Little Wishes

Hey everyone reading! Thanks for giving the first chapter of my story a shot. I’m a long-time lurker, and this is my first crack at writing. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Warning that the story contains underage drinking and gay themes, in case those things aren’t your cup of tea :wink:

Little Wishes
by: Donnyvan

Chapter 1

Connor stirred in his twin-sized bed as the first rays of sun peaked in through the lone window in his dorm room and landed on his sleep-shut eyes. The 19-year old college junior knew that it was Saturday, and he cracked a smile knowing that he had nowhere to go and nothing to do all day long. He rolled over to drift back to sleep, dismissing daybreak like hitting an invisible “snooze” button.

Later in the day, as the sun continued to rise in the sky, it begun to fill his room more and more. The off-white, cinder block walls were fully illuminated, and the pale blue industrial carpeting was showing the spots where time had started to gray it. Connor reached to his bedside table and grabbed for his cell phone. No text messages. He wasn’t bothered by this, because he already had a day all for himself planned. He hopped out of bed and made his way over to the full-length mirror that adorned the outside of his heavy, wooden closet door. As he often did, Connor took a moment to admire his reflection. The glass showed a confident teenager with long, blond, wavy hair and pale blue eyes. A closer look revealed a sly smile that happily concealed a secret. Connor lifted a finger to push his hair out of his eyes fully and took stock of the fact that a now-sagging dinosaur-printed adult diaper hugged his slim frame. This was his secret. Connor was a diaper lover, and waking up in a wet, puffy adult diaper was the bane of his existence.

Just this semester, Connor had been able to use his upper-classman status at school to secure a private dorm room, and ever since, he took every chance he had to take advantage of the added privacy to enjoy his favorite fetish. Last night he had gone to sleep in the cutest, thickest diaper he owned, and this morning he was enjoying feeling like a young toddler—waking up in need of a change. Most nights, Connor would slip into a diaper designed for adult babies before bed; however, lately he had started pushing his luck a little bit as far as being discovered. His happiness at fulfilling his fetish had slowly fueled his boldness, and a couple of times he had gone to class or to social gatherings with a pull-up on under his clothes. The rush of knowing he was padded in public was too much to pass-up. He never dared wet his pull-up around other people, but he couldn’t help but to dream of a world where it would be okay for him to wear 24/7. He knew that the logistics of wearing 24/7 didn’t exactly line up with what he wanted out of life in general—what would his family think? What would his friends think? What would his boyfriends think? —but that didn’t change the fact that he fantasized about not having a choice—about needing his diapers.

The happy teen sashayed around his room a little bit, enjoying every “crinkle,” and letting the feeling of being in a wet diaper titillate his senses. He circled back around to the mirror and pressed the wet garment into his boyhood and and closed his eyes. This was the life. It was about midday now, and Connor thought about remaining in this saturated diaper longer, but he had so many options of what to change into. Finally he decided to change, and Connor hopped up onto his bed and got onto his tip-toes. He reached towards the drop-ceiling where he kept all of his ab/dl stuff, and gingerly removed a crusty, gray tile. The process was not made easier by the thick padding between his legs, but he didn’t care. Connor perused his “stash” as he liked to think of it, and decided that he would try something new. He had just received an order from the ab/dl depths of the internet yesterday with a few new types of adult diapers to try. He reached towards a variety that was emerald-green in color and had shooting stars of all other colors printed across the thick, plastic outer cover. “Little Wishes” they were called. He remembered reading about these when he was ordering them. The shooting stars were supposed to be wetness indicators (how cute!), and all of the reviews he read about them were overwhelmingly positive.

Connor pierced the new package of diapers, and grabbed a Little Wishes. He replaced the ceiling tile, and laid the new piece of padding down on his bed. Connor always tried to keep traces of his fetish from piling up in his dorm room just in case he had any last minute visitors or late-night hook-ups. He never knew just what the college lifestyle would yield. In that vein, Connor always made sure that when he changed himself, he got rid of all of the “evidence.”

