Last Summer

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Keywords: Aunt, Mother, teenage, wet diapers, wet pants, shaving, bedwetting

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Last Summer


Joan plopped down in the airplane seat exhausted from the preparations for her two week visit to her sister. It had been over a year since she saw Theresa, and she was glad she could just relax and enjoy the fresh air and wide open views from Theresa’s country home. Joan’s son Bobby was making the trip with her this year. It had been a few years since his last summer visit with aunt Theresa, so he was excited to see her as well.

Minutes after the plane touched down, Joan and Bobby were herded off toward the baggage claim.

“You remembered to pack enough for two weeks, right?” Joan barked.

“Yes, mother. Remember, I used to make this trip by myself” Bobby said, annoyed.

“I remember. I am still trying to make up for all of the time I couldn’t spend with you because of work.” Joan said with sadness. “I hope this trip will give us a chance to make up for that.”

“I hope so too. I’ve really been looking forward to seeing aunt Theresa again.” Bobby said with anticipation. “Does Sarah still live with her?”

Sarah was Theresa’s daughter. When Sarah was very young, she had an accident. Due to a series of unfortunate medical mistakes, Sarah’s mental development was effected and she never recovered fully. Theresa, being the wonderful mother she was, cared for Sarah until she was able to move to a community home that gave Sarah a chance to live a life outside of her home. Theresa had mixed feelings about this, but Sarah’s happiness made the choice an easier one.

“No, honey.” Joan replied. “Sarah moved out earlier this year. I think your aunt is still a little sad. With your uncle being gone, Theresa is alone a lot nowadays.”

“Well then this trip will be good for her. Maybe two weeks is not enough.” Bobby said positively.

Just then the baggage claim began to move. After several minutes, only Joan’s suitcase had been retrieved. Concerned, Joan inquired with the airline to locate the missing duffel bag. After several minutes of asking, asking again, moving to another person, and eventually yelling, the bag was not located. Theresa had been waiting in the parking lot until she heard from Joan.

“Hello, Theresa?” Joan said into her handset. “You can come and get us now.”

“Did they find Bobby’s bag?” Theresa inquired.

“No!” Joan yelled. “I’m sorry sis. It’s just that air travel has gotten so difficult, and I am very tired. They said that they should find it soon and when they do they will have it delivered to your house.”

“That sounds like a plan.” Theresa replied, trying to sound positive. She started the car and headed to the terminal.

Within minutes, Theresa had picked up her sister and nephew and they headed off toward aunt Theresa’s house and a summer they would all never forget.




Aunt Theresa and her family moved to the fringes of society not long after Sarah was born. She and Uncle Hal had always been a part of the natural movement and felt that it was their connection to the trappings of modern society that caused the heartache of Sarah’s accident. They hadn’t “dropped out’ per se, they only felt the need to ‘drop in’ when necessity required it. Soon after moving, Uncle Hal fell ill and passed away. It was after Hal’s passing that Joan felt drawn to help her sister. But because of Joan’s job and the long hours it demanded, she decided to send Bobby in her place. The assumption was that he could help aunt Theresa around the house during the summer. That was the plan anyway.

“How have things been this summer?” asked Joan, attempting to change the subject from her airport experience.

“Everything has been great.” Theresa replied, feigning happiness. “A little lonely.”

“How is Sarah?” Joan asked.

“She has been very good. The community where she lives is perfect for her and she has really taken to the people there. She has certainly adjusted better than I have.” Theresa lamented. “I am so glad you and Bobby have come here. I’ve missed you, sis.”

Joan noticed the pain in Theresa’s voice. Out here in the wilderness, the feeling of isolation is significant. Without Sarah, or her husband, there was nobody for Theresa. Except, of course, Bear. Bear was a large Husky with boundless energy. Just keeping him out of trouble was a full time job for Theresa. The main thing is keeping Bear occupied, which usually means long walks in the wilderness. When he was there, that was Bobby’s job.

Bobby had been coming to visit aunt Theresa every year since he was 9 years old. His stays usually began when school ended and lasted the whole summer. Bobby’s only complaint was that he would not see his friends during those summers, but the laundry list of activities available to him in the open land near Theresa’s house made the summers go by quickly. The main job for Bobby was taking care of Bear. Some days he and Bear would leave in the morning for a walk and not return until dinner-time. It was obvious to all that they made a perfect team. Bobby also enjoyed his time with his older cousin Sarah. Her behavior mimicked his development, and despite their age difference, they were able to play well together. When he entered into his mid-teens, his stays shortened to just a few weeks and he eventually stopped coming. Theresa was sad to see Bobby grow out of his interest in visiting her, but she was kept company by Sarah, until she, too moved away. Joan began to visit for a few days at a time over the last couple of summers. As much as Theresa appreciated the visits, it wasn’t enough to distract her from the emptiness of the home. For most of the year, Bear was all that Theresa had to occupy her time. Bear was affected by the absence of Bobby. Theresa was just too old to take Bear for the long walks that Bobby would do and the result was a much more sedentary dog.

None of that mattered now. With the arrival of Joan and Bobby, loneliness seemed a distant memory.



The drive to Theresa’s house from the airport was long, but serene. Theresa spent the drive updating Joan and Bobby about all of the changes that have happened in town. She told Bobby that many of the trails that he and Bear would take have been closed due to development.

“What about the rim trail along McKean’s Peak?” Bobby asked.

“Fortunately, they can’t get close to McKean’s, yet.” Theresa said. “The problem is that most of the trails that link our property to the wilderness have been interrupted by roads and buildings. We are almost completely surrounded. The only saving grace is that we have almost 100 acres.”

“Has there been any pressure for you to sell any of your property?” Joan asked.

“Absolutely. I’ve had offers for the whole ranch. When I refused, they tried to get me to subdivide and sell off portions to different developers. It’s a constant battle. If I wasn’t so stubborn, I would probably be a wealthy person by now. It’s just that Hal loved this place so much. He was never happier in our marriage then when we moved here. I owe it to him to keep fighting to keep what we have.”

“That sounds stressful.” Bobby said. “Is there anything mom and I can do to help?”

“I think the best thing would be for you and Bear to take walks along the property line and give me updates. Like you used to. I’m sure Bear would love it. I know it would make me feel normal to see the two of you out in the fields.”

“It’s a promise, aunt Theresa.”

A while later, off in the distance, the ranch was coming in to view. Acres and acres of open prairie and grassy fields, surrounded by a vast forest. The early summer provided the most beautiful views and perfect weather.

When they arrived at the house, Bobby could hear Bear barking in the background. As soon as the car stopped, Bobby popped out and ran to release Bear from the house. The ensuing reunion of the two was both beautiful and heart-wrenching. So many years had passed that Bear had lost that spring in his step. Somehow he was able to muster up enough energy to tackle Bobby as soon as they got close.

Tears began to well up in Theresa’s eyes at the sight of this.

“Are you all right, Theresa?” Joan asked.

“I’m fine. I’m just so happy you two are here. I’m so happy that Bobby is here.” Theresa said. “I don’t think I ever truly expressed how important Bobby’s presence was during those years. His sweetness and positive energy allowed us to be happy during what could have been the worst time of my life.”

