Little Experiments -- The Trip (this is a diaper dimension story)

Prompt: Write about a unique location

Amanda nervously stood in line. It was her Freshman year in college, and it was her first time as a sorority pledge. She was tasked with acting like she was drunk and heckling some members of the Parenthood Association—a conservative group that advocates taking sex ed out of the high school curriculum and replacing it with family life and home economics classes, at least that was what the sorority girls told her. Sometimes the group came to college campuses to try to drum up support from future leaders. There was a tiny camera embedded in a special choker she was wearing that was supposed to catch the action. She couldn’t get over how futuristic it felt and how sneaky she was being! They’d appreciate her for sure!

She quietly approached the tent, fingering an empty wine glass. Amanda realized a problem with her plan the minute she stepped into the tent. Everyone promoting sexual health and related services was posted in the tent. There were several kiosks and tables displayed throughout the large circus-like tent; it was like a flea market. She had no way of knowing where her target was!

Amanda took a small gulp as she looked around in bewilderment. Where’s my target? She asked herself. She wandered around aimlessly for a few minutes before finally asking for directions. There was a girl dressed in plain overalls and a rather unflattering skirt over her pants! Amanda figured the girl had to be one of those weirdly religious girls who thought they weren’t allowed to show any skin. She sauntered over to the girl and asked in the most polite voice she could muster, “excuse me, but where’s the parenthood association desk?”

The girl looked up and flashed her curly hair, braces, and freckled face. She chewed her lip for a second or two then shrugged and pointed in a random direction. Amanda’s eyes followed the direction of her finger to two empty tables. In the middle of them displayed on a poster in bold letters was “PA.”

Ah-ha! The Parenthood Association! Amanda thought. She made a beeline to one of the tables. A few seconds after she got there, a tall young woman with glasses, curly red hair, and a lab coat walked up. “Hello? May I help you, miss?” the woman asked.

Amanda was briefly caught off guard by the woman’s friendly soft voice. There was just a hint of Southern twang, or maybe it was more midwestern. It sounded like she was a singer or did ASMR. She shook herself out of her reverie and recovered from the brief shock, ready to put on her act. She faked a hiccup and then spoke pretending to slur her speech. “Shhee, shheee, hiccup!”

The woman raised an eyebrow and made a brief scowling face at Amanda, but then her expression softened to something more neutral. “Well, if you don’t have a reason for being here, I need to get back to work,” the woman said flatly.

“W-wwait, I’shhh wants ta hiccup! Ta sign up-hiccup! For yours causes!” Amanda announced in the most annoying voice she could muster. A few people stared at her from neighboring tables.

The woman gave her a cursory glance, then walked back to her table, seemingly ignoring her. Amanda took it as an opportunity to saunter over to her table and lean on it with both arms. I sure hope the sorority sisters appreciate the act I’m putting on Amanda thought. She pretended to drool a little and let saliva run down her chin while she tried her fake drunk voice again this time also adding an affected Southern accent, or what she thought was one. “I’sssaid I wanna sign-sign hiccup! for -for you’s causes!” She drooled a bit more as she spoke. It ran down her chin and onto the table in slimy threads.

She opened her mouth again only to be met with a soft cottony texture. “Hey!” she yelped, temporarily forgetting her act. The texture was removed a few seconds later to reveal the woman looking at her with a small look of concern. “Sorry, baby, you were drooling,” the woman said calmly, holding a small white washcloth.

Amanda closed her mouth and moved to say something, but she found herself again stunned by the sound of the woman’s voice. It was almost perfect in some odd way. A small involuntary shiver ran down her stomach. She was brought back to reality when the woman spoke again. “Since you said you wanted to help us, though, we could always use an extra participant, and I think you’d be perfect for it. Read this, and tell me what you think,” she said calmly. She slid Amanda a piece of paper.

Amanda, however, was only half paying attention, still trying to focus on her act and trying to ignore the odd feelings she was getting from the woman’s voice. When she saw the paper, she had an “ah-ha” moment. This was going to be great. That must be their petition Amanda thought, still fully convinced she was in the right place. It never dawned on her that maybe she was at the wrong table. Without looking at the contract, she snatched the pen out of the woman’s hand and scribbled something illegible. Then, she tried to put on her drunk girl routine again. “Here you gooo! Hiccup! I believe yous is doing a good thingy here!” Amanda said, putting on her affected Southern accent thickly and trying to act as obnoxious as possible.

The woman took the paper, looked at it, and raised an eyebrow. Instead of being angry, though, she simply smiled. It was a hungry smile, though, that unnerved Amanda. The woman then pulled out a small handheld device. “Give me your hand,” she asked in almost a whisper.