Connor stripped the tapes off of his used diaper, and let it the carpeting with a muffled “thud.” He went towards the old, solid wood dresser in the opposite corner of his room and grabbed the diaper wipes and powder that he kept concealed in the bottom drawer. He thought twice, and also grabbed a Pokémon t-shirt from the center drawer, and then practically floated back over to his make-shift changing table. After cleaning himself off with the wipes, he balled them up in the old diaper, rolled it into itself, and taped it back shut. Connor then laid his bare ass down on the fresh Little Wishes, and used admittedly too much baby powder (the smell drove him CRAZY). He pulled the fresh, thick padding up between his legs and taped it in place snugly before slipping the Pokémon t-shirt on. He grabbed a garbage bag, and slipped the used diaper inside of it before waddling over to his closet. In nothing but his new diaper and t-shirt, he grabbed the puffy, black towel that hung opposite his full-length mirror, and wrapped his bottom half in it. Connor could have disposed of the old diaper before he changed into the new one but this was part of his growing boldness. He opened his heavy, metal dorm room door and peered out into the hallway. He knew that he probably smelled like three nurseries. The coast was clear. He waddled over to the industrial trash cans common to the floor and disposed of the old diaper. He rushed back into his room. The job was done. He hung the towel back up, revealing his new, babyish diaper. The day was his.

Connor decided that if he was going to make full use of his shooting-star-adorned diaper, he would need a little help, so he crossed over to the mini-fridge next to his dresser, and grabbed a two-liter bottle of Sprite. He carried it over to his bed, nabbing his laptop on the way. He opened Netflix and set out to find something to binge-watch for the day. Like most millennials, this was one of his favorite past-times. Unlike most millennials, he loved to do it padded and consequently completely uninterrupted. He eventually settled on an old favorite, and began work on his large bottle of Sprite. It wasn’t before long that Connor felt the familiar pressure on his bladder, and let it loose. He looked down and saw the red shooting star right in the center of his crotch slowly fade and disappear as he felt a blissful warmth spread throughout his diaper. He couldn’t help himself. He felt his hand almost involuntarily make its way towards the outer covering of his Little Wishes. He cupped his crotch right where the wetness indicator had faded and squeezed as the infantile-style diaper quickly absorbed his pee. When it was over, he threw the covers back over himself, and went to dive back into his TV show. Right when he was about to hit the “play” button on his computer, however, he noticed something strange.

The hand that had been cupping his warm crotch a moment ago had something smeared on it. He stopped suddenly and turned his arm so he was staring right at his palm, and he realized that this was no smear. Imprinted perfectly in the center of his hand was the same red shooting star that had faded a moment ago from the center of his now-wet diaper. Disgusted that instead of working properly, the wetness indicator seemed to have rubbed off on his hand, Connor deliberately walked over to the sink in his dorm room and began to scrub. He blasted the hot water, doused his palm with soap and rolled his eyes. For what he paid for these diapers, something like this shouldn’t be happening. He looked down at his padding as he scrubbed his hand, and confirmed that the red shooting star had in fact faded away, presumably right onto his hand. None of the other wetness indicators showed any sign of fading, though. At least it looked like the Little Wishes would be able to hold quite a few wettings based on this. Connor finished washing his hands vigorously, and much to his chagrin, the red shooting star remained perfectly in tact. It looked as though he hadn’t touched it at all since it was transferred to his hand.

Connor wasn’t going to let something so minor ruin his day, so without giving the situation much more thought, he climbed back into his soft bed, put his headphones in, and began slugging down more Sprite. A couple of hours passed, and nature had called a few times. Connor was starting to push the limit of his diaper, and he absolutely loved the feeling of not having to interrupt his show to get up and use the bathroom. He still couldn’t shake the knowledge that he had the imprint of a wetness indicator on his hand, though, his thoughts straying to it every now and again. It wasn’t like if anybody saw it, they would know what it was. It sort of just looked like a club stamp… except on the wrong side of his hand.

