Little Millie Gets On by SallyKA Pts 1-2

[b]Little Millie Gets On Ch. 1
June 14 2004


A sequel to ‘Little Millie’s New Job’

I’m of two minds about posting this. I read the notes from Frink and Bonsai (thanks Bonsai – I feel flattered!) after the ‘final’ third chapter – and I also read the requests for more from other good judges. Maybe there is a little more in this story. I hope so. Anyway, here’s a bit more for those who asked. In the spirit of political doublespeak, which I hate, I suggest that anyone who thinks that the story is fine ending at the previous part 3 should either stop there, or consider that this post and any subsequent ones are a sort of sequel rather than a continuation. Oh well – here goes anyway.[/b]

Heather Walters leant back in her executive chair.

Millie was a real find, she thought, a real find. It usually took around 200 interviews to find even one girl for the job, but Millie had turned up, looking exactly right, after the first dozen or so girls had been rejected.

Heather always included an ‘equal opportunity employer’ line in the ads, hoping to attract a girl of short stature. Millie, so conscious of her small size, had been drawn to the Cat’s Cradle ad specifically by that line.

Heather hummed to herself. Rich, bored and only slightly perverse in my tastes, she thought. She didn’t consider herself predatory – her ‘victims’, she told herself, had a deep inner desire to be exactly that. She began to hum.

‘Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear…’

Heather Walters continued humming, and thought of Millie’s pretty young bottom encased in a diaper. And childless, she reminded herself. She often wondered if that was what drew her to bring to life, well, to a new life, her little creations.

‘And it shows them pearly white…’

She grinned as she imagined Millie wetting herself and timidly pressing her red buzzer to ask the way to the bathroom in the mazelike office wing. Heather glanced into the changing annexe, checking that the plastic potty was on its shelf.

The raw material had to be right, she had found. Just right. Now ensconced in special homes around the state, a number of petite, heavily diapered and perpetually blubbering young ladies attested to that. Why didn’t they just go with the flow, thought Heather. What was so wrong with life at eight years of age, five, three, or even less, she asked herself. Especially when most of these girls had no real life to speak of anyway.

Look at that little slut Natalie, she thought. Natalie had lasted only a week as ‘Product Testing Officer’ before she flipped out. So what was the better choice for Natalie: Heather’s loving kindness; the street; or the permanently infantile state she seemed to have secured for herself in that institution on the west side of town? Heather shook her head sadly.

Or Danielle. Greedy, over-confident little Danielle the commercial lawyer, Heather remembered. She’d answered the ad for ‘discreet assistance required in difficult corporate situation’. A bit tall at almost five foot, and ridiculously over-dressed in that silk twin-set, but Heather had given her a chance. Now the state considered Danielle too immature even to play with the three year olds at the special school she attended. She sat all day, usually wet or messy, in her crib, sucking her pacifier and throwing soft toys out of the crib as soon as the carers put them back in. Outrageous fits of bawling whenever Heather visited. There’s gratitude, she thought. Heather paid all of Danielle’s bills, as she did for all the girls. Hmmph, she thought. Good thing Cat’s Cradle is so profitable.

Outside, Millie jumped in her seat as someone knocked loudly on the door. She went to brush the hair from her eyes, as was her habit before speaking, and realised that her hair was now in two pony tails behind her head. Her nerves almost got the better of her, and she barely felt herself pee slightly.

The door opened and a cheerful–looking woman of fifty or so entered. She was wearing overalls too, but working overalls in grey cotton. Her generous breasts pressed her blue blouse against the wide bib of the garment, and her hips made the fabric gape a little between the buttons at the sides while the bulge of her stomach disappeared between her legs in a smooth vee.

The woman smiled at Millie.

‘Hello dear,’ she said.

‘Hello’ said Millie. ‘My name is Millie. I’ll just use my phone to let Miss Walters know you are here.’

The woman in overalls waited, still smiling, as Millie held the plastic handpiece to her ear. She heard nothing, but pressed the big red button anyway. Millie waited expectantly, but still heard nothing. She replaced the plastic receiver, and wondered what to do next.

