Kidnapped by ZG (WingZ)

By: ZG

NOTE: The following is a work of fiction. It contains
infantilism and mild violence and vulgarity. If this offends
you, don’t read.

Chapter 1

Some people say Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, but
I beg to differ. What happened during that day changed my
life for ever, and even though it was scary at first, I
couldn’t have been happier about it.
Let me tell you a bit about myself first. My name is
John Taylor, and I am 13 years old. I attend middle school,
and do stuff that all kids my age do, such as listen to
music, play sports, and watch TV. There are only two things
that separate me from being an all-American boy.
It embarrassed me to talk about it, but I am unsure of
my sexuality. Though I am still young, I haven’t gone out
with any girls, and I don’t really have an interest in any
of them. I’d much rather hang out with guys, as most of my
friends are guys. I also find guys easier to talk to. Does
this make me gay?
The other unique thing about me is that I’ve harbored a
secret interest in diapers. Ever since my 10 year old sister
Jane was born, I’ve felt displaced as the baby of the
household. Not that I’m neglected or anything, but I’ve been
wondering, where has all the attention gone? I’d taken
responsibility pretty well so far, but there are so many
thing I’d like to do that I can’t because (and I’m quoting
my mean old bitch of a 5th grade teacher here) they are not
proper activities for a boy of my age to engage in and are
better reserved for infants.
We live in the California town of Pinesville. My father
works real estate and my mother is a substitute teacher. My
best friend is named James. That’s about all you need to
What happened Friday, March 13th would alter my world
forever. It was around 2:45 PM, and the weather was
pleasantly sunny. James and I were walking home. We stopped
to talk to Gary, and the three of us walked together. Little
did I know, we were being followed.
After we passed the street corner, Gary went home and
James and I kept walking. James lived about a block down the
street from me. As I neared my house, I noted a stranger
wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap walking down the
sidewalk towards me. He looked a little lost, but I saw it
as none of my business, and walked up the walkway to the
front door of my house. I fished my keys out of my pocket
and unlocked the door (I was always the first one home, as
both my parents were at work and Jane took dancing lessons
right after school). This was when the strange man grabbed
“Wha?” was all I could get out before he put his gloved
hand over my mouth and dragged me inside. I was able to see
several men wearing ski masks entering the house through the
back door. They needn’t carry any weapons; I was so scared I
was willing to cooperate with anything they had planned.
My initial though was that they were going to rob the place.
I thought they would tie me up and start stealing my dad’s
hard-earned money, then they’d be gone and everything would
be OK. My heart was racing and I was sweating while I waited
for them to carry to their plan.
It turned out I was wrong. One of the masked man
grabbed my legs while the stranger with sunglasses held my
head, placing me in a horizontal position. They carried me
upstairs to my room like one would carry a battering ram,
and thrust me face first onto my bed.
“Don’t move!” yelled one of the men, and I complied by
keeping my face buried in the pillows. I believe I was
crying by then. Meanwhile, the invaders went through my
drawers and started to ransack the place. I was mentally
yelling for it all to stop, but it didn’t.
What happened next was most unusual. One of the masked
men approached me and picked my head up from off the
pillows. He taped my mouth shut, as well as putting tape
over my eyes. Next, he began to take off all of my clothes,
leaving me naked. I was so scared that they were going to
rape me or something, I ended up peeing in terror. Quickly,
one of the men grabbed what felt like a towel and put it on
me, taping it closed like a diaper. Next, my hands and feet
were bound, and I was put inside of some sort of really big
equipment bag. While still in a state of shock, they took me
downstairs and out the back door and into their getaway
vehicle (I’m willing to bet it’s that black van that’d been
parked outside the school for the past week), and drove off.
I became unconscious due to the immense heat that built up
within the bag.

Chapter 2

While the criminals were carrying me away against my
will, I was having the most pleasant of dreams. I dreamt
that I was being carried away (in a much kinder fashion) to
a foster home. My foster parents were rich and very nice. I
dreamt that I wet the bet in my foster home, and my foster
parents, being understanding, diapered me and treated me
like a little baby. I was perpetually happy there, and had
nothing to fear. You might find it ironic, as it was quite a
contrast to what was happening in reality while I was
If doing nothing else, the dream calmed me down. I
didn’t wake up terrified. In fact, I woke up confused,
momentarily forgetting the fact that I had been kidnapped.
My eyes opened slowly, and alas, they were was no tape and I
could see again. I was still bound, though this time, tied
to a chair. Much to my surprise, there was a pacifier in my
mouth that kept me from screaming out. Something else what
different as well. I no longer felt a towel wrapped about my
private area. Instead, I felt a genuine diaper! I was
beginning to wonder what this was all about. However, I
needn’t ask any questions, they were soon answered for me.
“Johnny,” said a voice. I looked to my left to see a
young woman about 5’7" tall with blond hair and green eyes.
Most guys I knew would find her beautiful, but I didn’t.
Then again, she couldn’t possibly be a kidnapper. Or was
she? How did she know my name anyway?
“Hi there,” she said. “My name’s Terri, and this is my
husband Nick.” She introduced me to the guy standing to her
right, a muscular young man sporting a mustache. “Don’t be
afraid, we’re going to take care of you.” Lady, I’m not a
retard, I thought. “Nick, it’s OK, you can take out his
Nick walked up to me and gently removed the pacifier-
gag from my mouth. “Thanks,” I said. “What the hell is going
“Relax, kid,” replied Nick. “I know this is hard to
understand, but I’ll tell you it like it is. Terri and I
wanted to have a baby, but couldn’t. We didn’t have the
money. Well, Terri’s uncle, who happens to be a very and
powerful man, offered us a proposition. He was business
rivals with your father, and wanted to do something really
bad to him, like kidnap his only son and hold him for
ransom. He agreed to letting us have you while the ransom
was being paid. As soon as your father gives my uncle the
money, you can go home and nobody gets hurt.”
“Why me?”
“Because your father is in real estate,” said Terri,
“and he won’t sell a plot of land to my uncle. My uncle
needs that plot to build a new nuclear power plant. Also, my
uncle is a pretty bad man himself, and your dad started to
uncover some of the tricks he was running. I hope he gets
caught and goes to jail!”
“It’s OK,” said Nick, consoling his wife.
I just sat there thinking. These seemed like nice
people, maybe I could talk them into letting me go. While I
was contemplating my next move, Nick walked over and untied
“Don’t think of us as criminals,” said Nick. “Think of
us as relatives.”
“There are a few rules though,” said Terri. “Don’t ever
try to leave this house without one of us going with you!
You’ll get us in a lot of trouble, and if one of my uncle’s
men sees you roaming the streets, you could get hurt.
Second, because we could never have a child, and your
already 13 years old, we missed most of your childhood. So,
if its OK with you, were going to treat you like a baby.”
“I don’t mind.”
“This means you have to wear a diaper all the time and
go pee and poop in it. No going to the potty, and you must
let us change you. Also, you must drink everything from a
bottle. We don’t have a crib for you to sleep in, and we
won’t make you watch Barney or anything, so you can still be
a big boy beyond that. I know this might not seem great, but
it’s better then being tied to a chair.”
“I’ll say,” I replied.
“Now come here,” said Terri. I walked over to her and
she gave me a hug. My parents rarely every hugged me, and
this felt good. Terri put her arm around my back and then
stuck t down my diaper. “Looks like Johnny wet his dydee.
That’s OK, I’ll change you.” I was pretty embarrassed to
have wet my diaper and not even realized it.
Terri grabbed my hand and led me to a bedroom. It was
obviously a boy’s room, judging by the blue paint on the
walls and the sports pennants scattered about. “This my
room?” I asked.
“Yup,” Terri said, spreading a pad out on the bed. “Now
get on the pad.” I did so, and se un-taped my diaper. I
initially made a motion to cover up my privates, but Terri
told me it was OK and moved my hands aside. I could feel
myself getting a hard-on and there was nothing I could do
about it right now. It got bigger when Terri powdered me and
started wiping me. She spread out a new diaper, and taped it
up. After giving me a pat on the but, she tossed me some
jeans and a shirt from a drawer and told me to put them on.
They were very comfortable and a pretty good fit. I was also
given some socks to wear. So far, this wasn’t bad
considering I was the victim.
“Come here and I’ll show you my Nintendo 64,” said
“Awesome,” I said. “Aren’t you a little old to have
“I’m only 23, and so is Terri,” he replied. “We were
your age only 10 years ago. Now sit down here and grab a
My dad was very conservative and believed video games
were a source of violence. Thus, he restricted us to
computer games that he approved, which were pretty lame. I
only had the opportunity to play video games when at a
friends house, and all though I wasn’t very good at them, I
liked them very much. Nick showed me how to play Mortal
Kombat, and Turok the Dinosaur Hunter. He beat me of course,
but I still had fun.
Soon, Terri sat down to join us. We turned off the N64
and watched some TV. I was a bit shocked to see myself on
the news. I listened as it explained how a 13 year old boy
was kidnapped at his California home, and a ransom note was
left. My dad then appeared on the news briefly and explained
about how much he wanted me back and how he would see to it
that I was safely returned. I missed my family very much,
but I was having fun here. It was like being torn apart.
“Don’t worry,” said Terri. “You’ll see them again.”
We watched a little more TV before Terri announced it
was time for dinner. “You like hot dogs?” she asked me.
“Good, me too,” said Nick. We all washed up and entered
the kitchen. I sat down and heard my diaper crinkle. I was
presented with a plate containing a hot dog on a bun, some
mashed potatoes, and a pickle.
“Got to eat your veggies,” said Terri. “If not, I’ll
have to feed them to you.”
“That’s OK, I like pickles.”
I ate everything on my plate. It was nice to eat some
real food instead of whatever my mom through together
because she didn’t have the time. Or worse yet, the quasi-
ethnic health food crap my dad took pride in cooking. I’d
take American any day, thank you.
After I finished my meal, I was given a bottle of soda
to drink. We watched a movie after dinner. It was I Know
What You did Last Summer, something my dad would never let
me see. He said it would make me have nightmares. That, of
course, was complete nonsense, though it did cause me to pee
my diaper when the Fisherman hooked a guy in the throat and
dragged his corpse away.
Later in the movie, after I finished my bottle, I had
to poop. Terri could see I was squirming a bit, and told me
to do it in my diaper. I adjusted my position and let go. It
felt pretty good, but I ended up stinking for the rest of
the movie.
Following the movie, it was time for me to get ready
for bed. Terri had me lie down on the pad like before, and
changed my diaper much in the same way. I was put into a
thicker diaper, supposedly for nighttime use, and given a
bottle to drink before I went to sleep. I was also putt in a
pair of footed pajamas with spaceships on them. Terri tucked
me in real tight (giving me an added sense of security) and
kissed me on my forehead. Nick also said good night, and by
9:30, I was asleep.
Lying there in a strange place felt very weird. I know
there was a window right near me, and I could probably throw
something at it and break it, then use it as my escape.
However, I decided to stay here. I was getting to do many
things I never had a chance to before, exciting new
privileges were bestowed upon me. in addition, I was getting
to re-live parts of my life that were long since lost, such
as wearing diapers. Both amounted to an enjoyable
experience, and until I was being threatened at gun-point, I
was perfectly happy being kidnapped.