“It’s true, we have never really talked about those summers.” Said Joan. “Bobby has been reluctant to give me all of the details. He is a very positive child, maybe he only wanted to remember the happiness.”

“I’m sure that’s part of it.” Said Theresa, trailing off.

The two sisters began unloading the car and bringing what luggage they had into the house.

“You can use the guest room, Joan, like you always do. Let’s put Bobby in Sarah’s old room. He should be used to it, since he spent a lot of his time in there when he was visiting.”

“Really?” Joan said, raising her eyebrows. “Why was that?”

“Sarah and Bobby were very similar in maturity. They both enjoyed playing with the same toys and things. They would make forts and other structures during the day and spend the night in them. I remember the house was filled with laughter and screaming as they acted out their fantasy scenarios.”

“It sounds like they really enjoyed each others company.” Said Joan.

“Absolutely.” Theresa agreed.

Joan dropped off her bags in the guest room and began to unpack. Bobby joined her in the room and asked how the unpacking was going.

“Fine. We need to figure out what we are going to do about your clothes. Do you think you may have left anything behind from the last time you were here? You really haven’t grown that much since then.”

“Thanks for reminding me about my size.” Bobby growled. “I doubt that Aunt Teresa would have kept clothes from that long ago. We can ask.”

“Would you mind, honey, I want to finish here.”

Bobby went downstairs where Theresa was putting together a mid-afternoon snack. As he walked through the house, he began to remember all of the wonderful times he had when he was here. At the bottom of the stairs was the family room where he would sit with Sarah and aunt Theresa and watch television. From there he ventured into the dining room, remembering all of the wonderful meals that Theresa would prepare. Beyond the dining room was the kitchen. That is where aunt Theresa was, making snacks. Bobby froze at the sight of his aunt. The vision of her working in the kitchen brought back a flood of memories. All he could bring himself to do was sit at the counter and watch her in action.

The creaking of the chair startled Theresa and she turned to see Bobby gazing at her. She gave him a big smile.

“Can I get you a bottle of something baby?” She said completely from reflex. “I mean, can I get you something to drink, sweetie pie?”

Bobby was dazed for a second after hearing Theresa’s first comment. Instead of questioning her, he just answered the way he always did when she asked him that. “Apple juice, please.”

Nervously, Theresa answered him. “Of course, hun, coming up.”

She reached up and opened the cabinet above the sink and as she reached, she stopped, corrected her aim, and grabbed a tall glass. As she closed the cabinet, Bobby saw what she initially reached for, a sippy cup. Instead of questioning the mistake, he felt sad she did not grab the cup. It was only after a second of thought that he asked his aunt a question.

“How come you still have all of those cups in the cabinet? Does Sarah still use them?”

“Not really, I just…I just couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them. I figured, you never know when someone might visit who needs something like that. Would you like me to use that instead of the glass?”

Bobby answered faster than he should have. “Yes, please, if you think it would be ok.”

“I think it might be ok, but maybe you shouldn’t use it in front of your mom, if you want to avoid any questions.” She put away the glass and reached for the sippy cup.

“Ok auntie.” Bobby agreed. “Oh yeah, my mom wanted me to ask if I might have left some clothes here from before. She thinks they might still fit me. I doubt you would have kept stuff for that long.”

“Well, I might have kept more than you think. I never got rid of anything, hoping you would come back. I’m pretty sure whatever I kept is in Sarah’s room. It’s probably best if I help you look for it, though.”

It took Bobby a moment to answer, “You kept everything? Even the…”

Right then Joan walked in the kitchen. “Did you ask you aunt about the clothes?” Joan asked.

Theresa carefully switched the sippy cup back for the glass and walked over to the refrigerator. “He did. I will go up with him in a bit and get him settled. Do you want any apple juice, sis?”

“No thank you. we are trying not to drink all of those sugary drinks anymore. Maybe some water?”

“Water would be fine for me, too auntie.” Interrupted Bobby.

“Two waters coming up. I made some snacks, if you are interested. I’ll just set them on the counter.” She handed both Joan and Bobby their waters and placed the snacks on the counter. “How about Bobby and I go upstairs and check for some clothes while you drink your water, ok?”

“Great, do you need any help?” Joan asked.

“No thank you, we can handle it.” Theresa assured Joan. “Ready bab… um Bobby?”




Theresa and Bobby headed upstairs and into Sarah’s room. When they entered, Bobby was surprised to see that even after all of these years, the room is basically the same. Off to one side was the bunk bed that was installed so Bobby and Sarah could share the room together. There were two bean bag chairs in the middle of the room on a rug with a city pattern on it. There was a desk against the other wall with two chairs and a large box of crayons. On a book shelf above the desk were many coloring books. On the other side was the closet.

“So lets check the closet to see if you left anything that might fit.” Theresa said. “I’m pretty sure I put that stuff in a box.”

The closet was large, Sarah had many clothes hanging. On the left side floor was a shoe rack. From the middle to the right were a collection of labeled boxes. The boxes were stacked two of three deep and at least two high. The ones in front were labeled various items for Sarah. As we moved those out of the way, the labeling became more vague. One was labeled ‘items’. Another was labeled ‘stuff’. A third was labeled ‘keep’. All the way in the back were two more.

“There it is.” Sighed Theresa, tired from moving all of the contents of the closet. She reached out and grabbed a box labeled ‘babby’.

“What does babby mean, auntie?” Bobby asked.

“I wrote it after the last summer you stayed with us. It’s short for ‘Baby Bobby’. Remember when I used to call you that?” She asked, searching.

“Sort of.” Bobby answered, searching his memory. “I was pretty young.”

“Yeah, but you were so adorable. The two of you were. I miss those days. Well, anyway, lets see what we have in the box.”

They opened the box and began removing the clothing inside.

“Wow, most of this stuff is very childlike,” said Bobby. “I’m not sure if I can wear any of it. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any underwear.”

“I know it’s not your favorite subject, but since you haven’t had you growth spurt, yet, maybe some of it will fit. You only need clean clothes for a couple of days. Also, we don’t have any plans to go out, so you would just be wearing them around the house. There are a lot of things here. Maybe we can mix and match so you don’t look too childish.” Theresa lied.

“I don’t know. Everything looks like it is for a toddler. Mixing and matching won’t do much to change that. Since we won’t be seeing others, I guess I can just pick a couple of things. What about underwear?”

Bobby’s aunt heard this question and her mind began to wander for a while.

“Auntie?” Bobby interrupted.

“Yes? Oh, sorry. I don’t really have an answer for you now. Let’s not worry about it. Pick some clothes and I will wash them.”

Bobby grabbed a few items and handed them to his aunt. “If it’s ok with you, can I take Bear out for a walk, now? I really want to get outside.”

“Absolutely. Don’t forget to drink that glass of water before you go. It’s very dry outside. I don’t want you to get dehydrated.”

“Ok, auntie.”

After Bobby left, Theresa grabbed a few more items from the box. At the bottom was a smaller box labeled ‘special items’. She picked it up and shook it. A smile grew on her face and she placed it back in the larger box. Once the box was closed, she placed it back in to the closet next to the other box in the back. The only visible part of the label on that box were the last few letters ‘-pers’. She closed the closet and made her way to the laundry room.