At some point, Connor dozed off into a dreamless, unintentional nap. He was woken rudely by the buzzing of his cell phone. Startled and still in bed in his saturated Little Wishes, Connor rolled over and grabbed his phone off the side table and saw that it was now well-past 8:00pm. The buzzing was caused by a text message from his best friend, Shayla.

Shayla 8:34pm
Hey Con man, party over in Memorial Hall tonight. You down?

Connor hadn’t intended on doing anything this weekend except stay in his dorm room and enjoy the company of Netflix and diapers, but he was somewhat tempted to take a break to see Shayla. Shayla was a small, spunky junior with rainbow hair and tons of tattoos who Connor had met their freshman year. They quickly became great friends, and Shayla was one of the few people that Connor had never had to really ever “come out” to. She was definitely drawn to gay guys, but that just added an extra level of comfort for Connor to their relationship. Shayla was always trying to set Connor up with somebody, too. This was definitely part of the allure of their friendship for him.

Connor 8:37pm
Hey Shay. Not sure if I’m feeling it tonight.
Shayla 8:38pm
That’s a shame because everyone’s going to be drinking, and Jacob is going to be there :wink:

Shayla was definitely trying to tap into two of Connor’s weaknesses here. Drinking, and a cute freshman. Shayla had briefly introduced Jacob to Connor once before at lunch in the dining hall. Apparently she had met him while serving as a teacher’s assistant for a freshman comp. class, and now she was trying to dangle him like bait to get Connor to go across campus and hang out with her. It was definitely working; Jacob was exactly Connor’s type. He was short with a cute face that always looked like he was blushing, brown hair, and a fun, sassy personality that was infectiously contagious. Connor realized that his Little Wishes was leaking a little bit, and he hopped off of his bed quickly and cleaned himself, avoiding a bigger mess. No matter what he decided to do now, he needed to change—it was only a matter of whether he would be padding back up, or whether he would be taking a shower and heading over to the party. His thoughts drifted a little bit, right back to Jacob. He couldn’t pass up this opportunity to try and take the freshman home with him.

Connor 8:41pm
Alright, alright. Give me a little bit to get ready, and I’m there. What room #?
Shayla 8:41pm
Hah! I knew it, you perv! Just call me when you walk over here and I’ll come get you.

Connor felt fresh from his brief nap, but he was definitely anything but fresh. He was standing in a diaper that was on the brink of leaking for a second time. He had to get himself presentable to the rest of the world if he was going to go out partying. One thing that Connor lamented about his living situation is that the bathrooms (when he DID need them) were all the way at the end of the hall on his floor. Regardless, he decided to change his diaper in the bathroom because he wanted the rush of being back in a semi-public place while padded. As he was getting ready to go, he felt his pulse quicken just a little bit thinking about it. He stripped off his Pokémon t-shirt, leaving only the Little Wishes diaper. He wrapped the same puffy black towel from before around himself, slipped on his shower flip-flops, and grabbed his shower caddy. Even if he ran into somebody on the way to or in the bathroom, his big towel did a good job covering up the fact that he was padded.

Connor peeked out from his dorm room door, and felt the cold air from the hallway rush up under his towel. The sensations he got while padded never ceased to amaze… or arouse him. There was somebody at the other end of long corridor, but the path to the bathroom was clear. Connor left the safety of his room, and begun the walk towards the shared area. His steps were punctuated by the loud slapping of his flip-flops against the linoleum floor. He was all-but waddling, but he didn’t care. He swung the bathroom door open and nearly bumped smack into somebody who lived on his floor. He gave the obligatory “I acknowledge your presence” half-smile, and dodged quickly to the left. His heart was pounding. Had the guy known about his diapered state? How would Connor even know if he knew? Would the guy say anything? Before these thoughts even finished racing through his head, the other guy left the bathroom, and Connor slipped into a stall.

