John's Newfound Babyhood by Ron564339

Ok, this is a story I wrote a long time ago. In fact, it was the first story I ever wrote, so bear that in mind when reading it. Looking back on it, I know that there are many, many improvements that could be made on it (especially with the tenses…*shudder), but for a first effort I feel pretty good about it. So anyway, here’s the first chapter.

Chapter One: My Girlfriend’s Situation

Hey, my name is John Jackson. I’m what you would pretty much call a normal guy (but that doesn’t really say much, does it?). I do ok in school, play a couple of sports, and have a “normal” high school life. I work at Food-Lion (oh boy) to help earn a little money. I’m sixteen years old, and I’m a junior in high school.

Like a good number of guys my age, I also have a girlfriend. Her name is Carol, and she’s a really pretty and sweet girl. I’m really lucky to have found her. We have a great relationship; of course we get into fights every now and then, but we’re in love with each other and everything in our relationship is going really well.

My mom really likes her too. I can tell when my mom really likes someone because she always tries to embarrass me in front of people she likes. Her favorite tactic is to take out my old photo album with pictures of me as a baby. She’s done it so often that it really doesn’t embarrass me anymore, and I know she just does it cause she loves me, is proud of me like that, and likes the way that I’ve grown from being a cute little baby boy to the teenager I am today.

I have to admit too, I was a cute kid. I hate to admit it, but a couple of times I’ve pulled out the old album myself. I can barely remember it, but I get a little joy when I imagine my life back then. I especially recall my teddy bear and my baby blanket that I used to carry around with me all of the time. If I didn’t have one, I’d always have the other (and sometimes both). And in many of the pictures, I’m sucking my thumb while cuddling with my bear or my “blankie”. Of course my mom always brings up these stories in front of my friends.

But although it’s embarrassing, a part of me likes it. I’ll kill you if you tell anyone this, but sometimes I wish I could pull out my teddy or my blankie and just snuggle with it. But enough of that, I’m a manly sixteen year old guy.

Anyway though, back to Carol. She’s the greatest girl in the world, and this is why I felt so bad for her situation. It wasn’t the worst thing that could happen, but I hate seeing her upset in any way, and she was definitely pretty upset over this one.

There really weren’t any jobs in our area at the time, and she really needed money. Her family had gotten pretty poor since her dad had left (stupid bastard), and she really needed to help her mom out. She had already been taking care of her younger brother and sister for a while, but now money had become a major problem for them.

My family helped them out when we could, but since my dad had died a few years ago, it was just me and mom. We sometimes had a little trouble getting by as well. Monetarily we were fine, but we didn’t have enough extra money to help Carol out.

The thing was that there were actually some jobs left in our town…. But they were baby-sitting jobs. Not a big deal, right? Carol had a lot of experience with kids because of her siblings and because she did some volunteer work. Plus, she loved working with kids, and she couldn’t wait to have her own. The problem was that she had no experience with babies. You know the feeding, the holding, the diaper changing, how much sleep they needed, and all that stuff. She was only a couple of years older than her siblings, so she never got the experience of taking care of babies.

One day we were talking about it while my mom was there, and my mom started talking to Carol. “It’s really not all that hard,” she said. “And you’d love it. They’re a bit of a hassle, but babies are really cute and fun to take care of. I could easily show you how to do everything. I’ve changed quite a few diapers in my time, especially with this guy right here!” She was referring to me again, more fun mom embarrassment.

“That sounds great,” said Carol. “But where are we gonna find a baby? I just can’t ‘practice’ with any of the other moms’ kids, right?”.

“That’s a good point, Carol,” replied mom. “I could teach you for short periods if our schedules worked out. But I don’t think many parents would lend us their baby supplies and let us practice in there houses. Let me think about it. I may come of with an idea”.

Later that night, mom had a talk with me. “John, you know how important this baby-sitting thing is to Carol. And I know you care about her. So I want to know if I could get your help with this whole situation.”

“Sure mom, you know I’m all for helping Carol out. But I don’t know a thing about taking care of babies. It would take me a whole day to figure out how to put a diaper on, and I’d probably never get a baby to stop crying.”

“Oh I know. I just want to know if you’d do anything to help Carol out.”

“Sure mom, I’d do anything.”

"Ok then. I just want you to show up next week when I start teaching her. We can go to the church nursery; they have plenty of baby supplies and furniture there. I’ve talked to the pastor and he doesn’t mind. "

“Ok mom, I’ll be there. But how did you find a baby you could take to the church?”

“Oh, you’ll see during our first session. Thank you, John, your help means a lot.”

I was pretty confused. Like I said, I don’t know anything about babies, and quite frankly, I’ve always been a bit uncomfortable around them. I know it’s kinda weird for guys, but I really like babies. I think they’re cute and I’d love to hold one just to know I’m taking care of him or her. It’s just that I’m afraid I might mess something up, plus the fact that I’m a little embarrassed to admit I want to learn to take care of babies. It just doesn’t seem like a real masculine thing. You know me, the manly baseball player guy.

Nonetheless, I was intrigued by this plan. Maybe this would be some good experience for me to learn how to take care of babies. Plus I would have the excuse that I was helping out Carol, so I wouldn’t feel so bad or embarrassed about it.

But I would have never expected what mom had in mind.

Chapter 2: A New Experience

The next week, the three of us arrived at the church. Mom and I had been doing some yard work beforehand, so we were both really hot and thirsty. So when mom asked me if I wanted anything to drink, I quickly accepted.

We all sat down in one of the rooms in the back and mom brought in some juice for all of us to drink. Mom began talking to Carol about some of the basic safety tips about taking care of babies, such as never leaving them alone on changing tables and keeping certain dangerous things away from them. I was listening as well, but it seemed like most of it was pretty obvious stuff. However, I couldn’t help but wonder where the baby was. I guess mom had found a parent willing to let us take care of her baby who would be arriving soon.

I drank my juice pretty quickly since I was so thirsty. As mom continued to talk, I felt myself drifting further and further out of the conversation. I couldn’t follow her very easily, and soon after I started to get dizzy. I started to talk, but I had trouble getting the words out. Mom and Carol looked over, but they didn’t seem to act like anything strange was going on.

Things got even fuzzier after that. It seemed like Carol and mom were getting much bigger little by little. In fact, the whole room and all of the furniture was as well. I didn’t know what the hell was going on, but I couldn’t really do anything about it anyway since I was so disoriented and since my vision was so blurry.

Suddenly, all of the dizziness stopped. My vision became clear again. ‘Good’, I thought as I closed my eyes. ‘Glad that’s over’. When I opened my eyes, however, I realized one thing had not changed: everything was still very big. In fact, my clothes didn’t even fit me anymore. I sat there in the chair, but my shoes and socks were on the floor and my other clothes were draped over me instead of being on me. I then noticed that my feet weren’t on the ground either; not only that, but since my legs were so short, my feet didn’t even dangle over the edge. Everything hadn’t gotten bigger, I had gotten smaller.

As I was taking this all in, I saw a gigantic mom walk over and loom over me. “Looks like the mixture worked just fine!”

I was about to ask what she was talking about when two things happened simultaneously; mom said “John has reverted back to being a healthy little six month old baby boy!”, while at the same I time I had the same realization on my own.

Before I could respond, she pulled me out from underneath my clothes. She scooped me up in her arms with one arm under my butt and the other across my chest underneath my arms. “Wow, John, you look exactly like you did about sixteen years ago. I can’t believe I’m holding another baby of my own after all these years! Here, take a look at yourself!”

At that point she brought me over to a mirror. I was in plain shock; there I saw mom holding me, a six month old little baby. I was so tiny! My hair was normally about shoulder length, but now I had very little hair on my head (not to mention no hair in other areas). I was a little bit chubby in my cheeks and stomach as well. I simply couldn’t believe it; I had become a baby again (Looking back on it, I do have to admit, although it was a small feeling at the time, I did find myself kinda cute).

And as if this wasn’t enough, my penis was of course the size of a baby’s as well. It was bad enough to be naked in front of my mom and Carol at the same time, but it was pure torture for it to be so small at the same time. I would have died if either of them had said anything about it.

Not that the situation wasn’t completely humiliating anyway. I couldn’t help but be embarrassed during my state of shock. And I thought it was bad for mom to show pictures of me as a baby! To add to my humiliation, Carol walked over and looked at me. “Wow, John, you’re cute as a sixteen-year old boy, but even more adorable as a six-month old one!” she said as she pinched my chin softly with her hand.

For some reason, this extra embarrassment zapped me out of my state of shock. “What have you done to me?!” I asked as I batted away Carol’s hand with my tiny one. Thankfully, I could talk (unlike most six-month olds), but to my voice was extremely high, and well, childlike. Mom chose to answer the question.

“Although it’s hard to believe, John, I’ve had the recipe for a youth formula at home for some time. It’s a long story how I came across it, but it very quickly takes away years on a person’s life depending on how much is taken. I put some into your juice a little while ago, and like a charm, it turned you into a six-month old baby!”

“But why?!” I exclaimed.

“That’s obvious, silly. We need a baby for Carol to practice taking care of, and with this youth formula, you’re the perfect fit. We’ll both be much more comfortable with you, and we don’t have to take you back to anybody. And you did say you’d do anything to help us, right?”