Amanda, completely into her act, obeyed the odd request without question. A few seconds after she gave her hand to the woman, she felt something like a bee sting. “Ouch!” Amanda quickly withdrew her hand and winced in pain. “What was that for?!” Amanda asked, forgetting her act.

The woman stood up, towering over Amanda. At first, the woman’s height didn’t faze Amanda; she thought she was just wearing high heels, but Amanda purposely looked at her feet and noticed she was wearing flats. This woman must have been about seven feet tall! Amanda just stood there gaping. “Didn’t you read the contract?” the woman asked in a very soft soothing voice.

“What contract?!” Amanda asked, alarm in her voice.

“If you weren’t so busy acting like a toddler, Ms. Go-Fuck-Yourself, you would know exactly what contract I’m talking about. What absolutely infantile behavior you displayed at my desk! I’m surprised they even let you in college! On the bright side, though, I think you’ll make a fine test subject,” the woman answered with a slight smirk.

Wait. What test subject?! It dawned on her all too late that perhaps she was at the wrong table. “I-I…” Amanda cringed in embarrassment at the fake name she wrote and withered under the woman’s gaze. The young college student certainly wasn’t expecting anyone to actually read it, and now she was wondering what she signed up for. It didn’t even cross her mind that the small packet she had signed was a contract!

“Um…um can I have a cop-copy of it?” Amanda’s voice was breaking and she was on the verge of tears. She had again managed to act immature and make another adult angry with her. It never occurred to her that doing this dare could have consequences. After all, she’d seen sorority pledges act out hundreds of times on TV.

“I’ll send you a copy via e-mail, if you provide the address; I doubt it’s actually at ‘get-the-hell-off-of-this-campus-dot-com’” the woman said coolly.

Amanda cringed again at being called out, and hastily wrote down her email address on a piece of paper that the woman gave her. The woman took it out of her hand with the same snatching motion Amanda used earlier but softer and more polite. “I’ll be in touch,” the woman said as she walked off, leaving the stunned and scared college student frozen in confusion.


Chapter 2

The contract was all Amanda could think about as she made her way back to campus. What had she signed up for? Signing something before looking at it was so stupid. She might have signed up to pay for some cause with her own tuition. Oh, why didn’t I actually think before I signed that dumb contract? She continued ruminating on it as she made her way back to the sorority house. The initiation ceremony was in a few hours.

Technically, she had failed her mission. She wasn’t sure what the sorority sisters were going to say about her joining, and she sincerely thought about just skipping the meeting and missing out on trying to join, but a little part of her wanted a reward for all of the work she put in. After all, she even ordered a special camera to record all of the action. Maybe they would look past her slip up and let her join anyway? She did have some interesting footage of her interactions, and she had technically completed the dare, with the minor caveat of going to the wrong table.

She made her way to the sorority house and knocked on the door. A girl in a pink flowing dress Genevieve answered. “I-I’m here to speak to Lacey,” Amanda squeaked. The girl carefully led Amanda in and directed her to the sofa. “Wait here. Lacey’s in her room right now getting ready for a party. She should be out in a few minutes.” Amanda waited anxiously on the couch, rocking back and forth in a slightly noticeable way.

In a few minutes, a girl with long razor straight crimson hair appeared in the doorway. “What’s up?” she asked. Amanda looked up and her throat got a little dry. Lacey, the popular girl from high school, was standing over her. She always looked so well put together, like she’d stepped out of a fashion magazine or fresh off of a New York runway. Amanda swallowed hard and began her speech. “Heh heh, hey Lace,” Amanda said.

“How did the assignment go?” Lacey asked, impatiently.

“Yeah, about that…” Amanda trailed off as she loosened the flash drive from a port in the necklace around her neck. “I…um…I…” Before she could finish her sentence, Lacey snatched it out of her hand.

“Nice. Let’s see what you got us!” Lacey said as she booted up her laptop and put the flash drive in place. The screen flickered to life, and she watched Amanda’s performance, letting out small giggles of approval during each embarrassing attempt to act like a drunk. After a few minutes of watching, she paused it and closed the video. “You clearly don’t drink much; that impression was horrible,” Lacey play scolded. Amanda hung her head in shame. “But I suppose it was good enough to let you in….congratulations Amanda Granger, you are officially a member of the Daughters of Dionysus.” As Lacey was congratulating Amanda, she slipped a sash over her shoulder. “Julie will show you to your room.”

