Kelly's Come to America 11-15


Chapter 11

“NOOO!!!” Josh yelled as he jerked into a sitting position after
John touched his shoulder.
“Easy there. It was only a dream Josh,” John told him as Josh
looked around the room frantically.
“It was so real,” Josh whispered a moment later as he became
fully awake.
“It’ll be OK. No one here is going to hurt you,” John told him as
he pulled his brother into a protective embrace. Josh started crying
softly a second later.
“Just let it out,” he was told softly by his brother. A moment
later the boys parent’s came rushing into the room, having been
awakened by Josh’s yell. Josh practically jumped into his mother’s arms
the second she sat on his bed.
“You two can go back to your rooms now,” Mr. Kelly told his two
oldest children a short time later as he herded them towards the
bedroom door. Both of the nodded at this sleepily as they did as they
were told.
“Dad, could I get a drink please?” Josh asked as he calmed down.
“Sure Josh. I’ll be right back,” He responded and walked out of
the room. While his dad was out of the room Mrs. Kelly helped Josh over
to his changing table so she could change his soaked diapers.
Josh’s dad reentered his bedroom just as his mother finished
pulling some plastic pants on over his clean diapers.
“Josh, the doctor gave us some pills to help you sleep when
needed. I was hoping to not use them, but I think you should,” He said
reasonably as he handed Josh some small white pills and a small glass
of water. After Josh took the offered medication he was helped back to
his bed where his father handed him a bottle of warm milk. Josh smiled
faintly at this. He fell back asleep a couple minutes later as the
pills took effect.
“Good morning, Josh,” Mrs. Kelly stated brightly as her youngest
limped into the kitchen.
“Morning,” Josh replied through a yawn.
“I’m sorry I was so much trouble last night,” he added.
“There’s nothing to be sorry about. Last night was no worse than
the other times you’ve had bad dreams,” Josh’s dad announced before his
wife could.
“I know, but.,” Josh started to say before being interrupted by
his father.
“I don’t want to hear any ‘buts’, Joshua. Your having nightmares
is to be expected. The doctor told us as much when he released you the
other day. Just give it time and I’m sure things will sort themselves
Josh accepted this, but his doubts showed clearly on his face.
“You aren’t going to keep having me take the sleeping pills, are
“We’ll only use them when we feel that you need to get some
sleep,” Mrs. Kelly told him as she brought out some sweet rolls. As she
did so, Erin came into the room.
“Morning,” She said yawning.
“Are you feeling better this morning, Josh?” she continued while
she sat down.
“Yeah, I’m OK. Thanks.” Erin was able to catch an underlying tone
to this statement but let it pass as she, too, took a roll.
“Well, as soon as John decides to join us we’ll have some
breakfast and see about having a slightly belated Christmas.” Just as
Mrs. Kelly finished saying this John entered the room.
“I heard someone mention my name?” he asked while taking a seat.
“You did.”
“Well, now that we’re all here let’s eat before the food goes
cold,” Mr. Kelly said while helping his wife bring in plates of food
from the kitchen.
After eating, Josh was taken back upstairs for a quick diaper
change before he and his family started their late Christmas
celebration. While Josh did enjoy the time spent with his family, he
was mad that he needed some help opening his gifts due to having an arm
that was still in a sling. Soon after the last gift was opened and the
mess cleared away, Josh fell asleep curling up with a fleece blanket
that he had received.
“I should be home in time for dinner,” Erin told her parents
after helping clean up the mess that was made during the morning’s
“That’s fine, Erin. You have a good day at work,” she was told by
her father as she finished getting ready for work.
“I will. I just hope I don’t get into to much trouble for the
time I missed these last few weeks.”
“Given the circumstances of it, I doubt much will be said,” her
father said.
“I hope you’re right,” Erin replied as she put her coat on and
headed for the door.
“Erin, Kevin and Eric would like to see you in the office after
you clock in,” Erin was told as she walked into the receiving area.
“Thanks Aaron,” she replied.
“How’s your brother doing?” Erin was surprised by this question
because she couldn’t remember ever being asked any personal questions
in the time the two had been working together.
“He’s doing better. The let him come home last night.”
“That’s good to hear. I hope everything works out OK for you
all.” Erin accepted this with a friendly smile as she turned to head
into the back office.
“Enter,” Erin heard a moment after she knocked on the closed
“You wanted to see me?” she asked nervously as she entered the
room and sat in the offered seat
“Yes, we did,” Eric, the store’s General Manager, told her.
“Kevin just informed me of the reason why you had missed these
last two weeks of work. I want you to know how sorry I am about it.”
Erin just nodded at this as Kevin started speaking.
“Is he doing OK?” he inquired.
“Yeah, they released him yesterday. Thanks for asking.”
“Are you going to be OK working, or do you feel that you need
some more time off?” Eric asked, jumping back into the conversation.
“Now that I know that he’s going to be all right, I feel that I
can do my job without any problems,” she answered firmly as to leave no
doubt that she meant what she said.
“That’s fine, I just wanted to make sure,” Eric said with an
approving smile. Erin smiled back in relief at this.
“Well, I’ll just leave you two alone so you can work out the
details for the shift today,” Eric told them as he got out of his
“I’m glad your brother is doing better Erin. If you feel that you
need any extra time off, or just need someone to talk to about this let
me know,” Eric told her with a friendly pat on the shoulder. Erin again
voice her thanks at this and told him he would keep it in mind.
The rest of Erin’s day went by in a blur of customers. Most of
whom were happy to hear that her brother was doing well.
“Yes, can I help you?” Mrs. Kelly asked as she opened the door to
see a postal carrier standing in front of her.
“Yes, I have a package here for a Joshua Kelly,” the carrier
stated after looking at a clipboard.
“I’m his mother. I’ll accept the package,” she told them. With a
nod she was handed the clipboard and after signing it was handed a
small package.
“Thank you. Have a good day,” she told the carrier as they walked
off and she closed the door.
“Who was that, honey?” her husband asked as she walked back into
the family room.
“It was the postal carrier with a package for Josh,” he was told.
“I wonder who would be sending Josh a package this late after the
holidays,” Mr. Kelly wondered aloud.
“I guess we’ll just have to wait for Josh to wake up and open
“Actually, we could open it as well since it has your name on it
as well,” Mr. Kelly continued with a grin.
“I swear, Arthur, you’re almost as bad as the kids at times,”
Mrs. Kelly joked at her husband, but started to open the box anyway.
Inside she found a wrapped package and two letters. One addressed to
her, the other to Josh. Without a word said she opened her letter and
started to read.