Bobby went down in the kitchen to drink the glass of water his aunt had poured for him. Joan was still in there drinking and eating snacks.

“Did you find something to wear?”

“Yeah. the stuff is a little young looking, but it should be ok until I get my bag back from the airline. Aunt Theresa is going to wash them.”

“Did you see if any of it fit you?” His mom asked.

“Not yet. I will try them on after I get back from my walk with Bear. I should be back in a couple of hours.”

“Ooh, that sounds like fun. Make sure you drink some water before you go. In fact have two glasses.”

“I will. I guess I should make sure Bear has had something to drink.” Bobby said.

After his second glass, Bobby got Bear’s leash and left for his walk.



“What do you think?” said Theresa looking at the clothes as she put them in to the washer.

“Well, I hope they find his duffle soon. They do look like they will fit, however.” Joan said with concern.

Theresa began the laundry and they both went to Sarah’s room to get it ready for Bobby’s stay.

“A bunk bed? When did you get a bunk bed?”

“In all of the times you came to visit me, you never realized there was a bunk bed here? We put it in so Bobby and Sarah could share a room. Having Bobby in the room with Sarah really helped me out when he stayed. The two of them would keep each other occupied playing and coloring. It gave me a chance to sleep in,” explained Theresa.

Joan walked over to the beds and sat down on the bottom bunk. The comforter and sheets were fairly new and had very cute girly patterns on them. She stood up to see the upper bunk. The bedding up there was older and had more boy themed space decorations. Joan pulled back the cover and sheets and under the fitted sheet was a vinyl protective cover. She ran her hand over the sheet feeling the plastic and hearing it crinkle as she moved. Curiosity overcame her and she asked her sister a question.

“Theresa, who slept on top?”

“Definitely Bobby. It would not have been a good idea to have Sarah use the top. There was no railing and she was also a little scared of heights. Bobby loved it up there. The sheets were cleaned recently, but that is the bedding since Bobby was here last.”

“Really?” now wondering why the vinyl sheet was on the mattress that Bobby used. “Did Sarah have a bedwetting problem?”


“I noticed the vinyl sheet on the upper mattress, I was just wondering if Sarah wet the bed.”

“Right. Uh, well, no. Sarah was actually pretty well potty trained at an early age.”

“So who needed the vinyl sheet? Bobby never wet the bed at home.”

“I don’t remember. Um, I’m sure it was just there as a precaution. I will remove it later today.”

“Thank you, he definitely doesn’t need that now,” Joan declared.

The sisters continued preparing the bedroom in awkward silence. It was clear to Joan that Theresa was not saying everything. Joan made her way over to the closet.

“Is this where you found the clothes for Bobby?”

“Yeah. Most everything in there belongs to Sarah. Only the two boxes in the back were Bobby’s stuff.”

Joan began to giggle a little. “I have a thought. Some of Sarah’s clothes might fit Bobby. Why don’t we pick out a nice outfit for him?”

“Really?” Theresa gasped.

“No, not really. I was just kidding.”

“Ha, ok,” laughed Theresa. “However, we may have to do something. We didn’t find any underwear in that box. I don’t really have a solution.”

“Hmmm. Maybe we could figure out a way to launder the pair he is wearing now while he is in the shower each day. Heck, he is a boy, he could just go without. I hear they do that.”

“Not a bad idea. Let’s see what he wants to do when he gets back.”


Good beginning


Bobby and Bear were on a great adventure, or so they thought. In the years since Bobby had been there Bear had slowed down considerably. He was still able to keep up, but at a slower pace. After an hour they had ventured deep in to the surrounding forest. Bear needed a break, so Bobby took time to look around. Everything looked familiar, felt familiar. A feeling deep inside him began to emerge. He remembered now how his time at the ranch, his time with Sarah and Bear, his time with aunt Theresa was the best time in his life. Tears welled up in his eyes as he thought about his summers here. An overwhelming sense of calm took over. He looked at Bear.

“Come on buddy, let’s head back.”

They began their one hour walk home. Bobby began to make mental notes about where he wanted to explore as the week drew on. That feeling of calm and comfort was stronger than ever, but also was the feeling of having to pee.

Joan and Theresa were lounging on the back porch drinking wine when they saw Bobby and Bear walking toward the house.

“There he is,” Joan said, relieved. “I was wondering when he would be back.”

“This is nothing. He would be out all day with Bear. Your son is quite the adventurer.”

As Bobby approached, Joan noticed something was odd about his pants.

“Bobby, are you ok?”

“Yeah. mom, what’s up?”

She looked at the front of his pants. They were wet for some reason.

“Your pants are wet in the front.”

It was now that Theresa noticed. “Uh, Bobby, I think you need to go inside and clean yourself up.”

“Wait,” Joan asked. “Did you wet yourself?”

“What, mom?” he replied, “I don’t think so.” He seemed confused then he looked down and saw the front of his pants. Tears formed in his eyes. He looked up at his aunt. “Auntie, how did this happen?”

“Bobby, please go inside and take a shower. Leave your clothes outside the bathroom. Go now, baby.” Theresa’s tone was calm and loving. She looked deep into Bobby’s eyes, he went into the house and began to get cleaned up.

“What the hell happened?!” Joan yelled, understandably upset. “He hasn’t wet his pants since he was 4 years old. Did he get hurt?”

“Joan, calm down. I need you to trust me right now. Bobby will be fine.” Theresa paused for a moment. “This isn’t the first time he has done this.”

“What? What do you mean he has done this before?”

“A couple of times while he was staying with me, he lost track of time and ended up having an accident. This is no big deal. Getting upset with him will not make things better. Please, trust me.”

“Why is this the first time I am hearing of this? When something like this happens to a child, you tell their parents. Even so, he was much younger than he is now. How could he let this happen now, at 17?”

“I can’t answer that, all I know is getting angry will just make things worse.”

“I’m not angry,” Joan barked.

“Your yelling, sis,” Theresa replied in as calm a voice as possible.

“It’s just. He’s seventeen and you didn’t tell me about what had happened before. Aren’t I allowed to be upset?”

“You are allowed to be upset, but not with him. I’m sure he is mortified about what happened. Don’t make it worse by being angry with him. I’m sorry I never said anything to you before. We should check on him.”

“Fine, lets get inside and make sure he is ok. I promise to be calm.”

“Thank you, Joan. I’m sure this was just an accident. Nothing more needs to be made of it.”

Joan and Theresa went in to the house and up to Sarah’s bathroom.

“Bobby?” Joan called out.

“In here,” he replied.

When the walked in, they saw Bobby sitting in the bathtub sobbing.

“I don’t understand how this happened. I new I had to go to the bathroom, but I thought I had time. I didn’t even feel anything.”

“Let’s not worry about it now, sweetie. We should concentrate on getting you cleaned up. This was just an accident, nothing to worry about.” Theresa said while helping Bobby to his feet.

“Joan, can you clean him up while I get him some dry clothes?”

