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Just One Time

Chapter One

My name is Jackie Runks. I am 14, popular and every guy’s image of perfection. I wear a size 3; I have long blonde hair, big blue eyes, perfectly straight teeth and clear, creamy skin. Oh and I forgot to mention that I am really, really short, even though I like to think of it as lacking height.

But one day everything about me started to change, and I don’t know why. After school one day (I am in grade 9) me and my friends went bowling. We had a blast! They were going out for ice-cream after, but I decided not to stay because I had to be home for dinner, and I get into huge trouble when I’m late for anything. Once I was about 4 blocks from home I noticed I had to go to the bathroom, I could have stopped at the burger king across the street but I couldn’t be late so I started to run. All of a sudden I looked down and saw that I had started to wet my self! I was so embarrassed, I knew people around here and there was no way to hide it, I had tight light blue jeans on and they were completely soaked! I wish I would have brought a sweater or jacket! With nothing else to do I just kept running, getting a few funny stares from strangers but that’s ok.

I was at my front door and didn’t know what to do. I could go in there and face my mom that was in the kitchen, or wait out here and let my dad catch me when he pulls up in the drive way. I decided to take my chances. I slowly opened the big door, and man was it loud when it creaked! I slipped in, shut it and took my shoes off, then ran to the stairs and slowly crept up them (they creak a lot) “Jackie, is that you”… uh-oh! What if she sees me, I have to get to my room quick! “Uh yeah mom it’s me I’m just, uh, going to my room” phew, there problem solved. “You can’t get in it sweetie, remember I was babysitting Alex today and I locked your door so couldn’t get in, your key is on the kitchen table.” Damn it, now what am I going to do, my mom is going to think that I’m a freak! Well, I can get away with it, I am an only child so my mom doesn’t know what happens to teens, maybe she will think that this is normal, I think that I’m going to try the ‘cry and hug’ attempt.

I went downstairs and went into the kitchen.

“Honey, why are you crying?”

“Mommy I’m sorry!”

“Why baby, what’s wron… oh sweetie come here! It’s ok”

“Mom I didn’t mean to!”

“I know you didn’t honey, it’s alright, it’s just an accident, come on go upstairs and get in for a quick shower, and I’ll get you new clothes.”

“Okay, thanks mom”

“No problem”

That worked perfectly, I guess I’m really lucky to have such an understanding mom, I wonder what other kid’s moms would do. Its not like it is a big deal anyways, its just one time, well, at least I hoped it was.

Luckily my mom didn’t mention the incident to my dad, that would be kind of embarrassing. We went along the night as normal, I had dinner, did my homework, talked to some of my friends, and instead of having a shower (since I already had one) I watched a movie with my mom. For some reason, I felt a lot more comfortable around her since she helped me with my accident. And sure enough when the movie was over and I got into bed my mom came into my room.

“Jackie, do you know why you had an accident today?”

“Um, I don’t know mom, I was just coming home and I had to go so I started to run home and it just came out”

“Ok, maybe tomorrow on your way home you should make sure you go to the bathroom”

“Don’t worry, it was just a one time thing, it won’t happen again”

“We will see, well goodnight honey and see you in the morning”

“Night mom, I love you, and thank you”

“Love you too”

Great! Now my mom thinks that I’m a freak who is going to wet myself every time I come home from school. Well, I don’t care right now I’m too tired to think.

Oh no, not again! I woke up around 6 a.m. and my whole bed was soaked! What’s going on? Now what do I do? I can’t clean this by myself. Well my mom should be coming in about 45 minutes to wake me up anyways, so when I hear her downstairs getting her coffee I will just call her, simple. Perfect timing, she just waked up to go to the bathroom. flush ok she’s out now!


“Oh you’re up early, what’s the occasion?”

“Mommy, I had another accident”

“Another one sweetie? I think that were going to have to take you to the doctors, something is wrong.”

“I don’t want to go to school, what if I have an accident in class? Ill get made fun of so bad!”

“Well, I’ll call Dr. Ryder and see if she can see you today, and then I’ll call the school and get your homework, you not going to stay home and do nothing you know!”

“Ok mom, thank you a lot, I’m really glad that you care about me”

Oh great, this is where she gets teary, I shouldn’t have said that!!

“Awwwww, anytime Jackie, mommy loves you so much! Ok, take your sheets off your bed and then put your wet pajamas in there and go take a shower ok?”


“Hurry up”

When we got to the doctor’s there was no one there and we went straight in.

“Ok Jackie, what seems to be the problem” Dr. Ryder asked me

“Well, she had an accident on the way home yesterday and wet her bed last night” mom replied for me

“Ok, no problem it’s probably just a phase, but we will take some tests anyways”

So we spent about 3 hours at the doctors, and finally she came back with the test results…

Just One Time

Chapter 2

“Okay Jackie, your test results showed that you have absolutely nothing physically wrong with you, so you are free to go, but this is common with teens going through puberty, so it may go on for a while”

“Well doctor what do we do in the meantime?” mom asked

“I advise that she wears protection at night and use a plastic sheet, and during the day time also use a lower absorbency protection, just in case”

“Ok no problem, but where do I buy this stuff”

“You can get it in the medical store below us, they have everything that you will need”

“Ok thank-you for your help, greatly appreciated, see ya later”

“Bye guys”

“Well let’s go to the medical store Jackie”

“Mom, I don’t want any of that stuff, besides for school can I please take tomorrow off, then its March break and I can adjust to everything”

“Only if you cooperate with me and do what needs to be done”

“okie dokie then!”

When we got to the store I was amazed at how big it was. Luckily we weren’t in there long. Mom ended up buying 2 90 cases of medium youth ‘Cotton Cloud’ diapers. I didn’t mind though they look pretty comfy. There all white, with crinkly plastic on the outside and 4 big tapes (2 on each side) and it looks at least 4inches thick! Then for the daytime she got me the new girl’s goodnights medium. They are pretty, with flowers on them. But to make sure they fit she opened the one box and I went to the bathroom and put it on, mom had to adjust the bum because it was crooked but that’s it. There ok, but then mom wanted me to wear them on the way home!

“Mom, no way am I wearing these!”

“Sweetie, if were going to get something to eat I don’t want you having an accident while were out.”


Then just like I was a little baby (which I’m not) she pulled my pants up for me.

“Mom you can see it through my pants”

“When we get home you can wear looser pants”

“This is a pair of my looser pants, and im not wearing something that you can see”

“then since its still only 1:30 we can go to the mall, get some lunch and then well go get you a few pairs of pants, how does that sound?”

“Fine, ok lets go then, I don’t want to be at the mall after 3, that’s when schools out and people I know will be there”

“Let’s hurry up then”

We got to the mall and went to the food court. I got a Taco Bell combo and mom got A&W. Once we were done we went to my favorite store, Chic Chick and I got an awesome new skirt, a pair of Capri’s and the jean jacket to match and then a pair of jogging pants with 2 regular pairs of jeans. All of them I bought in size 5 (two sizes than I normally wear) and I got 4 belts so they stayed up. I pretty much made my mom spend all her money. Then, being the awesome mom she is she took me to see a new movie that just came out “Ice Princess”, I got popcorn and a huge pop. The movie was good and I liked it a lot because I got to cuddle with my mom the whole time. She was rubbing my back and then patted my butt and then said,

“Uh, Jackie I think you wet yourself”

“I don’t feel anything”

“Well grab the crotch of your diaper and feel”

“Wow, its mushy mom, what should I do?”

“Well, the movie is done in 15 minutes so just wait till then and we will go home, by that time it should be about 6 and dinner time.”