Dearest Janet,

I hope this letter finds you and the rest of the family well. I was
pleased to hear from you the other day to let me know that Josh is
doing well and should be going home soon. With any luck, he’ll be home
by the time you read this letter.

You’d be pleased to see the how the regiment is reacting to the news of
the incident involving Josh. Most of the people here remember Josh, as
well as John and Erin from all the times they spent visiting Emily and
the kids here. They all feel this is like an assault on one of their
own and are pretty worked up over it.

This brings me to the next part, after a long talk with both my
battalion and regimental commanders we have decided, with your
permission, to make Josh an honorary member of the regiment. Please
don’t mention this to him we would like it to be a surprise, if you
agree to it. The enclosed box is a special gift from me to Josh.

Let me know as quickly as possible to your decision. Emily and the kids
send their love.

Your loving brother,

“Is everything OK, Janet?” her husband asked as she started to
“Yes, I’m all right,” she replied with a shaky voice as she
handed her husband the letter she just finished.
“I think we maybe we might want to talk to Dr. Benton about this
first. I think it’s a good idea, but he might have a better feel for
other things we haven’t considered,” Mrs. Kelly agreed with this
thought and reached for her purse to get the card she was given.
“Dr. Benton,” The voice stated.
“Dr. Benton, this is Janet Kelly, Josh’s mother.”
“Yes, Mrs. Kelly, is everything all right?”
“Yes, everything is fine. The reason I’m calling is due to a
letter I had just received from my younger brother in Britain,” she
started and then filled him in on what her brother was wanting to do.
“Hmm. That does sound interesting. I’ll assume that you’re
wanting my opinion as to whether this would be a good idea from a
mental stand point for Josh?” he asked.
“Yes, we were. My husband and I both feel that we should give our
consent for this, but we don’t know how Josh would react, or whether
this would be a hindrance to his getting better,” Janet told him.
“I don’t think that this could hurt as long as it’s done in the
right way. In fact, something like this could actually help him. In
past cases I’ve had like this with adults they’ve almost always gone
through a time to where they would second guess their actions. A
presentation like this could greatly reduce this with Josh by showing
him that he acted correctly. And that this is being handled by people
he knows and, I’ll say, probably looks up to helps even more,” He told
“How’s Josh doing?” he continued.
“He had a bit of a rough night, but he seems to be doing better,”
Josh’s mom told him.
“That’s good to hear.”
"Thank you for your time, doctor, and I’m sorry to have disturbed
you on a Saturday.
“It’s quite all right. Give me a call if any of you need to
talk,” He told her before hanging up.
“What did he say?” Mr. Kelly asked as his wife set the phone
“He felt that accepting would be a good idea,” she told him while
looking over at her youngest son.
“He looks so peaceful like that. It to bad that he had to find
out just how dangerous this world is at such a young age,” she thought
to herself as she got up to adjust the blanket that was covering him.
“I’m home,” Erin called several hours later as she walked into
the house.
“We’re in the kitchen. Erin,” Mr. Kelly called back.
“Josh is still asleep, I see,” Erin stated as she spied her baby
brother still sleeping in the same chair that he was in when she left.
“Yeah. I think this morning really wore him out,” Erin’s mom told
“Have you given any thought about when school starts back up on
Monday?” Erin asked her parents.
“I was planning on keeping him home for another week so he could
get some more energy back. Plus the fact he has his first meeting
tomorrow with the psychiatrist. How did your day go?” Erin was asked.
“It was OK. Both Kevin and Eric were really supportive about why
I needed the time off. Aside from that, it was a steady day,” Erin told
“I’m going to go up and get into some more comfortable clothes.”
“OK. Let John know that dinner will be ready in about Thirty
Minutes while you’re up there.”
“OK, I will.”
“John, mom said dinner will be ready in about thirty minutes,”
Erin announced as she walked into his room.
“OK, Erin. Thanks for letting me know,” John told her as he got
up to take out the movie he just finished. Little did he know that the
sweat pants he had on had slipped down in back some exposing the diaper
he had on underneath them. Erin did a slight double take on seeing
them, but said nothing as she left the room.
“Mom, can I talk to you in private for a minute?” Erin asked a
short time later.
“Sure. Let’s go into the office,” She was told as her mom led her
into the spare room they use as an office.
“So, what did you want to talk to me about?” Mrs. Kelly asked as
she and her daughter sat down.
“I’m not really sure how to say this, but when I went up to tell
John dinner would be ready in a short while, like you asked, I could
have sworn I saw John wearing a diaper,” Erin informed her mom.
“Excuse me, but did you say you though you saw John wearing a
diaper?” Erin was asked in disbelief.
“Yeah, I did. John had gotten up to pull out the movie he was
watching and the pants he had on had slipped down in back some and I
could swear he was wearing a diaper under them.”
“Are you sure it just wasn’t part of his shirt, or underwear you
“Positive. He didn’t have a shirt on at the time and we both know
that all John wears are colored underwear.”
“OK. I just wanted to make sure. Don’t tell him you saw this and
I’ll take care of it,” Erin was told as her mom stood up.
After they had finished eating and the dishes had been cleared
Mrs. Kelly pulled out the package that had arrived that afternoon.
“Josh, this came for you earlier today,” His mom announced as she
handed him the package that had arrived while he was sleeping.
“Who’s it from?” Josh asked as he excitedly took the box.
“Why don’t you read the note and maybe that will tell you,” Mr.
Kelly suggested with a smile. Setting the box down in front of him Josh
opened the envelope that was with it and opened the note inside.