“Yes, of course.” Joan said trying to not dwell on what had happened. “Come on, honey. Strip down and take a shower.”

“Ok, mom.” he said timidly.

Theresa rummaged through the clothes on hand to find something appropriate. It was a difficult task, but she seemed satisfied with the choice. “Not too babyish,” she though to herself. She glanced at the closet and paused to think. “No, he doesn’t need that right now, it was just an accident.” Just then Joan joined her in the bedroom.

“I think these will fit for now. I will try to get everything in the laundry done, so he has something to wear tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Theresa,” Joan said calmly. “I’m sorry about overreacting earlier. I just seem to get upset with things so easily. He was out walking for a long time. I know this was just an accident.”

“You go downstairs and get something to drink, I will put the clothes in the bathroom and make sure he is ok,” Theresa said.

“Thank you.” Joan said turning to exit the room.

Theresa opened the bathroom door and could hear Bobby humming a song in the shower. She called out, “Bobby? I am just going to put your clean clothes on the counter. Come down when you are done.”

The humming stopped, “Thank you auntie, I’m sorry that happened,” He replied sadly.

“You have nothing to be sorry for. I have always told you that when these things happen on the farm, you don’t have to apologize. You are such a good little boy. Just finish up and come downstairs.”

The three of them had a pleasant evening and dinner to finish off their first day. Joan still would periodically have a look of concern, but as the night drew on, she began to relax.


This story is very well written so far. I’m looking forward to see mom’s reaction to the diapers.

Either include them or don’t, please don’t hide them behind spoilers like that. It’s just annoying.

I just realized that I posted on older version of Chapter 6. I have edited and re-posted it. Sorry about that.

Here is Chapter 7.


“You’re ok?”

“Yes, mom.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes, mom, can I go to bed now?”

“How do your old pajamas fit? Are they snug? Too loose?”

“Mom, please. The pajamas fit fine, I am fine. I am also tired. please let me get some sleep.”

With that Bobby climbed up on the top bunk and made himself comfortable.

“Maybe you should sleep on the bottom bunk tonight?” Joan asked.


“Ok, ok. Goodnight. Sleep well.”

Joan and Theresa adjourned to their separate rooms. Joan did not sleep very well that night. Theresa didn’t either. Joan was worried that Bobby might be getting sick. Theresa was worried about something else entirely. Either way Bobby’s accident had changed the mood of the reunion visit.

The next morning, Joan and Theresa greeted each other in the kitchen. Joan was in a better mood, enjoying her coffee. Theresa, more of a tea drinker, had a cup of Earl Grey.

“Good morning, sis.” Joan said.

“Good morning,” Theresa sipped her tea, “Did you sleep well?”

“Yes. All things considered, the ranch always makes me feel relaxed. I’m sorry about getting so upset yesterday. I was just worried about Bobby. He has never had that problem before. I hope he is going to be ok.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure he was just distracted by everything there is to see.” Theresa said, trying to make her sister forget what had happened.

A call from the top of the stairs startled the two women.

“Aunt Theresa?” Bobby said.

“Yes dear.”

“Can you come upstairs for a minute?”

“I’ll be right up.” Theresa responded. Looking at Joan, she reassured her, “I’ve got this, be right back.”

Theresa made her way up the stairs. As she approached the top, she saw Bobby standing just outside Sarah’s bedroom. His pajamas were soaking wet, and it looked like Bobby was starting to cry.

“Auntie, can you help me clean up? I don’t want my mom to see.”

“Absolutely, take your clothes off and run into the shower. I will take care of everything.”

Bobby dropped his soaked pajamas on the ground and jumped in the shower. As Theresa was gathering the soiled clothes, Joan walked in.

“What’s happened?” Joan said looking at the pile in Theresa’s hands. “Why is Bobby taking another shower?”

“Oh sis, you startled me. He, uh, he just felt the need to freshen up. I’m going to wash these pjs, just to keep on top of things,” Theresa said nervously.

As Theresa was saying that, Joan made her way over to the bunk bed. She ran her hands over the top sheet and was floored by what she felt.

“Did he…did Bobby wet the bed?!” she yelled. “What the hell is going on here? I think we need to take him to the doctors.”

“Joan, stop.” Theresa pleaded. “This is not a big deal. These things happen. Bobby hasn’t been here in a while. Maybe he is just disoriented. Also, he might be stressed because of the lost luggage. I’m sure this is just nerves.”

While Theresa was talking, Joan’s hand moved across the sodden sheet. She could hear the vinyl protection underneath.

“Why is the waterproof sheet still on the bed, Theresa? Did you know he was going to wet the bed?” Joan accused. “You knew it didn’t you?”

“What, how…no…uh, well” Theresa began to stammer.

“You said you would remove the vinyl sheet yesterday, why didn’t you do that?”

“I think I just forgot. In all of the excitement of you being here plus the laundry we had to do yesterday, it must have slipped my mind.”

“Theresa, is there something you know about this? When Bobby was here before, did he have these problems? I really think you are keeping something from me.”

Theresa let out a big sigh. “He is going to hear you. Please come downstairs with me and I will attempt to explain.”

Joan, unhappy with the situation agreed and they both made their way to the laundry room.

“Well?” Joan using an annoyed tone her sister hadn’t heard in a while.


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Bobby had ‘accidents’ while he was staying here.”

“What do you mean ‘accidents’?”

“A day or two after Bobby arrived on his first visit, he came back from a walk with Bear and, just like yesterday, he had wet himself. He didn’t seem to notice until I pointed it out to him, then he seemed very upset. I had no idea what to do, so I cleaned him up and tried to forget about it. The following night he wet the bed. He was more upset at this. I calmed him down and let him go outside to get his mind off of it.”

“Why didn’t you call and tell me about this?” Joan asked.

“You were working non-stop and in the middle of a divorce. Ultimately, that’s why Bobby was here. You needed the time to get your life in order. I just assumed that Bobby’s wet pants were something you forgot to mention.”

“He never wet his pants at home.”

“I know that now, but back then I didn’t want to add stress to your life.”

“Was that all that happened?”

“Not exactly.” Theresa said.

“What do you mean, ‘not exactly’?”

“That same day, he came back from playing outside and his pants were wet again. Once again, I cleaned him up. The thing that made it weird was he seemed to be unaware that he had wet himself. I asked him if he realized it and he said ‘no’. As a precaution, I took one of the vinyl sheets we had for Sarah and placed it on the upper bunk bed where he slept. The next morning he woke up wet. He got very upset and began to cry.”

“You should have told me about this, why didn’t you?” Joan asked.

“I didn’t because I was afraid that the solution I came up with would upset you.”

“What did you do?”

“During Bobby’s first stay, we were still dealing with Sarah’s slower development and her inability to stay dry. She was wearing light protection during the day, disposable pull-ups mostly, but at night we were putting on thicker tape up diaper. Bobby had seen us doing this on his first night and was understandably curious. It occurred to me that, if he wanted to, he could also wear one of Sarah’s nighttime diapers until he got control again. So, I asked him.”

“You asked Bobby if he wanted to start wearing diapers again? What did he say?”