“Ok that’s fine, ssshhh, the movies on”

I loved spending time with my mom, I couldn’t ask for a better mom. Once the movie was done we went to the grocery store and picked up a tub of ice cream for dessert and went to Zellers and she got a plastic stand thingy with 3 huge drawers, one for powder and wipes and stuff that we bought there also and then one for each kind if diapers, she also bought a garbage can with a lid for my room. When we got home daddy was already there.

“Hi daddy!”

I ran over and gave him a big hug.

"Hi pumpkin, glad to see you, he lifted me up in the air and then stopped out of no where and put me down

“What are you wearing?”

“Oh that… ummmm… well… Uhh… it’s…”

“Hey Jackie bring all the stuff up to your room and I will explain to your father”


Great, I didn’t know how he was going to take this, I’m actually really nervous. They were sure taking a long time! I had everything put away and organized before my mom came to my room.

“So how did it go?”

“Fine sweetie, he was just caught off guard; he actually thinks that it’s cute!”

“o, ok, um… Mom, can I change?”

“yeah of course!… what your going to do since its still day time is just take it off, put the used one in the trash, wipe yourself with wipes and then put another one on, then come downstairs, daddy brought home Chinese”

“Mmm yummy.”

We had dinner, and during dinner I had to pee but I wanted to see what it felt like so I used my diaper again, it felt weird but I really like it!. Daddy apologized to me and he said he wasn’t mad or anything and that he was just surprised. After I did the dishes and cleared the table mom told me to have a shower and wait in my room for my night time diaper, she said she would have to help me at first seeing as how I cant even put the goodnight on right.

I think that being in diapers is a good thing, even though it has only been one day I feel alto closer to my mom, and for some reason now I call them mommy and daddy. I usually called my dad daddy but I only called my mom mommy when I was sad or scared. After my shower I went into my room and my mom was already there. Instead of drying off as I usually do mom already had a towel and told me to sit on the floor. So I sat on the floor with my original towel on and she dried my hair and put it in braids so it would be crimpy in the morning. Then she left the room while I dried off.

“Are you done honey?”

“Yeah, I’m ready now”

Mom got everything that she needed out of my diaper cabinet (that’s my name for it) and then powdered me and put the diaper on. When I stood up I could hardly walk! She put my pink fuzzy princess slippers on for me and then she grabbed my pink princess shirt and put it on me.

“There you can go downstairs now”

“But mommy, I have no pants on!”

“Its ok, it’s just me, you and daddy”

“o…k… I’m going”

“Do you ladies want ice-cream?”


“I see my little pumpkin princess has her thick diapers on! Come here!”


“Just come”

I went over to my dad and he picked me up high in the air (remember im still really small, about the size of an 8 year old) and then put me on his shoulders.


He put me down and then he placed me on the counter. He poured everyone’s ice cream and mom said that we had to eat it at the table, like always. After we were done it was around 9pm.

“Bedtime Jackie”

“Can I sleep in your bed?”

“You haven’t done that in forever!”

“Yeah but you guys always watch TV. before you go to bed and im not tired”

“Ok. But it will be just you and daddy because I have some bills I need to sort and pay”

“That’s fine mommy; will you be in there later?”

“Of course dear”

I hugged and kissed my mom goodnight and then ran to her room and got in the middle of the bed.

“I hear ya wanna sleep with me Kiddo?”

“You and mommy silly”

"Oh yeah that’s right, what do you want to watch?

“Umm…. I don’t know?”

“How about we watch….hey look, Finding Nemo is on!”

“YEAH let’s watch that!”

I snuggled with my Daddy and fell asleep about 20 minutes into the movie, I was tired. I was really warm too, daddy had his arm around me and my head was on his pillow, under a big heavy blanket and snuggled in a nice comfy diaper, life was good!

Just One Time

Chapter 3

I woke up and it was just me in the bed. First I got scared but then remembered it was still Friday, so daddy was at work and mommy was probably downstairs making breakfast or something. I looked at the clock 9:15am. I guess that means that I didn’t have to go to school. YAY! I went downstairs and mom wasn’t there. I went to the kitchen and there was bacon, eggs, sausage and hash browns on a plate with a note.

Dear Jackie,

I didn’t want to wake you up, eat your breakfast before it gets cold. I went to the grocery store to get a couple things and Daddy forgot his lunch so I am bringing it to him, I also went to the school to get your homework. I will be back around 10:30, see you then,


Mom xoxoxo

Well, I guess I was on my own for now. I finished my breakfast and decided to go on the computer. I checked my e-mail and was surprised to find one from Alicia, one of my friends, because we usually talk to each other on the phone or on instant messenger.

The e-mail was labeled ‘caught ya baby!’ I opened it figuring it was a chain letter but there were 2 pic’s of me!.. one of me on my way home from bowling with wet pants (how did she see me?.. she was supposed to be with the others!) and another pic of me and my mom yesterday coming out of the movie theater, and you could see my diaper peeking out of the top of my pants and a big bulge since I peed in it!!

Oh my god!!! How does this happen to me!!! Everyone is going to find out and I’m going to have no friends! Then I looked under the pictures and saw what she typed ‘I already showed everyone, you better not show your face at this school again, everyone knows about your little secret baby!’ At this point I had no clue what to do! I couldn’t go back to school! What if they say something to mom when she goes to get my homework? What if they come to my house and see me right now (I have the same thing on as last night but my diaper is yellow from pee)

I didn’t know what to do! I just shut off the computer without bothering to check the rest of my e-mail and went to the living room and sat on the couch and cried! My life is a mess, I have my mom and my dad and that’s it! Oh and I forgot that I have my diapers too! What am I going to do! After crying for a while my mom walked in.

“Oh good Jackie, your up”

She walked over to me and saw that I was crying, she dropped everything and sat down with me

“What’s wrong sweetie?”

“Everyone knows!”

“Knows what?”

“About my diapers!!”

“How do you know?”

“Come with me!”

So we walked to the computer room and I proceeded to show her the e-mail.

“Oh sweetie that’s terrible!”

“I know! What am I going to do?”

“Well, I advise that you talk to your other friends and see if they still like you, and if there your real friends they will! If not then we can work it out somehow”

“Can I switch schools?”

“If you get picked on at this school you will get picked on at other schools, maybe I will home school you?”

“Can you start now?”

“It doesn’t work like that, there is a process involved, but we will see”


“Right now let’s forget about this e-mail and I will change your diaper and we can do something together as long as it takes your mind off things!”

“Ok, I will be in my room”

So mom came in and she took of my night time diaper, wiped me and put a little bit of powder on and then I put a goodnight on myself. Since mom said that we can go out I put my Capri’s on and a white shirt that had a pink butterfly on it with a pink bow on the arms and at the neck. I had my jean jacket on and no socks with my pink flip-flops and my toes were painted pink too! I put my pink and silver toe ring on and the necklace to match! I looked cute!

“Oh good your ready, come on lets go”

“Where are we going?”

“You will see… o wait, go grab 2 extra diapers and the travel wipes”

“Ok be right back, ill meet you in the car”

Just so I didn’t have to go outside with diapers in my hand I grabbed my biggest purse and put everything in there, luckily it matched with what I was wearing! I got in the car and we were off, I didn’t have a clue where we were going.

“You like hot chocolate right?”

“Ya why?”

We pulled up to Tim Horton’s and mom ordered a coffee for herself and a hot chocolate for me

“Mmm mommy look! It has whip cream on top!”

“Yeah I know, do you like it?”

“A lot, besides, where are we going?”

“You will see….”