‘Thank you honey,’ said the visitor, and moved forward as Millie heard Miss Walters’ door open.

‘Here you are, Millie,’ said the big woman, taking a wrapped candy from her pocket and placing it on Millie’s desk as she passed.

Miss Walters walked into the outer office, and smiled at Millie.

‘Very well done, honey,’ she said. ‘You’re going to be very good at this job, I can see that. Enjoy your candy.’

Miss Walters and the big lady went into Miss Walters’ office and closed the door.

Millie sat still for a moment, then unwrapped the candy. It was a strange candy, a teat shaped, orange shape on a plastic backing with a little ring to hold it. Millie tried the teat for taste. It was delicious, a sort of sweet fruit taste. She drew it out of her mouth again, and realised with a slight shock that it looked just like a baby’s pacifier. She felt herself pee very slightly, then shrugged. Her diaper would take care of that, and there was no harm in sucking this thing – it was obviously made to be sucked, she thought.
Mmmm, Millie said to herself as she popped the candy pacifier back in her mouth. She looked around, and pulled one of the boxes Miss Walters had left towards her. Peering inside, Millie saw a collection of bright plastic shapes. She decided to sort them – after all, that was part fo the job. She took the pieces from the box, and soon was busy arranging the pieces in various ways, according to shape, color or size.

After some time, the women were still in the office, and Millie decided to leave the plastic shapes as they were and concentrate on the dolls, or f fashion models, she corrected herself. It was fun dressing them up. Millie hadn’t done that since she had had a doll as a small child. It was funny that now, as an adult, she had a job that required her to do the same thing.

She dropped a doll, and leaned down from her chair to pick it up. Leaning over squeezed her tummy, and she felt herself wetting a little. Her eyes widened for a moment until she realized that it was ok, she had a diaper on. She had to lean further and her wetting continued as she reached for the doll and grabbed it. Then her candy fell out, and she had to pick that up. She felt herself stop peeing as she picked up the candy. Good, she thought. I’ve stopped peeing.

The diaper under her bottom felt soft and warm now as she adjusted her seating position.

Millie was dressing one of the dolls in a little bikini when Miss Walters’ door opened.

‘Bye bye Millie,’ said the big lady in overalls as she left the outer room.

Millie tried to say goodbye, but forgot she still had the candy in her mouth.

‘Mmmng,’ she said as the candy dropped out again and landed among the dolls.

‘Having fun, Millie?’ asked Miss Walters as she stood in front of Millie’s desk.

‘Yes thank you Miss Walters,’ said Millie, picking up the candy.

‘No, Millie, it might be dirty now,’ said Miss Walters, taking the candy from Millie’s small hand.

‘Oh,’ said Millie, then realised how silly that would sound.

‘Never mind, honey,’ said Miss Walters, ‘I’ve asked Beryl to bring you some lunch when she brings mine.’

Miss Walters left the room again, and Millie looked down at the dolls. She resumed where she had left off, and a few minutes later the lady in overalls returned.

Millie was caught off guard. She dropped the doll she was dressing and pressed the red buzzer.

‘Oops,’ she said. ‘I mean hello, my name…’

‘Is Millie – we’ve met, dear, I’ve brought you some yummy lunch to eat,’ said the lady.

Millie squinted at the woman. She wanted her glasses back.

The office door opened, and Miss Walters came out.
‘Sorry, I didn’t say hello,’ said Millie in confusion as Beryl laid out Millie’s lunch on her desk and went inside with Miss Walters again.

Millie felt embarrassed. She had pressed the buzzer without lifting up the handset, and she hadn’t recognized Beryl. The job wasn’t that easy after all. Millie bit her lip, vowing to try harder. She felt herself peeing again.

Millie wondered if she should just start eating. She looked at the little meal in front of her and began to eat. There was a sort of very thick, warm soup in a plastic bowl which she ate with the little plastic spoon provided, and she drank some of the drink in the bright blue cup with the cover with a hole in it.