“He said, yes. He was nervous, but he also seemed interested. For the rest of the day, he seemed preoccupied, but he stayed dry. That night while getting ready for bed, he was tense. Noticing this, I asked him again if he wanted to try wearing on of the nighttime disposable diapers. He blushed heavily, but nodded his head, yes. I decided that in order to not make too much of a deal about it, I would diaper Sarah, first while he watched. Then, I diapered him. Sarah was so excited to not be the only one wearing, and this made Bobby very happy. In fact, she removed her pajamas bottoms so she could see the two of them in the mirror together. Bobby was beet red at this point, but he seemed happy. They both played for another hour that night in only their pajama tops and diapers. It was difficult to get them both to sleep.”

Joan sat in stunned silence.

“Sis, are you ok?” Theresa asked.

“Uh yeah, I guess. I just don’t know how to react to hearing that my 9 year-old potty trained son wanted to wear diapers again. Was this the only night?”

“Not at all. The next morning when he woke up he ran in to my room and told me that he had not wet the bed. I was initially excited to hear that, but quickly realized that I hadn’t checked his diaper, yet. Unfortunately, it was wet. I realized that he would be wearing protection at night for the time being. I asked him if he wanted to change out of the wet diaper and he asked me if Sarah would be changed. Usually I wouldn’t change her nighttime diaper until after breakfast, or even later. Bobby shrugged his shoulders and said that he would change when I changed Sarah.”

“It almost sounds like he was enjoying himself,” Joan interjected.

“It did seem that way. I wish I could tell you that that was the end of it, but things did get a little more complicated.”

“Go on.”

“After breakfast, I changed both of them out of their nighttime diapers. Bobby put on a clean pair of his normal underwear, Sarah put on her pull-up. They both immediately went outside to play. A couple of hours later, they came back for lunch. When Sarah came in to the house, I asked her if she needed a change. She had been getting better holding it in, so I liked to give her the benefit of the doubt. She said she needed a change, then she happily informed me that Bobby needed a change too. When Bobby walked through the door, I saw what she meant. Bobby’s pants were soaking wet from his crotch all the way to his ankles. The most upsetting part was that he once again didn’t seem to notice.”

“I asked him what had happened and he gave me a puzzled look. I took him inside and cleaned him and Sarah. As I handed Sarah her new pull-up, I decided that since Bobby had wet himself two days in a row, I should take some action. So I handed him a pull-up too. He asked me what to do with it, and Sarah volunteered to show him what to do. None of this seemed to upset him at all. When they came downstairs, it seemed as if nothing had happened, and they ate lunch and carried on with their day. The only thing I can add is that Bobby seemed so happy playing with Sarah. His bed and pants wetting didn’t effect him at all. Because of that, I just let them continue as if none of this was a problem.”

“All of this is happening and you never thought to call me? Why did you keep this from me?” Joan said, angrily.

“I did try and call you. Most phone calls went to voicemail. When you did actually answer, your stress and anger about work and the divorce were obvious. At the time, the wetting seemed trivial, and to be honest it made sense. A lot of children manifest their stress in things like bed and pants wetting. In my defense, he seemed so happy. Sarah and I did our best to take his mind off of the stress from home. I don’t want to blame, but I was doing the best I could considering you gave me no choice in taking him in. All of this was done with love. As the summer drew on, the diaper changes became a time to express tenderness and care, not to scold. In fact, Sarah and Bobby looked forward to getting ready for bed, in particular putting on their diapers. I also began to really enjoy the bonding of the experience.”

“You put them on him?”

“Of course. The nighttime diapers were to bulky to put them on themselves. They could handle the pull-ups, but I did the changing of the full diapers. I even taught Sarah to put on Bobby’s daytime diapers, in order to lighten the load.”

“Daytime diapers? I thought you said he wore pull-ups?” Joan’s concern was growing now.

“Yeah, the pull-ups only lasted the first week. I ended up ordering some regular diapers to wear during the day. Since he needed a change at least twice a day, sometimes more, I usually just let him run around in whatever shirt he was wearing and his diaper. To be honest, it created far less laundry, which was nice.”

“How many weeks did this go on?”

“It lasted the whole summer.”

“He wore diapers that whole first summer he was with you?”

“With the exception of the first day he was here, he wore them every day and night, every summer. For five years,” confessed Theresa.

“Oh my god,” Joan whispered as the reality set in. “I really feel I should go talk to him. I want to figure this out. There has to be a solution.”

“Joan, don’t do that. The one thing you must understand is that I made a promise to him. After that first day, I promised to never make him feel bad for what was happening. I promised to love him, no matter what. I promised to support him through that troubling time and to not question why it was happening. His trust in me got him through that first summer. His ability to live free without guilt or shame at this ranch is the promise I made to him. I know it sounds deep, but he needed this when he was here then. It would seem he needs it here now as well.”

“It almost sounds like you are suggesting that we diaper a 17 year old boy, so that we don’t hurt his feelings.”

“All I can say is that when he returned to you at the end of each summer, he was able to live a full year as your happy, optimistic son. Obviously his wetting accidents were not a problem at home. You have been saying that the last few years have been hard for the both of you. It’s possible that his regression while being here helped him cope all of those years. If we give him the opportunity again, maybe it will help. What could be the harm?”

“I don’t know. This is a lot to process. I really wish you had told me years ago. Also, what do you mean by regression? How far did this go?”

“Let’s not think about that now, it’s not important.”

”Fine, how do we even go about this?”

“I know just what to do. Follow my lead and just treat him like the special little boy he is.”


Why is this under “Completed Stories”? It doesn’t seem over…

It’s done. Just proofreading before posting. Basically I’m doing what Disney+ did with the Mandalorian.

Chapter 8

Theresa made her way to Sarah’s bedroom and headed straight for the closet. After moving the boxes in the front, she grabbed the second box next to Bobby’s old clothes. Joan walked in and saw Theresa on the floor moving a box. As she slid the large box over, Joan was able to read the label on the side. ‘Bobby’s Diapers’. Theresa opened the box and began to remove its contents. Several piles of thick white disposable diapers began to pile up on the floor. Theresa began to move them to the large bureau next to the closet and started placing them in the top drawer. Below the thicker diapers were a couple of piles of thinner diapers. Those were placed in the next drawer over.

“That is a lot of diapers. Do you really think we need that many?” asked Joan.

“I just took a bunch of them out so we don’t have to reach in this box everyday. You are going to be here for two weeks,” Theresa responded. “I will ask him, if it’s ok with you.”

“I wouldn’t know what to say. Should I leave the room?”

“Maybe at first, I will have you come in to show that you support his decision. Assuming he chooses to wear protection. Which I have no doubt he will.” Theresa said confidently.

Joan breathed in and sighed heavily. A look of confusion and concern appeared on her face.

“Bobby,” Theresa called out. “Can I come in?”

“Yes auntie Theresa.” He answer cheerily. “I’m decent.”

Theresa entered the bathroom. Bobby was standing in front of the sink, brushing his teeth. He finished as she approached and spit out the contents of his mouth. “Auntie, what should I do about underwear for the rest of the day? I don’t think I have anything clean to put on.”

