Keeping secrets

As I said earlier, this one was a lot of fun: very different from everything else out there and a blend of science fiction and ABDL and gumshoe story. Great concept and great writing. :slight_smile:

I’m not so good at giving constructive criticism or the like.
​​​​​​But I can say that I really liked and enjoyed reading the story.

Great story with a very original plot.
As said by others before, the mixing of technology and DL part is great. We could feel a complete univers behind your story even if you dont give much details.
The last chapter finishes really well your story even if could only want more with this quality.

Nice job.

Thank you for your work.

Very well written story even without the diapers.

I’m not sure she’ll be a successful businesswoman doing all that free work though.

Really enjoyed this one too. I got quite impressed at the way the technology seems natural during reading although it’s something alien to us. We’ll written

Just finished reading the whole story, and I absolutely loved it! I really like how the plot feels like it has kind of like a ‘natural’ (?) flow to it, like it doesn’t feel forced at all and it just keeps on telling the story, moving steadily towards the end… I also liked that it was really original, with that mix of dl and sci-fi, I’d really like to see some sort of epilogue where Kat and Tracy are seen together in their date or maybe a while after it, like how’s their life together… Anyway, I really enjoyed your writing, it’s really nice!

I’m sorry to tell you that this story was a one-off and that there will not be an epilogue like that. Mostly because in my head, Kat and Tracy were never going to have a happily ever after. They would go on a date or two, but eventually Kat would be gone. After all, she’s only hiding out until the heat dies down. I never saw Kat as the type to have any kind of long-term relationship.

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Loved the story, one of my top ten for sure. Great writing, great imagination!