“Mommy I really gotta go to the bathroom”

“Can you hold it, we’re almost there”

“Mom, I have to go now” I said through clenched teeth

“Look, see were here, so wait a sec”

We came to a huge white building, and OH MY GOSH! We were going to see a play, I have always wanted to see one, and because it was a 2 hour drive up here we never bothered!…oh no!… becoming so excited I started to wet myself, luckily I caught it and I’m not that wet at all. I got out of the car and we both ran inside to go pee. I got there and went, we got out and went to buy our tickets, we were going to see Disney on Ice!

“Mom thank you so much! I really, really wanted to come here and now I did!!!”

"Your Welcome, I’m proud of you for making it to the toilet, now come on and lets get some food before we sit down. "

We got food, and watched the whole thing, it was Awesome! I totally wanna come again. But unfortunately…

“Ugh Jackie did you poop yourself?”

“Yeah, sorry, I couldn’t hold it and I wanted to watch the whole thing, I’m wet too.”

So this time when we went to the bathroom we went to the handi-cap one so mom could help me and it took a while.

On the way home I peed myself again (had a big pop) and so when we got home I went and changed by myself and just walked around in my shirt, socks and goodnight. Mom said that she doesn’t mind since its like pants because its so thick anyways. When I go downstairs from changing mommy said that I had a message, it was from my best friends Jessica and Macy.

“Hey Jackie, it’s Macy and Jessica, Were at Jessica’s house. Were just calling to let you know that we saw the pics of you but we don’t care ok. Were still your friends no matter what you are like. We are in a fight with the rest of our group because they were making fun of you, well call us later, maybe we can do something. Bye”

Mom was right there, she said that I can invite them over for a sleep over tonight since it was March break. I called them and they said that they would be over in 1 hour. I wondered what it was going to be like when they see my diapers? would them make fun of me? Maybe they were just saying that, besides they didn’t see my thick diapers…

Just One Time

Chapter 4

“Mommy hurry, I have to get ready before they get here”

“What do you need sweetie, you just changed”

“Um…pants would be nice!”

“Hehehe… but u look cute, like my little girl with out them” Daddy said as he walked into the front door.

“Macy and Jessica are coming over for a sleepover”

“Oh, that’s nice, well seeing as how I still have my shoes and stuff on, ill go grab some pop and chips and I’ll run to the movie store”

“Thank You Daddy! But when they get here you guys are mom and dad, they might think that I am a bigger baby than they thought”

“Ok Sweetie see you soon” Daddy said as he left.

I went upstairs, got my pants on and tried to tidy my room a bit. I emptied the garbage in my room which already had 4 wet diapers in it and then threw the garbage bag in the bin outside. Mommy bought something called ‘Oust’ and it took the yucky smell out of my room and made it smell like strawberries. When Daddy got back he helped me move my Diaper Cabinet and my garbage pail in my closet (which was empty, I put all my clothes in my dresser) and then the doorbell rang. I know I shouldn’t be nervous, they are my friends, but for some reason I’m very nervous.

I opened the door and Jess and Mace were standing there, with all their sleep stuff and Jess had her DDR with her.

“Hey guys, Jess you brought DDR, awesome!”

“Yeah I thought that we could play, where do you want us to put our stuff?”

“Oh it can go into my room”

“Ok that’s great, so what have you been up to the last 2 days, we missed you a whole bunch!”

“Did you miss me or are you just saying that? I’m pretty sure that everyone had a great time bashing me and making fun of me.”

“Jackie, it’s not like that! It was only Alicia, and we have always known that she is jealous of you, those pics mean nothing! Besides, Patrick still thinks that your sexy, and he thinks that the diaper thing is hot” Macy said through giggles.

“Come on, stop it! Did he really say that?”

“Yeah!!!” Jess and Mace yelled together

We had a fun time, we played DDR, we talked a lot, just like friends do, we had pizza and pop and later on ice cream. We were going to go to my room when mommy reminded me that I needed to get ready for bed, and then she whispered in my ear “I can see that your tush is mushy!” I was so embarrassed and was scared that they might hear. So we went up to my room to set the movie up and get ready, I would get ready after them. And just as planned, the topic of my diapers came up.

“So Jackie, do you wear goodnights to bed?”

“Well I have been wetting the bed too, but I wear something called Cotton Cloud”

“Can we see one?”

“Um, ok, if you promise not to make fun of me”

“Why would we?”

I got out one of my cotton cloud diapers and they stared in awe at it, feeling it and everything!


They started whispering, oh no, I didn’t like this!

“Can we wear one?”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah can we? That way your not alone wearing it”

“Um, my mom would have to change you though because there really hard to get on!”

“That’s ok”

“Well, let me get my mom then”

Mommy came to the room, confused but quite delighted that they wanted to wear one with me. She powdered all of us and then put rash cream on me because I was getting a little rash, and it stings, I feel bad for little babies who wear one for hours at a time. Then she told them there pajamas probably wouldn’t fit over it and she doesn’t mind if they just go pants-less. So now we looked funny! 3 girls, all the same size, each with a light blue shirt on that says ‘sorry, I have a boyfriend’ (we bought them together, don’t ask) and our own slippers.

“Aww you girls look so cute!”

“Daddy, go away!”

“Someone’s cranky!”

“Daddy!” I said through clenched teeth

“Ok, but your mother wants me to take a picture of the three of you!”

We took lots of pics, all different poses; we made a pyramid with ourselves, one with our bums in the air, one acting like we are supermodels and a whole lot more! It was so much fun! Daddy told us to settle down so we got into bed and started the movie, then halfway through I wet myself, and announced it

“I peed in my diaper”

“am I allowed to, because I have to go really bad!”

“yeah just go, if your wet enough my mom will change you before we go to bed”


“Hey, how come your having so many accidents all of a sudden? Out of no where?”

“Well, I don’t know, I mean the bedwetting thing the doctor said is normal and so is occasional day wetting, but to tell the truth since I have had the day time diaper on I haven’t used the toilet, I have only had I think 1 real accident.”

“that’s terrible!”

“no, its not, its actually quite nice, I like the feeling, and I like the time I spend with my mom”

“yeah, I really like the feeling too, Macy you should pee in it, it feels great!!!”

“Haha, don’t get excited now!”

We ended up having an awesome time! We watched 2 movies, ate a whole bag of chips, each had a chocolate bar and a couple cans of pop! We did each others nails and by the time the second movie was done we were all asleep. I know that when mom came in she changed me right there on the bed because I was soaked, and I think that she changed Jessica too because she was pretty wet, but Macy was only damp, not wet yet. Well, I wonder who will be wet in the morning, well I can answer that, ME, ME! But will the other girls be wet?

Just One Time

Chapter 5

When we all woke up we were all wet. So mom changed everyone but left me because I had a dentist appointment and had to leave soon anyways. We all said bye, promised not to mention that we were all in diapers and I went back to my room to clean the garbage. When I was done I lay down on my bed and was there for about 20 minutes when mom came in.

“Hey sweetie, did you have fun last night?”

“Yeah, but I’m tired mommy! Can’t I just go to sleep?”

“No, your appointment is in an hour and a half and you still have to have a shower and get dressed. So get on top of the covers so I can change you”

So mom changed me and I went to have my shower. Once I was done I went to my room to pick out some clothes. I chose my skirt and a black shirt with red sparkly lips on it.


“Yeah Jackie?”

“Can you put my hair in a pony for me? I like when you do it”

“Aww, anything for you sweetie pie. Do you have your goodnight on?”

“Yes. But mommy I’m hungry!”

“Ok, after we are done at the dentist then we will go to McDonalds and get a breakfast combo.”


“You might want to pull down your shirt hun, you can see your goodnight”

“Can we buy undershirts then that I can tuck in, it does this with all my clothes.”

