Knock and Run

White, bulky, visible from half a street away. Probably the pride of his wardrobe but that gilet wasn’t subtle.

I sighed. He needed subtle. He needed many things, including a good spanking.

It was another knock at the door, frantic use of the knocker; it wasn’t even children, it was the 20 year old students from a few doors down. One of them clearly had a crush on me, just lacked the confidence or experience to do anything about it.

Knocking on my door and running away wasn’t going to win my heart. It got my attention though. He was awful at this, so bad he maybe wanted to get caught. He didn’t run far, certainly not far enough, especially with that gilet reflecting the street lamps.

Not that it made much difference, I’d watched him approach, watched him knock and watched him amble behind a bush that was too small to conceal him, even without the almost glowing gilet. My security cameras were discrete but not hidden, surely he knew they were there?

I didn’t answer the door. I left the house by the side door instead. The police might frown at my shotgun but when you’re being harassed by a young fit man they’d understand my caution. I’d loaded with rock salt, a shot to the legs would leave him limping for a week but nothing more.

He didn’t know that. He heard me cock it behind him, my approach masked by his childish giggles, and jumped up in astonishment, turning to see me, and… he shit himself.

Literally just stood there and filled his pants. Lost control at the front too, a dark stain spreading across and down his tan slacks.

I would have laughed, nearly did, but this was my chance. I motioned with the gun, followed it with a clear instruction. “Move. Round the back. No, through that door. Turn right. Yes, that little room. It’s a wet room, downstairs shower, and I think you need it.”

He stood there in shock, too embarrassed to say anything, too scared to take any actions I didn’t order.

Which was fine. I’d been looking for a new toy and this one already liked bulky white clothing, unsubtle, visible from half a street away. I had just the thing for him, and he could hardly decline. He’d just shown he needed it…

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What a cliff hanger! I really like how word your sentences, kinda reminds me of how I word mine. I was taken a bit aback by the sudden use of a gun and the guys reaction to being pointed at by said gun, but that is just the Englishman in me not used to them being a common thing you might find in someone’s home. I would have really liked for the “shitting himself” part to be expanded on a bit more, I felt like it was a bit short considering how it is meant to be quite an important part of the text. This is obviously meant to be a set up for future shenanigns and I do think it is a tad short, but otherwise the premise had captured my attention.

You don’t know the author very well. :slight_smile:

Short one-offs are her standard.

I more meant in-Universe than anything, but am I glad to know a bit more about the author, thanks! Also I am kinda embarassed I wrote “shenanigans” wrong, but oh well!

The whole story was a fictional response to someone grumbling about ‘idiot just knocked on my door, ran 5m away and hid badly while wearing a white coat at night’, just taking that tiny situation and making it inappropriately sinister.

As a set up for future shenanigans? Yeah, even short stories (and this is a very short one) need to end, and promising an interesting future for them both is fun and open ended, so you as the reader can choose the nature of that future relationship.

The detail around defecation is something I think some readers would prefer, but others will be glad isn’t there. I think adding it here would have changed the subject of the story, made that act central, maybe even turned it into a scat piece. I don’t want to write those, and really this story is just an elaborate badly written wish fulfilment joke: “Oh, you wear something white and visible at night and upset me? Here’s something white and visible to wear at night.”

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it’s always nice to hear how people interpret these things.

Trying to one-up @Cute-Kitten ?