Look who's back, back again!

Sorry it took way too long to get things back up and running, but here we are. New forums, with old stories and hopefully new ones soon. :slight_smile:

Some things you need to be aware of are below:

  • PMs from the old board were not imported. If you need your old PMs let me know and I can retrieve them for you. This is a manual process!

  • Some stories have very broken formatting right now. If you see one click the Flag button the post and choose Other… and let me know and I will do my best to fix it.

  • If your story relied on the center, right, or font tags, you will have to modify those yourself. There is simply no way I can fix those.

  • Some sections have moved around. If you can’t find something just ask and we can point you in the right direction. The notable exception is the Sightings section. It is currently only available to Ally and myself.

  • Please make sure you do the tutorial with Discobot if you’ve not used Discourse before. He’ll walk you through the basics, and you get to feed a capybara. :wink:

  • The chat room link is currently missing. I plan to fix that soon. Until it is fixed, you can Click Here to get there. The chat link is back in the header and will pre-fill the NickName field with an IRC compatible version of your username if you are signed in on the forums.

  • If you were in the LG, Video Games, or Religion groups, those sections are still available, but they are not visible by default. You will need to unmute the ones you want to see in your settings.

  • This section is set to Watching First Post. It is highly recommended you do not change this or you may miss important announcements like this one.

  • Unlike a stanrdard Discourse configuration, this one does not auotmatically watch topics when you reply to them. It sets them to tracking instead. You will only be notified if someone replies to you directly, quotes you, or mentions you by username. This is necessary for the Unread tab to work correctly. This is also why all accounts are set to track topics as soon as they are entered. You can change this behavior if you prefer.

  • Replying by email is possible but do not abuse it. Mailing list mode is globally disabled to keep the forums from getting flagged as a spam source.

  • If your you setup a monthly donation via the old board’s UserCP, please contact me via PM so I can work with you to fix your future donations as they will break.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this topic and we’ll do our best to answer them ASAP.

I’ll post another topic later explaining the exact nature of why the downtime and the migration happened. The short version is that I am a very angry Penguin for some very good reasons.

Oh, if you should have access to the Donor’s Lounge and don’t see it, please let me know via PM and I will get it straightened out for you.

ETA: See the topic below for more information about what happened.

I almost forgot: Some of you had usernames that were not compatible with Discourse and thus they were updated.

If you got the email but can’t login, email issues@abdlstoryforum.info and I’ll help you get it straightened out. Also, due to username length requirements your username may have been shortened. Contact me and I’ll help you fix it if possible :slight_smile: