Little Millie's New Job by SallyKA

Little Millie’s New Job 1

Millie was glad of the job offer.

At 21 years of age, four feet ten inches tall, and weighing about the same as a child of that size, Millie had found herself physically unsuited for most casual jobs. Bars and shop counters were too high for her to work behind; she looked too childish for people to take seriously; and on it went.

Yet she had landed this plum position. Millie grinned to herself as she left the interview.

‘When can you start?’ the woman had said.

Well, ‘When can you start, honey?’ she had actually said. Millie was a bit sensitive about being called honey, sweetie, baby or any of the diminutives her appearance seemed to prompt. Still, a job was a job, and this one had accommodation thrown in.

‘Reception Officer,’ she repeated to herself on the bus home.

Home was a tiny apartment, one she would not feel sorry about leaving for the swank environs of ‘Cat’s Cradle Corporation’, makers of fine play equipment.

It was fine equipment, too, Millie thought. She felt proud to be starting work for such an up-market company. The CEO, Miss Walters, who had interviewed her, even had one of the company’s swings in her huge office. She had pointed out to Millie the various safety features that made it so superior as play equipment. Millie smiled at the thought. At Miss Walter’s suggestion, Millie had climbed into the seat of the brightly colored steel swing, and had blushed as Miss Walters explained that it was made for 3 to 5 year olds.

‘It’s nice to know we have an in-house demonstrator!’ Miss Walters had said as Millie clambered out of the little seat in embarrassment. The swing had looked quite big to her, and, feeling very puffed up about getting such a good job, she had forgotten for a moment how small she was.

Anyway, a new day was dawning for her, Millie told herself that evening as she packed her clothes and a few belongings. Not many people can move house in a cab, she thought as she folder the last of her jeans into her suitcase.

She would have to get some new clothes for the job as well, Millie reminded herself, and began to think what she could wear. Due to her size, she shopped at children’s departments, looking for smaller copies of adult clothing that she could wear. Sometimes she had to unpick an appliquéd decoration or two, or put up with a fake fly or token pockets, but she generally found what she wanted and was able to look like an adult, albeit a small one.

Early the next morning, Millie arrived across town at Miss Walters’ home address. The house was nothing out of e ordinary for the area, and looked cared for and welcoming. Millie had done her best to look cared for too. She was dressed in a beige knitted top, a green woollen skirt, warm pantyhose and her best leather shoes. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was shining from a thorough wash, and was pinned up in the approved secretarial fashion. Millie wore her heavy library glasses rather than her usual light frames in order to look more authoritative in the new position.

Miss Walters answered the doorbell almost as Millie pressed it.

‘Hello sweetie!’ Miss Walters beamed at the young woman. ‘Come in!’

As usual, Millie didn’t really appreciate the ‘sweetie’ from this woman, but she felt it best not too make an issue of it yet, and followed the lady to what was to become her room.

‘I’ve never redecorated, but I think you’ll get used to it,’ Miss Walters said as she opened a door and flicked on a light.

Millie looked around the small room. It had a skylight, but no window. Still, it looked comfortable. She could see what Miss Walters meant about redecorating. The room was decked out for a toddler, at best, with pink and eggshell blue being the dominant colors.

Millie was too keen to start work to worry, and after putting her clothes variously in the pink chest of drawers and the little blue robe, she joined Miss Walters for breakfast. Then the pair headed for the Cat’s Cradle Company.

The office was a twenty minute drive away, and with the extra business of settling in Millie, Miss Walters had landed them in the middle of the morning traffic.

They were waiting at the third cycle of the same traffic lights when Millie realised that she should have gone to the bathroom before getting into the car.

She must be excited, she thought. Usually a wait like this was no problem, but she really needed to go. Maybe Miss Walters’ coffee cups were extra big, or the coffee was really strong or something, she thought, squeezing her legs together.

Now the traffic light cycle was going around again. Millie shifted in her seat, and tried to concentrate on the Ray Charles song on the radio.

‘Are you ok, honey?’ asked Miss Walters as they waited.