“Yeah, but…I didn’t know this was what you had in mind! Can’t you turn me back?”

“Well, the formula wears off in a couple of hours…”

“A couple of HOURS?!!”

“But there is another mixture that reverses the effects just like that.”

“Then please, give it to me!”

“But John, I thought you wanted to help Carol out?”

“I did, but not like this! Please, turn me back!”

I noticed the excitement and joy that they both had drain away from there faces. “Well,” mom said. “If that’s what you want, John, we’ll turn you back. I know it is a lot to ask of you, but I don’t know how else we can help Carol out. I guess she’ll just have to find a harder way to earn money.”

This statement made me feel bad, but not bad enough to make me want to stay a baby. I mean, come on! I love Carol, but imagine if you were cooed and treated like a little baby by your mom and your girlfriend! It was by far the most humiliating experience of my life up to this point, not to mention the fact that I was naked, helpless, and the size of a baby. I had to be turned back.

With that settled, mom took another glass and tipped a little bit of the juice inside down my throat. She sat me on the floor, and fairly quickly, I grew back to my normal size. All my hair grew back (in all of the places), and the chubbiness went away. I was still embarrassed to be naked, so I quickly put my clothes back on. (By the way, it was a relief to be hung like a sixteen-year old guy again!)

We then left, and the car ride back was pretty somber. We tried to think of other ways for Carol to earn money, but nothing seemed to work out. There were problems with every idea. I started to feel even worse than I had before. Was I being selfish? No, come on, they were asking me to do something totally insane. No way was I gonna be babied (literally) by my girlfriend.

John’s Newfound Babyhood by Ron564339

Chapter 3: I Ponder the Situation

After dinner that night, mom came over and talked to me.

“You know John, I’m sorry. I should have told you before I gave you that juice what it would do. And now that I think about it, it was totally unreasonable for us to ask you to do this. I know it must have been very embarrassing and hard for you. After all, you are growing up to be a fine, handsome young man with a kind and beautiful girlfriend. And as cute as you are as a baby, I realize that you’ve grown up and that in not too long you’ll have children of your own.”

I can’t describe how much better this made me feel. I had begun to think that mom didn’t care about how I felt throughout this whole endeavor, and now I felt a lot less guilty about backing out of it. “Thanks mom,” I said. “I’m sorry I couldn’t go through with it. But you just don’t know how awful it felt to be a baby again. I was so helpless and in total control of you two!”

“Yeah, I realize that John. Again, I should have told you beforehand. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll think of some other way to help Carol”. With that, she gave me a big hug.

As I went to sleep that night, I kept on thinking of other ways to for Carol to get money. I became more and more worried as I thought about her family’s situation and how they were barely getting by. I also wished so badly that she knew how to take care of babies, 'cause man, there were tons and tons of babies in this neighborhood and she could make tons of money.

It’s funny, even though I didn’t feel as bad about backing out, I kept thinking about what it had been like to be a baby again. To be scooped up in mom’s arms, to be called “adorable” by Carol, to be so small and helpless. As humiliating as it had been, I don’t know why, but part of me missed it. It was kinda nice to have all that attention and to be loved and cared for completely. Even though I had been helpless, I also felt extremely safe in mom’s arms. It just gave me a really funny feeling inside of my stomach when I thought about it (in a good way).

Was it really so bad to be a baby again? Mom said it only lasted a couple of hours, and no one else would have to know about it. Mom and Carol would know that I’m just doing it to help Carol, and it would fix all of her problems.

The more and more I thought about it, the more and more I decided that I should (and in fact, to my surprise, wanted to) do it. Part of it was curiosity, part or it was a desire to help Carol out, but perhaps what became the biggest part was my desire to be a baby again. Ok, ok, I know that sounds dumb, but it was how I felt.

Although it was pretty weird, I started to imagine being held in either Carol or moms’ arms and be rocked to sleep. I thought about my old blankie and teddy bear. I started wondering what it would be like to have Carol or mom put a diaper on me or feed me a bottle. ‘Stop it!’ I told myself. ‘Come on John, you’re sixteen. You go to high school, you’re a pretty cool guy, you’re a tough baseball player, and you have guy friends who you’re really close with. You don’t want to be a baby again. The only thing babies are good for is being completely taken care of, being held, getting a lot of attention from girls, not having a care in the world……’

It was no use. No matter how I tried to convince myself I was stupid for feeling this way, I couldn’t shake my desire to be a baby again. I would have never thought it to be possible until now, but with this mixture, I could be a total baby again, and Carol would learn to care for me. When I imagined being diapered and bottle fed, I couldn’t help but get extremely excited. (What I am still really embarrassed to admit is the fact that this, especially the diaper, gave me a boner).

I made a decision: I would tell mom that I changed my mind and that I would do it. They would never know that I had desires to be babied again, and I think I could stand the embarrassment now that I was prepared for it. And the feeling of being so small and helpless was just surreal. I was starting to even get a little excited about it, and I couldn’t wait for the next session.

“You know, mom,” I said the next morning. “After sleeping on it, I changed my mind. I’ll become a baby again in order to help Carol out”. I can’t even describe the look of joy that filled her face. “Oh, really?! John, I can’t thank you enough! This makes things so much easier, and I know Carol will be so happy!”

“Well, I thought about it and realized that I was just being selfish. It’s only for a few hours each session, and I really want to help Carol out.”

“John, that is very kind of you. I am very proud that I have a son who is willing to do just about anything to help those he cares for who are in need. But before we make it official, I just want to make sure you know what you’re getting into. Remember, we’re going to need to treat you just like a real baby. I know that it will be really embarrassing for you, but keep in mind who babies are. You’ll have to wear diapers and baby clothes, be fed from a bottle while one of us holds you, sleep in a crib, be fed baby food wearing a bib and from a high chair, suck a pacifier, and take naps. You will be really small and have to act helpless, just like a real baby. And we may need to you to do certain things, like crying and making baby sounds instead of talking, and relaxing while we change your diapers, feed you, and hold you. And you may even need to cuddle a teddy bear or blanket, and perhaps the hardest thing, we’ll need you to wet and mess in your diapers. I know that’s a lot to ask, so before I get too excited, are you sure you’re willing to do it?”

Wow, I hadn’t thought about all of this. I mean, being fed baby food and wetting diapers? Not only was it uncomfortable, but extremely embarrassing. But when mom mentioned being held, diapered, and my teddy, I got a surge of excitement. I would just have to suck it up and take it like a man (or a baby).

“Yes, I’m still willing to do it,” I finally said. “Oh John, this means so much. And I’ll make sure Carol and I don’t talk baby-talk to you, since I know that must make it even worse.”

“Well, if it makes things go easier for you guys, you can go ahead. I know you’re just doing it for practice.” Secretly, I wanted to be talked to like a baby. It made me feel even more loved.

“Ok, John, if you don’t mind, I’ll just let it go naturally. And remember, if it ever gets to be too much, you’ll still be able to talk and tell us that you want to stop. We’ll understand. Oh yeah, and one more thing. I personally think that not only will Carol love you even more because this helps her out monetarily, but I think she finds certain pleasure in diapering and bottle-feeding her boyfriend!” She made this last statement with a smile.

Even though it made me turn a little red, I felt this wave of heat spread over my body when she said this. It was like a new level of excitement for me. By the way, I later thought that mom probably got joy out of babying her sixteen-year old son as well!

With everything set up, I counted away the days until our first baby-sitting practice session.

Chapter 4: How I Came to Be Diapered and Cuddled

Before I describe the next session, I know it must sound extremely weird to you that I would want to be babied by my mom and my girlfriend. I’ve already mentioned how embarrassing it was, so why would a “manly” teenage guy like me want to be treated like a little baby again? I still don’t know exactly why, but as strange as it is, there’s nothing I wanted more than this at the moment. I mean, I love being really strong and independent, especially on the baseball field. So I was probably just as shocked as you are when I first realized I wanted to be treated like a baby again.

I just can’t describe how good it felt to be completely taken care of. I didn’t have a worry in the world, and I was surrounded by love. I felt like so free; I could do anything I wanted to without being called a “wuss” or a “pansy”. I could suck my thumb and snuggle my blankie. I could be held and nursed from a bottle. I could wet my diaper and have a loving female change me. As dumb as it sounds, I couldn’t think of anything that would make me happier.

But on to the first session. It actually started out in the same fashion as the last one, except for the fact that we started off in the nursery and this time I knew what I was drinking. The nursery was pretty small and it had white walls with wallpaper that had baby prints. This particular wallpaper had little babies playing in different ways. The carpet was a light blue. There was a crib with a mobile, a table with a high chair, a changing table, a playpen, a rocking chair, some toys in a box, and a closet which contained diapers, wipes, and other baby supplies. The effect was still very weird, just like last time, but it wasn’t so bad since I knew it was coming. There I was, a naked baby sitting on the floor.

“All right, the first thing we have to do is get this little fella in a diaper,” mom said. “Carol, will you go get me a diaper and some baby powder from the closet?” While Carol went to get a diaper and the baby powder, mom picked me up underneath my armpits and laid me down on my back on the changing table. It was white and had a print with teddy bears on it. It felt kinda weird to have my whole body laying down on a soft surface.

