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Wow an excellent chapter it was a long time no see but it was very good and I can tell they are going to have some serious fun. Can’t wait to read more so please keep it coming

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Mike stood there, frozen for a moment, until a car behind Jenny slammed their horn.

“Get in,” Jenny said, grinning.

“You, uh…” Mike said, staring.

“Yes!” Jenny said. “Get in!”

Mike got in, still staring, eyes moving up and down Jenny as his slack-jawed look of shock grew wider and wider.

As Jenny got the car into drive and started rolling, she waited for a comment from Mike. When none came, she asked, “So… Do you like?” Mike didn’t respond right away, and Jenny glanced to him nervously. “Uh… Mike?”

“So, when I called-” he started. “When I said I was delayed, you-”

“Yeah, I kinda thought you’d be home sooner,” Jenny admitted.

“And you’re really wearing a diaper?” Mike asked.

Smirking, Jenny pointed out, “If I wasn’t, the rest of my clothes would be ruined. It’s all locked on, you’ve got the only key.”

Mike reached over to Jenny, resting his hand on her leg, just at the hem of her lace stockings. “You are the best girlfriend in the world,” He said, moving his hand slowly up until his fingers met plastic, bumping into the plastic pants. Jenny felt him feeling around until there was a soft jingle, his fingers closing around the small padlock keeping them in place. “It’s too bad I lost the key.”

“What!?” Jenny asked, nearly swerving off the road in surprised. Once steady, she looked over to Mike with incredulity.

Mike was grinning broadly. “Kidding, it’s on my keyring,” he said, reluctantly pulling his hand away, though his fingers lingered on the lock keeping her stockings in place for a moment. “Though I might just leave you locked up forever, my innocent little sex slave.”

“That’s a bit of an oxy-moron, you know,” Jenny pointed out. “And besides, I can’t be your sex slave if all my fun orifices are covered by six inches of padding.”

“Oh, really?” Mike asked, leaning over the console, his expression admiring. Reaching his hand up from her leg to her face, he gently tugged at her lip. “I think I could come up with a solution for that.”

Jenny made a face, remembering the too-salty taste and the gagging feeling she’d had last time she and Mike had tried oral. He’d been disappointed, and she hadn’t been able to eat hot dogs for a month. It wasn’t that the idea didn’t appeal in theory, she just had a sensitive palate and didn’t much care to have his balls slapping against her chin.

“Gross, that’s-” Jenny started, but before she could finish her sentence, Mike had taken the pacifier dangling from the ribbon on her onesie and plopped it into her mouth.

“Ah ah,” Mike said. “No making a pouty face. I believe you promised that I could make you do anything you wanted?”

Jenny glared, spitting out the pacifier. “I didn’t mean-mmph!” Mike plopped it back in, this time holding the mouthguard in place with a couple of fingers.

“I’m sure you didn’t expect to be so desperate to be let out,” Mike added, grinning devilishly. “But that’s not my fault, and you’ll just have to excuse me for taking advantage of the situation. Don’t worry, though, I’ll still be more than ready to try out those other orifices you mentioned.” He pulled his fingers away from the pacifier, adding, “Now, dear, if you wouldn’t mind keeping your pacifier in for the rest of the drive, I’d like to admire you for a little while. Feel free to spit it out, but keep in mind that I don’t work until Tuesday, so I’ve got little take you out of that cute little costume unless you’re a good girl.”

Jenny tried to glower, but it was difficult with the pacifier between her lips. She’d rarely seen Mike so controlling, but to her surprise it was only making her more desperate than ever to get out of her diaper and to get Mike into bed.

No, she thought. I don’t want to get Mike into bed, I want him to drag me there and make me earn my fun. Then she blushed, glad that there wasn’t some audience that could read her thoughts.

They rode in silence the rest of the way, except for Jenny occasionally making a little noise suckling on the pacifier. Mike sat turned towards her, inspecting her clothes in detail, seeming delighted with everything from the shoes to the hair clips. Jenny felt a little surge of pride at that, knowing that she’d done a great job, and that even with all the frustrating delays, Mike wasn’t about to forget this birthday.

The parking garage was empty of people, to Jenny’s relief. Mike also was kind enough to pop the pacifier from her mouth, letting it dangle from the ribbon once more as she put the car into park.

“Happy birthday,” Jenny said, smiling at Mike as he got out of the car and circled to open her door with a gentlemanly flourish. She accepted his hand getting out of the car and stood, legs bowed outward, as Mike stood back to watch.

Jenny looked over at her shoulder at him as she stood in her toddler-ish way, hesitant.

“Go ahead,” Mike said. “I want to watch. I’ll be right behind you.”

Jenny blushed, but turned and toddled to the elevator, knees mostly straight, her sagging diaper squishing between her legs. Mike stopped her at the elevator, putting a hand on her shoulder and spinning her around.

“What is-mph!” Jenny said, caught off guard as Mike pulled her close to him, his lips pressing to hers, one hand sliding to her back and the other squeezing against the seat of her diaper as he drew her as close to him as possible in a long, deep kiss. The pressure against her ass stung as it irritated her tender skin, but the kiss was otherwise pure bliss, making her melt in his arms and relax, enough that if he had let go she would have fallen backwards.

Mike let go, and Jenny fell backwards, landing with a squishy thud. He helped her up, looking immensely pleased.

“I want to check with you one last time,” he said. “I can do anything I want? You won’t turn me down or anything.”

Jenny pulled herself close to Mike again, partly for support but mostly just for the closeness. “That key belongs to you,” she said. “I might protest something, I might flat-out say no, but I won’t make you unlock me unless you decide. So if you want me to do something,” she leaned in a little more, nearly whispering into his ear. “Make me.”

Mike beamed, and pressed the button to take them to her floor. “Promise?”


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Oh man…

In my experience, there’s no more blissful sexual experience than a beautiful woman in a diaper going down on you. :wink:


I imagine, with roles reversed, it’s probably just as nice for a woman also into the softer side of dominance… :angel:

I found this via a google search and am so very impressed with the writing and creativity of thought. Sheepishly… I could also see myself in a similar state as Jenny through the process of acting out a role for a lover

Are you the same person who has been making this comic on DeviantArt? I think it’s by HofBondage, and I’ve been following it for a while.

Or are they ripping off your story?

Yes, that’s me! Shortly after the story was finished, HofBondage reached out to me about collaborating to adapt this into a comic.

I actually completely forgot that I even posted this story here, or that I had an account.

Since this, I’ve changed the screen name that I go under to Peculiar Changeling, and I’m posting a lot more fiction lately - you can find my newer works on DeviantArt. https://www.deviantart.com/peculiarchangeling