Kidnapped by ZG (WingZ)

Chapter 3

I woke up having successfully survived the first night
in my new home. My diaper was wet (probably from having
drunken a bottle then fallen asleep), and I felt the urge to
poop. I sat up, and did in my diaper, of course.
Terri came in a moment later and said good morning to
me. She noticed I needed changing, and put me on the pad an
cleaned me up. She then let me take a shower (using this
really cool body wash that was almost like bubble bath), and
re-diapered me. I was allowed to pick out my own clothes
this time, and chose a pair of jeans and a hooded sweatshirt
(it was bit colder out today then it was yesterday).
Soon, Nick was also awake, and we all had breakfast. I
had cereal and a bottle of juice, while Terri had tea and a
banana, and Nick took coffee and toast. Neither of my
parents ever had the time to eat breakfast, so I was under
the impression no adult did. I guess I was wrong.
“Do you feel like going out today?” asked Terri.
“Out?” I asked. “Not that I’m complaining, but isn’t
that kinda dumb with everybody looking for me.”
“If you get a haircut and wear a baseball cap and some
new clothes, nobody will recognize you,” said Nick. “Just
pretend your our nephew, John.”
“What’s your last name?” I asked.
“Anella,” replied Nick. “But you can call yourself John
“I like that,” I replied.
“OK, but remember, you have to stay right by us, no
running off,” warned Nick.
“If I didn’t, I’d be lost anyway,” I assured him. “So,
where we going?”
“Well, first to the barber’s, then I thought maybe to
the comic book shop.”
“Then you can get some new clothes and stuff,” added
Terri. “And then maybe to the park.”
“That sounds great!” I answered. “Except everyone will
know I’m in diapers.”
“I guarantee nobody will give you a hard time,” said
Nick. “If anybody asks, it’s a medical problem, and if they
still bother you, then I’ll kick their…”
“Nick!” Terri said warningly.
I was given some shoes, and put them on while Terri put
some extra diapers and a bottle in her purse. Nick tossed me
an old baseball cap to wear to the barber’s so nobody would
recognize me. It was of the Angels, my favorite team. After
awhile, we were set to go.
Nick and Terri drove a Toyota Corolla, which had a
built in child seat in the rear. I was surprised that I was
able to fit in it, but I did and was buckled in. Terri gave
me a pacifier to suck on, and I took it, not caring what
people thought. However, I quickly put it away once we got
to the barber.
Nick said he was friends with the people who owned the
place, and after a bit of conversation, they washed by
neatly combed hair and asked me how I wanted it cut. I
wanted to try something a bit different, so I asked for it
spiked up. After it was cut, I thought it looked pretty
good. Terri gave the barber a tip, and the barber gave me a
lollipop. I accepted it and ate it.
The next stop was the comic book shop, which was right
across the street. Nick and Terri grabbed one hand each, and
we crossed. Nick was also really friendly with the people at
this place, and introduced me to them. The people were nice,
and the place was impressive. It sold all kinds of
collectibles, not just comic books. Nick was busy trading
baseball cards with the guy at the counter when I spotted
something truly amazing: a giant oversized plush bear
wearing an Angels uniform, and carrying both a plastic bat
and a pack of cards.
“See anything you like?” asked Terri.
I took a look at the price on the bear, and although it
was a bit high, figured what have I to lose. “Yeah, that,” I
answered, pointing to it.
“Sure, you can have it,” Terri responded, and paid for
it. I was so happy.
The next stop was a department store, which we drove
to. It was pretty big and looked like a fun place to shop.
My first instinct was to go running wild inside, but Nick
maintained a firm grip on my hand. We walked inside and I
was even more impressed.
“Where to first?” Nick asked me.
“Well, I could use a slightly better pair of shoes then
these,” I answered. “No offense.”
“Those were mine when I was your age,” answered Nick.
"I was going to through them out, but through them into my
closet instead. I’m surprised their still intact. We found
the shoe section and began looking around. Nick said I could
have whatever I want as long ‘as it isn’t endorsed by any
NBA player whose bonuses exceeds his salary.’ I knew what he
meant. No $120 Air Jordans. That was perfectly fine with me;
I was content with a $40 pair of Converse.
The next stop was clothes. Before we entered the
clothing section, Terri whispered in my ear, “is your diaper
wet?” I shook my head, and we continued. I was never big on
fashion. My dad insisted on designer clothing for himself,
but when he saw how much brand name kid’s stuff was running,
he restricted us to no-name polo shirts, more or less. Here
was my chance to buy something I was actually proud to wear.
After awhile of looking, I picked out some jeans, a
pair of denim shorts, a pair of Dockers, some T-shirts, and
a long sleeved shirt. Combined with Nick’s old stuff, I had
a pretty nice wardrobe. And to my surprise, it didn’t even
cost that much.
There was a brief intermission from the shopping spree
in which we all sat down on a bench and had some
refreshments. Nick and Terri split a can of soda, and I
drank from my bottle. It didn’t bother me, since nobody was
around. Terri asked me again if I needed changing, and I
again told her no.
Since Terri said she had a few ‘special items’ to pick up, I
was to go with Nick. We headed for the electronics section,
and I found lots of things. I picked up a CD from my
favorite band (Green Day), and found a really neat wrestling
video game which Nick too had his eye on.
The next stop was the toy section. I didn’t see much of
interest until my eye came upon a model space shuttle. I had
one similar at home, and I always loved models. Standing in
the same aisle were a group of kids. I was a bit nervous to
proceed, especially since I was feeling the urge to pee.
Nonetheless, I wanted the model, and I walked forward and
grabbed it. As I was walking, I began wetting my diaper
uncontrollably. I was afraid it was going to leak. I also
farted, but the diaper muffled the sound.
I walked over to Nick and told him what I did. He paid
for the model and told me to hang tight. We then walked over
to women’s clothing, and found Terri buying a sweater. After
she was done with her shopping, Nick told her I needed
changing. Our next stop, to my chagrin, was the baby
“Why here?” I asked.
“Because they have changing rooms and because I need to
pick up a few things for you.” I nodded and proceeded.
A sales clerk looked at us strangely, then asked, “may
I help you?”
“Yeah, which way to the changing rooms?” asked Terri.
The clerk pointed, and said nothing more. I was quite
embarrassed. Terri gave Nick the bag in her purse which held
my diapering supplies, and he led me to the changing room.
Inside, there were several stalls that contained
changing tables. Nick had me lay down on one of these, and
pulled off me jeans.
“If your going to poop, try to do it now,” he advised.
I had a bowel movement, and made a further mess of
myself. Nick cleaned me up and changed me. I decided I
definitely liked it better when Terri did it. Does that mean
I’m not gay after all?
After we were done, the 3 of us went to the Burger King
for lunch. I had a Junior Whopper and a Coke, and enjoyed
it. Following this, we went to the park. The park, I
discovered, was huge. Even filled with people, it still
looked empty. I saw a group of kids playing on a playground.
Nick gave me permission to go over there, but warned me to
be careful Cautiously, I approached.
In the distance, I saw a sandlot. There appeared to be
several kids standing there and doing anything but playing
baseball. There appeared to be an argument.
“I’m telling you, we need one more!” said one kid.
“Well too bad!”
I walked closer to find out what the argument what was
about. One of the two kids arguing turned around and waved
to me. “Want to play?” he asked.
“Sure,” I replied. I always loved softball, though not
with all of the dumb rules that our gym teachers put on it
to make it more “fair.”
“My name’s Kenny, and your on my team. I haven’t seen
you around here before.”
“I’m live out of town. I’m here visiting my aunt and
uncle. My name’s John Hatcher.” I was amazed at my ability
to lie. Perhaps I always had it, but never had the chance to
exercise it.
“OK, Hatcher. You any good?”
“I’m OK,” I said honestly.
“You got left field. Do us a favor and make sure we
don’t lose to that fat faggot Abraham.”
“OK, I’ll give it my best.”
Without further comment, I grabbed a glove and walked
over to left field. I heard my diaper crinkling as I was
walking, and prayed nobody else heard it. The first two
batters of the game struck out. The third guy up was a
portly fellow who was referred to as Abraham. He had a good
power swing and sent a probable home run in my direction. It
flew wide of me by a few feet and I raced to it. I reached
down to pick it, and after snagging it, threw it as hard as
I could towards home plate. Abraham wasn’t a very fast
runner, and it was enough to get him out and retire the
As I walked towards the backstop, our center fielder, a
short blond-haired kid approached me.
“Hi, I’m Kyle,” he said. “Nice play.”
“Umm… are you wearing a diaper?”
“Yeah,” I said, turning red. My diaper must have been
exposed while I reached to pick up the ball. “For medical
reasons,” I blurted out quickly.
“Cool, I wish I could wear them all the time,” Kyle
“What are you talking to my little brother for?” asked
Kenny, who fortunately had not heard the conversation.
“Nothing,” I answered. I sat down on the bench and
watched the game. Three fly balls in a row, and I didn’t
even get up at bat! Back in the field, Kyle and I talked
more about diapers. I confessed that I didn’t wear them for
medical reasons, but told him nothing more. I always thought
I was the only one in the world who liked diapers. I guess I
was wrong.
After a few close plays, we were up at bat again. They
had 5, but we were within a run of tying it up. With two
outs and Kenny on third, I was up at bat at last. I grabbed
the bat, and took a few practice swings before assuming my
“Hey Hatcher, you know we’re going to win, so just sit
down and save yourself the humiliation,” said Abraham, the
catcher for the other team.
I ignored the comment.
The pitcher threw a high and outside.
“Say, is that a diaper you have one?” asked Abraham.
I swung and missed.
“Better not strike out, diaper boy.”
Another swing and a miss.
“I’ll make you a deal,” I said. “If I hit a home run on
the next pitch, will you shut up already? If not, then you
can tell everybody that I wear diapers.”
I had a brief flashback about playing against James. He
dared me to hit a home run and break a window, and I
actually did it. Not because I wanted to prove him wrong,
but because I was afraid of looking like I was scared. Well,
it was the same situation here, and I did the same thing. I
got a piece of the pitch and sent it high and far.
I savored the expression on Abraham’s face for a moment
before circling the bases. Kenny crossed home plate and it
was a tie game. I looked to the outfield and saw that they
had retrieved the ball. Around second I ran, and then past
third. The ball was on it’s way to home plate. I was close,
but Abraham had in his glove. His hand was up to tag me, so
I did the only thing I could. I jumped over his hand and
landed on the plate. In the park home run for me, victory
for the team.
Kenny gave me a high five then asked me if landing like
that hurt.
“Not at all,” I replied with a smile. Kyle gave me a
look that signified that he understood. “Well, nice playing
but I have to get back. Bye.”
I found Terri sitting on a bench watching Nick playing
“Have fun?” she asked.
“Yup. Home run to win the game.”
“That’s great. I’m just waiting for Nick to get a 3-
pointer before we get out of here. That could take awhile.”
“I heard that!” yelled Nick. He proceeded to take a
well-placed jump shot, and it was nothing but net. “OK, we
can go now.”
“Want to go out for dinner?” Terri asked me.
“I wouldn’t have to drink my bottle in the restaurant
or sit in a high chair, would I?”
“No, you can drink your bottle later on and I think you
a big enough boy to do without a high chair or a bib.”
“Then going out sounds great.”
I found out Nick co-owned a pizza place with a group of
friends, so we went there. I was introduced to everyone as
Nick’s nephew. I could see a few of his friends were looking
at me funny. I doubted the knew the truth thought. And as
long as they weren’t going to find out, I didn’t mind.
The pizza turned out to be very good. (And I had as
much soda as I wanted). Even though the restaurant wasn’t
the cleanest of places, the food was sure better then the
places my dad used to take us for dinner. He looked poorly
upon fast food and pizza, and pretty much any place that
didn’t have a wine list. I can understand him having tastes
like that, but imposing them upon me was wrong. I was part
of the family too. Well, now I’m in a family where my vote
counts. I’m starting to wish I could stay here forever.
After dinner, we headed home. I was given some ice
cream for dessert, and then sat down and worked on my model.
I anxiously opened the box, and was relieved to find every
part to be intact and functional. After working on it for 5
minutes, I began to feel the need to pee. I decided to have
some fun and see how long I could hold it in. Five more
minutes passed, and the pressure increased. In addition, I
felt the need to poop as well. I held it in for as long as I
could, which was about 7 more minutes. Finally, I couldn’t
take it any more and flooded my diaper while releasing a big
smelly load at the same time. Needless to say, I felt
As I was finishing assembling the model, Terri entered
my room.
“Wow, you finished it that fast?” she asked.
“Smells like you need changing.”
“As soon as I finish this.”
“OK.” She watched as I finished the final assembly. I
then hopped on the bed and had my sodden and soiled diaper
removed. Terri un-taped my diaper and cleaned me up. She
noticed I was starting to get a bit of a rash, so she put
some lotion on me. Next, she took out a new package of extra
thick nighttime diapers, and put one on me. it was so thick
I could barely walk. She also dressed me in a new powder
blue sleeper. I wasn’t even going to ask where she got the
stuff, I just was thankful to have it.
As I still had some time before bed, I decided to
challenge Nick to the new wrestling game. I selected
Goldberg and he selected Hollywood Hulk Hogan. We battled it
out for 15 minutes before Nick had to get up and use the
“Your really lucky” he said sarcastically. “Don’t cheat
while I’m gone.”
I knew I could have easily un-paused the game and
pummeled my opponent into submission, but after all that
Nick had done with me, I decided I would just not touch
anything and wait until her returned. Even if it meant
I lost the match by a narrow margin. I was given a
bottle, then put to sleep. While hugging my bear, I fell
into a peaceful and tranquil state. My mind drifted and I
dreamt of my past life. I wondered what my family was up to?