Connor, now safely hidden from plain view, hung up his towel. The irony of standing there in a wet diaper next to the toilet was not lost on him. He softly undid the tapes and caught the heavy diaper before it had the chance to hit the floor. As he was rolling it into itself, he realized that the only wetness indicator that had faded at all was the red one that disappeared and reappeared on his hand. What a gyp! Connor wrapped the towel back around himself, put his shower caddy in one hand, and the wet diaper in the other. He peeked over the bathroom stall to make sure the coast was clear. It was. As if someone were chasing him, he sped out of the stall, dunked the used diaper deep into the bathroom trash, and hooked into a shower stall. Changing his diaper in public was such a rush! Connor turned the water on, and felt it it cascade over his smooth-shaven body. He closed his eyes, and tilted his head backwards. He was incredibly turned on, and couldn’t help but to let his mind drift to where it often did in this state.

I’m just like a little toddler in my diapees.” Connor thought playfully to himself. He felt his hand reach down to the baby oil in his shower caddy.

That’s right. MY diapees. I need them.” He poured a generous glob of the sweet-smelling oil onto his hand still stamped with the red shooting star. He coated his privates with it and felt the babyish slickness.

I wish I had accidents just like the toddler I know I am.” A few pumps was all it took, and Connor’s mind was floating blissfully back to reality. “If only…” he thought to himself as he slowly finished off his shower, making sure to erase the smell of urine completely from his body. As he toweled off, he noticed the red shooting star no longer plagued his palm. A shower must have been the trick to do away with the mark! Suddenly, he felt an intense tingle start in the tips of his toes and shoot up his spine, causing him to shiver all over. He wasn’t sure what that feeling was, but he sure wasn’t complaining! He wrapped himself in the black, puffy towel, and made his way back to his dorm room, ready to party.

Connor hung up the towel, and picked out his outfit for the evening. There was no chance that he was going to risk sneaking a pull-up under his clothing tonight; he might be getting pretty close to Jacob if everything went right. He eventually settled on a pair of black briefs, a white button-up shirt with black owls printed on it, black skinny jeans, and black leather sneakers studded with white plastic. He took just as much pride in his “regular” outfits as he did in his ab/dl ones. He grabbed his cell phone, and slipped it into his pocket. Last thing to pack was the most essential party accessory. He dug an empty backpack out from his closet, and filled it to the brim with cans of beer from his mini-fridge. Being under the legal drinking age, alcohol was a little hard to come by. He was sure to be popular at the party showing up with practically a full case of beer.

Connor made his way down the dark, winding stairway that connected his hallway to the other floors of his dorm building. He passed the resident assistant on duty at the front desk (thank god for the backpack), and pushed on the heavy door to the outside. It was a perfect night out—the kind where it wasn’t cold yet, but he could smell the crispness of autumn in the light, still air. It had been over an hour since Connor had been texting with Shayla about the party, but he knew she wasn’t one to ditch out early. He walked with purpose across the small campus, arriving at the front of Memorial Hall.

10:25 outgoing call to Shayla
“Hey girl, I’m here downstairs. You said you’d come get me?”
“Yeahhhhh!! Hang on I’ll be right there!”
“Okay, bye!”

A few minutes passed, and suddenly Shayla, accompanied by some girl Connor didn’t know, came bursting through the door to the outside and immediately hooked onto him with an aggressive one-armed hug. “Heyyyyy!!!” She slurred slightly.

“Hey drunky pants,” Connor teased, “I see somebody’s well underway in the festivities.”

“Oh shusssshhh! Get in here,” Shayla retorted, obviously not having any sort of witty comeback to Connor’s friendly barb.

The other girl remained pretty quiet, but Shayla introduced her as Marcy… or Darcy… or something that Connor was sure to not remember or really care about. “So where even is the party?” Connor inquired in a hushed tone, as they made their way past the resident assistant posted at this dorm building.