“Some people say diapering babies is hard, but most of the time it’s pretty simple. Changing diapers, while unpleasant, isn’t much harder. Since we’re not actually changing John this time, we only need baby powder and his diaper.”

It was kinda weird for me to think of it as “my” diaper. Carol handed mom the powder and stood beside to watch. She gave me a quick smile as well. I was still kinda embarrassed to be naked in front of them, but I had prepared myself for it and I knew Mom had been around tons of naked babies before.

“You always want to powder the baby’s diaper area before you put on a new diaper. Some parents want you to use diaper rash cream, but unless they tell you to, you don’t need to worry about it”.

While she talked, she sprinkled the baby powder on my stomach, hips, and genitals. The smell was wonderful. I had forgotten what baby powder smelled like; the smell tapped deep into my subconscious and brought back memories of when I was really really young. I had to try my damndest to hide my utter enjoyment.

She then grabbed my ankles with one hand and put some powder on my butt as well. This felt funny and reminded me of how small I really was, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. She then took the diaper and slid it underneath my butt. It was a disposable one, you know, with the plastic cover, the tapes, and the little baby designs on the strip on the front. I think I remember the seeing a package with “Pampers” on it, so I’m guessing it was one of those.

As she lowered my legs, I started to tense up and back away. As excited as I was, the embarrassment of me actually wearing a baby diaper hit me. I felt really uncomfortable and like I shouldn’t be doing this.

“What’s wrong, John?” mom asked. “Is everything ok?”

“It’s just well…I feel funny being put back into diapers,” I squeaked with my baby voice. I didn’t even remember the last time I saw a diaper up close like this. I mean, I had always associated them with babies (of course), and it was strange to see one without a baby around. It reminded me that I was the baby.

“I know it must be really awkward, but you’ve been doing so well. And remember, we know you don’t need them. It’s all to help Carol, remember?”

I don’t know if it was her words or the fact that she started to rub my stomach softly that made me relax. I even smiled a little.

“There, that’s better,” mom said in a calm, sweet voice. She placed me on top of the diaper again, and then she pulled it up over my genitals and waist. As she fastened the tapes on the right side and then the left, all of my previous embarrassment just melted away and was replaced by the most fantastic feeling I can remember having in a long time. The inside was so soft and thick as compared to the boxers that I had been so used to wearing, and with the tapes fastened, it didn’t feel tight, just…snug. Yet again, I think it triggered age old baby memories deep within my subconscious. I felt so soft, so tender, and so…well, there’s no other way to say it, so babyish. I even let out a little babyish giggle.

“All done! See, that wasn’t so hard,” mom said. I still don’t know if she was talking to Carol or to me. "I’ll let you put his diaper on him next time, Carol.

“Now, if it’s warm inside, a baby normally only needs a shirt and a diaper. But since it’s a little chilly in here, we’ll get little Johnny here a footed sleeper. Let me go find one. Stay here with John so to make sure he doesn’t fall off the changing table, ok Carol?” This sounded pretty good to me, because truth be told, I was pretty cold.

As mom left, Carol begin to talk to me. “So how is it?” she asked.

“Not too bad. I just have to keep on thinking manly thoughts to balance out the overwhelming sense of infantilism.”

I was actually straight up lying, but there was no way I was gonna let Carol know how much I loved this.

She laughed at the remark, and told me I was doing a really good job of relaxing and letting mom take care of everything.

Mom returned with a light blue footed sleeper. She put me into it, explaining to Carol how you put a baby into a sleeper. As she zipped it up, I analyzed the feeling of wearing it. It wasn’t really thick, but it was surprisingly warm and soft. It made me feel even more like a baby, if that was possible, but it also made me feel even better, especially since I had been cold.

“Now doesn’t my wittle guy wook so sweet in his sleeper?” mom cooed to me. “Sorry John, I couldn’t resist. You don’t know how much this reminds me of when I used to take care of you all those years ago.”

It was obvious to me that she loved having her little baby back, but I don’t think she realized how truly special those words made me feel. I had always known mom loved me, but this added attention and open display of caring made it crystal clear to me, and it felt so awesome. It was funny how this didn’t even make me feel embarrassed this time.

“Ok, Carol, I’m sure you’re eager to hold him, so let me show you how.” Mom picked me up and placed me in her arms. She had both arms underneath me, with one hand under my butt and the other right below my neck. My feet rested on one of the bends of her elbow and my head on the other. She held me really closely to her body, and I felt extremely secure.

I simply couldn’t believe it; I was actually being cradled in my mom’s arms. Just when I thought that nothing could add to my state of bliss, mom whispered “Oh, I’m so glad to hold my little Johnny in my arms again. I thought I would never get to do this again, but now I remember how wonderful it was.” She then gave me a kiss on the cheek. I could tell she was on the verge of tears of joy.

“Ok, Carol, your turn. Now remember, be careful and watch his head. Just hold him exactly how I just did.”

She slowly placed me into Carol’s arms and Carol steadied me. If I had thought it was great to be held by my mom again, it was nothing compared to having Carol hold me. I mean, of course we had always cuddled before, and she had held me many times. But being literally held in her arms was a whole new experience. She was so warm and caring, and she held me just tightly enough. This allowed me to just relax completely and let her take control of me.

“Here, why don’t you sit down?” mom asked Carol. Carol then sat down in the rocking chair and slowly rocked back and forth. She then whispered to me “John, you don’t know how much I love this. If holding my own babies is half as good as this, I can’t wait to have them.”

I then slipped into a state of pure euphoria. It was all just so perfect. I never wanted it to end.

Unfortunately, it had to. I had forgotten that we all had things in our normal lives that we had to do, but mom remembered. “I hate to break this up, but the formula will be wearing off soon, and we all must return to our daily lives,” she said. I snapped out of my happiness state, and Carol got up and caring me back over to the changing table. Carol actually undressed me this time, and then set me down on the floor. Soon after, I became my normal size again. I put on my clothes, and it felt kinda funny to look at Carol and Mom at a normal size. I was slightly taller than both of them, so I got back my masculine guy feelings again.

“Oh, you were so great, John,” Carol said as she ran up and hugged me. “Just doin’ my job,” I softly said as I hugged her back. We then kissed and I was zapped back into being sixteen year old John, Carol’s boyfriend and the baseball player. It honestly did feel pretty good to be back to my normal self again, but I already missed being a baby. I knew I had other things in my life to tend to (as did both of them), but I would definitely be looking forward to our next session.

John’s Newfound Babyhood by Ron564339

Chapter 5: Baby Bottles, Wet Diapers, and Naps

The next few weeks were pretty stressful for me. We were in the middle of baseball season, so I had a lot of practice and a lot of games as well. As much as I love playing baseball, it can be really stressful at times. Of course it’s always nice to have mom and Carol cheering me from the sidelines, but it’s still pretty hard.

In addition, Mom had a lot of work to do and I had some pretty hard tests in school. Work at the grocery store could be a pain in the ass too. And basically any time I had away from baseball, work and school I spent with chilling out with my friends. My time with Carol (or even just alone, for that matter) had become very minimal. I cherished any time we could kiss, cuddle, or just talk. She was my perfect release.

So I was actually pretty relieved when it came time for our next baby-sitting session. I couldn’t shake the memories of the last one from my head, especially when I was with Carol (this was occasionally a problem, like during a test or when I was up to bat).

This one started out the same way as the last one, but we had a more time this time around. I drank the juice in the nursery and became a baby again. This time, however, Carol was the one to diaper me. She carefully picked me up and laid me down on the changing table. Under mom’s direction, she powdered my diaper area, and then she lifted my ankles and slid a diaper underneath my butt. She pulled it up around my waist and fastened it, and then gave me a little pat on the butt for good measure.

“Wow, that was pretty easy,” she said. “I guess it helps to have such a good baby to diaper.”

“That is true,” mom said. “But remember, that will change later. Plus, most of the time you actually have to change diapers, which I’ll show you how to do later today.”

‘Uh-oh’ I thought. ‘That must mean I’m gonna have to wet myself’. I hadn’t really thought about that yet. Not only was I not looking forward to use my diaper (making me even feel more like a baby), I didn’t even know if I could do it. I had been potty-trained for about fourteen years now. However, I didn’t say anything and let mom just continue talking to Carol.

“It’s a little warmer in here today,” mom said, “so we’ll just put a shirt and some socks on John”.

Mom got a yellow shirt and some little white socks from the closet and let Carol put them on me. The shirt went just past my belly button, so there a little space where my stomach showed between my shirt and my diaper. The socks were actually kinda similar to my normal ones, except they stopped at my ankles.

“The next thing to show you is how to bottle-feed a baby,” mom said. “Normally, you’ll want to heat up some milk or formula in the microwave, but sometimes juice will do fine. I doubt John wants formula, so we’ll warm up a little milk for him.”

Mom let Carol pick me up and carry with her as we went to go fill a bottle up with milk and warm it up. Mom showed her how to just put one arm under my legs and butt and hold me upright with the other arm across my chest. “This is a little easier for carrying babies around,” she explained. “And it’s pretty comfortable, isn’t it John?” I nodded; it felt just fine.