Chapter 4

Jonathan Taylor, Sr. slammed the phone down in anger.
He was angry not merely because his only son had been taken
from him, and the demand was enough to bankrupt him, but
also because he was powerless to do anything about it. He, a
self-made real estate tycoon, was powerless.
He had a flashback to the day before. He was at work in
his office when he received the phone call that sent him
rushing home. His wife Joanna had sounded terrified, but
looked even more distressed in person. Nothing in the house
was missing except for their 13 year old son.
John immediately called the police. After arguing with
the operator for a few minutes, they sent a car over to the
house. Two officers came inside and got to work. One dusted
for prints and looked for evidence, while the other asked
questions. John answered everything and remained calm. The
biggest challenge was yet to come.
Jane arrived home from dance class, and was shocked to
find a police car in front of her house. She walked inside
and asked her mom what was going on.
“Honey, the police are here because your brother John
has been kidnapped.”
You could almost see the girl’s jaw hit the floor. “Are
you serious? Oh my God.”
“The police are working on it. Cooperate for them and
don’t tell anybody about this.”
“OK, mommy.”
She ran upstairs, and sure enough there was a police
officer in John’s room dusting for prints. Jane then entered
her own room and all but collapsed on her bed. She never
showed that much affection for her brother. It angered her
that he had the responsibility that he did, and she saw him
more as a rival/target more then anything else. However, she
did care a great deal about him. Despite his shortcomings,
he was a very nice person and definitely did not deserve
this. She was wondering where he was and in what shape he
was in.
Meanwhile, John Sr. began to piece together the puzzle.
He suspected William Dover was behind this. He and Dover
were business rivals, though sometimes they seemed like
mortal enemies. Recently, Dover had been pressing him to
sell a particular piece of land. John didn’t want to give it
up, and wondered why the old man wanted it so badly, so he
did some investigating. Records revealed Dover to have
criminal connections and pointed to the fact he was guilty
of money laundering and extortion. There was no doubt he
wanted the land to build a new power plant and increase his
wealth. Always the businessman, John kept this information
to himself so he could use it to his advantage later. This
was one deal he regretted making.
After the police were done questioning and searching,
they left with the assurance that they were on the case. For
John Sr., that was not good enough. He decided to take
matters into his own hands.
The first thing John did was send a warning to Dover
that if he should be involved, it would mean the end for
him. Next, John consulted and old friend of his…one Mr.
Greg Andrews, private investigator. Greg was glad to help,
and agreed to use everything he had to make sure John was
After all of his business was taken care of, John Sr.
spent a rare moment alone with his family…or that what
remained of it. “Do you think this is our fault?” he asked
his wife.
“We can’t blame ourselves, dear,” answered Joan Taylor.
“God knows we’re not perfect parents, but we tried.”
“Still, it’s occurred to me that I never quite reached
out to that boy. There was always work, but aside from that,
there wasn’t much in common.”
Jane couldn’t stand to here any more of her parent’s
arguing and again retreated to her room. She was beginning
to feel a bit guilty about always looking down upon her
brother. Even though he was older, she showed no respect for
him and treated him as if he were the younger sibling.
On occasion stuck out in Jane’s mind. When Johnny was
10, and Jane was nearly 8, John had pooped in his pants in
school. He walked home looking as if he was a soldier come
home from 'Nam. He said nothing and just went up to his
However, Jane had known what he had done and wasn’t
going to let him off the hook that easily. “Have an
accident, Johnny?”
“Yeah,” he said.
“Did you make poopy in you pants like a baby?”
“It wasn’t my fault. I had to go, and first the teacher
wouldn’t let me. Then, finally when she did let me, there
were some big kids in the bathroom smoking. They saw me and
beat me up and I ran out o there. So yeah, I pooped my
“I’m going to tell mom about this. You should be put
back into diapers, baby.”
When their mother had finally arrived home, Jane
explained what happened. Joan seemed not to care, and went
only as far as to ask John if he was all right and if he had
cleaned himself up yet. He answered yes to both. Jane teased
him on and off for the next few days. Little did she know
that it had an effect on him. Deep beneath his shyness lay a
desire to be diapered and taken care of like a little baby.
Jane was only now beginning to figure that out.

Kidnapped by ZG (WingZ)

Chapter 5

Of course, while all this was happening, I was off in
my own separate world, oblivious to the worrying of my
family. I had a new family now, and as far as I knew, I
wasn’t missed. I was able to do as I pleased, and I was
happy. Things were about to change.
I was wet again that morning. My diaper was so soggy
that if I peed another drop, I would definitely leak. I said
good morning to Terri, and she took off my diaper and told
me to take a shower. After I had showered, I was told to put
on a pair of Pull-Ups. This threw me off guard.
“Why Pull-Ups?”
“We’re going to see my uncle, and he has a real hard
time dealing with anything weird. If you go there in
diapers, he’ll laugh at you and it will make us look bad.
Your wearing Pull-Ups because they don’t show like diapers,
but if you have an accident, it’ll be OK.”
“Does this mean no more diapers?”
“No, just for today.”
“I can live with that,” I said.
Terri hugged me, and then told me to be a good boy. I
was more then willing to comply. I wore Pull-Ups and I ate a
regular breakfast. I put on some nice clothes that I got
yesterday, and made myself look ‘presentable.’ Though I
didn’t enjoy it, I knew it wouldn’t be forever. Nonetheless,
I was filled with fear. I hadn’t even met this man yet, and
he scared the hell out of me.
“You scared?” Nick asked me. I nodded. “Me too. I hate
the old bastard and he hates me. Terri isn’t too fond of him
either, but he’s rich and he is her uncle, so we put up with
it. Just act cool, and maybe he’ll be nice for once.” I
nodded again, and we drove off to seek this much-dreaded
We arrived at a very tall office building, almost tall
enough to classify as a skyscraper. Holy shit, this guy must
be a fucking millionaire, I thought to myself. Then again,
if he were so rich, what we he be kidnapping me for? The
three of us walked in, and checked with a receptionist. We
were told to take the elevator to the 36th floor. 36
floors?! I felt like I was swallowing a rock throughout the
whole elevator ride.
We finally arrived at the office of William Dover, and
I must say I’ve seen apartments smaller than that office of
his. There was wood everywhere, with gold plated trim on a
lot of things. There were sculptures and paintings and lot
of electronic equipment. There were 3 people in the room: a
middle-aged woman, a huge young man, and a well-dressed old
man with icy blue eyes. I knew this man was Dover.
“Welcome,” he said. “Please, sit down.” We all agreed.
“This is my secretary Margaret, and this fellow is my
assistant Clyde.” I recognized Clyde at that point. He was
the stranger with the baseball cap! “You must be Jonathan,
Jr.,” he said to me. “Well, John looks like he raised
himself a nice boy, let us see if I am correct.” Still,
nobody but him was speaking. “I would like to apologize for
this, son. Had your father not been such a stubborn man, I
would have never have done it. But, alas, I had no other
choice. Your father would have bankrupted me had I not
defended myself, and that meant both I, as well as Nicholas
and Terri would be out of a home. You wouldn’t want that,
would you?”
I shook my head no. I could tell this guy must have
been very good at making deals. “Now, here is what I am
going to do. I am going to call your father, and ask of him
that he leave me alone. In exchange, I shall see to it that
you are released safely. That sounds simple enough, doesn’t
it?” I nodded.
The old man picked up the phone and made his call. At
the other end, John Sr. answered. The police were listening
in, but they didn’t know that Dover was calling from an
untraceable number.
“Dover, is that you?”
“Yes. You’re not stupid, so I have assumed you would
have figured it out by now. What I want form you is to give
me, no I’ll be generous, sell me the properties I requested,
as well as hand over those records to me. I shall then
guarantee the safe return of your son. That is my only and
final offer.”
“How do I know John’s OK?”
“See for yourself.”
He flipped it onto speaker phone and allowed me to say
hello. “John, is that you? Are you OK?”
My dad sounded as if he were about to explode out of
anxiety. It shocked me. “Yeah, dad, I’m fine.”
Dover switched the phone back and continued talking.
“I’ll do it.”
“Smart man!”
“Where and when?”
“That I shall tell you later. I warn you, if you try to
come after you, you shall regret it.” That was the end of
the conversation. Dover hung up the phone and turned to me.
“Well, congratulations, young sir. It seems as if your
father made the right choice, and you’ll be going home in a
couple of days.”
“Thanks,” I said.
“You’re welcome. I hope you realize this is just
business.” There was a certain iciness in his voice that
made me certain that this was more then business. I wasn’t
sure if I was going home or not. I was getting quite
nervous, and began wetting myself helplessly. Fortunately,
the Pull-Up didn’t leak. “Well, that about wraps it up.
Terri, thanks for your much-needed help in this situation.
Too bad you can’t have your own kid, eh?”
We all but ran out of there. When we were home, I began
fighting the tears that were coming to my eyes. At last,
they spilled out and I was crying. I hadn’t cried in years
(at least not in front of anybody). “What’s wrong?” asked
“You’re right, he is evil. I hope my dad kicks his
“Me too. After this, I’m never speaking to him again.
And don’t worry honey, you’ll be going home in a couple of
“But I like it here.”
“We love you, but your parents sound like they love you
more. If not, why would your father be doing this. I’m sure
he’ll let you wear diapers if it will make you happy.”
“Yeah, he seemed OK. It takes a lot to go against
William Dover, and your dad did it,” said Nick.
“Now, let’s get you into a nice, fresh diaper,” said
Terri. She took off my wet Pull-Up, cleaned me up, and put
me into a diaper. I enjoyed the feeling of safety, as well
as the feeling between my legs, that it provided. I wished
that I could wear them forever.
The door bell rang and interrupted me from my thoughts.
Terri answered it and began to talk with whoever was there.
At last, out of curiosity, I ventured forward (after putting
on some pants) and saw the most beautiful girl in the world.
She had brown hair and green eyes, and looked to be about my
age. When se saw me, she smiled.
“That’s my nephew John,” said Terri.
“He’s cute,” replied the girl.
“I’ll tell him you said so.”
She laughed, and said. “Thanks again. Bye.”
After she had departed, I asked Terri who she was.
“That’s Karen,” replied Terri. “I used to have a friend
named Beth. Beth was into drugs and drinking, and met this
punk rocker and moved to LA with him. Karen’s her younger
sister. She lives with her aunt and uncle, and she’s a bit
lost in the world. I’m friends with her now even more then I
was with Beth. She’s a nice girl.”
“I’ll say,” I replied. Though it had taken me awhile, I
could finally feel my hormones kicking in overdrive. There
was no question about it, I had a crush on this girl.
“First love?” Nick asked me. I nodded, and he laughed a
bit, then congratulated me. It made me even more sad to be
That night, I dreamt that I was living on an island. My
family was on one end of the island, and Nick and Terri were
on the other end. James was on the island too, and he was
fishing. Karen and I were in the middle of the island. I was
wearing nothing but a diaper, and I felt like I was king of
the world (or the island at least). Little did I know that
while I was dreaming this, Greg Andrews had pulled into
town, William Dover was plotting something new, and things
were about to change yet again.

