Kristine's Desires 1-45 by Emi

Kristine’s Desires 1-45 by Emi

Chapter 44 - A beginning?

Kris stood up slowly as she watched Ellen step into the common room, wondering how Mary had managed to pull this off. Kris saw Mary smile as she shyly walked over to Ellen, and Kris knew she was enjoying the surprise she had pulled of. Ellen had her hair down for the first time that Kris remembered, and Kris took a second to wonder why she didn’t do that more often. The brown shoulder length hair framed her face beautifully, with the ends coming to just below her chin. While wearing her hair down did soften her face a little, her eyes were still as sharp as ever. Kris always envisioned Ellen as a perfect school teacher, one that was fun to be in class with, but also brokered no nonsense, and saw any tricks before the kid even thought them up. Kris hoped that Court’s choice of outfit for the night didn’t come back to haunt her.

The image of Court being stuck in school with Ellen as a teacher brought on a fit of giggles, as Kris hugged Ellen, whispering a hello to her.

“Hello back Kris, thank you for inviting me tonight,” Ellen said brightly. Kris glanced at Mary, and smiled at the sly wink that she got.

“I’m glad you could make it Ellen, you being here really does complete the party,” Kris said smiling. “And wow, look, there is suddenly room for you to sit on the couch with Mary and Jay,” Kris said, with just a hint of sulkiness in her words. This brought a laugh out of Matt, who waved to Ellen as Kris introduced him.

After getting Ellen set with something to drink and a few of the appetizers, Kris settled back down next to Court so they could spend a little time talking together. They relaxed for a little bit, and Kris was happy that she finally got to sip a little of the wine she was allowed during the night. She also decided that she was glad she chose the thick cloth diapers, especially after her third sippy cup full of wine.

Kris felt her hips dancing a little as she tried to keep from wetting while sitting on the floor in front of everyone. She thought of making an excuse to run off to her bedroom, but somehow knew that either Matt or Mary would see right though that, and have a few remarks for everyone about the real reason she wanted to leave the room. She felt her face warm a little at the thought of what a few of those remarks might be, and how many eyes would be on her after them. After jiggling her bottom a little more, she felt Court reach over and take a hold of her hand. Kris looked over to see Court smiling over at her as she gave a reassuring squeeze.

Leaning over, she heard Court whisper “You’re not alone right now, you know.” Kris watched Court lean back a little for a second before closing her eyes, and Kris knew that she wouldn’t be the only one with a wet diaper from the wine. She squeezed Court’s hand back, and felt a warmness starting to spread through her diaper also. The relief felt wonderful, and Kris had to work to suppress a content sigh that was trying to escape her lips. They turned back and both smiled at the other, which quickly led to a fit of giggles. Kris felt so much tension empty out of her as she finished wetting, finding comfort in the thick folds between her legs. She was surprised at how wet she felt though, and also how heavy the diaper felt now. She shook her hips a little, exploring the strange feelings that the cloth diapers gave her, and blushed a little when Court smiled over at her. Kris couldn’t help but smile back, enjoying the feeling of sharing this with her.

They soon went back to talking, and after a little bit, started to play some games on the floor like Yahtzee and a few card games. They tried to talk the others into joining them for a game of spoons, but as usual, the groan-ups were boring and not interested in playing. As they played, one or the other would shake their bottoms a little, causing the other one to start laughing. Ellen came over after a little while and started to join in the games, and Kris was happy to see her and Court get along pretty easily and fall into a easy conversation.

Kris was surprised when she saw Mary standing up behind her, and dragging a tired looking Jay with her.

“I think it’s time for us to turn in for the night,” Mary said, stifling a yawn.

“Already?” Kris asked sounding surprised. “It’s only…” Kris shook her head when she saw that it was after midnight.

“Ellen, if you want to, you can stay over,” Mary said as she put her wine glass in the sink in the kitchen. “Court was planning to, so the couch is already occupied, but we have a blow up mattress also.”

“Thank you Mary, but I think I’ll go home tonight. I’m way too old for sleepovers!” Ellen replied in a light voice.

“Well, either way, it was great to meet you, and hope we can do this again sometime soon.”

Mary quickly said good night to everyone else, and Kris watched as she and Jay vanished into her bedroom. She looked over to see Court yawning, and couldn’t help but follow suit.

“I think it’s past a certain baby’s bedtime,” Matt said as he stretched for a second on the chair.

Kris pouted for a second, but reluctantly nodded. “Can I sleep out here with Court tonight?” Kris asked hopefully.

“Sure,” Matt replied quickly. “In fact, I was hoping you’d ask. I didn’t want to end up on the floor tonight!”