Dear Josh,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. With any luck you’ll be
home by the time this note reaches you. I want to say how proud I am of
you and sincerely hope that you never have to go through something like
this again in your lifetime.

The gift enclosed with this note is a small token for a job well done.
I know you might be thinking that you didn’t do anything special, but I
harbor no such thoughts as this. You’ve faced something that would have
frozen most adults, but you didn’t let whatever fear you had control
you. For this, I salute you.

You might feel that you did nothing to earn what you are about to open.
I know that you had paid the dues for this with your very blood and
think that deep down you might feel this way as well.

I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Uncle John

“Well, what did the note say?” Erin asked to break the silence
that had fallen while Josh read the note. Without saying a word Josh
handed the note over for his sister to read to everyone else while he
took the package in now shaking hands.
On opening the package, Josh looked down and saw a framed silver
cross suspended from a deep blue ribbon. Mrs. Kelly let out a startled
gasp when she saw this.
“What is it, mom?” Josh asked not understanding the importance of
the object he was holding.
“That’s you Uncle’s George Cross. He earned that on one of his
first missions after joining the army. The only decoration in the
British Army higher than that is the Victoria Cross,” Mrs. Kelly told
her son as she thought back to when her brother received the award her
son was now holding and remembered that she almost lost her brother in
the action that he was decorated for. Understanding slowly spread
across Josh’s face as the true meaning of the note and this award hit
home. Josh started crying softly as this happened. Josh broke down
completely as his parents came over to comfort him. He was finally able
to compose himself after several minutes. After this the rest of the
night went by quietly.

