placed an order and had it mailed to her office so there would be no way of having Jessie find out about it. As Mary placed the order, she chuckled with glee as she will now fix her daughter.

Mary also found out information about infantilism and decided that it would be helpful to teach her daughter a lesson. She also found out that a store full of AB products was near her home. The store was open on weekends and Mary decided to go there and buy some materials.
Amber came home later that day. Mary told her to make sure Jessie doesn’t leave the house while she goes about on her “errands” to purchase the stuff. While there, Mary found some hypnotic tapes that supposedly can make anyone behave and act like a baby if they hear it.
“How may I help you?” the clerk asked.
“Yes, I would like to know more about the hypnotic tapes and what they do exactly,” Mary said.
“Well, it is best to play it while asleep. That way, you won’t be fully conscious of what you are doing. You will be given subconscious commands to act like a baby. There are different levels of subconscious behaviors. You should start from the ones that first make you wet in sleep and then slowly to completely acting like a baby. Who is this for?”
“This is for my daughter as a punishment.”
“Ok well play it in her room after she is asleep so she will less likely notice it and wake up.”
“Ok thanks”
“If nothing seems to work, bring the tapes back and get a 100% refund”
“Ok thanks”
Mary bought a total of 5 tapes and decided what she will do.

The rest of Saturday went by uneventfully. Jessie didn’t get to do much besides being stuck at home and watch some TV. That night, Jessie was forced to go to bed at 9. This is unusual as she usually doesn’t go to sleep until well past 11. At around 10:30, Jessie was asleep. Amber was still up with her mom. Mary told her about her plans and the two of them came up with an idea of how it will be carried out. That meant that there would be wet sheets in the morning, but this is part of the process.

The next morning, without her knowledge, Jessie had heard the first cassette tape which causes her to wet involuntarily. As she moved around, she felt a large puddle between her legs.
“Oh no!” she exclaimed. “How will I explain to mom? She’s already been mad enough at me”
“Jessie! Time to get up!!” her mother yelled as she walked into her room. Mary saw the wet bed sheets and was outraged.
“Jessica Smith!! How could my 17 year old daughter wet the bed like a toddler? I can’t believe it. This is too much.”
“But mom, it’s only…”
“No buts, Jessie.”
“There. That’s a good girl for mommy. Can you listen to mommy?”
“Yes, mommy”
Jessie suddenly realized that she hadn’t said mommy in a long time, not since she was about five years old. What’s been going on? She suddenly remembered her dream she had that night. In the dream, she was two years old. Everyone around her thought she was so adorable. She was playing in the sandbox with some other kids. That was before her sister was born. She got a lot more attention back then. When she needed to relieve herself, she did so in her diaper. Jessie remembered feeling a lot happier.

In the mean time, Mary and Amber were chuckling to themselves with glee. Now there would be a way of controlling Jessie and making her obey.

After they had breakfast, Jessie stayed in her room to read some books and magazines. She also made sure she had homework finished as her grades have been dropping so much and she wanted to avoid further trouble with her mother. The morning went by fairly quickly.

After lunch, Mary took them out to the mall in her black Mercedes E320. They shopped around various stores and bought different clothes as well as little items here and there. The shopping trip was boring; some stores weren’t open on Sundays. Other places had closed down. The mall lacked excitement.

That evening, they had dinner as usual. Again, Jessie had to go to bed at 9. After she was asleep, Mary giggled to herself as she played the casette tape and had a headphone over Jessie’s bed so she would hear it.

In her dream, Jessie was crawling around in a nursery playing with other tots. She was a year old, no more than 15 months. There was nothing on her mind except to enjoy herself and what she was doing. She played with stuffed animals, blocks, and toy figures. In her mind, Jessie was very relaxed. When she needed to pee, she did without thought. Someone would come check on her and change her diaper if it is wet or messy. If she felt very uncomfortable, she would cry until someone came to her. When she needs a nap, she would be put in a crib, safe and sound. The nannies would read to her if she can’t fall asleep. At this point, she has just been put to sleep, safe and sound in the nursery crib.

In her dream, Jessie woke up from her nap and felt uncomfortable as she wet her diaper a lot. Jessie started to cry at the very feeling of it. At the moment, she opened her eyes and realized that all this was a dream. Worse yet, she wet the bed again. “Not again…” she thought as she sobbed.

It is another typical Monday morning for the Smith family. However, it was spring break for the girls and Mary decided to take the week off, although she still has one client going to court the following week, meaning that she still has a lot of preparation to do prior. As Jessie was still sobbing, Mary walked into her room.
“What’s wrong, sweetie? Awwww don’t cry”
“I wet the bed again” Jessie said, still sobbing.
“Thats the second night in a row. It’s ok, honey. However, we need to figure out a way to keep you from doing this in case this problem persists. I can’t constantly wash your sheets everyday.”
Jessie was speechless. What is she going to do? Every night she would wet and wake up in wet sheets the next morning. She couldn’t have her friends or anyone at school find out about it.
“Tell you what, how about if I let you think about it. However, if you have an accident tonight, we will have to do something. I really can’t wash your sheets constantly.”
“Ok mommy.”
“Thats a good girl.” She smiled with a kiss and hug