Chapter 6

I woke up to a less-than-peaceful environment for the
first time in a long while. There was a lot of noise and
yelling going on. I quietly crept out of my room to
“Your not taking him!” yelled Nick. “Hell no.”
“I’ve got orders,” replied Clyde. He effortlessly
shoved Nick aside and moved towards me.
“What’s going on?” I asked.
“I won’t let him take you,” said Terri. Clyde moved
right past her, despite her protests, and grabbed my arm.
“What the hell?” I wondered, as he began to drag me
away against my will.
“Let’s get going,” he said. I felt myself being stuck
with an needle. Awhile alter, there was a brief flash of
light, then I was out again. Clyde had managed to kidnap me
twice in one week.
When I finally awoke, I was tied to a hospital bed in a
strange room. There was a pacifier gag in my mouth, and I
was wearing a thick set of diapers with plastic pants. I
felt very dizzy, and my vision was blurred.
A man in a suit and two attendants entered my room.
“How is he doing?” asked the man.
“He appears to be doing OK, Mr. Dover.” Dover?!
“Good. That way I can explain this to him.” He
approached my side, and began to speak. “My name is Aubrey
Dover. I am the son of William and the cousin of Terri. This
place is the soon-to-be-opened Dover Regression institute.
It is a place where we will aide in regressing people with
infantile tendencies into real babies. You have the honor of
being the first. We will be making sure you are cared for
well. Though you are quite helpless, you are in good hands.”
After Aubrey finished his speech, I burst into tears.
He was right, I was absolutely helpless. Helpless and
scared. I suppose being kidnapped wasn’t supposed to be a
walk in the park, but I had no idea it could be this bad.
“Those tears natural or induced?” asked Dover.
“Natural, sir. He seems quite upset.”
“I’ll remedy that,” he said. “Seems we’re both screwed,
kid. Your old man sent that private eye of his, and my old
man got arrested and dragged me into this.” I was not
touched by this bit of information one bit, and continued to
cry. “Perhaps I shall tell you a story.” I didn’t really
care to hear any of his stories. But for some reason, I
controlled myself enough to listen.
“My father thrives on power. He uses the powers of
others, for he has none himself. He is a cold, remorseless
man. However, this had earned him success in business, where
he is in a shark pool with equally cutthroat competitors. By
the time he was 40, he was quite wealthy. However, he still
had no real power, and he wasn’t going to get any, not
legally anyhow. So he began to break the law here and there,
and became like a dictator. He took full charge of my life
as well, and made sure I was raised properly. I graduated
form Harvard and became a lawyer. My service to my father is
to get him out of any legal trouble he may be in and one day
succeed him. Though I am quite rich myself, I am far from
It seemed that both Aubrey and I had learned that money
does indeed corrupt people, and turns parents bad. I stopped
crying entirely and listened attentively. “I had very few
friends as a kid. Most of them grew up to be doctors or
bankers, and every single one of them is a rich, arrogant
son of a bitch. I resent my father very much for the way he
treated me and others, but I have continued to respect him
to some degree for fear of losing him.
Now, I question this: has the old man gone to far. He
has not only engaged himself in a criminal activity, but has
hatched a plot that I do deem to be insane. A power plant
here, a monopoly there. pretty soon, he would have enough
businesses behind him to run the entire state. Your father
caught onto this, and attempted to put a stop to it. Though
he was perhaps a bit late, he did try. And now my dad has
amassed a plan of bitter and cold revenge. He wishes to see
your father pay not just financially, but personally as
well. To watch as his only son is reduced to the level of an
infant, and this thus unable to succeed him.”
I nearly choked when he had said this. It just occurred
to me how big of a jam I was in. “Though he still controls
me from prison via his hired goons, he shall not have the
better of me this time. When things straighten out a bit, I
shall create a plan for your release unharmed. In the
meanwhile, you are still unwillingly my prisoner, and I am
forced to treat you as such. But I give you my word: I shall
allow no harm to come of you. Life’s a bitch, and it can be
twice as worse if your own dad is against you. You think
about that, young man.”
Aubrey left the room, and I thought over his speech.
Though philosopher I am not, I saw some real insight in that
young man. He was beyond a suit and some money and the name
Dover, he was a human being. An actual human being. Though
unwillingly forced into his life, he would not end mine. I
figured I would have to trust him for now.
Awhile later, more attendants came in and un-strapped
me. Leaving my gag in place, they grabbed me by my arms and
dragged me into a shower. My diapers were unpinned and I was
blasted with hot water. After that, I was soaped and
shampooed and dried off. The pubic hair which I was
beginning to grow was shaved, and I was left as clean as a
“One and a half years,” shouted on attendant. The other
attendant nodded, and they carried me away to another room.
Here, I was strapped down to a changing table. I became very
embarrassed to be here naked and helpless. I started to
squirm and make muffled pleas for them to stop, but they did
not. They secured me, and began the regression process. One
attendant grabbed a pill of some sort, and shoved it up my
butt. I was also powdered and had sweet-smelling baby oil
put on me. A cloth diaper that must have been two inches
thick was spread out, and placed under me. It was wrapped
about me, then sewn shut.
A pair of baby blue rubber pants came next. This was
followed by an onesie, and then one of the attendants
shouted, “clear.” I was then placed in a play-pen, and given
a few blocks to play with. I was too hazed to build
anything, and just sat there wishing I was somewhere else.
After a half hour of playing, I felt a cramping
sensation in my abdomen. The cramping became more and more
intense until I dumped a load into my diaper. I also wet it
at the same time, and continued to wet for several more
moments without being able to stop. Amazingly, the diaper
held it all without leakage.
An attendant came by, and checked my diapers. Instead
of changing me, he placed me in a high chair and locked me
in place. “Bottle,” he called, and a bottle of formula was
handed to him. He attached it to the pacifier, and squeezed
down. Formula rushed into my mouth, and I all but choked
swallowing it. It came faster and faster until the bottle
was empty.
Afterwards, I wet again. The feeling of my urine and
fecal matter pressed up against me was beginning to become
uncomfortable. At long last, I was changed. Like before, I
was strapped down to the table. One of the attendants who
had been taking notes (and I guessed to be a doctor) called
out, “Two years.”
“He’s been progressing nicely. Besides, that’s what the
boss said.”
The attendant nodded, and with a seam ripper removed my
diaper. My skin was beginning to break out into a rash, and
I was treated with an ointment, as well as being wiped and
powdered. This time, a disposable Huggies-style diaper was
put on me, and taped shut. An additional layer of tape was
ran around the length of the diaper to prevent me from
taking it off. I was slipped into a pair of overalls. The
pacifier-gag was removed, but I was warned not to make too
much noise or else. I gave my silent thanks to Aubrey Dover.
Though I was only 2 yeas old, it sure beat a year and a
The haziness was beginning to fade, and I played with
toys more constructively. If doing nothing else, they
relieved a bit of the fear and made me forget where I was. I
was given a cookie to snack on for being “such a good boy.”
And happily ate it. What I didn’t know was that it did have
a mild drug that caused the feeling of haziness to return,
though more acutely this time.
I had to poop again, though this time the feeling
wasn’t as unpleasant. I sat up and relaxed and pooped in my
diaper. I felt very happy that I had done it, as if I had
just won an award or something. I even went as far as to
giggle and say, “me did poopy in my dydee.” I was shocked at
the way I was behaving. I had no control over it. William
Dover was getting his wish, I was turning into a genuine
I stood up and my diaper crinkled. A stream of warm
urine poured out of my, and I said, “now I did pee-pee.” I
smiled, knowing that I was without a care in the world. The
only danger I knew was being stuck like this forever. Maybe
this was the drugs speaking, but that didn’t seem so bad.
Later, I was put into my highchair and given some
Spaghetti-O’s. I was allowed to feed myself, and although I
made a mess, I enjoyed myself. After this meal, more notes
were taken, then I was changed. They put me into some Pull-
Ups, and I was allowed to use the potty. I was overjoyed at
the opportunity, as it made me feel more like a big boy
(what was I, two and a half by now?). Nonetheless, I had
several accidents, and never made it to the toilet. This
brought on a brief sense of shame. My emotions and thoughts
were cycling so fast I thought my head was going to explode.
I was changed into a set of cloth diapers and plastic
baby pants. A onesie followed, and then a sleeper. I was put
in a crib, and sent to “beddie-bye.” Though I was in
actuality thirteen, I was convinced that I was a two-year-
old toddler who wore diapers and acted just as a toddler
should. I knew that that wasn’t right, but that knowledge
was slipping. The mobile that they had spinning above my
crib was slowly hypnotizing me into slumber. When my eyes
were almost closed, I saw a face at the window. It was
I figured I had fallen asleep by now, and that this was
a dream. Yet this was no dream. She was there. She tapped on
the window and waved. “I’m going to get you out of there,”
she said. I waved back, and at last fell asleep. But I don’t
want to leave, me a happy baby. Wait, its the drugs talking.
They aren’t trying to help me, they are trying to destroy
me. But it seems so right. I’ve got to fight it. Fight.
Fight……I was out like a light a minute later.