Kris quickly disappeared into her room, dragging a sleeping bag behind her along with one of her pillows, and her stuffed bunny. She set up her little sleeping area by the couch, and watched Court glance at the couch before stripping off the blankets and making a small spot for herself near Kris’s. She pulled a few things out of her own bag, including a little stuffed bear with big brown eyes that gave him an adorable look. Kris also saw a few disposable diapers laying on the bottom of the bag, along with a bottle of baby oil and powder.

“Do you mind if I borrow a pillow for the night?” she asked with a yawn.

“Sure, I’ll get another from my room!” Kris replied. She looked around for a second, and dropped her voice to a whisper. “You can also get changed in their too if you want. I’m sure you must be as soaked as I am.”

“Just a bit, yes,” Court replied, laughing a little. As Court bent to pick up her bag, Kris felt Matt’s large hands pick her up. She threw her arms around his neck, feeling surprised for a second as her legs dangled down. She was also surprised at the way her cloth diapers drooped down, and how heavy they felt as they tugged on her plastic pants.

“Come on little girl, let’s get you ready for bed,” Matt said. “That diaper, thick or not, must be soaked with all the wine you drank tonight. Court, you can use the bedroom in a few minutes if you want to.”

“Thank you Matt,” Court replied as she winked at Kris.

Matt slowly carried Kris towards her bedroom, only stopping to whisper something in Ellen’s ear. Kris let out a sigh of relief as Matt placed her on the bed, and hiked up the hem of her dress. She happily picked up one of her other teddies, and hugged him tightly as she felt her daddy going to work. They talked about the party for a few minutes, before he placed a towel underneath her to protect the bed before carefully removing her plastic pants. Kris winced when she saw the slightly red lines around her inner thigh from the elastic rings that kept the pants tight against her. As Matt bent to remove the pins that held the cloth diaper to her, she heard someone open the door to her room.

“Do you two mind some company?” Ellen asked. Kris looked up and saw Court trailing after her, smiling shyly. Kris had never seen Court show the slightest hint of shyness, and she wondered what brought that on. She looked up and saw Matt asking her a silent question, and Kris nodded after a few seconds, deciding that she was comfortable with Ellen and Court being in the room.

“Sure Ellen, come on in,” Matt said, smiling down at Kris. Kris looked up as Ellen took Court’s hand, and led her across the room.

“Thanks Matt,” Ellen answered. “I decided that things weren’t fair to Courtney.” Kris perked up at hearing Court’s full name, her eyebrows drawing down in wonderment. An even bigger wonder was that Court didn’t react to it. Kris knew that Court definitely preferred the shortened version of her name.

“Oh, fair in what way?” Matt asked as he turned back to Kris to continue removing the diaper pins.

“Well, Kris has someone nice to help her get ready for bed,” Ellen started, “and she doesn’t have to sit in a wet diaper while someone else gets changed. So Courtney and I talked about it, and I asked if she would like a little help.” Ellen turned and smiled at Court, who was looking down at her shoes now, and turning a slight shade of pink. The combination sent shivers down Kris’s spine, and questions started piling up in Kris’s mind. “The only price I charged was the right to call her by her full name,” Ellen continued brightly.

Kris almost went to say something to ‘Courtney,’ but decided against ruining what could be a moment between Court and Ellen. Not to mention that she avoided any swats during the night, and definitely didn’t want any with her diaper almost off! Instead, she looked over at Court, smiling up encouragingly, before suddenly remembering that she was laying there in only a wet diaper. She blushed for a second, and it was Court’s turn to smile encouragingly.

What helped more was Ellen telling Court to lay down, and hiking Court’s skirt up in matching fashion to Kris. Court looked up uncertainly, until Kris reached over and squeezed her hand reassuringly, and whispering that she thought Ellen was a great person She also handed over one of her other stuffed animals, a big red puppy that she always held when she was scared. Kris laid back, and started listening to a soft humming that was coming from Ellen. Before too long, Court’s diaper was untapped, and both Matt and Ellen went to work cleaning up the girls. They laughed when dusted powder on them, with a small cloud covering the bed. Ellen reached down and pulled out one of Court’s disposable diapers, and smiled down at the squirming Court laying on the bed.

“Okay Courtney, bottoms up,” Ellen said, laughing. It was a free and easy laugh, one that Kris wouldn’t have thought Ellen would have. She slid the diaper underneath, whispering ‘good girl’ softly.

“Do you mind if Kris borrows one of your diapers, Court?” Matt asked, winking over at Ellen. “I figured it would be nice to have matching babies tonight.”