Jessie and Amber went downstairs for breakfast a short while later. They had french toast, which was Amber’s favorite. Jessie liked it as well. As they ate, neither one of them said much. Mary was busy calling up a client.
“So Jessie,” Amber said, breaking the silence.
“What?” Jessie asked.
“I’m sorry you’ve been wetting the bed the last few nights”
“Yea, I don’t know what’s been going on.”
“I hope you get better” Amber said with a sigh.
“Me too”
The two hugged. Amber did feel sorry for her sister in one sense, yet she felt that she did need to be taught a good lesson. The two of them later went to their own rooms. Jessie sat on her bed, depressed. What had been going on? Why had she been dreaming about being a baby again and sleeping in a crib? Awww, those days were so sweet. She had very little light brown hair with big blue eyes. Her mom almost always put her in a dress and she looked very cute. Yet, after all these years, she is grown up now. In a year, she will be 18.

Jessie lay down on her bed and picked up her phone to call up some friends. Although she wasn’t allowed to do anything with them, she still wanted to call them up. One of her friends, Kristie, happened to be home. The two of them talked about their plans for the week and shared about their weekends. Kristie said she is going out of town for family get-together. Jessie talked about how she is grounded for staying at the party so late. Kristie said that she also got in trouble with her parents.
“So yea, I’m stuck at home. It’s gonna be a crappy week. At least you get to visit family.” Jessie said.
“Well, I’m gonna be stuck at home as well, cuz I was ‘being so irresponsible, unlike a big girl’ and coming home so late” Kristie said.
“Well, at least you’re not alone. We can still catch up with each other at school.” Jessie said.
“I suppose”
Mary yelled from downstairs over the intercom “Jessie!! Get down here now!”
“Ok well I have to go. Bye Kristie”
“By Jessie. Good luck with your punishment”
“You too”

Jessie quickly ran down the stairs to her mom.
“Jessie, I’m quickly going to my office for a couple hours or so to check on some business and see what’s new. You are not to leave the house or call anyone. By the way, I took your car keys. You won’t be needing them for a while.”
“WHAT?!?!? It’s my car keys”
“Yes, until you learn maturity, young lady.”
With that Jessie ran back upstairs to her room and slammed the door.
“Why was Friday night such a big deal?” she thought.

Mary took her Mercedes and drove off to her office. When she got there, she checked in and said that she was only coming by to take care of some quick business. The receptionist said there was a small package waiting for her and handed it over. Mary thanked her and went to her desk.

She smiled as she saw the medicine. The label said “Urgent, please deliever ASAP”. This was weird. Mary never asked for fast shipping as it would be very expensive. Oh well, at least she got what she wanted. Now she could really carry out her plan to reform her daughter…

A few hours later, Mary left her office. She was so excited that she sped the whole way home. Luckily, there was no cop hiding around anywhere otherwise she would’ve been pulled over for speeding.

Finally, Mary got home. Now, her plan will go into effect. Jessie will first lose complete control of her bladder and bowels, then physically regress. There were two bottles. One is to help her lose bodily function control, and the other is to make her physically regress. When Mary got home, the girls were doing their own individual things. Amber was watching some TV shows and calling some friends. Jessie sat in the family room watching a little TV, bored to death as she would be going out with Matt or her other friends.

Mary hid the bottles where neither of the girls would ever imagine looking. However, the first one is currently in her pocket as she is going to start using it. It is almost time for dinner and Mary is making soup and salad, along with bread and some ice cream to come later. Mary decided that she will put traces of the liquid into the bowl of soup which Jessie will be drinking. This way, it will not be noticeable.

“Amber! Jessie! Time for dinner, girls” Mary called.
The two of them came and sat down at the table.
“Now, we should first have soup.” Mary said.
She handed Jessie and Amber their bowls. They began drinking their soups and talking about how their afternoon went while Mary was out.
“So Jessie,” Mary said. “I guess you’ve been pretty well-behaved the last couple of days. Remember, you are still grounded. And no, I didn’t just decide to do this because of what happened Friday. If you keep up good behavior, maybe I can forgive you.”
“Mom, I’m really sorry about last Friday. Please, can you let me off?”
“Jessie, I’m sorry but i have to follow through with this one.”
“Fine, be that way.”
“Jessie, don’t ever talk to me that way.”
“Sorry mom.”
As they all finished their soup and were eating their salad bowls, Jessie suddenly felt an urge to pee. She asked to be excused so that she can go to the bathroom.
“Honey, you don’t leave till you are finished.”
“Mom, I have to pee really bad.”
“I don’t care, you don’t leave the table. You can wait.”
Jessie tried to hold it in as much as possible. After another five minutes, she could no longer hold it. She did finish her dinner and was excused from the table. As she was getting up from the table, she suddenly paused and let the pee run out, soaking her pants and making a big puddle on the floor.
“Jessica Smith! I can’t believe it. You already had enough accidents at night and now you have one right after dinner. Go to your room. I need to talk to you.” Mary yelled.
Jessie ran to her room sobbing the whole way. What happened? Why was she suddenly wetting uncontrolably? What’s going on?