“It’s up in Mark’s room. 625. Six-two-fiveee!” Shayla said in a sing-songy tone. Mark was a senior that was famous on campus for his gatherings getting a little bit out of control. He could see why Shayla was already markedly tipsy. The trio traversed the stairs all the way up the sixth floor, and gave two swift knocks, followed by a kick (college code for “we’re not security; let us in”) to Mark’s door. The door flung open, and Connor did a quick scan of the room. He didn’t recognize anyone there… not even Jacob. He wanted to ask Shayla where Jacob was, but he didn’t want to seem overeager, so he picked a spot in the far corner of the room and popped a beer open. There was nothing like the sound of a beer cracking open at a college party to get the attention of everybody who was without a drink already. Connor ended up handing out three or four, including one to Shayla, who had firmly planted herself right next to him.

“Bet I can chug faster than youuuuu.” Shayla teased. She obviously didn’t need to be drinking so hard at this point in the night, but Connor couldn’t help his competitive side from getting the best of him. He downed the beer in about half the time that Shayla could manage, and flipped open another one right away.

“So who all do you know here?” Connor asked his flush-faced friend.

“I know eryoneeee, Con. I know 'em all!” She gestured flamboyantly across the room as she slurred those words. It was clear that he wasn’t going to get any sort of stimulating conversation from his best friend at this point in her (non)sobriety. A couple more beers down, and Connor was sort of underwhelmed at the party. It seemed like everyone was a few steps ahead of him, and it was never fun being the most sober one at a college party. Just when he thought he might call it an early night he heard a “knock-knock-kick” from across the room. Mark sprung up, and opened the door. It was Jacob! Shayla gave a swift elbow to Connors ribs and whispered something incomprehensible. Jacob walked in the room giggling with what appeared to be a group of freshman girls. It didn’t take long for him to break from his little group and make a bee-line right towards Connor! “I may’ve said somethin’ to him for you” Shayla let slip under her breath, answering Connor’s unasked question. Drunk or not, Shayla was a great wingman; Connor had to give her that.

“Hey there” Jacob smiled, almost giggling again, “any chance you have one of those for me?” he gestured towards Connor’s beer. Coolly, Connor reached into his backpack and slipped a beer into Jacobs hand, returning the smile. To Connor’s surprise, Jacob clutched it and casually took a seat right on Connor’s lap, even throwing an arm around Connor’s shoulder. This party was sure starting to turn around!

“Where have ya been?” Connor initiated a conversation.

“I was going to ask you the same thing,” Jacob responded, spinning slightly to face Connor a little more, “I was here earlier and didn’t see you, so the girls and I went looking for trouble elsewhere” he said in a way that was somehow more endearing than mischievous. “But then your friend, Shayla” he gestured right back towards her, knowing she could hear him from her distance, “She texted me and said you were here, and well… you know…” Jacob sipped his beer coyly through yet another smile.

“Oh, so you came running back when you heard I was here, huh?” Connor half-teased.

“Mmmmm. Something like that.” Jacob spun back around to his original position.

Maybe Connor had taken it too far with the crack about Jacob coming running. Maybe not. Connor was starting to get pretty tipsy himself, as he had been downing beer after beer in an attempt to liven-up the party. Just as Connor went to take another generous sip from his beer, Jacob unexpectedly leapt from Connor’s lap and screamed, “You spilt on me! You got beer all over me!” Confused, Connor looked to the beer in his hand, and then looked to Jacob’s tight, white shorts to where he was gesturing.

“I did no such thing!” Connor said realizing half-way through his remark that there was in fact a large wet spot right on the crotch of his pants, and consequently also on the ass of Jacob’s shorts where he was sitting on Connor’s lap. That’s strange, Connor thought to himself, I definitely would have noticed spilling a bunch of this beer on my lap. Right?