“We’ll see after we’re done everything we need to do”

We went to the dentist and he said that I have perfect teeth and that I take care of them good (well duh! I knew that.) We went to McDonalds and I had an Egg McMuffin but I couldn’t finish it so I wrapped it up for home. Then mom took me back to the medical store.

“Mommy what are we doing here?”

“Well, since everything fits you o.k. and daddy just got his vacation pay we are gonna get you 3 more boxes of night time diapers and 4 boxes of Goodnights. Also you said that you wanted undershirts so I am going to get you a couple onsies. That way if you want to go back to school you can wear it and if you bend over you will only see an undershirt. And I think that since it gets so warm at night you should wear them to bed, that way your top is covered and it holds your diaper in place so it doesn’t sag as much, and it’s cool”

“Ok that’s fine, can we hurry up though I’m kinda tired”

I got 14 onesies, I got 2 with pink flowers, 2 with ducks, one solid purple, one solid blue, 2 solid pink, 2 with teddy bears and mommy got 2 customized, one says Daddy’s Pumpkin, and its orange and the other one says Princess Jackie. I really like them they look comfy!

When I got home I put a night time diaper on, my ducks onesie and I went to sleep in mommy’s bed with her, we set the alarm for 2pm so we could wake-up for lunch.

When I woke up mom was already up. It was 2:43, I guess I didn’t hear the alarm, I must have been tired. I checked my diaper myself and it wasn’t that wet, so I warmed it up with some pee and went downstairs.

“Hey Baby, did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, I’m not tired anymore”

“Are you wet?”

“Not a lot, can I just stay in this for right now?”

“Sure, oh and I ran out and got you something called PeriWash. I know you don’t like taking showers in the morning, so I got you this so you can just wash your diaper area in the morning and take a shower at night.”

“Thanks mommy, this should be better, I don’t like waking up really early”

“I know, here I made you a turkey sandwich so eat up”

After I was done eating I did some of my homework, well all of my homework except finish reading a book for English, I’ll do that when I’m in bed so I can concentrate without noise. Daddy came home, we had carrots, roast and potatoes for dinner, I had my shower and then got into my room so mommy can diaper me. Once she was done we both went downstairs to watch some TV.

“Mommy, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, anything, what’s on your mind?”

“Well… do you think that I’m a baby since I started wearing diapers?”

“Oh of course not! I think that it’s cute!”

“And I have something else to tell you. Well, I haven’t been having all the accidents in the day. I have been doing it on purpose sometimes, like when I pooped and a couple wetting times because I was too lazy”

“and you think that I didn’t know that? I don’t care what you do, you are my daughter and I accept you for who you are. I like you at home and diapered spending time with me then I do when your out with boys”

“I know I like it better this way too”

We watched 2 CSI shows in a row. Then I was getting tired so I decided that I was going to go to bed.

“Do you want to go sit outside on the front porch swing?”

“um, all I have is my Onsie on”

“It’s ok, its 11pm, its dark, no one is going to see you”

“Ok then!”

We went outside and sat on the swing for a while, I peed only once and mom just looked and smiled when she heard the hissing noise. I was cuddled in her lap and we were rocking back and forth in a nice, cool breeze. After I got really tired we went in and she tucked me into bed. I put my sound soother on and fell right asleep, bound to have good dreams all night.

Just One Time

Chapter 6

I woke up and was still really tired, I planned on going back to bed but before that I went downstairs to get a drink. I found a water bottle and put some chocolate milk in it (I hate plain milk, yuck.) I went up to my room and turned my TV on. I flipped through the channels and came to World Vision. It was still only 7:00am and that’s pretty much all that is on at this time. I had to pee so I went into my diaper. But unfortunately I was laying down when I did and because it was already soaked from the night before I leaked. I took the sheets of my bed and went downstairs and put them in the washing machine. I came upstairs and got another diaper and put it on. I took my onesie off and put just a t-shirt on. Since now I couldn’t lay in my bed I turned the TV off, got my milk and went to the computer room. I checked e-mail, nothing, went to a couple of web-sites, nothing interesting, so I got off (sigh) and went into the living room.

I watched TV for a while and drank my milk. I fell asleep about half an hour later and mommy woke me up at 10am.

“Morning sweetie, I made bacon and eggs”

“Mmm…. I’ll be right there”

I ate some breakfast and by the time I was done I had to poop. Seeing how far I could go with the diaper thing (I was starting to really like them) I sat at the table and pooped.


“Yeah mommy?”

“Did you just poop yourself?”

“I don’t know, why?”

“Can’t you smell that?”


“Come here”

She pulled the waist band of my diaper

“You just pooped yourself”

“Oh did I? I’m sorry mommy”

“Let’s go change then”

Mommy took me to my room and changed me. She held a goodnight in front of her for me to step into. I put it on and then we went downstairs to watch some more TV.

“You haven’t been out for a while, why don’t you call Jessica and Macy, they can come here or I can drive you guys to the roller skating rink or movies or something.”

“Good idea, be right back”

I called Jessica but she was at her grandmothers for the next couple of days, so I called Macy and she said that she really didn’t want to go out but she could come to my house. So I got some clothes on and mom and I went to pick her up. The day was pretty uneventful, we went for a walk and watched TV and played some DDR, that’s it. When it was time to leave before dinner at 5 she called and asked if she could sleep over. Her mom said yes so she was going to spend the night. Last sleep over was really fun, so I wondered how fun this one was going to be?

“So, what do you want to do?” I asked

“I don’t know anything. Wait, what am I going to wear to bed, I didn’t bring any clothes besides the ones I’m wearing”

“Do you want to wear a diaper?”

“Umm, will your mom let me again, I mean, I really liked it last time, I know Jessica didn’t really enjoy it that much but I really did”

“Yeah sure, do you want to wear a onesie too?”


“Come here, I’ll show you”

I showed Macy the onesie, she thought they were pretty cool, so she wore a pink one and I wore the other pink one so we matched.

“Come on girls, were going”

“Where are we going?”

“To the movies, didn’t your father tell you, since Macy is sleeping over I figured we could catch a flick.”

“Were in diapers and onesies, how do you expect us to go out like this, and we just got into them.”

“how about you guys just put some pants on, we can drive to the movies in Marshville, no one will know us from there, its almost a half an hour drive”

“Ok, we will go get some pants on”

Macy didn’t think that it was a good idea, but I persuaded her to go. We also grabbed a sweater jacket (I gave her one of mine) and we packed some extra diapers just in case. We all got into the car and started the trip to the movies.

“Umm, Lise (my mom’s name) I have to go to the bathroom”

“Cant you just use your diaper sweetie?”

“No, I have to go pooh”

“Well, we can’t stop, you can change right when we get to the theatre, I will help you if you need help”

Macy, crying, soiled herself in the backseat. I tried to comfort her but she didn’t want to hear it, she was really embarrassed. We sat in silence the rest of the way to the theater.

When we got to the movies Macy ran to the bathroom, me and mommy following her. She got a diaper from mom and changed by herself. She cleaned herself up pretty well, good thing too because the stalls were really small and two people would not fit comfortably. We went and bought our tickets and popcorn and went into the movie theatres. We saw a really scary movie called “Boogeyman” and it really freaked us out. I wanted to leave early before it was done but we couldn’t because mommy and Macy were enjoying the movie. After it was done I was soaked.

“Mommy, I’m really wet, can we change before we go home?”

“Can you please wait till we get home, those bathrooms are really stuffy and everyone will be in there since the movie just ended”

“Ok, I will wait, Macy are you wet?”