Mary walked into her daughter’s room and saw Jessie still sobbing as she sat on her bed.
“Honey, it’s ok. Mommy’s not mad at you for wetting your pants, we just need to find a way to help you deal with it.”
“How?!?! What can we do?”
“Look, I think we need to figure something out for tonight. I can’t continually be changing wet bed sheets. Today I just found out that they have some protection pants that you can wear. We see it in grocery and drug stores.”
“You mean wear a diaper?!?! What the heck? No way!!”
“Look, honey. I know you don’t want to. But we need to find a way to deal with this. Ok?”
Jessie continued to sob uncontrolably as she realized that there is no other way around.
“I love you sweetie.”
The two embraced each other.

“Amber. We’re going to Longs’ Drugs right now. We need to take care of some business there.”
“Ok mom.” Amber said as she ran downstairs from her room.
They all took off in Jessie’s red Mini Cooper, with Mary driving. “This is going to be the worst shopping trip” Jessie thought.

Mary took the girls to Long’s Drugs to buy Jessie her “protection” and some other stuff that they needed. Mary needed to pick up some penicilin refill that she called in to order earlier. As they got off the car, Mary said that she will be taking Jessie along with her.
“Amber, you may look around as you choose, just stay in the building. Jessie, hold my hand and walk with me,” Mary said.
“Mom, I’m 17!! Can’t I at least walk freely?”
“No. Jessie, you know we are here for you. Come along.”
“Fine mom.”

Jessie went with her mom to first pick up the refill prescription at the pharmacy. There was a fairly long line as many people were coming to get their medications and refills as well. Finally Mary got what she needed and took Jessie by hand.
“Now, we need to find you absorbent underpants.”
“Mom, please?? Do I have to?”
Together, the two of them went up and down some isles until they reached the diapers isle. Jessie felt disgusted at having to wear diapers given her age.
“So, do you have any preference?” Mary asked.
“No, I don’t want any.”
“Honey, you know that isn’t an option so you can stop saying that.”
Jessie started sobbing. Tears flooded her eyes as she covered her face in her arms.
“Awwwww, honey, its ok”
“I d…don…t know when I …… can stop ………needing this”
“I’m just trying to help you. I love you honey.”
Mary reached over and Jessie hugged her and buried her face in her arms, continually sobbing.
“Ok, let’s go find you what you need.”
After going up and down the isles for some time, Jessie decided to wear Goodnites. Just then, a lady from the store came over.
“You guys looking for anything?”
“Yea, my daughter has a sort of bedwetting problem and I don’t know what she should wear.”
“Goodnites are great. They are big enough, yet discreet, feel like underwear, and absorb a lot of liquid.”
Just then Jessie suddenly need to pee again. Before she was able to say anything, urine ran down her legs and her jeans were completely soaked.
“Oh dear, I’m so sorry. Is there a bathroom here?”
“Yea, well you may need her to wear these now.”
The lady led them to the bathroom. Jessie went into the stall and took off her now-soaked jeans and panties. She opened the package and pulled out a goodnite, pulled it up her legs and on. She pulled on her soaked jeans to cover her.

Amber waited for them as Mary and Jessie went through the checkout and paid for the opened package of Goodnites. Quickly they left and headed home. Jessie was crying throughout the ride home.
When they got home, it was only around 8 o’ clock. However, it is apparently time for Jessie to go to sleep. Amber was allowed to stay up until 11.
“Jessie, honey, we need to talk.”
Mary took her by hand to her room and sat down with her.
“Honey, I hope you realize why you need these. I’m not the one having accidents.”
“But mom, why did I suddenly have these accidents?”
“I don’t know, but I don’t want them to get all over the place ok?”
Mary tucked her daughter into bed and gave her a hug and kiss before exiting her room and turning her light off. Jessie’s thoughts drifted around her. What’s been up with her? Why? Do I just wish I was a baby again or what? Why am I even thinking of being a baby again?
Throughout the night, Jessie again was dreaming of her babyhood days. However, she was only 6 months old this time. She could only crawl around, not able to walk, and babble babytalk. She drooled just about everywhere she was. Only, she was happy. She was at home sitting in her playpen playing with toys happily. Everything she put in her mouth. Her mommy would come over and say “No no, Jessica. You don’t put toys in your mouth. Good girl sweetie.”
Jessie played happily. Eventually, she felt so confined in her playpen that she wanted to get out. She grabbed the sides to help her barely stand up. She could barely stand up so she just sat and started crying. Her mother came.
“Oh honey, what’s wrong?”
Jessie was set on the floor and she stopped crying and again happily crawled around the house.
Some more time passed and then Jessie paused for a second as she peed her diaper. Then she still continued to crawl happily around, not caring that she was wet. More time passed and then her mother came to check her diaper and saw that she was very wet.
Jessie opened her eyes and realized her mom was right there checking her Goodnite underpant. It was completely soaked and almost leaking.
“Get up, honey. Let’s eat breakfast”
Jessie got up as her mother pulled apart her blankets and started changing her goodnite. Mary tore apart the sides of the soaked goodnite and then took a new one from the package and pulled it up Jessie’s legs. This was ultimately embarassing for Jessie as she closed her eyes wishing this were all a dream.

