Looking for a story commission

I’m new here I’m 36 years old
and I’m looking for a story commission

any suggestions ?


After the author popped into the chat to find a writer I suggested posting on here, so that people not on the chat can get in touch too.

I know some of you take on commissioned work :slight_smile:

It might help if you said a bit more about the type of story you want to commission. Two authors off the top of my head I’d recommend taking commissions are Personalias and WBDaddy (though I’m not sure if he’s still currently taking commissions).

Saw you were in the chat earlier asking about this and saw your comment about sending PMs. Just an FYI, but you were incorrectly informed about being able to send PMs. You have to reach trust level 1 before you can do so. It’s to prevent spam. :slight_smile:

Hi all
sorry It’s took me so long to reply
I’m looking for mental age regression type of stories
I would be extremely ; happy to get some advices and contact ways

what I have to do in order to get the trust level 1?


Read more topics, as the # of unique topics read is the only requirement you don’t currently meet. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m willing to take on commissioned work.

Please contact me via deviant art


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