Chapter 12

“So Janet, what did Erin want to talk to you about earlier?” her
husband asked as they got ready for bed later that evening.
“It’s kind of hard to explain,” she said, “but Erin said she
could have sworn she saw John wearing a nappy earlier this evening,”
when she went to tell him dinner was about ready.
“I see, and what do we plan on doing about it?”
“I haven’t decided. I wanted to see if it was actually true
first. I’ll come up with something after that,” she replied.
“That’s a given, but what I was meaning is how we’re going handle
“I’m not entirely sure though, I have already decided to handle
it in a calm and understanding fashion.”
“Well, we could always ask the doctor on Monday when we take Josh
in to see them.”
“That would be a very good idea. Why don’t you take the boys out
to the movies tomorrow afternoon. This will give me time to confirm
what Erin told me about John and Josh could certainly do with some time
outside of the house.” Mr. Kelly nodded at this idea and after giving
his wife a quick kiss turned off the bedroom light.
As his parents set things up for the next day, John spent time
helping Josh get ready for bed.
“Do you want to use your sleepers tonight, or just a pair of
sweats?” John asked as he stripped Josh of his old diaper.
“I’d like to use the sleepers, but I don’t think my leg is quite
up to it yet.”
“Tell you what, we’ll give the sleepers a try first and if it
causes you too much pain then we’ll go with the sweat pants. How does
that sound?” John suggested as he wiped the poop off his brother’s butt
and balls.
“That sounds OK,” Josh replied with a small shiver as the cold
diaper wipe passed over his nuts.
“Sorry about that,” John said as he finished cleaning Josh off
and placed the old diaper in the nearby Diaper Genie.
“It’s all right,” replied Josh with a smile as his brother
applied some lotion and powder to his groin. John smiled at this as
“OK, up you go,” John said a few minutes later as he finished
pulling the plastic pants up over Josh’s diaper. Josh winced a little
as his injured leg touched the floor and weight was applied to it.
“Hold up there a moment, kiddo,” John said as he got an arm
around Josh’s waist and had his brother put an arm around his shoulder.
“There you go,” John added a second later as he helped Josh into
“Which sleepers would you like to try?”
“The blue ones would be fine.”
“And blue it will be. Now you just lay back and let me do all the
work. Let me know though, if your leg starts to hurt.” Josh just nodded
at this as John unzipped the sleepers and started to bunch the legs up.
Josh was surprised at how skillful his brother got the sleepers
“Now we’ll have to leave your bad arm inside them since it’d be
to much trying to work it through the arm hole.” Josh nodded at this as
John zipped the sleepers closed and cover him with his blankets after
handing him his teddy bear.
“Thanks John,” Josh said sleepily as his pain medication started
to take effect.
“You’re welcome. A paci is under your pillow if you want it
later.” John whispered in his brother’s ear as he gave him a good night
kiss to the forehead. Josh nodded sleepily at this. With one last look
at his brother John turned off the bedroom light and closed the door
softly behind him.
After making sure his own door was closed tightly John started
his own nightly routine. After taking his pants off, he untaped the wet
diaper we was wearing and laid it on the top of his dresser. He then
took a tub of wipes from his dresser and cleaned off his diaper area
with a shiver of his own. After taping the diaper closed he placed it a
diaper disposal bag, and got out a clean diaper from his closet. Once
he had some powder sprinkled over the inside of the diaper he poured
some lotion on to his fingers and spread it over his groin, giving
himself a few quick strokes as he did so. Soon he was pulling the
diaper up between his legs and taping in securely shut. With a smile he
started rubbing the front of his diaper thinking of how much better it
would be if he were wearing cloth diapers. John fell asleep soon after
“John, it’s time to get up,” his mom called softly the next
morning as she shook his shoulder.
“Don’t give me that, John, it’s time to get up.” She called again
this time pulling the covers off her son. On doing this, she took a
quick look towards he son’s waist and noticed what was unmistakably a
diaper sticking out from under his PJ bottoms.
“Well, this pretty much confirms it,” She thought as she gave her
son another prod to the shoulder.
“Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes, so hurry up,” She
announced as she walked out of John’s room and back into her own.
“Well?” her husband asked as she walked back in.
“He had one on. Erin was right,” she answered sadly sitting on
the edge of her bed.
“Now Janet, it may not be that bad. We both know that John has
had bedwetting problems in the past. With all the things that have
happened lately it could be that he started up again and he decided to
try some of the larger diapers that Josh got as a way to make things
easier on us.”
"I know that makes the best explanation, but something tells me
that there is more to it than that. This is almost like when he told us
he was gay. Only this time, I feel that he wants to keep it a secret
because he doesn’t trust our reaction.
“You could be right, but it could be that he hasn’t quite figured
things out just yet himself.” Mrs. Kelly nodded at the logic of her
husband’s statement and dropped the subject as she got up to finish
getting breakfast ready for her family.
“Boys, after breakfast I want you both to get a shower, get
dressed, and then come back down I have a surprise for you,” Mr. Kelly
told his sons as they sat down to eat.
“OK dad, but what’s the surprise?” Josh asked slyly.
“You’ll just have to wait to find out, now won’t you?” came the
chuckled reply. Josh just smiled at this. His parents smiled as well
since this was the first time since the incident that Josh had really
acted like himself.
“Where’s Erin?” John asked a few minutes later.
“She had to go into work early today.”
“Oh OK.” Little else was said during the meal, but both of John’s
parents had kept an eye on their eldest son.
“Come on Josh, let’s get you into the bath,” John told his baby
brother as he helped him up the stairs.
“Hey John, do you know why mom and dad kept looking at you during
breakfast?” Josh asked as he was laid out on the bathroom floor.
“You noticed that too, huh? To be honest, I have no idea why they
kept looking at me like they were,” John lied as he helped Josh get
undressed. In truth, he had a very good idea why his parents were
looking at him like they were, but was hoping strongly that he was
wrong. He soon had Josh undressed and sitting in a tub of warm water.
“What are you doing?” Josh asked in surprise when John undressed
himself and stepped into the tub as well.
“Taking a bath. Why, does it make you nervous?”
“Well…” Josh started, but found he couldn’t find the words he
“Look Josh, if you’re that worried about it, I’ll get out. But
you don’t have anything to worry about. I’m not going to do anything to