After the bottle was ready, mom took me, sat down in a chair another room of the church, and laid me down across her lap. She supported my head and my body with her left arm and held the bottle with her right.

“This is how you hold him,” she explained. "And all you basically have to do is put the nipple in his mouth. Most babies are pretty eager to drink, and sometimes they may even put their own hands on the bottle.

“Ok, John, here it comes,” she said as she brought the bottle to my mouth. I was a little resistant at first. I mean, it was kind of a new experience. Somehow I still felt like I had a little pride and dignity left and didn’t want to be completely helpless. Mom noticed my discomfort.

“Come on, John, it’s not that bad. It’s just milk, and all you have to do is suck a little bit.”

“Ok,” I mumbled. I swallowed my pride and let mom put the bottle in my mouth. It was a pretty weird sensation. The nipple fit perfectly into my little mouth, and for the first time I noticed that I didn’t have teeth! It had been so long since I had sucked anything through something soft like this, but the warm milk flowed out pretty easily. I only had to suck softly, and it continued to flow right down my throat. And I think mom had put a little sugar or something in the milk 'cause it tasted pretty good. It was a pretty continuous flow and I was drinking it fairly quickly.

“Ok, Carol,” mom said as she removed the bottle from my mouth. “Your turn.”

Carol sat down and carefully took me and held me like mom had. She then took the bottle and slowly put the nipple into my mouth.

It took me a little while to shake away the thought that I was being nursed from a baby bottle by my girlfriend. I mean, yesterday we were kissing together, today she was bottle-feeding me. But she started whispering things like “That’s a good boy,” and “You really are a cute little guy”. This actually made me feel better, and I started to relax more. I closed my eyes and let my body rest in her arms. I softly sucked on the bottle and let all of my cares just drift away…

Suddenly, I was snapped out my state of bliss. Something funny was happening. I got this little sense of warmth in my penis and a sense of relaxation of my muscles down there. I started feeling a damp and warm feeling around my inner thighs and pubic area. It only took me a second to realize that I was involuntarily wetting my diaper!

Carol noticed that I had come out of my relaxed state. “John, what’s wrong?” she asked.

I felt a few tears welling up in my eyes. For some reason, this was more embarrassing than anything before. Maybe this was because up until now I didn’t really have to do much; I either just relaxed or did what I was told. But now I was performing a truly babyish action on my own, without being told (and I didn’t even mean to at that!). I felt truly helpless and weak just like an infant. “I, uh…uh… I think I…um,” I squeaked out in my baby voice.

“I think our baby here just wet his diaper!” mom said. When she said this I couldn’t help myself from just bursting out in tears and crying (and I sounded like a real baby to boot). I just felt so humiliated. I was not only pretending to be and being treated like a baby, but for the first time I felt like a truly was one.

Mom came over and picked me up. She put my head on her shoulder with one hand behind it and held me up against her body. “There there,” she said. “It’s ok, John, I know it must feel pretty embarrassing. But remember, it’s just because the formula makes you incontinent, too. Except for thinking, talking, and moving, your whole body is just like a baby’s.”

This made me feel a little better, but not a whole lot. “I just feel like, like I really am a baby, not that I’m just acting like one!” I said. “I mean, I just wet myself. And I didn’t even mean to! I feel so helpless.”

“I know, John. But remember, Carol and I know that you can’t help it right now. We know you’re still sixteen year-old John. We know you’re not really a baby. So don’t cry, it’s ok.”

I started to feel better. I realized that it was just the formula kicking in, and that it was probably pretty good 'cause I didn’t know if I could have brought myself to wet myself. And at least since I was diapered my pee only went inside of my diaper instead of all over me and Carol. Mom then looked me in the face and softly wiped my tears away. “Here, let’s get your diaper changed. That’ll make you feel better.”

She carried me over to the nursery and Carol followed. She laid me down on the changing table and lifted up my shirt. “Ok, Carol,” she said. “Changing a diaper isn’t really as tough of a job as most people make it out to be, as soon as you get the hang of it. First, you just remove the baby’s diaper. Just be careful, because it’s either wet or dirty. After you unfasten it, just roll it up with its contents inside.”

As she was talking she did exactly this. She undid the tapes to my diaper, lifted up my legs, and slid the diaper out from underneath me. She then put it in a nearby trash can. "I don’t know any parents in our neighborhood who still use cloth diapers, so we won’t worry about those. Anyway, remember, if the diaper is dirty, it’s generally a good idea to dump as much of the contents as possible into a toilet before you throw it away. That will help keep the house smelling a little better too. And by the way, it’s generally a good idea to wash your hands after changing a diaper.

"Now, the next thing we need to do is clean John here up. It’s a little different with boys and girls, but with either one, you want to clean their whole diaper area. It’s harder with a dirty diaper, but you still need to do it even if he’s only wet. "

It was kinda hard for me to keep from being embarrassed. Mom kept referring to me as a baby (I know, I was one, but still, think about how you would feel). What made it even more difficult was the fact that I wanted to listen so I could learn more about taking care of babies. However, I will admit that a part of me liked being referred to as a baby. All of the attention was on me.

Mom then took a baby wipe and started to wipe my whole area down there. It was a little cold, so I tensed up a little every now and then, but it had a refreshing smell and it felt good to be cleaned in an area where I had just peed. It was also a sort of soothing feeling, with mom kinda of rubbing against my stomach, thighs, and genitals. Mom then lifted my ankles and wiped my whole butt. I have to admit, this was quite embarrassing, because of course no one else had wiped me since before I could really remember.

“From here, unless the parents want you to use diaper rash cream, it’s the same as before. You just powder him and put on his new diaper.” Just like before, mom put some baby powder on me and then took another diaper, slid it underneath me, and taped it on.

“There we go, now my wittle boy is nice and clean,” mom said to me. Then, without warning, mom picked me and up and started bouncing me a little bit. She cooed me and started playing and tickling me a little bit. Although this shocked me, after my initial shock, it actually made me feel pretty good. I felt so special. But I guess mom caught herself because she abruptly stopped. I think she may have even been a little embarrassed.

“Oops, sorry about that John. I kind of got caught up in the moment. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to take care of babies, and I kind of miss it.” She then directed her attention to Carol. “All right, there’s only one more thing that we need to do today. Baby-sitting babies is actually in general easier than baby-sitting children because babies need to sleep a lot. With babies you’ll find yourself doing nothing while the baby has a nap. The parents will generally tell you how much time the baby needs to sleep, because it varies from age to age.”

Mom then picked me up and carried me over to the crib. It had some small stuffed animals and pillows in it, and there was a mobile with little light blue and pink animals above it.

As she was placing me into it, I said, “Wait, do I really need to go to sleep? I mean, it’s not like Carol really needs to do anything while I’m asleep.”

“Well,” mom said. “When the baby is asleep, it’s really easy. The hard part is getting the baby asleep. And don’t worry, I put some of the youth mixture into your bottle so you’ll still be a baby for long enough.”

“Oh, I hadn’t thought about that.”

Come to think of it, I was pretty tired anyway. You know when you get full, you get kinda tired sometimes? Well, that happened after I drank the bottle. Plus the crib was really soft.

“There are a few things that help a baby fall asleep. The first is to put them to bed after you feed them. From the looks of it, that’s helped John here.” I nodded. “You also want to make sure the baby stays warm enough. You don’t always need to put him or her in a sleeper, but you should always put a baby blanket over the baby. Also, a teddy bear or other stuffed animal makes babies feel more secure. If you remember from all of John’s old pictures, he always had his teddy and his blankie.”

Carol giggled a little at this, but she nodded with understanding too. However, this did spark up old memories and I wished that I had my bear or my blanket with me.

“Bare with me John, but for Carol’s sake, I want you to hold this,” mom said. She was referring to a little stuffed rabbit that she put in my arms. “Just to make things a little more realistic.” She then draped a baby blanket (which was small but still covered my little body) over me. It was very soft, warm, and well, cuddly. I felt so warm, comfortable, and secure, and I even felt kind of cute.

As I drifted off to sleep, I heard mom say, “There are a few other tips, but it doesn’t look like we’ll need them this time. Let’s just turn off the light and let him take his nap. Nighty-night little guy”. I heard them leave and turn out the light right before I fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of mom and Carol making their return. To my surprise, I noticed three things. Firstly, I was clutching the stuffed rabbit very tightly. It reminded me so much of my old teddy bear. Secondly, my thumb was in my mouth. I don’t know why I had put it there, but I had. I took it out as fast as I could, hoping that mom and Carol hadn’t noticed. Thirdly, I had wet my diaper in my sleep apparently.

Unfortunately, mom did notice my thumb in my mouth. Fortunately, she thought that I was doing it to make the situation more realistic. “Well, John, you didn’t have to suck your thumb, but I’m glad you’re trying to help Carol out by making this as realistic as possible. We’ll talk about pacifiers next time. Anyway, Carol, remember, always check the baby’s diaper before you put them to bed and change them after they wake up, even if they’re dry.”

With that, mom lifted me out of the crib. I think she knew that I was wet, and this suspicion was confirmed when she said “Well, it looks like John is wet anyway, so I’ll let you change him this time Carol”.