‘Yep,’ Millie replied as brightly as she could.

‘We’ll be there soon, sweetie, are you sure you’re ok?’ Miss Walters persisted.

‘Yep, just need the bathroom,’ Millie replied. Who cares, she thought, it’s a fact, and it might make the woman put her foot down if there was an opportunity.
Miss Walter put her hand on the folds of Millie’s woollen skirt where the girl’s thigh met her abdomen. Millie jumped a little, and hoped she hadn’t felt a little spurt of pee.

‘There soon,’ said Miss Walters, ‘And anyway, these seats only look like leather.’

Millie glanced at the woman, who smiled back. What the hell did that mean, thought Millie. Was this lady expecting her to pee her pants all over her car seats?

At last they got thought the lights. Miss Walters drove briskly enough, and by the time they reached the locked door of the company offices Millie was shifting what there was of her weight around like a pre-schooler.

‘On the left, honey,’ said Miss Walters quietly as soon as she had opened the door.

Millie fairly ran to the bathroom and tore her pantyhose and panties down as she turned and sat with huge relief. ‘Great start, kiddo,’ she thought to herself and wondered if her probation might not be up already.

Once she had recovered her equilibrium, Millie inspected the damage. She was not happy to discover that her panties and hose were quite wet, with a sizeable wet patch on the back of her skirt as well. I wonder what the definition of ‘wet myself’ is, she asked herself. She hadn’t wet herself since she was an infant.

Miss Walters’ voice came through the door.

‘When you’re ready, honey, we can change you into your work clothes.’

Work clothes? Millie thought for a moment. There had been no mention of work clothes. Then she realised that this was a bonus. She would not have to wear her wet skirt. And no knickers? No problem. No-one would know anyway.

‘Great, Miss Walters, could you just hand anything in and I’ll change in here,’ replied Millie.

Miss Walter’s light laugh floated through the door.

‘No need, honey, there’s proper changing room next to my office. Everything’s in there,’ the woman said.

‘Okay,’ Millie replied uncertainly.

She was worried about how to do this. She used a pad of toilet tissue to try to soak the moisture form her underwear, but it didn’t do much good. Unhappily, Millie pulled on her damp clothing. The wet patches felt larger, and colder, than before. Resolving not to turn around and show her wet skirt, Millie left the bathroom. The bathroom door led into the ante-room she had rushed through to get to the toilet. Millie noted the staff lockers there. About half a dozen of them, all with employee names on them. She didn’t stop to look closely, but made her way into the corridor, then found her way to the main office.

It was still early, and Millie and Miss Walters were apparently the only ones there.

‘Come in, sweetie,’ said Miss Walters.

Millie had a brief perception of the same big office she had sat in during her job interview, then followed Miss Walters into a room off the office.

It was a nice room, internal like the bedroom at Miss Walters house, and with the same décor. Yuk, thought Millie to herself.

‘Here we are, baby,’ said Miss Walter.

Millie blinked.

‘Let’s get your things off, honeybunch,’ said Miss Walters briskly.

Millie stared at the garments on the low bench.

Little Millie’s New Job by SallyKA

[b]Little Millie’s New Job Ch 2
June 13 2004


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‘I can’t wear those!’ said Millie.

‘You sure can, honey, they’re your size,’ said Miss Walters. ‘That’s what you wear as Reception Officer. Now, let’s get you dressed.’

Millie was still looking at the clothing Miss Walters had spread out on the bench. They were Millie’s worst nightmare – the type of thing she desperately avoided when she was clothes shopping in the kids departments.

First was a pair of neon-pink corduroy overalls, complete with a big bunny on the bib and big plastic buttons on the straps. There were bright flowers embossed on the buttons. Next to the overalls was a pale yellow t-shirt with a contrasting frill around the neck and the arms.

Millie was composing her quitting speech as her eyes took in the clothes.

Oh, god, she thought. White bunny socks and shiny little yellow shoes. Then she saw the underwear. Thick cotton full-cut panties with more bunnies on them, and a pair of white ribbed tights. No bra to be seen.

