last night

John lay on his bed looking up at the turning of the ceiling fan. It contiued in its clock-wise

turn at a steady pace wanting only to spread a little cool air over the hot bedroom. What a night

it had been. John was still not fully sure how he had gotten home the night before. Feeling his

head pounding still told him only what was certian. For the 10th time in as many weeks he had

drunk to much. He needed to stop doing that.

Still he was home and awake and glancing over at the clock it was still early. OUCH. His head

hurt. His eyes had tried to focus on the clock blinking. 8:00am *8:01 *8:02. My god it was early.

What time had it been when he got home. At least 4am. Closing his eyes he wondered if he

could get back to sleep. His eyes blinked towards the clock. His body was sending signals to his

brain. Siganls that said simple " Do not want to move. " He watched the clock *8:05 *8:15

*10:30 *11:15

About then he felt more himself. He still had no idea what had happened for sure the

night before. However, certin words were coming in and out of his train of thought. He seem to

remember something about babies and someone saying she was looking for her baby….slowly he

got up out of bed and I guess you could call it dragged himself to the bathroom.

Shelly that was her name….Looking in the mirror John desided to collect the words in his head….


That ment nothing. Maybe after a hot shower.

John entered into the bathroom and began to prepare for a long hot shower. Most of his

mind seemed puzzled by the words that kept poping into his head like a song that would not go



What could they mean. On second though instead of a shower a hot bath would be better.

As the water began to fill the tub another idea popped into his head. This one was really crazy

but John felt this need. Later on if you had asked John about it he probably would have said

something about being overcome by the desire. At the time however John just thought it might

look funny. Grabbing his razor John quickly shaved all the hair around his privates. When he was

done he looked down. His skin had not been that bare in over twenty years yet it looked right.

Something in him seemed to be saying " She will be pleased " As to who or why she would be

pleased he had no idea. Maybe after the tubby. No after the tub he corrected himself.

John sat in the tub and gave his body a full washing. The words playing over in his mind…

she will be happy

but a new part was added to his montra……

Must be done by 5pm

Something about five pm. He wondered. Why was 5pm so important. Looking out of his

bathroom to the the closk on his dresser told him he had plenty of time to figure that out.

meanwhile across town, a woman got into her car. 5pm she was ready………

John sat in the tub. the montra raiseing to a high note.

Shelly…Baby……tomorrow…after….Forever…must be ready by 5pm
Shelly…Baby……tomorrow…after….Forever…must be ready by 5pm
Shelly…Baby……tomorrow…after….Forever…must be ready by 5pm
Shelly…Baby……tomorrow…after….Forever…must be ready by 5pm

As John climbed out of the tub and dried off one thought kept comeing to his mind….

Who was this woman and what was going to happen at 5pm…


The clock on the wall showed only 2pm. It would three more hours before he found out.

Three more hours before he would see her again. Three more hours and his life would be

perfect. But why? What had happened last night. John desided to sit down and write out what

he rememberd about the night before and hope that it jogged his memory….


John remembered getting ready to go out and try and score some uncomplicated sex with a

random person. True the casual sex scene was all but over and John had to often go a long time

before he found someone who was either very loose or drunk to have sex with. Someone who

did not want a relationship.

He was not looking for any kind of hook-up. After three bad relationships. John

did not care if he ever had one. At least not in this decade of his life. He was sitting at a bar

someplace when he saw her. A vision of beauty ( something jogged in John’s memeory ) She

seemed to be frantic and at the same time totally at peace. When their eyes met it was like she

reached out and grabbed his heart and would not let go. Whoever she was ( John still could

not remember ) she made a b-line for him and without and pleasentries simply kissed him and

whispered something in his ear. But what did she way and who was this woman…

John put down the pencil try as he might he could remember nothing more. Only that the

thought of the woman made his heart skip a beat. Something else cought his mind. John

suddenly realized that he was sucking his thumb.

Across town a woman climbed into her car. Taking a small paper out of her purse she looked at

the address on it. " Tonight…"


The clock moved slowly towards 5pm. John wondered to himself why was this time so

powerful. After all it was just a time on the clock. Still something in him could not wait until 5pm.