“Yeah, I am too, but I’m not that wet, just a little”

We got into the car in went home, on the way I went pee again and ended up leaking all over my pants and the car seat. Mommy said not to worry about it because we can wash it in the morning. We went home, mommy changed mine and Macy’s diapers and then we just left the onesies on and got into bed. We talked for a while and then fell asleep. I awoke in the middle of the night, my mouth dry and with a really bad headache. I wasn’t feeling to well. I went downstairs and got a drink of water and after that went right up to bed, still really tired.

When I got up in the morning Macy planned on staying the whole day but she left because when I woke up I threw up 2 times. I really wasn’t feeling well. So when Macy was gone I went upstairs and mommy changed my diaper and tucked me into bed. (She changed Macy right before she left) I turned my television on and watched the Disney channel for a while. I watched it from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Mommy brought me some chicken noodle soup later on and some chocolate milk. I ate all my soup and 3 soda crackers but I only drank about a quarter of my milk because it made me sick to my stomach. Mom changed my diaper again and I fell asleep until 4:30. It felt like I slept for hours but really it was less than an hour. When I got up I had to go pee so instead of going in my diaper (which was already wet) I went to the bathroom to go pee. I wrapped up the diaper and went to put a goodnight on.

“Hi mommy”

“Hi sweetie, I didn’t even hear you get up”

“I know, I was pretty quiet”

“Do you need a diaper change?”

“No, I already changed”

“Are the tapes on ok or do you need me to fix them?”

“I put a goodnight on”

“Oh, ok. Are you feeling better? Do you think that you could eat dinner?”

“Yeah I can, I’m feeling a little better.”

I ate dinner and went on the computer for a while. I then had a shower and read a chapter in my book. Mom changed me into my night time diaper and I fell asleep pretty quick.

Just One Time

Chapter 7

I woke up feeling really sick again. I don’t know what was up with me, I was feeling better before I went to bed. Luckily it was only Monday and I still had 7 days before I had to go back to school. I got up and my diaper felt really heavy. Wow, I must have gone a lot. I was sitting up and felt my dinner go to my throat. I ran to the bathroom and puked my head off. It felt like I was there forever. Mommy came to the door and stood there while I finished. She grabbed a cloth and gave it to me to wipe my mouth off. I gabbed the mouthwash and rinsed out my mouth. Mommy hugged me, I was feeling so bad. She brought me into her bed and I sat there in her arms. I was shivering.

“Oh Sweetie, you have a fever, here let me go get you a clean diaper, you pooped.”

“No I didn’t”, I said softly, too weak to talk any louder

“Yes you did, your bum is brown”


She came back with a diaper, baby wipes, powder, Gravol and a clean t-shirt [I got puke on the one I was wearing.] She changed me and put the clean t-shirt on me. I took the Gravol with some milk and lay back down. Mommy lay there with me and rubbed my back and talked to me softly until I fell asleep.

When I woke up mommy was gone. I sat up and started coughing. But I was coughing up blood! I called mom and she told me to wait there. I was feeling really terrible so a lay back down. My whole back was soaked with sweat and my hair was drenched. My skin was pasty white and I was freezing! Mom came back with a bag. She helped me sit up and took my shirt off me. She put another one on and then slid jogging pants around my ankles and lifted my bum so she could put them on me. She told me to stand up but I couldn’t. She carried me to the car and put me in the passenger’s seat.

“Where are we going?”

“The hospital baby”


“Sssh, just lay down and don’t think about it”

I rested my head on the back of the seat and fell asleep again. When I woke up again I was in a hospital bed with tubes in my arm and up my nose.

“Mommy” tears filled my eyes and I started crying.

“Its ok hunny, your going to be ok, just rest.”

"What’s going on?’

“You became unconscious in the car so I rushed here but now you are going to be ok. You just have a really bad case of the flu”

I knew my diaper was soaked, I could feel it.



“can you come here” She leaned closer to me

“I have a wet diaper, can you please change it for me?”

“of course”

She closed the curtains around my bed and changed my diaper. It felt a lot better after too. I had a fever of 102 so they put me into a tub full of ice and I sat there with only my diaper on. It wasn’t a very good experience. After another couple of hours I was starting to feel a little bit better. The nurse came with some chicken noodle soup and a brownie for dessert, and apple juice to drink. I ate most of the soup, half of my brownie and drank all of my juice.

They took the tubes out of me a little while ago [before I went into the ice bath] and the nurse told me I had to go for a walk. All I had on was a t-shirt so they told me I can take that off and they will give me a hospital gown. I got to pick what kind so I got a pink one with purple stripes, it was really cute. The only think I didn’t like was that you could see my back so they could see my diaper. Mommy told me it was ok since it was only in the children’s ward and the nurses knew anyways. When I was walking mom had to put her arm around me since I was still a little week. All the nurses and doctors commented on how cute I was and 2 even slapped my diapered bum. I was a little embarrassed but I didn’t care for the most part. After my walk I went into the waiting room and mommy and my nurse played monopoly. After that I went to the cafeteria for dinner and back to bed. I watched a movie and around 7pm mommy went home to get some of my stuff. They didn’t want to release me until tomorrow morning. Daddy came and he sat with me so mom could stay home and get some shut-eye. He brought one of my sleepers so he changed my diaper (he wasn’t very good at it) and put me in my sleeper. A little while later I fell asleep. Daddy went home around midnight and mom came back, but I didn’t know because I was sleeping.

I woke up around 6am feeling a lot better; I felt like I had a lot more strength then I did before. I think that the pills that they gave me helped. I had to poop, so I sat up and saw mom at the side of my bed on a couch sleeping. Because I didn’t want to do it in my diaper I went into my duffle bag at the end of my bed and grabbed a goodnight and a jogging suit. I walked over to the bathroom and had to come back to grab the wipes and powder that I forgot. I took off my sleeper and untaped my diaper. I sat on the toilet to do my business. I rolled up my diaper and put it into the napkin disposal [that’s all there was in there and it was big enough] and used toilet paper to wipe myself. Then I used the wipes for extra cleanliness and then put the powder on. I pulled up my goodnight and put on my jogging suit. I went back to my duffle bag and grabbed my toothbrush and hairbrush. I took a scrunchie and put my hair in a ponytail and brushed my teeth. I went back out and sat on my bed. By that time it was 6:45 so I read a book that mom brought for me. At 7:00 a nurse cam to wake me up, but finding I was already up she just woke mom up, I was allowed to go home. Mom was surprised that I changed already so she just gathered up my stuff, I said by to a couple of nurses that was there and we stopped at McDonalds and got an Egg McMuffin and brought it home so daddy could eat too. We just chilled out that day. I was on the computer for a couple of hours and I watched television. I had KD for lunch with some milk and for dinner I had spaghetti and meatballs. After dinner mom told me to go to her room with her.

“Jackie, we need to talk about weather you are going back to school or not”

“Mommy, I think that I am going to go back to school, the only thing worse than going back is not going back and people thinking that I’m chicken or something”

“Are you sure that you want to?”

“Yeah I’m sure; I still have Jessica and Macy”

“ok, so since you decided that if you want we can go shopping tomorrow for a couple outfits since it is becoming a little warmer and you really only have 3”

“Ok thanks mom, and would it be ok if I came home at lunch too so that way I can change if I’m wet”

“Yeah that’s fine, I’m always home anyways, I’ll just pick you up and you can come home and change”

“Thanks, but really I only plan to have an accident if it’s a real one, not just because I’m lazy”

“I know, you’re a good girl Jackie”

“Thanks mom”

We both went downstairs and watched TV, I fell asleep at 9 on the couch, so daddy carried me upstairs to my bedroom and mom changed me into a night diaper. She left me in the shirt I was wearing but took off my socks and pants. I woke up in the middle of the night from a really bad dream. I looked at my clock it was 3am.

“MOMMY!!” I yelled through tears.