‘Miss Walter,’ began Millie, but the woman had gone.

Then Millie felt a pair of hands behind her. She yelped and tried to turn around.

‘It’s ok, darling,’ said Miss Walters as she reached around and unfastened Millie’s skirt.

Millie froze as she felt the woman’s hands take the now loose skirt to her ankles.

‘Millie,’ said Miss Walters gently, ‘You should have told me you’d had an accident.’

‘I didn’t have an accident,’ Millie said defensively, ‘I just, I, you…you went too slow!’

The silence in the room was deafening.

Miss Walters turned Millie around. The older woman was kneeling in front of Millie, looking up from the girl’s waist level. She met the girl’s angry eyes, then looked down slightly at Millie’s still-damp underwear. The low mound of the girl’s crotch was dark beneath her wet pantyhose.

‘Now that’s not quite true, is it honey?’ Miss Walters asked quietly. ‘I think you just had a little accident and wet your pants, didn’t you? Did it happen in the car or afterwards?’

‘In the car, and I don’t want the job, I’m sorry, I don’t wet my pants, please let me go,’ Millie said rapidly.

‘Hold on baby,’ said Miss Walters. ‘It’s just an accident, and you can’t go, I want you to do the job. Where would you go anyway?’

Millie didn’t know what to say. Miss Walters put the girl’s skirt aside and had hold of one of Millie’s feet, removing her shoe. Millie stood precariously on one leg, hanging on to Miss Walters’ shoulder.

‘I didn’t wet,’ she said lamely as Miss Walters’ removed her other shoe.

Millie couldn’t believe she was being undressed by this woman. She pulled away.

Miss Walters delivered a sharp spank to Millie’s backside, and the girl stopped in shock.

Millie hadn’t been spanked in years. She opened her mouth, but no words came as Miss Walters slipped her pantyhose and panties to the floor. The woman turned the girl around again and in a moment had her top off. Millie stood naked except for her bra. She was about to speak Miss Walters’ quiet laughter interrupted her train of thought.

‘What a cute little bra!’ Miss Walters said, holding Millie back as if she were an object of curiosity. ‘Though I’m not sure you really need it,’ she continued, still laughing.

Millie didn’t know whether to put her hands over her tummy or her breasts.

‘I do need it,’ she said, her voice breaking.

Little Millie’s New Job by SallyKA

[b]Little Millie’s New Job Ch 3
June 13 2004


‘Of course you do, sweetie, but I think you’ll be warm enough with your nice top,’ said Miss Walters reassuringly.

Millie was trying not to cry. Her bottom lip quivered as she mouthed the word ‘Don’t.’

Ignoring the girl, Miss Walters undid the little plastic clasp at the back of Millie’s padded trainer bra and removed it to reveal the two small, nippled bumps beneath.

Miss Walters stood and dropped the tiny bra on the bench, and Millie looked up at her imploringly. The girl was trying simultaneously to cover her flat chest and her naked pubic area. Tears began to roll down her carefully made-up cheeks, and in a moment she was crying heartily.

‘Oh, poor baby,’ said Miss Walters, and efficiently put Millie’s legs into her new panties. The tights followed, and Millie looked down to see herself as she had not for at least a decade. The bright pattern of her briefs was clearly visible through the stretched mesh of her tights, and she was almost glad to see the infantile sight disappear beneath the corduroy overalls. The childish socks were next, then the little top. Miss Walters produced a hairbrush and combed out Millie’s new hairstyle, then added a plastic barrette and a couple of pink ribbons. Finally, Miss Walter gently took each of the sobbing girl’s feet and placed them in the shiny yellow shoes.

Millie screwed up her face as Miss Walter removed the girl’s glasses, and wiped her cheeks, lips and eyes with a disposable wipe.

Catching up with what was happening to her, Millie began to howl.

‘Shush, baby,’ Miss Walter cooed. ‘You’ll be all finished and pretty soon.’

Millie was beyond resistance.