“Mom, why are you pulling another diaper on me?” Jessie asked as she got out of bed.
“Honey, I don’t want any more accidents. If you need to go, you can still use the toilet ok?”
“Ok mom.”

Amber got out of bed and went to see Jessie while Mary went downstairs to make breakfast.
“How are you?” Amber asked.
“I don’t know whats going on with me.” Jessie replied, starting to cry.
“Awww, it’s ok. I still love you as a sister.” Amber said, reaching over to hug her older sister.
The two embraced and continued to share.
In the mean time, Mary added more of the relaxation medicine in Jessie’s oatmeal bowl mixed with the regression medicine. They both look and taste like water so it is really impossible to tell that there is anything different. Things are turning out better than planned. Once she was finished, Mary called the girls down for breakfast.
“Girls, time for breakfast.”

Once they were down, Mary handed them their bowls of oatmeal, making sure to give Jessie her’s. They slowly had their oatmeal followed by scrambled eggs and sausages. About a half an hour later, Jessie suddenly felt the urge to pee.
“Mom, may I please go to the bathroom? I really have to pee.”
“Ok honey.”
Jessie got up and ran toward the bathroom. Suddenly, she froze as there was a spider on the floor. At that instant, she went pee-pee in her goodnite and completely soaked it. As she slowly walked back to the kitchen, she didn’t know what to say.
“Honey, are you wet again?” Mary asked.
Jessie looked down and nodded. Mary came over and checked her goodnite.
“Oh dear you’re soaked. Lets get you changed.”
“Mom, I can do it myself.”
“Now now I can help you do it faster.”
“Mom, please.”
“Honey, don’t argue with me again. You know I can do more.”
Mary led her upstairs and into her room. Jessie lay on her bed as Mary unbuttoned her jeans and tore the sides of the goodnite apart. Mary proceeded to get a new goodnite from the package and pull it up Jessie’s legs.
“But mom, ple-”
“Jessie, you could have peed all over the floor. I’m not taking any chances. If you make it in time to the bathroom, you can still use the toilet ok?”
“Fine mom”

Jessie stayed around in her room for some time after that. She didn’t do much except lay down and read some magazines. About an hour went by when Mary called Jessie.
“Jessie, can you come down for a second?”
Jessie went downstairs, not knowing what her mother wanted.
“Here, honey, drink some water (filled with the medicine). Look, I know it’s been hard but you need to listen to me ok?”
“Ok mom.”
“Before you go, I just wanted to let you know that you can call up your friends if you like. However, you are still grounded at home.”
Jessie was so excited that she ran up to her room and started calling up friends instantly. She first called Matt on his cell.
“Hello?” Matt said.
“Hey sweetie it’s me.”
“Jessie, what’s up? How’s break so far?”
“It’s been alright”
“Great. I’m still out of town now, but whatcha wanna talk about?”
“Well, I’ve been grounded because I was out too late last Friday. It’s not your fault.”
“Oh, that sucks. I see what you mean. Whatcha do at home?”
“Not much, just stuck in my room and stuff.”
“I see.”
“Look, there’s something I really need to talk to you about sometime.”
“Really, what is it?”
“Well, recently I’ve-”
Jessie froze. Should she just tell him like that? What would that mean to him?
At that moment, Jessie realized she had to go pee again. Before she could move, pee came out and soaked her waiting goodnite.
“You’ve what?”
“Oh, crap. Hey I gotta go but I’ll call you up again soon.”
“Ok. Hey, whatever you wanted to tell me, its alrite. You can trust me.”
“Alrite, love ya.”
“Love ya too.”
A couple minutes passed and Mary walked into Jessie’s room.
“Honey, do you need to use the bathroom?”
“No I’m fine mom.”
“Let me check”
Mary unbuttoned Jessie’s jeans and stuck her fingers in her diaper, feeling the wetness.
“Oh my goodness you’re soaked again.”
Jessie began to cry and didn’t know what is next.

Mary quickly changed Jessie’s goodnite. It was soon time for lunch. Before going down, Jessie went in the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She suddenly got the impression that she looked younger than she just did a day ago, perhaps around 13 or 14. She was also shorter, as she couldn’t reach stuff placed in the cabinets which she usually had no trouble doing. Jessie shrugged, thinking that this is probably just her own perception.