“That is the reason I came in here.” She looked at him sweetly. “I have been talking to your mother while you were in the shower. I suggested that since you are having that problem again, and your luggage was lost, maybe you should wear the special underwear you wore when you used to stay with me before.”

“You mean the diapers? You told my mom about the diapers? Was she mad?” Bobby asked, with concern in his voice.

“I did tell your mother and no, she isn’t mad. She is very worried after both of your accidents yesterday and this morning. I had to tell her the truth. We can go talk to her after we get you ready for the day. I just need to know what you want to do.”

Bobby thought about his situation for a moment. After a bit his look of concern faded away as he began to think about those wonderful summer days he spent on the ranch.

“Yes, auntie. I want to be Baby Bobby again.”

“Well then, let’s get you dressed. Before we start, do you want your mom to help us?”

“I don’t know. Maybe later, if that’s ok.”

“Ok. Let me go talk to her real quick. Why don’t you go lay down on the bottom bunk and wait until I come back.”

“Ok auntie.” Bobby said, his voice already sounding younger and sweeter.

Theresa opened the bedroom door to go talk to Joan only to find her right up against the door. “What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry. I was trying to listen to you both, but your were talking too softly. What happened?”

“Your son would like us to treat him as he was treated when he would stay here before.”

“You mean he wants to wear diapers?”

“It’s actually a little more involved than that, But we can start with what he wears.”

“There is more to it than just the wetting and diapers?”

“Simply put, yes. Let me get him ready right now and we can talk about the rest later today. Ultimately, I need you to help us. If you both are up to it, maybe as soon as getting ready for bedtime tonight. Why don’t you go downstairs and we will meet you down there in a few minutes.”

“Ok,” Joan answered timidly.



Theresa entered the bedroom again and closed the door behind her. The expression on Bobby’s face was one of excitement and happiness.

“Bobby, while you were in the shower, I took out some of the diapers and put them in the drawers we used last time. Since you don’t have many options for clothing, do you want to maybe pick out an outfit from before? I have not unpacked those, yet.”

“You still have that stuff?”

“Of course, honey. I kept all of it. Let me get the box and you can go through it.”

“Can’t I just wear a clean t-shirt?”

“I think until your mom comes to terms with this situation, you should cover up as much as possible. In fact, we should be very selective of an outfit right now. Something a little more age appropriate for you, if we even have something like that.”

“I understand,” Bobby said as he began to unpack the box.

Theresa cleared some space in the lower drawers of the bureau to place the outfits that Bobby choose. As he took each item and held it up, it became apparent that the ‘age appropriate’ goal, may be harder than they thought. The first few items were t-shirts with fun kid-like designs and characters on them. Each one had brightly colored collars and sleeve edges. Next were several pairs of shorts in various materials. All of them were similar in design with elastic waistbands. Two pairs of overalls were next. One was normal, the other was a short-legged version. Both had adorable childish embroidery on the front and of course, both had buttons in the crotch for easy diaper changes.

Toward the bottom of the box was a collection of sleepwear. The first few items were simple pajama sets. The designs were more babyish, but basically just a pair of shorts and a shirt to match. The next couple of items were body-suit style onesies. Basically a t-shirt with a snap crotch. The adorable designs made Theresa’s heart swoon. At the bottom were a few pair of footed pajamas. Each one cuter than the last. All of them were zippered down to the foot and one of them had a drop bottom. That was Bobby’s favorite.

“I have forgotten about how childish these outfits all are. I think that maybe we should just pick a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with a low key design on it. I would like to ease your mother in to this a much as possible.”

“What is the smaller box at the bottom, auntie?”

“That is filled with a few odds and ends. We can look through that later. Let’s get you dressed and get something to eat, ok?”

“Ok auntie.”

The 17 year old’s voice began to change as they dove deep into the collection of childish clothing. Each time he would say ‘auntie’, it seemed like it came from a younger boy. Theresa was enjoying every minute of it.

“Ok little one, lets get you on the bed and get you ready,” Theresa said as she laid out the changing pad she took out of the box.

Once the pad was ready, Bobby jumped on the bed and laid down. Theresa went over to the drawer filled with the thinner daytime diapers and chose one. Some of the daytime diapers had cute prints on the taping area, but for now, she chose one that was plain white. When she turned around, she looked at Bobby for a moment trying to remind herself that he was a 17-year old. She knew he was almost an adult, but he seemed to remain stubbornly small for his age. He was barley larger than he was several years ago when she last changed his diapers. After the fleeting moment had passed, she removed the towel he was wearing and began to place the diaper under his bottom. Bobby lifted instinctually and tried to make the process as easy as possibly for his auntie.

“Would you like me to powder you, like I used to?” Theresa asked, sweetly.

“Yes, please auntie.” His reply sounded like it came from a boy much younger than 17.

Theresa went in to the bathroom and opened the cabinet next to the sink. Inside was a large assortment of care products she would use for Sarah. In amongst them were the items she was looking for. A large bottle of pink-colored baby lotion. Next to that was a large bottle of baby powder. She grabbed the two bottles and carried them to Bobby.

“I think we will just use the powder for now. After your bath tonight we can use the lotion. We don’t want baby Bobby to get any skin rashes.”

She opened the bottle of powder and began to sprinkle it over Bobby’s diaper area. Since Bobby was older and more mature now Theresa was concerned about his developing hair. That would have to be dealt with later so she continued to powder him up. When she was done she closed the bottle and moved the diaper into position.

After adjusting the diaper, she pulled it between his legs and covered his crotch. She was gentle and tried not to fuss too much about his privates. After the front was properly centered, she moved the right side tab, snugged it up and taped the lower tape. She repeated the process for the other side, starting with the bottom tape. Once secure, she pulled the top part snug and taped the upper tapes on both sides. The whole process took just a few seconds. When the diaper was secure, she gave a light tap on the front and told Bobby to get up.

“Let’s get these shorts on you and pick a t-shirt. You doing ok?”

“Yes auntie,” Bobby said quietly as he began to savor the sensations from the diaper he was wearing. As soon as Theresa turned around, Bobby reached down to touch the soft plastic covering of the diaper. The slight plastic crinkle gave him an electric feeling that thrilled him. Maybe he hadn’t grown since he last wore a diaper, but the hormone charge was definitely different. More powerful than that was his intense feeling of serenity and comfort. He looked up to his aunt and smiled widely. Tears formed in his eyes.

“Aw baby boy, are you ok?”

“Yes, auntie. I’m just so happy.”

Bobby jumped up and gave Theresa a big hug. They quickly picked out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and Theresa dressed Bobby then they made their way downstairs.

Joan was waiting for the two of them at the bottom of the stairs. Bobby led the way. What she saw made her gasp slightly. His outfit was so infantile, but that wasn’t the biggest shock. The obvious bulge in his shorts surprised her the most. The audible crinkle made it almost too much for Joan to take. She was about to say something until she saw the look on Bobby’s face. He seemed…happy. Genuinely happy. His smile became contagious. Once Joan saw it she couldn’t help but smile as well. She was still very uncomfortable with everything that she saw, but it was obvious that it was the right thing for Bobby.