“MOMMY!!” I called again.

“What is it sweetie? Is something a matter?”

“I had a bad dream!”

“What was it about?”

“I don’t know there were these really big killer laser beam robots and they were destroying everything, then Godzilla came and he smashed our house and everyone died but me, and I was all alone!” I started really crying now, I didn’t want to think about it.

“It was just a dream, its ok that’s not going to happen”

“But mommy, what if the robots come, I know there going to come”

“No there not sweetie, sssh, its ok, just go back to sleep, nothing is going to happen”

We went to mom’s room and she sat in her huge rocking chair with me in her lap. She rubbed my back while she rocked me. It kind of calmed me down but not by much. I just buried my face in her neck and hugged her tight. We both must have fallen asleep because I remember waking up and mom was carrying me to her bed and daddy was not in it. I just let her carry me and lay down. She crawled in and covered us both and we fell asleep again.

Just One Time

Chapter 8

Honey, sweetie, come on Hun, wake up"

“Huh? What time is it mommy?”

“Its noon, lunch is on the table, pea soup and grilled cheese, you better get up soon because we have some shopping to do today”

“Yeah but I only getting some outfits, that wont take long, just let me sleep”

“You have to eat, we have to get your outfits and do some groceries too, and you have softball practices starting tomorrow so we have to get you your equipment and a new glove”

“Ok, mommy, how am I supposed to play baseball with a diaper on when I have to wear baseball pants?”

“You can wear your goodnights and when we go shopping I will make sure you can get a baggier pair, don’t worry, it will work out fine”

“Ok then, I believe you”

“Of course you do, I’m your mother, now go downstairs and start eating while I make the bed”

“Ok, ok I’m going!”

I went downstairs and dipped my sandwich in my soup, it was really yummy. I went to the fridge and got myself some Fruitopia and finished my lunch, or breakfast, well a brunch I guess, he-he. I peed in my diaper while I was putting my dishes in the dishwasher and it leaked just a little, it made a tiny puddle on the floor, I knew I couldn’t sit down in this. I went to the cupboard and grabbed the paper towels to wipe it up, I put them in the garbage and grabbed the swiffer to finish the job. I waddled upstairs and untaped the diaper, it made a squishy noise when it hit the tiles. Mommy came in and took the diaper and put it in the pail. She took the rest of my clothes and brought me a towel and told me to have a shower. After I was done in there I dried myself off and went to my room. I put a goodnight on and then a skirt. I put on my bra and shirt and towel dried my hair. Mommy came in and French braided it for me and put a cute sparkly scrunchie on the end. I put on my sandals and grabbed my ‘diaper bag’. We got into the car and headed out.

“Where are we going first mommy?”

“We can go to the mall first to the sports shop and there is a really cute clothing store that just opened on Wyandotte street that I want you to buy your clothes from”

“Then we can go grocery shopping”

“Yup, that’s the schedule”

“Ok, that works out, what time do we have practice tomorrow? And how do you know what color pants to get?”

“When I called your coach said that he wants you to get black because the shirts are green with black writing”

“Oh, ok, then can I get new cleats to because they have pink on them and pink and green don’t go together”

“Yeah of course”


We got to the mall and went into Sports Source. I got a leather glove, a 12 inch, ½ an inch bigger than last year. I also got cleats that have a green stripe and the bottom is also green and the inside. My helmet is black with a green strap and green trimming with a hole for my ponytail in the back. My pants were ok, when I put my sliding shorts on you can’t notice my diaper anyways. I got a green water bottle and a new batting bag. I got a new bat too, its Nike and it is blue with a green grip and white writing, brand new, and everyone is going to want to use it because it is new.

After we were done there we went to that new clothing store, it’s called Dots, and they have some really nice Tween/Preteen/Junior clothes. I hope I can shop there forever, but I can’t because there clothes are so small I’m already in a large and they only go to an extra large. Well large pants and medium shirts. I got 2 jogging suits; one is pink with a flare leg and a pink hoodie that says messing around with a picture of a monkey on it and the other one is purple with a flare leg and a baby blue line down the side and a hoodie that says princess with a kitty with a crown on it on the front, and also a blue line down the sleeve. I got 3 pairs of jeans, 2 capris, 2 skirts and 4 pairs of shorts. I got 7 t-shirt, 1 spaghetti strap, and 2 ¾ length sleeve shirts.

We went to do the groceries which was a boring and then went home. I went upstairs right away and folded all my clothes and put them away. After I was done that I took my pants off and went to the bathroom to go poop and pee. After I was done I went downstairs in just my dry goodnight, socks and shirt.

“Go put some pants on”

“But mommy I thought tha…”

“I know sweetie but I’m having company over any minute, that’s why I’m rushing to put everything away”

“What company”

“The ladies from my book club that I have meetings with, but the meeting is cancelled tonight so I decided to have them over for dinner.”

“What are you cooking?”

“I was supposed to make a roast but since we started late I don’t have time so I am ordering Chinese”

“Oh, well they aren’t supposed to be here for… what did you say?..”

“Oh about 20 minutes”

“Ok, so I will get my pants on in 20 minutes” I said as I skipped out of the kitchen

“Jackie… Come here, actually don’t, go change, Jackie, oh jeesh, what a child” mommy said through sighs.

I was sitting on the couch when the doorbell rang.

“Jackie! I told you to go change! Gladys is here and she doesn’t want to see a 14 year old in diapers with no pants, now go!”

“Ok, ok, holy, don’t be so mean”


I ran upstairs and put some pants on. I changed into jogging pants and a different shirt so you couldn’t see my diaper through it so much. When I went downstairs Gladys, Cindy, Shelly, Marybeth and Jolene were all in the living room while mom was fixing tea and coffee. I went in and said hello and gave all the ladies a quick hug. I sat down in my bean bag in front of the coffee table because there was only one spot left on the couch or loveseat and I figured it was moms. I got up and went into the kitchen and gave mommy everyone’s orders for cream or milk or sugar, that sort of thing. I brought everyone their tea while mommy fixed me hot chocolate. She brought it in for me and they just talked about different things. They all took turns asking me questions about school and how my grades were, that sort of thing. About an hour later the doorbell rang and mom gave me the money to pay the delivery man. Everyone went into the formal dining room, the one we use for Christmas and Easter and stuff. I grabbed the milk, water and pop and set it onto the table which mommy already set. Dinner was good, mommy ordered sushi which looked disgusting and I would never eat it but besides that it was ok. We had vanilla ice-cream with wafers for dessert and they all had another coffee. On my way to put my bowl in the sink my spoon fell so I bent over and picked it up and was on my way, but when I came back I got a couple funny stairs.

“Jackie darling” Marybeth said “are you wearing a diaper?”

“No” I said really quickly

“But we saw it when you bent over” Gladys said

Mommy explained to them that I was having some bladder troubles and needed them as a just in case, she told them that I usually didn’t need them but on the rare occasion I did, so it is better to be safe than sorry. They asked if I just wear them at home so mommy told them that I have to wear them everywhere and that I wear thick ones to bed because I have a bedwetting problem too. They thought it was cute and didn’t think I was weird or anything but didn’t like the fact that I lied to them. I said sorry and sat there pretty quiet the rest of the night, a little embarrassed at what happened.

I was getting annoyed when it was 9 o’clock and they still were here, laughing and having a good time, probably only because mommy brought out her expensive wine. Daddy was home but he was in the family room watching TV, I didn’t want to sit there anymore and was tired so I went and had my shower. After I got dried off I went downstairs in my towel and asked daddy to change me. he came upstairs with me and put my diaper on. He grabbed short pajamas and helped me get dressed in those too. He brushed my hair and put it in a headband. He grabbed my slippers and put those on my feet too, it was a little weird because he was babying me a little but I also enjoyed the attention I was getting, I felt safe and secure too.