She quickly went down and Mary handed her a glass of water and a sandwich. Jessie ate and talked with Amber.
“So, how’s life?” Amber asked.
“The same as usual. Gosh, I wish things would be more normal.”
“Aww, its ok. How’s everyone been?”
“Well, I called Matt. He’s alrite. I just don’t know how to tell him about my problems. What if he finds out and stops liking me?”
“You know, if he’s a true friend to you, he wouldn’t go away from you. Sure, you guys may get into some arguments sometime. But he should always be there for you.”
“I hope he really stays true to me.”
“Yea. By the way, stand up for a second.” Amber said.
The two stood up.
“Goodness, we’re now the same height. What’s going on?” Jessie asked.
“I don’t know, you also look a bit younger. I’d say more like when you were 14 or something.”
“What? What’s up with this? I thought I noticed something different, yet now its becoming more obvious?”
At this point Jessie suddenly felt the urge to poop. Her stomach began to cramp.
“Jessie, are you ok?” Amber asked.
Before Jessie could say anything, her bowels released and she filled the back of her goodnite.
“Oh my goodness. Let me help you.”
Jessie began to cry, not knowing what just happened.
Mary comes over and smells the poop.
“Honey, come here.”
Jessie, still sobbing, walked to her mommy.
“Let’s get you changed ok?”
Mary took her to the bathroom and stripped her down to her diaper. The poop had been smeared all over her bottom. It took a whole bunch of toilet paper to clean up the mess.
“Honey why do you think you have all these accidents, even pooping this time?”
Jessie sobbed. “I don’t know, I try to get to the bathroom when I suddenly just let go.”
“Well we better keep you in these goodnites for now.”
“Ok mommy.”
“That’s good sweetie.”
The afternoon went by rather quickly. Amber went out with some friends while Jessie went with her mother to Target and other malls since there was nothing to really do at home. Jessie wet her goodnite once while at Target and again on the way back home. It became clear that she really has very little bladder as well as bowel control. When they got back home, Mary checked Jessie’s goodnite.
“Honey, you’re soaked. This is almost leaking. You also look younger and the goodnites are getting big for you.”
“What?!? Let me see myself.” Jessie said, suddenly realizing that her voice got higher.
Mary took Jessie to the bathroom and proceeded to remove the drenched goodnite and put a new one on. Jessie looked at herself in the mirror and was in a state of shock. She looked about nine years old, and had gotten quite a bit shorter than she was earlier. The goodnite she put on felt loose and wasn’t very secure.
“Oh dear, I’ll have to get smaller diapers for you.” Mary said.
Jessie went in her room and looked at some new InStyle magazines to kill time. About a couple hour later, she suddenly felt the urge to poop. Before she knew it, her bowels released and Jessie filled her goodnite. The goodnite felt even bigger and fell to the floor with a plop. Jessie began to cry and Mary came upstairs, sensing something wrong. Jessie’s voice sounded nothing more than a baby crying in pain.
“Oh dear, honey. It’s a good thing you had the goodnite on. Goodness, you look no more than four years old.”
“What? No mommy!!!” Jessie sobbed. Mary lifted her up and held her, gently soothing her and calming her down. Jessie rested her head on her mother’s shoulder. Mary lay her down on the counter top in the bathroom as she proceeded to clean her and put a new goodnite on. The new goodnite was way too big and Mary had to get extra tape and narrow down the sides.
After that was done, Mary carried little Jessie downstairs to the kitchen while she was making dinner. She quickly made sure to give Jessie her water with medicine and proceeded to give Jessie her dinner. She could barely reach the table from the chair so Mary held her in her lap and fed her manually. Amber walked in and noticed what was going on.
“Oh my gosh, what’s going on?” Amber asked.
“Amber, would you watch your sister while I make some phone calls?” Mary asked.
“Sure ok”
“NOOOOOOOOO!!!” Jessie screamed and began to cry.
“Ohhh Jessica. It’s ok, I love you. I’ll take care of you.” Amber said and continued to feed Jessie.
“I can feed myself.” Jessie said.
“Ok I don’t want you to make a mess ok?” Amber asked.
“Fine.” Jessie said.
Jessie still made some messes over the table and Amber had to help clean up. Later the two of them went to the family room. Jessie played on the couches a little bit and sat on the floor for most of the time. About an hour passed. Jessie felt her body tingle and the goodnite felt even bigger now and looser. A few minutes passed and she peed her goodnite, this time not even knowing she had to pee. A few minutes passed before Jessie felt the wetness and began to cry.
Amber came and noticed her sister looked even younger, this time about only 18 months. Her hair had now gotten very short and thin. Jessie, barely able to walk, crawled to Amber who then lifted her in her arms. Mary came over and noticed that Jessie is now no more than a toddler.
“Mowweeee…” Jessie said.
“Honey, we need to buy you some diapers and furniture. You can’t sleep in your bed anymore. It’s too big for you.”
Jessie began to cry again.
“Amber, let’s go. We need to go baby-shopping for Jessie.” Mary said.
“Ok mom. Let’s go.” Amber replied.