I got in? Amanda was extremely surprised and grateful as Julie, a girl with short black hair, led her upstairs to what would soon be her room. Swinging the door open, Amanda took it all in. It was a full-sized bedroom with two full-sized beds in bunk style. They looked much more grown-up than those twin-sized beds they had in her dorm; those reminded her of toddler beds, honestly, and toddler beds were for little babies still in diapers, like her little cousins. These beds, though, looked grown-up and sophisticated, well, more sophisticated than she was used to. The room itself was also clean and well-decorated. It looked perfect. She let out a contented sigh.

“How soon can you move your stuff here?” Julie asked. Amanda pulled herself out of her reverie long enough to answer the question. “Oh? I should have everything moved by the end of the day.”

“Awesome,” Julie replied.

Amanda left the sorority house to pack her stuff. She didn’t keep a lot in the small dorm room, so it only took a few hours to have everything loaded into her car. Her other roommate was hiding under the covers, probably either sleeping or doing homework. They didn’t know each other too well. Amanda didn’t even bother asking her what her name was.

The last thing she packed was the laptop computer she had with her since high school. It was bedazzled with skull stickers. She thought they were cool a year or so ago, but now she admitted to herself that they looked a bit childish. She made a mental note to peel them off once she got to her new room.

With everything loaded in her small car, she drove to the sorority house to begin moving in. She took a handful of boxes up the stairs and opened the door only to be greeted by “What are you doing here?” Amanda nearly dropped the boxes. Standing in front of her was Ginger, one of the girls who didn’t like her in high school. Her heart sank as she considered the only possibility she could think of. “I’m the…they…I’m…I live here?” Amanda answered, unsure of exactly how to answer.

Ginger, a girl with curly blonde hair like Amanda’s, rolled her eyes. “You aren’t staying in my room,” she said flatly.

“But this is my room!” Amanda protested. She unconsciously stomped her foot to make a point.

While the two were arguing, they didn’t see Lacey approach the door. “What is going on here?” she asked.

Amanda turned to Lacey and pouted. “This isn’t fair. What’s she doing here?”

Lacey let out a laugh. “She happens to be one of my good friends!” Lacey said.

“Yeah, my sister knows her sister,” Ginger said with another eye roll.

“This isn’t going to work. Can I have another room?” Amanda pleaded.

“Sorry, it’s this room or no room,” Lacey said.

Amanda opened her mouth to say something else but was interrupted by Lacey. “If you can’t deal with the living arrangement, you don’t have to move in,” she said.

“But I thought you wanted me as one of your sorority sisters!” Amanda said.

Ginger cut in, “she can take you or leave you; she’s not desperate for friends, like you are, Mandy-bear,” she said with a smirk.

Amanda cringed. She hated that nickname. “I’m not desperate for friends!” Amanda yelled. She couldn’t help herself, all of the frustration from when she was in high school with this witch of a girl came bubbling back up.

“Well, I guess you don’t mind leaving my sorority house, then,” Lacey said coolly.

“But why do I have to leave?” Amanda asked. She almost had tears in her eyes! She packed her stuff, did the pledge, and everything. Why did she have to leave now?

“It’s either that or room with Ginger,” Lacey said.

“But she just said I couldn’t stay with her!” Amanda complained. The boxes in her hands were starting to annoy her with their weight. They weren’t too heavy; she intentionally packed light, but she was getting increasingly frustrated just standing in the doorway holding them.

“I said no such thing!” Ginger protested.

Lacey made a noise of disapproval. “I don’t want to hear it.” She turned back to Amanda and pushed her inside. Amanda gratefully sat the heavy boxes down on the bottom bunk bed.

“That’s mine!” Ginger protested. Amanda did her best to ignore her while she unpacked her things. She was honestly like an annoying little sister.

“Put your things on the top bunk or I’ll tell everyone about your accident in chemistry class. Remember, the one in ninth grade?” Ginger said.

Amanda rolled her eyes. “That was just water,” she said.

“No one believes that, Mandy-bear! Why would someone get so emotional over spilling water?” Ginger asked.

“They were going to think it was something else!” Amanda defended herself.

“It was something else; you know I’m telling the truth, baby bear,” Ginger taunted. She flashed perfectly straight pearly white teeth in a fake smile.

“No, it wasn’t!” Amanda protested.

“The chemistry teacher wouldn’t have sent you to the nurse over just a little water,” Ginger said.

“My clothes were soaked. She didn’t want me to catch a cold!” Amanda said.

“It was just your crotch,” Ginger said.