The drink tasted like the candy, very sweet and fruity.

Millie drank it all, then burped loudly. Covering her mouth, she giggled. She burped again, even more loudly. It sounded funny, and she giggled again, and peed a little more.

She sat for a moment, then wondered if she could make a little square of plastic bocks for one of the dolls to stand on. Carefully, she arranged some blocks, and picked up her favorite doll. It was a little girl doll, and she suddenly realised that it had hair like her own.

‘That’s me,’ Millie said aloud, then giggled at her silliness. She wasn’t a doll. She was a girl. She was much bigger than the doll, even though she was holding the doll was on the little dais of blocks.

‘I’m a big girl,’ she announced to the doll.

One of the boxes on the floor caught her eye, and she got up to see what was in it.

‘Oopsie,’ Millie said as she lost her balance and found herself kneeling on the floor.

Rather than get up, she crawled across to the box. She decided to inspect the contents where she was, and tipped the box over. Lots of colored shapes spilled out. This was fun, she thought. She spent the next few minutes arranging the shapes in different patterns, then spied the remaining box. Soon that was tipped onto the floor as well.

Millie looked around. She had never had so many nice things to arrange. She made a house for her doll of shapes stacked two high, with an opening so that the doll could go in and out.

‘Oh Millie, sweetie, what a mess!’ Miss Walters said good-humoredly.

Millie looked up. Miss Walters towered above her.

Heather grinned down at her new employee. She laughed, and Millie’s guilty half-smile turned into a happy grin as the woman stretched out her hands to the girl. At exactly six feet tall, Heather Walters had no trouble taking Millie’s hands as she stretched them out in an automatic response. Millie was somewhat stunned to find herself resting on Miss Walters’ hip, and she wrapped her arms around the woman’s neck for support.

‘I think we need a change, baby,’ said Miss Walters in a conspiratorial whisper as she patted Millie’s bottom where the bulk of the soaked diaper swelled beneath the tight pink corduroy.
‘I just peed a little bit,’ said Millie in explanation as Miss Walters carried her through to the annexe off her office. After all, she was a big girl, and only had the diaper because she had her overalls on.

Millie lay back happily on the low bench as Miss Walters undressed her, removed the sodden diaper, and wiped, powdered and rediapered the girl.

Millie’s eyes began to close as Miss Walters hummed.

‘Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear…’

Millie was almost asleep as Heather put her down on the plastic-covered mattress in the corner of the room, and was quietly dozing as Heather left the darkened room and closed the door.

Heather rang for Beryl, who appeared in a moment to clear up Millie’s toys and lunch things.

‘Well done, Miss Walters,’ said Heather to herself as she settled back in her chair.

Little Millie Gets On by SallyKA Pts 1-2

[b]Little Millie Gets On Ch. 2
June 16 2004


Hum de dum…a sort of ‘link’ chapter…[/b]

Millie woke late in the afternoon. She looked around, and realised with a slight shock that she was lying down. Moving her legs, she felt the thick padding between her thighs, and stared down dumbly at the strange looking bulge around her thighs and at her crotch.

The door opened, and a large lady in gray overalls entered.

‘Home time, Millie,’ the lady said pleasantly.

Millie was sure she had seen her before.

The lady seemed to know what she was doing, and Millie watched in silence, still trying to work out where she was and why she was there as the woman produced Millie’s skirt, top and underwear.

‘My clothes!’ said Millie quietly.

‘That’s right honey, time to get dressed for home,’ replied the lady.

Millie stood up, and looked down at her strange pink clothing. She wondered for a moment why she had to get dressed, then realised that she was not wearing her own clothing. She was wearing a pink overall, like a toddler. She wondered why she was dressed like that. While she was thinking, the woman undressed her, and soon Millie was beck in her own garments.

She felt odd. It occurred to her that she was still not properly dressed. She didn’t have enough around her middle. What if she wet herself, she wondered, then realised that she didn’t wet her pants. She didn’t think she did – although she could remember –

Better safe than sorry, she thought.