you except give you a bath,” he was told plainly.
“OK, I’m sorry,” Josh said while blushing slightly.
“It’s OK. I understand.” John told Josh while giving him a slight
hug. Within fifteen minutes, both boys were washed, dried and heading
down the hall to Josh’s room.
“All right Josh, hop on up here and we can get you into a clean
diaper, and get a dry bandage on that leg of yours,” John said with a
smile as he patted the changing table.
“So what do you think the surprise will be?” Josh asked as his
brother started rubbing lotion over his butt and balls.
“Your guess is as good as mine. We’ll find out soon enough. Now
lift up so I can get this diaper under you,” John said as he unfolded
an Attends diaper.
“Why are you using one of the disposables?”
“Call it a hunch. I have a feeling that whatever the surprise
might be, will have something to do with us leaving the house.”
“How can you be so sure?” Josh asked, acting like the ten year
old he was.
“Because I’m your big brother and it goes with reason that mom
and dad will want to get you out of the house for a bit,” John replied
with a smile while tickling Josh a bit. Josh’s laughing could be heard
downstairs by his parents who smiled at each other knowing that their
youngest was getting better, but they also knew that his biggest hurdle
was still to come when he went back to school the next day.
“You boys ready for the surprise?” Mr. Kelly asked as Josh and
John came down the stairs forty-five minutes later.
“Yeah!” Josh called as he sat down. John nodded, but was smiling
as he did so.
“You know that new rated R movie that just came out?” their dad
“Yeah?!” Both boys answered in hopeful tones.
“Well, we aren’t going to see that one,” Mr. Kelly said with a
laugh. “What we are going to see is that ‘Harry Potter’ double feature
that’s starting today,” he finished with a smile. Both John and Josh
look stunned for a minute before John spoke.
“I thought that was a special screening and it was already sold
“Well, that is true. But, let’s just say that I have my sources.
Oh and one other thing, You both can bring one friend with you. So
decide who you want to bring with you and give them a quick call.” This
really got both boys started. Without a second hesitation John bolted
from his seat and ran for a phone. Josh just sat there looking like he
was going to cry because he couldn’t move fast enough like he used to.
“Don’t worry about it, Josh. You can use this,” His dad said with
a chuckle while handing Josh his cell phone. Josh smiled at this but
soon ran into a dilemma. Should he invite David or Caleb? He decided
that since he had been friends the longest with David he would give him
a try first.
“Hello?” David’s mom asked after the second ring.
“Is David there? This is Josh.”
“Oh hi Josh, Yeah, David is right her,.” she said before handing
the phone to her oldest son.
“Hey Josh, How’s it going?” David asked as he came on the line.
“Not bad. Listen, my dad landed some tickets to the ‘Harry
Potter’ showing they have at the mall and I was told I could bring a
friend. I though you would like to come,” Josh said excitedly.
“I’m sorry Josh, I’d love to go with you, but my family already
has plans for the day,” David said with convincing sadness though, it
wouldn’t have been believed if Josh could see the smile on his face
when he said it.
“Oh OK. I just thought you would like to go, but since you
already have plans,” Josh said glumly.
“I know. I hate to cut you off like this Josh, but my mom is
motioning for me to get off the phone. I’ll see you later, OK?” he
“Yeah, I’ll see you later.” Josh mumbled as the connection was
“He already had plans,” Josh announced before his father could
“Why don’t you see if Caleb would like to go?” Josh was prompted.
“I guess it couldn’t hurt,” Josh said as he dialed his other
friend’s number.
“Hello?” Caleb asked as he answered the ringing phone.
“Caleb? It’s me, Josh.”
“Hey Josh! How’s it going?” his friend asked.
“Not bad. Listen, my dad landed some tickets for the ‘Harry
Potter’ special they have starting at the mall today and I was told I
could bring a friend. I was wanting to see if you would like to come
with us.”
“Sure, I’d love to go. Let me go ask my dad really quick,” Caleb
said in an excited voice. A moment later Josh heard his friend’s
excited voice again.
“Josh, my dad said that it would be fine for me to join you. When
do you want me over there?”
“We’ll pick you up on the way. We should be there in about ten
“Great! I’ll be waiting,” Josh heard before the line was closed.
“Caleb said he would be waiting for us,” Josh told his dad
excitedly. Mr. Kelly smiled at this and ruffled Josh’s hair before
walking off.
“We shouldn’t be too late, honey,” Mrs. Kelly was told as her
husband walked into the kitchen.
“That’s fine, but I don’t want you letting the boys eat a lot of
candy during the movie.”
“Janet, I’m shocked that you would think that I would let the
boys do something like that and spoil their dinner,” Mr. Kelly said
with a grin.
“Oh get going you faker! I’ve already got some snack bags set up
for you and the boys,” came the chuckled response. While giving his
wife one last quick kiss, Mr. Kelly accepted the offered bags and left
to make sure the boys were ready.
“John, let me see Josh’s diaper bag for a moment.”
“Here you go, dad,” John said handing over the requested bag, but
giving his father a curious look as he did so. With a mischievous look,
John’s dad held up the snack bags he had just gotten from his wife.
“Boy dad, that’s some example you’re setting for us,” John joked
as he watched his father open the diaper bag and place the snack bags
in the bottom of it covering them back up with the clothes and diapers.
“What can I say. I learned this trick from my parents, so it’s
only fair that I pass it along to you boys. Now let’s get going so we
can still get some good seats.”
Just as they stepped out of the house they saw DJ walking across
the yard.
“You didn’t need to walk down DJ. We were planing on picking you
up,” Mr. Kelly said.
“I know, but I felt this was just as quick.” The point was
accepted with a quick shake of his head.
“OK then, let’s get going we still have on stop to make.” Mr.
Kelly announced as he herded the boys into the car. Minutes later they
were picking Caleb up and heading off to the theater.
“Uh, dad won’t we get into trouble for parking here?” John asked
as they pulled into an open handicap parking slot.
“Not at all,” came the response as john’s dad hung a handicap
placard in the window. The boys just nodded at this got out of the car.
Mr. Kelly was smiling openly at the antics of the four boys as they
walked up to the ticket window.
“May I help you?” The cashier asked as they stepped up to the
“Yes, I have a pass for five to the special showing,” Mr. Kelly
stated as he handed over the letter he had.
“Just a moment please,” they were told as the letter was taken
and the cashier walked over to a nearby manager. The boys saw the
cashier hand the letter over to her manager and softly mumble something
to him while pointing over her shoulder towards them.