Amanda turned her head, visibly frustrated. Her face was red with anger, but of course, that too was probably going to be mistaken for something else. She seethed as she started removing her clothes from the bottom bunk. Ginger had won, yet again. It was just like high school and middle school. Why couldn’t she stand up for herself? Why couldn’t she actually say something that would help her counter Ginger’s words? What couldn’t she put her in her place and get her to stop? Amanda had no idea, and thinking about this whole stupid argument was making her head hurt. She had bigger things to worry about, like college and the rest of her life.

She lay awake on the top bunk, her things finally put away on “her side” of the room. Ginger had gotten her way with almost everything because she threatened to tell a bunch of embarrassing lies about her to her new friends, lies she knew from experience would be believed. People always believed Ginger, teachers, students, everyone, ever since she met her in middle school.

I was hoping it would all be different in college Amanda told herself. This experience moving into the sorority house proved to her that college was a bit more like high school than she liked. She was going to be surrounded by the same people and dealing with many of the same issues. Why were people so immature? Why were people so horrible to each other just because they could get away with it? She grit her teeth a bit in anger before dozing off to sleep.

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Chapter 3

Unbeknownst to Amanda, her troubles were just beginning. Courtesy of the contract she signed, a tiny nanny cam was set up in the room where Amanda was sleeping. Ginger was in on it, kind of. She only knew they were filming her; she wasn’t sure what it was for.

Meanwhile in the Dimension 4.9116518 AKA the Diaper Dimension

Linda let out a little sigh as she checked the screen. The camera was recording and sending a video feed to her computer. She checked the document she was supposed to record the results on and re-read the details of the experiment. The title read Effects of Induced Maturosis on Littles. She continued to scan the document and then gave a small sigh after she was finished. In today’s groundbreaking experiment, the nanites that were injected into the subject’s bloodstream were supposed to deliver a special medication to stimulate certain muscles and nerves to make the subject wet the bed. She rolled her eyes at the procedure. Discounting all of the fancy science jargon, it was like she was working for a bunch of kindergarteners! This was a typical experiment of Amazon scientists, though. Leave it to them to think that returning a little test subject to babyhood was important scientific research.

She also halfway wondered why the girl had signed up for this. She didn’t fit the profile of their usual test subjects. Most of them were older loners or couples who were fairly comfortable with the lifestyle and wouldn’t be embarrassed about the changes.

From the argument she watched unfold earlier that day, she was pretty sure little Amanda didn’t fit into that category. The girl seemed painfully insecure, and this experience certainly wasn’t going to help that, not one bit. Still, though, it was what she signed up for, and she couldn’t argue with her bosses and tell them not to go through with it, not without fairly unpleasant consequences, anyway, so she had to go through with it, regardless of how ethical she personally felt like it was.

She let out another sigh and pressed a button to start the procedure. A little beep indicated the nanites activated. A light indicated she entered REM sleep.

Amanda found herself sleeping very soundly despite the day’s events.

She was on stage singing something; she felt the notes coming effortlessly and smoothly through her vocal cords. It sounded heavenly, but she wasn’t sure what song she was singing. When she finished, everyone was clapping and cheering, giving her a standing ovation.

Suddenly, she heard water running. There was a small fountain behind her that she didn’t notice. She started staring at it and noticed it grow in front of her, expanding out into a vast unexplored land. She walked up to the fountain to get a closer look, but in the process, she brushed by it and noticed she got some water on her clothes. She was wet, but it was just water; it wasn’t a big deal. She continued to walk down the path to explore the world that seemingly popped up out of nowhere.

Linda watched in subdued fascination as the evidence of the nanites’ work became apparent. A wet spot was starting to become visible through the white sheets, and it was growing by the minute.

Their little test subject, however, seemed oblivious to it, if that relaxed smile on her face was any indication. She seemed to be having some oddly pleasant dream, or maybe she was just reacting to whatever chemicals the scientists decided to infuse those nanites with.

As she watched the helpless sleeping test subject, she couldn’t help but think about the processes that must be happening. The test subject’s brain was being stimulated to feel deep relaxation and pleasure, while her bladder was being stimulated to gently release without alerting those parts that usually prevented it from happening, all while not applying enough pressure to alert the sleeping test subject.

She couldn’t deny it was all very effective, but it was still such an odd use of such powerful tools. The nanites making this possible were incredible pieces of technology. They could be re-loaded remotely, synthesizing chemicals from the organic material they were placed in. These were technological wonders and made almost any kind of medical treatment possible, yet the Amazons were using them to make a Little pee in her sleep. Typical Amazon scientists.

