Just a little curious

I feel for you who had no choice but had to wear diapers to school. I know how mean other kids can be. Go to school with braces right away your a metal mouth or tinsel mouth or wear glasses to school your four eyes or a four eyed goose. When I was in 8th grade in JR High I went to school with crutches and I was accused that they were fake just so I can leave class 5 min early so I can get to my other class.

How did your teacher handle it or the other school staff?
Did it get to the point where your teacher or the school principal called there parents to get permission to put there kid in a diaper so he/she can get a taste of what it’s like to be in diapers?

First of all, that’d probably be illegal. Second: It’d be highly unethical. Bullying between pupils is one thing; a teacher bullying a pupil (or retaliating like you’re describing) is something else entirely and is usually a fireable offense. That kind of reasoning is generally just found in wish-fulfillment fantasies.


I suppose your right.

But just putting the kid in timeout is not going to stop him/her. Mean as soon as the kid gets out of timeout its going to start again. Maybe not that second or that minute but it will start again

Which is why you don’t use just timeouts. They may deal with the immediate situation, but you still need to deal with the underlying problem. Still there are actually very clear (and let’s be honest, obvious) limits to what teachers are allowed to do. And trust me, a teacher who does what you’re describing, even with the parents’ blessing, is going to find themselves unemployed very quickly.


And teachers aren’t paid nearly enough to expect them to be the parents for that many kids. Behavioral problems almost always start at the home, and the parent or guardian should be responsible for making sure they aren’t sending little terrors to school.

If you’re wondering in general why bullies are allowed to continue their way, well, there ain’t no justice in this world, that’s about it.

Diapers as punishment, in reality, are hugely problematic as there’s almost no implementation that doesm’t send mixed messages. If the point of the punishment isn’t clear, it serves almost no purpose as a form of correction.


your right a good share of the time the problem starts at home usually by there parents maybe even the grandparents maybe even the great parents.

well, there is some justice in this world still but not enough

I’d have to agree with that. Actual diaper punishment would be extremely abusive

Yep your right