Kidnapped by ZG (WingZ)

Chapter 7

I dreamt peacefully that night, despite the fact that I
was still prisoner and stood the danger of never growing
past the age of two. When I awoke, my diapers were soaked.
There was nobody around to change them, so I climbed out of
my crib. It proved to be a mistake. As soon as my feet hit
the floor, I regained the knowledge that I was thirteen, not
two, and that I needed to get out of there. I began planning
my escape that very moment.
There was a slight banging sound, and some voices which
I could not hear, and I froze in my footsteps. I stood there
in fear, hoping that they wouldn’t find me and turn me into
a one-year-old again, or worse.
“What the bloody hell is going on?” I heard Aubrey
“We found her sneaking around outside,” said a deep low
voice. I was willing to bet that it belonged to Clyde. But
who could they be talking about? I then realized with sudden
horror that it was Karen. I poked my head out to take a
look. Clyde had a secure hold on Karen and was preventing
her from fleeing.
“Let me go, you asshole,” she screamed. “I’ll…” Clyde
put his hand over her mouth, and asked Aubrey for
“Your old man would know what to do,” said Clyde.
“Shall we call him?”
All the color seemed to drain out of the lawyers’ face,
and he stood there awe-stricken for a moment. If he did the
right thing, he would lose. If he didn’t, then he couldn’t
forgive himself. “Rather then do anything violent here, I
think we could sue her. More hostages always help.”
“Yessir,” agreed Clyde. Karen was still struggling as
he dragged her away. I saw one chance, and I took it. James
and I used to play Army commando when we were younger, and
although James always won, I became quite good at it. It
taught me to become alert and look for weaknesses. And I saw
a potential weakness in Clyde. As he passed, a darted out
form hiding and kicked him as hard as I could in his leg.
He stood there affixed with pain for about a minute.
Then he was invincible again. “Stupid move, kid.” He shifted
Karen to one arm, and grabbed em with the other. I was no
match for his brute strength. “Well?” he looked at Aubrey.
“Age two, both of them. Give them some punishment
first. Nothing too serious at first.”
“Right,” replied Clyde. He dragged the two of us off
kicking and screaming into a room with several tables. He
began to pull away Karen’s clothes. When she resisted, he
slapped her across the face. After she was stripped naked,
she was placed face down and secured. I was given but two
seconds to admire her before I was similarly affixed.
Clyde took a paddle and began to spank each of us for
fifteen minutes. We were crying and both our butts were red
and burning with pain. Next, we were each force-fed a
laxative in a bottle. We were wiped and powdered, and then
came the diapers. I was diapered extremely thickly, for
these diapers wouldn’t be coming off for a long time.
First, an Attends diaper with a Huggies used as a
doubler was taped on me, then taped again with masking tape.
Next came several normal cloth diapers, then one of those
extremely thick ones. Locking pins were inserted, and the
diapers were sewn shut. A very thick pair of rubber baby
pants went on last. These pants had a lock. Just when I
thought I was done, there came an onesie, then a sleeper
with a lock on the zipper. I was gagged with my pacifier and
put in my crib.
In a few minutes, Karen was by my side. She was also
diapered, only not as thickly. She wore a nightie a pair of
pink plastic pants. She was beyond cute. After we were both
diapered and gagged, we were put into restraints and the top
of the crib was locked. Clyde then walked off, without
saying a word. I had never meant a more animalistic person
to this day.
To my relief, Aubrey entered shortly. “I’m really sorry
about this, kids. Especially for your involvement in this,
young lady. I shall compensate you by having your age
increased shortly. In the meantime, try to relax and take
your mind off of this. I’ll do what I can.” With those
words, he slipped away.
Karen and I just looked at each other for a few
minutes. At last, she was able to get out some words despite
the pacifier.
“Hi John.”
“Sorry that I got us both in so much trouble.”
“Not your fault. But how did you get here?”
“Well, I recognized you from being on TV with your
father once. Then I heard that you were kidnapped. Then I
saw you with Nick and Terri, and I made the connection. I
know they are pretty cool people, so I figured it must have
been somebody else who did it, so I asked Terri and she told
me. I found this place, and was going to take some pictures
and call the police before that Clyde guy grabbed me.”
“What happened to Terri and Nick?”
“They both got arrested.” I was astonished. Arrested?
But their innocent. Mere accessories to the crime. But who
would believe that. The only two people who could get them
off the hook are lying in this here crib and are in no
position to help.
“Can I ask you a question?” Karen inquired.
“What is this place exactly?”
“A sort of age reformatory They use drugs and stuff and
are able to regress you to a baby and grow you back up
again. Dover wants me to come out of here an infant so I
can’t grow up and become like my dad.”
“Awe, that sucks.”
“Yeah, I know.”
“Can I ask you something else?”
“Do you like wearing diapers and being treated like a
I balked at this question. It wasn’t something I liked
to share, but I saw no real reason to lie, so I answered
honestly. “Yeah. Do you?”
“Not particularly, but I think it’s kinda cool.”
“That’s one of my few secrets. Can I tell you another
“I like you a lot.”
“Thanks, I like you too.”
“Your the first girl I ever liked at all. Up until a
week ago I thought there was something wrong with me, like I
was gay or something. The only thing that turned me on was
looking at pictures of guys in diapers that I got off the
Internet. Then I saw you.”
“Well, don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you. I
think your nicer then most guys I know and that your really
cute in those diapers, and even though you’re rich, you’re
not a snob.”
“If we get out of here, will you be my girlfriend.”
My heart was beating fast and pressure was beginning to
build around my abdomen. “Ouch, my stomach hurts,” said
“Mine too. I think they used laxatives.”
“You mean they want us to use diapers? That’s gross.”
“I like it, but I see how it can be gross. Just try to
let it out and it won’t hurt so much.”
I felt my bowels pushing, and I pooped in my diapers.
At last the pain was gone. I also wet as them as well. They
handled the mess well, and I knew I’d have to use them a lot
more before I could be changed.
“Fortunately, I just had to pee,” Karen said. “I can’t
wait to get out of here.”
“Me too.”
We were both lying side by side flat on our backs. My
left wrist was fastened to a restraint, and so was Karen’s
right wrist. Our other wrists were at our sides and fastened
together, but we were still able to move them somewhat.
Karen moved her hand lightly and placed her long fingers on
the crotch of my rubber pants. “Now go pee like a good baby,
Johnny,” she said.
I released a stream of urine and soaked my diapers.
There was still plenty of dry material down there. I turned
to my side slightly, and Karen slipped her fingers down the
back of my rubber pants and began to check me. “You pooped
in them too,” she said. “Good thing you wearing so many
diapers or I’d have it on my fingers.”
Karen’s fingers then found her way to my crotch. Though
I was covered extremely thickly, I also had a major hard-on.
Karen began to massage slowly. For some reason, I winced.
“Do you want me to stop?” she asked.
“No, its just that well I need to…” What I needed to
do was jerk off. I used to jerk off at home to pictures of
boys in diapers that I got from the Internet. I did it
whenever nobody was around, and whenever I felt as aroused
as I was now.
“Don’t worry about it,” she said knowingly. She began
to rub my penis until I came and the erection was gone. It
was so wonderfully intense.
“Thanks,” I said.
I then reached out my free arm and started to feel her
body. I found her breasts, well sized and well shaped
beneath her nightie and began to feel them. It made me so
excited that I peed into my diaper yet again. “We’re going
to be here awhile,” I said. “I guess we should get some
“Ya,” she agreed. We moved as close to each other as
possible (which because of the restraints wasn’t very
close), and slid our hands under each other’s padded
bottoms. With my pacifier hanging out of my mouth and my
body pressed against that of my new girlfriend, I fell
asleep. Though still a prisoner, it was one of the best
experiences of my life.