Mom put me on the changing table and Carol did the honors this time. Under mom’s direction, she removed my wet diaper, cleaned me up with a baby wipe, powdered me, and put a fresh new Pamper around my waist. It didn’t stay on long however, since it was about time for me to go back to normal size. I did so, and this time I definitely had the baby fresh smell of baby powder on me as I dressed in my normal clothes. Oh well, hey, it didn’t smell bad.

“Again, John, you don’t know how much I appreciate this,” Carol told me. “I know I get a little carried away with treating you like a baby, but I am really indebted to you for doing this for me.”

I went up and put my arms around her and said “Don’t mention it. We’re in love, we do things for each other. You need some help, and it’s the right thing for me to do.”

While this statement was definitely true, I didn’t add the fact that I really did enjoy it. This session had definitely had its embarrassing moments, but it was still a very enjoyable experience.

Chapter 6: Explanation of the Youth Formula

A few nights later, I was actually pretty curious about a few things, so I decided to ask mom about them. They mostly concerned how she came across this amazing youth mixture.

“Mom, I’ve been meaning to ask you,” I said, “Where in the world did you find this mixture? I mean, it’s like magic. I would have never thought in a million years that it would be possible to knock off a few years temporarily and become a baby again.”

“I was wondering when you were gonna ask me about it, John,” she replied. "Well, if you remember, your uncle has been an archaeologist for quite a while now. He was studying some old ruins somewhere in Asia, I forgot where exactly. Anyway, as he was talking with some of the local people about their culture, a legend about a ‘fountain of youth’ came up. I know you’ve probably heard a little bit about this legend before. Well, your uncle, probably because he was a little crazy, took this legend very seriously. Although his focus was studying a variety of old temple ruins, he took some time out to research these legends and find out as much as he could about them.

"He studied hard about the subject, and with his brilliant mind, he pieced together many of the connections he found in his research. While doing some of his archaeological work one day, he ran across some similar symbols and markings that he had seen in his studies. Using the clues he had come across, he discovered a secret passageway that led to a magical fountain of water.

"Being very careful, he found some mice in the temple and caught them. He gathered some of the water from the fountain and managed to somehow get it inside of the mice. As he saw the mice become smaller and younger, he realized that he had indeed found this silly fountain of youth legend to be a reality.

“He didn’t have long left in that area, however, so he filled a few bottles of it and had to return to the U.S. He somehow managed to seal the passageway for good so no one else would ever find out about it.”

“Why didn’t he tell anyone about it?” I asked. “I mean, he could be the richest and most famous person in the world with a discovery like that!”

"Well, think about it. Your uncle thought through all of his possible options, but he kept it a secret for the sake of humanity. You know the kinds of people in this world, John. They would find a way to replicate the formula and use it in wars and who knows what else. I mean, imagine turning enemy troops into helpless little babies and them bombing them! No, your uncle decided this was something he didn’t want to fall into the hands of the wrong people.

“However, he couldn’t keep it a complete secret. He couldn’t help but show it to your father. Your dad was completely excited about it, and being the brilliant chemist that he was, he analyzed some of the water and figured out a recipe to make a mixture that would do the same thing. Of course, this mixture only lasts for a few hours, but my mixing in different amounts of different ingredients, you can vary how many years younger you become. Later we’re going to turn you into a toddler rather than an infant to give Carol more experience with different age groups.”

“So how did you find out about it?” I asked.

“Well, your uncle didn’t really want a part of it anymore. He was excited about the discovery, but he had other things that he had to do. However, your dad had to tell me about it since he was so excited. Before he died, he wanted to make sure that I kept it a secret and only told you or in some cases a few other people. That’s why I haven’t mentioned it until now. I had actually just about forgotten about it until I heard about Carol’s need to be taught how to baby-sit.”

It was kinda weird to think about my dad again. Thankfully we still had enough money. He had left us just enough so mom could get by as long as she worked, and I had extra money to spend as long as I earned it. I missed my dad, though, and even though he was always the one encouraging me to be strong and manly (even as a little kid!), I saw him in a lot of my old pictures hugging me and loving me when I was a baby. He had died right around when I was ten. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I wanted to be a baby again; maybe it sparked up memories of my dad.

Anyway though, with my questions answered, we went to bed and didn’t talk about it again for a while.

John’s Newfound Babyhood by Ron564339

Chapter 7: Old Memories Brought Back

It was a good amount of time until the third session. But I still felt refreshed from the second one, so I didn’t really think about it. I did enjoy being back to my normal life, and I definitely didn’t want to think of myself as a baby. But although my memories of these sessions had a tendency to distract me in important situations, it almost felt like they completed me. I have so much stress in my life, and other than my friends and Carol, it’s hard for me to find release. Our baby-sitting sessions gave that to me on a whole new level. I was in another world when I was a baby. It was a good balance to my normal life; one second I could be the badass pitcher that my whole baseball team depended on, and the next I was a cute little baby who couldn’t help but wet his diaper and have his girlfriend change him. The two ends of the spectrum together gave me a sense that I could do it all.

By the time the third session came around, , however, I was a little apprehensive. I had gotten into doing some extreme sports, like skateboarding and rollerblading, with my friends, and I had gone on a really good strike-out roll as a pitcher. Carol and I had been seeing each other a lot, and I would often be the one whose shoulder she could cry on and whom she could depend on during hard times. We kissed and cuddled often, and we were going out on a lot of dates. You may be wondering why I haven’t mentioned us having sex, but it’s because, well, we don’t. We have ventured in that direction a little, but we’d both rather wait 'til we get married. It’s just the way we feel, we would rather wait it out.

Anyway, though, because of all these things, I had been feeling particularly manly. And after the embarrassing events of the last session, I wasn’t so eager to become a tiny little baby who needed bottles, naps, and diapers, among other things. But I knew what I had agreed to, and I knew that Carol needed me to pull through for her. So there I was again, on the floor of the church nursery as a naked baby.

I had noticed that mom had taken another small box from our house to the church this time. I didn’t think much of it, assuming that maybe she was contributing to the church diaper supply or something like that.

Carol diapered me again this time, so I think mom was encouraging her to do more and more of my baby duties. She did a good job, and she also put me in a “onesie” this time. If you don’t know, a onesie is one of those things that’s kinda like a shirt, but it’s also attached to the part that covers a baby’s diaper. This one was white with light blue lining, and it had a pattern of little kittens on it.

Afterwards, mom had her fix another bottle and feed me, which was another very enjoyable experience. I felt kinda full after I finished it and I had a funny feeling in my stomach this time. Thankfully, it seemed like mom could sense this, so she showed Carol how to burp me. She put me over her shoulder and lightly patted my back until I let out a cute little burp. It did make my stomach feel a lot better, and for some reason I really felt like I loved mom more than I ever had before. It just seemed like she was doing everything to make sure I was always happy. I would find out later in this session how truly right I was.

Before it was time for my nap, mom had to show Carol how one feeds a baby actual baby food. I wasn’t really looking forward to this, but hey, I didn’t look forward to being turned into a baby the first time either. Mom showed Carol how to put a baby into a high chair, how to put on a bib, and then how to spoon feed a baby from different little jars of baby food. Of course she did all of this with me. She let Carol feed me half of it so she could get the experience. Still though, this wasn’t too bad, mainly 'cause all I had to do was just sit there and swallow. The stuff was actually pretty good, and unlike any baby I had ever seen, when I was done, my mouth and my bib were pretty clean. Mom noticed this too and said “You’ll basically never feed a baby and have it be this clean. But we’ll give you that experience some other time.”

Well, I had gotten pretty tired by this point, baby food will do that to a guy…uh, baby. So I was actually pretty happy when mom said that it was time for me to take a nap. However, Carol made a request first, both to me and to mom.

“Uh, Ms. Jackson, I feel kinda silly asking this, but before his nap, can I just hold John again?” she asked.

“If it’s ok with you, John, it’s fine with me,” mom replied.

I nodded, “Yeah, sure, if it’ll help you practice more”. I knew it was just because Carol liked holding me in her arms, but at the same time, I really loved it too, even though I tried to hide my enjoyment.

As mom picked me up, there was a sudden breeze and I couldn’t help but shiver. “That onesie sure isn’t very warm, is it John?” mom asked me. “Here, I’ve got a little surprise for you that’ll keep you a little warmer.”

She handed me to Carol and walked over to the box that she had brought with her. To my huge surprise (and though I tried to hide it, my delight), mom pulled out my old baby blanket! I had almost forgotten all of the details about it. It was “baby” blue, and it was covered with designs of this little baby boy in a light blue shirt, a cloth diaper with diaper pins, and a light blue baseball cap. A little puppy played with the boy in the designs too. It was still in pretty good condition.

I couldn’t keep my face from lighting up with joy, and I knew mom could tell. “I thought this might make you happy, John. I know you’re probably a little embarrassed to still like your blankie, but I bet everyone secretly has something from their childhood that they wish they could get back. Believe it or not, I still do.”