Court didn’t answer, but just nodded, laying back quietly. Shortly after, Kris was being taped up into a matching diaper, and couldn’t help but giggle when she looked at the two of them. Matt leaned down and gave Kris a kiss on the forehead, and helped her up as Ellen did the same thing, smiling the whole time. Kris was surprised for a second when she saw Ellen slipping the sweater off of Court, at least until she felt Matt undoing the buttons of her dress. She blushed for a second when she felt the dress fall away to the floor, leaving Kris in only a bra and diaper, until the bra also fell away.

“It figures,” Kris thought to herself, “the one time a guy can get a bra off in under five minutes is when you’re sitting in a diaper with other people in the room”

Shortly after, Kris watched as Court was reduced to the same state, and they both smiled at each other uncertainly, with Court doing a better job of keeping her embarrassment from showing. Court may have been nervous about Ellen in the beginning, but that was fading quickly. Ellen pulled out a long nightie that Court had in her backpack, and helped slip it over her head, brushing a few stray strands of hair out of her eyes after it was pulled on. Kris raised her arms so Matt could put one on her as well, and after her head poked through, she smiled up at Matt.

“Okay girls, it’s time for you to get to sleep, and for Aunt Ellen to go home. Say goodnight, and go get under the covers,” Matt said, handing a pillow to Court.

Once they were settled on the floor in the common room, Kris said a quiet good-bye to Ellen. Ellen wished her sweet dreams, and then turned to Court, and lightly kissed her forehead.

“Good night Courtney, thank you,” Ellen said, as she slipped out of the door, turning off the lights as she walked out.

Kristine’s Desires 1-45 by Emi

Chapter 45 - Advice

Kris snuggled up to her teddy bear as she laid curled up in her sleeping bag, glancing now and then at the shadows that played across the walls in the common room. She also glanced at the small mound of shadows laying a little bit away from her. The soft sounds of Court’s breathing filled the room, along with a few sounds coming from Kris’s bedroom, at least until she saw the light click off.

“He must just be getting to bed,” Kris thought to herself. “I wonder how he’s going to feel surrounded by stuffed animals all night.” She smiled at the image of Matt, a rugged, outdoors kind of person immersed in her little girlish room. She was giggling after a few seconds of thinking about it, and fought to suppress the image before she was outright laughing.

“What are you laughing at,” she heard Court whisper, and saw her shift so that she was facing Kris.

“Nothing really,” Kris answered, a little too quickly. She rolled over to face Court, feeling the thickness between her legs rub up against her as she turned. Laying in the darkness suddenly seemed wonderful to her, when a deep crimson blush started flooding her cheeks. Adding the image of Matt laying in her bed only made it worse, and Kris found herself cursing her sleeping bag as a wave of warmth coursed through her.

“Mmmmm,” Court replied. “Yup, definitely sounds like nothing to me.”

“What does that mean?”

“Oh, nothing,” Court answered with a laugh. “It’s just, kind of obvious, you know?”

“What is?” Kris asked, sitting up for a second. The sleeping bag fell down around her hips, showing off the long white nightie she was wearing. Her brow was drawn down as she looked over at Court, who quietly laughed again.

“Well, let’s see. So far, you grinned the whole time I saw you while he changed you earlier. You’ve been sitting there awake the whole time that he’s been in your room getting ready for bed. Finally, now that the light is off in the room, you’re sitting here giggling in the dark. You’re either thinking of him, or your diaper is rubbing you somewhere ticklish!” Court said as she broke into a fit of laughter. She leaned up on one of her elbows and nodded to herself, as if Kris’s expression confirmed everything.

Kris sat in the darkness for a few seconds, registering Court’s words and trying to decide how to answer. She shook her head, and only managed to say “That obvious?” a little weakly.

“Oh yeah. Kris, can I offer a little advice?” Court answered, waiting for Kris’s slight nod before continuing. “It’s obvious that you care about him, and that you enjoy being with him. I can also tell by the way you shivered a little during your diaper change that you’re attracted to him.” Court laughed for a second before continuing. “I won’t lie about tonight. I wasn’t quite sure how I’d feel seeing you with him. I expected to be disappointed or upset, and planned on leaving pretty quickly instead of sleeping over. But seeing how you look at him somehow made it okay. I guess I’m happy for you.”


“But what’s the problem?” Court asked directly, sitting up and looking over at Kris.

“I’m not sure,” Kris answered softly. “I’m worried I think.” She laughed humorlessly, feeling a little miserable for a second.


“Well, I do like him, and I think that’s the problem, if that makes sense!” Kris answered, trying to find the words. She looked over at Court, sitting there quietly, the picture of patience as she waited for Kris to continue. “It’s just, what happens if… if things change because we get closer?”