Chapter 8

When I woke up, I found myself to be alone in the crib.
I was still bound gagged, and diapered, but Karen wasn’t
there. At first, I had thought something had happened to
her. My worries were set aside when she walked back into the
room. She was wearing a very short dress. I admired the
curves of her body very much, but to my dismay, she didn’t
appear to be diapered.
“Good morning, sleepyhead,” she said.
“Hi,” I said around my pacifier. “No diapers?”
"No, I’m a big girl now. Well, not really. I’m three at
any rate. But for now I’m wearing training pants. She lifted
up her skirt and showed me her cotton training pants, which
were covered by a pair of plastic pants. “If I’m good, I get
to go back to regular underwear and I get to do more stuff.
If I’m bad, I’ll get a lot of privileges taken away. I
finally figured out how this place works, I guess.”
“As much as like diapers, I don’t want to spend the
rest of my existence in this crib.”
“Well, you have another hour of punishment time left,”
she said sympathetically. “Sorry.”
“That’s OK.” I had soaked my diapers overnight, and
they were well saturated by now. I was willing to be even
the bottom-most layer of cloth was damp. Not to mention I
stank heavily by now and wanted these diapers taken off. I
bided my time by talking to Karen and thinking of what could
be happening on the outside.
An hour later, Karen informed me that I could finally
be changed. Two attendants came in and got me out of my
restraints and out of the crib. The then secured me on the
changing table and got to work. The rubber pants were
unlocked, the seams were ripped, and the locking pins were
taken out. Tape was peeled away, and at last all my diapers
were removed leaving an absolutely terrible odor. I was
wiped very thoroughly, then brought over to the shower room
and cleaned off. Next, I was powdered and oiled, and rash
cream was applied. I was put into a single disposable
diaper, and it was quite a relief in comparison to what I
had to wear before. My clothing for the day was another pair
of overalls.
I was given notification that I was now 2 1/2. For me,
this was a perfect age. No longer a helpless infant but now
an active toddler. Still in diapers and still reliant upon
others of course, but able to do for himself to some degree.
I kept in mind that if I liked this too much, then I’d
probably never get out of here. But I decided to enjoy it
while it lasted.
I was fed a late breakfast of cereal and a sippy cup of
juice, then set in the playpen alongside Karen. She played
with some Barbies while I was given a Matchbox car. My
friend Aubrey checked up on us while we were playing. “I’m
working on posting bail,” he said. “In the meantime, I can
see your actually enjoying this, so there is no immediate
rush.” He smiled and walked off. He was definitely not his
After a little while, Karen began to shift and squirm a
bit. “Something wrong?” I asked.
“Yeah, I gotta go potty and I’m locked in this
“So? Just go in your training pants.”
“Nah, I’ll pass.” She waited in discomfort for a few
minutes before an attendant unlocked the playpen and let her
out. She returned with a smile of relief on her face. Going
to the bathroom was something I only mildly missed, and I
preferred diapers much more. It’s a weird thing, but I’m
cool with it.
When we were done playing, my diaper was checked. I was
still dry, so I was left unchanged. We were given the
privilege of watching cartoons, which for some reason I
found more entertaining then usual. Previously, the only
cartoons I would watch would be The Simpsons or maybe
Spiderman, but now I was happy with Looney Tunes as well. I
wondered if it was the drug or just me.
“You know, I’ve seen all of these like 300 times,” I
said to Karen.
“I wouldn’t complain about it,” she warned.
“Awe, what more could they do to me?” I asked. I was
sorry to have asked that question, as an attendant came by
and placed a pacifier-gag in my mouth. It was similar to a
regular pacifier, except it strapped behind the head, and it
was quite effective in preventing me in making a noise or
removing it. I was also given a slap on the padded but and
ordered to watch. I sat there it forced silence for 20
minutes as Sylvester chased Tweetie and the Coyote fell from
a cliff. It was a bit nostalgic.
I peed my diaper rather heavily, but it still absorbed
all. Assuming that Dover designed all of these products and
an actually opened this place up, he’d make a bloody
fortune, largely thanks to people like me. It made me feel a
little angry. He probably thought us AB’s to be disgusting
perverts (shows how much he knows) while on the other hand
was willing to be their best friend if it meant dollars.
What was wrong with this picture? Maybe all of us would be
done a huge favor and Aubrey would run this place.
My diaper became filled with pee and poop and was
changed. The pacifier-gag was removed along with my dirty
diaper, and I was freshly diapered and set next to Karen in
the playpen.
“This isn’t so bad,” she at last conceded.
“I think it’s great.”
“Well, I wouldn’t go that far, we’re still kidnapped
and were still in a lot of trouble if that old man doesn’t
get out of jail, but it does have its upside. When I was
little, everyone used to think I was really adorable and
paid lots of attention to me. even Beth was nice back then.
Then we grew up, and my parents split and Beth left for
California. I was left alone with my aunt and uncle, and
nobody really cared about me. As long as I wasn’t dead, they
didn’t notice. I managed OK, but its nice to have people
care for you.”
“Believe it or not, I feel like I’m invisible
“You? But your…”
“Rich? No, we’re not. We’re upper-middle class, which
is well of and not rich. Everyone looks at em and sees my
father. Nobody cares about who John Taylor Jr. actually is.
And my dad could care less, he’s always caught up with work.
My sister is OK, but she is such a brat sometimes. When I
was kidnapped the first time, I was scared. But then I
realized that a change, any change at all in life could be
good. Then I met Dover and realized that I should like my
family while their still alive. Now I don’t know what to
"Wow, I had no idea. You should write all of that down,
I bet NBC would make a TV movie out of it. They could call
it “The Odd Man Out.”
“With my luck, Fox will buy it and call it `Kidnapped:
The John Taylor story.’”
She laughed at this and we talked for awhile more. I
told her about my family and my friends and my life in
general, and she told me about hers. Then we departed from
small talk and began to talk about what counts, like life
and the future and all of our problems. I told her about how
my interest in diapers started and about some of the stories
I’ve written (funny: I wrote close to 15 diaper stories,
spread them across the Internet, and I didn’t get as much as
one e-mail reply from fans of my writing. On the other hand,
I wrote a crappy essay for school and it got posted in the
school newspaper. Life’s funny sometimes). I’m not a
garrulous individual, in fact I’m rather shy, but I talked
openly with Karen for hours and it seemed like it could have
gone forever. Though we came from different places, we were
very much in common.
I was given dinner in my high-chair, checked, changed,
and put into the crib. They didn’t put on the restraints
this time, but they still locked the top. Karen entered 30
minutes later.
“Your entitled to a big girl bed,” said Aubrey.
“Nah, I think I’ll stay here,” she said. “Thanks
“I see.” The crib was un-locked, and Karen got in
beside me. The top was locked again, and we were bade good
night. We moved very close to one another, and she put both
her hands on my butt and slipped her finger inside my
“Not tonight,” I said.
I kissed her on the cheek and slowly began to fall
asleep. Many thoughts clouded my mind. Meanwhile, Aubrey was
making a phone call to his father and Nick and Terri Anella
were being questioned. It was like a time bomb now. It could
shut-off, or it could explode any minute and not 1 single
person knows how to handle it.

Kidnapped by ZG (WingZ)