I was gonna ask what it was, but before I did, mom came over and wrapped me up in my old blanket. This was a true testament as to how small I was. If I had thought that being a baby couldn’t have gotten any better, I was dead wrong. She handed me over to Carol, who sat down and started rocking me. I was in heaven; it was even therapeutic. I was so warm and cozy, and I felt so secure in the arms of my girlfriend. I let out a little babyish sigh of joy, and then I closed my eyes and just relaxed.

I must have fallen asleep since the next thing I remembered was waking up in the dark. I had forgotten that I was a baby, so because I was in the dark and I just saw bars around me, I was scared. Without thinking, I let out a yell, but in my baby state, it sounded just like a baby crying. Before I did anything else, mom and Carol came in and turned on the light.

“What is it, John?” mom asked. “What’s wrong?”

After remembering where I was, I started to calm down. I was still breathing pretty fast and I was sweating and shivering a little too. To my surprise, though, I hadn’t wet my diaper. I have no idea how I managed that. Mom picked me up and held me up against her body.

“Sorry about that,” I said. I felt kinda silly about it now. “I just forgot where I was, and it scared me a little bit. It’s pretty weird being so small.”

“Well, you gave me a bit of a scare too,” mom replied. “Well, we were gonna work on calming down babies next time, so I guess you gave us a little pre-empt to that.” She then directed her attention to Carol. “It’s ok, Carol. I’ll put him back to sleep. But actually, stay here. Since John fell asleep in your arms, I didn’t get to give you the rest of the tips from last time.”

With that, she set me back down in the crib and went to the box. When she came back, she had too things: a light blue pacifier and my old teddy bear. She popped the pacifier in my mouth and gave me my bear. It was amazing; I don’t know why, but the pacifier soothed me more than almost anything else up to this point; it was a weird sensation to have such a big, soft, rubbery nipple in my mouth, especially since I didn’t have teeth to get in the way. It fit in my mouth so perfectly, and I felt like sucking on it forever. I also utterly loved having my bear back. He was light brown and very soft and cuddly. Between the softness of my diaper, bear, and blanket, and crib, plus the pacifier in my mouth, it was almost impossible for me not to fall asleep.

"Unless the parents tell you not to use a pacifier, they’re really useful for calming babies down or helping them get to sleep. And since I know John used to love his teddy bear, a stuffed animal that a baby is fond of can work wonders.

“There’s only one more thing. Lullabies really do work. I still remember the one I used to sing to John to get him to sleep.”

She then started to hum a very old baby song that I had forgotten all about. But I remembered it now, and that was all it took to push me over the edge and make me drift off to sleep.

When I awoke, I noticed that not only had I wet my diaper, but for the first time, I had messed in it as well. It wasn’t the most pleasant feeling in the world, and it didn’t smell good either.

Mom and Carol came in too, and I knew that they knew what I had done. “Smells like someone has a dirty diaper,” mom said. “Ok, Carol, I’m gonna have you change him again.”

“Ok,” Carol said kind of apprehensively as she picked me up. She laid me down on the table, undid my onesie, and then untapped my diaper. “Whoo, John,” she said. “You really are messy.”

“You better get used to it,” mom told her. “You’ll be changing a lot of dirty diapers.”

After disposing of my dirty diaper, Carol cleaned me up. I kind of felt bad for her having to do it, especially since I had been the one to make the mess. But I knew that like mom said, she had better get used to it. Plus, at least she didn’t have to have poop in a diaper.

After she cleaned me up, she just set me on the floor so I could turn back to normal. I did, and after we gathered all of the stuff together, we left.

Chapter 8: I Take an Active Role

Our next session was actually only a few days later, so not much important happened in between it. I had almost gotten used to being babied, but I still had slight feelings of embarrassment. However, I also still got the satisfaction from it, so I wasn’t complaining.

After being turned into a baby and dressed in a pair of overalls this time, mom began to talk to Carol and me.

“Ok, Carol, up until now, you’ve been dealing with a very good baby. John has pretty much just been relaxing and letting us do all of the work. Unfortunately, a lot of the time this isn’t the case. Babies do cry and fuss a lot, and they don’t always stay still when you feed them or change them. They tend to spit up, and you often have to work to calm them down. So, John, you now need to start being a little more difficult. Squirm a little in Carol’s arms while she’s holding or feeding you. Fidget while she’s changing your diaper or dressing you. I know it’s kind of degrading, but make babyish coos and spit up a little on to her. When she’s feeding you, spit food onto your bib and all over your mouth. And when she puts you to sleep, keep on crying until everything is completely all right. You got that?”

“I guess so,” I replied. I have to admit, it was kinda hard at first. This was almost a new level of embarrassment because I had to act like a total baby, not just be babied. I felt so dumb talking baby gibberish or crying. Plus, I hated to do these totally unpleasant things to Carol, knowing that it must be a pain for her to have to deal with them. But I knew that this would help her in the long run.

When she tried to bottle-feed me, I resisted and whined a little. When she spoon fed me, I barely swallowed and made a complete mess. When she was changing me, I squirmed as much as possible and made annoying sounds. When she was holding me, I spit up on her a little bit (I’m sure she loved that). And I didn’t stop crying when she placed me in the crib until I had my blanket, my bear, a pacifier in my mouth (which I spit out a few times), and until she started singing.

Mom encouraged us to play a game to help Carol with calming a baby down. She told me to pick something that Carol needed to do: I chose from needed to be fed, put to bed, played with, rocked, changed, whispered to, given a pacifier, a toy, or a blanket. I would choose one and I wouldn’t stop crying until Carol figured out what it was. This drill was a little bit more fun for me than for Carol, I could see her stressing out.

It was kinda funny, because now our roles were almost reversed. Whereas I had originally felt like she was in total control of me since I was so helpless, I realized that now I was in control of her. She had to attend to my every whim, and do anything she could to please me. It’s funny how babies do that to people; they’re self-centered because they are so helpless.

We continued these drills for a few hours, so when mom told us we were done, we were both relieved. That was definitely enough being a baby for me, and I could tell Carol had had enough baby-sitting for a while. Once I was back to normal, I couldn’t help but apologize to Carol.

“Sorry, sweetie,” I said. “I know I was a little bastard, and it must have gotten very annoying.”

“No, John,” she replied. “It’s exactly what I needed. Now I feel prepared for almost anything. And I know it must have been pretty unpleasant to have to act so infantile.”

“Aw, no sweat,” I said. We then embraced each other, and didn’t let go until it was time for her to go home.

Anyway, Carol was now ready to baby-sit any of the infants in our town. She got hooked up with a few jobs a week, and the pay wasn’t bad. She continued to do it for a few more weeks, and she said that she liked it a lot and was actually having a really good time.

“Babies are so cute,” she told me one time. “I’m really growing fond of them. And after all you put me through, a few messy diapers and spit ups are nothing.”

My life continued on as normal for a while, but every now and then I would have the desire to be babied again. Although she thought it annoyed me, Carol would sometimes baby-talk me when we were together. My friends always laughed when she did this to me in front of them, but I wasn’t bothered. In fact, it was pretty funny, some of their girlfriends started baby-talking them to. And at least I enjoyed it.

Our sessions weren’t done for good, however. I won’t go into great detail about the other ones, cause they were real similar to the previous four. The main difference is mom turned me into babies of different ages. Sometimes I could crawl or talk, I needed different amounts of sleep, and I could even do a little baby talk sometimes as well. I was sure to make baby-sitting me a living hell for Carol so she would get the experience she needed, and it worked. By the time we had finished a few more sessions, she got baby-sitting jobs for even more parents and really started raking in the money. Plus, I really think she was getting attached to the kids.

Carol would now practice baby-sitting me without mom being there. She knew what to do now, but she wanted to get more practice. Well, that’s what she told me. I really think she liked seeing me as a baby, and I even humored her a few times and just let her hold me and cuddle me while I just relaxed. Hey, I enjoyed it too, so I can’t complain.

John’s Newfound Babyhood by Ron564339

Chapter 9: When Disaster Strikes, Humiliation on a Whole New Level

I will, however, recount two episodes during our sessions, no matter how painful it is for me. These two occasions could possibly have been the most humiliated I have ever been in my life. If you could die from embarrassment, I’m sure these would have killed me.

The first incident actually took place pretty quickly. Carol was changing me after I had messed my diaper pretty badly. After she finished wiping me, out of nowhere, I just started peeing. It’s a good thing she had lightning quick reflexes or she would have been covered in it. She just laughed it off, and said in a babyish tone “Aw, did da wittle baby have to go wee wee?” I’m glad that it didn’t bother her, but I couldn’t look her straight in the face for days.

The second was much more enduring, and it could have possibly been the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me. But since it was definitely interesting, and maybe even sort of funny to some people, I’ll recount it for you.

One afternoon Carol and I were doing our normal thing in the nursery. We were playing the game where she had to figure out why I was crying, and I had made it particularly difficult for her. In addition, I must have been crying pretty loud, because all of a sudden we heard a door open and a woman’s voice calling, “What’s that noise, is there a baby in here?”

Carol kinda froze, as did I. In walked Mrs. Oakley, one of the women who went to our church. She was in her late forties, with grayish-brown short hair. She wasn’t ugly, but she wasn’t exactly pretty either. She was a pretty nice lady, but sometimes she had a tendency to treat me like a little kid. Carol had been going to our church some since we had been going out, so she knew Mrs. Oakley as well.