Theresa followed and saw Joan’s reaction. The initial shock, and then what looked like tentative acceptance. She was proud of her younger sister. It seemed that she might be able to handle what must be difficult for a mother.

“You ok, sis?” Theresa asked.

After a moment of uncomfortable silence Joan admitted, “Yes…yes I am.”

The three of them went to the kitchen to prepare lunch. Theresa and Joan shared the task of preparing the food. Bobby offered to get everyone’s drinks. The ladies sat down to eat and Bobby brought over the drinks. After placing his mother’s and aunt’s beverages down Bobby plopped on his chair and began to drink his apple juice. He, of course was using one of the sippy cups he saw in the cabinet. Joan stared, raised her eyebrows and took a sip of her water.



After lunch, Bobby asked if he could take Bear for a walk. Joan excused herself.

“If it would be ok with you Terry, I would like to check in at work and make sure everything is ok.”

“No problem, sis. Do you need some company?”

“No. I think a few moments alone would be nice. Just to process.”

“Of course. I’ll clean up here. Bobby, don’t go too far with Bear today, ok?”

“No problem auntie.” As he grabbed the leash and bounded out of the back door.

After cleaning up the kitchen, Theresa went to Joan’s room.

“You doing ok?”

Joan was laying on the bed with her laptop. Hearing Theresa, she looked up. “Huh?”

“Everything ok at work?”

“What? Uh, yeah work is fine. Why do you ask?”

“You said you were going to check in, just asking.”

“Yeah. Fine,” she said, returning to her computer.

“Ok, I will leave you alone.” Theresa began to leave.

“Actually, do you have a minute?”

“Of course.”

“I’ve been doing some research about what Bobby is going through. My first few searches brought back some troubling results.”

“I don’t have much internet experience, but I can imagine that depending on how you phrased your search, the first few results would raise an eyebrow or two.”

“For sure. Way down in the results I did find several support sites that have provided some answers. I’m not saying I feel good about it, but at least, if he needs it, reasonable information is out there.”

“I’m glad you found some answers.”

“He never said anything to you about this when he would come home?”

“Never. I just don’t understand why this was not a problem there. He never wet at home. Very strange.”

“Well I did send him home with a few of the diapers at the end of each summer. I figured, if it was a problem at home, he wasn’t talking about it and just in case you had no supplies, those few I sent would help him until you could get your own.”

“He…he brought diapers home? He never said anything, and I never saw them. He’s been actively hiding this from me for a long time.”

“I think he didn’t want you to worry. We talked a lot about how stressed you were when he was here. I think he took my advice to heart and didn’t bother you with it. He obviously figured out a way to transition to a normal state after he got home. Maybe he just disposed of them.”

“I don’t know. Maybe.” Joan replied with a long sigh.

“Would you like to come downstairs for a cup of coffee? Too much time on the internet is not good for anybody. Let’s go outside on the porch and take in nature at it’s finest.

“That might be a good idea.”

“Great, come on.”

After a couple of hours on the porch, the ladies saw Bobby returning from his walk. He removed the leash from Bear and walked up to the porch.

“How was your walk, sweetheart?” his mom asked.

“Great. We couldn’t go as far as I wanted because Bear got tired. We basically went to the forest clearing and just relaxed. It’s such a beautiful day.”

“Yes, it is,” his mom responded.


“Yes, Bobby.”

“Uh,” Bobby looked over to his mom, “I think I need uh”

Theresa looked at her sister. “I understand. You had quite a lot of apple juice during lunch. I’ll meet you inside”

Bobby ran ahead and both Theresa and Joan saw the tell tale sign of leakage on the back of his little boy shorts.

“I’ll get this.” Theresa said to her sister, “Stay here and enjoy the sun.”

Joan’s concerned look returned. Theresa noticed as she got up to enter the house.

As she entered Sarah’s bedroom, she saw Bobby over by Sarah’s dresser, looking at all of the items on the top.

“You are quite wet little boy. Next time, don’t drink so much before you go out.”

“Sorry,” He said with a little pout.

“Go lay down on the changing pad, I’ll get you a clean diaper.”

Bobby bounded to the bed and quickly laid down on the pad. Theresa grabbed a fresh diaper and the wipes that she had just placed in the room after lunch. She also picked up the bottle of baby powder. The first thing to be addressed was the wet shorts. She tossed them in to the hamper she had moved close to the bed. When she approached to remove the diaper, she saw that Bobby was fidgeting with his fingers. Remembering what she used to do, she turned to him and asked, “Baby, do you want your pacifier while I change you?”

A long pause followed her question.

“Yes, auntie, that would be nice.” He replied coyly.

Theresa went to the closet and retrieved Bobby’s box, which was now placed in the front of the closet. She reached in and grabbed the smaller box at the bottom. She placed it on the bureau next to the bed and opened it. Inside was a small collection of baby bottles, teethers and pacifiers. She rummaged around for a second and grabbed one of the pacifiers. Theresa remembered buying it online as a welcome back gift to Bobby when he returned for his second summer with her. It was a little larger than a normal pacifier. She chose the blue one that was adorned with an adorable teddy bear. Bobby loved his gift when he received it. It was almost never out of his mouth.

“Here is your favorite one, honey. Let me go rinse it off and I will give it to you.”

After it was cleaned, she approached Bobby. She gently caressed his forehead and placed the pacifier in his mouth. He softly moaned and immediately began to suck on it. Once he seemed preoccupied, she continued.

Theresa quickly made progress on the diaper change. After removing the wet garment, she gently washed his damp skin with the baby wipes. After the wipes, she applied a generous amount of baby powder. Both Theresa and Bobby both savored the beautiful smell of the powder. So intoxicating. She grabbed the new diaper and unfolded it. Tapping Bobby on the belly, he lifted his bottom and she slid it under. She then drew it up between his legs and began fastening the tapes.

Theresa went to grab a clean pair of shorts, but reconsidered because he had wet the previous pair.

“Baby, how about we just have you wear the diapers and not put on shorts. Are you ok with that?”

“Yeth, auntie,” Bobby answered with the pacifier in his mouth.

She giggled and helped lift him off of the bed. “Your are good to go, kiddo.”

“Thank you.” he replied, having removed the pacifier and handed it to her. “Here you go.”

“You can keep using it, if you want to. I will explain it to your mom.”

He immediately placed it back in to his mouth and ran out of the bedroom, the crinkle of his diaper ringing out down the hallway.



“The pacifier seems a little much.” Joan said with a concerned tone.

“I know, but he really seems to enjoy having it. For whatever reason, the more complete his regression, the happier he is,” explained Theresa.

“You are telling me that there are more steps to this? Sippy cups. pacifiers, infantile outfits and diapers aren’t enough? What else is there?”

“Well, he sleeps a lot better if you feed him a bottle before bed time.”

“A bottle?!” Jane interrupted herself and took a long deep breath.

“We don’t have to go that far. He really doesn’t need it.”

“I would say that he probably doesn’t need any of this.” Joan argued.

“You are wrong there. There is nothing he needs more than all of this. Most importantly, he needs your love and understanding.”