Chapter 9

The next day, I felt like a hardened convict. I was
going home at last, but it felt as if I was losing a part of
myself. The day started good, became disastrous and ended
with half a smile.
I woke up with Karen at my side. She was still asleep,
but didn’t take long to wake up.
“Good morning,” I said.
“Good morning,” she replied.
“Good morning,” said Aubrey. He really startled me.
“I’ve got some great news. My father has made bail and will
be released. As soon as he gets out, he will call me and we
will set up your release.” Where had I heard that one
before? “I know he can be a high powered talker, but I can
assure you, you will get out of here today.”
Karen and I just looked at each other dumbfounded, then
looked at Aubrey. Free at last. I had been gone for quite
awhile, and now I was going home. It was a bit sad to give
up a life of being babied, but I knew there was more to life
then me. There was my family.
Aubrey unlocked the crib and handed Karen and I our
clothes. Adult clothes at last. “Get dressed and meet me in
my office in 15 minutes,” he said. “I have a pleasant
surprise.” How much better could it get.
I climbed out of the crib then helped Karen out as
well. She began to strip off her clothes, so I asked her if
she wanted me to turn away. “Nah, it’s OK,” she replied.
“We’re a couple now.” After she was dressed, she asked me if
I was going to get dressed.
“Well, I kinda still want to wear diapers and I was
wondering if you could dress me,” I confessed.
“OK,” she replied. “Get on the changing table.” I got
on and she strapped me down. “Just in case you change your
mind,” she said.
She unzipped my sleeper and took it off, leaving me
just in my diaper. I began to feel a bit self-conscious, but
then realized that I had to take a more mature approach to
this. I offered no resistance as she untaped my wet and
poopy diaper and cleaned me up. She made sure to caress me
slowly with the baby wipe and dump plenty of powder on me.
Next, she took a fresh disposable and expertly slid it under
me and taped it up. She put on my jeans and my shirt that I
was wearing on Friday. After giving me a slap on the thigh
to signify that I was done, we walked to Aubrey’s office.
“Well?” asked Karen.
“The data we’ve been able to amass from the two of you
has been astounding,” he said. “I do believe that some
people have a very high “regressive factor” that is a very
high tendency to want to be babied or act infantile. Those
people will be treated here.”
“By treated you mean what?”
“I mean have the tendency reduced by hypnosis if they
so desire, or have the tendency cared for. While on paper it
makes no difference to us, as either is profitable I’d much
rather see people happy whatever the means. We will run this
place with a full staff of people dedicated to giving their
love, and we will have a healthy population of adult and
teen baby boys and girls. Age adjustments will be made
accordingly, and in the end everyone wins. As long as we are
able to secure the copyrights to our age reduction methods,
I will be even wealthier then I am now. Perhaps my father
will finally be rich enough to quit causing so much blasted
trouble. Well, I thank you both.”
“And thank you for your hospitality,” I said. “I’ll
miss it.”
Aubrey smiled smugly and answered the phone. He spoke
for a few minutes then set it down. “That was my father,” he
said. “He will be coming by here, and you will come with us.
I presume he would like to return you in person and make an
apology.” I found it odd for an odd man to do that, but I
decided not to question it too much.
After a lot of waiting, a limousine finally pulled up
front. William Dover stepped out and greeted his son less
then warmly. “Good news, this place is going to help us
greatly,” Aubrey said joyously.
“We’ll discuss that later,” said William. “In the
meantime, let’s get going.”
Karen and I were escorted to a van and got in. As soon
as we did, we were grabbed by our arms and tied to the
seats. Our mouths were taped shut, and we lay there
squirming and whining in protest.
“What the hell is going on?” Aubrey asked. “We’re
supposed to release them, damn it.”
“Son, don’t be a fool,” said William. “did you really
think I’d concede to losing this battle? And watch your
mouth.” He grabbed Aubrey by the arm and pushed him into the
limousine and went in after him. The sliding door on the van
was shut, and with Clyde behind the wheel we took off for
parts unknown. I felt so angry and so betrayed.
We pulled out onto the highway with the limousine in
front of us. I saw out of the rearview mirror that there
were several cars following us. One was a police car, the
other belonged to that guy Andrews, another belonged to Nick
and Terri and the last was my dad’s Lexus. I didn’t believe
it. My dad was tearing up the road at like 120 mph risking
his life just to save me.
Unfortunately, Clyde wasn’t about to stop. Instead, he
floored the pedal and we took off. We were going so fast
that I peed in my diaper. The pursuit continued, with sirens
flashing all the way. I could see a helicopter up above and
realized that we were on the news. My heart was beating and
I couldn’t think straight. A plan hit me at that point. I
was going to end this kidnapping business once and for all.
I looked at Karen, and she looked back at me
unknowingly. I glanced downward and she saw the aluminum bat
on the floor of the van. She kicked it over to me, and I
picked it up with my legs. Holding it between my feet, I hit
Clyde on his right side about as hard as I could. He slammed
on the brakes and pulled over. He steps up, he swings, and
its a home run for John Taylor!
We stopped so suddenly that the tape that bound us
broke and sent us tumbling forward. At first I was worried
that Clyde would beat my brains in, but he had other things
to worry about. The cops had finally caught up to him. He
walked out of the vehicle holding the bat in his hand. Karen
and I exited quickly through the passengers side door and
began to run towards the police when Clyde snatched us from
behind. The limousine stopped and William Dover emerged, a
smile on his face.
“Now let’s do business,” he said. “Either you all leave
right now or Clyde will beat their skulls in.”
There were angry shouts form Nick and Terri and my
father, although neither of them would risk our lives to
take on Dover. Clyde stood rock solid, a firm grip on both
of us, bat in hand. If there was one thing I learned by
attending public school, its to fight dirty. I elbowed Clyde
to the stomach, turned and gave him a good knee to the
crotch. He grunted in pain, then Karen kicked him in the
shins. At last his grip was free and we began to run.
Bang! Dover had pulled out a gun and fired it into the
air. “Not another step,” he warned. The police all had their
guns out, and so did Mr. Andrews. “Get out of here, all of
you,” the old man commanded. I watched as my dad stepped
back into his Lexus. It look like he was about to give in.
“Good, now the rest of you.” The police began to pull away
and Andrews headed for his vehicle.
Terri and nick remained on the scene. “I’m warning you
to leave, child,” he said to Terri. “You and your greaseball
husband had better get out of here right now.”
“I’ve had enough of this,” said Nick. “Me and you right
“Do you think I would risk my own neck? No, but if it
makes you happy, your welcome to take a chance with Clyde.”
Clyde nodded approvingly and the two of them squared off.
Clyde was about 6’3" and 250 lbs. Of muscle. Nick was 5’11"
and around 185. Not bad, but he didn’t stand a chance. Nick
threw a right hook to Clyde’s face, and Clyde didn’t even
flinch. He just absorbed the blow and stood. Nick punched
again and again, and still nothing.
“Had enough?” Clyde asked.
“It ain’t over yet,” replied Nick. Everyone was
watching at full attention as they continued to fight. Clyde
finally began to fight back, hitting Nick hard to the gut,
and even harder, probably breaking a rib. Nick staggered, as
if he were about to fall, then turned and punched Clyde
right in the eye.
There was another painful grunt as Clyde reached for
the bat. Nick didn’t waste time and punched him in the other
eye, and then in the jaw. There was now a mark on Clyde’s
face about the size and shape of a wedding ring. He fell
back against the van and slouched down, a beaten man. There
was a lot of cheering going on, but it all stopped as Dover
fired into the air again.
“That’s enough!” shouted Aubrey from within the
limousine. He shoved his father forward. This gave enough
time for Andrews to draw his gun and aim it at Dover. Dover
on the other hand, aimed his gun back at me. “I believe my
last warning was sufficient, now it’s time to pay.” I stood
there paralyzed with fear and unable to move. He was really
going to shoot me!
Bang! I turned around and saw Dover fall back against
the limousine. I looked at Andrews, and he looked equally as
confused. The police hadn’t fired either. I then looked in
the direction of my parents and saw my father holding a
hunting rifle in his hands. My father who used violence
about as much as people watch professional bowling on TV. My
father who was a gray-haired man of 50 who wore glasses and
quietly made millions with his brain and his pen. My father,
who up until now I had never truly known.
After that one moment of awe, the situation began to
explode. Dover, who had suffered a gunshot wound to the arm
was hauled away in an ambulance. The police began to
establish a perimeter. They arrested Clyde, and also brought
Aubrey in for questioning. They also questioned my father.
“Where did you get the gun?”
“I bought it for hunting,” he said. “I have a license.”
“Never figured a guy like you would need one.”
“They say hunting’s a rich man’s sport,” he answered.
“I’m not a rich man, just a man who has made the most of
“Well, you’ll have to answer a few questions, but
nothing right now. I’m sure you want to see your son.”
“Damn right,” he answered. I walked over to him and he
gave me a hug. My mom was even more anxious and gave me an
even bigger hug and kept asking me if I was OK. Even though
this was on TV, it wasn’t embarrassing. Who was going to
make fun of a kid who was able to escape a guy like Clyde.
As my mom hugged me, she felt the bulge in my bottom. I
became a bit scared and was about to explain when she
quieted me and said that it was OK. I waved good bye to
Karen, Nick, and Terri and hoped that I could see them
The car ride home was silent. When we got home,
however, my dad held a family meeting regarding my recent
kidnapping and return. “I don’t want to get into specifics,
but I need to know, are you OK?”
“Yes, I’m fine,” I answered. I was a bit shaken up, but
physically I felt OK.
“Could you explain everything that happened, if it
doesn’t upset you too much?”
“Sure.” I told them the whole entire story, starting
from Friday and ending with the shoot out.
“So they treated you like a baby?”
“Yeah. But, umm, actually, I kind of like it.”
“If it makes you happy, would you like to be treated
like that from now on?”
My eyes lit up and I jumped at the opportunity. “Yes,”
I answered.
“OK,” replied my dad. “We’ll talk more about that
later, but lets go out for dinner first.”
The four of us went out for dinner, not to a fancy
restaurant but to a diner. It was as if dad had read my mind
somehow. After dinner, we drove to a convenience store and
my mom pickled up a package of Attends, baby powder, wipes
and a pacifier. When we got home, my mom changed me into a
fresh diaper.
“Are you angry with me?” I asked her.
“For this? No, of course not. nor am I angry that you
were kidnapped. It’s not your fault. I’m not really angry
with you over much, and you make me proud with just about
everything you do.”
“Really. My way of telling you that your doing a good
job is by not complaining. If I don’t say so it doesn’t mean
I don’t love you. Besides, I’m glad to have my little boy
back.” I blushed at this as she taped up my diaper.
My dad was in his office having himself a drink. I
walked in and sat down. “I’m sorry,” I said. He knew what I
“Me too. But enough apologizing, let em tell you
something. My dad was poor and came from a poor family. I
had to work hard to get hear. All of this work has made me
rich, but it has also made me blind. It’s made me lose track
of everything except for money. While you were gone, I began
to open my eyes. Even though I always deny it, I am pretty
rich, so why don’t we enjoy it?”
“You mean it?”
“Yup. I can do most of my work at home now, and I have
enough associates so that they can handle most of it. I
trust them. In the meantime, I get to spend more time with
you and Jane. No more pretending, no more doing things for
the sake of appearances. If there’s something you want, just
“Well, there is this one thing. Dover’s son Aubrey.”
“Nice guy, I met him. Nothing like the old man.”
“Well, could you make sure he doesn’t go to jail. He
didn’t really do anything wrong, he was just following his
dad’s orders.”
“The 10 Commandments say thou shalt honor thy father
and thy mother. Now I happen to know William Dover isn’t
nice and is probably worse as a father yet that kid sticks
by him. If however he is willing to testify against his dad,
then he won’t serve any time.”
“I have a feeling he might.”
“Anything else?”
“Yeah, Nick and Terri.”
“They are off the hook.”
“And Karen?”
“That girl you were with. Well, congratulations to her
for finding you. She’s back with her aunt and uncle. I’m
sure we can arrange a visit soon to congratulate her if
nothing else.”
“It’s something else.”
“In love son?”
“I think I am. At least nobody will think I am gay.”
“Well, there’s nothing wrong with being gay, but I
never thought you were. It just took some time to find
somebody you liked. Girls can be tricky though, so take your
“Thanks for the advice. Good night dad.”
“Good night son.”
I walked up to my room and found Jane there. I dreaded
what was going to happen next.
“So, you’re wearing diapers now?”
“That’s OK. I’m sorry I always make fun of you and I’m
always being a brat. I really missed you while you were
gone. Besides, it must be pretty cool to be kidnapped.”
“Yes it is, but I wouldn’t try it if I were you.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t tease you about your diapers.
Good night, Johnny.”
“Good night Jane.” She left my room and I got into bed.
I found myself unable to fall asleep. Eventually, my mom
came in and tucked me in. She put a pacifier in my mouth and
gently touched my hair.
“Good night,” she said. I was asleep shortly after
that. Safe and home at last.