“Carol, what are you doing in here, and whose baby is this?” Mrs. Oakley asked, looking at Carol, and then at me.

“Uh,” Carol said. “John’s aunt is in town, and they asked me to take care of him while they went out. And since I wanted to practice my baby-sitting a little more, I took him here.” I had to give her credit, she did a pretty good job of ad-libbing.

“Oh, ok then.” Mrs. Oakley replied. She walked over to the playpen that I was sitting in. “Wow, he actually looks a lot like John. I can tell these two are related. By the way, where is John? He could probably use some baby-sitting practice as well.”

“Uh, he had to work today,” Carol lied.

“Here, let me hold the little fellow.” Mrs. Oakley said. Before Carol could object, Mrs. Oakley lifted me up by the armpits and held me up in front of her face. “Aren’t you just so adorable?” She then shifted me around and held me in one arm, while with the other she lightly pinched my cheeks and my chin, tickled my stomach, and bounced me up and down all the while. “Coochie coochie coo! Who’s a cute wittle boy? Is da baby sweepy?”. She continued to talk babyish gibberish to me and continued to mess with me with her hands.

I was kind of in a state of shock and embarrassment the whole time. My cheeks started to get hot, and I hoped that Mrs. Oakley wouldn’t notice my cheeks getting red. I don’t think she did since she continued to carry on. I tried to think of the best way to just get her to leave. I decided to start crying, thinking that she might think I wasn’t any fun anymore and decide to let Carol take over.

Bad idea, I soon realized. As soon as I started to bawl my head off a little, Mrs. Oakley said, “Aww, is sweetie fussy? Mrs. Oakley knows what will make him happy! His binky!” She went over to the playpen, picked up a pacifier that was inside, and then stuck it right in my open mouth. I tried to spit it out, but she just held it there, saying, “Now be a good wittle boy.” However, as soon as she released it, I spit it to the floor and continued to cry, hoping she would just give up and pass me over to Carol.

Then the worst thing that could have possibly happened took place. As soon as I started to cry with my babyish voice, I felt my bladder let loose and I started to wet my diaper. ‘Oh, not now!’ I told myself ‘Any time but now!’ But I had no control, and my diaper was soon filled with my pee.

As nervousness overcame my body, I stopped crying and just kinda froze. Unfortunately, I was too late. Before I had gotten quiet, Mrs. Oakley said, “Hmm, maybe he’s fussy because he’s wet. I’ll just check his diaper.”

As she said them, these words struck horror deep into me, and I felt Mrs. Oakley reached underneath my onesie (which I was wearing during this session) and placed one finger inside the thigh part of my diaper. “That’s exactly what the problem is! Here, Mrs. Oakley will change you into a fresh diaper and you’ll feel all better!” she exclaimed to me.

I think Carol realized my horror, so she tried to interject. “Mrs. Oakley, let me change him,” she said. “I need some more practice anyway”. At that moment my love for Carol shot through the roof. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to marry that girl.

Unfortunately, this was not to be. “Oh nonsense,” Mrs. Oakley said. “You’ve been changing plenty of diapers with your baby-sitting job already. I’ll take this one.”

Before either of us could object anymore, Mrs. Oakley took me over to the changing table and quickly undid my onesie. “Oh yes,” she said. “Da wittle baby is quite wet. He just went wee-wee all in his dydee, didn’t he?” I doubt that I could’ve gone anymore red. It only got worse as she untapped my diaper, took a baby wipe and started to wipe my whole diaper area. I tried to resist, squirm, and do whatever I could to make things hard for her. But she was much stronger than me, and easily held me down and overpowered me. “Now you be still while Mrs. Oakley wipes your wittle bottom and gets you clean.” She grabbed my ankles and started to wipe my butt and my crack, and then gave me a small little slap on the bottom to make her point clear. She then took some baby powder and shook it onto my butt. “We don’t want da baby to get a diaper rash, now do we?” She took another diaper and put it underneath me. She pulled it over my waist, taped the tapes on really tight, and fastened my onesie back up.

“Now our wittle baby is all clean and dry in his new diaper!” The only thing that made me happy was the fact that this spectacle was over. I felt like crying for real this time. Unfortunately, Mrs. Oakley wasn’t done.

“I know what will make our baby really happy. Some fresh air. I think I’ll take him for a ride in his stroller.” I didn’t think I could be any more mortified, but this did it.

“I don’t think that would be such a good idea,” Carol said. “I think it’s time for his nap.”

“Oh, we won’t be long. And since he’s so fussy, maybe this will calm him down a little.” She then just left Carol there and took me to a stroller that was in another room. It was one of those kinds that looked kinda like a pram (you know, the older baby buggies), but was still a pretty new design. She laid me down in it and strapped me in (“so you won’t try to move around so much” she said). Finally, she put a little baby quilt over top of me, and we were on our way. I still don’t know what Carol did, but I don’t know what I would’ve done in her shoes either.

Although my view was sort of fixed, I could notice some of the people that we passed by as she rolled me along. Thankfully, most didn’t say much, but every now and then a woman would lean over and say “My, what a darling little baby boy!” or something to that effect, and then reach in and mess with me a little. What could I do? I couldn’t say anything or I would immediately give myself away (not to mention make Mrs. Oakley faint, although I would’ve liked that at the moment). However, the walk wasn’t really all that bad. That was until we reached a group of ten year old girls playing on the sidewalk…

As Mrs. Oakley rolled me there, I heard her say “Come see the little baby boy, girls!” I could have punched that woman at that particular point in time. I immediately saw a horde of girls surround the stroller and stare fixedly at me and smile. Many of them then reached in and started to chuck my chin, pinch my cheek, or just play with me. All the while they continually baby-talked me.

“Aww, just wook at the sweet wittle baby!”

“Isn’t he da cutest wittle baby in da world?”

“Goo-goo ga-ga!”

“Coochie-coochie coo!”

This was just too much for me to handle. I didn’t mean too, but I just started crying uncontrollably. Unfortunately, this was just a catalyst to more humiliation.

“Aww, does da baby have a dirty diaper?”

“Maybe he wants his ba-ba?”

“I think he wants his paci.”

“Or maybe his blankie?”

Apparently, Mrs. Oakley thought the second guess to be correct. It seemed as though she had brought along a baby-bottle of milk, because before I knew it, she handed the bottle to one of the girls who then shoved it into my mouth and made me drink it.

“There now,” she said. “Drink up! Da wittle boy wikes his ba-ba, now doesn’t he?”

After I drank some of it down, the whole thing just stopped. Mrs. Oakley said, “Ok, girls, that’s enough. I think he needs a nap now.” With that, she turned around and wheeled me back to the church. I guess she had other business, because she handed me over to Carol and said “Bye bye wittle guy! Night night!”

Once she was gone, Carol just held me up against her while I sobbed away. I told her all about what happened through my tears while she just rocked me back and forth and patted me on the back. “Oh, John,” she said. “I can’t tell you how sorry I am. I can’t believe you had to go through that. It would be worth me losing all of the money I have earned baby-sitting to prevent that from happening.”

Somehow, her saying this made it all better. As she comforted me, I began to feel like all the torture and humiliation was worth it just to have this moment. I didn’t doubt her love for me or mine for her one single bit.

I stopped crying and said, “Carol, you don’t know how much I love you. You are the most perfect person in the world. You deserve nothing less than your deepest desire in the world.”

“John,” she said. “My deepest desire is just to be with you. You are the kindest, most handsome, and most loving person I have ever met. You are very masculine and manly, but you have a soft side as well. And if I do say so myself, you do make quite a cute baby!”

I laughed at this and felt a lot better. She then undressed me and let me turn back into my normal size. After I got dressed, Carol and I kissed for what was probably the longest time we ever had before. It was the perfect end to the most humiliating day of my life. (By the way, I never did look at Mrs. Oakley the same way again. We really don’t talk much anymore).

Chapter 10: Secrets Revealed

Well, other than that encounter, the rest of the sessions went pretty normally. It eventually got to the point where we stopped having them. Carol had gotten so good at baby-sitting, and both of our schedules became increasingly hectic. Three months passed since the last session we had done.

Although I had gotten used to being normal again, I really started to miss being a little baby again. Even though that one humiliating experience kind of marred me and made me want to refrain from ever being a baby again, as more and more time passed, my mind dwelled on it more and more. It got to the point where I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I would lie awake at night wishing nothing more than to have Carol lovingly diaper me, feed me a baby bottle, put a pacifier in my mouth, and to fall asleep in my crib with my bear and my blankie.

But what could I do? I no longer had an excuse to be turned into a baby, so how could I convince Carol to try it again? I did think that she liked it, but I didn’t want her to know that I liked it. I mean, who would want to be a baby again? The thought was just too embarrassing, and I could picture her just laughing and saying “Am I going out with a guy who is really just a big baby inside? I guess wittle Johnny isn’t the tough guy I thought he was, just a baby who needs his diaper changed, his ba-ba, and his blankie!”