“What’s going on, dad?” Josh asked as they saw the manager head
towards them.
“I have no idea Josh, but I get the feeling were about to find
out,” Josh’s dad replied.
“Mr. Kelly?” the manager asked as he came up to them.
“Yes? Is there a problem?”
“I’m afraid that we can’t accept this letter. If you and your
party will step over here for a moment,” they were informed politely.
“I’d like to know why the letter is being refused first.”
“I’ll explain everything if you’ll please step over here first so
we don’t block up any further,” they were asked more firmly. Rather
than make a scene Mr. Kelly and the boys did as they were asked.
Once they were off to the side the manager asked Mr. Kelly to
follow him into the nearby office. The boys were motioned to stay put
as Mr. Kelly followed the manager into his office.
“Would you now please explain why the letter is being refused?”
the manager was asked firmly.
“Before I do, I was wondering if the young boy with you on
crutches is the same one they had mentioned a few weeks back in the
“Yes, he is the one. But what does that have to do with you
refusing to honor the letter?”
“More that you might think. You see, my three children happened
to be standing near Mr. Wink when he was killed by the one boy. I feel
that if your son hadn’t done what he did they might have gotten caught
in any further shooting that might have taken place. Because of this, I
feel that I owe your son a bit of thanks. That is why I can’t accept
this letter. What will be happening is that your party will be seated
in one of our private screening rooms. Your letter, of course, will be
extended to whatever showing you would care to see before it’s
expiration date.”
“I see. If this happens to be the case, then we will gladly
accept and please let me take this chance to thank you in advance.”
“It is I who should be thanking your son, but let’s keep this a
secret.” Mr. Kelly nodded at this as he headed for the door.
“By the way,” he asked before opening it, “how are your children
“They’re still a bit shook up, but are doing fine otherwise.”
“I’m glad to hear that.”
As this conversation was going on in the office the boys were
getting a bit worried about the delay, as well as the stares they were
getting from the other people.
“Hey Josh! Think quick!” A voice called. Josh turned around just
in time to see a hand coming right at him and stopping less than an
inch from his face.
“You’re still pretty slow there, Kelly,” David laughed as he
looked down at his shorter friend.
“Think so, David, then you better look down for a moment,” Josh
replied with a grin. On looking down, David saw one of his friend’s
crutches resting lightly between his legs and as close to his balls as
his hand was to Josh’s face just a second before.
“I see your point,” David said with a laugh.
“So this was the family outing you were telling me about, huh?”
Josh questioned.
"Yep. My mom won a drawing at work for the tickets. Besides, I
told you I would probably be seeing you later.
“That’s true, you did.”
“So, you want to sit together if we can?”
“I’d like that, but we seem to be having a bit of a problem at
the moment. You go ahead and get a seat. My dad will probably want us
to sit neat the back because of my leg.”
“OK. Well, if I don’t see you in the theater I’ll talk to you
guys at school tomorrow.” Josh and Caleb both nodded at this as their
friend walked off to join the rest of his family. Just as David walked
off they saw their dad come out of the office.
“Everything has been taken care of. It was just a slight mix-up,”
Mr. Kelly told the boy.
“If you’ll follow me, I’ll show to your seats,” the manager told
them. All the boys were shocked to see that they were being taken into
one of the private screening rooms.
“There is a private restroom through the door there, and you’ll
find a soda dispenser against the side wall. Enjoy the movie,” they
were told as the manager walked out of the room and closed the door
behind them. The lights dimmed, and the previews started just as they
took their seats.
“Does anyone need a diaper change before the movie starts?” Mr.
Kelly asked since he knew that Josh was probably wet by this point.
“Yeah, I do,” Josh and Caleb both said at the same time getting a
laugh from the rest of the group.
“John, you can change Josh, while I handle Caleb,” John was told
by his father. Both boys were back in clean diapers and sitting in
their seats just as the first movie started.
Meanwhile at the Kelly household, Mrs. Kelly was finishing
putting Josh’s newly cleaned clothes away and was getting ready to put
John’s away. Normally she would have just laid the folded clothes on
her son’s bed for him to put away later, but today she decided to put
them up herself. As she was doing this the first diaper related items
she came across were partly used bottles of baby lotion and powder. She
shook her head at this, thinking that he might be using the items for
another reason. The undeniable proof came when she was hanging items up
in his closet and she saw an ill-concealed diaper sticking out from a
box. On opening the box, Mrs. Kelly discovered herself looking at a box
that was filled to capacity with both diapers and disposable training
pants. After putting everything back as she found it she left the room
and went about the rest of her cleaning. An hour later she gave up
trying to concentrate on her cleaning. After a few moments of thought
she decided to give DJ’s mom a call. she felt that since the other
mother had three sons in diapers she might have some insight about what
was going on with her son and what she might be able to do about it.
“Thanks for coming over on such short notice, Pa,.” Mrs. Kelly
said as the other woman walked in.
“It’s OK, Janet. I didn’t have anything else to do. So what did
you want to talk to me about?” Mrs. Morrison asked as she took the
offered seat.
“I’m not even sure where to begin on this.”
“Why don’t you just start at the beginning, and go from there,”
Pat prompted as she took a sip of coffee.
“I’m not really sure where it began, but it all came out a few
days ago. I had sent Erin in to let John know dinner was about ready,
and when he got up to turn off his TV she told me that she could have
sworn that he was in a diaper at the time and when I woke John up this
morning I saw the same thing.”
“I see. have you talked to John about this yet?”
“No, I wanted to see if maybe we were seeing things first.”
“And were you?”
“Unfortunately, no. While I was putting some of John’s things
away, I ran across a box full of some diapers and Pull-ups that Josh
had received when we got his cloth diapers in. They were the wrong size
for Josh to wear so we put them in storage until Josh would be able to
use them. I guess John decided to give them a try first. I just want to
know where I went wrong on this?” Janet asked herself out loud.
“Don’t look at this as something you did wrong. Some kids just
have a natural tendency to want to wear diapers. In some, it’s them
looking for something they missed while growing up. John could be one
of them,” Pat told her friend.
“That is a possibility. We did force John through potty training
at a young age because we didn’t want to deal with two kids in diapers
at the same time. And then there were all the years he had trouble with
night time control. And then all the things that had been happening
recently, I mean with our moving and then all the problems we had with
Josh getting injured.”
“This could be John’s way of coping with all the stress.”
“But what about later, and he still wants to wear them? I mean
whoever heard of a twelve year old wearing diapers when they didn’t
have a medical reason behind it?”
“I would think that your best course would be to talk it over
with John calmly and see what he has to say about it. And there are
some web sites that you could look up for more information. The only
thing you need to make sure John knows is that regardless of how this
turns out you still love him.” Pat announced. The last part being said
sternly. Mrs. Kelly nodded at this.
“That I already planned to do,” she said convincingly. The rest
of the afternoon the two ladies talked about what products worked best
for their boys and traded stores about what it had been like getting
them toilet trained. Mrs. Morrison was just getting ready to leave when
her husband and the boys got home from the movies.
“So how were the movies?” John and Josh were asked by their mom.
“It was great!” they said in unison starting to go into great
detail about the movies. Mrs. Kelly laughed at this as she held up her
hand to get the boys to stop talking.
“Don’t tell me about it. I might want to see them myself, you
know,” she said with a smile. She then turned to her husband and
started speaking to him.
“Arthur, would you mind taking Josh upstairs and getting him
ready for a nap?”
“But I’m not tired.” Josh stated through a partially concealed
“Well, you’ll be taking one anyway,” he was told as his mom gave
him a light swap to his diapered rear. With the mass that she felt when
she did this she knew her son had messed his diaper at some point
during the movie.
“Josh was right Janet, he wasn’t tired. He was exhausted,” Mr.
Kelly told his wife a short time later as he came back downstairs.
“I figured as much,” came the smiled response. She then turned
her attention to her oldest son.
“John, there’s something we need to talk about.”
“What’s that, mom?” John asked nervously.
“Why you had a diaper on when I came in to wake you up this
morning and why I found some of the diapers and training pants Josh got
in your room when I was putting away your clothes today?” she asked
softly. John’s reaction was not what she was hoping for.
“You mean you went searching through my room?”
“John, you had been acting strange for some time and I was
worried,” His mom started, but was cut off.
“So instead of talking to me beforehand, you decided to go
looking through my stuff. You had no right to do that!” he nearly
“John…” Mr. Kelly started, but didn’t get a chance to finish as
John got up and ran from the room. A few seconds later they heard John
roughly closing his bedroom door. Mr. Kelly was just about to go after
his son when he felt his wife put a hand on his shoulder.
“Let’s leave him alone for awhile,” she said softly.