Linda’s attention briefly turned back to the packet. If she missed anything from the feed, they had it all on video, so they could go back and look at it later if they needed to. She read through it again to make sure she understood the experiment, and because she was getting bored. Watching someone sleeping was not very exciting to most people, and Linda wasn’t really an exception.

The purpose of this experiment is to see how induced maturosis will affect non-Amazonian Littles. The hypothesis is Littles who undergo induced maturosis will be happier than Littles who have to pretend to live adult lives. Linda frowned at the last sentence. She knew for a fact that Littles could live productive and happy adult lives, and they were adults. No one was “pretending.” The language in this pamphlet was so sizeist. She sighed and kept reading.

It is also hypothesized that Littles who undergo maturosis and regress to their natural infantile state will not want to go back to living adult lives. She gave a heavy sigh, upset by both the discriminatory language and the random assumption that some people would be happy essentially as motor-responsive vegetables. Turning that page, though, she continued reading.

*During this experiment, we will induce maturosis by returning the brain and body to an infantile state. This will include: *

*Induced diaper dependency; this will be accomplished by inducing: *

*Involuntary nighttime urination–nocturnal enuresis, also known as “bedwetting.” *

*Involuntary daytime urination–diurnal enuresis, also known as “urinary incontinence or wetting.” *

*Involuntary nighttime defecation–nocturnal defecation, also known as “nocturnal fecal incontinence or nighttime messing.” *

*Involuntary daytime defecation–diurnal defecation, also known as “diurnal fecal incontinence or daytime messing.” *

*Explanation and use: *

*Diaper dependency will help Littles relinquish their mental and physical care to a caregiver. They will not want the burden of taking care of themselves or each other in an impaired state. Because of this, it is recommended to liberally reinforce diaper dependency through use of medicines, foods, or other minimally harmful substances, procedures, and/or surgeries. *


It is recommended that a Little with diaper dependency be under the care of a caregiver. Our test subjects will be adopted temporarily by caregivers who also agreed to participate in this experiment to take care of this requirement.

Linda bit her lip. They were going to bring the Littles to their dimension for adoption? This sounded intense, and she felt very strongly that it was wrong, but she reminded herself that she couldn’t really do anything. She wasn’t even the one in control of the experiment–the Amazon scientists were. She was just the one watching the camera and occasionally writing down what was going on so that they had clear records in case anything happened to the video, which was unlikely.

A beeping noise drew her out of her musings. It was one of the girls’ alarm clocks on the video. The test subject’s roommate stirred, her bed nice and dry. Linda looked over at Amanda’s bed, which still had a softly snoring Amanda hugging her pillow, smiling, and muttering pleasant gibberish in her sleep. The wet spot had grown sizable during the night, but she couldn’t tell from the camera footage if it leaked onto the other mattress.

Amanda rolled over and lazily released another stream of urine in her sleep, staining a previously dry part of the sheets and mattress. Unbeknownst to her, she had been peeing in her sleep off and on all night thanks to stimulation from the nanites. She also wouldn’t wake up until enough of the chemicals left her blood to allow her to come back to consciousness. Until then, her reputation was at the mercy of her quickly filling bladder.

The sheets bore clear evidence of her babyish deed.


Interesting start, looking forward to more here!

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Looks good so far looking forward to more

Chapter 4

Ginger stirred from the bottom bunk and lazily reached over to turn off her alarm clock. A little moisture dripped on her hand as she reached past her bed to press the snooze button. She shook it in annoyance and then smelled it curiously.

“Ew!” she shouted.

Immediately Ginger threw off her covers and leapt out of bed. She then peered at the top bunk where the odd-smelling liquid was dripping down. A small smile crept to her face but then she wrinkled her nose in disgust as the smell of ammonia hit her. “That’s pee? I’ve gotta tell the others about this!” she whispered to herself before quickly exiting the room.

Amanda had never slept so pleasantly before in her life. She dreamt she was walking through a wet rain forest with an ever-spreading fountain of warm water that occasionally flooded and made her clothes wet. She also dreamt that she had to relieve herself several times during the dream. She usually did it behind the tall plants. It was an odd dream, but it was also quite pleasant and relaxing. That was all interrupted, though, when she heard someone loudly calling her name.


Groggily, she opened her eyes. They were immediately met by sunlight pouring through the window. How long had she been asleep? Wasn’t Ginger’s alarm clock set to go off at six in the morning before the sun rises? She shifted slightly, sending a cold rush of air down her backside. She froze. What?! Her face flushed red as she started to panic. This couldn’t be what she thought it was could it? She moved again, feeling the prickly clamminess on her skin.