These thoughts continued to haunt me. What if she told her friends that I wanted to be a baby? What if she told my friends? I’d be the laughing stock of the whole baseball team! My friends would constantly tease me and say stuff like “Aww, did little Johnny just strike out because his dydee is wet? Carol, come change Johnny’s diaper before he starts to cry!”

I was caught in this web of confusion. There was no way I could get exactly what I wanted. But after time, I just couldn’t resist. Although it was going to be the hardest thing I had done in my life, I would tell Carol that I enjoyed being a baby again.

She came over for dinner one night, and afterwards, we went up to my room and started talking. I was nervous as hell, and I didn’t know how to tell her. But I just sucked it up, swallowed my pride and opened my mouth to talk to her.

Simultaneously, we both said “I’ve got a secret to tell you.”

“You go first,” I told her.

“Nah, you go ahead,” she responded.

“Here’s what we’ll do,” I said. “Let’s each take a piece of paper and write down our secret. Then we’ll exchange them and read them.”

“Ok,” she said. We both took a pencil and slip of paper. I then started to write:

“Carol, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I uh, I kind of like being a baby again. I know it’s weird, but I just feel so wonderful when you’re taking care of me. I love having you diaper me, feed me, or just hold me. I feel so cuddly, soft, and secure, and I really feel like you love me. You wouldn’t even have to change my diapers, and I would be real quiet and do whatever you want. I know you probably won’t want another baby to take care of, but to be honest, there’s nothing in the world that I would like more.”

As I finished up, so did she. We exchanged notes, and as she read mine, I read hers:

“John, I don’t know how to tell you this, but I uh, I kind of like taking care of you as a baby. I like baby-sitting other babies, but you’re different. It just feels so good to hold you in my arms and feel like I can completely love you and take care of you. I even love changing your diapers, even if they are a little smelly. You’re just so extremely cute and lovable as a baby. I know you probably never want to be a baby again, but to be honest, there’s nothing in the world that I would like more.”

As we finished reading the notes, our eyes just locked. We just stared at each other for a few seconds, and then our faces just lit up. We hugged each other tighter than we ever had before. We both even started crying tears of joy and just laughed.

“Oh, John,” she told me. “I don’t think I could ever be any happier than now. I had this tiny feeling that maybe you liked being a baby, but I didn’t really think it was true.”

“Stupid, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Oh, not at all,” she replied. “I think it’s actually quite nice to see a big masculine guy like you to be able to be really soft like a baby. And I actually find it pretty cute, too!”

I was completely filled with relief. I think I reached a greater level of joy than I had in my entire life. Until an extremely bad thought completely bursted my bubble.

“Oh, no,” I said. “I just remembered. We don’t know how to make the mixture, and there’s no way that mom will believe that you need more baby-sitting practice. And I don’t think I could ever tell mom that I want to be a baby again!”

“Oh, I had a suspicion that that was the case all along,” mom’s voice said as she opened my bedroom door.

John’s Newfound Babyhood by Ron564339

Chapter 11: The Details to Our Plan: Fair is Only Fair

"Sorry, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but I walked up here right in the middle of your conversation and I couldn’t resist listening. I know I shouldn’t have, but believe me, this is the first time.

"Anyway, like I said, John, I kind of thought that you two both were doing this for more than just practice. Your little baby face looked more happy than I’ve ever seen you when you were being held or having your diaper changed, and Carol’s looked like she was your loving mother who wanted nothing more than to take care of her little baby. And it really isn’t anything to be ashamed of, John. I bet most boys your age would actually enjoy being babied by their girlfriends once they got past the initial embarrassment. You’re still my special guy, and I know that you’ll take care of Carol for the rest of your lives.

“However, I will only let you use the mixture on two conditions. Firstly, you mustn’t get addicted to it. Remember, I raised a sixteen-year old boy, and I don’t want him to suddenly become a baby again. As much as I liked having my baby back for a little bit, I know I have a sixteen-year old son who needs to still act his age most of the time. I still want you to work hard in school, do well at baseball, and keep your job going. Plus I want you to continue to have a good time with your friends and live a normal teenage life.”

I had no complaints with that. Believe me, I had pride in the fact that I wasn’t a baby anymore, and I didn’t want it to overtake my life. Both me and Carol agreed we would limit our sessions to only once every two weeks.

“Now, secondly, I want you two to stop and think about the future a little bit. In not too many years, you two will get married and have babies of your own. And I don’t want to have a son who doesn’t know how to change diapers or rock a baby to sleep. I don’t think it’s very fair for Carol to have to change all those diapers and take care of all that midnight crying. Fair is only fair.”

Mom had a good point. Even though I had learned a lot about babies (firsthand, probably in a way no one else ever had), I still didn’t have any experience actually carrying out the activities. I really didn’t have any hands-on experience. But there was only one problem…

“But where are we gonna get a baby for me to practice with?” I asked. “I mean, it’s not like I can change my own diapers or sing myself to sleep.”

“I think you know the answer to that question,” mom replied. At that moment, it struck me, and both me and mom turned our heads and gave Carol an intriguing look.

“W-wait a second,” Carol stammered. “You, you can’t really be serious! I mean, uh, well, uh…”

“Oh, I think we’re dead serious,” mom said.

“That’s right,” I said with a devilish little smile. “Fair is only fair, right?”

I’m pretty sure Carol realized that there was really no way out for her. She really had no choice; the tables had turned and now she was going to have to be the one who would have to be bottle-fed and diapered (by me, no less!) Although I had nothing against her from our previous sessions, I still remember the embarrassment and silliness that I had felt many a time during our sessions, in particular all of the baby-talk she had given me. Even though I had enjoyed the experience, I felt that payback was going to be sweet.

I put my arm around her. “Come on, Carol, you’ll see, it’s actually pretty fun to be a baby again. Imagine it, being laid down on a changing table, being wiped and powdered, having a nice, soft, thick diaper wrapped around your waist, and then being nursed from a baby-bottle, all by your loving boyfriend!”

Although I saw a look of horror on her face that I had never seen before as I said this, I also detected a very slight look of excitement as well.

For the next few months, we got to see what it was like to reverse roles. Carol was definitely pretty hesitant at first, but I think her curiosity got the better of her (or maybe the fact that she didn’t really have a choice). I have to admit, although I was a little nervous a first, I loved being able to baby my girlfriend completely. And after she warmed up to it some, I could see the peace in Carol’s eyes as mom instructed me how to change her diaper and hold her in my arms. After a while, I didn’t know which either of us enjoyed more, being the baby or the caregiver.

Mom took me through all of the same lessons, and I got to experience changing dirty diapers and messy feedings from the other end (as did Carol). I also experienced stress as I never had before as I struggled to quiet down her crying, and I think she had a little fun payback of her own. However, Carol was spared the experience with Mrs. Oakley (by the way, we had told mom about that little incident).

As time went by, I think I became a pretty solid baby-sitter myself. I even helped Carol out a few times during her jobs and we played and took care of the babies together. It was pretty fun.

Epilogue: Our Baby Experiences Shared

Before I conclude, there are just a couple more things that I thought I’d mention that were quite interesting. One day I just got extremely curious, and Carol and I couldn’t help but offer mom an interesting proposition.

“You know, mom,” I said. “I wanted to ask you, have you ever tried the youth formula?”

“Why, no, I haven’t.” she replied, I could sense a slight tensing of her voice.

“What do you think about giving it a go? You know, being a baby again?”

“Oh, I don’t think so,” she said with a little laugh. “I mean…I don’t think I could.”

“Come on, mom, what do you say? Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to be a baby again? I have to tell you, it is really quite a trip!”

“It’s true, Ms. Jackson,” Carol added. “It really is an amazing experience. It’s so therapeutic!”

After much persuasion, we finally convinced mom to give it a try. Like all of us, mom was definitely embarrassed at first, but as soon as me and Carol taped up that diaper around her waist, she was overcome with a sense of complete bliss. It had to the funniest feeling in the world, holding my own mom in my arms and feeding her a bottle. Although she only did it once, she did tell us it was one of the best things she had done in her life. To think, I was probably the only guy in the world who would ever change his mom’s diaper! Hey, I thought of it as repaying mom for all of the things she did for me when I was a baby. Fair is only fair, right?

There was just one other thing. Although we continued to keep our youth formula a secret, we couldn’t help but share this experience a little bit. My best friend Andrew just happens to be going out with Carol’s best friend Susan. So, we invited them both over to the church one afternoon, and we just happened to slip a little something into their drinks…

Although I had certainly never seen horror in my best friend’s face as I did when I taped that disposable diaper around his waist, I could tell Susan and Andrew found a whole new happiness while I bottle-fed Susan and Carol bottle-fed Andrew. We allowed them both to use the mixture any time that they wanted to enjoy their babyish bliss, and they definitely thanked us for it. And I have to admit, it was quite an experience to hold my best friend in my arms with a pacifier in his mouth, or to see Carol change her best friend’s diaper. Susan really is a sweetheart, and Andrew is quite a cute little guy.

10 years later……

So basically, unlike in most cases, life has turned out very well for us. We’ve gotten married, had two kids so far (twins, one boy and one girl), and we share the baby-sitting duties. Our life isn’t perfect, but I don’t think that we could be any happier. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll let our son and daughter learn their baby-sitting skills by taking care of each other!