“He did have a point, we should have talked to him about it first
before invading his privacy.” Her husband just nodded at this and sat
back down. They talked about what they planned on doing about this turn
of events for several hours.
“Mom, dad, I’m home!” Erin called as she walked through the door.
“What’s for dinner? I’m starved,” she continued while taking off
her coat.
“We decided that we were going to go out instead. If you want to
go get the boys up and changed we be on our way.” Erin gave her mom a
curious look with the statement she heard, but didn’t say anything.
“John, time to get up. We’re going out for dinner.” Erin called
through the closed door.
“Go away! I’m not hungry,” came the muffled reply catching the
tone her brother was using she didn’t press things and went to wake
Josh up and get him changed.
“Josh, it’s time to get up now. Mom and dad are taking us out to
dinner,” she announced as she shook her brother’s shoulder.
“Huh?” came the sleepy answer from under a pile of blankets.
“I said, we’re going out to dinner and you need to get up,” Erin
laughed as she pulled off Josh’s covers. After helping him over to his
changing table, Erin removed the sweat pants her brother had on and
started untaping the Thickies diaper he was wearing.
“Looks like dad was the one who put you down for your nap.”
“How could you tell?”
“Easy, dad is the only one of us that will use the disposables at
home,” Erin told him with a smile as she finished untaping the diaper
and pulled it down exposing Josh’s groin to the cold air. Josh shivered
slightly at this, but the feeling didn’t last long as Erin started
running a warm diaper wipe over the area.
“I’m really glad that mom picked up that wipe warmer. You could
get a cold from constantly having a cold wipe run over that area,” Josh
said through a small yawn.
“I’ll take your word about that,” Erin replied with a laugh.
After making sure Josh was thoroughly cleaned and lotioned, Erin
reached under the table to grab one of Josh’s Attends and opened it up.
“Lift up a moment.” she said as she shook out the diaper a little
more. Josh soon felt the diaper being slipped under him and after
judging that it was at the right spot he lowered himself down on it
with a slight sigh.
“I have to say Josh, you’re doing a lot better now than we first
started this,” Erin commented as she sprinkled her brother’s groin with
powder and brought the diaper up snugly between his legs, taping it
closed afterwards.
“OK, now that that is over with, let’s get you dressed,” Josh was
told as he was helped down from the table once his sister had placed
the old diaper in the Diaper Genie.
“Would it be OK if I dressed myself this time?” Josh asked as he
limped over to his bed.
“I don’t think that would be a problem. Just call if you need any
help, though,” he was told as his sister tossed him some pants and a
“What about my socks and shoes?”
“I’ll be taking them down with me. we don’t want you trying that
just yet. Just come down when you’re done,” Erin told him as she took
the shoes and sock with her leaving the bedroom door open as she left
the room.
“Where are the boys?” Mrs. Kelly asked as she saw Erin come down
the stairs.
“Josh is getting dressed, and John said he wasn’t hungry.”
“Not meaning to sound nosey, but what’s up with John anyway? He
sounded like he was upset,” Erin told her parents.
“After what you told me the other night, I decided to wake John
up this morning and I too, found him wearing a diaper under his pants.
Well, while the boys were out at the movies today I looked through
John’s room and found out that we weren’t seeing things. Anyway when
they got home we tried to talk to John about it, but when he found out
that I had gone through his things he got mad and stormed off to his
room.” Mrs. Kelly informed her daughter. Before Erin could say
anything, Josh came into the room.
“I’ll go up and get John while you help Josh on with his shoes.”
Erin was told by her mom.
“Actually mom, with the mood John is in right now, I think it
would be best if we just left him home and brought something back for
him.” After giving this a moments thought, Mrs. Kelly nodded and took
an offered shoe and sock from her daughter. Once they had Josh ready
the three of them headed out to the car that had been warming up.
“Where’s John?” Mr. Kelly inquired as they got in the car.
“He decided he wasn’t hungry,” he was informed by his wife. With
an understanding nod he put the car in gear and off they went.
On returning home about two hours later they found John asleep
in his room.
“John we brought you home some dinner if your hungry,” Mrs. Kelly
said softly to her son.
“Listen John, I’m sorry for what I did earlier today. You were
right I should have come and talked to you first about it. It’s just
that I didn’t know how to react to what I saw this morning. Did you
start having accidents again? Is that why you were using the diapers?”
John was asked softly. John barely nodded his head in response at this
question before he started crying again.
“It’s OK, John. Your father and I understand why you were doing
this. I will say though, that I’m slightly disappointed that you didn’t
feel that you could talk to us about it and felt that it would be
better to try and hide this from us,” Mrs. Kelly told her son as she
pulled him into a hug
“I would like an honest answer to my next question, OK?” she
added while moving John around so she could see his face. Again, all
John did was nod in reply. Taking a deep breath, Mrs. Kelly asked the
next question.
“If you stopped wetting tonight, would you still be wanting to
wear diapers to bed?”
“Yes.” came the barely audible answer, but something in John’s
eyes prompted her to go further.
“What about during the day?” She asked. John dropped his head to
avoid eye contact but nodded his head. His mom accepted this without
saying anything, but pulled John closer to her.
“It’s OK. We’ll work something out,” she murmured to him.
“You’re not disappointed, are you?” John asked a few minutes
later in a scratchy voice.
“Only in that you felt you had to hide this from us. Now you go
ahead and eat your dinner before it gets to cold,” John was told as him
mom pointed to the box she had placed on his desk. As John got up, she
noticed the top of some Pull-Ups sticking out from under his pants.
“Are you wet?” she asked him as he sat down to eat. The red color
that rushed up her son’s neck was all the answer she needed.
“As soon as you’re done eating, I want you to get out of that wet
trainer and get a shower. I’ll be up later to help you get ready for
bed.” John was told as his mom gave him a kiss in the head and left the
“OK kids, time for bed,” their mom announced a couple of hours
“Aw mom. Can’t I stay up just a bit longer?” Josh whined.
“No you can’t, you have school tomorrow young man, Now come on
and we’ll get you ready for bed,” Mrs. Kelly said while giving her
youngest a light slap to his rear.
“Erin, would you mind taking care of Josh tonight. I need to help
John with something.”
“Sure mom, that won’t be a problem.” She said with a knowing
“C’mon squirt let’s get you into a clean diaper,” she added while
pushing her brother towards his room.
“OK John, let’s get you ready for bed,” John’s mom said as she
walked into her son’s room.
“MOM!! What are you doing?!” John yelled as he quickly grabbed a
shirt to cover up his groin.
“Well, I think I’m coming to help you get ready for bed,” she
stated, ignoring John’s outburst as she walked up to him and pulled the
shirt he was holding over his front down.
“I think I’m perfectly able to get ready for bed.”
“Normally that would be true, but I think that rash you have
makes it obvious that you aren’t doing nearly as good job as you
think,” she informed her son as she lead him over his bed.
“Now you stay right there and I’ll be back in a moment,” John was
told after his mother took a quick survey of the rash John had gotten.
“What are you going to do?” John asked nervously.
“I plan on getting some cream for that rash of yours,” came the
reply as she walked out of the room.
“Everything going OK, mom?” Erin asked as her mother walked into
Josh’s room.
"Oh just fine. John’s gotten a bit of a rash and I was going to
get some cream for it. Erin was told as her mom walked over to the
cabinet that they kept Josh’s extra diaper supplies in. Erin just
grinned at this and started back to her task of changing her younger
“What was all that about?” Josh asked after his mother left
holding a bottle of diaper rash cream. Figuring that Josh would know
soon enough about what was going on she told him.
“John’s been having some nighttime accidents again and instead of
telling mom and dad about it he tried to hide it by using some of the
larger diapers you got a while back. I guess he wasn’t doing to good of
job on the clean up.”
“Sounds like it,” Josh said with a laugh, thinking that this
would be a great way to have some fun with his older brother.
John was still lying on his bed when his mom returned a minute
“OK, now let’s get you ready for bed,” John was told as his mom
stopped by his closet and opened the box that he kept his diaper stash
in. Knowing that his mom knew where he kept them caused john to turn a
beat red. Seeing how this was embarrassing her son, Mrs. Kelly decided
to do this as quickly as possible. She had John cleaned and diapered
within five minutes from the time she started.
“Sleep tight honey,” Janet Kelly told her son after John had
slipped into a pair of sweat pants and climbed under the covers of his
“Goodnight mom. And mom, thanks for understanding,” he added as
his mom walked out the door.
“You’re welcome, John,” she said as she turned off his bedroom
light and closed the door. After tucking in her youngest son, she
headed downstairs for some time alone with her husband.
“I take it he didn’t try to fight you helping him get ready for
bed,” her husband commented as Mrs. Kelly sat down next to him.
“Well, he put up a bit of a fuss, but I think he realized that it
was a losing battle and just accepted it,” she responded with a smile.
Her husband laughed at this. The rest of their evening went by quietly,
though they were both worried about what would happen the next day when
Josh returned to school for the first time since the shooting.