‘Er,’ she said, holding the hem of her skirt and felling the thin panties beneath her fingers.

‘What is it sweetie?’ asked the lady.

‘I was thinking, I mean, in case…’

Millie hesitate. She wasn’t sure what she was trying to say. She just wanted to feel secure.

'Oh, of course. You need your diaper!" said the lady, going to a cupboard.

‘A diaper?’ said Millie. ‘I’m not sure…’
‘Well, just in case, then,’ said the woman, holding out a thick pullup.

‘Just in case,’ said Millie. It wasn’t as if she needed a diaper. This was so confusing.

‘I’ve got a job,’ she said as much to change the subject as anything else.

‘I know honey. Here, take off your panties. You’ll feel much better in these,’ she said as Millie stepped into the padded pants.

Millie did feel a lot better in pull-ups. She didn’t wet her pants, she realised, but just in case she did. With her clothes on, and her hair combed back in its normal style, she felt a lot better.

Miss Walters put her head around the doorway.

‘We’ll be leaving in a moment,’ she said. ‘Do you feel ok?’

Millie looked up. She was going home with Miss Walters. She remembered now. She had a new house to live in.

A few minutes later, Miss Walters and her new employee headed for the firm’s carpark.

Millie’s skirt flared out over her thick diaper, and she had to waddle slightly, but she barley noticed as she chatted to Miss Walters. Millie’s blurry memory seemed to be clearing, and she was happy to be going home to Miss Walters’ nice house.

The pair met a group of three women, all wearing the same gray overalls.

‘Hello ladies,’ said Miss Walters.

‘Good afternoon Miss Walters,’ the trio said in unison.

‘Did you have a good day at work today?’ asked Miss Walters.

‘Yes thank you Miss Walters,’ the group replied.

‘This is Millie,’ said Miss Walters, gently propelling Millie forwards to meet the group. "Millie is our new Reception Officer.’

‘Hello Millie,’ the women said as one.

Millie looked at the women, then felt a wave of shyness overcome her. She turned to Miss Walters and nuzzled into her boss’s torso.

‘She’s still a little shy,’ said Miss Walters with a smile, pulling Millie’s skirt down where it had ridden up exposing her pullup.

‘She’s very sweet,’ said one of the women.

‘Yes she is,’ said the other two.

‘Well, goodbye ladies,’ said Miss Walter, and the trio chorused their polite farewell
Miss Walters buckled Millie into the passenger seat of her car and Millie had to smooth out her skirt to cover the bulky diaper.

‘Yes,’ said Millie, glancing at Miss Walters then looking out the window. She was wetting herself, and couldn’t stop. It seemed to go on for ages, then finally the flow diminished and Mille felt the liquid flowing around her hips and under her crotch to her backside.

‘I wet my pants,’ she said simply, looking at her feet.

‘That’s alright, Millie, we’ll be home soon and you can have a nice warm bath. We’re having chicken for dinner – what do you think of that?’ said Miss Walters conversationally.

‘Yummy,’ said Millie. If Miss Walters didn’t mind her wetting, then she wasn’t going to.

They arrived home, and Millie’s wet pullup began to slip to her knees as she waddled inside.

‘I’ll change you in a minute,’ said Miss Walters as she pulled the heavy diaper tight up around Millie’s slim hips.

A strange lady met them at the door.

‘Hello Gabby,’ said Miss Walters. ‘This is Mille, the new girl. She’s very wet, and I’ll have to change her before talking to you about dinner. Can you run a bath for Millie and get out a diaper for her?’

‘Yes Ma’a’m,’ said Gabby, smiling at Millie and holding the door open for her and Miss Walters before disappearing into the back of the house.

To be continued

Little Millie Gets On by SallyKA Pts 1-2

It seem she hired all these girls before millie and they are well behave. It sounds like she is to be the next baby ,or good girl of the bunch,but we will have to see.