“Amanda, get up!” Amanda heard the harsh voice and immediately sat up only to meet Lacey’s stern glare. She gave a sheepish smile and waved to her new sorority sister as she tried to process the sensation.

“Why the hell didn’t you tell us you wet the bed?!” Lacey demanded. Her angry outburst almost had Amanda in tears once again.

Amanda withered and stammered, “I…I…don’t!” She then observed her wet sheets and further tried to defend herself. “This…this isn’t what it looks like!” she protested.

“…and now she decides to lie to us,” Ginger said. Amanda didn’t notice it before, but most of her sorority sisters were now gathered in the room. She glared at Ginger and pointed an angry finger at her. “I bet she did this to me!”

Ginger rolled her eyes. “I’m not putting up with this,” she said as she turned to leave.

Lacey put her hand on Ginger’s shoulder and directed her to turn back around. She then turned back to face Amanda. “That’s really mature! Blaming something you did on your roommate!” Lacey growled.

“But…I didn’t,” Amanda tried to defend herself again. She was feeling so nervous, and this argument was getting so heated. She wondered what happened, and she was halfway thinking about making a run for it when she felt a sudden strong twinge in her bladder. She fidgeted in her wet sheets, waiting for a polite way to make an exit, but after just a few seconds, the urge was almost unbearable. She sat still, hoping it would go away, but then the unthinkable happened.

Amanda was only half listening to Lacey lecture her about not letting them know she was a bedwetter, when her bladder gave out. She started peeing uncontrollably. This time it was forceful and there was an audible hissing sound. Amanda tried to stop herself before anyone noticed, but that failed, and pee started running off of the mattress and onto the floor.

“Oh my gosh!” Ginger shouted. “She’s going! Right here while we’re talking to her!”

The rest of her sorority sisters let out a gasp, and Lacey started muttering curse words.

Amanda turned beet red as she tried to regain control. Her thoughts were racing. This isn’t really happening! This must still be some kind of nightmare. I’m eighteen years old! I’m an adult. I can’t actually be wetting my pants! It quickly became apparent to Amanda, however, that this wasn’t some bad dream.

The dripping stopped and the next thing Amanda heard was Lacey’s voice ripping into her. “If I would have known you were such a dirty little bitch, I never would have let you join us!” She winced as Lacey gave her a strong tongue lashing. “Unfortunately, now that I put you on the list, you have to stay unless you leave on your own or are found guilty of misconduct!”

“But…but…” Amanda lost it. Tears started to roll down her cheeks and she scrunched herself into a fetal position on the bed. She blew it somehow! These girls hated her now all because of some weird accident. She let her lip quiver and she tried to bury her head in her pillow.

“Stop acting like some shit-head baby!” Lacey chided.

“I think she’s already proven she’s doing a lot more than acting,” Ginger quipped.

“Get down here now, you bitch!” Lacey commanded, motioning to Amanda.

Amanda winced at the harsh words, fresh tears stinging her eyes. The frightened college student slowly climbed down from her bunk bed to face her angry house leader. Amanda clutched a pillow over her crotch in a feeble attempt to retain a little dignity. She felt heat on her face from embarrassment and shame and turned away and refused to look at Lacey or any of her sorority sisters. She whimpered almost involuntarily and a tear ran down her cheek. The sorority girls, however, didn’t show any sympathy.

“Why the hell did you do that?!” Lacey demanded.

“I…I…don’t know,” Amanda stammered in almost a whisper. She was aware of subdued giggles coming from her sorority sisters as she failed to control her emotions.

“There’s piss on the floor and on the mattress because of you, you moron!” Lacey said.

Amanda winced again, each cutting sentence expertly sliced through what little self-esteem she had. “I’m…I’m…sorry…I-”

“Fuck you!” Lacey yelled. “If the dean finds out about this fucking mess you made, you skanky bitch, we could all get in trouble! They might even kick us all out!”

Amanda shook with anger as Lacey rebuked her. She couldn’t think of a way out of this, and her mind was racing. All she wanted was a way back into everyone’s good graces. More tears ran down her face. She was so nervous that she was feeling sick, and the urine on her clothes had already gotten cold from the central air in the room.

“Stop crying, idiot, and clean this mess up!” Lacey commanded.

“It…was Ginger…” Amanda finally whispered.

What did you say?” Lacey asked. There was a clear tinge of annoyance in her voice.

“She used to always brag about her mother being a nurse. I bet she’s responsible for this somehow,” Amanda whispered through tears. She knew that no one would believe her, but it was worth a shot.