Finally, Miss Walters held the girl still and tightened the shoulder straps of the overalls. Millie felt the crotch of the garment pull tight between her legs, and then felt herself released from Miss Walters’s grip.

Millie moaned, and nearly fell over, but Miss Walters caught her little body and led her to a big mirror on the wall of the room, turning her to face the glass.

Millie blinked back her tears. She was terrified of what she might see, but felt compelled to look nonetheless.

Even without her glasses, Millie recognised the slightly blurred image before her. The childish from she had spent so many years and hours of careful shopping and dressing to avoid stood in front of her.

‘N…no!’ she squealed as Miss Walters lowered the girl’s glasses over her forehead.

Millie stared. The girl in the reflection couldn’t have been more than seven or eight. She stood, wringing her hands, looking like a lost soul in her childish clothing. Neither her breasts nor her hips, such as they were, gave any hint of maturity. Feelings of dread, shock and disbelief welled up from her innermost heart.

Millie’s shoulders heaved silently once or twice, and she resumed her howling. At the same time, she put a hand to her crotch. It was an automatic reaction as her bladder released the small store of urine it contained.

‘Oh, baby, of course, I’m so sorry,’ said Miss Walters, watching the girl’s distress with concern.

Millie didn’t speak a word as Miss Walters patiently stripped and redressed the girl in an identical outfit, but this time with a thick diaper and a pair of plastic pants beneath her tights and overall.

Millie seemed oblivious to the process, and Miss Walters spent some time after changing the girl sitting on the padded bench, holding her and rocking her gently.

Finally, Millie seemed to regain her composure.

Avoiding the mirror this time, Miss Walter took Millie out into the reception area.

‘I want you to start your job now, Millie,’ she said kindly as she settled Millie into the little seat behind the brightly colored desk.

‘My job?’ said Millie.

She couldn’t quite understand what was happening. She had just had a shocking experience – she was confused, and wasn’t really able to accept what had just occurred.

‘That’s right, Millie, your job. You are a very important person here. You are the Reception Officer. When someone comes into your office, you are to ring me up on your special phone. I’ll show you,’ said Miss Walters, squatting next to Millie’s chair.

‘Hello,’ said Miss Walters, looking up towards the door. ‘My name is Millie. I’ll ring Miss Walters on my phone to tell her you’re here.’

Miss Walters lifted the plastic handpiece on what looked like a toy phone on the yellow desk. The handpiece was connected to the toy phone by a length of curled yellow plastic She put it to her ear and pressed the big red button in the centre of the phone’s dial.

Millie jumped as a buzzer sounded through the open door of Miss Walters’ office.

‘And that’s all you have to do, sweetie,’ said Miss Walters. ‘If no-one is here to see me, You can help by sorting out the things in this box, or one of those boxes over there. Or you can help me by trying out some fashion clothes on these little models.’

Millie watched as Miss Walters showed her the contents of the boxes, and put on the desk a collection of dolls and a little pile of clothing for them.
Millie was still in something of a daze.

‘You’re very important, Millie, and I know you’ll do your job well,’ Miss Walters said, patting Millie on the top of her head.

‘And Millie,’ Miss Walters said, squatting close too the girl, and looking into her frightened eyes, ‘I know you feel scared, and you might not understand, but I understand, and I know you will do well. If you need me, or if you need…if you feel funny at all, just press that buzzer twice and I will help you. Is that alright?’

Millie nodded. She understood. She wanted to do her job well. She had wanted this job so much. She had no home now, and she needed this job. She wasn’t hurt at all, and she did feel warm and comfortable, and she had a job. Miss Walters was a nice person, and Millie felt safe.

‘Good girl,’ said Miss Walters, and went into her office.

Millie sat at her desk, looking at the door. She felt the thick padding under her bottom, and knew she had a diaper on. She always wore a diaper with her overalls, she remembered. Years of lonely unhappiness rolled away. I can do this job, she thought to herself with pride.

Millie smiled happily and wiggled her bottom to get more comfortable, while behind her Miss Walters, echoing her new employee’s smile, silently closed the door of her office.

The end.

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