“I’m trying. The more I see, the harder it is for me to take. It does seem, however, that he is truly happy.”

“Yes. Yes he is.” Theresa agreed.

For the rest of the day, Bobby played around the house. He ran around in the yard, playing catch with Bear. He colored in the collection of coloring books that remained from his younger years. Generally, he kept himself occupied much like any toddler would do. He was certainly happier than his 17-year old self had been. As the day grew darker, Bobby went inside for a diaper change before dinner.

During dinner, Joan sat quietly staring at her teenaged son, sitting in a diaper and drinking his apple juice from a sippy cup. It was then she truly began to understand how happy all of this made him. She decided that her participation in his happiness was more important than her discomfort. She turned to Theresa, made eye contact and began to smile. Theresa saw the look on her sister’s face and smiled as well.

“Hey kiddo,” Joan asked. “Let’s get you upstairs and get ready for bed.”

“Really?” Theresa asked.

“I got this, sis.” Joan assured her.

Bobby jumped down from the table and bounded upstairs. Joan yelled to him as she followed, “Go get the shower ready and I will help you get cleaned up.”

“Joan?” Theresa interrupted. “I know this may be a bit much, but if Bobby is going to wear diapers all of the time, he may need to shave his, uh, diaper area.”

Joan looked at Theresa in shock, then her expression relaxed. “Fine, where are your razors?” she sighed.

“Sarah had some in the drawer next to the bathroom sink.”

Joan entered the bathroom, where her son, wearing only his wet diaper was standing.

“I think the shower has warmed up,” he said.

“Great. Sweetie, auntie thinks you should, uh. I mean we both think that you…”

She turned her attention to the drawer next to the sink. When she opened it she saw a package of women’s disposable shavers. She grabbed one and turned to Bobby.

“We think you need to shave.”

“But mom, I don’t have any stubble, yet. Aren’t I a few years away from that still?”

“No, no, you misunderstood me. We need you to shave the area that is covered by your diap…your underwear.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Your pubic area needs to have no hair. It will be easier to keep you clean.”

“How would I do that?”

Joan realized that she would have to assist her son in this process and was not amused.

“Ok. Fine. Get in the shower and get yourself wet. Use some of the soap and clean your diaper area, but don’t rinse. I will help you from there.”

“Ok mommy.” Bobby said with youthful exuberance, and he jumped in the shower.

After a few moments he yelled, “Ready.”

Needless to say, Joan was not comfortable with what she had to do, but as she opened the curtain to the shower, she saw her 17 year-old son, wet and soapy, as the very small vulnerable boy that he was.

He looked up at her and looked in to her eyes, “Thank you for helping me mommy.”

Joan melted. She kissed him on the forehead. “Your welcome my little sweet baby.”

Shaving was easy, considering how underdeveloped he was. When she was done, there was very little distinguishing the diminutive, hairless teenager from a toddler half his age.

She closed the curtain and said, “Finish up sweetie. I will get ready for when you get out.”

“Ok mommy,” Bobby said gurgling a mouthful of water at the same time.

While he was in the shower, Joan prepared the changing area. She laid out the changing pad and grabbed one of the thick nighttime diapers. The powder was placed within reach as were the wipes, just in case. The last thing was the pacifier.

She heard the shower shut off. “Come in hear when you get yourself dried off, ok?”

There was a pause, then a timid “Ok.”

Bobby entered the bedroom wrapped in a towel. He found it difficult to make eye contact with his mother.

“Are you ok, honey?” She asked.

“Yes,” he looked concerned. “Are you sure you want to do this, mom? It’s ok if auntie does it.”

“Baby, I’m your mother. I know I have been worried about all of this, and I know you feel you needed to keep it from me. No more. I need to be a part of your life. If all of this is a part of you, then I need to accept it. I love you more than everything. You being happy is the most important thing to me.”

Bobby looked into his mother’s eyes and ran to give her a big hug. “Let’s get you ready and go and watch a movie.”

Bobby laid down on the changing pad.

“Do you want your paci while mommy changes you?”

“Yes, please.”

She placed the pacifier in his mouth and he began to suck on it contently. She then grabbed the baby lotion and made sure that she applied it to all of the necessary areas. The baby powder was next. The smell of the lotion and powder brought her back to when Bobby was a baby and she was happily married to his father. A smile began to grow over her face.

She turned to retrieve the thick nighttime diaper. Even though she hadn’t done this in years, the whole process felt natural. She gently lifted Bobby’s legs and he helped by lifting his bum. She placed the diaper under him and gestured for him to lower on to it. After some positioning, she pulled the diaper between his legs and began to fasten it tightly.

“We don’t want any leaks, do we?”

Bobby removed the pacifier and said, “No, mommy.” He blushed visibly.

When she was done, Bobby got up and she instinctually patted him on the bum. He turned and smiled, then fell in to her with a huge hug.

“Thank you for understanding,” he said.

Joan watched him leave the room and began to softly sob.

About halfway through the movie, Bobby seemed to be nodding off. “Joan, what do you think we give him his bottle and get him to bed?”

“I think that’s a great idea.” Joan agreed.

Once the bottle was prepared, Bobby cuddled up into his mother’s arm. She placed the nipple to his lips and he began to suck. It was only a few minutes later that Bobby was sound asleep. The two women looked at each other and smiled. Joan was able to pick him up and place him in his bed. Once under the covers, she placed her hand on the side of his face. He smiled and fell fast asleep. “Goodnight baby Bobby,” she whispered.


“Two weeks went by too fast,” Joan declared as she was packing for her flight the next day.

“Yes it did, sis,” Theresa agreed.

“Is Bobby in his room?” Joan asked

“Yes, I think he has started packing. Are you sure about this?”

“If you are ok with it, then I don’t see we have any other choice.” Joan said.

“Let’s go talk to him before he finishes.”

Both women entered Bobby’s bedroom. Since his duffle bag was never found, there really wasn’t much for him to pack, so he was essentially done. He looked up at his mother and aunt. “I don’t need any help, there isn’t much to pack.”

“Maybe you don’t have to pack at all.” Joan started.

“I don’t understand.”

“Your aunt and I have been talking, and we think, if you’re up to it, you should stay here and help her with the ranch. She can homeschool you here so you can finish high school without all of the stress.”

“Really?” Bobby said excitedly. “But what about you?”

“I will be fine. In fact, we both think that it might be a good idea for me to eventually join the both of you here. Over the next few months I will sell the house and begin looking for a new job, closer to the ranch.”

“Auntie, this is ok for you?”

“Absolutely. In fact, with your help, and eventually your mother’s, I can have Sarah move back in. I miss her terribly.”

“Well?” Joan asked.

“Yes, absolutely!” Bobby confirmed.

With this he ran up to his mother and gave her a big hug.

“Thank you for this, mom.”

“No. Thank you and your aunt. I have spent the last few years so worried about everything. You and your aunt reminded me about all of the things that are important. You have a wonderful summer. I will be back in the Fall to join you.”

Bobby ran off in to the field to play with Bear. Joan giggled at the teenaged boy running around in just a shirt and diaper. “He really is happy here.”

“You will be too,” Theresa replied.


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