“You know it wasn’t me!” Ginger said angrily.

“She’s nothing but a liar!” another one of the sorority sisters yelled. Amanda couldn’t tell which one, but the thought of how quickly they could turn on her made her start crying again.

This time, her face was met with a firm slap. “Don’t lie about your sorority sisters, bitch!” Lacey yelled harshly. “…and clean this shit up! We’ll figure out what to do with you later!”

Most of the girls left the room, and Amanda was left whimpering in her wet clothes while Lacey shouted orders at her like she wasn’t a human being anymore. Through tears, she carefully started to strip the bed, while her wet clothes chilled and clung to her. The urine on her clothes was making her skin a little sore and tender at this point. She really wanted a shower, but she wasn’t about to disobey Lacey, the sorority house leader. Instead, she ignored the itching, stinging, and coldness and silently stripped the bed.

“See what you fucking did?” Lacey asked angrily. Once Amanda got the cover sheet off, she could see clearly that it was just a plain mattress with no protective covering on it, and there was clear evidence of her accident in the form of a giant yellow urine stain. She bit her lip and nervously looked at Lacey, who just scowled at her. “You better figure out a way to fucking clean this up!” Lacey yelled.

After spending two whole hours trying to clean the room as Lacey directed her to, Amanda was finally allowed some privacy to try to clean herself up. That was one of the worst mornings of Amanda’s life. Lacey gave her a stern talking to, complete with a threat to never let it happen again before allowing her to gather her wet bedsheets and put them in the on-site washer to clean them. Once that was taken care of, she was finally allowed to strip out of her wet clothes and take a shower.

The warm water felt really good on her now extremely sensitive skin, even though parts burned and itched. Her skin was red and stinging by the time the warm shower water hit it, and there were places on her butt and thighs that looked and felt like she had gotten sunburned. She grimaced as she tried to slowly wipe a washcloth over the delicate area. At one point, she rubbed a little too hard and it burned. “Ow!” she cried. She withdrew the washcloth expecting to see a little blood, but it wasn’t a cut, just a rash.

While she continued to lather her skin and wash herself thoroughly, her mind played back the mortifying scenes she’d experienced that morning. Why had she wet the bed, and why did she have that accident this morning? While she was thinking about that, she got another annoying twinge in her bladder. “Not again! Haven’t you caused me enough trouble?” Amanda asked. Her bladder felt a little sore, probably a urinary tract infection from leaving on that wet underwear so long. She wasn’t going to relieve herself in the shower like some kind of dirty hobo, though, so she decided to ignore it.

Everything was fine until she turned off the shower and got ready to dry off. She noticed a little dribbling from her middle. She dismissed it as shower water runoff, but it seemed like it was taking a bit longer than usual. There was also the stale odor of urine in the stall, but that could have been from her earlier accident. She watched herself dribble for a few seconds until it stopped, then she decided she was being paranoid and dried off and got ready for class as usual.

When she got back to her room, she noticed that the door was locked and there was a sign that read “hazardous materials clean up.” She rolled her eyes and then tried the knob again. Her laptop was in that room, and it was much easier to take notes with it than with old-fashioned pen and paper. She thought about bothering one of her sorority sisters about it, but then decided against it, memories of how they’d reacted to the accident she had a few hours ago burning fresh embarrassment into her memory. Plus, no one appeared to be in the sorority house right now, anyway, and that was probably a good thing.

Shakily, she gathered the few things that she kept outside her room and exited the sorority house. Once she stepped outside, the warm sun hit her skin, and she felt a bit better. She decided against walking to class, though, and opted to take her car instead. She didn’t want to be late, and she also didn’t want anyone to taunt her about her accident. She was pretty sure someone who saw told, after all.

As soon as Amanda left the room, the camera feed went down and another view was switched on, probably provided by the nanites in her blood. It was an infrared view of her body with a clear map of all of the systems the machines were going to be targeting. Linda watched in subdued fascination, halfway wondering what terrible tortures they had in store for the girl next.

She’d watched every excruciating moment of that fallout with Ginger and that Lacey girl. That kind of immature behavior would not be tolerated in her dimension. Those girls would be written up for displaying maturosis, disciplined with diapers, and to be realistic, probably poisoned and adopted out because Littles undergoing punishment for immature behavior were just too perfect of a target for opportunistic Amazons who wanted the government’s rewards for becoming a caregiver.

From what she’d witnessed, Linda figured Amanda’s dimension didn’t have government incentives for caring for weaker beings like hers did. It all seemed very altruistic on paper, really, the stronger cared for the weaker and were paid by the government to do so. In reality, though, it was often abused, to the point where those who kept Amazon foster children were no longer eligible for incentives, because it was found that they would poison the children to make them dependent on their caregivers for longer than needed! People were sick.