Chapter 13

“John, time to get up!” his father yelled through the bedroom
door while giving it a few firm slaps.
“All right! I’m up!” John called back sleepily as he threw off
his covers and sat up in bed.
“I really hate Monday mornings,” John mumbled to himself as he
climbed out of bed and started pulling off the sweat pants he had on.
Like on all the previous mornings to this one John saw that his diaper
was wet. With a small sigh, he untaped the soaked diaper and wiped down
his groin with a diaper wipe. Just as he finished doing this and
pulling on some clean underwear his mother walked into the room without
“Can’t a guy have any privacy around this place anymore?” he
“I was just wanting to make sure you were up,” Mrs. Kelly stated
as she picked up the rolled up diaper that was laying on the top of
John’s dresser.
“I can see that, but you could have knocked first,” John replied
as he pulled on his pants.
“Don’t take that tone with me, young man, or you just might find
yourself wearing a diaper to school instead of those briefs,” John was
informed sternly. From the look in his mom’s eyes John could tell that
she was serious about the threat. John quickly said he was sorry and
continued getting dressed for the day. With a small nod of her head
John’s mom left the room and went off to help her youngest get ready
for school.
“Josh, It’s time to get up now,” Josh was told softly as his mom
lightly put her hand on his shoulder. Though, the second Josh felt the
hand on his shoulder he bolted off the bed like a coiled spring being
“I’m sorry honey. I didn’t mean to startle you,” Mrs. Kelly
gasped as she tried to get her breathing back under control. Josh
nodded at this with a faint grin at seeing how shaken his mom was by
“It’s OK,” Josh replied as he climbed out of bed and limped over
to his changing table.
“I see John had another wet night,” Josh stated as he saw his
mother place the wet diaper she was carrying into his Diaper Genie.
“Yes he did and I don’t want you saying a word about it,” he was
told as his mother snapped the lid closed and turned her attention to
“OK, I won’t,” Josh told her as he got his diaper changed. Within
a couple of minutes of Josh’s mom walking out of his room the whole
family was downstairs having a quick breakfast.
“You already for the day, Josh?” John asked as his little brother
sat down.
“Sort of, but I’m a bit nervous because of all of Billy’s friends
being around,” Josh said while looking down at his plate.
“I don’t think you’ll have as much to worry about as you think,”
Josh was told by his father.
“You think so?”
“I can assure you of this. I don’t think that Billy had too many
‘friends’ to begin with and those that might try to give you a hard
time will have to deal with your teacher and friends,” With a smile
Josh thought about this and figured that his father was right. All too
soon, though, he was being told that it was time for him to be heading
off to school.
Josh’s nervousness grew as he walked towards his class from the
first time in almost three weeks.
“Hey Look! The diaper boy is back!” Seamus O’Connor called as he
saw Josh walk into the class room. Josh felt his blood boil a bit on
hearing this, but was happy to see that the only people that looked
like they were laughing belonged to Billy’s gang.
“Thank you for letting us know that, Seamus,” Mr. Barrett stated
from his desk, “That just cost you your recesses for the next week.”
Seamus looked stunned at this and started to open his mouth to protest
this. before he could though, he was cut off by Mr. Barrett’s next