“Come on, let’s go downstairs so you can say goodnight to mommy”

“I don’t want to go to bed”

“But I want you to, you can watch TV in your room and I will get you a glass of milk to come upstairs with but I want you in bed”

“ok fine, if I have to”

“That’s my girl, come on munchkin”

“DADDY! STOP! PUT ME DOWN!” I yelled at him as he put me over his shoulder, but you really couldn’t understand me through my giggling.

He rested me on his hip and carried me downstairs to my mommy.

“Goodnight mom, I love you”

“Oh I love you too sweetie, why is daddy carrying you?”

“Because he is silly and wont put me down”

“Ooh, that’s not good, daddy put her down”

“Never!!” daddy said in a deep voice

“Ok, goodnight honey, sweet dreams”

“I will, goodnight everyone!”

“Goodnight” they all said together

Daddy carried me back upstairs and laid me in bed; he left and came back two seconds later with my milk and two cookies. He tucked me in and put Meet the Fockers in my DVD player so I can watch it, I love that movie!! I didn’t eat my cookies because I just had dessert but I drank my milk and got to the part when they get to Focker Island before I rolled around and fell asleep. I woke up a couple times when mommy came and kissed my cheek and turned my movie off and when daddy was taking a shower and I heard the water running, but other then that I slept like an angel.

Just One Time

Chapter 9

“Honey wake up, come on, wake up, you’re going to be late”

“What time is it?”

“It’s 9:00 am… you have to be there for10:00 am”

“Oh ok”

I slowly got up on one elbow and rubbed my eyes. While I was laying there mom pulled down my pajama shorts and undid my diaper. She threw it into the can and wiped me clean, she got the Perri Wash and washed my private area until I didn’t smell at all and I was super clean. I got up and ran to the bathroom so no one would see me. I went pee on the toilet and came back to mom. I stepped into the goodnight she was holding for me and then jogging pants. I put socks and a bra on while mom was getting my t-shirt and sweater out of the drawer. I put deodorant on and then my shirt. Mom put my hair into a ponytail and then a scrunchie.

“Ok, you’re all ready, go brush your teeth and meet me downstairs for breakfast.”

“Silly goose, just go”

I went and brushed my teeth then went downstairs. Mommy popped in two frozen waffles and when they were toasted she buttered them and put syrup for me. I started eating, they were ok, I don’t really like frozen food but I can’t complain, at least I’m not hungry. She poured chocolate milk for me and I drank that all up too.

“Do you want me to stay for your practice hunny?”

“Yeah, but only if other parents are there, if there not then you can leave, I don’t want to look like a fruit”

“Ok then, I will go grab my camping chair”

I grabbed my glove and put my spikes on. On the way there mom stopped at Tim Horton’s and got herself a coffee and me a peach juice so I can drink when I get thirsty. When I got to practice there were a couple of parents so mom stayed. There were only 2 new players on the team and they were sisters. Everyone else I knew. We did the basic stuff. He handed out jerseys and forms, we talked about rules and teamwork and stuff like that. We stretched and we threw the ball around. That’s all we did, we worked on catching and throwing. Once it was done I didn’t even open my peach juice and didn’t break one sweat. I said goodbye to everyone while they were leaving and me and mom went home. In the car I drank my peach juice and peed in my goodnight. Since it was already noon we went to Taco Bell and sat there and had lunch. On the way out I ordered me and mommy curly fries and a chocolate milkshake to share.

“Mommy, I will do anything for you if you get me something”

“Depends what”

“Well, I have been being good haven’t I?”

“Yes, very good, why, what do you want?”

“A puppy”

“JACKIE! You know your father doesn’t like dogs”

“Ohhh, mommy! Please, please, please!”

“No Jackie, that’s final”

“You’re being mean, I get lonely” I started crying, but only the pout crying.

“If you want one that much you can get another animal, like a hamster”

“Eew I don’t want one of those, yuck, can I get a kitten then?”

“Fine, we have to hurry up though, I’m supposed to be watching Alex today, his mom is going out of town so we have him over night”

“Ok then we will hurry up”

We went to the local pet shop, they had really cute puppies but I couldn’t get one so we went to look at the cats. I got a really cute kitten! It is all white and really fluffy with beautiful blue eyes, like the kitties on Royal TP packages. We bought a cat bed, scratching post, toys, food, kitty litter and a kitty litter box, a brush and shampoo. The guy at the store told us if you give cats baths when they are kittens they wont mind water when they are older, so mommy planned to do that. When we got home I set up the kittens stuff in the living room in an empty corner and mommy got the kitty litter and food ready. I decided to name my kitty popcorn because she was so small and white just like a piece of popcorn. I played with her a while and while in the middle of that Alex and his mom knocked at the door. Alex’s mom is a single mom and works a lot, Alex has an older brother but he sometimes goes on business trips with his mom so my mommy watches him. He is 2 and not potty trained, as almost all 2 year olds aren’t.

“OOH KIWWY” Alex said while walking over to me.

"I grabbed popcorn and put her in her bed and grabbed Alex and flew him around like an airplane. He was laughing so hard I was afraid he was going to choke himself so I put him down and let him say goodbye to his mom. She told him to be good and left.

Nothing happed much that day. Dad was out with some of his work buddies to play some pool and mom put Alex to bed around eight. [There is a crib in the guestroom for him] I sat with mom for a bit and went on the computer before I went to bed around ten. I was really tired. Mom changed me and put some cream on me because I had a really bad rash from sitting in my wet goodnight when I got home because I forgot to change. I put a onesie on and fell asleep.

When I woke up in the morning I heard mom baby talking to Alex. I went downstairs to find my eggs and bacon on the counter and she was just putting Alex in his highchair.

“Morning Mommy”

“Hey sweetie, I was just coming to get you”

“Well, I’m here”

“Your food is on the counter; eat it before it gets cold”

I got my plate and sat down, I was starving. I ate all of it in less than 10 minutes.

“Done mommy”

“Whoa, did you even chew it Jackie?”

“No, I don’t think so!”

“Your silly”

“Why thank you, thank you very much. I’m going to go have a shower, I can take my own diaper off since your busy with Alex” I said, pointing to her helping him with his eggs.

“Okay, thank you baby, make sure it ends up in the garbage though.”

“I will, don’t worry”

I went to my room and took my onesie off. I had to pee so I did it in my diaper, that way I wouldn’t have to dirty another one later. (or waste my time using the toilet) I threw the diaper in the bin and grabbed my towel. After my shower I put my hair into a pony tail, put a goodnight, pants, bra and shirt on. Then I went into the living room where mom was watching Elmo with Alex.

“Mom, if you want I can take Alex to the park so you can have a break”

“That would be great, but it’s only 9:00”

“I know, but now it’s not crowded and its not hot.”

“Okay, but can you change and dress him for me?”

“Sure no problem”

I picked him up and brought him to the guest bedroom where his changing pad was set up. I undid his diaper and found a little chocolate surprise he left for me.

“Eeew Alex, you’re a stinky boy!!”

“Hehehe, no ur tinky” He said in his cute baby voice

I finished up with his diaper, put a new one on him, and grabbed the outfit mom had out. (Blue overalls with a choo choo train on it with a white t-shirt.) We went downstairs and I put sandals on his feet, then my sandals and we headed out the door. It wasn’t a long walk so we were there in no time.

“Ok Alex, what do you wanna do?”

“Uh, teeter teeter!!!”

We walked to the see-saw and played on there for a while, then I pushed him in the swings, he played on the jungle gym and then we made a sand castle.