Unfortunately, the new rules protecting Amazons from mistreatment didn’t cover Littles. Maturosis Infantilus was well-known as a fairly common condition for Littles, and since the condition requires them to be under a caregiver until they recover, it made more sense to just leave the incentives for Little adoptees. After all, the reasoning goes, the government money enables households to afford otherwise costly Little needs, like diapers, clothing, babysitters, wet nurses, and daycare, and since Littles often continue to need those things for years after a normal baby grows out of them, it makes more sense to subsidize it to provide the incentive for more Amazons to adopt. Sounds great on paper, right?

Everyone who voted to keep things exactly the same for Littles apparently forgot about the ways unscrupulous Amazonian caregivers can abuse the system. Little mills were a thing, and poisonings and kidnappings happened so often that they were a well-known occurrence. There were even tales of homeless Amazons adopting Littles. It was about as easy to adopt a Little as to adopt a pet, and there was more incentive to adopt Littles, too. Plus, there was virtually no agreed-upon criteria to test if a Little was undergoing maturosis; at the very most, all it took was any marked display of physical or mental immaturity. Most Amazons interpreted this as loss of bladder or bowel control and resulting diaper dependency, even though they had tests that suggested that some of the foods Amazons regularly consume can cause temporary diaper dependency in sensitive Littles.

Linda balled up a fist while thinking about the stories she’d heard. It was a screwed-up system. To maintain their independence, Littles had to avoid certain foods and certain social situations and always act like the most grown-up people in the room. There were even rumors that Little parents didn’t allow their children to have the kinds of carefree childhoods that Amazons gave their children, instead opting to make them grow up fast and despise childish things with a sense of fear. Even with all of that strict training, most Littles ended up adopted before they were old enough to responsibly have children of their own. Some adult Littles even cited the strict upbringing as a reason; they’d try “forbidden fruit” like using diapers, sucking on bottles, or getting drunk at parties, and, well, if any of that behavior was caught on film, they’d be stripped of their adult rights on the spot.

The relationship between Amazons and Littles was a strangely parasitic one that made Linda question how civilized they really were at times. There was a familiar conspiracy theory that maturosis infantilus was a fake condition cooked up thousands of years ago by Amazon leaders who felt threatened by the Little species. Take away the fact that it was ingrained in everyone’s minds as an undeniable fact, and it did sound like a familiar, albeit peculiar, attempt at eugenics; target what their bodies and minds do naturally and label it as a disease to justify taking away their rights. Make them feel inferior and hopeless but instead of outright killing them, “spoil” them into submission. Condition them to think they want and need the subjugation.

There certainly were a lot of common methods of conditioning in her dimension. They even had TV shows that enforced these strange standards, like the many kids’ cartoons that taught how much stronger and smarter Amazons were and nature shows that referred to animals that acted silly as “undergoing maturosis.” Even lifestyle shows like “Maturity Police” weren’t free from bias, as they frequently referred to Amazons dressing in a childish way as “dressing like Littles.”

Linda rolled her eyes. “Little” wasn’t just synonymous with “baby,” it was in many ways a lot worse.

“Oh no!” Linda’s attention was pulled back to the screen by the sound of Amanda’s now familiar voice. The girl’s yell was followed by a sound like running water spilling on the ground. The next sound was giggling from girls in the background, followed by Amanda’s crying. Even though there was no clear video feed, Linda could guess that Amanda had another accident.

“She just left the bathroom! How do you pee yourself after you just left the bathroom?!” A girl’s voice asked.

“Damn! My little brother has better control than that and he’s three,” another college kid joked.

“This is so going on MeTube!” another girl shouted.

“Poor girl…” Linda whispered. She let out a sigh and placed a checkmark in the box next to “diurnal enuresis.” She briefly looked at the anticipated schedule for inducing diaper dependency. It estimated at least two days to complete each step in diaper dependency, but those nanite treatments were working faster than expected. At this rate, their poor little test subject might be completely incontinent before the end of the week.

Linda sighed and leaned back in her chair. Even though this was clearly a mistake, there really wasn’t anything she could do that would help the poor girl. She decided to just watch the infrared camera and wait for a video feed of some kind to pop back up.


Interesting. Good job. I’m hooked now.

Author’s note: I didn’t like chapter five, so I took it down. Just a heads up, though, there might be some suicidal ideation in future chapters as the sorority girls continue to abuse her.