Mary took Amber and the new baby Jessie to buy baby stuff. First they went to Target. Mary took a glimpse of Jessie to see how big she is.
“Hmm looks like you’ve gotten even smaller. Let me hold you.” Mary says.
Amber hands over Jessie to Mary’s arms.
“Wow, I’d say you’re only about 7 months old now.” Her clothing was so big that her t-shirt hang over her entire body.
In the mean time, Jessie had been sleeping peacefully. Suddenly she woke up, realizing that she is now completely an infant. Jessie started crying uncontroably as she tried to say “Mom”. Nothing but pointless babytalk came out.
“Ohhhhh Jessica!!!” Mary said, remembering she still had her soaked goodnite on, now on the verge of falling.
“We better get you some diapers.”
They went to the baby isle and looked at different diapers.
“Hmm, I guess she couldn’t be more than 25 lbs.”
The size that fit this range was size 3. However, they might be a little big. After careful thought, Mary decided to go with these.
She looked at the different brands and slowly calmed Jessie down until she was again quietly sleeping. Finally she took a pack of Huggies Supreme size 3 and some wipes.
Next she bought some bottles, bibs, and pacifiers, followed by milk formula. Now is time to look at furniture and the like. Mary went and bought a diaper pail, a car seat, stroller, and a little baby rocker, as well as a baby monitor so she could hear crying if there is. After all of this was done, she went to check-out.
After checking out, they went to Mary’s new car (Jessie’s old car). Mary quickly got the infant car seat out of the box as Amber helped change her sister’s diaper. Jessie woke up and cried again, not knowing where they are and wishing she were at home. Amber took a new Huggies diaper and taped it on. Mary got the car seat in and buckled Jessie in. Now they are ready to go.
Next they headed to Sears to buy baby clothing and furniture. As they looked around, a salespereson came by.
“We are closing soon, but what do you need?” she asked.
“Well, I need a crib for my infant as you see me holding here.” Mary said.
“Oh, I see. Wow, she looks sooooo cute. What’s her name?”
“Jessica. Anywayz, you have any ideas?”
Jessica turned her head away from the sales clerk and buried her head in her mom’s shoulders, crying again.
“Awwww is she ok?”
“Don’t worry she’s just very shy.”
“Anyways we have this crib with mobile to put her to sleep. As a bonus, we’ll give you a discount if you buy a shelf with drawers and a changing table.”
“Ok, I’ll go ahead with that.” Mary replied.
Jessie slowly fell back asleep as they proceeded through checkout. As they drove home with the car was overloaded, Jessie was so tired that she slept through peacefully. When they got back home, Mary slowly lifted the car seat out and into the hosue as the crib wasn’t set up yet along with everything else. It was fairly late so Mary carried the car seat to her room and placed it beside her bed. Then she left the room with the lights off and closed the door. Outside the room was the baby monitor just in case Jessie wakes up crying. In the mean time, Amber will help her set up all the furniture in Jessie’s new room, which was an extra empty room upstairs.
Jessie was sleeping peacefully in her cradle-like carseat. Although she is now an infant in every way, she still had the brain of a 17 year old. She dreamed of crawling around the house, not knowing what she is doing as her rmom or babysitter would be taking care of her. There were no responsibilities for her, only for her to have fun and enjoy everything.
In the mean time Mary and Amber got most stuff into Jessie’s new room. Now they are setting up the shelf and changing table. The crib would have to wait. Amber went and got the drill and they started assembling the shelf and changing table. About an hour passed when they were finally finished with that part. As they stopped and sat down to rest, Jessie started to cry again.

Mary went along with Amber to see what’s wrong with Jessie. As they got there, it became apparent that Jessie messed her diaper. Quickly, Mary carried her over to her new room where the changing table had been set up. Jessie was placed on the changing table and Mary quickly changed her diaper and put her in her new baby pajamas. Jessie continued crying and Mary decided to make her some formula. Amber took Jessie in her arms as Mary went downstairs to prepare her bottle. Jessie continued fussing as Mary quickly came up and took her in her arms, giving her the bottle.
“Ohhhh rock-a-bye baby, on the tree top…” Mary sang.
“Honey I gave you a little medicine that would make you do all this. I saw that you weren’t capable to handle so much and wanted to make your life easier. Now you have no responsibilities and can do anything. I want you to enjoy being a baby and not worry or get into trouble. You’ll have to grow up all over again, hopefully different than you were.”
Jessie continued crying and screaming really loudly, spitting up her milk.
“Oh Jessica!!! It’s ok darling. Drink your milk… There there honey”
Slowly Jessie calmed down and began sucking on her bottle.

“I’m really starting to enjoy this am I? Geez now I can do whatever and it’s no big deal since i’m a helpless little infant. When I need to pee, i go in my diaper. When I poo, I poo.” Jessie thought.
Slowly Jessie drifted off into sleep again as she finished her bottle. Mary continued to rock her in her arms for some time before placing her back into her cradle-like carseat.
Jessie woke up a few times during the night crying. At one time, she was crying straight for an hour. Mary changed her diaper twice during the night. It was a long one and Mary got very little sleep herself. Amber couldn’t really sleep either with all the crying. Finally Jessie slept through till the morning.
The next morning, Jessie woke up, suddenly remembering her infantile state. As she moved around a little, she felt very weak and yet very happy. She looked foreward to the day where she could play and not worry about anything. Suddenly she felt her diaper was wet and started peeing again. Now her diaper was on the verge of leaking. Jessie started crying again, waking up Mary and Amber.
“Ohhhhhh honey what’s wrong?” Mary asked as she picked up Jessie and held her in her arms.
“Waaaaahhhhh da da….” Jessie continued to cry as she tried to speak, but nothing came out beside babytalk.
“Oh dear, you’re soaked. Let’s get a fresh diaper on you.”
Mary carried her to the changing table and took off her pajamas, removing her diaper and spraying some baby powder on her before putting on a fresh diaper. After all this was done, Jessie stopped crying and was let off to crawl around. Amber stayed to watch her while Mary went to get her bottle. Jessie crawled around for a little while and Amber gave her some of her little stuffed animals to play with in her room.
In Jessie’s mind, she was having a lot of fun and couldn’t wait for her bottle to come. She tried to crawl onto Amber’s bed while in her room. As she was pulling the blankets and almost got herself up, the blankets slipped and Jessie fell on the ground. Luckily it was carpeted. She started to cry again. Amber quickly came over and picked her up, figuring she fell as she heard a thud followed by the crying.
“Baby baby it’s ok. Shhhhh don’t cry.” Amber said.
“What happened?” Mary asked as she came upstairs with Jessie’s bottle.
“She tried to climb onto my bed and slipped and fell.” Amber explained.
“Oh dear!!! I hope she’s ok.” Mary exclaimed as she reached over and held Jessie in her arms.
“There there darling don’t cry. Here’s your bottle.” Mary said, giving Jessie her bottle.
Jessie continued crying and refused the bottle. Instead, Mary gave her a pacifier and put her back in her carseat-cradle. Soon enough Jessie was fast asleep.