With no further time to contemplate the issue, Mark chucked a rag across the room at Connor and proclaimed loudly for all to hear, “PARTY FOUL!” Connor knew full-well what the consequence for spilling a drink at a college party was. He dried himself off, as Jacob stormed out of the room to presumably do the same. Connor reached into his backpack and pulled out what turned out to be his last beer. He popped it open and reluctantly chugged the entire thing. Such was the price for his “party foul.” Dried off, and noticing that the attention was already off of him, Connor decided that he was going to go find Jacob. Connor was definitely a little bit more than tipsy after his most recent beer-chug, and knew that he wanted to try to catch up and apologize to Jacob.

“Hey I’m gonna get going” Connor leaned over and hugged Shayla. “You be safe and text me when you get home tonight okay?”

“Kay, bud.” Shayla said curtly, no doubt feeling a little spurned that her best friend was leaving her to chase tail.

Right when Connor opened the door to leave the party, Jacob was standing in the doorway, apparently headed back inside. “Hey, I’m gonna—” Connor started.

“Do you have another beer?” Jacob interrupted.

“Oh, um, no. I ran out” Connor replied half-heartedly.

“Well, do you have anything back at your dorm?” Jacob suggested hopefully.

“Y-Yeah! I have more beer back there. Do you want to come? We can move the party back to my room.” Connor let his excitement at the mention of his place slip a little. Picking up on this, Jacob just silently slipped his hand in Connors and led him away from Mark’s room. The two traversed across campus hand-in-hand silently, Connor’s heart fluttering.

Every time Connor went to say something, it sounded stupid in his mind. Besides, the silence was oddly comfortable. Once Connor and Jacob made it up the stairs and to the landing on Connor’s floor, Jacob tugged him a little, back onto the stairs. This had caused Connor to spin around, and he now had his back to the cold, stone wall, and Jacob was pressing his body up against his own. Jacob stood on his tip-toes and planted a kiss tentatively and tenderly on Connor’s eager lips. Connor took this as an all-things-go-sign, and spun Jacob around so that the two had switched positions. They were kissing passionately for only a few seconds when Connor felt Jacob’s hand sliding its way towards his crotch. Connor’s boyhood was pressing against his jeans, but much to his disappointment, Jacob plucked Connor’s phone from his pocket and said flirtatiously, “I’m putting my number in here. You send me a text next time you want to get together, and maybe you can make up for spilling beer all over me. Besides, you’re still soaking wet.” Jacob finished putting his number in Connor’s cell phone, slipped his phone back in his pocket, and started down the stairs.

Dumbfounded at what just transpired, Connor took a moment to take stock of his situation. He originally thought of Jacob as just another conquest, but the kid really showed some great moves tonight. Maybe this could be more than something casual. It certainly felt that way. Amidst all of the good feelings, however, something was nagging at Connor. Jacob was still at least a little bit mad about a beer spill that Connor didn’t remember, and Jacob had just made a comment that Connor was “still wet.” Connor felt the spot on his jeans from the earlier spill, and much to his shock, it was even wetter than it was AFTER he dried it off back at the party.

Frustrated, Connor lumbered the rest of the way back to his dorm room and stripped all of his clothes off. He threw them in a pile near his dresser and plopped face down onto his bed naked. He would make sense of it in the morning. For now, though, his weekend just got a lot more interesting.

to be continued

Re: Little Wishes

Wow! Let me be the first to day that you’ve really set up a wonderful start for this story. I love the premise of diaper-related wishes/reality changes causing all sorts of problems for characters. It used to be a big cliche, but honestly its been a while since we’ve had a good quality story of that type.

So needless to say, I’m excited about this story! Great job, keep it up!

Re: Little Wishes

Really digging this story, Danny.

Re: Little Wishes

It’s off to a good start. :slight_smile:

Re: Little Wishes

Please keep going!!! :o

Re: Little Wishes

Yes please keep going,I know it is going to be a month or so before we see another one but this story is enthralling.Good luck wit the next chapter