It was this feeling like his life was about to change for the better.

John walked around his apartment wearing nothing but his bathrobe. Ok it was mroe like he

paced waiting for 5pm. As the clock ticked slowly toward the awaited hour. THe closer it got

however the more somethings began to clear up in his head.



By 3:30 John remembered that it was Shelly who would be there at 5pm


Shelly had been looking the night before for her baby. Or something….


Wait John realized at four pm. His mind seem to clear up at four o’clock. Shelly was the

woman who had walked right up to him in the bar the night before and kissed him. She then

leaned into his ear. " I want you for my Baby "

She wanted him to be her baby and sometime that night he had agreed. At 5pm she was going

to be at his home to make him her baby.

Shelly was going to make him her baby tomorrow after 5pm and it would be forever.


The clock moved closer to 5pm and two strange things crossed John’s mind at the same

time. The first was a sence of wonder as to how she had managed to confince him to agree to

everything in one night. The second was a little child’s feeling of " hurry up " He could not wait

for her to get there. Why he did not know? As the clock struck 5pm there was a knock at his

door. The next thing John felt was his bladder relasing into his robe. He was peeing on himeself

and the floor.

John did not stop to clean up or anything. Opening the door John stood face to face with

Shelly. Shelly took one look at John and his wet rob and made only one comment. " I see I am

a little late. Sorry baby… Now lets get you all nice and diapered."

John led his new mommy into his bedroom and laid down on his bed. His thumb finding his mouth

John looked into her eyes and waited to be diapered. Shelly looked at her baby and new she had

chosen the right person. She was not sure when the night had started but seeing him laying

there on his bed just waiting to be put back into diapers was just to cute for words. Shelly had

noticed John sucking her thumb and desided to move one step closer. Reaching into her bag she

produced a pacifer. Quietly she insterted it into John’s mouth. " There much better than that

nansty thumb isn’t it?" She asked her new charge. " John only smilled not wanting to break the

moment by asking the thousands of questions that were running thru his mind as fast as lightning.

The biggest one being how was this happening to him? Shelly reached into her bag again and

produced a large dispossable diaper and after lifting John’s legs expertly diapered the man like the

pro she was. John felt himself being diapered and despite wanting to scream " you can’t do this

to me. I’m not your baby. " found himself feeling like he was were he belonged and that he had

been missing this his whole life. Shelly then dressed him in a sleeper before leading him out to her

car to take hime to her home where the rest of the process would begin. As she tucked John

into his new car seat John found his words. " What is happening? " Shelly looked at him and

kissed him on the for head. " only the best thing in the world? Now be quiet while I take

you home. " Shelly then put John’s pacifer back into his mouth and John began to suck as if it

was the most natural thing in the world.

As John sat in his new car seat, sucking on his new binky, wearing diapers for the first time in

twenty years he listened to his new mommy explain what had happened the night before. She

explained that when she saw him across the room she new he was the one she had been

looking for. So she had made her way to him and just as quick as lighting kissed him. She then

began a plan that would take all night as she bought and made him swallow many drinks. ( This

part was well documented by the hangover John had that morning ) However in each drink

had been a strong hynotic drug and after the night was over she had planted in him the baby

suggestions that had gone into effect. She also told him that fighting it was no good at all as she

had given suggestions that simplly gave him bigger feelings of joy the harder he faught.

John sat back and for a brief moment he was scared and horrified. This strange woman had

turned him into her personal baby and there was nothing he could do about it. For a split second

he wanted to scream " You can’t do this to me. " But as quickly as he felt the thought another

thought crossed his mind. THIS IS SO COOL. He was unable to stay afriad or angry he was simply

able to get happy and smille. John felt his mind give in to what is simply the way things are. An

hour later. Shelly pulled into a driveway and in responce to being told he was now home John did

the only three things he could.

  1. Cryed
  2. Sucked his binky
  3. Wet his diaper.

Shelly walked over to him and whispered. " Relax baby… Mommy is here… IT will be ok…"

and then she lead him into her house and his new life.