Jessie woke up again in another hour or so. Mary gave her the bottle and Jessie slowly sucked on it.
“Ok Amber we need to buy more stuff for Jessie. Let’s go.” Mary said.
Jessie started crying again as she didn’t want to be noticed in public.
“There there honey we’re only buying stuff for you that we need. It’s ok, I’ll make sure nobody bothers you.”
“Oh honey!!! It’s ok.” Mary said as she patted Jessie on her back while she continued drinking from her bottle.
Amber held Jessie and slowly soothed her sister as Mary got Amber’s stuff ready in her diaper bag with another bottle prepaed and some extra diapers. Then Amber helped her comb her hair and put on a little bow and a little pair of overalls. Soon they were ready to go. Jessie finished her bottle on the way as they got in the car and headed to Sears again.
“Hmm, she needs a baby rattler.” Mary said as she picked up some toys for Jessie.
“She also needs a few bibs, baby food, and more diapers.” Amber added.
Jessie continued to rest on Amber’s shoulder as they walked into Sears. When they reached the baby area, Amber let Jessie down and she began crawling around the area. Jessie crawled happily around the area while Amber and her mom looked at supplies. Mary bought some more clothes and decided that their next stop would be Gap. However, they need to go home and get Jessie’s stroller.
“How do we explain this to dad when he gets back tomorrow?” Amber asked.
“Well, I’ll explain to him.” Mary said.
Jessie was happily crawling around that she didn’t realize it when she accidentally bumped into an employee there.
“Woah there. Awww, little cutie. Where’s your mommy?” the employee asked as she reached to hold Jessie.
Jessie immediately started crying as she was scared and didn’t know what was going to happen. Amber heard the crying and rushed over there.
“Sorry about that, should’ve brought her stroller along.”
“Don’t worry, just that little infants can’t be left unattended. You know there are kidnappings a lot nowadays.”
“Yea. Well thanks.”
“No problem.”
Jessie continued to cry as Amber held her.
“Aww did she scare you? Don’t worry, you’ll be safe with us.”
Jessie was still crying as she didn’t know what to expect. Soon Mary came and they were ready to go. Checking out went by fairly quickly and they got in the car and left. Jessie quickly fell asleep in her carseat and didn’t make a sound on their way home. Mary thought that it might be necessary to buy a minivan so it would be easier to get Jessie in and out of the car, as well as bringing her stroller and other items.
They quickly went home to load Jessie’s stroller as well as some other items. Mary checked on Jessie and found that she had wet her diaper. Quickly Mary carried her to the changing table and put on a fresh diaper. Jessie woke up but was quiet and didn’t cry or anything. Amber helped get Jessie into the car and they were set to go. They went to Safeway soon enough. Jessie was lifted out of her carseat and into her stroller. The stroller had a recliner so that Jessie could lay down flat in it. They went into Safeway with Mary pushing the shopping cart and Amber pushing Jessie in her stroller. Jessie started crying again as she was scared of being noticed.
“Honey don’t cry, no one will see you.” Amber said, handing her a pacifier. Soon Jessie was asleep. In her dreams, she is overjoyed for her infantile state. Even mentally she is beginning to forget certain things.
They went around Safeway until they bumped into Christina, one of Jessie’s close friends at school, also very beautiful.
“Hey Christina. How are you?” Mary asked.
“Fine how are you? How’s Jessie? And who is this infant?” Christina asked.