Chapter 10

Although I returned physically, in a way I never came
back. Before that fateful Friday, I was an ignored kids with
way to much responsibility in his hands. At the Regression
Institute, I was a helpless infant, unable to do anything.
What I found with Nick and Terri was a happy medium: life as
a little boy. It was this life that I continued.
I wore diapers all the time. I would wear an ultra
absorbent disposable to school, and was changed by the nurse
at lunch time. People looked at me differently in school. I
was no longer just an image of my father, I was my own
person. And this own person made second honor roll with a B
average and was the left fielder on the school softball
After school, I walked home with James and Gary. They
asked em questions from my kidnapping form time to time and
about my diaper wearing as well. Both thought it was kind of
cool but said nothing more to that effect.
When I got home, Jane changed my diaper. I wore about 4
cloth diapers pinned together and covered with plastic pants
when I was at home. Jane occasionally made jokes about it,
but did nothing to hurt my feelings. She changed my diapers
most of the time, and we finally established a truce to the
sibling rivalry.
On weekends, I spent some time with my family. We did a
bunch of things together like miniature golf and I always
had a pretty good time. After a few weekends of settling
into this life, I got a call from Terri. She wanted to know
if I could stay with them for that weekend. My parents
agreed and I visited them.
They happily received me and we talked for a little bit
before they announced they had not one, but two surprises
for me. “One at a time,” I said.
“OK, go down the hall and to your right.” I followed
tease instructions and opened the door to the room to find
“Surprise,” she said.
“Hi,” I answered. “So, how are you?”
“Well, not too great. My aunt and uncle got really mad
at me for having gotten myself into this mess and they
punished me a lot and I was really upset. Then Nick and
Terri talked to them and arranged to have me live with them.
And they are really nice to me. It’s been really good so
far, except I got a letter from LA saying that my sister
“Sorry to hear that.”
“Me too, but she stopped being my sister the minute she
left. So, how’s your life?”
“Great. I made second honor roll and the school
softball team and my parents let me wear diapers now and
treat me like a little kid sometimes.”
“Wow. So you have a girlfriend yet?”
“Do you still like me?”
“OK, so were a couple now?”
“I hope so.”
“That’s good because I would feel right doing this.”
She put her hand around me, and I put my hand around her and
we kissed. She put her hand down my pants and checked my
diaper. “Your wet,” she said.
“These can hold a lot,” I replied.
“What’s the other surprise?” I asked Terri.
“I’m pregnant,” she answered.
“That’s great,” I replied.
We had a lot of fun that weekend. We went to the mall
and to a video arcade and to see a movie. We also went to
the park and I saw the same kids at the sandlot for their
“Damn it we’re still down a player!”
“Not anymore your not,” I answered.
“Welcome back John,” answered Kenny.
“I know who you are, I read the paper,” said Abraham.
“And it’s a known fact that rich kids suck at baseball.”
“Who said I was rich,” I answered. “And if you read the
paper so much then maybe you would have found out that I
made my school’s softball team.”
“Pretty sorry school,” he muttered.
We walked all over Abraham’s team. Kenny had 5 RBI’s
and a homer and I got a stolen base and 4 RBI’s. Even Kyle
managed an RBI, all while holding to a shutout.
“Guess what,” Kyle said to me. “I got put back in
diapers. My mom got tired of me having accidents and I told
her I wanted to wear them and she let me. Kenny teases me
but its still great.”
“Good for you,” I said.
The rest of the weekend was as good as the first part
even though we stayed home. I played video games and worked
on puzzles, and drank from a bottle. On Saturday night, Nick
and Terri allowed Karen and I to share a bed. They reminded
us that we were far to young to think about sleeping
together (teen pregnancy is a big problem in the world), but
being that I was thickly diapered there was nothing to worry
Karen and I moved close to one another. She stuck her
hands in my diaper and began to rub me slowly until I came.
We kissed each other on the mouth for what seemed like
forever, and we shared a state of both physical and
emotional ecstasy.
I made many return visits on weekends to the town of
Ridgewater. I had a second set of parents there, as well as
a few friends to play softball with and a girlfriend. It was
my second home, and thanks to my dad’s efforts, it was a
well organized pleasant town that had yet to attract a bad
element or a big business.
Over the summer, my parents decided to go out for the
evening and let Jane and I invite a few friends over and
have a sleepover. While they reminded us of the rules
constantly, we both knew that ultimately we would be alone
and free to do whatever we want, even if it meant paying a
price later.
“So, who are you inviting?” asked Jane.
“James and Gary.”
“James is OK, but that fat kid Gary is really weird.”
“Hey shut up about my friends. Gary is weird, but he’s
still my friend. Who are you inviting?”
“Jenny and Diane.”
“Don’t baby me to much in front of them.”
“Now would I do that?” asked my sister with a wicked
smile. I set aside my worries for later and waited as my
friends arrived. James showed up first.
“Hey, what’s up?” he asked.
“Nothing much. Not yet at least.”
“What you have planned?”
“Watch some movies, play some games, then watch
Saturday Night Live. I’ve never seen it before.”
“Why, your parents won’t let you stay up late?”
“No, I have to be in bed by time.”
“That sucks.”
“Well, get this. My sister invited her friends over
“Oh god, not Jenny!” My sister’s best friend and my
best friend had a history of not exactly getting along. “I
hate that little loudmouth bitch.”
“I’m sure she thinks the same of you. Just try not to
fight, OK?”
“Jane also invited Diane.”
“Oh really? Well, she’s OK. She doesn’t get on my
nerves like Jenny. And she looks pretty good for a 10 year
“First of all, don’t even think about it and secondly
don’t you already have a girlfriend?”
“Nah, we broke up.”
“Sorry to hear.”
“Don’t be.”
“Here comes Gary.”
We updated Gary on the situation and was agreeable to
my plans. As my parents hadn’t left yet and there wasn’t
much to do, we just stayed clear of Jane’s friends and hung
out in my room and talked. Somehow, the subject of diapers
came up.
“Hey, you still wear them,” said Gary. He noted the
package of diapers and the changing pad near my bed.
“Yup,” I said.
“What’s it like to wear them?” he asked.
“What kind of question is that?” asked James.
“Shut up, I’m asking a question here,” Gary returned.
“Well, it feels really good. Their really comfortable
and soft and you feel safer wearing them.”
“Cool,” replied Gary. “I want to try one.”
“Are you nuts?” asked James. “Why would you want to
wear one?”
“Same reason John does, it feels good.”
“Look, Gary, if you get caught wearing one, your mom
might find out and you could get put back in diapers for
ever,” I warned.
“Even better.”
“How did you find that out?” asked James.
“It happened in a story.”
“You mean they make stories on this stuff?” asked Gary
“Yeah, you’d be surprised,” I said. I showed them a
diaper story I got from the Internet about a kid who is bad
and forced into diapers my his mother and sister and ends up
enjoying them and wears them for the rest of his life. James
and Gary read eagerly.
“Man, if I was that kid, I’d just give up wanting to
wear diapers,” said James.
“I wouldn’t,” said Gary.
“Me neither,” I said.
We stopped talking and could hear my sister and her
friends making a lot of noise. Luckily, they hadn’t been
eavesdropping. “Quite down!” I said.
“Make us,” replied Jenny tauntingly
“Maybe later,” I answered.
“Why didn’t you do something?” asked James. “Your
older, remember.”
“I’ve got good reasons that I’d rather not share,” I
said. “Besides, I think we can have a little pillow fight
after dinner, that’d shut them up.”
“What’s for dinner?” asked Gary.
“My parents ordered a pizza, should be here soon,” I
said. No sooner had I finished saying this then the doorbell
rang. I walked downstairs and answered the doorbell. The
pizza man looked at me oddly, but said nothing as I swapped
cash for the pizza.
We all dug into the pizza and finished it off really
quickly. We also had a lot of soda to drink. “Chill with the
soda” James warned.
“Don’t worry about it,” I replied knowingly.
After dinner, the girls returned to their chatting and
gossiping and we returned to our slightly more upscale
“I think Todd Green is better then Todd Hundley,” said
“No way,” replied James. “Hundely’s had 40 home runs.”
“So? I’m sure Greene would too if he was healthy enough
to play a whole year,” I said defending the starting catcher
on my much loved Anaheim Angels.
“The Angels are garbage,” James continued. “I bet
they’d offer em millions to play for them, and I’m only a
kid. That’s how sorry they are.”
“James, shut up,” said Gary.
“Quiet down, and remember the plan,” I said.
“What plan?” asked James. I told them of my plan, and
they thought it was excellent. I knew an argument was bound
to break out between me and my sister only this time I
wouldn’t be on the losing end.
We played some computer games (decent ones this time)
for awhile, and in the middle of playing, I pooped in my
diapers. I also looked at my watch and realized that the
inevitable would have to happen soon enough.
Jane and her friends walked past, and in an obnoxious
and obvious tone she blurted out," I have to go change my
brother’s diapers now."
All of her friends burst into laughter, and so did
mine. I did my best not to get angry, and remembered that I
would have revenge soon enough. “Well, let’s get going,
diaper boy,” she said. “Or do I have to give you a
I silently got up and walked to my room. Jane ordered
me to lay down on the changing pad, and when I did she told
her friends to grab my arms so I couldn’t get away.
“Stick around and watch what we do to bad boys,” she
said to James.
They shoved a pacifier in my mouth and unpinned my
diapers. “He really smells,” commented Jenny.
“Well, I’m used to it,” said Jane.
They wiped me powdered me and put on my thick nighttime
diapers (which were about 5 to 6 layers of cloth). “OK,
which one of you is next?” she said to James and Gary.
“What the hell?” asked James. I knew my sister would
try to diaper my friends as well merely because she liked to
feel in charge, but they weren’t going down without a fight.
“We’re making you wear diapers too,” said Jenny. “Now
come here or we’ll have to get you.” I saw Gary was
beginning to give into the temptation to just lie down and
be diapered, so I decided to put my plan into action. I
grabbed a pillow and handed one to James and Gary as well.
“OK, go.”
We began to hit the girls endlessly with pillows and
they whined and complained but didn’t have enough sense to
grab some pillows and fight back. In the midst of the
assault, Gary accidentally hit James, and James responded by
hitting Gary back rather hard. Gary fell tripped and fell to
the floor. In the meantime, Jenny grabbed the pillow he was
using and began to wreak havoc on James. “OK, enough
already!” I shouted after she had hit him more then enough
times. We were all laughing hysterically at ourselves and
each other.
“You are going to pay for that,” said Jenny. “Now,
who’s’ first.”
“Me,” said Gary, admitting defeat. He climbed on the
changing pad, and the girls grabbed him and diapered him up.
James tried to back away, but couldn’t take on all
three of them at once. They had to hold him down as he kept
on squirming, and it took some time to get him into diapers.
To make sure he wouldn’t take them off, they used locking
pins and hid his and Gary’s pants. “Was this apt of your
plan too?” asked James.
“Sorry,” I said.
“Actually, it’s not your problem, John. It’s Gary’s.”
“Hey, you didn’t have to hit me back!”
“Enough of this, let’s watch some movies,” I suggested.
The three of us sat down and watched “Scream 2.” It was
pretty scary, and I wet myself on several occasions just
watching the killer emerge form the background and slay his
“Aren’t you going to watch?” I asked Jane.
“No, we have some stuff to take care of,” she said.
“Could you takes these off,” asked Gary. “I have to
“We aren’t taking them off, so just go,” she said.
“Told you about the soda,” said James.
After the movie I walked to the kitchen to get
something to drink. “Here, take this,” Jane said, handing me
a bottle.
“I know you want it, now take it. Your wearing diapers
and you should drink from a bottle as well.” She was indeed
correct in guessing that I had wanted to drink from a bottle
again, so I took it without protesting and finished it. We
stayed up to watch Saturday Night Live (which was pretty
funny) then went up to go to sleep. My parents would be home
I walked into my room and was very surprised to find an
adult sized crib there. “Where did this come from?” I asked.
“Mom got it for you,” explained Jane. “She wasn’t sure
if you wanted it or not. Now, you don’t have a choice. The
tree of you diaper boys are sleeping in a crib tonight.”
“Mom is going to be pissed when she found out what
you’ve done,” I said.
“No she won’t. I just proved that I know how to take
care of immature brats like you.”
I couldn’t really argue this point, but James, Gary and
I did protest quite heavily as we were herded into the crib
and the top was locked.
“This sucks,” complained James.
“Its not so bad,” I said.
Suddenly, there was a muffled farting sound and a foul
smell began to fill the room. “Gary, did you poop in your
diapers?” asked James.
“Yeah, and I didn’t even know I had to go,” he said.
“Looks like I might need diapers.”
“Welcome to the club,” I said.
“If I piss, would this leak?” asked James.
“No. That’s a lot of diapers your wearing. You could
piss like a gallon before it leaked.”
“Let’s find out,” he said, and wet his diaper. He then
checked the front of it and said, “wow, still dry.”
I tried to get some sleep, but the crib kept on shaking
a bit. I suspected the reason was that James decided to bide
his time in captivity by jerking off.
“I’m trying to sleep,” I said.
“My bad,” he replied.
Just then, Jane and her friends rushed into the room.
“You’ve made enough noise for one night!” They grabbed our
hands and feet and tied them to the crib as well as gagging
us all with pacifiers. It finally occurred to me that I had
been kidnapped yet again. This time within my own house by a
bunch of bratty 10 year olds. I suspected I carried some
kind of a curse or something.
After that one sleep-over, Gary was put back into
diapers my his parent and wore them until he was 15 or 16.
James never told me he wore them, but I noticed a bulge
around his waist some days and that was sign enough for me.
The three of us stayed friends throughout high school and
met Aaron, Rodney, Wendy and Seth. They all wore diapers too
and we formed a secret diaper society of some sort. We
created a web page and wrote stories and took pictures. It
became one of the foremost TB sites on the net.
I went on to attend Berkley along with Karen, and
majored in business management. Although I swore I’d never
turn out like my father, I hadn’t realized exactly who my
father was and what he did. Now that I knew, I wanted to be
exactly like him.
I was kidnapped another time in college as a prank by a
fraternity. They demanded I help them graduate or else. I
took the or else, and they paddled my ass all night before
putting me into thick unremovable diapers. The joke was on
them, as I graduated and they didn’t.
When I was in my mid-20’s, I got married to Karen and
took over my dad’s business. Karen, Jane and I all ran it,
and I added Aubrey Dover as a consultant. He had made a
great deal of money since his father had died in jail
(ironically while reading the Wall Street journal, he
suffered a heart attack)., and most of his profits went
toward charity.
I am 29 now. I work out of my home managing my dad’s
real estate company as well as a few other things. I have
also appeared in TV commercials and am part of a California
baseball league along with my friend Kenny, and Jake Anella
(son of Terri and Nick). I also have a few wring projects
going. There are a few essays that I have done, as well as
my diaper stories which nobody knows about, and there is
this, my autobiography. I still wear diapers full time and
Karen still changes me and takes care of me. With our first
child on the way, she’ll soon have two babies to take care
of. I’m uncertain what the future holds, but I have a
dreadful feeling that I might be kidnapped yet again. So,
readers: watch your back and know your friends because you
never know when it’ll happen to you. It’s not always a bad
thing, of course.