“Lets go home Alex” I said in hopes of getting off easy, the kid loves the park but we were there for over two hours already.

“Nooo I wanna stay puh leeeze!”

“Alex we need to get home and change you out of your pee-pee pants”


“Because you don’t want to get a rash do you?”


“Ok then lets go”

On the way home about 3 minutes from my house Alex says very loudly;

“Do you have pee-pee pants Dackie?” He says in his cute voice, although it isn’t very cute at the moment.

“No, I don’t Alex”

“But ur mummy told my mummy dat you wear da same ting as me, and dat means dat u have pee-pee pants too”

“Well that doesn’t mean that I have pee-pee pants, because I don’t right now”

“Ooh den u have tinky bum, you can tell”

“and how can you tell?” I asked him, quite irritated, as I was still dry and clean.

“Cuz ur bums all puffy”

“No I’m not poopy”


I wondered if my butt was really that puffy that you could tell I had a goodnight on. It was kinda cute the way that he assumes things but I was kinda embarrassed that he would mention my diapers to me out in public. Luckily for me though, no one heard because the street seemed deserted except for an elderly couple on there front porch and little kids playing pretend cut the lawn in another yard. When we got home mom was out back watering the garden so I took Alex and changed him, then I put him in the living room on his little Winnie the Pooh chair and went to the kitchen. I got him a sippie-cup of juice and pieces of bologna sandwich that mom had prepared him earlier. I brought it to him and told him not to make a mess and to be good, he didn’t even acknowledge that I was there and kept looking at the television (Max & Ruby was on). I went into the kitchen, grabbed myself a fruit roll up and went outside to see mommy.

“Hi mommy, Alex is eating lunch and watching TV”

“Okay, thank you for taking him today”

“No problem, he is easy to watch and he is so silly” I said while I wet my goodnight.

“Yeah he is adorable” Mommy agreed. “Are you wet, you look saggy”

“Yuppers I just peed”

“Okay, go change so you don’t get another rash and make sure you put cream on”

“Okie Dokie”

I went to my room and changed. I lay on my bed and watched television for a while until I got really hungry.

“Mooommyyy I’m hungry!”

“Daddy is on his way home now, he is bringing you home Taco Bell”

“Oh, why is he coming home so early?”

“Lunch, I called him because I wanted Tacos, and I didn’t want to have to drive, and he said he had forgotten some papers so I told him to bring home food”

“So he is going back to work?”

“Yeah, he’s only staying for a couple of minutes”


I said hi to daddy when he came home, ate my food and when mom put Alex down for a nap I went for a nap too, mommy changed me into a diaper and I took my shorts off. I watched television for half an hour before I could really fall asleep, I was cozy with Popcorn sleeping at my head, her fur rubbing on my face and a nice thick diaper around my bottom, life was good!

Just One Time

I woke up and Alex was sitting on top of me trying to stick his finger up my nose.

“Alex! What are you doing hunny?”

“Your Mommy told me to come wake yew up”

“Ok, I’m up, hey Alex, have you seen popcorn?”

“I ate him!”


“Ur mummy gave me popdorn when u were sleepin and I ate dem”

“Ok come on Alex!”

I grabbed him and put him on my hip and went to popcorns bed. Luckily he was still there. Mommy must have given Alex some popcorn as a snack. I Put Alex on the bean bag and went into the computer room. I decided to look for something to relate to diapers. I went to the search engine and typed in the word teens in diapers and got a lot of results. I got a couple porn sites [yuck], some model sites and then a few forums and a couple story sites. I went to a story site and read a couple short stories, some of them were really good, really creative, others were boring, but everyone is different. I then went to a forum site. It was pretty cool, there were pictures of kids and teens in diapers and it was nice to see that I wasn’t alone. I joined up and started chatting in the chat room. There was no one near me, but a really nice girl I was talking to who was the same age. She lived about 4 hours away though, so we could never meet. I wanted to post the pictures I took of me in diapers on the internet but mommy said it wasn’t a good idea, so I didn’t. I learned that some people don’t have to wear diapers; they just do because they like to, and some people like to act as babies too. I think that’s cool!

I wish that I could act like a baby. Mommy treats me like one sometimes but not like a real baby. I want to sleep in a crib, have a bib, and wear my night time diapers all of the time and even talk babyish. I also don’t want to because I am going to school in a couple of days, I’m already worried about wearing goodnights. I don’t think that I could bear it if I wore my thick diapers. Macy is cool about wearing thick ones, I think I will tell her about how I want to act like a baby, and we could do it together. I also hope one day that I can have a boyfriend that will treat me like a baby and change my diapers, but I doubt it because I probably won’t be in diapers much longer. I think that I will pretend to keep having accidents just so I can stay in diapers longer. But that is just a fantasy, not a reality.

I talked to my friend Miranda and she said everyone was getting together to go bowling and that they wanted me to come. Macy and Jessica were going so I thought I would too. It was at 1:00pm tomorrow.


“Yeah Jackie?”

“Can I go bowling tomorrow?”

“With what money?”

“Umm, I did take Alex to the paarrrkkkk”

“Okay, but it’s only worth $30 and that’s all I’m giving you”

“That’s good, thank you”

“Who are you going with?”

“Umm, everyone, Miranda invited me and Macy and Jess will be there”


I told Miranda that I could go for sure and I would see them at 1:00 tomorrow. I wonder who will be there, I hope that no one will make fun of me, but I don’t think they will. I can just go pee before I go and wear a goodnight with a skirt, no one will find out! I can even lie and tell them it was some sort of joke and I really don’t need diapers, but I’m not very good at lying, so I don’t know how well that will work.

I went to play blocks with Alex for a while and we went into the back yard and I played Choo-Choo with him, but this time I was the caboose and he was the conductor. My diaper was getting really soggy so I went inside to have it changed.

“Mommy” She didn’t answer at first “MOOOMMMYYY!!!”

“Jeesh, don’t yell so loud, I was doing laundry, I heard you”

“Oh, I’m sorry, can you forgive me?”

“Of course I can, what do you need?”

“I peed in my diaper and I need it changed”

“Okay I will be right there, go wait in your room”

I waited for almost 5 minutes and she still wasn’t there so to be mean I pooped into it. I could have held it but she was taking too long. Just to make it hard I bounced on my bed with my bum, making sure to smear it all over. Mommy finally came in and made a funny face.

“EEW did you just poop?”

“Yea, sorry mommy but you were taking too long!”

“I was just putting in a tape for Alex, couldn’t you have waited?”

“I’m sorry, I won’t do it again”

“Good, because your not the one who has to clean it”

After mom changed me I went to watch television. Mom made chicken legs for dinner with wild rice and mashed potatoes. It was really good, even though it was all over my hands because it was smothered in barbecue sauce. Mommy knows that I love my chicken wings! I could even say that they are my favorite. During dinner I peed in my diaper twice. I developed a bad habit though. When the diaper gets mushy between my legs I like to squeeze it with my hand and play with it like play-dough. I really need to stop that; I especially can’t do that at school!

Alex’s mom came to get him around 7pm. She brought timbits for us, paid mom and left. Me, mommy and daddy went into the back yard to talk and stuff. We were out there for almost two hours before we went in and had ice cream cones. Daddy had a good idea and he scooped the ice cream, then he took sprinkles and put them in a bowl. He took my cone and he dipped it. It was really, really good! After we were done mommy took off my diaper and I went to have a shower. I washed everywhere and when I was done mommy brushed and put my hair in a pony tail for me. She put my diaper on for me and put on a nightgown. I went to lay with mommy on the couch and fell asleep there, but she left me there until I woke up in the morning.

Re: Just One Time

Does anyone know if there’s any more to this story?