Court laughed a little and smiled. “I swear Kris, you must be the first woman to ever worry about losing a guy for wanting to have sex! I don’t mean to make fun, but I don’t think will scare Matt away. Or are you more worried about losing your daddy?” Court smiled when she saw Kris’s small nod, and reached over and gave her hand a squeeze. “I can understand not wanting to lose something that you value Kris, but I don’t think this will hurt your relationship with Matt. I also know a little bit about you, and think that it would make him very happy, and you too at the same time.”

“I’m not so sure, Court,” Kris replied. “And besides, this is our sleepover tonight.”

“Hopefully they’ll be others Kris,” Court replied cheerily, “but may not be another opportunity with Matt for a while. Besides, if you do end up staying out here, I’ll probably have to listen to you giggling all night and not get any sleep at all!”

“You’re not supposed to sleep at a sleepover anyway silly,” Kris replied, laughing a little.

“I guess not,” Court laughed as she looked at the time. “It’ll be okay though Kris. I’ve seen how he looks at you too.”

Kris stopped laughing and looked at her bedroom door. She stared at it for what felt like an hour, but was probably only a few minutes. Or at least she hoped it had only been a few minutes. She sighed, feeling her heart racing. She looked over at Court, shook her head and asked softly “Feel like giving me a shove to get me going?”

Court came over and helped Kris stand up, giving her a hug before shoving her playfully towards her bedroom door. Kris walked quietly, for some reason scared that a sound would give her away, or wake up Matt so that he’d open the door and scare her. She was very conscience of the thick diaper between her legs, probably more conscience of it now than at anytime since she started wearing them. She stopped in front of her door and took a deep breath. She started reaching for the doorknob, but stopped herself just as she was about to touch it. Something felt wrong to her, and she wasn’t quite sure what. She shifted her hips for a moment, feeling her diaper again. She slowly sank to her knees, feeling her diapered bottom stick out a little. Nodding to herself, Kris reached up and opened the door quietly, crawling into the room on her hands and knees.

She looked across the room shyly, up to the top of her bed. She didn’t see any movement on the top of the bed, but she also didn’t hear the deep seated breathing of someone asleep. Swallowing nervously, Kris started across the floor, wondering why it seemed that her bed was so far away. The worst part was the building nervousness, coupled with the building need between her legs. Kris squeezed her legs tightly, wondering why now of all times, she felt the need to wet her diaper.

She thought futilely for a few seconds for a solution, and even thought of trying to sneak into her bathroom. She laughed at herself, realizing how desperate she must be if she thought she could get away with that. Her next option was to hold it, but horrible images kept appearing of her laying in Matt’s arms, as she wet the bed! She shook her head, wondering how Matt, how Daddy would ever find a wet diaper attractive. Kris gasped when she realized the choice was being taken away from her. Between one step on her hands and knees to the next, she felt her diaper getting soaked. She gasped in spite of herself, and felt her eyes widened as the warm stream kept going, with the warmness spreading down throughout the front of her diaper. She stopped and sat back on her heels, lifting the front of her nightie, sighing as she saw the wetness spread. She looked up at the bed again, and took step back away, when she was surprised by a deep voice.

“Does my little girl need her daddy tonight,” Matt asked as he rolled over, looking down at Kris. His smiling was dazzling, and Kris felt some of her nervousness go away as he reached over the edge of the bed. Kris grabbed his hand tightly as he guided her towards the bed, and led her up onto it with him. He was laying with the covers pulled party down, and Kris looked at his warm and inviting naked chest. There was a little touch of moonlight filtering through her blinds, casting a soft light on the room, that illuminated his smile a little more. Court had been right, Matt was happy to see her.

“Thank you for coming here tonight Kris,” Matt said seriously for a moment. “I promise I’ll take good care of you tonight. Both as my baby girl who I love, and as a woman who I’m falling in love with.”

Kris felt a tear slide down her cheeks, but it was soon forgotten as Matt’s large hands found their way between her legs, pressing her wet diaper against apart of her that was also very wet.

Kristine’s Desires 1-45 by Emi

OMG! That was sooooooo good! It took me all of four days to read it and I hardly read it each day. I hated having to stop reading, but I had to because my parents don’t know about this side of me. It was like one of those books that it angered you to put it down. If there are more chapters, already posted or soon to come, please tell me. I WANT TO KNOW! Also, if ther is not going to be anymore chapters, could you please tell me so I don’t keep looking for them? I REALLY look forward to more of your stories. :slight_smile:

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