Mary took some time to explain what happened to Jessie over the last five days. Christina still doesn’t understand why this happened but nonetheless thought Jessie looked so cute and adorable. Christina has a similar build to what Jessie had, 5’7" and about 130 lbs, long blonde hair. Both of them were among the hottest girls at school.
“Can I hold her?” Christina asked.
“Sure, but don’t pick her up right away. First gently tap her cheek and slowly wake her up.” Mary said.
Christina gently tapped Jessie to wake her up and looked at her. Jessie suddenly woke up and began crying very hard.
“Awwww it’s ok Jessie. I’m still your friend. You look so cute. Awwww don’t cry.” Christina said.
Jessie continued crying as Christina slowly patted her on the back and rocked her in her arms.
“Gaaagaa……C……c….hhheeeeee,” Jessie babbled.
“Ohhh laughs you’re such a cutie,” Christina smiled.
“Christina, would you like to babysit Jessie on a regular basis after this week once I go back to work?”
“Sure. I can do that after school and on weekends, or if Amber isn’t around.”
“Wow, thats a great help for me. Thanks.”
“No problem. Ohhhhhhhhhh you little cutie. I’ll enjoy playing with you so much. Don’t worry, I won’t make fun of you.”
“Gaaaaaa” Jessie babbled in babytalk.
Soon Mary put Jessie back in her stroller with her pacifier and they were on their way.
They got some baby food and other little things for Jessie. Soon enough they checked out and were on their way again. Jessie was fast asleep as Mary carefully placed her in her carseat.
Gap was nice. The baby department had a lot of nice clothes that fit Jessie really well. For an hour, they went about trying on different clothes, outfits, and dresses. While they were trying on different clothes, Jessie was a bit fussy but calmed down later. In her mind, Jessie was scared of being seen by people she knew. What if everyone found out what happened to her?
As they went through the check-out, Jessie slowly fell back asleep. Amber was a bit bored but nevertheless cooperated.
On the way back home, Jessie woke up fussing again. Amber handed her bottle over and Jessie slowly drank. By the time they got home, Jessie had finished her bottle and was wanting attention.
Amber left Jessie in her carseat and took her directly into her new room.
A few hours had passed. Jessie had fallen asleep and soon woke up crying again.
“Ohhhhh Jessica sweetie don’t cry…” Mary said.
Slowly Jessica was hoisted out of her crib and on to the changing table.
Jessie had wet and messed her diaper. Mary took her dirty one off and put on a new one, also putting her in a fresh onesie and clean t-shirt.
A moment later, the garage door opens and David, the father, walks in.

“Honey please don’t cry. Oh baby just sleep quietly while I tell daddy what happened.” Mary whispered to Jessie as she lay in her crib after getting changed.
“Hey everyone I’m home.” David calls to his family.
“Hey Dad, how was your trip?” Amber asks.
“It was very busy, but I had a really good time. How was everyone at home?”
“Well, it was fun for most of us. Mom has something to tell you.”
“Really, what is it?”
“You’ll find out, dad.”
Mary soon came down the stairs.
“Hey honey. Glad to see you back from your trip. Anyways, there is something I have to tell you about.”
“Very well.”
Amber left and went back upstairs to Jessie’s nursery and watch her in her room. Life is certainly going to be different now than before. For Amber, well, she gets to be an older sister instead of being bossed around as the younger sibling. Having a little infant sibling is definitely nice, yet there are a lot of more responsibilities. Amber will have to babysit her and change her numerous number of diapers to come.
David walks into the nursery and talks to Amber.
“Ok honey, now you are who we count on. You have to take on most of the responsibilities of the house. You have to take care of your infant sister. We trust that you will stay out of trouble and behave yourself better.”
“Alright dad, I can do that.”
“You sure?”
“Ok lets get Jessica out of her crib.”
Meanwhile, Jessie was still peacefully sleeping and sucking on her pacifier.
“Honey, wake up. Daddy’s here.”
Jessie was frightened and started crying.
“Ohhhhhhh honey it’s ok, don’t cry. Here, let’s get you changed. Seems like you’re wet.”
This was the first time in ages since David has had to change a diaper. He was still able to do it with decent skill, however, which was pretty impressive.
“Ok honey let’s get you some formula.”
Slowly Jessie was rocked back and forth in her father’s arms, while her mom prepared her bottle for her. Apparently Jessie seems to be very happy as well, being a little helpless infant with no responsibilities whatsoever.


School resumed and most of Jessie’s friends found out about her infantile state. Matt decided to go out with Christina after finding out. The two have always been good friends and now are a new couple. Almost everyday, they would stop by to babysit Jessie and play with her. She was so adorable and fun to take care of. Matt didn’t mind the diaper changes nor feeding her bottles of milk. Whenever their friends all got together, they would have someone bring Jessie along and babysit her to keep her out of trouble. She was still very much a part of their group even though she couldn’t really do anything they did besides cry, laugh, wet/mess her diaper, and suck on her pacifier. It will be a long time before Jessie grows up again, but she will grow up being taught the right way and be a good little girl for mommy. In the mean time, there are a good 4,000 or more diapers to come before Jessie can be potty-trained again. She will again grow to be very beautiful yet be a different person than she was before. It will all be a turn for the better.

Jessie’s Regression - Baby Jack

Loved this story, especially the regression part, however the physical regression was just too fantistic to be believed. Also if Mary was happy to do this to Jessie, would Amber be safe in the future and would Jessie get her own back when she finally grew up? too many unanswered questions.

Re: Jessie’s Regression - Baby Jack

It was strange punishment for Jessie and physical change part of the story was awesome…Glad you shared out such wonderful storry and will share it with my wife… Not to give such punishment to our girl:)